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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, July 17, 1948
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Today's News Today XEA FEATURE SERVICE A. P. LEASED WIRE AND FEATURES Weather Forecast Hot and humid tonight and Sunday w i t h showers and a few scattered ·hunclcr«tomis mostly in the afternoon or evening hours. VOL. LXV.--NO. 232. Press Run Today ' News--7.050 ' Post --«.57» . Total--15,023 FREDERICK. MD-. SATURDAY. JULY 17.1948. TEN PAGES PRICE--THREE CENTS To Begill 12 Marines Preliminary ^Palestine f . * · As A Guard Resurfacing Main Thoroughfares To Be Affected By Street And Road Contract Washington. July 17 .T.--The Navy has ordered a squad of twelve Marines under a non-commissioned officer into Palestine to guard the consulate general at Jerusalem, the State Department announced today The department reported that the action was taken at its request and the; approval of the President. The Marines are being detached from the American naval forces in the Mediterranean. They are the first American servicemen to be sent into the Holy Land for guard duty since the trouble started there. Civilian Guards have been" used for the consulate general up to now. Bugle To Blow Final Farewell For Pershing Preliminary work on a large resurfacing contract, which includes sections of Patrick street in this city, is expected to get uncer way . »xt week, it was learned today. as the Hagerstown and Frederick Railway Company still awaited the arrival of new rails for installation on East Patrick street- It was also reported that the railway company, a subsidiary of Potomac Edison Company, had thoroughly explored the possibility of removing its rails entirely from Patrick street bat had been unable to find any alternate means of making needed business connections here. " One PE official said it was fully By HAL BOYLE realized that now was the time, if ; Ce\v York--.-P,--It's taps the rails were ever going to be ; Black Jack, removed from the street, to take '. them up. But the railway connec- " lions with railroad lines snd major Carroll street and South street business houses, including the movement of grain, seem to make the Patrick street tracks imperative, it was said. Much wheat is now being moved daily · by the methods q£ war have changed, railway from local granaries. An end to the tracks on approximately two blocks of East Patrick ^street would speed motor traffic, which is occasionally jammed there. An alternative may eventually be the prohibition of parking on at least one side of the street. The new heavier duty rails will be placed before Patrick street is resurfaced. A new water line installation on the street for But the bugle that "blows a final " farewell for John J. Pershiiig. as he · sinks to rest among his comrades at f Arlington, has already blown good- '· bye to the Army and the wars he ' knew. x For the American Army and the The slim, chisel-faced man who earned, in 62 years of sen-ice, the highest rank in American historv. f5_ m " _J : symbolized the Army of the past. He entered the Army when it was still chasing Indians whose grandsons now do it all over again for Hollywood. The prospect of major action seemed so remote, the status of zn Army officer was then so low in bv""citv · social regard, that Black Jack al- forces is nearly completed. " '" most °- uit the service to study law. The T. B. Gatch Company. Haiti- i His decision to stick it out has 'more, under orders by the State j given him a shining page in his- Eoads Commission to proceed on tory. which otherwise might have the contract, has moved some listed him in a obscure and unre- equipment here, including a por- · membered legal footnote, table mixing plant, and is expected I Pershing lived by discipline, but to begin work, on the Liberty road, disliked his reputation as a disci- Resurfacing is to extend from the Jiorth Slarket street Pennsylvania Kailroad crossing to near Mt. Pleasant. Route 15 is to be resurfaced through Thurmont. Much-of East Patrick stre«fv and West Patrick street from Jefferson 'street to the new Hagersto-vn high- . horse vay is in the contract. plinarian. He went into an Army