Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 4, 1998 · Page 15
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 15

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1998
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

8Ser > .tQ93 .vebh^ — IM ,boowic-nl .38QJO YJIAU ,. > THE DAILY GLOBE. Ironwood. Ml — Friday, Sept. 4,1998 Page 14 1 1:38 mm 10 (10) Grace Ureter Rr* (In Stereo) 'PG' 1:40 am 14 Uouaeterplece Theatre tJ' 1:50 am 20 (36) Food Science 1:55 am 21 MOVIE: Deadly Friend (2:06) 2:00 am 2 MOVIE: Children of the Dark 'PG' (2:00) (8) Stargaze? 9 MOVIE: Supergkrl (2:00) 14 MOVIE: You Lucky Dog ~G' (CO (1:35) 16 MOVIE: The Haunted See. (In Stereo) (1:15) 23 In Concert 28 Our Family 29 30 37 M 43 48 52 53 Paid ProOTm 32 MOVIE: Spittz (2:00) 33 Inaide th* PGA Tour 39 MOVIE: The Ptague (2:00) 44 Law* Order ^^ 47 Worxter Y«ar» (In Stereo) 2:05 am 6(8) NBC Hew* MtfrtsMe 2:07 am 5 Walker, Texa* Rang* (In Stereo) 2:08 am 10 (10) In Concert (In Stereo) 'PG' 2:30 am 17 Comedy Hour (In Storao) 22 MOVIE: No Way Home (CC) (1:45) 28 29 30 37 38 42 48 52 53 Paid Program 33 Up doe* 47 Happy Day* 2:45 am 35 MOVIE: TheOaucho (1:45) Ml A" IKS' • FRI. SfcP.11 J MORNING 5: °° » m » Th* Benlker Cans Five orphans on the run fighl to stay logather Andrew McCarthy, Jennifer Dundas. i yob (CC) 6:00 8m 16 And Now for Something Completely Different 6:10am15Reckl*«iKe)ty 6:15 am 18 In Celebration Three brothers return for theirparenta'40th anniversary. Alan Bates, James Botam. 1974 6:30 am 22 Th* Manhattan Project A teon becomes suspicious of Ns mother s new boyfriend. John Lithoow ChnftopherCollet.-\988 7:00 am 17 Cadence > 7:30am15Ga> 16 Beat Street 8:00 am 40 The Late Shift Jay Leno and David Letlerman vie for Johnny Carson's show. Kathy Bates, John Michael Higcjins. 1996 8:30 am 18 I Never Sang for My Father An eslranged father and son attempt 1o open communications. /Wa/vyn Douglas, Gene Hackman. 1970 22 The New Land Swedish Immigrants build a new life in Minnesota. Max von Syclow, LivUllmann. 1972 9:00 am 17 What'* Eating Gilbert Grape 5:05 am 15 Looking for Richard 9:15 am 16 Side Out 10:00 am 34 Bodily Harm A pciice detective's former lovar may be a murderer. Linda Fiorentino, Daniel Baldwin. 1995 10:05 am 18 The Famlry Jewela An orphan must choose one of her six uncles as a guardian. Jerry Lewis, Donna But- terwonh. 1965 11:00 am 15 Desperately Seeking Suaan 16 Scalawag 17 Ju»t One of th* Guya 30 A Night in th* Life of Jimmy Reardon A suburban high-school grad looks toward an uncertain future. River Phoo- nix. Ann Magnuson. 1938 32 Night Eyea II A surveillance expert (alls for a foreign diplomat's wife, Andrew Stevens, Shannon Tweed. 1991 11:20 am 22 Conque»t of Cochl»* Cavalry officers try lo maintain peace in the Southwest. John Hodiak JOY Paoe 1953 • 11:30 ani 39 Th* Browning Vertlon A te.icher comes to realize he's had a lilfctime of failure. Michael Redgrave Joan Kent. 1951 11:50 am 18 Where Angela Go, TrouW*. Follow* A nun locks horns wrth her superior on a cross-country trip. Rosat- tndRuss«H, Stella Stevens. 