Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 15, 1970 · Page 99
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 99

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1970
Page 99
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ETM 'in> !L?i The Arizona Republic * Sat., Aug. 15, 1970 b 300—Mobil* Horn* 500-imili, H*m« 500-IUUit NMNM 1969 Commodore, 12x60', 3 bedroom l«5L-4'n?!!s- Reverse alste, a doors . ver furnished, deliver . x27,T«j5. J727 West >bxsr~ RANCWR6;~"two oler, refrlgera spac bedroom '•2X60, front an? rear bedrooms, baths, refrigeration, electric kitchen carpeting, In beautiful adult park Ready to move in. Call Choice ot Is. Prices from '?« DEL BUCKLES MOBILE HOMES •ix60' Two bedroom with den, sunk "'i living room, luxurious shag car >8tlng side by side refrigerator, se dryer,_area, 4" wall, plan - $i2°9o v o y&w^*m.&" W. Buckeve Rd. 25; 12-7666 12X60 2 BR., F.K., good cooler. New torn., colored appliances 8, Delivered a, .. , setup "oms, front kitchen, paffo, awnlns 'lu$ extras, ONLY S349S. 272-2712. ^69, 8X34' Kensklll with tilt out llv Morage room . ASHUA 10xi5. Excellent, Air Cond ioned, 3811 North 27th Avenue able hi jiace 44, daytime, 939-2486, eve-iivered iinqs, weekend. only ^PlTiarG^ld-^eaTri7Sl?r«paThT • -*i I 11-11— \7WIU -JCOIf QlX.\\l f UI^DHU /ing room, carpeted plus extras h vmber 1 Mesa Park. 969-7533 afte 'You Always Do Better At" AR-G-TCabana and trailer. $1850 2301 «M TRA ' LER "' " *Olrtft . b^^^a.. —_-j.-^—.'JT .'T-^ 15.8401,. .rtixvw \*oviaiio onu • iraner* *I03U .•nfurnished. .Furnished $2100. Ready > move into. Refrigerated, 3130 Eas 'aim Lane. Space 4. • fl f, /iln « w .. c ? l " l .'n' .sqgtre.;3 c grooms. T/i baths,""LoveTy"clrcl( rlTip^t^ ruiwsss*^ S Aff L f mat »fe»- -3 hl?^AllZona_ State. 2160_fjorth ^ounti ' C '"^%ery. New 12x60' ^70 ' SKYLINE 'Hning rm, 2 bdrm, -as. _ONLY. $5245. t* aiiwv i^vi i| )pen evenings Fron ^"fk & ready ToHmove Intorcatallha .-^"?."°" le . Sales 272--— Moon one up In new to. Catall 2. Arlzon • <3y cc midway 3»ren. GLENDALE MOBILE HOMES "Glendale's Oldest Dealer" SUMMER PRICES ON ALL LOT STOCK MOBILE HOMES TRAVEL TRAILERS Complete Selection Beautiful new Viking 24x60. Two bedroom mobile home ready to move into. You are invited to inspect our FOR .,.^_.. Arizona State Trailer .ales, 2160 North Country Club jrive. Mesa, open evenings. Sun valley 10x40 hrou 4801 W. GLENDALE AVE. 5m nice a yof^T arpet s?ll . TWO bedroom ihout, should be .- r .J,°LITTL V ! PRlCES,"'Afiz> '<• State Trailer Sales, 2160 North .ountry Club Dr., Mesa open even- a HOME SALES HEADQI fc astern-made IMSi Trails ^eft^ll GEER 8 - n - 8 ^B^ P HM Refrigerated on -• display Broadmore ... u.QKior at Frontier Homes,. Inc. 4439 — Av«.GWndale/ Glendale 60xi2 r TWBT bedroom Freedom, love- vtr'h? 1 ' ' v i n ? 4 roo 'P' larse enclosed SJtchen with Tots of cupboard space. his home has very beautiful panel- | l T l Affe|a''s;Ste I T 1 ?all4-r 1 Saler, lorth Country Club, " • i BnQr Sui&^i Club, Mesa. Country 575'sKYLiNE NewT2"x64'. 2 bdrm, -ont & rear, carpet, 2 ba, plus ex-as, ONLY $5945. 'Set up P lr. new & L Jr f£ dyr * < ) "Tfive Into. Catalina . e n Mobile Home Sales m-liii HOUSb trailer, one bedrobm vm irae llv 5545 Jerry , room kitchen. $1. treet, Surprise. 933-7695 Trojan 54'xlO', 2-bedroom. Make of $73.52 and Van Buren 258-6071 Why wait new home? 'Ms brand new ushed, dryer. to move Int .to a move Into or. fur- washer, ... wv conditioned, ''"='• umivered & set up. Specially Priced This Wk-end l-O DN PAYMT-12 YRS ON BAL ETLTMfslK '69-12X50 one bedroorn new> MOBILE HWES , 12x46 $4385 Fu rnished-Dellvered-set-u SAFARI TRAIL tongmark with all tifvr adult park. ^'"xe fvrniaingsTJhandcirvid „.., „„,„ u r°«m Chairs. This lovely home eveninai d n. two bedrooms, room, It's double '°»n» eor A completely a large living Insulafed with tely different statewide asi%M evenings. State Club ' Mesa - 12-X44 1 Homedale 2:%droom complc.v,, J3695, «» j <tewn Plus ..... by American Iropm completely furnished delivers and sma I montfily pay •n the balance. Yr lurry UAn/i ments better '•••II——_, saIBS tax i.