The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 27, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 3
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FMDAT JULY 17, 1»34 THE P AfttS NTWS, Bridge Supper Honors Miss Honoring Miss Evelyn Tancey, whose marriage to Howard Addi- sott Walker of Dallas will take place Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. Mrs. J: W. Abels. Jr.. entertained •with a. supper and bridge Thursday evening at the home of her grandmother. Mrs. E. S. Crowley. JTO Clarksville street. Mixed gar, den flower* were used in the decorations of the rooms where the guests were entertained. The high score bridge award ^ras won by Mrs. James Sheffield and a kitchen shower was presented to the honoree. ' The guests were the Misseff Christine Goolsby. Georgia 13. Mayse. Ix»uie Fleming. Louise Beatie; Martha Bridges and her house guest, Miriam Walker of Muskogee. Ok!a.. Adele Pollard. Mary Elizabeth Simpson. Mrs. Morris Sheffield, Mrs. James Sheffield. Mrs. Edffar Earl Hooker. Mrs. Jack Welch. Mrs. Albert King. Mrs, Paul Crawford, Mrs. Carl Haley, the honoree and her mother. Mrs. Yancey. the hostess* mother. Mrs. R. C. Bridges, and Mrs, E. S. Crowley. Birthday Party Given For Child At Fauaiht James Click. Jr., of Faught celebrated his eighth birthday anniversary Saturday with a party at his home, the afternoon beins spent !n playing games. A pink, "birthday cake with eight pink candles was cut and served with punch. - Mrs. J. A, Click was assisted by limes. Will Reece, J. H. Casey and KIrklaud in entertaining. Those present were Ella Mae and Josephine Click of Medill, Mildred Rodgers. Joyce Kirkland. Imosene and Jeanette Casey. O. C- Holconrb, Odis Kirkland. Gwendolyn Click. Cecil Casey or.d the honoree. DRUG STORE FIRE AT BONHAM FRIDAY of *a,««e to BONHAM.—Fir* of undetermined origin caused damage estimated at 92000 to the Palace - I>ruc store here eariy Friday morning. The loss is said to be covered by insurance. Starting in the second story of the building, the blaze soon spread downstairs. The fire department was able to confine the fire to the one building. J. B. Birdwell, owner of the store is. with his wife, on a vacation trip to Chicago and other cities. At The Plaza < rt «*—- Snrebest TTHOI*E 100% WHEAT A BTealth Bread Made By Southwest Baking Co. E- C- Gantt, Manaeer C- J. Musselman, of Uxe Plaza. Theatre, expressed the hope this mornins that the public would not confuse the picture "'Here. Comes the Xavy," showing ar the Plaxa Saturday. Sunday and Monday, with some of the semi- cews-reel pictures that have o«en shown covering the activities of the- army and navy. This picture is a romantic comedy with a. naval setting, starring Warner Bro:/- ers best actors; James Cagney. GJoria Stuart and Pat O'Brien, all of whom need no introduction to theatre-goers of Paris. Chief among the comedians is Frank McHugh. he of the fanny laugh, who wins more laurels as he plays the para of a gob who Is always helpful, though some of his stunts prove rather unnsuaX for Instance; when he has the words and music of a song tattooed on his body so that a near-sighted singer may not expose her weakness. Three thousand railors, and the entire United States fleet, took part in the production of this picture, with the full approval of the secretary of the navy, that the picture might be authentic in every naval detail, and the locale ot the st*ry is on the battleship Arizona. '•Here Comes the Xavy" has been pronounced by the critics as something unusual in super-pictures a production that is entirely authentic as to locale and detail, yet onf. in which *.tory and action are {not subordinated to realistic pro} diction. Flashes Of Life By KELX* BOYS BEWARE KEY WEST, Fla.