1968 (CC) AFTERNOON 12:00 pm 34 Overlords of the UFO Reviewing the investigation of unidentified flying objects. 1977 52 Old Gringo An American woman finds passion in the Mexican Revotulion. Gregory Peck. Jane Fonda. 1989 12:30 pm 16 Th* Cheep Detective 22 Changing Habits A struggling artist schemes her way Into • convent Moira KeOy, Christopher Uvyd. 1987 12:45pm IS atuahofland FaBa 17 tough Guya 1:00prn 21 Duel at Diablo A man tracking his wtfe'a latter becomes an Army scout James Gamer, Sidney PoMer. 1966 32 Night Eye* 3 A stalked TV star faBs in love with her lv*-4n bodyguard. Shannon Tweed, Andrew Stevens. 1993 1:30 pm 18 In Uhe Flint An Intrepid spy toil* a secret femaJ* society's plot. James Cobum, tee J. Cotb. 1967 39 Cinema Paradtao A pro}ectk>nter« friendship gives a boy a love tor movtes. - Ptiilippa Noirat, Jacques Perrin. 1988 2:00 pm 16 Uttte Heroes 22 Beevte and Butt-heed Do America MTVa animated anti-heroes create chaos across the country. Voices of Mike Judge, Ctoris Leachman. 1996 (CC) 2:30 pm 17 Major League II 2:35 pm 15 Under Fir* 3:00 pm 28 Crossbar A one4egged athlete tries to make pole-vaulting history. Brent Carver, Kim Cattrall. 1984 35 Warpath A cowboy avenges the death of his fiancee. Edmond O'Brien, DeanJagger. 1S51 40 Back to School Campus Irfe Is turned upsWe down by an obnoxious tycoon. Rodney Dangerfield, SalfyKeH- erman. 1986 3:30 pm 18 Dancer* 18 Fantastic Voyage A miniaturized surgical team is injected Into a man's body. Stephen Boyd, Hague/ Walch. 1966 22 Only the Strong Martial arts set to music straighten out bad teens. Mark Dacascos, Stacey Travis. 1993(CC) 4:15 pm 17 Addama Family Values 4:45 pm 15 Top Secret! 35 Thos* Magnificent Men Jn Their Flying Machine* Sabotage efforts damage an international air race. Stuart Whitman, Sarah Miles. 1965 5:00 pm 40 Soul Man A white student poses as a biack to win a taw scholarship. C. Thomas Howei^ Rae Dawn Chong. 1986 5:15 pm 16 Sing 18 The Chairman A scientist is sent to Red China on an Important mission. Gregory Pack, Anne Heywood. 1969 22 Summer School A high-school gym instructor tries to sweat out the summer. Mar* Harmon, Klrslia Allay. 1987 (CC) EVENING 6:00 pm 14 Rover Dangarfiakl A Las Vegas canine gets a taste of farm lite. Voices of Rodney Dangorfold. Susan Boyd. 1991 6:20 pm 15 Kill Me Again 7:00 pm 16 Gr*a*e 17 Escap* From New York 18 Blow Out A sound effects engineer accidentally records a murder. John Trsvolte, Nancy Allen. 1981 22 A Smll* Lika Yours A San Francisco coupla try to conceive a chHd. Greg Kinnear, Lauren Holly. 1997 (CC) 34 Boiling Point A Treasury agent has one week to find a comrade's killers. Wesley Snipes, Dennis Hopper. 1993 , 35 Voyag* to the Bottom of the S*a A submarine crew bardes a radioactive threat to Earth. Walter PiJgeon, Joan Fontaine. 1961 (CC) 39 Gas Food Lodging A divorced waitress struggles to raise her two daughters. Brooke Adams, lone Skye. 1992 40 Johnny Be Qood A hotshot high- schooi quarterback Is wined and dined. Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr. 1088 7:15 pm 14 You Lucky Dog A dog psychic becomes trie caretaker of a canine heir. Kirk Cameron, James Avery. 1998 ^'(CC) »:00 pm 15 BeaJc Iratlnct 28 Where the Red Fern Grow* A boy's life b enriched by the two hounds ha raises. James Whftmore, Beverly Oarland. 1974 32 Dragnet Jo* Friday's nephew pursues • power-hungry •vangetot 0»n Avkroyd. Tom Hanks. 1987 (CC) 49 How I Spent Hy Summer Machie- vou* teen-agers wreak havoc at a new summer camp. John RatzerXterger. Sherman Hemsfay. 1990 52 Star Based on Denies* Steer state of * San Frandaco singer. Jerri* Garth. Ted Was*. 1993 8:40 pm 17 Who Am 17 •:55 pm 18 Scarface A Cuban immigrant fights to th* top of Miami's drug trad*. Al Padno. Utchete PfetHar. 1983 (CC) 9:00 pm 22 Speed 2: Cmiaw Control A madman seize* the h**m of a luxurious ocean liner. Sandra Sufcdr. Jaton Pa-' «rfc1997(CO 34 Sugar rUJl On* of two brothers wants out of th* Hegel drug business. Weatoy Snipe*, Men** Wright 1993 39 Th* Plague Th* government quarantines • city when a ptogua breaks out WiKam Hurt, SanoWn* Bonntlra. 1992 40 Back to School Campus Me Is turned upside down by an obnoxious tycoon. Rodney Dangarlletd, Salty Ket- erman. 1986 B:3O pm 35 War God* of th* Deep An undersea ruler sends giU-men to kidnap a woman. Vincent Price, Tab Hunter. 1965 9:35 pm 21 All the Right Move* A talented young football player hopes for a scholarship. Tom Cnjsa, Craig T. Nelson. 1983 10:00 pm 14 Moochi* of Pop Warner Football (Part 2 of 2) A boy fights City Hall to prevent a ban on football. Kevin Corcoran, John Howard. 1960 (CC) 32 Tremor* Monster sandworms devour denizens of a Nevada dasart town. Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward. 1990 (CC) 10:10pm 15 Dead Tides 11:00 pm 28 Wher* the Red Fern Grow* A boy's life Is enriched by the two hounds ha raises. James Whltmore, Beverly Garland. 1974 35 Th* Incredible Shrinking Man Radioactive fallout has a disturbing effect on a young man. Grant Wi.fiams, Randy Stuart 1957 40 Soul Man A white student poses as a black to win a law scholarship. C. Thomas Howell, Rae Dawn Chong. 1986 11:30 pm 22 Windows of th* Heart A sexy novelist draws on her amorous past for Inspiration. Trade May, Heidi Jc Market. 1997 34 The Saint of Fort Washington A homeless man takes a mentally ill comrade under his wing. Danny Glover, Mali Dillon. 1993 11:50 pm 10 Rating CeJn An unstable sctertW kidnap* children lor experimentation. John Ulhga*. LoOta Oa*t- dovich. 1998 (CC) 21 Legend A youih battes Darkness for the fata of a mystic tand. Tom Cruse. Mia Sara. 1985 11:55pm15Reehdanoe 12:00 em 14 The Sfrongeet Man In the Wortd Students infuse aome cereal wtth anew vHartwi formula. Kurt flu**** Joe Ftym. 1974 (CC) 17BacfctoBack 32 Tk*» Mutated tk*» menace a group <* weekend campers. RoeaMnd AMen, Ami Ootonz. 1993 39 Qee Food Lodging A olvorced wai- ireea ctruggtM to raise her two daughter.. BrootceAdame, lone Sky* 1992 12:1 S am 1« Wnd Oemee on • radfo ahow cont***** to murder. Eric «*•<***><*<***. 1998 (CO 35 Sprtngneld Rtn* A caurVfnartWed ex-ofllcer doe* undercover work. Gary Cooper; Phy*, Thai*,. 