of rough, tough, low-paid men who required even in peace the firm hand any Army does in war- It was still early a frontier Army, ruled from the saddle and transported into battle by the Hershey To Direct Draft Law White House Makes ·Announcement Of His Appointment; Executive Order Next Week Washington. July 17 X*--President Truman today appointed Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey Director of Selective Service. He will supervise the registration of youths between !9 and 26 under the new peacetime draft ac:. General Hershey was head of Selective Service during the las: war. He has since been head of .the Office of Selective Service "Records in sue Army Department. The White House said the President will issue early next week an executive order dealing with . registration. Many details are yet to be an- I nounced. including the order in which the youths will be called. Registration generally is expect. ed to start Aug. 16. Males from · IS through 25 will have to reg- i ister, but only those 19 through 25 I will be subject to the draft. i The 18-year-olds will be subject to draft when they reach their . 19th birthday. However. 161.000 of them will be permitted to -volunteer for a special one-year hitch In the armed services to avoid be. ing drafted when they become 19. ; They almost must follow their term · :n service with a longer period in . the reserves under the provision ' allowing them to volunteer. j Secretary of Defense Forrestal \ announced this week that volun- , teering of 18-year-olds will be , started next Wednesday. July 21. For the first four weeks after that . date the Army will accept 10.000: j the Navy and Marines 3,000: and I the air force 1.300. i Selective Service is busy organ\ izing draft machinery which will \ include about 4.000 draft boards. Draft machinery has been kept in force on a sort of standby basis ' since drafting was discontinued after the end of World War II hos- i tilities. j Actual induction, under the law. i cannot start before Sept. 22.-- ! The appointment of General j Hershey. with his long experience S in* Selectix'e Service, was a fore| gone conclusion. He has been j busy on the project since the draft , law was passed. Harpers Ferry Showered W ith Rocks And Stones From Blast '. Windows In Stores And Homes Broken, Mayor Says; Fear Old Bridge Closing A shower of stones and rocks, attention was called to the rock which residents said originated shower on the previous occasion . . . . . . and indicated that theie would be from dynammng for a roadway on anolher notiucalion the Virginia side of the Shenan- The rock v v a s evidently husled doah river, broke windows in sev- high across the Shenandoah river eral stores and residences in Ka v o- from the Virginia to the West Vir- ers Ferry Friday, it was reported giusa side, estimated at 1.500 or todav. more feet. Soviets Send Up Planes To Harass U. S. Are Carrying Out Plan To Make Sending Of Food To Berlin More Difficult 4 Young Die In Car Fire Were Completely On Right Side Of Road, Police Report In Rt. 40 Crash Four yoiinjr per^ns. «':j roule to their homes at Sunnybrook in Baltimore county from a farm in Virginia, were Berlin. j u iv 17 4 -The Russians 1«»TM«1 beyoml munition early today when they were was reported injured. The morn- injury a far as Harpers Ferry re-- today sent up their greatest nuin- »'appeU m tile autoilJOb'Ee in \vnicn they were riding following ing blast, vhich could be plainly idents weie concerned. Most ci'.i- ber of a::craft in recent days into a head-Oil collision oil Koute !*». about one-half mile east of heard m the town, dropped rocks ?ai are already "upset" over the the Brilih-Aincricaii air corridors · West Frieiulshil). the size of a s-nall fist over thc fact that Uie tri-tate bridge ar.d betwwu Berlin and Western Ger- Cl.-n-l,- l-min · ^ l l - . l l ·' *h. i ,.-. i ,11 .» . , v, . D i- Ferrv. it was said. road program w ill .vend major manv. . - l t l k _ . am^ b. Ha. . MI .hf KandalUown btate Police At the same time :he official So- "-'arracks, ulvnlinftl tlu- deuti a-: viet pre^s told the German people! Otis (.lien Dodson. 