—i. inuiith y pay- balance. You Had -n this one as It . —. .jit long This is lowest price* iFwIdt Mel •IOMES !5I-«071 pn -..._. hurt, surtly won't we &ff&£aOSr t !f*FSSU MI CONSOLIDATED AAOBItETloME; 1610 E. Van Buren J5I-M7 LIRYTPECTAT: 1969, EXPANDO. "Space "46: , , 9476261. «1 North Haydn Road Rlvierls AAoibile Home Park. """ 10' WIDES. "choic M^7i. LITTLE D '' "of three ALER ' " vered se $5950 'X.OU. Always Do_Better home completely etup for only SUN VALLEY MOBILE HOMES Freeway At Bell Rd. DEL Ba ed .ORO 14x65 Fr I Re Brs, ,-,. mis popular floor plan Is caroet- thru-out, refrlg, enclosure, celli eye-level 'b'v'enT double & tub -, door refrlg, one piece shower ducts. Desert insu- LI! lomes ,, Washington CHAMPION 2 peer. Valley M IFTiT-wide S4.49S Homes. Just ofl FOR RENT, OFFICE TRAILERS LEASE OR SALE 12x40 One bedroom, front living room avocado double door Frigld- alre, glass front oven, double Insulation. .Large front windows, removable hitch, completely furnished, de& setup Including cooler for $4795 SALES 252-7666 $5795. RANCH TRAILER SALES CHANDLER CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALF. GOING STRONG FANTASTIC SAVINGS DETROITER GENERAL SKYLINE FLAMINGO the deal yflu have SHOPPING COMFORT Daily; •r udiiy; 50 N. Ariz., Sat; handler 11-6 •6321 CLEAN, USEITT2-WIDE wldes QX50' FLEETWOOD, two bedrooms. 55,05 ?as& llitv M lomes lomes Bell Rd LKHART MANUFACTURERS INC. 2242 E. Washington 252-8837 LINWOOD ' KENTLY ELKHART KENT VANDERBILT HERITAGE PHOENICIAN' DEL ORO Visit plant — see how better quality mobile homes are built OPEN DAILY 9 to 8 _QPEJLSAT. 10-5; SUN 12-5 2x60' ng room BETTER BUY BROADMORE Two bedroom, large front liv- expando, (8X13) reverse sir I ceiling, avo- r0 i vwiii c^KQIIUUj isle, cathedral bea „ „ „.„ ado appliances and shag carpeting. A very nice home with lots of space or only "You Always Do Better At" , JOPLIN TRAILER SALES lQ!_W._Byckeye_Rd. 252-766* 55'xlO' Pacemaker 2-bedroom, completely furnished, front kitchen, colored appliances, large master bedroom. $3195 full price, $150 down plus tax delivers and •small monthly payments on the balance. Choice of many-many other 10' wides to choose from. CONSOLIDATED MOBILE HOMES 1610 E. Van Buren 251-6071 • BRAND NEW 12 WIDE $3475 Price Includes delivery PRICES Arizona State set•a er Sale. 2160 Club. Mesa. LOVELY 12 wide ?J60 > "Norih"country — ,~~, .» ...„>. two bedrooms, lo- ated nice park in Scottsdale ready o move right In, agent. 962-0798. New 64x12' Country Squire, complete with central refrigeration. Custom deluxe model, front circle kitchen with lovely separate raised dining area. Nicely carpeted and furnished, 6975, free state wide delivery. "LITLE DEALER, LITTLE PRICES" Arizona State Trailer Sales, 2160 :ountry Club Dr., Mesa, Open Ev BETTER BUY BROADMORE MU Will uv 3UIU ' efrlgeratlori for only $6995 'You Always Do Better At' JOPLIN TRAILER SALES 2301 W. Buckeye Rd. 252-7666 y i"ft ^»» P Ji 11" i—ii"™ji™" " ! " - ' 3eted, _3£6344_ droom, car easonable. TRAILER. One bedn air conditioning. RE ^._.,^. after 5:30. LEAVING! "8 wide one bedroSm," a priceless lewel). 1850 East Van $3875 £V& fWJpwa &J§»iH« LITTLE PRICES . sales. 2i6i M^JSUBFIML fsrSrfriKssft •ss-w dircts in .celling, only $57 deluxe furnlturt".-rJnly f'|v$^M paid UP 'Home ance Policy. See this oufstandTnt buy and many-man* other* n s aif«fe""" in Buren 'an Buren ~- m — TWELVE WIDES 12x65 - |4tfS 12x56-1449$ 12x38 — $367! Furnished, delivered HAWAIIAN VILLAGE 4125 E VAN BUREN sis; WE'RE OVERSTOCKED $250,000 INVENTORY MUST BE REDUCED NOW SPECIAL MOVE-OUT PRICES EXAMPLES: PHOEN 3500 delivered TRAIL this area leau NIX Tl^_. EAST VAN Jlngs. le Hoiriesi' 4541 'fi'/Van 35x8, 1- one fit Agent. MrTfAT fully can furnished. A nice finance. 27M561. 1150 12 SPECIAL <4I-1 BEDROOM . Plus tax, $10 month. 4xsz '? BEDROOM plus tax «. M >. - "*»'«-* vEwi%wvnn J150 dn. plus tax, $96 month. Free delivery.