The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 17, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1918
Page 4
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PAOR FOUR y H E g PT off t N s aft.• H W a , TUESDAY. SttMfiliffliStt 17,'1916. THU HUTCHINSON NEWS OFFICIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. V. MOPGAN, EDITOR. fcSTABLIBHED W2* KtUeml nt tn« l'»stofftct In Iiutchln- tob Kiui., f..r u-uf). u ml«Elon through (lis mails UH •frcuml-t.iaaJ matter, TELEPHONES. lJuauKiui office No. s Advttj unuyr JjfpttiUjiont ............No, J JwJituriiii Uuuiiui * .........>Jo, 402 bounty Luin.r No, i-,u,l TERMS OF suaeCnioTior*. Dully wl'Moii U»>tuerixi by carrier to Ji>' (nail OIKS yLRr ,.. ..|1.00 Uy mat,, i.u muitilKi l.HI Ify mail, lui-t uiuuub. J.UU JJy illrtlJ, (Jlty mwill) ........ ......... ,t (j WtiiL/ J\CVVK, uuw ywir oft TO UHANUt ADORESS. Ui OHHJIJIK tiio tuiOjcsM of yuur paper cbwiEen, HIKU wlictiiu- It In Daily or J'OMl\jl' i- AULuifctlb ui well tu tho AOVGRTlSEMENVS. Thfi NCWH it**> <.•.»• vtyi tbo light lo icj-Jd &i.,v tuivti iiHiiije inaitir :kut it may voein laipiupec l( >,tl nui ui:t ti> cumrnct. tlHtniMiitjj ui ilui ul L-/ aiKCjutiiiuud by Calm fur fH^lsly tnefctiius*, cards of thanks, obituary U"lict-*«, t*soJuiit«w, ao- cl'^ty an J Ht-unvu #."K , U1». lecture nnticM, Hcnrn'ii) dj*. rA-iMidetcJ tut tulvcrljiUiitf cito will \>v i-.l-*• vt*l lor. Thu )£u.v.<ii u wit.cttt 'JI tills paper are at lU-i-j lunm :f,iti MiiQtoi, New York City, and 11<JUII,A iiarna TruHt Haildms, City, Mo., K. KaU AilverUaiiig Agency In Charge, /.(Uurtlsinj; iatc3 made known on applt- ToiL'tihono news /.tern* to Edit .rial KIVJUIR, No. (03 or MEMBER OK THE ASSOCIATED PRESS tltlol to the use fur republication ot ail ittd in UOK pajiffi- locAl ntwB , ' U A , |!" l Viil,K r *!f n, r«PUbHciilitm of «i*cW ilcsi null'* li<rri-ln urn rcsoned. The Sidiinper Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Tetepnone 11. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson THE PLAYGROUND. Var;ii Utn tlini- has r-ndrd in Tul- oriuluV hills; I lit- tourists uuiuu Imvi.- wvinlcd, 10 Inlk nhout lliclr thrills. In other years they wuii- tliTeil, regartjlf'ss of the cost, ami 1 lnvisly tlipy sauandereil, and raced not what tboy lost. You'd llilnk, to see litem throwing their ' haiiknoies 10 I hi: breeze, thai ' stuff like that Ms growini,' upon ' the old home trees. Thia year • they Kkiinpvd and hoarded, Uiey missed no saving noltils; and men (it money boarded at humble chill joints. 1 often heard them saying, ' the tourist girl and gent, "We'll do the kind of playfng that doesn't ' cost 11 cent. I'd like to hire a burro to climb yon beetling crm;, ' but Ihiit would plow a furrow In my Ku-.aII roll of swag.. I'd like 1 In drive you, honey, to Long's l'euk's famous pond, but I UIUHI ' save my money, to bny another ' bond. I'p there 10 Mallei's grotto 1 on font we'll blithely tramp; the ' rental of an auto -would buy lis 1 many a stump." I saw the Wall 1 (street rooter, who's loaded with ' long green, jaunt round in car of ' pewter: he'd shelved his llmou- ' Mne. .Men said, "We must re' member, while we are playing ' here, that shortly, in September, tin' new loan will appear; and we ' must have the boodle to hay ten ' bonds or more; we'll back up 1 Yiuikee Doodle till Kaiser 1 till is sore." They're loyal? l'retty ' near III It surely makes ri 11: gay ' when people show that spirit, ' while out of doors nt play. —WA1.T MASON. >» 4* »«««««****.