2o. ihe ou ner and operator of the ma' e Vi-.ued states would not Jr ; J c h i n e : his ll-year-old wife. Clara: his sister, Exie Dodson risk war to break the blockade . ··,. i ],,-,,tlw,- t.-H;itt I I . / - I - ,. i f Berlin because the U. S. fca«_^J t "" a " l u t l l e i - '·"'" PuiUm i I. pieces' of rock weighing from a ers Ferry '-o be a possibility that Russia and tier allies are ! o pow- " * " v " l i ' i t f i "-^ ..pfssent opera- pound and a half to four pounds the old railroad bridge over the erful. were reported to have fallen in thc Potomac river from Maryland into The sending up of Soviet planes town. Harpers Ferry will be closed to , ' !ll ° lhe a ' r corridors was apparent- The Mayor said the blasting is vehicular traffic after thc new Bol- :' P art of t h c Soviet tactics of Mayor L D. Nichols said no one The rock if sower added insult to Mayor Nichols said a similar tnsRic around the tcwn. the Mayor occurrence was reported i-onie tin-.e said They believe, he said, that ago. An 85-year old resident, he the business of Harpers Ferry will said, had a four-pound piece of be "hurt." reck tall just beside him. Other Ther? is aKo believed in Harp- to of being done" by the company building ivar bridge is ready. This bridge harassing the British and Ameria new road connecting the Sandy has been used by Route 340 traffic cans in their attempt to break thc Hook bridge with another new since the bridge carrying m o t o r ' Scrim blockade. structure crossing the Shenandoah vehicle traffic was washed away in A » American operations officer:. at Bolivar. He said the company's a flood some vears ago. " ? ald thtr **"-·*""-"· had sent a warn- I ing of greater Soviet activity to- : . hundreds of American and British : I planes daily carrying supplies to , more than 2.000.000 residents of : Western Berlin. i That the move did not impede : the British-American elort was j I seen in this statement of the opera- ' Potomac As Blue As Danube, Lieut. Everhart Tells Reporter Nation Begins Last Tributes To Pershing Remains Lie In State In Capitol Rotunda After Noon Sundav tor of the other automobile involved in the accident was in St. Agnes Hospital. Baltimore, wilh .-cnous injuries He was identified is Lester Leo Mauck, 30. of Mt. Airy. Route 5 'Poplar Springs'. He \. as .ti:l unconscious at last re- oorts although the Associated Press -.aid attendants at the hospital dc- ^cribcd his condition as fair. After an all-night search, an occupant of Mauck's car. authorities .said, was found sleeping in a barn Washington. July 17 ,.r»--The sia- at Poplar Springs at 8 a. m_ today. First Lieut. Xannie M. Everhart. ! She declined to be quoted on anv 'ions officer: "Our planes are com- "TM ^ K ' ns P ^T^^L ^f 7' This man was W«tiacd as Ralph this city, returning from a tour of political questions growing out of in «J n fa * and fur j ou .l tod °- v '". Perching todav in Te chaoc of · °" vcr Tinkler - -*· of p °P !ar duty extending for approximately" ' The officer »,d the *,,,,,,,,« ^r.hmg toda chape. . _ . a vear in Vienna. Austria, com- . . . . Walter Reed hospital, where the i Springs, who apparently ieft the Worid War I hero spent the last years of his life. 10 scene of the accident. A State i trooper brought him to the Ran- j served notice they would have So- mcnted today"^ut "the" Potomac Vienna, she said, is still noted ! viet Yak fighteri. transport craft river is just as blue as the famous for its music and there is an opera and biplanes in the air corridors . . . h ,,~i..t A h Danube a n d / i n her opinion, the season, continuing into the sum- · from early morning until 8 p. m. ' .The aged warr.or s, body will oc ? n "* l °*" "n""TM v I, ? mountain* of Western Maryland mer. which draws large crowds. Berlin time, with seme practicing : viewed by relatives, close friends t.eatcd by Dr. \\ilham E. Martin are just as pretty as the storied There are many concerts and a instrument flying. j and long-time patients at the Army for a deep laceration o. the left - - ' ' Thc Russians said the training medical center. Vienna woods. number of American artists are Lieut. Everhart. daughter of the making appearances. late Dr. and Mrs. David G. Everhart. Sr.. of this city, indicated. The western section of the country is very mountainous and