The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 27, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
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Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 4
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-% 2 FACE FOUR Committees Are Named Plans Made'For Large Attendance At Skeet Shoot i Here I 1MB PARS MEWS, Commirrees for the Southtres:- *rn Skeei Tournament, to 12 Paris Sepre^ii>er 15 and IS. were rained Friday by Frank s. general held at chairman, the office | the Paris aad Laraar County [ Chanaber of Cozctserce. 1 It has been estimated the | Southwestern shoot, last aeid here j in 1932. will attract between £50 ! and 300 skeet marksmen and | others to Paris for the shoot. They expec:ed :o bes":n ^rrlvi-g i Friday in order 10 have an op- ; | portunity for practice s.t the traps. ! ; which will be open. j Approximately $400 in cash j prizes will be distributed at the shcot. The- first hall of the southwestern individual championship, rstets. will be a: S o'clock | in the morning- and the second i hal* will be held Sunday, ITI ad' cition to the cash prizes six tro- Club Service Talks Heard BRIEFS About Town Sheriff C. <X Sbelton left for Ft. Worth Thursday .evening OH a business trip in connection with his office . ,-V^-;><;-„ j " tr-^-T. il -.-•_- ' iUi^il- <JZ2 i at 200 registered targ be held j held Saturday starting LOOK OUT FOR THESE SYMPTOMS OF CONSTIPATION at | phies of j I Program: I ma With the president* and secretaries from Rotary clubs in eight other towns in this section and District Governor I>ick Hawkins of Mexia as .honor quests, the ( MJCS. Gaitfcer Rodders and Mrs. Paris Club held one of the best j filnier Evans, employes of Hunt- raeetiass in several months at the I er'a Apparel shop, are taking their Gibraltar Hotel Friday noon. s vacation*. W. H. P. Anderson, chairman or the club service committee .had charge of the program. Speakers vrill be awarded. club service work were Past District Governor Jess McGill. Lon Boynton and Clarence Marphy. Committees named Friday were: f Governor Hawkins made a brief - Russell Berry. chair- I talk to the club, stating that his Lindsay; to har.dle ad- 1 official visit to Paris would be vertising for a program: George I rrra<2e later. Bill Cross. Mt. Pleas- Shei:on, chairman, O. TV, Bosweil, j a — r publisher, was also a speaker T,?»»,•**sv TX-,>,« Ion tho program. Richard Slyth the club singing. President Jess I>eShon Skeet Club: chairman. Tom Kinkle. He Lindsay. John Grain and Hogaa Clark: to solicit funds from members of the Paris ' Roy Wi^oughby. I sconced committees sfor future Cavir.ess, " I>ub 1 progrram and expressed the plea at»- Get Relief with Kellogg's ALL-BBAN -iieacaches, loss of appetite energy, sallow complexions, and sleeplessness are often wandag 1 sirens of common constipation. Unless "chedced,. constipation may impair health. Today, you can usually g^t rid. of common cxinstipation by eatir^r s. deliciotis cereal. Laboratory tests sho*^ that EeEoggr's Ai.T.-BRAK provides "btalr" and vitamin B to aid regularity. AUL-SRAIC is also a good* of blood-bnildins 1 iron. Furey: to solicit donations no advertising is taken: S. M. Weiss, chairman, J. M. Caviness, K. C. Coker. These committees are expected to start to -crork ;mniecia:e!y in order the programs may be printed and distributed to skeet clubs in every state c-rvered bv th^ Southwestern shoot. the Paris Club over having officers of neighboring clubs and the district governor as quests- DeSHONG IS HOST TO ROTARIANS Supporters of the various candidates for office have been unus- «a31y