The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE Tf UTCUTNSON NEWS. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 25, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce WHEAT SLUMP CASH MARKET Down as Much as Two Cents a Bushel—Also a Decline In Cash Corn. RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnished By Qraln Marketing Co. 810 Hoilbiuoh-Wiley QuI'dlnQ Dor. Aim'. July. f'hU'n.'To, Nov. 25.—Abscncn of nny Important now buying brought iilioiit prlci; declines In wheat to- ilny, iluriiiK the first pnrl. of llio hnnrcl of Inulo Muslim. The fact Unit. flit? Liverpool mftrkct hurl mmlo only an Indifferent reBponRO in yiistnnlay 'H Advance on this side of (ho Atlantic wan an evident hniitllrap to friends of higher prices here. It wan pointed out also that for three saiTesslvn days the t 'hleaco market had been ascend- iiiK and that something of a re- ai -.llon lnlwht. natmally bq looked lor. Tin; opcninK. which rnna^ed from to l : ",c lower, with Dec. lo $1.55 and May J1.62H to .'<l.ij2 ? , was followed by a slight Inrther setback and then by a moderate rally. Subsequently, reports of frost In Argentina and of rain In Australin ied to some buylne, but the elfeet was much more than counterbalanced later as a result of profit lukini? sales and of an apparent JIRIISO in export, business. The close was beavv, 'Jc to 3V £r. not lower, lire. $1.52% to $1.52% and .May Sl.C .rir^ , 0 J1 .CI)%. liommitjsion house selling was of Mtfficfcnt volume, to ease down rnrn and oats. ATter cpenins al '4c lo le decline, May $1.20Vj, to is 1."i>>, the corn market saKged a little t 'urther, but then recovered most, of the loss. Weather favorable for the movement of the new crop was more or less responsible for renewed detlines Inter. The close was heavy, ].\ to 2',»<•• net lower, May $1.1 STs to tints started unchanged to MsC off. May ns-'i.i to T,8" K e and later receded a trifle all around. rrovislous were without decided cliatiKe. Miiv. .Inly. M» .V. July. Mr., MAy. July. Hon.. May. July., AT CHICAGO. Wheat. —C'loacd— Open lllKh l.nw Toilliv ViMt y l .r .o l.SMj, J .Bjiii l .f,2>-i IM\ I-C'-'Ta l.CH'.a l.r,»'-k l.noa, i.nsit, 1.12',-j, 1 .411 1.41 l.UU 1 .41I", Corn. Ill 1X1'* 1.1! 1.12", 1.14 1.20 '.i 1,20\»i 1.1S»* 1-2"% 1.21'-, 1.21% 1.20 1.20(* 1.22 Oats. ,f.3-S .f.:i»(, ,r ,2?4 ,r.:»i, .6.114 •; s, » .w* to% .ssv» .ssf, .o7V» .!>m .F.ll'.j .5014 .1.7^ Rye. l.Miij, J.3314 l.M'l l.afiN. ).tt\ 1 .811 »i 1.3i>» l.ll.'S 1.39*4 .... 1.2f,'i l .!4 »i 1.24), 1.2fi AT KANSAS CITY. Wheat. —Closed— 1.40% I.«J>.4 1 .4 -154 1.45 1.17-li 1 .S1P,, l.',4 l.ili, 1.5154 1.54V* 1.35 1.35 1.S3U l.llau l.ltr,Vfc Corn. . 1.07 1.07 1.05 1.05V4 1.07 l.llt 1.13 1.11 V4 l.llVt 1.13 l.ll'i 1.1* '.a 1.1.1 1.134, 1.15 STOCK MARKET DEMAND WEAKER FOR LOCAL WHEAT lirtu-ml i;..iirit' Intl >liirv(*.vt^r Co lull I'aiM'i' Co . Pullman <*o 'Sear* itoi'imck WejUm^hon.-^ !';cc & Mfff 1'iiitiMj I »ftij- Co Wool worth KJIJMI - (.(ullti-s) Silk Co .. ..267 ..i;i4H ..Will • • 64U ..114 .. '23 Sale* Were Unchanged to One Cent Lower in Hutchin' son Today. Kansas City Grain, Kansas Cily, Nov. 25.—WHEAT — Receipts 15". cars; unchanged to 2e lower; No. 2 dark hard $1.-I8<fi> 1.5SNo. It dark hard $1.4"«* I .5S; No. 2 hard $1.46>i!«M.u6; No. .". hard $1 .lG'.i 1.55; No. 2 red 51. 5S iiil.S:'.; No. X red $1.515"i 1.50. COUN—Vnchanxcd lo 2c. lower; No. 2 white $!.U6*n.nti«4; No. 3 white $1,115; No. 2 yellow l.mi'.i; No. yellow Jl.OPVi© iJ'T'i; No. 2 mixed Sl.n5H«I1.06»i; No. ;t mixed Jl.iUSi 1.05. fiATS -',c lower; No. 2 white 52 : l4c; No. 11 while ol-\c. 11YB—$1.24. !lAKr,EY-8R«r-84c. KAFI-'llt—JLIiOfj. I.«?. MII.O MAIZE—$ 1.70'ii'1.73. Detailed Sales. Detailed sales in Kansas City to- dav were as fellows: WHKAT—1 dark; 1 at 1.55>i. No. 2 dark. 1 at 1.58'i; 1 at 1.5$; 1 at 1.55'j; 1 at 1.55; 1 at 1.52V»; .'I at. ].".»'••. No. S dark, 1 at 1.56H; 1 at 1.55 Vi 1 at 1.55. No. 2 hard, 1 at 1.55; 1 al l .ii -Hi: 2 at l.llt; 1 at LIS; 2 at L47; smut- ly, L-t-t-L5u>i. No. 4 hard, 1 at 1.51: 1 at 1.50; 1 »t ].