Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 7, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1961
Page 5
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Friday, July 7, 1961 H U b b 1 * K , M Q F f. , AH KANSAS fit* CARNIVAL By Dick Turtle* f LASH GORDON Food and Drink Answer to Prtviou* 6 BesseftS 7 fUd vegetables 8 Sprinkled 9 Aclor Udd servings ACROSS 1 Popular beverage 5 Kind of roast 8 Corn porridge 12 Great Lake 19 Vefy (F . rJ J3 Playing card 21 Pilfer • 14 Entreaty 23 Harvest 15 Part 25 Breakfast 16 Golf device favorites 17 Rave 26 Not one 18 Concerning 27 Tight '20 Leaves ashore 28 Prosecutes 22 Go astray 30 Mislaid 43 Table scrap 51 Gaelic 45 Anele ' 52 First man 24 Chinese sauce 31 curved molding 47 Florida resort 54 Entrance 25 Dinner courses 32 Noxious plant city '55 Needle casa 29 Under 35 Regulations 49 Roman date 5G Vocalized • 38 Began SO Cleopatra's 59 Immersion 33 Portuguese colony 34 Biblical name 36 Venetian official 37 African, antelopes 39 Vegetables 41 Bishop's jurisdiction 42 Fight 44 Perspired 46 Limn 48 Oriental coin \ 49 Indolence 53 Styles 57 SOU 58 Augment 60 Jot 61 Otherwise 62 French month 63 Part of speech •. 64 Poppy roll , 65 Mischievous , child 66 Tidy , DOWN , 1 Plateau , 2 Metal 3 Citrus fruit ' 4 Sharper 5 Cheese eater TIZZY 40 Appear sauce IT) )»«( ly \TA. Inf.- T.M, R«^. U.S. Pit. Off.' - WE'RE BUS/ RltSHT NOW THANK CRUSHING THIS PART OF YOU, THE GALAXY.' WE REAUV / fl AS) I.' SPARE A pteer you... DON'T txsnioy us THE YOUR TERRIBLE KRUNCHIf RAN&HS Wif'fP OUT THE THE By . IT n\M NOW/ WE Wll 1. 615 HAW ro HAVE NCTH/N6 TO DO / AMBASSADOR WITH YOU . AGAIN ALLEY OOP IT WAS LIKE LOOKING WHAT A \ IMTO THE FUTURE REMARKABLE > INSTEAD OF BACK TIME-CAST / TEN-MltO-ION YEARS THAT WAS.' By V. T. Hamlir THE .MOON PEOPLE HAD A VEHY ADVANCED CULTURE IN THOSE LAST PAYS OF THEIR DYING WORLD... ...feUf OF (BOURSE WE KNEW THAT,/" fiAAHf ACQUAINTED / \VHAT A THOROUGHLY 7 RIGHT.' WE'RE NA5TV INDIVIDUAL.. I WELL RID - . ....,„.- . i AND BRILLIANT TO V OF HIM/ AS we WERE ^ CHARACTER!/THH POINT OF "" STUPIPITY/ "Talk about old-fashioned—Janie's parents still think an album is something you keep snapshots in!" CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turnei NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. By Kate Osann SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer <n isci by N«. T.M. R"K- U.S. 1' WOW VOU CAN RM5E\BLftlES! 50WE- NO ALAPM TILL WE'RE/ONE'S POUNPIWiS OUT Of THE AREA!^ ON THE PROMT POOEJ THE MOTOR RUNNIW<3- GROAMS IM5I06'. ICA5CARA5! SOMCONE HURT iWi PA6A? ,T IS Tim MATTER? BLONDIE By Chic Young '• (YOU BUNGLED THIS - REPORT AGAIN-VOU CAN BE. REPLACED BY MACHINE, VOU KNOVJ ) A i MR, DITHERS/ VOU CAN NEVER REPLACE A -Y MAN WITH A ) MACHINE r A MACHINE )•''•{ VOU'RE ''' HAS NO • (, RIGHT-- f i I-IADN'T v. TIIOUGI IT T Ol" TMAT "Your cold wave is going to melt fast in this heat wave!" Well, you TOLD me to clean up my room!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Biosscr SIDE GLANCES By Galbroirh WWOAf WMOA.YOU 7-7 AS THE HORSE GETS PACK/ I'VE GOTFA CHABSE FOP, EVERV .rg . MINUTE HE'S OUT/ SLIPPERf SADDLE STABLES NO/HE SPENT ALL DAY I VISITIN' HIS MOTHER !\ OUT OM THE O'PBLL. RANCH / ) »• • V ! - y NEA, li«. T.M. Reg. U.S. P«. off. MORTY MEEKLE __'_ / V/BLU, ie THE I BALL GAME O/£ V ALREADY? HOW ^t PIP you PO? "If the young man should get tired of waiting, you might show him in, Miss Fawcett!" By Dick Covalli By Al Vcrmcc» HEY! YOU'RE v ~ x SUP POSED TO WALK ,ON THE OUTSIDE! HOW COME THE MAN ALWAYS MAS TO WALK ON THE OUTSIDE? o SHORT RIBS By Frank O'NcaF 7-7 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople I HIT A HOME RUN THAT -SETA NEW ALL-TIME KeCOKO. IT BROKE THE BIGGB5T <3TORE WINPOW THAT EVER C5OT BROiEN ON GLEN WOOD AVENUE". Diai THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE / THATSTH BI6SEST [ STRAIN OF BEIW TH 1 I HEAP OFAWYTHIKIG/ \ TH' OMES WHO CAW'T / OET ALOW& WITHOUT I VOU ARE TOO QUICK I WITH TH' PULMOTOR \ AM' TH' OWES WHO / CAN'T GET ALOWG \ WITH YOU ARE TOO \ QUICK WITH THE STRETCHER.' YEH--ANPIF THEY WAS AS QUICK WITH THEIR WORK, THEY WOULPW'T THE CAT AWP MICE THIS BUSINESS, AND 01*1 ANOTHERj OCCASIOM VJl-lEM XTRIED TO MAKKlET GRAPEFRUIT NOS& SLASSES «dlT(A VJlUDSWeUD'. ATTACHED, ARC- TMEIvto BLI tf CAReeR-^^HENlceFoRTHXy ^AllLL STICK "TO MV LABORATC5EY /4Mo PgfJ/X AM A -MAM OF . .. S'REAOVTO CALHTAFLOp* HOW ABOUT 60IN6 FISHING TOMOKKOW? By Wilson Scruggs BUGS BUNNY WHO WAS THAT Jpl A WOMAN ABOARtVSTOWAWAV, MYBOATTWS (MK.HAKFE!?. AFT6KNOCM? WAWT UEK OPF THE ISLMID... ...ALOWS WITH THAT OTHE WOMAH5TAVIMSATTH6 MOTEL.' NOT600P, SIRE! BOSCO IS SC HMM...I GOT A COSTUME I'LL RENT VA THAT MIGHT HELP... 5TEP INSIPE ! THIS OUTFIT WILL MAKE MORE < WORK PER YOU, BUT IT'S BETTER'N MAKINI' NO DOUGH AT ALL I 6ETTIN' RESULTS ALREAPV!

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