there . flights would be from nine airfields and at heights ranging from 400 meters n.312 feet to 9.8-10 fcet\ The chapel rites, marking first of three of solemn observances in the nation's capital for elbow and many lacerations of the face, evidently caused by flying glass. As the only person able to be however, that she was not belit- are some noted skiing places. She Th e Soviet newspaper scoffed at ' the famed American Expeditionary . questioned who was in the accident, tling the overseas country- which sp_e:it several days upon one occa- ' "Berlin cafe talcs" that Allied tank ' Forces leader, were not open to Tinkler was scheduled for quizzing she considered "lovely." and that sion at Kitzbuhel. where there is columns and squadrons of planes , the general public. by officers during the day. Reports she enjoyed her tour of duty with : much skiing. This place is in the could be concentrated at Helm- j Pershing died at thc hospital ( this morning indicated it was not the Wac's. but was glad to get | French zone at present. It was stedt. the British zone border point early Thursday morning following' clear why he left the scene. Police back to the United States · once a U. S. rest center. · where thc Russians have closed; a long illness. He was'87. '· had not finailv determined that 'She arrived in Frederick last; She was able to visit a number lar d transport fines to Berlin. | At noon 'e.s.t.' Sunday, the re- '. Mauck was the "operator of the ma. night to spend several days with : of other countries, attending an ; _ u '_£ i " s _ r ^ nlindK us of t h « Hitler mains will be removed to the ro-, chine. They said only that it ap- Field. Mass., on Sundav morning. Httle" comment.""in ^Austria, she i Washington reports said ihe U. s7. ! Cen^e^or^lcT^d^r i M **TMf. when , U « other machine. She spent the first part o£ the ; said, army food was the only fare ; British and French governments j ^^ A TMvc^^Plan"^ -- '-- ll - J - - «---' ~- "~ discussing the use of powerful '' week, at, \Vestover._ - f o r the- occupying group but in collision. The Dodson ': In this kind of Army .Pershing : fought the Spaniards in Cuba. ', quelled the Moros in the Philip- I Dines, and galloped after Pancho | Villa in Mexico- Then he was called to head a Thinks Walkout Was Convention Highlight The \vaikout of Alabama and , - . , , ,. _,« Mississipm delegates at the Demo- '^rooming. Army of drafted'men cratic conventiln in Philadelphia ' m * ^menoous new kind of war this week wa* the highlight of the · m Eur °P e - « wa ;» * he . l ;' ar1I v/E l lcnt roeks activitv which Impressed : me :; ^amed-and had to learn fast her most, said "Mrs. Hazel Lewis, of '~* at , en f mes ' responsive only to . . T r » * » » f T»1OI tl-OT-tt OOTTPT- ^I*l»QT»rtr»C .Freerick. -an- alternate delegate. ''They lost a losing fight but be- ·. haved with gallantry and dignity," Avas her opinion I Sirs. Lewis, along with James H. Grove. Jr.. one of the Maryland ! Anthracite Price Is Up countries which heir fuel, were better -weapons than loyal horses xvho didn't mind missing their oats occasionally if that helped the boss man get along with his problem. That terrible discovery broke the delegates. left last Sundav and re- ' ieart of the old ^P^' a ii h °^"° turned to this city on Friday eve- hol ? e evsr con.plamed. It^sjill dis- n-:ng. The Maryland delegation was - t u r b s man ' oid officers - sentimental at the Ben Franklin Hotel ' over the hoofbeats of yesterday. A definite difference was noted · After the lfet ^ ar some tried hard by Mrs. Lewis in the cooperation to retain the horse ca^'a 1 ^'- The " of the city delegates with those of · lost - They mi g ht as ' A ' sl1 havc rural areas as far a= a *tate olu Sged for a now- and arrow bat- r basis was concerned. Most of the '· talion J U£t because they hked arch- city delegates were ir. their own groups, while the counties had their own huddles, she said. Only through the backing of the individual party, jn her opinion, can v.