-1<i>i: 1 al. 1.47: 1 at 1.45. No. r« hard. 2 at. J.17; 1 at L-l-1; samples, 1 at 1.45s. 1 Hard: 1 at 1.56; 1 at 1.54; 1 al'i; 1 at 1.52^; 2 at 1.62; 3 at 'J.51H-; 2 at 1.51; 1 at l-SO'-i; 2 at 1.50; 2 at I tti'-i; 3 at 1.4814; i at LIS; 1 at 1.474; 1 at 1.47. 2 Hard: 1 at 1.55; 1 at 1.55H; 1 at 1.55; 1 at 1.5-P.i; 2 at 1.54; 1 at 1.511 '.i; 2 at 1.53; 2 at 1.52 Ms 2 at 1.51 VJ ; 2 at 1.51; 1 at 1.50; II at 1 .41); 3 at L4S'i; 2 at 1.47i»; I nt l.llili Smutty. 1 .Mlxed- 1 at 1.4I1. 2 Mixed-1 ut 1.52; 2 at 1.51',-i; 2 at 1.51; 2 at Lilt; 2 at LIS!,; 1 at 1.17*-,; 1 at l.-17'.i. 3 .Mixed—1 at 1.54; 1 at 1.51; 1 at 1.4S; ] i,i 1.47. 2 lied—1 at 1.47. 11 lied— I at 1.5 (1. Tho demand for wheat was not so good at tho close of the local market today, although there was a good early demand. SSnles of hard wheat were uuchanged to one cent lower. 1 Corn, was low in demand, prlceB quoted unchanged to ono cent lower. Nominal prices on kaflr anil mllo, 5 cents lower. Receipts of wheat Hutchinson today. 35; one week ngo. 55; one year ago, 27. Receipts of other grains here today: , Corn, (!; barley, 1; kaffir and Milo. S. Receipts of wheat at other markets today; Salina. ID cars; Wichita, 27; Kansas City, 155; St. Louis, 103; Omaha, 32; Chicago. 121; Minneapolis. 262; Duluth, 526; Winnipeg, 1,335. Sales in Hutchinson today, (Kansas City basis unless otherwise Tola! Sales Were Not Far Below Two Million Share Mark, However. New York, Nov. 25.—Trmtlnn in stocks slowed down slightly today ns considerable irregularity developed in price movements, but total sales were not far below the two million share mark with about forty issues attaining new peak prices for the year. Started a Rally. Revival of an investment demand lor the high price dividend payment railroad shares started a rally in today's stock market after an earlier period of heaviness caused by tho extensive liquidation of American Car on an official denial of reports that a stock dividend was contemplated. More than two score Issues touched new 1924 highs with total sales approximating 1,850.000 shares. Then Heavy Selling, j Tho market turned reactionary before noon when heavy selling cropped out in American Can. which was driven down nearly four points on an official denial of reports that n stoc^: dlvtdeud oil a recapitalization scheme were under consideration. In the gen eral liquidation that f llowod this break, several Industrials sold off 2 to 3 points and a number of rails sagged n point or so. The market rallied again In the early afternoon when a brisk demand developed for high grade dividend Paying railroads. Union Pacific, Canadian Pacific, Atlantic Coast line, Atchison and Lackawanna rising 2 to 3 point9 over last night.s final quotations. Universal Pipe and Radiator,. Texas Gulf Sul phur, Brown Shoe, U. S. Realty preferred, Virginia-Carolina Chemical preferred and Fisher Body which sold 5 to 6 points higher, were other oiilstnncling strong points. LIDERTV BONDS. I 'l.ial prices quoted by tho Me- Nagluen Loan company today were: First V'i% •Hi' llln mirth 4 "t' . s. vi'.i ..,$11111.24-82 ... 101 .110-112 ... nil. s -112 ... llil.l.S -112 ... 102. 11-32 ... lt'5.14 -112 LIVESTOCK MARKET SUNDAY SCHOOL WORKERS HERE FOR CONFERENCE LEADERS IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION WORK OF NATION, HERE FOR INSTITUTE Members International Tour Party to Address Institute. OPENS TONIGHT Dr. Hugh S. Mngill, Genera! Secretary of International Council Speaks Tonight. stated): L ear 1 bard .... 60 .5 12.28 I1.53V4 1 ear 1 hrml .... CO.l 11.SO LSI 1 ear 1 hard 60.5 11.72 1.61 \ cars 2 hard .... SS.l 13.14 1 .1 ,5 t car 2 bard .... r.a 12.53 1.55 1 car' 2 hard .... r<o.t. 12.20 1.55 1 ear 2 hard .... 5P.3 12.3(1 1.53.4 t e^r 2 bard .... r .ll.3 11. ss 1.32 ears 2 liar.-! .... ;,'.» 11.411 1.51 i -ar.-i 2 bar,! .... 59.4 11.14 1.511 1 car 2 bard .... &S.2 11. S« 1.50 I ear 2 bard smutty 5?.5 ..... X 1.6! 