* setup (local) Mobile Home Sales lWJ_E,_Maln, Mesa EREE Reservations for 3 days I 2 nights n glamorous Vegas to each couple who becomes our customer during the month of August 1970. Select ». i ol 5i. quallfy jummer priced ne 8, the space of your choice™ «rk all .» n W' 8dulf "joaern suburban lark at the same time. Then celebrate your wife's decision at our ex- icnse. Open 8 a.m to 8 p.m. 7 days, n , P 1 one .V 4 ,-'.? 11 P. r »«W* Roles Inn Mobile Home Sales _J3SO N. 51St Ave. tax E. Van Buren Oa*. brim Mest'openev^nin^" 1970 Diplomat 44-xm 2-bedroom. KSfatSP 0 , "ywrt* of S81.87 a "2 . $15 ° . f8r delivery and setup and transfer of papers and irtunl .DAT Is '•Tldfti. 1 ™ " .E HOMES n 25I-6071 MOBIL Buren i»70 SJCYLiNritew >2 wide, front llv- 3^<ffj»ftlSPfi BRAND new 1770 Sahara 64'x12', 3-bedrpom, nicely furnished and beautifully carpeted. Was $6795, now during our Summer Clearance sale only $5995. Only one left at this price! $350 down plus monthly 1958 Alma ..,,, » ^ u . by appointment only. QHN 64x12 3 br. vr- pletely setui TON'S" 2255 W. MAIN. MESA SUMMER SALE Sale price $6495, com 020 _T^EETWO r O £ |&H'SMP S |ON h Bm ^ Brand new 1970 2-bedroom, I'/!-' peled, custom pliances and OT •ton refrigeration only about 4-months never bean lived I 'X12 1 , car- ld and tHR (room, a* i». Cenw Brand new f«70 Mobil iner, 2-bedreom 14- wBe, jv» bams, Brn V lt5r" rP ««y 8S$"*sS"S$i& £to» tax delivers this positively SSiSKy. 1 .1?- *."". *"* "T!'! 1 """ " n the ba' i of livin il lexuriou •r^auillWI It TTIVIC C monthly payments on ance. Lots, a- «1IWV> I.VI9 B mobile "horn* ftr"tHfs'uhbeii«va: biy low price. Take advantage of our Summer Clearance Sale and move right Into this beautiful u- ft&OLll JLID, 2 6 33ol:v V a a n n )ATED MOBILE I '— 3uren luren r^/jj^ I i**<w f. or*. SlfolLER SALES »<IE . V«n Buren 275-4321 Mi cooler. Carpet, 2 8DR, clean BATES TRAILER SALES 4224 E. van Buren 275-4322 , American 1-br, fully furnished I,, nice, awning and cooler. In East Thomas nea bus, etc. $149 :l. nice MwUlt park wn coai i nui hospitals, shopping, bus, can finance. 27M56t Agent. "CASE IS THE PLACE" NOW $9696 AMERICAN Rr ;12 3 Bdrm III NOW $6782 CABANA 54x12 » Bdrm Reg. $5435 NOW $4395 FLEXIBLE FINANCING OPEN EVENINGS CASE MOBILE HOMES 450) E. Van Buren J73-7117 12 HOUSE OF INTEGRITY •PRESENTS THE NEW FURNISHED DELIVERED 8, SETUP BANK FfflANCING TED WALKER Mobile Home Sales 'Inc. 4705 W. Glendale Ave. 931-0261 6707 E. Apache Trail, Mesa 964-0864 ARIZONA'S OLDEST DEALER 12 • j«» ivs.aii^t« M :k Canyon anC leadv to move .... park near Bl rsjaMr 1 - LEISURTOVING We have a number of mobile homes, located on golf course lots. Contact us for homes ready to move Into. THIRKHILL 964-8788 Tmi . "' ' ' *" ICU «-UtI.IIUII. will love this ^beautiful kitchen custom cabinets, eye-level oven dr - J? f . rl9l> molded shower, the huge closets, wood paneling (all your —,„ jr finishes and colors) & big oicture wlr j in Phoenix .whi'ch"me8ns"no"fVe'ight to pay & -do your own custom de- siunlns of floor clans with an early completion date. You buy direct from the owner, eliminating all sales commissions. Remember no other ••ompajres ! n aooearance and work- RAINBOW TRAILER SALES 1724 Grand Ave. 253-785' _ - . OPEN Sunday 1l-« CLEAN'USED 8 &'10"WfOES~ |ya[janteed. Trades & bank ffnancing RAINBOW TRAILER SALES 1724 Grand Ave. 253-7B5J BBLSyfldavJM FINAL WEEK FOR CHRISTMAS II) JULY yy On VI lib 0 Iplj) 20 Wide GENERAL J Bdrm, nylon carpet, bu It-in range (, oven, 2__door refrigerator, overhead cooling ducts, colored appliances, unfurnished , , delivered I set up DETROITER 12x60, 3 Bdrm, I'/i baths, carpeted throughout, overhead cooling ducts. 2 door refrigerator, modern furnishings. $5985 DETROITER 12 wide, 2 Bdrm, modern furnishings, colored appliances, carpeting, local delivery & set up. $4995 USED TRADE-INS FROM $795 RANCH TRAILER SALES 4330 E. VAX BUREN PHOENIX SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY FT, In adult park, easy terms. 955-1174. ..... SPAR -ow down 79-8085. 4x52 TWO bedroom, ... et, overhead ducts, d et up, $9495. Cherokee ... ales,. 