-omen legislators secure the passage of needed legislation. She said that she thinks it can not be accomplished through 3 mixing of Democratic and Republican women. Other Fredericktonians ivho at- gtended the convention activities from Wednesday morning until Thursday evening were State Senator and Irs. Edward D. Storm. Mrs. Laura Strube. and Mrs. James H, Grove. Jr. During this time they witnessed the balloting on resolutions, the -.valfcout of the ery. ! As the Army had to turn more and more to engines and machines. it reauired more and more skilled . and intelligent enlisted men. And . that meant it had to change its · standards of treatment--in improved pay and less harsh discipline ,--to get the talented men it needs. i The change is still going on. Pershing. reared in the tradition of the oid Army, launched the new American Army on its way in 1918. · And then he steeped down, and ' the younger men finished its mech- · anization. I Less loved than Lee. less person\ able than Eisenhower. Pershing showed of Grant's human Anthracite coal prices have advanced an average of SI to S1.25 a ton in Frederick recently as the result of the last contract signed by the miners and operators, it was reported today. Bituminous coal prices are also scheduled to advance, but not as much as anthracite. Indications are that the soft coal prices -will jump 50 to 60 cents a ton on the average. Greatest increase for hard coal, it is understood, is for nut coal. No. 2 and Xo. 3 hard. Several dealers said that the type of coal for which there is the greatest demand remains scarce. One said his firm is still well behind on deliveries and things do not look too promising for the coming winter. All yards now have coal but there is not an oversupply of thr: "scarce kinds." it was said. , the e i BDOrate funeral Lieut. Everhart was in the staff some other ' section of Headquarters. U. S. visited, notably Switzerland. JFor '. in ; is j occupy ! Russia. ; are different zones but Lieut. Ever- at Alpine. Tex., for a time. Be- « · hart said there was no difficulty ' fore entering service, she received ; ' in going about as desired, since a Doctor of Laws degree from , · there are passes signed by all the Eastern University. Mi. Vernon powers. ' School of Law. 3altimore. Ford s6dan. It Bear Mountain except Elon the showed. ; ing into the city to participate in ·*"= -«"" "".v was on the back the rites. seat, xvhich was otherwise packed The cortege escorting the general y-'i^ canned fruit. The Dodsons. . over the four and one-third mite , l{ was 'earned, had been canning ; route from thc Capitol to the Ar: apples at their farm in Virginia. lington amphitheater will be the ; Their home at Sunnybrook is near §24,500 For Rebert Site Cease Firing In Jerusalem Wilkes-Barre. Pa.. July 17 : I Four persons were killed and one ' largest assembled in the capi'pl ' Phoenix on the Jarrettsville pike in | other seriously injured yesterday : 5 ince the Unknown Soldier was j lhe r^vvson area of Baltimore i in a two-car crash on Bear Moun- , buried in the same cemetery in ' county. The family is reported i tain highway near Wilkes-Barre. ; 1921. just a short distance from thc ; wiped out except for a brother, who ; Dead were Mrs Lena Berk. Mrs. Pershing burial plot. } is in Florida. Milton Berk. Irene Cabo. school ! Thousands of spectators arc ex- | The accident apparently occurred about 1 a. m. First call to thc Raa- osttsroKTTbarracks came from John One Killed, Five Hurt | :eachcr. all of WilkeSrBarrc. _and pec tcd to-Sank jConstUutier, avenue-Labc ! The apartment building of thc Cairo. July 17 ;p--Arabs and Capt. B. L. Rutt. 47. captain in thc as the procession mox'es slowly t o - i d a t , . . ; late Dr. G- Nevin Rebert, located Jews ceased firing m Jerusalem to- ' U. S. Naval Reserves, of Casey, \vard the cemetery where Pershinu Ridgely. secretary of the West ! at 1005 Motter avenue, and the land day after a wild night of fighting. la. ' v.Sl join his comrades of the Fir-t Friendship Volunteer Fire Com- adjacent to it. comprising about ; but the war went on elsewhere _ Police said Captain Rutt. driving v.'orld War. A night of jet fight- pany about 1.25 a. m.. saying his four and a quarter acres, was sold ' despite hopes a new truce was near alone, apparently lost control " of · cr planes will fly overhead. company had responded to an alann at public sale on the premises this for all Palestine. m « car as he was descending a '· More than 3.000 persons have and was extinguishing the auto! morning to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Arab Legion officers in Jerusa- mountain six miles from Wilkes- been invited to witness the Arlin?