busy the last few days making last-minute appeals to friend* and acquaintances. Commissioner R. I/. JSallard of Precinct l, said Friday he has steel and piling on the sround for erecting a steel bridge across Sulphur River near President of Paris Rotary Club Entertains Bistrict Governor Asa Burroughs has accepted » position with the Collector of Internal Revenue at Dallas and is now working: out of that: city. Kis family will join him there later. .Paris lodge No. 27, A. F. and A. M.. will have its regular meeting Friday night at S o'clock in the Masonic temple on Grand Avenue it has been announced- Evangelist On 'Being Saved' Thursday ni^ht at the Springer- Jones re vivaJU Mr. . Sprit brought a message on the subject "How May I Know I am Sav< He took as his text the Epistle of First John, the fifth chapter and first thirteen verses: "He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself! he that believeth not God hath, made him a liar; because he believeta not the record that God gave of his Son. And this is the record, that God to us eternal life, and PARIS MAN WILL ATTEND MEETINGS ; ! >aris Ro ' £ry -, '• day evening to District Governor Jess DeShonsr. president- of the ib. was hosi Dick Hawkins of Mexia and the f IasE fe<w " da i" s - "With nnm«rOtt«: civil salts having been filed in district court here recently, members of Sheriff Clyde Shekon's force have been kept busy „ serving citations the hath this life is in his Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life. Thes« thinsrs have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God." "You ask many so-called Christians today if they are saved and they will answer, I hope so. I am trying to be; I ana doing the best I can. "What would you think; of me if I asked Mr. Jones if he were a married man, and he replied 'I hope I am: I am trying to be; . JULY 17, IftM have * licen** to go to H*H na« no license to do the *ame." The evajQ^reliat tfeea told of the picture show h« attends. He said. "1 j«st so into my room, turn the lights on, pull down the shades, open my Bible to Romans, the seventh and eishth chapters, and then, cell the operator to start the PERSONALS Pacific Garden back to mission where Harry Monroe, the bum. was saved, where Tom Mackey was saved, where the "Fat Barber." Ale] Trodder. found the, JLord." 1 then tell the operator to hold that picture. I see the saints of God down through the centuries of time. I see the tttars shed. 1 see C. JL. Moody- 1 see Charles H. Spurgeoa. i see Heaven opened to me, 1 see the Throne of God and the multitude of saints there. I hear them singing, 'All Haii the Power of Jesus' Xame. Angels Prostrate Fail, Bring Forth the Royal JDia- den. and. Crown. Them Lord o' AIL" Friday night, Mr. Springer will bring a message on the subject. -•Who Is A. Christian." LOUD SPEAKER FOR CANDIDATES FRIDAY Crowd Will Have No Difficulty In Hearing .Last Speeches Regardless of the size We I crowd, Paris and Lamar of the county -, M. Scott left Friday mornins j locals-board of directors and chair- tor I>allas for a. conference with | men of major committees at a ^-?f\Ii ow ' : ;^ rsT I-oa^ Corporation j dinner at the Paris Golf club. ~ ""A "1r' S " r. ~X-^-.I°II !f--fJL P JT 1S l" ! T ~ is wss ^= opening clvfo as- The •'balk** in AIX~BKA>- is srach like- that in leafy vegetables, Iii ~«*n€ oocty T it ^.omzs a s Gently, it clears the intestines of Orestes. Ho"f much better than, taking- patent medicines. Two tablespoonfnls daSy •wSl v-^a^Ht. zaost types of constipa- feion- Chronic cases, Trith every rnga'* J£ seriotisly 21,. see yotir doctor. -Aii-BBAX is not a •"cnre-alL" S'njoy