9139 East Apa 46x12 NEW Freedom 'Ml 'Mn« 'Oom wi. .... typ? • slidloa w » * r ~ iome. Loyelv coffee Mr, g windows. URGE WINDOWS irpadmore 12x52, on* bedroom, front ••'-- room.,, large windows with vlng wag with storm • vvii •> i»i nv ww niuv*** draperies, house type ctoor ..... ..orm door, reverse aisle, la edroptn, cathedral beamed cell his Is an ideal unit for a moun abln with a view for only $6795 2301 ... . BDRM. .. ttflY, 4777. E HWcrest LANIER 12X65 1ST PHOENIX SHOWING ONLY $5995 REGULAR PRICE, $7695 Two baths (2 fully furni ' quean size doorway enlra. Small down, I nancing. Sun Ti< E. Buren. 27. ,„„ 2x46' TWO bedrooms, lovely front ving room, with 7',/ cellmas «nd irge liws,e-type sliding windows. MESA Factory Sales $700,000 INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE SPORTCRAFT - SPORTCRAFT Buy now for just a few dollars above wholesale. ,SAVEUPTO$900onMONTEREYS SAVE UP TO $700 on MARKS SAVE UP TQ $600 on VILLAGERS Many fIw plans in 12 & U Wides to choose from. Now is the time to save Slop's of dollars, New before have our prices been reduced so tow, Don't miss this one in a lifetime sale on mobile homes built in Arizona for Arizona living. Up to 10 year bank financing 1665 EMAIN IN MESA ZOx3FTWOBATH Sunllte double wkte front d rear fsrsssf,. "ir .*^-^-«"-«« , a roomy floor unusu * You OP 950 Always, Do Better At SAL JOPLrN"f'RAlL6RS'ALlS _W. Buckeye Rd. 252-7666 luTnfshW S^EnpMec!? 1 Harvest gold kitchen, oesioi • >ai *&i?i awn* p anned for ,. ul clous family livij with Beautifully :or. Lovely ..... and f0r ^!v,ri5V,er k J V&?&F S Jiete §y iiuxe el and furnished delivery, Li _. e-wide delive LITTLE PRI railer Sales. Club, Open evenings. . ery. L ICES. . 2160 Slrasota 5J'xl2', 2-bedroom, *3W5, $250 down plus fax delivers and small monthly payments on the balance. Choice of more than 75-other beautiful mobile homes to choose from. CONSOLIDATED MOBILE HOMES 1610 E. Van Buren 258-6071 2330 E. Van Buren 258-8321 Brand new 1970 Skyline 60'xl2', 2-bedroom. from kitchen, completely furnished, colored appliances Including double door refrigerator. $5595 full price, $375 down delivers and small monffifv payments on .the balance. Choice of many other 12' and 14' wldes to choose from in our rarge selection of quality mobile homes. ^^ MAC'S MOB ILE HOME? 2330 E. Van Buren 2584321 OPEN 'TIL 8:30 P.M. N dou W 60x12', large 1V4.. bath, Irooms, -.jble Insu and furnisni QTWV Trailer. Sale ... and rear illlng ducts. • tf . — Mlll» CGflll, V VU«.l^| iulatlon,_ nicely carpetec feClr^SiM; Vaile-r Saies, 1C 2 E l S 6b » a Cou S ^ e -lub, Mesa. Open evenings. 10x52' «OBlCE~Tionie and lot ifi ggaS^liMa reasonable 3 BEDROOM EXPANDO Pleetwood 12x64' front bedroom with Ji bath large expando with house type door, harvest gold appliances, a roomy fully furnished home for only You Always Do Better At PLIN TRAIL uckeye Rd. JO TRAILERSALES 252-7666 — ---.: m—j~.**xi™ »,**_ii. M « *.J*.~/ow SfJ^RtSfJ*!^. 0 I0xi5 ' Rollohome. Unsurpa: We Sri HAMILTON SALE" for Excellence le very best ber glass insulation thruout Va'ddi- tionar foam core Insufition underlhp Ffi r'Som .—•..» in uuwii i wwii I itw MCaitfllCU to qive .voy real economy — vear-around air cW|tlonedcomfort. ^P.V, JS' !l lJ2 ve Cl' s .beautiful kitchen with custom cabinets, eye-level over SAVE! As Is! SAVE! MUST GO THIS WEEKEND "eft*'- 8 This Is a MARK one of the top of the Jlne.constructed mobile homes, reasonable offer SALE DIRECT FACTORY SALE!! "A Few Dollars" Above Wholesale MUST REDUCE!! $750,000 STOCK SAVE HUNDREDS $$$$ NOW!!! MARK MONTEREY VILLAGER Built In Arizona For Arizona Luxury Living BUY WITH CONFIDENCE SPECIAL RATES BANK FINANCING WE HAVE 10 YR. FINANCING AVAILABLE OPEN EVENINGS & WEEKDAYS 'ill 8:30 pm Sat-Sun Till 6 pm HANSON TRAILER SALES 2439 E. Van Buren DISCOUNT FACTORY SALES 2347 E. Van Buren OFFICE TRAILERS FOR SALE OR LEASE HUAQTY ONE BEDROOM 503—Trivtl TraHtrs MlMwIlMMvt Trailer* ••W8 * (•rViCft'lk BWliMMttl JfflO%fiiSiion^5ffl ™jp®iP» :h included. Call owner, ^r w ;» p •aJuy^tWI seif"cbn 503-Tri? •« Tf iHtn 803-Tri? il Tnntn JHfkWAflttMKMtt VvkliWw* m*».