1 car 2 hard 1. w., smutty .. !,S X 1.(12 1 car 2 hard .... r,s x 1.03 1 car 2 hard .... 5t< X 1 .11.7 1 car 2 dark hard f>S 13.50 1.5S 1 cur 2 dark hard r,s..i 13.0(1 1.54 1 car 3 dark hard r,7.7 12.52 1.53 ^ curs 3 dark hard r.7.4 12.12 J 5 11 1 car it dark hard .',7.1 11.SO 1.50 1 car 3 hard .... ^7 ll.OOx 1.53 1 car 1 mixed orn tk .33 1 car 2 yellow corn .... tk .65 1 car 2 whim corn tk GRAIN GOSSIP The report of wheat jumping to new high prices yesterday was incorrect due to the price at the export basis being given ns Kan- .sis City basis. Tho wheat which was reported as selling for ?1.C5M! was sold at the gulf basis. Foreign Exchange. New York, Nov. 25.—Foreign exchanges steady. Quotations in cents: Great Britain demand 4.62%; cables 4f*2%. Franco demand. 5.26; cables 5.26'i. Italy demand 4.33; cables 4.33'i Belgium demand 4.S3Vi; cables •1.S4. Germany demand 23.SI. Holland demand 4020. Switzerland demand 19.30. Greece demand 1.7SVi. Poland demand 19%. Czecho-Slovakia demand 3.01. Call Money. New York, Nov. 25.—Call money firm; high 2Vi; low 2&; ruling rate 2',i; closing bid 2V4; offered at 2?i last loan 2\i; call loans against acceptances ... Time loans steady; mixed collateral 60-90 days 3; -314; four-six months 3^.#344 Prima commercial paper SViSS'-i. K. C. Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 25.—CATTLE —Receipts 11 ,000; calves 3 ,000 killing steers slow, steady to 15c lower; quality considerably improved over Monday; early top handy- weights find yearlings $11.25; built fed steers J7.50 (it-10 .00; she stock steady to weak; bulk butcher cows ami heifers $3.40<j?6 .00; dinners and cutters ?2.75@3.25; bulls steady; calves steady to strong; top veals $8.50; mediums and heavies $3 .00 (B>6 .00; stockers and feeder steers slow, steady; top stockers $7.25; stock cows, heifers and calves dull, barely steady. HOGS—Receipts 16 ,000; unoven 1015125c lower than Monday's average; shipper top $8.90; bulk of sales $S.25<ff.S.75; bulk desirable ISO to 300,pound averages 58.30® S .S0; early sales to packers mostly 25c lower; light lights and pigs 25<ifi-50c off; 130 to 160 pound averages JO.25(^7.75; packing sows 17.75018.10; stock pigs 25c lower; $5.75 Si 6.25. SHEEP—Receipts 4 .000; lambs strong; best fed offerings $13.85; top natives $13.65; better grades mostly $13.25ffl3.50; small bunches clippers $11.75; others $11.60; sheep steady; shorn wethers $7.60. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Nov. 25.—HOGS—Receipts 60,000; very uneven; mostly 10 to 15c lower; liberal supply. CATTLE — Receipts 17,000; Choice fed steers and yearlings fairly active; steady; other grades slow; weak to 15c lower. SHEEP—Receipts 11.000; active; fat lambs mostly 25c higher; bulk fat'natives anil fed westerns $13.75 @ 14.00. Wichita Live Stock. Wichita, Ka., Nov. 25.—HOGS— Receipts .1,800; looks 10c lower; prospective top $8.65; bulk $8.50 &' S.«0. CATTLE—Receipts 800 Including 200 calves; active and strong to shade higher than last week; veal 50c higher; beef steers $5.10©S.OO; beef cows and belters $3,255*6.50; bulls S2.25Q.3.50; veal calves $3.50 C'7.50; stockers and feeders $3.50 @6.25. PRODUCE MARKETS Sunday school teachers and work- ors, and others Interested In religious education, 'are gathering In Hutchinson from over the district for an Important Institute In Interest of religious education. I Officials of tho International' Council of Religious Education, who are engaged In a tour of the country are spending today and tomorrow in Hutchinson. To Speak Tonight. Dr. Hugh S. Maglll, general secretary of the International Council of Religious Education will give an address tonight at tho First Christian church on "Christian Citizenship." Ho also will speak at the Chambdr ot Commerce luncheon tomorrow noon. An Institute for the general public, will be held tomorrow evening at the First Christian church nt which matters of importance connected with religious education will be