The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 9
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THE DAILY KEWS, FfclDKBXOK, MD. FRIDAY. MAY 27,1932. iron Carroll Creek Th* foJcamg iiory o f Canoli creei s vr:::«a by Miss Margarei Aber- «-.iy. cf the Department cf Journals=i of Eooc Flo.iag :n a le^throng- Pre^er:ck and dividing til" city rssc r*o parts. Carroll creei nins its »?"^'.T8 course eastward to^Tartl the, Mococacy river, of *ii_ch 11 a a tr*a- 1 tarr- Oa :ts tray, the narrc-* s:ream rois past spois wh-ch fa^ly ^reatiw an atmosphere of h^tory, ard yet never. does ;t slop oaoe to explore or eien :o. glance arouacL Can .'. be that tie creek ss tinware of its Kirr Does it. just not appreciate No, the real reason ;s tha: Carroll creefc has actually seen These menw)- rable events occur and holds in its deepcs: sou: a memory o5 m«n so \.*-U. so beautiful, tiat :t n^er requires renewal. Wisat secress thEce silent »a;- KX. ccxiM disclose, aad iviia; l^ht they could throw upon tie clouded, record of Frederick history. aere they but once to relinqu^h -.he care:ul puarc tfaey keep over tije-r sressure-chest of memories. To* ssory of the name. -Carrol: C»dC* flcds iw source in the ncble»: feuodatXKis of Maryland h-story Nestled :n the southern part oi Frec- er-cfc cSwEty and ly-cg severs: rs^ei ease of tee city of Frederick, is Carrollton Manor, the once \a$i estate of tne OKroB laauly. There "Tuscarora," the stone-constructed manor-=!ans:o2. ·srah :ts h^h tvecty-ose roozcs. Tnne cellars, and nails t*o- feet :s thicknesr. :onrs a pictures*!^ center for the surrounding remaps c£ sJare and servant qiisrters. Seiers. as.. buildings nearby have replaced these that time has dessohshed. A' the present, time, the CarrtC fanuly o-ar-s but rn-elve hundred acres of the or^ir^l estate. The first srant of land wa» made to a Charles Carroll in the se-- enteenth century when he was acting as agent for Charles Lord Baron of Bal- tsjcore Dunne thai time he rece.'-ed several otner large grants of land from London; these -»ere added to by h.s o Charles Carroll, untd the en- ! 1862. an inr.deat made acrnorul by tire estate cf the Carroll iaaily em- ] John Green^eaf W.T_tUer s pwsc ' Bai braced seventeen thousand acres of bara Frit*:ii_?" How '.hi* t-isy Carroll ran s*l. I 1 . included all the land be- creek Cius-t have faclled »:th pnos a^ :neen Snoal's creek on the north and jit silently l^A'iievi M the "traziy. ;he PoKsnac n\er 03 the south and | tramp" of the march of the Cocled- ^as a manor scarcely stirpassed ^ fer- ;erate army tnat early September Eom- t-l:tv of soil arc adMxntageousn«* of lag during the Civil War ii.e Th= graricsoB. uho de\eloped and, Past, Swnt»aU Jac*sos bnc^e. tne ceaut-Sed this property. was perhaps, creek ;ims easfn-arc and cut* across ·.ne greatest man Maryland ever pro- West street a: the present Sar- dticed. Bc-m at Annapo^s in 1737. he'bara Frrxh-e hot^e a s:x; msce Ja- was later educated at Bc-herrra Manor, j mous bv Wh,tuer Tn* -s s o:.c»; CecJ cocaty, in a school fo-unded by I ttiUebr; ssiall. n?a'. and substant-il the JestUK- Afterwards CarrcC »ent'lt possesses '.nree Iron: Mir.dous. ar.c abroad to pursue his studies, and it'tiro d-orrryr -..^-ciovs A flag in tae 'he unassuming creek so was not 'JrstJ he ref^n-.ed to Aatersca in 1764. mat he up the Manor to become his hoae. However, as conci- dorarer . nearest -he j-'ream oc th? nojt^citi sice of the house ntark* the pUce fror-i vih_cr were not congenial at CarroUton, accordr-.s t- 'rdd-ti^n Baroara I young Charles h\ed for most of the ! Fritch'.e va'.ed hrr flag Hr* oi'.en 'time ^r Annapols, ^here his father Mrs John F-.