*>»• GERMANY'S SLICK SCHEME. Of all the slick schemes that of (joniiniiy Is the Hllckest Slio Is trying to urge the Helgluns to accept a separate peace. Hut II will not work. Belgium Is too smart. And anyway, Belgium Isn't made up of that sort of people who would "fall" for a Hrest-Lllovsk peace plan after the, spectacle of liusslu being gobbled up liy the Ti iitniiiu bear. The tliTinun plan lo give Belgium" separate peace comes of a desire to save some tiernmn armies, now threatened with annihilation. Hut II won't work.- If Germany could make lu-lgiuui neutral for the remainder ot war it would then be impassible for Allied armies to attack Qermany from tho west border. H would be Impossible for Allied airmen to use Belgian soli as a sturtlng place for iiii- raldu on Berlin «n<l munition »>un- ufiiclutlng places in Clermany. Once the neutrality of Belgium was guaranteed by the, Europeun powers It wus dono for the sake of preventing just such a wnr as this. Tho Germans wero parties to this prolec tlon of Belgium. And they tore up tho treaty, claiming It was only a "Bcrun of papor." Now they are very anxious, after ravishing the Belgians, robbing and murdering thcin for four years, to i'et o"' of the fix they're in by agreeing to give hack lite county not thejrs to give, and eluding u pledge of neutrality for the remainder of the war. It will never do. It Is thu most flimsy attempt to save the German armies that Has conic to light since the beginning of tho war. It is direct evIdenA that Germany Is willing to do almost anything to end the fighting and savo herself. It Is the walling ary of the HohensolleniB with ' their back to the wall uud with duu- , ger of a flanking movement by Qor- ii'ltttw ctvWmi «fl t&8 JloUeflispJJern* *uy time, it is;one of Un/jast gaape *,f 4o try to keep WMUam JJ ou Uw Prop throne. It iM not toe mwot lim clique that threw the world Into the wnr. Tho World wants peace but doesn't want it nt the expense of the Belgians. The world won't have It a.t Buch a price. The world Is finally In the war to stay until that sort of peace comes that will settle the future of German militarism- tieruinny was trying a slick scheme to use poor, ruined Belgium as a bulwark of defense against the defeat that Bhe knows she deserves and she knows is coming. Once she violated Belgian n|ntrn!lly when she had sworn to respect II and assure It. Now she is trying to exact this same sort of Belgian neutrality for purposes of her own. Qermany Is not one step nearer peace tjian before. Germany Isn't going to have a great deal to say about peace. She started the war and others will take care of pence. ABOUT GASOLINE SAVING. Tile first two Sundays the motorists east of the Mississippi river stayed at home, to save gasoline, the nation's supply wan increased about fifteen millions of gallons. At that rate It would be possible to lay away a sufficient supply in a f»w weeks to take care of all of the demands of the Allies for the duration of the war. These fifteen . millions of gallons are evidence that the United States is a big country, indeed. When a move of this sort will add to the supply of fuel for motoring to such an extent by obtaining from its use