*^*.**-*—^ A Mtu T«WM TRAILER HITCH SALES A R T S - S U P P L I E S CAMPER «, TRAILER HITCH6S_._INSjrAU.t=6 - WIRING ^ 506-Trtflirt i _ A MMIt* ff»m«s ti equipped Consider t r ., self-contain tlotilng, ca/p'et, tandem' _ told from new. $4495. R 14—Bicycles tales I Jenrice Aljo, Santa Fe, Golden Eagle 'You Always Do Bttttt At , 1969 SEARS, 104 cc. S"M. 94*09? — , tip out, self contained, v, ton Ford pickup. Wl/l 74282, .,-, HOLiDAT^ ..„ tandem axle, floor _„ Ing. Priced to sell. Robert Cr COr-ZMS-E- Main, Mesa 964-1478. 1969 room caras_MjTp.aimenr277 2 ,«a i . W^fe^*"***™*' lia'ler, butane stove, also fake Csed^, 'rn. 1 . 5 '«. S<-1478 - §09—Trailer* •«• •••• Rober BEAUTrFTrci^TeeTedroom Mesa !"* paths ne """ lovely park THe,a,l new Golden Nu^t frorrM7 ftEAUTIPULl TKree" Bedroom, with MM. !'/J baths .nearly^new twelve wide. It 'e with brakes tch fuTfy seirconfained'. I "pflced e to i self lobTsouth Robert Crist * Co. 2025 E. Mai *" Mesa 964-1478. fropm trailers, $20.80 weekly . „.. , ^.^;h 19th Avenue, 2M-9168. Main 3330 North 27ttrAvenu"e, Space~28 FBE'D?60M73340 East Thomas, I MO R D O! LK ON 1970 GLENDALE MOBILE HOMES 4801 W. Glendale Ave. NEWTOIRISTOCW Lo-Liner. Gas ret. $1645 . BROWN TRAILER SALES 909W.JainJesa 969-3912 MARLY.- "riew.. .travel f^TTW 197 70 lf-c travel tVa 22- see at ,502 .... .1' Aristocrat travel trailer self-contained, used three weeks, tremendous buy . -.-..».—-%, ****T* 'vr-vr^i, 1969 DELUXE: 22' Classic Coachman Travel Trailer, with •• spare tire iots ° Main in 1 A 3* CARDINAL. $75b. 2815 WeTt'Luke Avenue. . FORCED to sell. to 12 wi ; "com'p°le'?elv"Utf 5 h . advc "I"' Tr » i ¥ r ' Park,"P" 0 ., completely self 286, Sedona. Arliona. • 2«2-993« ...LITTLE 'PR^ES^ 'ti&XfGK /[•ailer Sales. 2160 North Country CJubjLjMesa^^Open_eyenjng^. BARGER'S SPECIALS 1970 SHASTA 27' duo-t ditioner, ce once. $4500. uo-herm air ne ' enter bafh ' lwln beds/ air con 1968 AVION 25' twin beds, awning stereo. TV antenna, water purifier carpeted. Cost over $8000; only FRANKLIN 27' duo-therm air condi- !'?"*:• «"»<? bath, twin beds, front BARGER TRAILER SALES *5?7_Grand_Aye. V34-078' COVERED" utility trailer~wittripirei condmon - 3I1S ALJO 23.', Twin beds, tandem axle, excellent for that mountain cabin. $1995. Robert Crist & Co 202J tain, Mesa 964-1478. ' 18' SELF-contained Fireball, 15 Excellent condifon, extras, $1800. 947-9759. DUNET tires o.m. 'BUGGY trailer, 5x12, new full lights, $475. 264-1834 after 6 TRAILER SALE . north V< 1970 Open Road 21' travel trailer Fully self-contained, sleeps 6, toilet, shower, bathtub ^ye level range RENT Tandem axle. Sculptured fiberglass iguljr' $4295 1970 Open Road 17.'/i lee-ps-6," toileS 'fiSwSrVTiitf'gS eyel range. Tandem axle, sculptured fiberglass exterior. Rock Guard awn- nqs. ffr&e^oad 17-/ s ,rave^i eS - ?695 «c,«uf,y lf c C a°rSl1ed ed Regular $3195. Sale $2795 GENERAL GMT JM-9074 i?66 ProwliH^oot, very attractive! 9*" 1 WJPt ' P»v like rent. ' ».l. by own V e?: ReM^ow^n-E^erms. /Vonderful year around climate. For "PUBLIC NOTICE" , rng. x. on F.reewav, of Cor Buy at "nlbice 1 '' &t a plu^ lf a i t? a 'Sr '£». eTen.Ss P T, S T?L tE ' he oE'fe °uW ?ep - 0 - n -«oPer.v-a... t. TLE PRICES. Arl7ni Sales, Mesa. AUO SALE Buy by Kensklll, but at price. a reduce MICHIGAN TRAILER SALES "-Grand_Aye. e-no'Ke'ff^'fi —«v,—j—I—— -r~ — -•- -w.^ jivMviir aim luilfwi FORESTER 20 deluxe tandem com- ward them out. iletely self - contained, other extras. Prices and terms. : x c• e 11 e n t condition. «,675, take A U G US TJ N E, smaller trailer In trade. 1546 West Creek Rd; Tel: 942- 16-T025" SELF-CONT. d STANDARD „ JM^lWWjl M0 , 2201 Buckeve R """"""m red 965 ARISTOCRA W'. se f-contairw rondftlnlng. 10049 ' At rER'SALES l iTilW. frave . , refrigerated air North 25th Place. FREE " COMPLETE HITCH PKG. EVERY rfKENSKILL „„ This wi •'.YouAKvaj m t. only Better A" RSALJIk ^iS|«r s .' trailer; S H. Sctsdl turn nffcriri^^ *** > """ cn * > *^ 771 RMV CAD I CC^TUill DCMT ^ & e l l i,« n ,s?