-.-h-e ifor :.iai ·aas !:e: ' nia^itained a city nome The date «as real na^-e rr-Lr ha - .e ircss^a o\er isi" a critical or.e in hi»:or;. as trouble »as cre: curii'S -'v?" l.irvi'- for !.T breinag bet-ieen the colonists and thejspr^.g ·:!'-·* cal-w-. Ci:y Spr_ng Uy i-^ 2x:her ~Km:rv. Carroll took the ».de ;he o,iter jicjf K^oi mar.v times sn^- ?f the co-'on^ts and in 1776 he ·a^asjmust haie ns'vhed T.e s.tre«« during the first person to s»gn the Declaration · her List das is sr.e .sit n her £ei- cf Independence It is now declared. room k:i.t:.ns C^rtair.X -jrn?r: hea'.v :ha* he xraLS tr.e ^eal'hiest of the fift - ; ramfa^s -xr_rrt-^ a:-."" "!'·· .v^vi^ six sis;:er5. bii- :iad it oeen neces^»r', swelled, is -nt:\ c-^ · ;·«.;: u-r.-ig .:i:.e ^oulcj na\e s'^rrcr.dered h_s \ast s- uinet^eii'n ce:i'iir M'i lY.ti.'u^ '.at* lor the cause o' his country Car- muit haie gaiea witr. ivoncer ic r*«-ize rcll l-\ed to see hjs ideals of inde- _ ;hat water usuaZly so restful could be- pcTdenoe ni^ter^Iize Ji the b^th of come so (ies.ructrie as to o-.^rfZo* ana ·ne L'ntted StaWt. and clea:h in · ruLi -.he ne.ghb--r^; cror«s PiriiiF^ 1S32 marke-i the ena of the list cf :he ;he itr;.- cay berore 1 -. s ar.c J^t«.^i:'* signers nt the Declaration Thr-!;jhout' forces pasi^! bv. Barbara Fri'.chie had ^js Ufet-nte. Charle^ Carroll helpec to.oeen meditating up~n 'h*- qu.« beautv : »ori out sany probJeais of state and,of the stream wit.i its mcbs-co\ereJ ! nation: he was a distinguished gen-j banks, and »uii^?r^:g why the \vhole tle:nan, soc^bly incLned. patr.v-"_c cle-uorld could ns :lo.\~ slT.g v swil'lv render of the rights of others, and ^ : a n d yet ff reatefully 1-eacer of internal improvements" Fron: i Lea'.ins tne I^iise IB. · ·^us -cLstir.g-j_shNi" gen'lrman the i-tream *anders toMTard All So!:it5 · creek has borrowed its name of Cir-' street, and in i;s course ria«s ajiot.-.-r TX-:;-- a u\iiig tribute to the memory of · landmark of h-s'-ary Tr_s a-jpear^ tv.- :he original oTSTier c: tha; name ' be but an old mulcting c-lap.iatcd and ' And Carroll creek has measured up | now occap.ed by two colored fami^e^ to ;hehor.orof that grea: name c% be- Once. ho\\ever it proudly CK,as'oc o. coming i'se!f the i^ene of some of being the ta-.crn in trhicn traciticr. as- Fredencks leading historical events serts. George Washmron and B^n- iAs one 'o!io»s tnc stream south7.ard t !amin Frankl-n met jn 1755 for '.he 'from the Municipal Swimavisg Pool. he£rsv time to consult Go%e;r..r first reaches the St-xterall Jactscn' Sharps 2nd General Braddocii in re- bricge. a concre;e s nicrore erec-ed in gard to '"r. n camya^n of Por: du ^1923 This bricse stanis .n hcr.or oflQ'Jo^n" \Vaa-singtcn, ron-er-berju h^ Jackson's inarch through Frecincl-i in belc-.ed Powmac must nave iit K_id- ly r-ear b\ Frobiblv tie formulated some j of his plan* while watching the wa'-er i f l - w A,ain when this "Father of i Our Country" »«j. ««uoooxed by R«l- | enck with a cele*ratioc in 1791. Carroll civefc must have "oeanded forward with pride Francis Sc^« Kev br«ige spcns tfce orot-k a ";::le fairtht-i on Built in 1927. :!i-i is -v the raeasory of the ~SUtf i Sparislec Banner" Ho* proud Carroll j creei ~u»* be to ha^e so verser*bie a | res' aa?\e it and to tiuni back i vptn :!-." da\'s in the latter part of toe j ^j;f-.*enth ctrrurv ·ihsc as a bcy Key j pla\cc v.;-n ~-» fr.ends a*ar by Or- j ·ain.'v :h?re hi.- poetic soul found * j t-vmpilhet.c :nend %ho urged burs on; to become a sucres^ful !·»·*«· As the ; ins.?