AU>BSAK as a cereal, or cse is. cooking Appetizing recipes pn the- red-arsd-green package. At sH grocers. Made "by Kellogg in Battle Creek. ; been successful ir 1 -h~ -r~*T"-.i*-~ rrf i | loans made. Principal ; From DaJjas Mr. Scott Trill sro : if- Fort ^Vorth to a. cornr-iimentar 1 * I ; cmrier that ths ciflc-ers of "he ; J Texas Tiile association, of which i givrns: the I > American | Title association -who are visiting^n Texas at present. On Saturday Mr. Scott is ac- i he is a member, | representatives of Gov. Hawkins was the peaker. Other speakers on the program isclrrded Past Bistrict Governor Jess McGill. W. K. P. Anderson, R. C- Lane, Joel K. Shirley. Clarence Murphy X^loyd Robinson. Dr. K., X.. X^ewis, T, S. Revel!, ^Corris Flernsiing, Frank I^an^ford. A_ JL. Chamness. Carl McWhorter. Marvin Carson and Pat Mayse. They discussed -X he"V=rious phases of the committee vrcrk to Tchich they have "been to Ti-e as Rattikin . Monday i |va a ine? j sociaiio- ^ j attorney for tie Some C^riers j X-oaix corporation, aopears on the I Program s.~ this meeting, as well I as Mr. Steele. the mana-er o' i the Houston division of tni Home O-*rners Ix>an coropration. t?*s.~e of r^~ Ja 1 ^*^" > 1 J assigned for the coming year. Galvestc-n. L Tuesday • cf the Texa ^ | LUMBER DEALERS SAY The quiet in Parisr induced by the prolonged heat must have spread to law violators, local police opine. Again Thursday night there were no arrests and the city jail is still untenanted. Trasb. collections in Warfl Two are scheduled for Monday, it has been announced by John Howerton. city sanitary officer. Residents of the ward are asked "TO have their trash and empty cans otrt where wagons can reach them. I am doing the best I can.* can know that we are Christians j citizens will have no difficulty in' by -he Word of God. First we j hearing candidates at the final can know because of the '-'Wit- j round up at Bywaters Park Friday ness of God's Word."—John 11:1*. night. Judge J. M. BrasweU of the The evangelist went on to prove how utterly foolish are millions of people today who are depending on their church membership! to save them. If joining a church j May of Tisertoa-tt underwent an eye operation at the JLam- ar hospital Friday morning. Mrs. W. H. I-edford returned to her home Thursday after being at St. Joseph's hospital for treatment- Mr, and Mrs. Walter Herbert, of Cincinnati are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ben S- Peltz and family. Mrs- Edwin Foster aod small daughter, Rachel Ann. have returned from a -visit with JMrs. Curley Maroney in Roxton. Mrs. Robert Alexander left Friday for her home in Ennis after a \-!sit her with her sister. Mrs. J. B. Strong, on I^amar Masters Charles and David Ba*t- erwood. of Meadow, had their tonsils removed at the St. Joseph hospital Friday morning. Miss Eula Blevins, of Pittsburg. i ho has been a patient at ' ' Sanitarium of Paris for several days. i%-.derwent a major operation there Friday morning. pltai following an. automobile *c-« client near Qr««nviU« »everal 4ay» a«o fcx whicb. they were injured.; returned to ttieir home Thursday. Mrs- J. Riley Croat and infant daughter. Kay,, bom several days ago at the Sanitarium of Paris. were removed to tixeir home. 16S South Eighteenth street, Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Ewing Helms returned to her home in Antlers. Okla.. Friday after having been a patient at the Sanitarium of Paris where she underwent an operation some time ago. 0ILLINGER KILLING AT PLAZA FRIDAY Xeivs Reel Sho\vs tb* l>ownfaU of Public Enemy Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Saffold. who