only two days, It shows Ihe wonderful possibilities of the American people when they get right down to brass tacks., The Germans simply cannot understand. It's an insult 10 Belgian honor to try to talk the Brussels government into a separate peace, the sort that would make that country a traitor to the cause of the Allies. Bel- glum Isn't that sort of a country. Tho United Slates was drawn inlo the war largely because of the violation of the neutrality of that nation by the Huns. The Germans haven't any conception of national honor, because the German government hasn't any itself. Maybe Austria meaiis it; maybe she has to have peace yhether Germany wants It or not. If Austria Is so disposed she can get a good bargain with the Allies and America right uow, much better, in fact, than she'll bo able to after the war is ovor. Austria can get what is known as "favorable terms" if she's really anxious about it. A London paper says the proposal lo Belgium Is insolent and offers that country only "another scrap of paper." Germany is beginning to lenrn, and will actually know, some day, that she committed ' a' crime the world will never forgive, when she went over the Belgian border by strength of the sword. It Is difficult to forget sometimes how Austria wouldn't gl ^e Serbia but 3G hours to do Bomething that was Impossible, before Bhe ^forced the war ui>oii her. It probably is all rlsjit to make Austria sweat blood a little while longer. There's no big hurry about peace now. Yi'hen General LaF'ayette started to America to fight In the American Revolution, he left the fortress of Metz, where ho was in command, Metz Is just a short distance from the present American advance toward Hunland and wouldn't be a bad place to hoist an American flag one of these days. The Americans wore out a flock of adding.macblnos counting the prisoners taken. In the St. Mlhlel salient. War is getting to be a lot of trouble. Now we'll have these boches to feed! Nearly a week has passed . since Spain threatened to get Into the war. •Spain will have to be hurrying. •$> * ON TRYING TOO HARD TO * •t PLEASE. «• /„ «• -By lluth Cameron. * *• * 4' <t> <$> $> 4> <$> 4 1 4> <p IK there such a tiling as trying too hard to please, making too great an effort to haye things go smoothly, being too sensitive to other people's feelings? A letter friend brought fills' problem to the surface of my mind by writing about one unglo of It. "It seems to me," she says, "that 1 am always trying with pleasant words to smooth pff rough edges and really some times 11 might be better if 1 let lliein go. "For Instance, the children of the neighborhood have a great habit of coming In and making themselves very much at home in our house, waking up the baby and making mo a lot of exiru work, and taking up lime I can ill spare. The men of the house sometimes send the children home with scoldings, but when they are away and the children come again 1 try to smooth It over. Now if I could just let It go and also make the children realize they mustn't be BO free I know how much work I could save myBelf. What ought I to Aol Is there Buch a thing as being too pleasant?" I am much Inclined to answer this question la the Affirmative, It is an excellent thing to be tender of other paople'e feelings and to tjy to keen the ni»cb(»ery of lite piled Vlth courtesy, ftud