The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 31, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1948
Page 2
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISIWRG, ILL., SAIVIiPAY. JANUARY 81. The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street. Harrisburg, Illinois, by -REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrlsburg, " '. MRS. ROY..L...SERIGHT, President. ClfRTIS G. 'SMALL, Editor and Manager. ?'Entered as'second class; matter aVthe post office at-Harrisburg, Illinois;under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, 8500 per'year in -advance; · $1.50 'for three months. Outside-Saline 'and adjoining counties, $7.00 per 'year; $2.00 for three months; 75 -cents per month. J The Daily Register is a private ·business institution. , The management reserves, the c right to De sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any.statemcnt for use-either as a news item or a paid- advertisement. Rav Milland battles a rival suitor, as Marlenc Dietrich Jeasingly leads them on, in Paramounfs "Golden Earrings, showing at the Grand Sunday and Monday PEARSON Says: Dis-.doiit Truman in the secrecy of the to block whiskey il.^t closed-door \\ays and Means rBIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY " -Proud and powerful old families -die out,'-but poor hard working 'immigrants multiply exceedingly., ·--Matt. 5:5: "Blessed are the meek, j for they shall inherit the earth. PEARSON POINTS TO ACCUSED I IMS TRAITOR jPoug. On Nov. 1. 1947. Drew Pear- !bur Milk of i son was the first to expose the fact that Lieutenant Martin James Monti of St. Louis had deserted the Army, .stole an American plane, landed behind the German lines and etv listed in the Elite SS Corps- yet was still in the U. S. Army. Following Pearson's story, the FBI on January 2G arrested Monti on a charge of treason. Bob Wil- Noble Greg- of'Kentucky and Sidney Camp ' o: Georgia, noughton was the irost vigorous in demanding relief for the high-bracket taxpayers. · They've got to be considered the same as thc lower brackets." amued the 84-year-old North Caro- liiiian. "A man with four dependents under this plan would get a total exemption of $20Q That's no relief for a big taxpayer." Utltcr to /i/» it if /i tin- fvul ''"'" '"''' the rsos a d t r n i i e d to i I Cbl JANUARY 30-N'.on!',o: la--c ICC2 TOl'GIl BUDGET TO CUT "WASHINGTON. -- When Chair- j i ena t e Republicans discussed man Jesse Wolcott of Michigan" t |, c . U0 rld's laigest bankroll be- called his Banking and Currency hliu i dosed doors the other day committee together to vote on ex-! aiK j finally admitted that two bil- tension of the whiskey holiday he | 1()ns j s "th c m0 st that can be swore evei'y member to secrecy. tri!nn icd off the President's domes[Under no circumstances, he said. t i c · · · must the details of the debate be , breathed outside the committee | room. , t . ' s \\ However, here is the story of the 31-- la-os C t'o.-.Q bc:« 1530 f FEBRUARY _·!! I I ' I f '- /Vquinus 1-US tc,; G-a.TX ! 2-G-ou."d Dcr, Father of Nine Ryns on Platform Of More Playgrounds ST. LOUIS, Jan. 31 inie Downey, who has three sons j named Jimmie and six daughters {i\.med Mary, today announced his! lai'didacy for mayor of ·· His sons lire Jiiiiiiiie Joseph ji) Jiinmic Francis ;mcl Jiniiiiic- V/ tin. The dauKhten arc Maiy LOU Mary Ann. Mary Virginia,' M dn ' Dolort's, Mary Jane and Man- v, Icon. ' ''· llo said he calls them In tlKir middle names. .1,1, « 'Granted Divorce Claire Stall was grained -.- --- -- - vorce from Louie Stull : n ul . Kichn'ond Heights (pop. 10.000).| ccl ,,-( this week. · Downey, a non-partisan candi-i · 1 ' !(h,te. said he'd run on a platform | The Daily Register, 20e a of bigger and better plavKrouiidsJ^_carricr Jboy. AGLES ance To Volume ol The average American vi-sc ounces of blrck pcrpcr · von, ed with wartime shouted. personnel." he, TM BIBLE READING FOR TODAT j Crawford attempts to restrain Henry Fonda and Dana An-.-aturdaj -JoTsi To Forgive the Sinful. L^ 0 TM t hTM dramatic scene from 20th Century-Fox's "Daisy Kcnyon. ,not . b e --Mark 2:2-12, 15-17. i showi ng at "the Orpheum Sunday. Monday and Tuesday^ -Feb. 1. To Suffer and Save.