have been at the St Joseph hos- An extra reel of the Paramount Xews service showing the siayms by federal officers of Public JEn- emy Xo. I John Billinger, has been received by the Plaza Theatre and will be shown for the first time Friday. This sensational rh« ! &ews reel com «s to Paris ahead of many other cities in the state. The Plaza Theatre, with its new sound equipment and new decorations, has been re-opened and. th» management states that it is now "the finest theatre Paris bas ever had." make one a Christian then ieving- in astronomy Strike CCcntinued trom Pag-e One) permits from the military. TO SPRINKLE ROOFS T c ucks taai diii move Frida y uie streets without armed make one an astronomer, "Some progTram committee announced Friday morning: that he has arranged for installation of a loud speaker for the speaking. i With all candidates noaking their 1 last public appeal Friday night. the higrgest crowd of the season is expected. There is plenty of room - Or all and with the loudspeaker. one pipes up, 'Don't you have work out your salvation with and trembling?' How can you j salvation before i c - a<ie those who have been on the work out your fear| al * can he heard easily. Speakers Friday night will in- you get it in. replied the evan~e- P iist. To him gave all the proph- at the county roundups. ets witness that whosoever believ- *th in Him shall receive remission of sins." Too many people today are trusting in what thev do rather than what Christ does ia them for their salvation. It is not PARIS PEOPLE TO RETURN SATURDAY Mr. and Mrs. George Solomon ars expected to return Saturday saved you. not I from a two-weeks motor trip police { but turni Future IJeaJcs May Be Avokietl SprinJclfns: While Dry not joining the church g to Christ and i — n_~. K*-****-t- i ~ — - *.fc»*-.A.^£. i^ v^n-ist 2 convoys for the first time in al- only as your only hope. GREEN BEANS BUTTER BEANS i-mber dealers and In- rance men have said that ! sprinkling: roofs of homes curing the cry Breather •will prevent leaking- -ar i a hard rain comes. g roofs also will do much i to alleviate the heat Curing the } nigrht, it is said- Shingles, it is ; j ponted o"t, are like sponges. They { „ soak tip a considerable amount of 750 ~^"S.T,£r~ I!V^i.OX"S £J£1^~ Oi. 1«_ p2^-SO5 through. Shingles on many buildings have cracked from, continued heat un- a Heavy rain will cause leaks. A hard rain will cause s. considerable amount of -water to pass Through the cracks before the shingles become thoroughly •wet. niost a week. Deliveries of brsadstulfs. milk. ice. beer and sasoline were unhampered by guardsmen. This did not include deliveries of pie. cake and pastry, for which permits were required. Automobile Parking In the downtown area was forbidden Jroni S a, m, Friday until termination of the rale. heavily armed from the 4.SQO men stationed, here an<2 *n Minneapolis* environ*, accomplished qtiletly Thursday. '"PI a can know ^ e are Christians because we are the Son«= o^ God—Gal. 4:5. John 1:12. W e can't explain it but we can certain!--- « X - perience it. You put me V a " a group of 10.000 as a baby and I could pick out my mother because . -, she is ««s& of my flesh and' bone military j °~ =ay bone. We know that we are ' Christ's because we have had a tee with to Macomb, I1L, to visit their parents | and also Chicago, III., where taey attended the World's Fair. They are spending the tatter part of the week in St. Ixsuis baying new- fa 11 hats for their store here, Weingrarten's Millinery. Mfng tH« efficient and economical K C Baking Powder—Manufactured "by baking- powder specialists who make nothing but bak'ng powder—under the supervision cf exr?