±r'*?8Si»'jai!! 0 » Il i«' „.W*U» ™w PT -*W/ , »J& fRATClT . '•"* equipment, 1 r^. awnlrig \uii W:ti 2R%S tatJB - s<rTtt> i tonfjtnent Maeite Htmes Wanted Oiler model I or W wide, hav SSL . ^S.' ftw immediately, h &* & » .eble to move in by have all birt Aug SOB I L| Rome park owner wishes to guv falters, con pay good prices. Do not have to *•••• '— 2 -— -< - r - -- session. 962-0798 WATTTtraverfr paWwiintV'oWer' h owner ' WI " pav 8 & 10 ,,, ^fe .. YOU HAVE « OIL/ rrcunn ua rhunderbird 275-3321, 969->542 iJa-^' ft^at^- nm»A'» -'-^»- * i""M—y TJ TWW WBIVT NBVUt fTOOK* •* *Q « U jrlde Don Chapman Mobile flomajb m0b "" horn * . with swimming pool $119.50. See George at 3301 East Van puren. 1970 rent, . Grand ve, Glen 937-2791. Brand Ave, Glen 937-2791. YELLOWSTONE eight wide. Lovely $9.95 month. See Dick, 3301 Eas . Van Buren, NEAR EflSt rtnmore, »ou. dUiTaDIG Pne--Clean,_utllltIeseald i j!53 1 S516. 8x40, one bedroom, $85 monfhly. 27,8 AVAILABLE now for~reht, sale or lease option. 12x55 two bedroom mo- ble home, also available Augus 1 " 21sf, new 12x60. Children accepted Trailer Park. 992-4432 trallerrideaTfor CLEAN modern 21' ,, single person. 275-8742. NEWvacatJon trailer. 277-8645 • • — «• • M-MMi>wi iiaiivi* «rr"ov^<* FOR rent. Trailer and cabana In 512—Mobile Home & Trailer Spaces Rent er Sell DOUBLE wTBE'spaces for obile Home .New. Catallna Mob,, c num. rare. 1001 N. 43KI Ave. 272-2712 NEW adult park wth moderrfaelll ties hi a choice location. 7300 N 51 s» Ave. Palm Shadows t>M-130B Kf»«- fc ..^t^ >«^.rr ^^^ "OPENING SOO CANYON VILLA anvon fc Cactus Black Canyon *& Ca SSy?a-alL»'!i514 t _ %e For infer TRAILER^CORRAL" - 4040 Wes yan_Buren. " Main ^-^ilo**' 9 "' 5 =..]n"_b"e¥ullfo.l Sedonai one — in H«.«WIII wi ^cwilGif Will ihopping, adult park. Spaces 'ide for 30-s, 36's, 50's to 65's Rest Trailer Park, P 0 Box ..-dona. Arizona. • ?«?.99r- PHOENIX FINEST PARK 'BCna^WS?^ 80 " 111 " 0 Deluxe recreation facilities Close in-s minutes Chrlstown shopping 10 mln downtown Phoenix Maximum security 4400 W. MISSOURI 934-6438 LOOK!! OWN YOUR OWN LOT Only $450 Dn. Complete. Large de- TRAILER spaces for rent. Adults, no pets. 350 North 20th Street. 253-461J TIRED OF THAT CROWDED PARK? EXTRA LARG*E (I'o&lOO') LOTS In beautiful GRANADA ESTATES 1560rN. 67th Avenue Between Greenway & Bell Rd. Underground utilities After minimum dp, pmts like rent. -J?!Ag^SMr_ DEER CANYON lanned indoor , . ___ Sperry Bus to schools. Between Piner Valley Rd. on W. 22230 N. Black Can nacle Peak & Deer SWeof freewa Larae lots. City sewer & underground ul; (ties. New adult subdivision. Valley lips a9 Sd $S - d ? wn '..? 3 - B -°° -".fJ.--* 1 ^ 61 to mile. , . N. Mesa Drive, the 969-5439 or 969-0169 "" SILVERBELL TRAILER PARK 810 E.' Meadowbrook. Two 12x60 spaces available. BLUE SKY PARK New Adu!t N r*arlf'com'|etefacill- tles.,5 Star. Inquire at Glenda e Mobile Hhomes, 4W1 W. Glendale MOBILE HOME LOTS Jnderground utll-excel. water. lo!f(_flshinB. riding. f, fi Ph ordes Junction on i on property, all times. iS, A-rlzona-StaTe-TraTler SPRING VALLEY ESTATES . Normjoontry Ch.b Dr., p^ox^^Mayer. Ar.z^t^^, J ^ CAI C ??? dn i,P*" ^r °*'!.'ni6!'S.. h ome le - - nuw ur-EN — Calalina meoue Buy the best at drastically reduced Home Park. 1001 N. 43rd Avenue. "MICHIGAN TRAILER SAIES jg&r"^* » 2165 Apache Blvd., Temae 966-S42/ I fiTC f(VO Cil C ROADLINER Si\LE ~ ."B-561J property and"forget' board them out. MOBILE RANCHOS mproved lots «,,« «»- illy for ranch type llv- Iv restricted for lasting In Mobile Ranchos you these fully Improved lots are de- ilgned especially " E ' ng yet sensibly leautv. Here Ir. .... can have your hori :iarendon. JWNER sacrifice, 29* t Aristocrat 17' WESTERNER, Mhp electric Mer- C C ci, a |ln i Q C '94fr l 3t'M NUlPPWl ' rtlrl9ef * ttd 5r rV tl49S 271-'W?*"'' *"**"" '""' ritv l and --.. •-, Mini' sq ft, TURF MOBILE ESTATES ^"Ar^mrt Including city sewers, mum lot size 6/000 Terms available. 