discussed. . "We all agree that the only hope of civilization lies in the religious and moral education of our youth," said L. It. Wngler, president of the Reno county Council ot Religions Education, who Is In charge of the institute here. Tho men included In this tour party aro the greatest In their lino of this generation. Dr. Hugh S. Maglll, general secretary of the International Council; Dr. P. R. Hayward, Dr. H. Shelton Smith, A. M. Locker, J. C. Durham. Dr. W. Ci. Landls, and other leaders, world's specialists In this work, are in the party. The Local Oltlclalt. The officers of the Reno county council are: President, L. R. Wagler, Hutchinson; vice president, K. H. Hammond, Hutchinson; secretary-treasurer, S. 12. Earl. Nlcker- son; trustees, W. R. Tedrlck, Rev. M. J. Steinmetz, Virgil Hill and Albert Thomson, all of Hutchinson. SuM?rtntendents of the different divisions are: Children's Division—Mrs. J. H. Benson, Castleton. Young People's Division—Rev. J. P. White. Nickerson. Adult's Division—N. J. Schmucker, Sterling. Administrative Division—Rupert Kellams, Sterling. Ministerial Division—Rev. D. G. MacLennan, Hutchinson. Educational Division—Rev. Earl Frantz. Nickerson; Mrs. R. V. Curtis, Haven. DR. P. R. HAYWARD. DR. HUGH 8. MAG1LL. Superintendent of Young Peoples' General Superintendent of Interna- Work of the International Coun- tlotiat Council of Religious Edu- eil. cation, i A. M. LOCKER. Superintendent of Kleld Department of International Council of Rellflious Education. JAIL SENTENCE FOR LIQUOR SPOTTER NEW YORK STOCKS. Kcportcd by James K. Hcnnett & Co.. 80*1 liorai'aeph-Wlley liutldlnfj;, by wire from New Vork. 1.43 to 1.52. -3 at 1.51; 1 tit l.SOVi; CORN-2 at l .lltl; 1 3 Yellow: at 1.05. 1 Yellow: 2 While: 3 White: 2 Mixed: ut l.OuU. 11 Mixed: at l.Oi. I Mixed: Yellow: 2 at 1.09'/a! al. LOS; 2 at 1.07%. 2 at 1.07 ',4; 1 at 1.06; 1 at LOG. r» at 1.06Vi. 1 at 1.05. 1 at l.Otiti; 4 at 1.06; 1 at 1.05; S at 1.04ViI 2 at 1.02. HATS: White—2 al 51«i. KAFFIR: 4 white— 2 at 1.58; sample. 1 at 1.48; 2 mixed, 1 at 1.61. MILO: 2 mllo—1 ut 1.65; niixt-d mostly white. RYE: 1 Rye—1 at 1.24. CROP REPORTS CUNNINGHAM: Kveryono is busy now getting their corn husked. The corn Is not making as high a yield as was estimated earlier In the season, but there will be more corn this year than for sev eral years. SUBLETTE: There has been 380 cars of wheat and maize ship ped from Sublette since July first, ttud there 1 B lots of wheat still coming in and the nuilzo and kat'lr have only got fairly started. SYRACUSE: Threshing broom corn nnd grain Is lu progress, but no market for brush. The new wheat along the Jetmore branch Is suffering from a lack of rain, according to reports received by local grain men. Tho rain which fell at Dodge City. Meade and other points WHS very scattered. The local mills are continuing in their purchase ot wheat for grinding but the millers are complaining ot the poor demand for flour at the present time. The receipts of wheat on the Hutchinson market are falling off because most of the last crop has been shipped except Unit which farmers are selling for speculative purposes. Only 35 cars were received this morning but that was eight more cars than received on the Wichita market J. F. Ward, manager of the Farmers Elevator nt Belpre was a vlBltor on the Hutchinson Board of Trade yesterday. He was accompanied by his wife, who is well known as a writer of poetry for eastern magazines. A decrease In the visible wheat yesterday from all markets amounted to over 1,250,000 bushels. This has much significance, especially if It is the forerunner of further diminishing of stocks from now on. The big existing supplies which have formerly been reported Have been tempering the bullish seutl- mont of tho market. American wheat is still reported as being the cheapest wheat available for foreign buyers. Tho export demand for cash wheat was fairly active yesterday with sales of 750,000 to 1,000,000 bushels reported at seaboard. Chicago dealers alone sold 350,000 bushels hard winter for export. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Nov. 25.—HAY— Receipts 88 cars; unchanged. PRAIRIE—No. 1 $12.00@12.B0: No. 2 $10.00©11.50; No. 3 $7.00® $9.50. ' ALFALFA—Choice $23.00©24.50; No. 1 $20.50@22.60; standard $17.500120.00; No. 2 $14.50®'17.00; No. 3 $7.00 ©10.00. Call Yellow Cab for new rates. 26-lt The fact that December wheat displaced 11 relatively finnor undertone than the later months on the big markets yesterday was gratifying to the bulls. Cash Interests and millers were credited with removing tho hedges from December to Muy. May corn has never sold us high before in November In tho past 2U years, according to Nat C. Murray, a Chicago grain authority. He rdports that in 21 of the 20 years, the highest point came after November and In only five years came before. In four of the 26 years corn made Its low mark in November. Close STEELS: ,,,, Hothlchfin Steel Corp *<U Oelo Fuel & Iron C«» OniciMc I-:!."') Co •;!;•» i-:,«t Iron l 'lpe Co 13V'* Cult States Steel '!U ilrtal Northern Orn ( Hi-eulitlo !r»" & Xleel 11 S Corp Common ll.-(a l; S Sie'd Corp Preferred 1221i (.•orPl-'.RS: , r ,„ Amu Smelting & Tiffining S4S Anaconda Copper Co u 3 Callahan Zinc ft Lead 4 Chirm Copper Cri ---f .1 Chile C'opocr Co •< ltll-.t.": .'^ Superior lnspiralinn Copper Kcnw -'-Dtt Copper itay Cons Utah Copper Co OILS: Sinclair Consolidated Marlanil Oil Co Pacific Oil Co Pan-Amn Pel A Trans "A" Vnn-Amn Pel Trims "B Pure Oil Co' Phillips Petroleum Cn^deil & Co Hnval Hutch Skilly Oil Standard Oil of N .1 Standard Oil of Calif Slo-ll Union Oil Texas Co J White Kncfe O & It HAlLItOADS: A T ei S K ltaltlmore *i Ohio Canadian Pacific .... Krle. lie • il'-eat Northern «y TUinolH Centrnl K C Southern • - • Lr.uliville &• Nashville Mo Pacific Common Mo Pacific Preferred N Y Central Northern Pacific. Pennsylvania Kv Headlnir Hy Hock Island lty Southern lly st 1. & s F By Southern Pacific, lty Union Pacific lty MUTOP.S: C-n.-rol Motors Stndehaker Motors If Ll Ik Motors Pierce. Arrow Hudson Motor* ft,anill' r Motor* Overland Jtoiors Muck Truck lnc K.-lly Sprlnirfl'-lil Tire Co .. U S Hubher Co Oondrlch Vtul.ber Co (Joodvear T & R Preferred AJa\ UublK-r Co Amu-Pouch Mucneto Co ... Allis Chulmern Mfir Co .... Maxwell Motors "A" Maxwell Motors "IS" ...... \">i.-*!i Motors Moon Motors Stewart Wnrner IIfg Co 5-.' Stromherc Curb i.'o .'1 Timl-en Holler Hearing 3fi{-a lNPt .'BTntALS: Amu Iteot Sugnr J.'Jj Industrial Alcohol M-» A inn Can Co 140«» A inn Cur * Foundry 1,.;'-; -\mn Locomotive Mtlj Wnliasb "A" B4 A tun Kted Fmmilili -H 4»S Altlll Tel .1: Tel V-9J4 A 11111 IM'6 Amu Woolen r ,K^ .VMiclliteil llrv fiiicKla i»2Vj MontKomory Wa'd , 44'i Jialdwin Ijorotnollct-. 124S Continental Can neiv, Cocoa Coin C< 7'-; 0:ivldJ=on Chemical Co -to^i Corn Products Pc-flning ,. 4 H 4 B l-'iimotis rlnyera Lasky S7 Coiiffoleum Co , 4.i',t Cuh;in Amn Siuiar •«'!} A mil Afrt Chem , IMji Ilupont Tin Ncin JJJ%> Aran Asphalt Co .•-*«».«•**,»«....»««. I* x K. C. Produce. Kansas City, Nov. 25.—BUTTER —creamery, lc higher, 40@4Sc; packing unchanged. BHTTERFAT—5c higher, 39c. EGGS—Firsts 60c; selected 69c. POULTRY—Hens 20c; springs. 22c; broilers 23c; roosters 12c; turkey hens and young toms 23c; old toms ISc. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 25.—BUTTER— Higher; creamery extras 50c; standards 46c; extra firsts 45@48c. EGOS—Unchanged; firsts 4S(?j) 56c; ordinary firsts 42tg)45c; refrigerator extras 36@36Vic; firsts 35c. Seize Ford and Its Occupants R. W. Davis, Dry Sleuth, Convicted of Violating the Liquor Law Himself. Xyons, Kaa.. WOT. IS.