— This isn't Utopia. Just Key We*t living under the FERA. An ordinance has been passed, effective September 1, prohibiting tipping in the dty. TAKEN AT HIS, WORD XORWAJLK, Conn. — Addison Austin left a terse note" for lii» employes in the supply room: "Remove these radios and clocks." Someone saw it before the em- ployes did. Gone are the .radios and clocks. So, too. is $200 from the till. LEAVES OOPS AIX. WET BO6TOX.— Someone's robbing the police. _ I>eputy Chief Jame* McDevitt says the various station houses will get noifc more clean towels until 733 soiled ones have been returned to the shower rooms. TEXAS GOLFERS ARE STOPPED BY FOUCE E»" Route to Plate* Slow Them PITTSBURGH, (/F) — So desirous is California. 4>f ad.dias the free- links col* championship to lt» other athletic laurels that the eunny state, has sent 28 representatives to the National public links tourney opening in Pittsburgh Monday, Sail Antonio, Tesc^ came dose to not having representation Haibert Crtimhle», Ijanier Lindsay and- Lorraine Young. en route from the lone scar state, were stopped in Little Rock and St. Ixmis because officers, seeing the Texas license plates on their machines, suspected them, of being three outlaws who escaped from the- Huntsville State penitentiary! But the three niblick-wielders cleared themselves and continued each time, arriving Thursday. Pittsburgh WEDDING THURSDAY AT HONEY GROVE JORTX1C FOR MAX ASGD CAR ENGLEWOOD. K. J.—Samuel Wides* tavern gradually la turning from a -saloon into an oil well. Oil began seeping through the floor "and Wides, curious, drove a- pipe. It produced a flow of refined petroleum which Wides and his friends are using in their automobiles. The experts are puzzled. At The Grand j City policemen and deputy sher- i Iffs of Sarasota, Fla.. competed in. | a. shooting match and the police| men won by breaking 4S out of 100 targets while the deputies hit 36. think 4JV *%. A neaping bowl of 'crisp, crmichy KeHog^s Corn Makes and cool milk. "Wliat a breakfast treat these sultry davs! 4&ffiriL ?°. R .~ Some most unusual inventions of modern science were used in the filming of CTnlversal's newest serial "The Vanishing Shadow." a chapter drama at the Grand Theatre Friday and Saturday, The chapter-play features a vanishing belt, which gives the pic- rare its title. and the device makes the person wearing it invisible. In addition to this there are other mysterious devices such as "Destroying Pistols." reducing anything with which they c<vne in contact to a mere nothingness, These contraptions are but two of the many used in the making ! of the. picture. j Every"-contrivance seen in the j twelve thrilling chapters is actual• ty based on scientific investigation I being made today. Along vvith the many scientific inventions used, there are thrills or actual danger in the fast mov- iijg drama. Onslow Stevens, cast ia the leading role, drives an automobile through the very center ot an explosion, crashes into the ocean in a disabled plane, and otherwise risks his life throughout the picture. Miss lace jumps from the cockpit of the plane, floating to earth supported -hy * parachute. A postcard received from Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilson stated that they woulfl be gone several days longer- We're glad they're havi-jjc 5U<-h a gt?od trip, and we're glad of the op- cortunity of show-iag t-betn how we can work for busJness wftiie they're goa-*. JUet us fill year grocery needs tills week. Phone 846—847 For Free Delivery SALT 25Lbs. 25c Shortening, 4 Ibs, 35c; 8 Ibs. 65c POST TOASTIES, large 10c POSTBRAM lOc Schilling TEA 1-4 Lb. 18c SALMON 2 Cans 23c CRACKERS 2 Lb. Box 19c Schilling COFFEE.. 3 Lbs, .63c FLY SPRAY I^J^r Qt.25c ECONOMY SOAP SALE CRYSTAL WHITE The Million Bdbbles So*p PALMOLIVE Snxnc- Si«c S«TTW; Qnality 3 FOR I4c Sterling Health Soap 2 for 9c Palmolive Beads ^: 10c Borax, Sea Foam R< * GIANT BARS 5 FOR — MARKEl SPECIALS— Cheese, Lb, 18c Steak, 3 Ibs. 25c Sliced Bacon .... Pomd 21c Mix Sausage .... Pomd ..... 