1952 Be Good A hot»hot high- L 1 ?. 77 * **•"" *»^»" A Miami f»port*r is a serial Idler's onty pubic contact Kurt RusMt. Mart* Hetning- .... way. 1985 1 JO am 1 S Natural Bom Killer* 34 Sugar HiU One of two brothers wants out of IhelBeoal drug business. Wesley Sntpaa. Michael Wright 1993 ' 1 :55 am 21 Deextty Friend A brain-dead patient Is given • computerized mental unit. Matthew lAborteaux. Kristy Swanson. 1986 2:00 *m 2 Children of th* Dark A genetic disease makes sisters fatally sensitive to light Peter Horton, Tracy Pottan. 1994 'PQ' 9 Superglrt Superman's cousin batBes an evil Terran sorceress. Heion Slater, Faye Duns way. '1 984 14 You Lucky Dog A dog psychic becomes th* caretaker of a canine heir. Kirk Cameron. James Avwy. 1998 'Q' (co 16 The Haunted Sea 32 SpltaAnaH-girt band Joins the fight to save a sororily house. Robin Johnson, PattiLee. 1984 39 The Plagu* Th* government quarantines a dty when a plague breaks out. Wtliam Hurt, Sandrtne Bonnalre. 1992 2 :30 am 22 No Way Horn* An ex-con falls under th* sway of a ne'er-do-well brother. Tim Roth, James Russo 1 996 (CC) 2:45 am 35 The Oaucho Silent. Outlaws attempt to unseat « town's evil leader Douglas Fairbanks, Lupe Veiez. 1927 3:00 am 44 The Jo* Louia Story A Wographical drama of the boxing champ's rise to fame. Coley Wallace Paul Stewart. 1953 • WIITA INSURANCE AGENCY The Name You 've Always Known and Trusted For All Your Insurance Needs (House - Auto - Health"- Business) Offices at 4CX) Silver Street, Hurley, WI (Located as always on the corner of Silver Street and 4th Avenue) Ask for John Wiita (Bob) (715) 561-4487 or Toll Free at (800) 236-2266 also located at Wiita and Stevens Insurance Agency Ask for Sue Stevens Hwy. 51, Minocqua, WI 715-358-2550 1:10 am IB Blew Out A somd effect* engineer tcoktentafty wcords a murder. Jarm TravoOa. Nancy Aten, 1981 3:15 am 16 Cemetery Men 3:30 am IS Four Friend* 17 The Temp 4:15 am 22 Down and Out hi Beverly M»* A derelict end* up In • crazy cpupt* 1 . swimming pool. Afc* NoH». S»fl#A***r. 1986(CC) 430 am X Th* Uvea of a Bengal Lancer A frontier veteran lakes two new officer* under hi* wing. Gary Cooper, *. 1935 FILMS 1. "Blade," New Line 2. There's Something About Mary," 20th Century Fox 3. "Saving Private Ryan," DreamWorks 4. "54," Miramax . 5. "Why Do Fools Fall in Love," Warner Bros. (From Exhibitor Relations Co.) TV 1. "60 Minutes," CBS 2. "Seinfeld," NBC 3. "Dateline NBC-Monday," NBC 4. "Frasier." NBC 5. "Friends," NBC (From Nielsen Media Research) SINGLES 1. "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," Aerosmith. Columbia. 2. 'The First Night." Monica. Arista. (Gold) 3. "Crush," Jennifer Paige. Edel America. 4. "My Way," Usher. LaFace. (Platinum) 5. 'The Boy Is Mine," Brandy & Monica. Atlantic. (Platinum) (From Billboard magazine) ALBUMS 1. "Follow theLeader," Kom. Immortal. 2. "Hello Nasty," Beastie Boys. Grand Royal. (Platinum) • EQUIPMENT RENTALS Globe Industries Rentals 100 Mill Street. Ironwood 906-932-3540

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