19TH AVE & GREENWAY Salesman on property 10 till dark smff'teiKwSfiBi NOBLE & LEE OF SCOOTS teteHiS W, «U -•««." M2 -» Golf & Country Club FAIRWAY SPACES FOR RENT Ln* VgTSLi!'•" "' •"•••'• • ?r«f v&w* ••»»<! »»*M ^SirTg ^VaW^tTBL'W atoTO ^'V»»«S ^«««r »_«•«•• mm^9-g}£ fvef*| *\$i teller/ &l$ctnC piare 8T.J»?* excel ' AfrtFrtTON mobile hdmTli ,..JN"TTON we are closi... t one fantss .eludes 750 Mil. i.tu t>wl and $50 w^ter ineler. (»;.h ! iVM5, lor itnu'u spoils Pint <•'•-' i T '.-•-•; ., ; i:.:.r, ( ,.r- Neme I Trailer Spaces ftent ar SOT 'South Mountain iLE HOMETOTT WHY PAY RENT 35th Ave. & Deer Valley Rd. i-H ffi «SS&83Tchild': ren & horses welcome. $4,295 and rear " ba ~ s: EJGHj6Ispeed._266-?l 16r SI 6—Motorcycles Sceaters, etc. Salet ft Servle SEARS '«OcTr¥xc"eTIeTirndT. TOM Norm 27th or P*ni* •67 305, NEW 337 engine. Scrambler or street sacrifice $295.272-9841. Ti oN|.Twister, like new. test offer. KAWASAKI, Greenstreak, 100 cc, excellent condition. Complete line of_spare parts, $425. 277-8550, after 5 1968 S90 Honda. 943-3378. KAWASAKI AUGUST SPECIALS "70" 90 CC 5 SP TRANS 10 HP 165 LBS ONE YEAR WARRANTY ALSO 350 CC BIGHORNS ARE IN STOCK NOW.. SPECIAL BUMPER RACKS ANY BIKE $14.95 LEE MOORE M/CYCLE SALES 7th St. & Dunlap 943-9121 HARLEY Davidson side caTs /6iniO"NT>A~Scrambler, 1<%c7exc'eT lent_condltlon. L ?67-0208. _ CLEAN Honda 250 ScramblerTNew Shicks. sorockets. chain, (r.rk hr • e e condition. Needs tune-up. $550 no_trades, u 278-3l79. _ HARLEY 74 Choppe>"and" extra ftarne._Make_offer. $45-7918. __ _ TACO 99 mini-bike, 5 horsepower good condition. Call evenings KAWASKI 90. $J5O67"-3S65: Ml N IB I Kg". JM5,_9?7~-8081: " CUSTOM frike. 1970 second~place show winner. $849. 9218 North 7th AY_eo.ue,_ HONDA OF PHOENIX 800 N. CENTRAL AVE. 2H-6161 1969 CB 450, red, 6500 miles anc clean. $650 firm. 997-8662. , perfectly, dependable. 943-7896. 2237 West Vista Avenue. WE PAY CASH!! Top money for used mini-bikes. .... Dave's Kart & Cycle Shop 4032 N. 7th St. 263-0006 _ Jawa C-Z Maico Sales & Serv. *&•?-£•[?.«• C yc Oi 7th St SPORTSTER, full custom, sHow chopper. All chrome, new engine twJsied_sprjnggr.Jt13SO. 272-9841. 'JO YAMAHA 360i many extras Days, 265-9761. After 5279-6636 1970 Honda SL 350. $725. 265-7761 90cc Enduro. 125cc Enduro. 250CC Enduro. 250 MX. 360cc Enduro. 360cc MX. IN STOCK NOW BSA-YAMAHA WEST 278-6093 7TH JUST ARRIVED 100 CC MOTO-SPORT 175 CC MOTO-SPORT SUNNYSLOPE HONDA DUNLAP ALSO M SUNE C 943-5342 FREIGHT DAMAGE SALE b l an ^ n £ w Y»mahai damaged in ment. Our oss s v.iur aain Also S to| Yamahas 360 MX Models now in SbUTHWES^MOTORCYCLE 979^11 a ir, ... P"*" *" > tKursdavs 654 W. Camelbacfc, injatK. A work inropr ACCESSORIES & CYCLEV UNLIMITED NOW 2 BIG LOCATIONS ^^JB5..'«SSU'«^" <I <^^J.-^a«'am^pm e OPEN SUNDAY ,vJ lm B«tt ck R e d s$12 2f3.,,6, "DUCATTI Scrambl •r,"' •'««>>VIN«I*I— i *jf CAV.CIICIII *,w»i" lltton, new cylinder, pistons, rings. '69 HONDA. CB350, runs excellent, rack, back rest, new battery, $560. "1% _R 6 horse 1.1231 North best offer 1»70- HONDA CB4M. disc trake. 580 •nlles, .perfect condition. $950 firm. 1968 TRIUMPH, T100R, full dress, care — complete owners log. Immaculate. Seriously Interested see at 035 East Lemon ..#11. Best ofl UTS, See"afi I7th AVi T «~RWERS.TD;E condition, wf HTMPOMW SUZUKI HOOAKA TRI-CITY MOTORCYCLES Grand Ave., Glendale 934-9631 pache Blvdy Tempe 967-7681 HONDA 160, excellent condl i. 4626 North 15th S. treat. USED BiKE SALT '" '•maha. 'R-6 GYT .DTI-B SOUTHWEST MarORCYCLE ..tfl» Thursdays 'ears old. Sale JSfj-iaaJLJflfc,,..,^.,^ ..„ ,y^. CHOPPED 650 Triumph, basket :|se. '65 BSA engine and part;"955- KAWASAKI ButliA'tiackef )?5c<! "crpii '6? Rivtft,idi'. 575n dirt! _ SeoMers, tie. Min 1 Se.-vce TWIT "HOND'A" "tU4JBr7mma--, ' j '«7 Glenn ' " 3 - j3<i - . NEW Honda 90-SL trail'.' Excellent cpnrf.'Non. 272^0564. •67 NORTON 750CC. $750. 985-2419 De- rween_6-7 p.m. ffONDA "305 dream-wrecked. $250. 340 Enduro. ]COO miles With large rack. $825. 271-0109. JUST ARRIVED LARGE SHIPMENT oM 8 * COLORS ™ Good Selection of Used Bikes CAMELBACK HONDA Sales, Service, Parts, Accessories f Sid "fo flt"tarrvlng case. 25" long; L 3 u w , icl f.' W J"s h - r ' 07 Eiif lnd ian School, Meal's Engine Ser/ice. 1969 SUZUKI 120, J325. 