- mobile fire. The other~machine did !j. Powell, of this city, for S24.500. lem said Jews died by the hundreds- Barre. {on amp hitheater rites. President not take fire. It -,vas badly dam- The large apartment building has in 1'ie Koiy City fighting during Run s car swerved into the path Truman, hi? cabinet and thc rank! aged about thc front. ' six apartments, five of which are the night. The battle came to a halt of an auto driven fay Milton Berk. j n e dcfe nse leaders of the nation j Ss:t Thomas M Hismutt of the rented for a total of S305 a month, a second before the United Nations nusband of one of tr-,e dead women. w m aUc nd " i and the sale price included the elec- deadline at 4 a. m. d p. m. Friday, and son of another. Police said the -trie stove and refrigerator in each eastern standard time.' cars ynvished headon. ' apartment. A stove and refrigera- . In the north holdout Arab forces j ·tor in the'other apartment, which continued fighting inside N'azareth. · Dr Rebert occupied were sold sep- The Israelis announced its capture :O riUsn ricre 1 O DUV iarately to Mr. and Mrs- Powell for yesterday. Railroad Tickets 5250. A power mower, also sold : A Syrian communique sa:d two . «"'TMau l iCKei-, State Police, is continuing an invej- At the conclusion of the ccrcmon- Ration, assisted by Troopers John ies. thc casket will be removed to w . Worgan and Patrick M. Dooian. thc eravcsitc where members of the N -Q charges have been preferred as family and dignitaries will gather v o j for committal services. = ; To Come I r c · T c- Joel Ore bpecial Session southern delegates, toe President"; i weaknesses but hsd the same iron acceptance speech and the speech determination and -villingness to of Senator Millard E. Tydings. : pay the price of battle victory. He died at 87. a military aristocrat as General of the Armies, more · admired by his own countrymen than understood. He never made 3 gesture to ?ain their affection, Washington. July 17 -4--More," The oeople -»vho really under- than 900 federal job holders--pos- : stood Black Jack -were the people sibly including Chairman David E. ' like him--the old cavalry comrade? Lihcnthal of the Atomic Energy \ be will meet in "Fiddler's Green." Commission--face an uncertain fu- j the heaver, all good cavalrymen go re today, caught in the crossfire , to from Arlington. between President and a hostile Congress. ', The Senate made r,o move dur- PoSSlbJlitv Of Ford Jng the last session of Congress to c ., T «Kn5rm a long list of presidential OtriKC IS appointments ranging froin uo?t- · masters to Federal judges. The great busk of these nominations ordinarily would become void on July 20--thirty days after Con- ; gress closed shop with no intention ' of returning until December 31. But Mr. Truman's call for a spe- ' cial session beginning July 26 \v;!l raise the whole question of appointments again. Ke i? certain to fire almost the whole list rignt ·Jlack at the Senate. Local Forecasts Maryland local forecasts .-"P- Carroll. Frederick. Washington. Allegany and Garrett counties-Cloudy with occasional showers, possibly a thunderstorm, today with highest temperatures 82 to 86. Partly cloudy tor.ight and Sunday with lowest temperatures tonight 63 to 50. Southerly winds 10 to 15 mile f f r hour. Monday's oul'ook cloudiness and continued warm. EWSPAPERflRCHIVE® Detroit. July 17 z--Possibility of a strike of 116.COO Ford Motor Company production workers confronted the auto industry today as contract negotiations between Ford and the CIO United Auto Wnrkers appeared to be at an impasse. Both the company and union issued statements indicating their willingness to negotiate further nn wage? and other issues, but each indicated ihe other ?hould take the initiative in arranging such meet- ins?. Beltsville. July 17 .f--Louis D. Mayhuge. 