grw^otuinoes, but I tWpk we «*» #0 too fcr. for If Abe Martin nearly 13,000 mote than was expected. Kansas Is "there." The-Chase and Lyons state guard companies drilled In Lyons "on the square" n few nights ago end made an excellent showing. El Uorndoans are to have a chance to "I'ny Up" from September 20 on for two weeks. Good time to laJte a vacation it would seem, A Ness City man gave n dance at his home one night recently and the proceeds to go to the lied Cross, Everyone's for helping to win the war. A thief stole a motorcycle and side car near Ellsworth ami was tracked to near Kingman, by the owner, and tho car recovered. There were $400 in bills in a coat under the seal and the thief never found It. What's become o' th' feller that used t\ alius ride in a btiggy with one leg hangin' out an his sock comln' down? We'll bet many a feller with th' toothache got sore on th' kaiser fcr takln' up so much 0' Doc Davis' time. you take too much out of yourself by being supersensitive in this respect, you wear yourself out and make yourself overtired and nervous and Irritable, and thus defeat your intention of adding to tho happlucss of the world. I have known people who were really too sensitive to other people's feelings. Many women are this way in respect to their husband's likes and dislikes nnd pleasures and displeasures. The women of whom I spoke the other day, whose, dinner instantly became savorless to her If her husband did not care for some dish, is a familiar example. And some women have the same attitude towards their children, Although such a state of mind indicates a high degree of selfishness it Is not a healthy kind. I think wo were meant to be a Utile, more self centered than that, and that It Is healthier for ourselves and society that we should be. Such selfishness is thankless and furthermore It is almost sure to be counterbalanced by an excess of selfishness in its object. .. It Is not for nothing that we are so constituted that "other people's troubles do not keep us awake nights." For If they did, we should never sleep at all. N Selfishness and complaisance are beautiful virtues but do not forget that a virtue carried to excess may become the most irritating and difficult of fallings. OVER OUR STATE. At Garnet Mra. Oman Is chairman of "woman's work" for the Red Cross. The drill is down 1,100 feet in Dale township, Kingman county, in the search for oil, and still going. We'gain from some publicity in a Western Kansas paper that someone has a. white elephant for sale. " "The Hun Spy" Is going the rounds of the Western Kansas movies these days. It ought to be a real piny. "I-ctters from tho Boys'' is a column in all of the papers these days that gets read early In the game. A Pratt bank has more than-a million and n quarter dollars of deposit these days, which la no small wad of money. The I-nwrence people- go in parade and escort their newer soldiers to the train these days, just to show they're all right. A. 