5c RALPH WILSON GROCERY We*t Skk HOXET GROVE-— TV. B_ Haygood and Miss Janice Wood were marrie<j Thursday afternoon, at 2 o'clock at the Isome '/I the bride's parents. 31r. and Mrs. Jack Wood, the Rev, T. J. Waits, pastor of the The regtzlax Boy Scout Court ot Honor was held Thursday night atv the Chamber ot Commerce. Jiai Caviness, Jr./ wa* awarded the First Class badge and. George Blackburn, Jr., wa* awarded mix Merit Badges. The Rev. I>r. F. I*. "Wear presided at the Court ot Honor, Others present were Major J. M. Caviness, Scoutmaster W. J. -Williaiu- son and Scout Edward Smith of I>al»as. Short talks were made by each of the men present. Troop Seven will have a regular meeting Friday night, Assistant Scoutmaster H. A. Davis in charge. Troop Four -will have at. meeting a week. from. Friday night, Scoutmaster L. C. Haley in. charge. Troop .Five is remodeling their meeting place, under the direction of Assistant Scoutmaster Carter Anderson, Jr. CAVINESS REPORTS SHORT CROP OF HAY CAVIXESS. — Hay baling is just about over here. The crop is considerably shorter than last year. The water situation will be acute here if it does not rain soon. The Baptist chcrcli viiivi<4t~.n£. v *+ ljt 1 n-,- a immediate relatives attended. The °"" couple left immediately afterward for a wedding trip to Tellowstorxe park. The bride -was born at Windom, and has spent ail her life near here, attending the North Texas thermometer registered 104 de- State Teachers college at Denton. Mr. Haygrood came here several years .ago from Lufkin to be manager of the Perry Bros. store, where his bride has also been employed. He formerly engaged in teaching school. UNITY CHURCH HAS REVTV r AL MEETING "CXITT. — One of the best reV vivals in years is in progress is ere at the Baptist church, the Hev. J. H. "Vaughan of Forest Hill preaching. Xine conversions been made arid five persons have joined the ch.x;rch _wiil be baptizec Sunday afternoon a± 3 o'clock in tne poo! at tile K.ev. J. W. Miliigan's place here. Mr. and MTS. Ed '^Vatson and Clarence Foster and'fazn'Bv of Direct attended services here Saturday night and a number of people from Globe -were at the Sunday services- Douglas Garrison of Direct Is spending the -week here -with. J. E. Garrison. EMBERSON LOCAL ISEWS OF EVTEREST ROXTON PERSONAL AINT> LOCAL ITEMS 3 ROXTON. — yLv, and Mrs, Z, Z. Maness have received word that rc. — As the drouth, continues, most people here' are hailing drinking water. Stock water is also getting scarce. Farmers Rev. X. C. "Walters of Powderly preacned at the Baptist church Scnday morning and e their son» Br, Hollls ilaness -s»rho ^rs- Bob Sickens has beea> ia the United States j home here, Maririev hospital ia New Orleans • is ill at her iave begun to cut and shock their corn as that is their only chance of saving it for feed- rmrrell Williams, little son of Mr. arrd Mrs. A~ !^- Williams who was kicked by a mule last week is getting along welL Miss Evelyn Grain of Paris is spending a few days with, her cousin. Miss Clydus Little. Kdgar Lattle was in Temple this week. Hiram Brawley with his sister and aunt, has returned to Abilene after a few days visit with his sister, Mrs. Edgar McEwin, A larg* crowd heard the candidate speak at tiie roundup here last week. The Rev. T.. E. Shackelford of Ciucota filled his regular appointment at the-Metiiodist church here Sunday. The Hex-. J. "W- Bectanan of Paris is ejected to fill the pulpit Sunday. A large crowd attended the cance Tuesday aigrht at Elgia Watkins' home. EL .BETHEL SINGING IS WELL ATTENDED EL BETHEL. — Singing last Sunday was attended by a large crowd, congregational singing of old-time hymns being featured. The Rev. Clarence