-- | _ -- - ^ -- ~ A ^ Isaiah 53. _ i ^g^f^g T T Kemove Paint Splatters i ,, ,, . a To remove paint splatters from j ff ^Sjjj sCfjjfljOW c trindow panes, scrape with a razor i E "Wb3 s m B s . ^ * blade, then scrub with soap and iruuiii. . ,. ·sunn" ine uonaerous uuuis MIUI -.-~ . , , .., \* n -~n lc *V\£» cfnrv nf i n p «^ ». i "c^ vi»v- ^/w*.v. t f l p f t n i t A flf'liro SPt However, here is tne sior\ 01 int. u cmnc j them and sweated for two aeiimit. n a uic »«.».. whiskey debate that followed, to- . Qver thcu . grcat pro » 0 i em i n Note--Oregon's rebel. Wayne tgether with another secret meet- . ubu . action T ; 1C big voices, policy- Morse, finally stretched out on a ! ing. tlys one held by the big dis- ^, hairman " ;B 0 b Taft. conference- leather davenport. Near-by sena- StiUers. . , , Jr-bnu-man Eusene Millikin of Colo- tors asked if he was feeling ill. whispered Morse, "these an conferences always lay me low -- j _ . _ _ - ils .All/ -It ^Wv " 9t · ow to Read It i o jk. skMQx,--' ·--·-- * . - * - · most of the talkin . * K - ovtonSprt for another "aft urged that the Republi- n0t ,u e «- h ?£ ^nn? P f-ivo?able cars set a certain figure and then ;chairman. __ the Hiram -VVnl - Miilikm suggested slicing off a ; "Music Styled from Dixieland" Free to all members and escorts with Paid Up Membership Cards. ·'March of Dimes Dance Monday, Feb. 2 "Mojiey 'to Be Donated to .The March of Dimes Deacon Wathen and His Band AT THE VENICE CLUB Rt. 45 count raindrops before they faU. ke By HAK^A, w.^^TM^J ^^-hope thev can tell you information that he United Press Staff Corresponiieni ur vu.u ""H - hnwiWnirntt Thp Senat iiited Press Staff Correspondent i Or who hope they can teu '0«'mtormaucm, inai ««: uju.u ^-»»- from WASHINGTPN. Jan,31.-«rR»_- where the.drops juUJa 1 and how ^okott The Senate whiskey hol^ liCUUO 1*' i i i v * AAW.*-^.^. -- . _ -- , ' tell wind direction and velocity, there is what happened. of appropriations that might have iieau ui me latnv- «..v. - » -- -- - -..nt/ifi resolution to table the whiskey rupted. ii--i.-^o,. Mn HiH thi: px-pn before »' l l hat are you trying to do." he °xSS the ho i- said. "Jive aJv»y . the elcctlonr .. , ' K a ' T I C E IN HARRISBURG Well. sir. I looked into the mat- i Station. Tenn. j Receive Hourly Reports And how does the Weather Bu-| reau do ° about as easy as r landing in a j (explained the Frank Senator. " " ' , Hampsmre , means w hen you ^·ft'^^^'^^i^^^'S^SiS TM..?m^^^te,^F^ttte l *«S° are . ; a t U t e « 11 " S °- Ca " ed to get all the '^KS'^s?^^,. 10 ^^; bushels of. Local Meeting / 5:30 p. m. Business of Great Importance to Come Before This Meeting. Pres. Cuv Price Sec. Fern Moore HARRISBURG TRADES LABOR ASSEMBLY Matthews. Pres. Clarence Vauifhn, Rec. Secy. M S. " u p i c o VOLCOTT i from hundreds of people in scores Then the experts start to work chairman Wolcott. the man Hir- ; i nf stations who study maps and on what they call the pressure am W alker said they could con- , 1 - - -- - change, map-- drawing lines to intro ^ then launched .into a fiery ciicate which direction the air mass- tira d e against controls. ' » ; 1 es and moisture, it any, are travel- «jj£- y0 u-are^going to^put controls^ ing. ' " 'on liquor," he exploded, "you will ! When "F" or forecast hour ar- ' have to put controls on steel next. , rives, the place looks like a cross People are tired of controls. , between a newspaper art depart-! Democratic members /ought ment and an architect's drafting . back, led by Monroney of OkU room The maps are on drawing homa, Brooks Hays of Arkansas boards slanted up toward the in- j Albert Rains of Alabama and direct lighting. Parked beside Wright Patman of Texas. With them are cloudy water glasses con-; the world starving thev said, Con- .aimng pencils of all colors. Msnlgress could not afford to put h- in «reen eveshades draw arrows quor ahead, of bread. showing the" direction of the wind. , They also reminded G. O P - are now moving over the new Palace Clothing House in the Seten Building on the N. E. corner of the Square. Register After they have