—R. W. Davis, a spotter tor the Antl-3»loon Leagrue, working under Fred Crabbe, who had been engaged In sleuthing In the recent clean-tip campaign in Sterling was convicted In Justice Porter's court here last evening of violating the liquor law himself, on the charge ot illegal possession of liquor. Judge Porter fined Davis $100 and costs and thirty days In the county Jail. Davis at once served notice ot appeal, giving ball In the sum of $600. Chas. YV'eede and Dr. H. R. Ross, of the Law Enforcement League at Sterling, signed his bond. The Sterling folks are confident thnt Davis is Innocent, and that he is being persecuted because of his activity In the clean-up crusade. The chargo against Davis was brought as result ot the prosecution of Geo. Boydston. a negro taxlcab driver. He had filed the Information with the county attorney to the effect that he purchased a quart of liquor from Boydston. Davis failed to appear as prosecuting witness in tho case and his arrest followed on charge ot violating the liquor law. He was placed under $600 bond a date was set for his trial. J. \V. YVIlkie and Charles Wecde of Sterling were his bondsmen. He failed to show up on the day of trial and forfeited the bond. Just before election Davis was arrested a', the Instance of his bondsmen and the trial was continued until yesterday at the request of Attorney General Griffith. WHAT'S GOING ON TONIGHT Religious Educational conference, First Christian church, 7:30 p. m., addressed Dr. Hugh S. Maglll. Musical entertainment, Sherman Junior high school, 8:15 p. m. Thanksgiving dinner danco, Rorabaugh-WIloy Tea Room. Oym class exhibition. St. Teresa's gym class, Y. M. C. A., 7:30 p. m. Public Service club, dancing party, Elks club. Honey Bunch musical comedy, Midland theatre. "Babbitt," at Royal theatre. "One Njw for the Woman," st DeLuxe theatre. "The Toll of the Sea," at Iris theatre. TOMORROW. Chamber of Commerce luncheon, noon. Addressed by Dr. Hugh S. Maglll, general secretary of International Council of Religious Education. Religious Educational conference. First Christian church. •Journed at 11:05 a. m. after having completed Its task lit omi hour. . As a resultmr the brief meeting. Jhc senate when It meets in tenth regular session. In January, will have as IIH president pro tempore, Y\'. .1. llollaway of Hugo, endorsed by tiny. Trapp. Wash Hudson ot Tulsa, floor leader of the ninth session, will continue In that position us will W. C. McAlister of Oklahoma City, as secretary. John Lung will bo sergeant at arms. OKLAHOMA SENATE HELD BRIEF SESSION 17 27'i SO 17% 27 U SOJi 377, f .'.",l, 4.". "J ..111 .. 70 ..111!'4 ..104 '.3 .. Si'y. .-. 69'«'S .. (11!.. .. 17 " .. r,--; .. 47*i .. 711.. r.r.C ...1i'2li ...i;u .. 4F-; .. 1 :> : <; .. Il'.'l .. 29 .. sail .. s ; n 1 * .. 17'i ;;7 1;, • '• »4?i .. ol .. 0'.4 . 77 . lit'.t .liir. Potatoes. Chicago, Nov. 25.—POTATOES— Early morning trading slow, market dull; Minnesota and Wisconsin sacked round whites generally good to ordinary and some field frosted 75@!)0c; few best shade higher. Chicago Poultry. Chicago, Nov. 25.—POULTRY ALIVE—Lower, fowls 14 ',2 @21c; springs 23c; roosters 14V,c; turkeys 27c; geese lStxpHo; ducks 17c, Sunflower Produce- Heavy hens, 16c; light hens, 13c; springs 16c; stags 12c; Leghorns and blacks, all weights 13c; old roosters 7c; tureeys, No 1 ISc; No. 2 Sc; old toms 13c; ducks 10c; yeese Sc. EGGS—Fresh, per doz. 40c. Local drain. WHEAT— fannied by Wm. Kelly Mill) wheat $1.32. SHORTS—$1.66. BRAN —$1.35. Swift & Co. . BUTTERFAT—No. 1 38c; No. 2 35c. BUTTER—Creamery 42#43c. EGGS—F.-esh, 40c. WINFIELD MOURNS DEATH OF Si AR PLAYER Sterling, Kan., Nov. 25.—A Ford roadster with a washing machine attachment is languishing In Jail, because It was caught in bad company. The roadster and Its washing machine attachment was arrested by City Marshal Lanham of Sterling about 1 o'clock Sunday morning. At the same time the city marshal took into custody Ed Williams, a garage employe at Sterling, and R. Colfenstein, a washing machine salesman of Hutchinson. Thore was a email quantity of liquor In the roadster and a large quantity of the same In the two men, it Is alleged. The car seemed to be sober notwithstanding Its alcoholic burden but the two men were overbalanced by their