*f cheznMs of nationa! reputation. Women Who Wont the Best— use th* t/oi/b/€ tested' double action PARIS BAND PLAYS AT LAKE FRIDAY | — -™ »-•w_ ^. «T Ti, 1Z£L V Occupation of the city by some i definite divine exp*Ti»• r* - _^--»__ .. ""_ 1 *—. ._ -f — •—* Church News "TTe can know w e are saved because of the Frait of th» Sp-*-it" Gal. 5:22. There is one fr«i rarities- There is a lot of JMEN'S PRATER LEAGUE ihe Men's Prayer league wii; iSortli Star Rebekalis Install New Officers j Evangelist Springer will ence between f raits and ^ifts the ? . C evangelist said. Gifts are giv^n to? '*'" jyou while fruit ^row s on you. The j j Love ic\*olves i =a.'-r ? f ; co- TV a -r,n<-- I '" I t . ^ . _. - - - —\~r sar-"*<^t --.~ "- J" »«>«—j poens, -Apple Blossoms" (Roh- I »f hs-a at tcftjirst Baptist churc'tf- sacr-.^ces .or aer baby be-Urts): ma=x:h T^^ vt» g *-»~' l -» I Sunday^ morning at g o'clock.')««? «f ™ "I^e" she h« for! fHal^: vaS'o^e^. -SSSSAt The Paris municipal band, rected by Arthur Layion. plays Friday evening at S o'clock at Lake Crook, this program arranged for the concert- March. "The Blooming Prairie" >rt); selection. ~ ''Ross <Prirni>: foxtrot, "Cock- rails for Two"; "Punchinello" (Herbert); foxtrot. ~TThy Do I n Zfreams?" "Amer,n Patrol" fMeachaml; ton* BAKING •w_^_r- « *r m ^^ - ~^ ~POWDER The Xorth Star Hebekah lodgre. No. 45. at its res"-lar meeting Tuesday evening-. installed the Miss 5>3na Ste^Krard. past grand; 15. T. Davis, aobie grrand; Ima I^ee P:\?e ar.d ilrs. Kill, and left s^i 1 porter, respectively, to noble grand; • 3£rs, Carl McGee. vice-grand: Mrs. 3* D. A;k:n and --frs. Hollie Boling. i"^- 7 y. to vice-g-ra.n<5; ilrs. T. B. Holcemess. warden; Mrs. Pearl conductor; iliss T ^, *^j— j>—>Q 0^5.0*2.^"^" "*%^"*~^ ana Mrs. ilalose. outside and inside ^sardiar_s: Miss Fannie Gilbert, musician; and iliss The'ma FIKST BAPTIST W. M. Wright, pastor Teaching service. 2:45 a. zn. Preaching service. 10:55 a. , e evangelist Sermon -orill be delivered by Dr. J. >f. Hunt. 3. T- S.. 7-15 j>. m. mon D— Dr, J. pa t het3 C conditions of our churches today. He said the chu-ch aas become a l^azarus on the door{step of the worM begging for a. crumbs. You think «oth >•->^ l -* K -o^.. he "There !. I ft s Somethinsr About a Sol- dier"; selection from • bond Klnssr" CCohan); March 1 ' <Klng>. VOTE FOR SUREBEST It's Better Bre«d ELEVEN HEAD CHOICE WHITE FACE BABY BEEVES -•• e<! to take care of cur -week end d*-rr-and for choice baby beef Kteaks and roawta. Phone us your order*. SATURDAY SPECIALS Sliced BACON Pound BEE? STEAK Pound VEAL LOAF MEAT, Lb. .. CALVES TONGUES, Lb. .. HOC- LARD. Lb. ... Lean SALT MEAT. Lb. .. DRESSED FRYERS, Lb. . MIX SAUSAGE, Lb. 3 Lbs BEEF ROAST C*t FJsb. Brff.Io, Wkk* Sn»pp«r 10* 0 8 20* 5* 25* I CEXTH^L, :PRESBYTKRiA>- ?"- 1- V.'ear. pastor Sunday echoc-l, 3:45 a, m. R. Z. ; Joiner, sapertetendeat. ! Morning -worship. II a_ no. Seri rcon: "Our Debts." Xo even-n^ worship. FIRST METHODIST H. V. Cole, pastor Sunday school. 3:39 a. m. L.Ioyd Morning ^vorship, 20:SO a, m. I>r. J- H. Hicks win preach Intermedijtte L* 7 p. m. Ev* worship, 8 p. m. Dr. J. K. Kicks- Prayer r FIRST METHODIST ADCI/T ! The adult division of First i Methodist church vrill ?n*et ir. srcneral assiEKbly Sunday niomrr.ff S:30 o'clock fci/tb.* 3r«tberhood room, ifrsr. Mac Rogers Smith will ! render a special naturfca! mjmb*r • asd the Rev, Ben Browaisg of rh«e j Bonham Street Methodist chorch | will sp*s.k on tfe« isrganlzation and | adrnimstration of the Adult -sit- { vLs;on. All ciaj«*s are expected to j meet to^etb*r for ihlx pr about £roin£T out here and S5.60 for revelry, but to "give a! nickel or a <i:me to God involves '' a Freat "sacrifice." God have pity. ! i^l* 11 " SOIr3e ° ne SS;rs ' * don '= b «- -' ue.e in jiiakjr.