2331 Cast Osborn. APACHE HONDA KAWASAKI 272-4695 4217 W. Indian School 74 PRAME._Jrlke frame, Tri Ch D- per .frame, Trike rearend, 74 wheels, Glide's misc. parts. 272-9841. 1970 HONDA SL-100," 300 miles, ~ex- CPl]ent condition. $375 or best offer. f976~ HGNDA^Tran 70. Excellent cbn- dltion. 9<2-666S. _ '70 HONT3A 350cc ScramblefT $150, assume balance. 969-0902. KAWASAKI!!! AUGUST USED BIKES SELL-A-BRATION r '70 KAW 250 cc Gr CZ 250 cc KAW, 250 cc Enduro 250 cc Enduro itreak Itreak III S100 $345 $295 S295 S550 $550 S545 WS695 WS720 $775 Iff'ftOdRE M/CYCLE SALES 7th St. & Dunlap 943-9121 llf K< * A,W A:sTi'in7~A7S5r $550. ^wU'llwF" 15 ' exce ' renT " c "°" a]T '0"'. 1970 HONDA motosport 100776 miles on bike. $425. Must sell. 3022 North 17th Avenue. 1970 Honda STTlsS; T970 Suzuki TP "' Camelback, ^^MAHA^I 263-9619: - HONDA 50r"Sell or ira"dr~f"c- saddle^Kellev, 948-1000. 1966 SUZUKI, "2SOcc,""traTrsprbcKr7r. ;ot«) Eondition, $230. 2205 West Glen- ruSor f.r"'f \ 63. NORTON-DDCATI MOTO GUZZI St. 265-7977 B . m ; $77s - . , ,. tr:ide - Manzanifa" Tt. bike, 1969 Bultaco frame, 1965 500 £C Triumph ensine, lO'/z pistons, H&C.PT cams, dual 30 MM carbs, aluminum clutch plates, oversized 268-o!o8 Imposed head. H62JpA~minMr"aii"."937-80"50". •--- 'ff TRIUMPH Chopoer. for "sale or trade for oickup. Corner of Scoval S_treetand_PrJr 1 ces.s Road, Tempe. '70 HUSQVARMA 250CC Endurb7"S"£ PSLbuy. _$595.J65_-566?._ DESERT or track f9"7b~"Yama'Ka gSO^AX^witAgil kit. $700. 276-5217. 1969 CL450 Honda, K"-2 model. "$875. V 67-5 551^ _ EXCELLENT '68~R"wnacvcle7Tfiree speed trail street, $150 or best offer. "~~~ 22nd St. 305 Scrambler~S25o; 1968 160 H6NDA, like new."27T76267~ '48 TRIUMPH, 50 cc twin. chronTe rinid frame, 964-2644, 1869 West 6lh Slreet.JAestL HONDA 305 Scrambler, '68, S400. 1969 Y A M A H~A 80, near new. 272~l 588. 1968 HONDA 350. Excellent condi- •tlon. 992-2401 WESTERN HONDA HOME OF DATONA WINNER Come out and take the keys to the Honda 750, Complete trail lineup & the NEW Trail 70 H. 4 speed, positive clutch. HOT SUMMER SPEC'LS '67 Honda 90 Honda CL 72 Mohave 250 Honda CB 160 49QIE. McDowell $225 $395 $225 $345 947-4237 _ HONDA WORK: REASONABLE --__. TRAIL Gote, new engine, heeds~ minor repair, call between 4-7 pm, 948- yjoy, __ _ ____ MINI TraiT ~50rexcelTe"nrcondfflb"n", 948-6869 between 4-7 f>m, S S '£S"E R ffi 5 " Jr?' "l"Wk"eir*i 7'reac h or $300 both. 2011 North 24th Place. 1968 - Honda 160 Dream 1969 -^Honda 300 Dream "" " -- • • -253-2722 COMPLETELY rebuilt 350 HoridaTn- includes instal- BSA, reconditioned, chrome. 948- ^—.. .-T-.-W*../ i»M . »»aiu. YAMAHA 250 twin, runs~¥o6dr$"200. 258-4144. __ _ S U Z U Kl X^6 1968 250cc~Street Scrambler. Low mileage, excellent. Best offer over $300. 951 West 9th Place. 969-8902. 1969" HONDA" Trail 90, good ceindi- ,.j._ '68 YAMAHA 50, engine overhauled. 1969 - 175 CKL Honda Scrambler with car carrier and helmet. Must sell this week, $450. 936-1748. 1968 RUPP TTT500, 5~horsepowe"r: two speed. Good condition. $150 or trade for small block Chevy engine. ~ONDA _„ "50 ScTambler-brand lew, 394 miles. Must sell. $185, 1"970~YAMAHA 17T~Enduro. B"uddv sheet and pegs, 450 miles. $400. 949 Manhattr^ '68 HONDA 160, bored out 210, racing cam and seat,-rebuilt engine, excjtlle.nt_condiiion.^92-1227, HONDA 50, excellenftondiflon. $175 or best pffer J _936-5363. 1970 JHpNDA~750^"4" Wlxorri Faring. pegs, 450 . Jenjpe. _______ <AI 250 Savage with Gvt NOTICE .......... BYRON BOA2 ^as looked at the Qood bikes, ridden the better a<. now races the best-Malco C-Z. DAVE'S KART & CYCLE 4932-Ni 7th_51. _ 263-0006 1970 HONDA 350 Scrambler wltlTe'x- YAMAHA 250. SWTnflesTTiKe 33 ynust sell, assume balance. 1969 TRAIL-biko, like new with ex- .S",|jon chamber and extras. BSA Go'ditar, 5(»cc, street or dc. wfrl, yooo (ondiilun. vti Si04 '..IIVIh(|Kf h .:.,. i;,.,, { ,:,., v ! .

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