load. The attention of the city marshal was called to the two men because both thought they were John McCormacks or Carusos. They sang sentimental ditties and Jazz melodies and then uproarious, ly applauded themselves, all of which was against the peace and dignity of Sterling. After the arrest had been made Undersheriff Bell was called. He took the car and the two prisoners to LyouH where they were placed in the county Jail to sleep off their respective Jags. The Ford roadster with Its washing machine attachment will have to answer to a charge of Illegal transportation for it has been arrested too. Wlnfleld, Kan., Nov. 25.—A deep sense of sorrow pervaded Wintield today following the death here late yesterday of Edison Ogrosky, 23, fullback of the Southwestern college football eleven. lie was Injured in tho game with Bethanv last Tuesday but did not suffer at the time and did not call a physician until Wednesday night. An operation Sunday showed that the vein supplying the duodenum had been ruptured and his death came as a result of internal complications. All football at Southwestern has been suspended for the year. Oklahoma City, Okln., Nov. 26. Tho special session of the state senate, called by Gov. M. E Trapp today to perfect its organization and provide a lino of succession for the governor's office, ad- TOO LATE TK CLASSIFY FOB. SALE—Good tresh cow: oabmct vlctrola. Call 3 blocks west nnd 2 north of Wells' store, South llutcmn- son. In answering advertisement*, please mention The News-Herald. FUKN1S1II-JD apartment, modern, hoi water brat 3 rooms built-in feature*. Call 369. FIVK-rootn modern house at 200 w»: 6th. IiifpilrH nt house. COKN fed capons. l(c])ot, phon* .1116. Hi-Kay ~5 !rrK! _l Are You Hard to Fit* Vou should wear Coopers. There is a size and fit for every man- stout, slim, short or tall. We can give you a com* fort fit in Coopers Kenosha Klosed Krotcb Union Suits. Foster & Main FOlt SAJM'.:—Impruwd 16 (1 adjoining school, 7 miKr-i town, worth JS ^K 'l', quick sale !6,fi<K\ tt»rnw M.O0O. John 11a UP r. Hurdelt, Knnan-i. STRAYED— Male bullduir about a inu. old; has whito bri-asl and white iHt front lYxit; ears and tail olip;>tnl, J'honfl 74SW. KOK Belgian harr-* FOK SAI<K—'Hiisc drum, «nart- <lrutii (ind traps; a real l.;irKuJr.. August Scliulb. Hudson, KaKnsa.". liUA-RD ami roam olow.* [n. Avfrnift Uooma, 23 Went Fifth. VVANTKD—Work on farin. i;xv<-ri- encrd Tarm hand. Addrtas E-K\ care News-Horald. F-R-E-S-H i FISH and OYSTERS Plenty of Them. HUTCHINSON FISH & OYSTER MARKET 406 North Main STKAVKD or stolen—White Knx Terrier pup. Has black ears anil bobbed tall, rhone 2705. ltcwanl. LIMIT EXPENDITURES UNDER THE BUDGET Washington, Nov. 25.—Despite last minute additions to meet the wishes ol cabinet officials, the national budget for the next fiscal year as complied today at a conference betw-cu l'resident Cool- Idge nnd Budget Director Lord, limits the ordlnar; expenditures ot the government to a figure well under the *1 ,«00,000.000 total fixer! by President Coolldge In his talk last June to government fiscal officers. SHOTGUN. Winchester piinpi. 16 gauge, almost new; pilco 3U1I. I'hone Ml. WINTKK Klass tops tor Fonts, Jlla anil up; Ford tops J5; windshield $i; motor oil 50c t-allon; goo<i used lumber and some milk cans; Font secnm anil tourlnKl one truck. 202i v i North Maplo. Hay Workman, phone US11 or 1574.T. FOK SALE—l^arge slzo base-burner. Car, North Plum. Call lS'JUJ. NI-;W nnd used furniture anil stoves. ltuck'a new iras ranges JlJS.Si,. Brunswick and Columbia phonographs. Wo buy and sell for cash or exchatiKc. Wanted cabinets, buffets, dtiofolds and chairs. N. Maple. Hay Workman, phone 3S41 and 1",71J. FOR JtKNT—Six-room house, modern, 306 F.ast 11th. Inquire Geo. J. Wainner. 120 F.asi 7th. tiXFUUIKKUBD driver wishes Job driving truck or other work. Jla West C. P.OOM In modern home: tlemen only. Call 1C62 garage; gea- For Thanksgiving Pies Cotton. New York, Nov. 25.