_ri - :c »^rci of the na:»eal antkaa la-tr r.c.."ec !-Xf. the pen of Franca Scot; K s-.relv Carroll creek, back; hct.-ue \ -. srust have fiowec ! ca s-i:g-.r.g \».'h price to he«r ice ideals it had ta'v^.v. this poei re-«cho in the', words ' The land of the free, and the' home of '.he brs^ e " i Onward flews Carroll creek, until It · «es ^Frederick snd -kilns the Mo- | : ^-ac-.. t--»rr:ir.; along wv.h it rfieise- *".-7 Wherever you 50,you find this malt- packed lull 3 pounds Just A Visit -.r.t a s^xi c»k for my country house M^naser «:_rnjr.? to secretary). Have j ' f am-xine here »h-- would like to spend a cay or so in the country?--Tit-Bit*. j I T h e r e ' s r«o c«Jse for R oto^ N^'t. To-aav, as t ««», it is p«c«eo K»l 3 p"^*~»ci$, but ^o'c i^w r-^ti^t t*V 3\.4"' 'V t l-o «,-CwJ'-Cv) o.a.ty i ^^c'v c^^cc l r PKJ-C k C-^OT Va't · ?- s« the r-cst c' l"e ocst. DAY PATS FOB A Frigidaire No Down No Installation Chart*. Potomac Edison Co. 26 W Patrick St "WINS OVER" the critical crowds? The one that gives SULTS EVERY DAY MORE AND MORE PEOPLE SWING TO BUDWEISER BECAUSE IT GIVES RESUL TS * Which explains why the sales of BUDWEISER MALT are increasing faster than ever before in the history of Anheuser-Busch. The one thing that makes BUDWEISER MALT so uniformly dependable is the 75 years' experience behind it--plus the finest barley and hops money- can buy. Have your dealer deliver BUDWEISER today--and watch BUDWEISER deliver the goods! 3 lbs. in the big red can -light or dark. 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JUICY FLORIDA GRAPEFRUIT FANCY, FRESH ASPARAGUS 1 for 15c bunch 13c CALIF. JOIBO CANTALOUPES 2^29- FANCY QUALITY MEATS LEAN" SMOKED HAMS *· \\"hoic or Half! Slices of Smoked Ham lb. 25c SM4LL LEAN" PORK LOINS * 12 Wholt or Half Center Cut Pork Chops lb. I7c LEAN FRESH HAMS FRESH SHOULDERS LOIN VEAL CHOPS RIB VEAL CHOPS lb. 12*- c c ib. 9c ib. 25c lb. I9c FANCY LEG OF LAMB «" 21 Meatv Lamb Shoulders lb. loc LF\V SMOKED PICNICS Ib. FKEH KILLED FRYING CHICKENS O P E N I N G BRADDOCK HHGHTS PARK Extra Trolley Service Lr Frederick S.W F. M. Lv. Braddock 11.30 P. M. ROUND TRIP 25c MON. MAY Afternoon DANCING Evening BOWLING -- ROLLER SKATING BRADDOCK HEIGHTS ORCHESTRA Enlarged 10 MuUruuis runcinc » 45 to 11.30 YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer. Dust aad soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 *JT Q U A K E R CITY FBEDEKICK'S OLDEST. 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MOTOR OIL 2 .*«-,»!.00 UNEEDA BAKER'S WEEK-fcND SPECIALS ASS'T DELUXE ALL 5c VARIETIES pkg. 25c 3 for lie 13c Mustard fr **\ SnIUna Peanut Crisco Ib. can - ^ , Bntter Gom and Candy Bars 3 for 10c Sannrneld Corn Flakes 2 for I3c i Paper Napkins 'P^. of TM "^l Sultana Apple Batter Ipe. jar 13c Wax Paper ipkc- of -0 sh tsl 5c - rr Encore Spaghetti . jar I Or ! Ann Pasc Preserves .. . Jar 19c ...jar ..can 23c _ can 15c RICH. CREAMY 17 CLICQUOT CLUB Ginger Ale AP GRAPE JUICE ARROW SPECIAL CLOVERDALE LITH-A-LIMES C C. GINGER ALE 2 bots. 2c t- aot. lOc: qt. bot. ISc ........... 5 Dots. 2oc ........... 2 bots. 2oc ....... 2 bots. 2oc -Plus Bottte Deposit WEEK-END SPECIAL PURE REFINED LARD 2 ibs 11 Campfire Marslimallows lb. box 17c OUR FAMOUS COFFEES 'GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD 8 O'clock lb. 19c Big Pan Loaf each 5c Red Circle 5 «'°- 23c Lge. Sliced or Uasliced Eokar .. .. Ib- 2"7ciLoaf each 7c NOTICE! ~~ NOTICE! ALL STORES WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY MEMORIAL DAY, MONDAY. MAY 30TH

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