Deakins of How-land, the Metfeodlst pastor here, will begin a revival meeting July ao. Miss Matilese "Wooldridge has returned from a vacation trip to Oklahoma. : Sari Castleberry, Jr^ is attending the vacation. Bible school at First Methodist <*faurch in Paris. The small son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Keith who suffered loss of a finger while in the hay meadow Monday is getting along welL The small son. of 3fr. and Mrs. D. H. Guillot who cut his head while playing last week is doing welL Several stitches were required to close the wound. BIARDSTOWN LOCALS AND PERSONAL NEWS BlAltr>STOWX. — A large crowd attended the graveyard •working at Friendship, a I^T nf work being done and picnic lunch was spread at noon. Albert Williams, ill a mouth with typhoid fever, is reported critically ilL A. A- Walker who has beea seriously ill is reported better. Mrs, Robert McKinney has returned from Commerce where she attended summer school at the teachers college. W. ^EL Kins who is under treatment is reported improving. Ervin Green's baby is reported Mrs. Lucille Phillips and baby of Fort Worth visited Mrs. l>e Smith and family here. Mrs- Xiucile Spain, .secretary to Congressman Wright Patman. now in Texarkana. spent last week here visiting the Skidrnores. Lois Alice Proctor of Dallas, whose parents Mr. and Mrs- George Proctor spent Sunday here remained for a loager visit with Mr. and Mrs^ Harry Pickering. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Parker and baby of Minter have moved here to the farm of Tom Stone, Mrs. Parker** father, to be with Mrs. Stone who has been confine* to eral months. They will til Mr. Parker's school Dr. J. M. Hunt At first Baptist Chwek Jn the abseace of T>r. *W1 ML Wright, the pulpit at; tfc* First Baptist church. Sunday will b« «e- cupied by Dr.'J. M. Hunt of 1CU- leen, brother of Dr, T .EL Hu*C I He- will preaf JL at both tfe* inorm- ing and evening services- Suffer Dollar STAYS IN TEXAS WHEN YOU BUY REV. J. "W- MULLIGAN AT MAXEY SATURDAY T;. — Rev. J. W. Milligan Baptist minister closed a revival meeting at Vernon Tuesday and will preach, here Saturday night and Sunday. Measurement of cotton acreage under the government reduction plan was begun here Monday. Masey ball players won a. game from Pleasant Hill last Saturday and lost to Chicota Straday, A game with Riverby has been ar- rarisred here Saturday. j Sam Gose narrowly escaped, ser- 1 ious injury "PTednesday when his | team ran away and he was pain- j fully braised and shaken Tip. , Mrs. John Xorvell spent several years has aeen transferred ^- eek ia !> allas to TValter Iteed hospital in Wash- iagton, I>i C- Mrs. 3. A. -Warren has returned from a., visit in Dallas. Misses Jeanette and Nelrna. Rowton of Memphis, Tesiu, visited Mr, and Mrs, F. C. Shiprnan here this week. Miss Helen Bladworth has returned from a visit with her sister. .Mrs. John Wood in San Marcos. Mr. aad Mrs. John Holding and Mrs. W. W. Maness visited in Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hunter and Tilford Morgan hav e returned a fishing trip to Idab-el, Okla. with her broth- | er. Dr, ireonard Snoiarden, Roy Weeks is improving- after an appendicitis operation. Jack Eddie Dodson is visiting fa Texarkana, x The condition of ilrs. I-ela Pet- : erson who has been, ill some time remains about the same. -~ T . w ^ie while working on windmilL " his foot Honey Grove Residents Attend Family Reunion HONET GROTS, — OXr. s^a Mrs, J. 3. Peterson, Mrs. Flora Cochran, E. B. Peterson and fam- T:y of Honey Grove. Mrs. F. W. w -.^^ w ^ ^.», ™^- • C °° k a " d children of L.<?ngvlew JUMPS TO DEATH sp«>t several days in Strtrad. Ok., at a family reunion at the home DELLINGER AIDE CHICAGO, UP). —Brought to the office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for questioning in connection with the !