'Mutt has been secured TO write gleanings from "Sunflower" for the llugoton Hermes, which ought to be about all right. The total number or registrants In Kansas this month was 212,914, or (army casualty list Tftn following casualties nro reported by tho Commanding Ui'tM-nU ot the American Kxpamionary h'vrcps: Killed in nrtlon, 14; mlwlng In act Ion, S7; wounded severely, til); died of dl*01100, 6; died of wound*, 4; wounded, dt'srret! undetermined, 6; prisoner, 1. Total, J78, KILLED IN ACTION: Privates: George C. Haldridgc. . Sodi owodlry, Charles H, Bird, Gordon, Ind. Charles H. ClelaDd, Wutorbury, Conn. (Jeorftc OwlrhU Couk. EJlenvlUc, N t Y. Arthur Dohl, GoJwvlllts Wis*. Hobert A. Foster, Iimoklyn, N. Y. WJlllam X). Frvneh, Klrno, Ark. "William A- Pry, Stampede, N. D Walter Jlahn, OIICRKO, III. ' IlusaeU HUfthe», nice, Wash, ^Joseph Plnelll, Jersey City Helphrls, JClchel Ttuchman, I'.roofolyn, N. Y VI(old TanuwK'k. lHurirett*town, Ptu I'lotcr AVfUilvkl, Ford CKy. J'a. DIED OF WOUNDS: Privates: Millard M. Gate.-, JIIIIRDOIO, Ore. Thomas Meus<>, Kendlnpr, Miws, William F. Pltte-nucr. Knobnowter, Mo. Ernest A. "Wilson, Seattle. Wash. 1 DIED OF DISEASE; Privates: Jerry Clark, Nortj?, (Ja. Carl E. Krlckson. Now" Sweden. Me. _Clma*les Wesley Harden, Syracuse, Jamea, Chimeo. 111. Willie A. Roberts. Shrevepurt, I-a. Hex Collins, Vandale, Ark. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Captain: l'nul IL Vmberspr, Columbia, To. Sergeants: J am 03 Hector Uorbridgr-, Philadelphia, Pa. Uarafed, Chicago, 111. Corporals: * John Carnxlinc', Monruf, Wis*. Homer Hoi Its?, Marshall, Ark. "William Henry Hens. Huntingdon, I'a. Bnrt F. Mash;' Othello, N. C. Karl A. Farquohar, Clydt*. Tex. Connie Holt, Dawson, Tex. Mechanics: Charles O. Thlesse. Thoin-sonvlllc, Conn. James B. Ward, OUR ton, On:, Privates: Theodore T>. A Id rich, Troy, N. Y. Jesse A. Atwood, Concord. N. C. Frank Aulmwn. Aufiu-stn, Wis. Angelina C. Bolvey. Waverly, N. Y. Donie A. Benson, Selma, N. C. Herman J. Cappello. Dal tun, Pa. Nrman C- Carl, Rinau*. Pa. Thomas G. Carter, Snuff. Va. Murray John Colledge, Kverett, Fa. Thomas Cousldlne. I^ackawanna, X. Y. Wilbur Fillmore Corbln, Huntlmjton, Pa. Howard P. Cox, Atlanta. Texas. Gulseppe Curffari, CaroriJn, SIcllla, Italy. Stanly Jolnrojj. -£ast Hampton, Miss. Domlcas Kataimles, Karnisfe IWmich- ana, Greece ... , Krlc Luitf|n/.Mcadowlanda, Mlr.n. 'Morris Q.,'.-Katffe.-Alton town, pa,. Albert NkJA&n^^hlca^o, 111. . Karp NtktiXtfghl.tful Zast. HUB da. Frederick OWfcvTCorthford. Conn. Leo Jacob Oatrom, Olean. N. Y". Iver C. Presefttt, Sykcston. N. D Jwncs John Shereda. Whitewater. Wis. Frank J. Sheriey, .Moody, Mo. Clyde W. Smith, 7>emmon, S.' D. George Sterner, Atlantic City, "N"-. J. William M. TUmon, Morris Plains, N. J. Anton Barnoph Wigen, Washburn, Wis. T Harold F. Whit ting, Marquette, Mich. . James Edward Woods, Anderson Wile, Ind. -I- Charles N. You Mr. Bristol, S. D. William B. Furlong, Philadelphia, Pa. Clarence Mnsteller, W. Allis, Wis, Mlrrhael Wallace Murray, Detroit. Mich. Joseph Vyskveil, New York, N. Y. Peter J. Bremer. Sigel, "ill, John Bernard ;Brennnn, Trenton, N. J. James J. Cain; Troy, N. Y. Joseph Duval. New York, N. Y. Willie R. Fish, l.a Fargo, Wis. Jolin Jones. Silver Point, Tenn. Glen Ft. MoClure. Richmond, Ind. Jessie Mei If r, Columbus, Ga. Richard H. >IcGili, ilighland Falls.' N. Y. Sigurd M. T'elerson, GranlsbtuK. Wis. James H. ItrddlnR. Wlmmure, Pa, Clement Tnnlltl, San I'V.uieii'cn. Calif. Arthur J.» Wllletl, La Crosse, Wis. George W. Young, Kast Oelweln, la. ^tflontentil5FluidDn ALCOHOI.-3PBHUWI. I linfitheSlawtsaftJu ^wtU* {^crratnesssndJtestCMCuq jjupt j auk, nf"*"**m "iBr ISA.** I Abel|fulR^«}y»' Consllpau'onorrfDUrrtort a ftndr^rishnesswo I OSS OF For Infanta and Children. Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Bears the Signatru^ of In Use For Over Thirty Years /-MHLDREN NEW PRICES-30c, »0t, %\M WOUNDED IN ACTION! (Degree Undetermined) Mechanic! Forrest I). Sherman. Nys»a, Ore. Private,: John !>. Ttormett, ByenmoTe, 1A. Jnnirs Rlake. lriuillnijtnn. W. Vn. Aibfirl C Chi-lstensen, Tluyaltup, Wash, E<lwartl SrJioeneman, CnAUllla, O. .lohn W. Wrhnter, Ftumvllle, Va. MISSING IN ACTION! KliUNie U- 0.1irl*Uiln, Note, Ore. ' Carparal,: Fmnrlfl DonoKhui:, Mnrlln, Va. 1'MwnTil R yeoriold. Toledo, O. Ilrnrv To>.o, IVti-olt. Mich, la-vln Welkcl, Itntindup, TOM. It™ It. Hiliitielscl, Ut-Ilevue. Ky. I^'cm T. l>onn«lt.v, New Brunswick, N. J. Aitliur O'Connor, Itiiyonne, N. J. Mechanic: Herbert Jamrs l^ulioot, Cheboygan, Mich. Private.: Kalpll C Black, Sun Kranclsco, CnJIf. Cirepwiy Ilonls. IT.llca, N. V. . ArnnM Itrolimcr, Collins, AVIe. OnnUlio IlMlno. Vtlulfi-o, Campobmiso, Italy. Angnlo Campotni-o, Ilpj-tiy. Conn. Joiner r* Comfort, l^lwrenccvllle, Gn. I'Yiuik A. ("oscntlno, Clardner, Mns:l. I'^lwnrd J. Davis, yprliurvllle, Utah. Hinll A. l»llilwl. Wlnhunl". Pa. f'rnnk K. KsKleton, Tulty, N'. Y. .Tcw»'ph t-'r<-st, Milwaukee. Wis. fpilro C. t;allfs,'u*. Albert. N. M. s AVIIIInni ]•:. ijnus, Itmddock, 'Pa. John lllanettnnl, San I,liLi Oblapo. Cnl. l'otor Lii-nhuiu, IntiTfiatlonal I-^ill.", MJnn. .leseph O. ttrelner. TAiirftrtter. Pa, Kl-wln T. Clrtin-r, Allentown, Va. Otto fjuettnrr, Kort Wayn^. Ind. flwwuf A. (jumlertson, L,rand Unplds. Minn. Sfi'plien C!nsr. licnwood, Minn. Hernuin F. Gustafson, l>la.-4en Lake, Wis. Henr--- M. CSutlormwn, tjinfwbnro, Minn. Yamslaw llnlatnirda, lT1cvt-l«nd, O. Phllln I. ItnJo. I,nlto Cltv, Ark, Harold Ill-are .llaj»w>n. Dundr-e. Mk-h. R-irl V. )l/irrl.«, IJndi.i)-. Okln. Alfi-id fiird Hint. Ml. Vernon. 111.- llt'oigi.' . Hori-oeUw. Jr., Mt. Vernon, N. V. Seymour ltutchlmmn. W. Danville. VI. Joseph 10. Kinsley, L'hleJiBO. Oswell I'". l^ioey, B^dforU, Va. <1iarlr-y Leonard, Joni-slKiro, III. ClareiK-v Link. UU>»woo<l City, Wis. rimrlra M. Mc-DaJllel, Gaylpsvllle. Ala. lliu-enre fl. MeDonnkl, Vincent, O. Jolin F. Mnher. St. Paul, Minn. Fun-y Mansell, l»lckei-s. MiBd. Feltfe Maiiliic-7.. Heovllle; Tt-x. Walter D. Mason, llilstol, Vt. John M. Miller, Academy, Calif. Jerry S. Moore, SedQwtck, K.n. Gcoree D. Myers, Kenny, 111. Ausuj»t Nelson, Ma^ena, IK, Carl I,. NewBnrd, Hrnlncrd, Minn. Cliiu-l«rv 11. Noesler, Mindoro. Wis. William F. 0'l>innell, PUIladclplila, Pit. I^-Qniod A. 01«nn, Gibbon. Minn. Clayton I). Panncbflker, Neelic, N\ D. Vulino Pei-kins, Linton, Ind. Jov (Ii-ur>re Povonk,a. L^opolis. Wis. Max K\ Pletrnarakl, tierlln, Wla. Stunlcy RiiHdcIl t'ordon. Metrnlt. Mich William M. ilimkln, Clilcng". III. Cliniien D. Ht-a. San Juan Captstrano, Calif. AJbcrl Uiemcr. Oconto, Wis. William E. Rodger., Baxter Springe, Kans, Albert J. SehrocilM-. How Cltv. Mich. WIHIam M. Scott, CiHi-ilalo, W. Va. James W. Shaffer. Crr-sco, la. Lewis W. SMcs. Vi'iHKlllcs. 111. Lf-o Smith, San Maico. C'jUir. Dclb<.-i-t Taylor, Sprlnccilun, III. Hay Vandorn. Jollct, III. llrrman 11. Waitman, San Itt-rnarJino, Calif. Kloyd K. Welch. Lufliiii. T.-A. Itobcrt Wr-pfnr, Mllwaukei-. Wl.i. Ti<l Whauly, TnUahasacc, Aln. WIlMarr- 1. Whlddrn. Spencer. N»h. Rosco R. Prieatley, Cherokee, Kan. Ja.mes W. Qulnn. Antloch, Calif. Arthi-T Ilnndall. MJn, MJrfi. Klciurffl.