—Cotton spot, middling 24.25c. Futures closed steady, Dec. 23.T4@23.7Sc; Jan. 23.»l@23.93c; March 24.21® 24.25c. UNDER THE DERRICKS In Hamilton County. Syracuse, Kan., Nov. 25—Drilling is proceeding again at the oil test southwest of here. The hole is down'about 3,200 feet. Work had been stopped for repairs for a time. Cats Go Insane. Vienna.—Cats that will not cuaso mice or refuso to play with strings aro victims of a kind of feline insanity, according to Dr. Alonzo Roth, prominent veterinarian. "Insanity may attack tho Jowor animals aB well a§ human beings," says Dr. Roth. Animal insanity'ls seldom noticed, however, lie says. WANTS HELP IN LOCATING HER FATHER LIVING HERE Mrs. Eunice Pumphrey, Ottawa, Is trying to locate -her father, Lewis Lyons, who she lias heard Is working for the Santa Fa bridge and building departmei.' here. She has written County Attorney II. F. Brown nsklng for help in finding her father. Slio heard indirectly that he was going to North Dakota and she wauls to get In touch with him at once. She gave her address as 013 Nortu Mulberry, Ottawa, Kans. CONNECTICUT'S 8ENATORIAL CANDIDATES PICKED. Hartford, Conn., Nov. 25.—Hiram Bingham, Ilepu'biloan governor- elect, was nominated for United States Senator today by the Republican state convention on the first ballot. New Haven, Conn., Nov. 25.— Hamilton Holt, former editor ot the New York Independent and well known League of Nations advocate, was unanimously nominated for United States senator ut 11:15 this forenoon by the Democratic state convention, The nomination wan by acclamation. - ... PHONE 4400 AND CALL POM CLASSIFIED AD DKIT. 1ILI.ND .M) ltlCPf'LhlS A-10--1 P-ll— I A-12—1 lJ-Il -1 (>7—2 11-10— 4 C-ll—1 S-10—2 K-ll—lt S-ll—2 J -10—3 T-ll— 2 K-ll-2 U-7—1 L-'J—1 V-U—1 M-U—2 W-ll—J O-ll—1 "Y -11—1 1>-U—1 The whole family can liavo a second ploca of pio from this pumpkin grown by Alexander Harris ut Westfluld, Mass. Harris is almost hiding behind the giant which weighs 72pounds and measures 5 feet around. A pormal-aUed pumpkin U shown at the eld*. * UlUeia lu change ut (li ^i .iiUMlu advertiaemtnu far the current day'« issue cunnoi be a'jc«pit<l lutui than 12 a m- fur The News and 6 p.m. for The Hftrald. All changes and kills recivtd aUtr itu>ae hours .will Ulw etfi-ct th rulfliiwlng day Th Hutchinnun News-Heroia t* ft rncmbf-r of The Assoclnliun of Nuws- papur ClAssiNea Advertising Matiagra. which include* rending nev/«p«pAr» itituugndut th<* country, and nan for I La aim the eumtf.atton of fraudulent ind mlilading ciaaalfiiM) advertising;. Th* Hutehlnaan NVwa-H^ruld aa w«M as every other member of tho aatuela­ tion, endeavora lo print only truthful Want Ada nnd will appreciate having; Ift attention called to any advertiso- menl nut conforming to thu nlgheit standards cf honesty. Alt clubfilflt-d ada will he Inia 'ted hoth morning and even ins isauffl of the, nuiK't. An ad which n avCepted for a Blnglo Insertion will appear la both The News und The Herald Classified advertising terms are radh I'hone onlera are aci-cnted toy convenience, hut with the understanding that bill* will be paid rm presentation CORRECTION OF CLASSIFIED AO ERRORS The New* and The Herald will not be responsible lor roar* than one incorrect Insertion of any advtM 'Maeiii -t*nt orderd fot mote than one unit- l-'mtr» not the fault of the ndvertiHom wh "'h clearly lessen th'; real vuiu,- of the advertisement will be r» riUied only by publication without txtia chwrge within ViWli days uftei Insertion. No republication will bo made when the error does not materially Hffect 'h*» -uifluiHsmHApa ^'U in .tBniviru! JO osnat 1CALE * i Una 'A Mnes .... 3 Unas; i Unes) ... 6 LI ilea I>me» 7 Unci 8 Uncg 9 Line* WORD AND CINE 5 WordB oi leas , ( 6 to 11 Wordi 12 to 17 Words , 18 to £2 Words 23 to ?8 Word« 20 to 33 Woid ' 34 to 39 Word* .......... 40 to 45 Words : 46 to B0 Words 60 to 65 Words ,.iQ rjfiX to each 16 word* or fractToji th»tu2

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