it all arauea , -^«ed" bv "Taft and not one Rethey pull back for a good look * ^ nator voted against it . They can see moisture moving up £ Republicans intend the coast, or mayoe a coId wave , this? Taking temperature, the wind and AJlabama - s Rains tried to push everything else into consideration. th ; ouah a m0 tion continuing thc they forecast--accurately mostly %%hisk ° v ho iiday for one month --what's going to happen in Perm. w nearings t 0 decide on a fur- sylvania and New \ork during the, |hcr six . monl h extension. But he next day or sc. ,...,,,. ! got nowhere. Meanwhile, up in the loft. a\\a ,Finally Arkansas' Kays moved from the clack of teletypes, is . VQtc - thc reso i u ti on out of com- another^ corps of scientists. An| m i U e c an(J let the { u n mcm hcr- important part of the brains de-i s h j p VQle Qn 5t He lost 12 to 9. *«.' h ^v«-i4 fino nnfin st_UQiCS \Vn3t n *» T» ..1*1:AAV.*- *%vr»/\»Af ci T»nf _ partment. One man studies whai AJ1 th( , R cpu blicans except Stratis known as a triple register. I t t o n O f nii no is voted to smother records wind velocity, direction oli t h e bill in comm jttce. Two Dem- recoras \\IHU ciuv.«i.-. v...v.^-«-- -- ^ne Din in commiiieu. i«u uc-iu- same. and how- much sunshine or, O(Tats joined them--Brent Spencc rain is on hand. O f the bis whiskey state of Ken- There is a do-dad on the roof. tucky an( f Fran fc Buchanan of Reloaded with mercury. The sun ",Kcesport. Pa. Thc loudest voices shir.c, if any. hits the piece of for tne Distillers were Wolcott. machinery. Thc mercury jumps j^icholson and Sundstrom. to attention, goes up and makes an | DEMOCRATS DEFEND BIG clcctricai contact. Down in the BUSINESS NEW 1948 GAS RANGE FOR CITY OR COUNTRY HOME We can deliver and install genuine Skcljras Ranges with Skelgas hook-up. FARMERS SUPPLY CO. ,,,,.. ,. - 01 Harrisburg 610 N. Mam SU \;iv-V.*.**vc»* ^ v ..»-- ·-- -- -warm office a little pen makes a , mark. Thc same thing happens.! bv modern miracle, when it rains, j The triple thing also tells which j way thc wind blows. Thc weather man has all the dope. Radar Detector Measuring the height of clouds is done by another department. The men use a ceilometcr rccord- r Down on the ground is a ma- hinc which shoots up a beam of ight When the beam bumps into he bottomsidc of a cloud thc mechanism in thc tower records it-- tml the scientist who knows his code system knows how high thc cloud is. , . . . Another delicate thing is the weather radar detector, perfected Uinnu thc war. An antenna on thc roof sends out a radio pulse, hitting any dew drops within 100 miles. U shows where prccipita lion is. and which way it's, headed Speaking of mistakes, as we did up ahead: Tomorrow, we'll tell \ou why the weather man predicted 'Vnow Hurries" the da\ before New York got 25 inches And what he thinks of the atom and thc sun spots as they affect thc weather during this mo.M \% in tor. Four Democrats bolted Presi- OLET l.ichtnor Hospital Notes «. Ralph Cantrcll entered the hospital this week for a major op- era'ion. Other now patients include Mrs. Guy Hunter, of Carrier Mills, for surgery: Mrs. L. C \Vicdcmnnn. SOS \Vs.t Raymond street, surgery: Mrs. Helen Lea- thcrland, \Vasson. a medical pn- liem, and Mrs. Charlie Christner. of Muddy, for surgery. ISPLAY Y, FEB. 5 ^j«g--_ /d31 You'll sec new luxury in America's No. 1 Car--the car that has been first in number of cars produced for 12 out of the last 13 car- production years. You'll find new smartness in Americas No. 1 Choice--now, as for years past, more people drive Chevrokts than drive any other make--as ofScial nation-wide registration figures reveal. YouTl discover greater value in America's No. 1 Buy--Chevrolet now brings you an even fuller measure of Big-Car Quality at Lowest Cost! Yes, Chevrolet for r 1948 is newer, smarter, finer! Come in at your first opportunity and look it over. We'll be looking for you! AISO WNEAWtt-ORAWt GRAPEFRUIT AND C*A?E aorms Att OIEA7 FOK ICE-EOX CONTAINERS DRINK WONDER ORANGE, ITS WONDERFUL! Chevrolet- * COMPANY HARRISBURG, ILL. LWSPAPLRl NEWSPAPER!

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