-i Rice, Ncu-ark, N. J. Hoy Alvln Klcliaulson. DuffaJo, N\ Y. Alhort Sklrrkn. Jr., Chrsler. Monl. Kaiymoud Uoyd SntHh, AVesl Nyac.U N. Y. William Patrick Slowcll, Wcaterport, Mrt. W^nzel Frank Tikfll, I^i Crn*8,'. "Wlfl. Jolin LI. Vincent. Maclerta, Portugal. PRISONER: Private: Norman L. Zlintnfrniun, Mcyerda'.e, Fa. A Little Risky. A traveling man. with hea-dnuartcrs in ColumbUB nnd who malics many vll- lnges In Ohio, tells the following about a small town In the southern part of the state: • , ~ "I got up one tnornlttg, and, of eout-se, there was ho towel in my roohi, Just because 1 wifs IrNa-hUfry. A J OT I R I fat fellow was sitting across from me at breakfast, and when he noticed ray disposition, tor t was sore about the towel, he Said. 'What's the matter; sleep well?', "1 told him my troubles, , . " 'Sny, I've solved that, problem,' he. ccla'lmod. 'Why don't you do as 1 do? When there'B no towel In my room I Just slip Into the adjoining room nnd take the other MJow's while he's asleep. I had to do that this morning, and fortunately the noxt. door to mine was unlocked.' " 'What's the number of your room'/' " 'Fourteen.' "Then 1 know where my towel went." Sunburned Skins Relieved By Cuticura Warm baths with Cuticura Soap and gentle anointings with Cuticura Ointment are most effective for clearing sunburn, heat rashes, redness, roughness or irritations. Indispensable (or evcry-day toilet uses. iimjU Euh rr*. fey U.U. Aildrcfa,.rd: "CUM,., Dvpl 31A. BMt.a." Sold*. SMU z&e. OlnttntDtS. and Mc. TtJceu 36c. Do YOU want Clothes that Dazzle? A Tonic and Health Builder, Take CALCBUBS lo rid yourself nf,lha»*^ weakening, perttlstenl cough, which IC?S threntcnlrar you *lth throat or lunK« trouvji blia. K»«n In acute cases affecting Ihroat/^- and lunta. CALCI3KBS Ijuve given mueh'^ ' relief—In many cases liclotng to rcsaoro . hr-atth. Tht-y give strrhgtn to combat 111* nc.-.s. Contain calcium (a llmr- salt), s* rnmp'iutHli-d as to be eajrlly nbsnihed. Calcerba, 50 cents a Box, At all drusgltts or from manufacturer, postpaid. KCKMAN LAHORATOItr ,PhllndPlphl» Makers of Ecktnan'a Alterative PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIAN*. H. S. BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment tt Chronic Diseases Examination and Dlasno.ig Fre», >\i Weal Flrtt St.. Hutchinson. K \n .aji Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE 0f /i? e .* llh Cr - I<<"lise F. Illctimotd, Mulls 621 Ilorauaugii-wilcy Building, Phone 88B2W, TESTING EYES AND HITTING SPECTACLES Is our specialty. Prices reasonable,; accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3359, flA/LROAO TIME TABLES. SANTA FB CNe«tnpund. S Th; Navajo 1 Chicago Limited.,.. » LhlciiKo Kxpiesa.,,. a.Bapta El»hl > 8;0» . <:06 .11 :36 K ?: Is~,v , ~ scou'C:::::::::::: 1 5|}j £0.^JG6 .'aauejagt'i T-io No. 668 Paaanuvr i'-li No 1. Wa.v FrvUiht ^^j* r^ezoound. No. t Tho Scout «... K» I V,' 6 ^""""a Limited No. 7 Fargo Fail No. !1 lluj Navajo No. 11 .Colorado Fnat ilall . No. 6b£ Poaaencur No. 667 Passenger, No. 867 Paassnger No. 607 JI. A B. Pnjwongcr.. Kn. 13 U' B U L<.,.I "... Freight (Main 4 :uu 4:60 3:lu »:w6 •o. a. m. m. I0:0l> a. m. No. 73 Way I Una) i No. '7 Wuy Freight (Branch line) 7:66 a>. m. MISSO um ~PAC 1FIC, trasToound. No. L2t—Ixical l'uBsengcr 10:10 am No. 4J4—IrfK-ai Pun.Kiigtr 4.