17. of Riverdale. was ; killed and his five companions : were injured today when their car crashed into the back of a trailer- truck on the Washington-Balti; more boulevard. Mayhuge died at Leland Memorial Hospital. Riverdale. about three hours after the accident. The injured. alJ of whom suffered head and face cuts, were ' Arthur R. Marion. Jr. 19. East Riverdale. who State Police said was the driver of the car: Glenn Keenan. 19. also of East Riverdale: Joseph Day. 39. Frances Joy. 15. and her sister. Catherine. 16. all of Edmonston. Police said the driver of thc car toid them his brakes failed. Both the truck dr:ver. Harris McGuirc. 44. Woodstock. VE.. and Marion were chareed with man- ?;aushter and reckless driving. Bone was set at Si.OOO :n both cases, pending a ore'urniriary hearing Sept. 13 in Hyatlsv'.IIe poi;ce court. separately, brought S90 and a few Jewish planes raided fkamascus , Un]|fce m?ny ]arge other miscellaneous items were also v.-ittoout causing material d a m a g e . . , _ . rcpor : ed e:periencinR cold Seven building lots are in- Count Folke Bcrnaoottc. tne L. f r u s h for M *· V mediator, ^as neaded back for i . , . . . , ' prior t o Inc Palestine, hopeful o' -- eluded in the land near the apartment house. The area is known as Rebcn's Addition. Philip 1C. Rebert conducted thc ?aie as executor, with Robert E. war to an end. Bernadottc. acting on thc auth- m ticket purchaser of new. Monday. At the local Baltimore and Ohi Yugoslavia Bans Comiiiform Bulletins Xull. auctioneers. Bethleliem Steel Co. IGrants Wage Increase Bucharest. Romania. Juiy 17 V --Yugoslavia has banned sa!c of thc Cominform'* bulletins, which havc been blasting the regime of Premier Marina] Tito. , ,, . - , . . · The latest bulletin of thc Com- n l* r ~ -J ,i'' C ^ e ' S . u S ° m ° -TMunist Information Bureau, issued itv Council members were report- f' a f cs ^ apparently due to the f a r t . ig h , ate proleslf the ban as .h a . -,,,,,,,_., ,-,,. e good for disgraceful act." and or- Ne-.v rates ~ oritv of the United Nations Secur- · r ai ' r ° ad officc - }' TM' reported that Cla.p. Jr. as attorney and Null and «y council, has fixed Sunday ni g :,t '«*£ ^ a " d » -bout - --as the deaaune ior a truce. Secur- ed studying possible steps to en;hat ro « n d-tri P ticket? are good for Bethls- force the order if the Arabs reject it. The Jev.-s havc announced will- . ingne: as long as 90 da vs. ing Deeds Recorded For Sales Of Properties Deeds were recorded in the clerk's office for the sale of several properties. Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Levison havs sold to Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lease 'a farm of approximately 257 acres, located near Walkers- vine- in V.'oodsboro district, consideration being in the neighbor- The Jev.-s havc announced will- -- TM l ? cfT f f M °"*ay rai»e pa^- . j n ;hc ness to accept a truce if thc f c . n er ,ares for one-way and round- . pendcd . _ I n n r*naf*H ·^r^n *-ii-er*_/*l-*r-- *-*^!_-x*»»- -*-» " I ders fiat thc edition of thc bulletin hood of S27.000. according to revc- rip coach and first-class tickets ao- the Serbian language be sus- nuc stamps. Mrs Clara Smith Grove E-.vcll has sold her residence on the north nation. The increase. was heard. The Jews opened the announced by a attack last night from their posi- cons mately nine per cent. The man said the raise was effective yesterday. Increases range from dawn. The Arab? rrpned with ar- TT " Bethlehem spokesman ;n New York, lions :n the modem city, riisoatches p ]] constitutes an increase of approxi- from "-.e oid city ?aid Tr.ey pis?- V -« UI spokes- tered the Arab-held wailed old city Quit iffective with more than 500 =hc!^ before R oir!C . j u j y _ Or -r . 1 O p -- Christian r.ine and one-half to 25 cents an '.iliery. Dispatches fro^i Jerusalem Democrat labor leader? called upon Cumberland Ju3 hour. ^ve no estimate of Arab casual- . 7 he ir fel!ow workers todav to break ceilus -uuHar,. v *;«=- ^ ,, . * _ _ _ ihr* rTi'mn^rlann XEAR-RIOT AT CARNIVAL Parole. July 17 iJP,--Five persons sre in jail today as the result of a near-riot which police said broke out at a carnival dice game. Four persons--all Negroes--were injured in the battle which took place in a minstrel show tent yesterday and P^'i^c from three communities were called out to halt the melee. Complete Outfit To Be Given To Winner Jacob Goldberg, of the Frederick Iron and Steel, announced today that he will personally r complete outfit of clothes to the winner of the first prize in the Soap i Box Derby contest next Wednesday. The outfit will include a suit of clothe?, shoes, h a t . shirt, underwear, sock?, tie and handkerchief. and in addition a traveling bag. "The winner can be assured.' 