^ a noise about our' salvation/ Well, I ^ou.'dn'c elth-rj if I didn't have any more Chris-»i tla.i!~ than you did. ^ e &v- God i oy lea-ring- off the family altar the study of God'- -srord We icv« to do the thinsrs God ^ants us to ! do oecarsa -see are ne^ creatures j in Christ Jesus. O !d things hav-i passed a^ray, an thinsrs have, b— \ j come new. The reason so many I I of V* stay out of Sander school| on Sunday morair^ J S because ^* i still Icvc the old thinjrs. Xo ^on-f' der yoc donbt your sal-ratSou O^ '• Sjnday ^ th!r:fc ^ have - dons ^ | lot to attend a s *r-.-!ce and Curing i \ tb* tre^k ire are fosrna do-srn i n f some theatre. Then, you -?rivo. s l Bonder -srfey your husband te not t "^I. ed "/ 0m * °' 3r ° tt P^^^ers are | that win ~ a llt~tato a"" dam table H tfccatr* or attend a Godless- -wrres- 1 Uias match is not fit to be a! preacher. Juat becaua* you a-d * the xmec " ' SUREBEST Sliced Bread . . . It's Dated Always FresSi .. You con ol»o buy !• ounc* con for IS ounce con for l£c FULL PACK — NO OUtCK FTLIJNO K C i* the choice of milKons who know from experience that it 03 hifhly efficient and economical to use. MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT Not Too UttI* For Not Too Big For Little Bosmes* SUGAR In Cotton B*g« 10 Lbt. Beet 10 Lbs. Sugar preacher think you Gill & Johnson Handling HOLC Title Work Msis Norine Windham title amount done dc by GL-J or from Corpora- is bandi'n^ number of to reader tbera tjs *' r _ . work has And Pete Welch Wed! tbe *»« f * w w ' Johnson. Ioca.1 who ore tr* of Mrs. Frank Perd-je of P-tty. • lb * Hoin * Oicr.«rs »iid P»te Welch, son o* Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Vi'«Ich, of Pari«, } , , " = "• w»r« married Wednesday evening i " tift work r ° r a ar T:3& o'clock at th« home of | Paria hom « owners, the Rev. J. Roby Ward, pastor j mak3 «* every effort wore a n*vy bioe *R- * ^ , with white aec«oort«s. The I m * d * ia * nsintmum of t tm* couple -9T8JS attended by Mr. and I* krw ' co * t fOr th * ^^e •wsrk.- Mrs. Alton Millar. !«a!<J Roy Johnson, nranaser. **W« keep oa hand at »ii times th«- official application blanks and we will be grlad to help »»«!!«»«?•! f»U the moat correctly cost." All loans are being through the office of Jadg« E. i_ who Is iocal attorney for Home Ownenr Loan Corporation, It was stated,—(Adv.) COFFEE Maxwell Home, 3 Lb*. HONEY Gallon, 8O WESSON OIL Quart Can 39 SNOWDRIFT Pail 69 TUNA FISH 2 C»m .. Relish Spread BJoe Plate, Quart . . . Welch Is a graduate | Paris blg^h school and ^ras a nrs< ber of the 1S34 g-radu-itliig C!<UK of the Paris Training School for Xwrs«s, The irroo^n is connected w$th Everybody's KervJce StaUon, 1 Mr. and Wrs. VTeJch trill be at : home at 177 Clarksvine street. FLOUR CARNATION 4S LBS. ... $1.60 PARIS SPECIAL 48 LBS 7(1 *« v SANI-FLUSH i Can SANI-FLUSH SPECIAL DEAL Brwb Fr ** A . i BottJe HYPRO v.?oe for with -39c SOAP Crystal White, 6 Giant Ban POTATOES Red 10 Lb*. FIRK IX>S# b*!l«ve<l to have «tart«J from traxh burnlnjc near&y Friday afternoon damajcetf a chefrt-metai »tore room at the home of Anthony Nolan, « Pi«* Bitiff »tree*. The bUxe *ra« confined to the roj»m wjjer« a qu»JiUty of an4 other arUcle* were fl SUREBEST Potato Chip* Scand lOc PICNICS Melroce, Lfc. 15 CREAMERY BUTTER, LK 25 UPTON'S TEA 1-4-Lb. Pk,r. CORN FLAKES 15c Pk r . Sliced BACON Dexter. U>. PORK ROAST 14 PHONE 570

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