-36 pin No. 4Jii—Local l-rcigiu 12.1U pm We.tbound. 6:10 pm »:35un 11:40 in No. 41«—Local PasKenncr . No. 433—Local Passenger No. 4!il—Lucal l-'iuiui.t ... It's §0 easy! A single trial package of Red Cross Ball Blue will oonvince yon that never before have yon known true happiness at the end of the day. White?—why it gives yonf clothes a whiteness that even th«J fieeuisat clouds cannot rivaU • ' ! Han't Watt, Bon't Doubt— Get li—VsB It—and KNOW No. No. .So. No. ROCK ISLAND. - ist Bound. .Ar. «-.3» n. m:. Ciepart s ; ,a • 11:16 Local r>ciE;:t, Wu: Bound. ' 7:1'0 a. m. , 5:10 l) m .Ar. 6:36 u. m., Depart s:Jh £ m . Local Fielglil i :< g J; „^ lo:li) p. m, 13:16 p, IU. 5 Cents. At GOOD Grocery Stores McVAY LIVERY TAXI-BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN Eastbound. Klectrio tr. Ins for Newton. JVIchiia and LIntermediate nolnu leave llutci'.ivjn a' , 6:30 A. M. 6:30 A. M: Llmltol; rV?" if !»:tS A, M., 10:35 A. M. 11:50 A. M Llml- ;lt<l; 1:15 p. M., i: » p. M- 3:J'l p ™t . Umlted; ft:IS P. M., G:;t5 P. M„ 7:55 p .ill, S:li P. M.. 11:20 1'. M. Wosi* Jiuid, / lSlcctrlc trains from Wichita, Newion land intermediate points arrive at llutch- I.IIK.II at 7:40 A. M., 6:30 A. M., Ltmlied: 10:15 A. 51., 11:35 A- M.. 12:65 P. M., 1:511 P. M., Limited: 3:35 P. M., 4:56 P.-Tl., u:50 P. M., Umlted: 7:35 P. M.. 8:55 P. M., 10:15 P. it.. 11:35 P. M. 1:30 A. M. AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Sopply and Repair Booses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St. East Auto Suppllca, Tools and Garage Equipment, Distributors:- Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, 8tromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Ring*. Phone 3000. QUALITY IS ECONOMY"- THE ^VanZandlwco DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 WICHITA Phono 8707 Arnold Auto Go. Marmon Hay nes——Podge Brothers Automobiles HUTCHINSON 26 East First 0t PAin UP —"The Most Beautiful rJ\l\JXd in America" The Salt City Motor Car Co, 123 Sherman laat Also StudebsJcer parts and Service Electric Battery ft Repair Co* DisTBisureiw wi|,URD STOg^QE BATTERIES Ms*4 by » P »r C «»)t *l mmwMmmn. LjmOBST BATTHV JIKPAIH STAT19N IN KANMf. fWK IN«fl«f,TM»M 90 Dlfif atfcTTfRY AT A(tY TIM* ' Directory of the Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg. Elevator service day ana nlgbt. ARC^TECTS MANN * GEROW Rooms 721-12, Phone (IIS. ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorney-at-Law 601 R.-W. Bldg. , DKNTISTS I. J. JONES, Dsntlst, lulta 01J .1J. Phon. HW, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS H. M, STEWART, H, D. • ulta lit, tpsclgl Attention to Eye, Car, No*, •nd Thragt. Glssau AccuraUlK FUt.d. Dr. Btt» liuodau. - Dr. W. N, MunMi DR8. MUNOELL, •ult. gtt B.-W. Qldg. Pboo. Mill. O. A. BLASOCL PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON •ult* 111. Offlc* Phone Hit. B»». Phon. fygg, PR. wouise F . R ICHMOND! •ulU Ut, Oftlc* Phon* WWW. R.aHUnc. HtIR G. A. CHICKERINQ, PbyglM«'Sur(«wa, cut. T«L nun. pm** Tti. iiisvr. Butt* HI. OR. A. Q. BEALL Physician and Siirgaon Special Attention to Dlugnoslg, Room 601 JPboneai Offlc* S399W. Res. asf) Dr, H, O. 8TERRETT JProctte* limited to Bye, e»r, now a«jLtliroat. Room 506 KoraiauifU-Wlliiy J4Wg. Phong 2620. REAI* ESTATE AN© INSURANCE L, ft-DAVIS, laaian

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