1 said i Mr. Goldberg, "that he will be all 'slicked x-p" v. hen he meets the othe'r winners at Akron.'' Mr. Goldberg is enthuiastic over the Derby plan?, and adds "I think it i? one of thc most constructive , thine* done for the youths of Fred- j enck." .ARRESTS RECORDED ' Citv police reported another busy Bernadotte Confident I night" with nine arrests recorded. Lake Success. July 17 ..-?.--Count ! Those arrested and the charges: Folke Bernadotte headed back for Grace Powell. South Market street. Palestine today confident the Unit- disturbing thc peace, held under cd Nations cease-fire order will end S50 and costs: John Blackston. col- the Holt- Land war. ored. Klincha-ts alley, disturbing hr)t;s;p: bo««« the peace. S10 and costs- Preston 1 Bird. New Market, and Wesley " . , - " " " . » . OreiTi. Libe-'y. both colored, dis- JrhlJlppmes (Capital turbing the peace. ;2.50 and cost?: Samuel Thompson, colored, mtoxi- Manila. July 17 p -- M a n i l a ceas- , cation. S10 and costs: John Harper, ed to be the Philippines capital to- , i Franklin street, intoxication. S2.50 day i and costs: Staley W. Stull. Thur- President Quirino signed a bill j jmorU. reckless driving.^ posted designating Quezon City, 10 miles i $11.45: Jacob Mines. Adamstown ! northeast of Manila, as the new I and Bennie Bentley. Klineharts ! capital. j alley, both colored, disturbing the ; He commented: j peace. $5 and costs each. Sgt. 'From.nov.- on Manila will he . He was a Past Exalted Ruler of the , , T . . Cumberland Lodge of Elks ar.n p.unged Laiy into a rfi?atrous 36- was a nlembcr of St . Pc ter and nour general Mri.-.e Wednesday a f t - . pau , Catholic chlsrch here c r j h e attempted a-assination o f . S u r v i v i n ? arc his v.:c Paimiro toeliatti. Italy's No 1 f a t h c r ,, AO sistcri . a n d a brother. Communist. Violence killed 36 Italian? an"\ woi:ndcci 204 before and death to the Yugoslav Com- according to stamps munift party." Mr and ^j rs Trago W. Lloyd have sold to Mr. ar.d Mrs. Henry C. Krar.lz. J r . the Rec House farm of 123 acres in \VoodvilIe district, consideration being about S5.000. Kodgcr sr.o Winifred L. Rodgc: have sold to Mr. and ?Irs. Thomas P Wilkinson a tract f , Dies After Dinner 'On 45th Birthday CGIL yielded TO government ure and called oft the strike. ^ Clarksburg Plane Crash Fatal To 4 Clarksburg. W. Va . July 17 .^T -- A lease has been recorded for thc first floor storeroom at 11 Norin Market street and the second floor hi? extending over both 9 and 11 North Market. Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Pearre havc ica?ed the property to the Smeer Sewing Machine Company for ten years from April 1 of tris year at S400 a month. TENTATIVE AGREEMENT Cumberland. July 17 ,4,--Tenta- i Investigators today tive agreement on the '·important issue" of check-off of union dues has been reached between Local 1874. "Textile Workers Union of America C I O . and the Celanc'P probed the DEAD COMING HOME Swomlcy and Officers Phillips, our show window and Queron City Corporation of America. .Tames A. wreckage of a plane which crashed ' ?,Ianila. July 17 '.·?--The Dalton on a wooded slope 35 miles east Victory was en route to the United of here, killing four persons. Stales today with 3,962 bodies of The victims were identified as: American war dead. It was the Jack H. Pepplc. 26 and .Jsmes third ship to carry war dead from M Greon b,Uh of Bcdfoid Pa : and t h n P h i l i p i n e s . The Army FJrntrell, Stup and Boone made the our w o r k - h i p in so f a i as out go\- I 'folrlpn. Federal conciliztor, said j Herman MHlot and Herman Mellot. l O T f i O bodies have been returned 'arrests. I ernraent is concerned." (Friday. IJr,, both ol McConnellsburg, Pa, i from this theater. ,'SPAPERr

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