>Hl»nger case, James Probasco. 67, a. West Side i resident, committed suicide Thurs- ' day by jumping from a 19th floor window to the alley below. S. P. Cowley, in charge of the bureau in the absence of MeJvia H. Purvfs, safd the government had been informed that It was in Probasco's home at 2509 North Crawford avenue that EHllInger had his face Hfting operation performed. Agents had gone to Probasco's hom» Thursday morning and he accompanied them without objections. Cow-fry said, Cowley said Homer Van Meter, ace machine gunner for the J>il- linger gang, also hi.d a face lifting operation performed at the Probasco home. Ke staid th* physician who performed the operations had not vet been taken, but that the government agents were after him. of John Peterson, all the children eing present- Ora, I^ee and Austin Wasn and '""'r families of Dallas spent the erd at the home of Frsffi here aud MSss Aadie VTar.n returned "with thprr: for a visit. ! want to take this means of thanking our many customers for ""the splendid patron- a-e iven the Smith and in this business. I have sold my interest in the business to my former partner W. Ben Smith, but in his behalf I «*ant to solicit your patronage, for which he v>-ill be highly ap- .preciative and worthy. Sincerely, Joe Hillhouse Shields Faces Attstm In Davis Cup Opener TX>NT>OX T (jip). — The draw In Davis Cup play to b^jrin Saturday b*fwc«-n th» Un!te<l Statos and Bnplaud Friday placed Fr»nk ShJelds against Henry (Bunny) Austin tn tho first match und Sidney B. "Wood ayaliwt Fred Ferry, English ace. In the second match, In doubles at "Wimbledon Monday Oeorjre lx>tt and L«»trr Sto«f- fen of America will vnett T*«rry and Georif* Patrick Huich<fs. Tucrs- day's first match a««s Shields bat- tic Ferry. FEATURING DELICIOUS COOKED MEATS IA Our Market For Satorday AH Kinds Fresh Meats at The Ixnifxjsx 3E*rices ATTKNTIOX! VOTKR5 OF s « MtECtXCT >'0. 1 I <ifcra«tly «o»ctt your support for J«s^4i* of th* Peace. If elected I can *nd will iftv* the people SKRVICR.t* th« very best of my ability; I thank you. CHARI.KS PARROTT, Cand t<**t« f or J uatlce of A* Prtcinct J*o. 1, Lamar Co. —1TOME BAKEI> —WOT BARBKCtHE KOIit- —ROAST l*\>rB LKGS ^POKK HAM KOAST —BROWN GRAVY —AXT> MANY OTHJER -»GOOI>IES" SATURDAY SPECIALS— POST TOASTIES Siw For 25c POST BRAN FLAKES, Pkg.,10c NORMANDY =3^ 23c BRIGHT & EARLY TEA C 14c HALES PWDEpv^r - 10c 5 ox. Jar LUX TOILET SOAP 3 r 21c lor A Photo of Your Favorite MoTic Star t'KKK SMITH & HILLHOUSE GWVTERY ^H btreetm . MARKET SUOAK IN IMPERIAL-MARKED PACKAGES 100% PURE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL ^T^Slh O** *tf ^ «=^ "«i •*• 1 ^ ^ra<-^ } -&-^5^^ W* iV .-c^ -»*k £5* ^-S^S 1 ^ *&&&*~ I TJ**^V^~ ~,***^ k „,** " ,T«? ^ _^SV DIRECT FROM 8 at. (2GALLON) 1*5^ ^V-^ >t^^ **•? „ #* ^' .+<*&**' n 0 ^ —• '5> a i^ 8c Tax CUT.--! YOUR ^ OIL BILL IN HALF* (Total tost 15 l-8c per qt., Including Tax) GREEN CABBAGE Ib. HEAD LETTUCE JUICY LIMES CALIF. GRAPES Each Doz. Thompson 4c CHUM SALMON L-LB. CANS . . 25c STANDARD QUALITY GREEN BEANS 3 No. 2 Cans .. LARGE NAVY BEANS 4 Lbs ....... 19c Harvest Blossom FLOUR Lb. S»ck.. APPLE BUTTER MACARONI MUSTARD COCOANUT OYSTERS 3S-Oz. Jar In BnBc French'* 6-Or. Jar 19c 2Lbs,19C 9c Lb. 19C 9c MEDIUM SIZE PRUNES 3 Lbs. 25c Jello Ice Cream POWDER 3Pkgs.. . .25c Home Style Salad DRESSING, Pt, 19c Airway COFFEE Lb. 19c Van Camp PORK & BEANS, 3 cans 17c NUCOA OLEO ... „. Lb 14c SCOTTISSUE ... ...... 3 Rolls ... 23c Minute TAPIOCA . . Reg. Pkg. ... 13c POST BRAN FLAKES' re*, pkg. . lOc Libby's Sli. Pineapple, No. 2% can 20c Wnite King SOAP . 24-or. Pk^. .. 19c Lb. 18c %J U....8c Lb. 20c Lb...15c U. Full Cream CHEESE SEVEN ROAST BACON STEAK BOLOGNA Sliced Right Good Loin and Roond BflFEUJflY STORES

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