The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 11
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TUESDAY mmmm 25.1924 THE /HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE ELEVEN. Good Things for Thursday's Table *- *> TIMELY TIPS FROM * THE GROCER'S GOSSIP * The housowlfo' when shopping should not forgot that Thanks- living Day like Christmas, means BO supper but a doBlra to "piece" in the evening sens sure to have •oma hits or "goodies" ready, Fruit I* one thing which appeals •Iter a heavy meal. This year It Is reasonable. Red grapes tram California at 11 lo 15c a pound. The Delicious apples at 6c each. Lovely red Jonathans and Golden Crimea apples at 10 and 12V& a pound. Luscious navel orange* at 32 to SOo a dozen. Orape fruit, at fie tt» 15o each. Pomegranates at 10c »ach. Pears nt 5 0c a pound. Hat anas at 1214c a pound or 2fi aim Be a dozen. HUM MOO' "Every little bit helps" ia uu mil Jaylug and there Is so much to do In preparing that appetising ThankBglviog dinner but Mr. Woa- *er of the Weaver & Son. Grocery l>t 407 Sooth Plum suggests that they will bo glad to eliminate gome of that work by offering a cranberry sauce that is already prepared, strained and sweetened at 28c for a number '£ can. Candy Is a holiday offering never turned down. A five pound box nil dressed up In holiday wrappings was shown the Shopper at J. S. Dillon (k Sons at $1.65 and another ot the bitter chocolate coating nt W.3D. serve for no matter, how full one seems, the setting around the table vlBltlng anil recalling other Thanks- glvlngs, makes cracking nuts a pleasant feature. At the Poplar Street Grocery, 318 North Poplar, you will find some real good home made pumpkin pies at 25c each. The Evorett Grocery are offering many specials for tomorrow, Head lettuce at 18c a pound, jumbo .celery at 15c and bananas at 23c and 35c a dozen. apple cheese Just In at $1.25 also Borne of the imported Rocquefort cheese, liked by many. Then of the commoner variety, tho New York full cream at 50c, the long honr at 40c, the craft cheeses at 50 and 60c a pound. The offering of the dales and figs this yes."* make one wish to Indulge. Tho huge umbrella figs. Imported from Smyrna come at uu nnd 60o a pound. Stuffed monster dates at 00 and 75c a pound. "Stuffed monster dates at 60 and 75c n pound, nnd the plain dates at 15c n pound. The Moeser & Son Grocery at B and Cleveland have for some Thanksgiving specials fancy veal steaks nt 20c per pound, fancy Jumbo celery nt 15c per bunch and 6 pounds fancy yellow sweet potatoes nt 23c. The new ctop of nuts have arrived, some a little higher than last year, especially the soft sUell diamond English walnuts, which this Don't forget the cheese which Is a necessary adjunct for your pis. Tho Glenwood has some fino pine- Did you ever stop^to thlm, i,f buying some of tho finest strawberry Jam at 5 pounds for IV .J5 when It costs 45c per pound when bought ID Jan? The Alford Grocery at 500 East 4th are selling this jam In large quantities at these prices. They are also selling 2 pound! of aeedle«s raisins for 20c. The nuts are on tho market now and make a ntco finishing item to IUKIS WMIAT SjMiTSHi»ir' * mXATTVl TOO© (UADVJO *** ALFORD GROCERY AND MARKET 500 East Fourth Celery Cranberries Leaf and Head Lettuce Cauliflower Grapes, Apples Oranges " Bananas Parsley Poultry Beef Pork WE DELIVER Phone 17 80 FAIR FOOD PRICES!!! 14 lbs. Pure Cane Sugar for $1 .00 On Orders for $5.00 or Over Groceries 'or Meats Other Than Flour. 48-lb. sack Guaranteed High Patent flour $1.80 The Bread Made'From Thla Flour Took 1st Prize at State Fair, Crackers, Fresh From the Oven, lb 09c Cannot Continue This Price Long As It Is Below Cost of Production. Potatoes (Russetts or Brown Beauties) Sack Lots, bu 90c Two lbs. Bulk Dates for..;. .,.,.25c Cranberries, per lb , —... 15c Celery (Large Size) Bunch.,„. ... 15c Peanuts (Fresh Roasted or Salted) lb..... 15c Full Quart Jar Strained Honey ..,.,.,.490 Bulk Macaroni (Shell or Cut) lb... ... 10c 25c Can Red Pitted Cherries. .15c Early June Peas and Sugar Corn, 2 Cans 25c 5-lb. Box Marshmallows for.. $1.00 Oranges, Doz. 15c Phone 2293, 2748, 909, 200 and Get Your Goods Delivered Free of Charge Dillon Mercantile Co. Groceries and Meats C. O. MAMMEL, General Manager. No. 1—318 N. Main. No. 2—Corner B and Main. No. 4—12 S. Main. No. 3—600 S. Main MB year retail at 37 and '40c a pound. Brazil nuts arc 18c, filberts Mc, Mnnchurlnn BnglisJi walnuts, 21c and In the almonds the drakes are tc and the soft shelled nuts Ilftc: a pound. Plenty of the Yukon corn menl ot tho new crop Is to b» seen at all the stores, this Is mlchty [rood musli weather. •Call Yellow Cab for new rates. 25-lt Use the Shop-O-Seope—use your head, not your feet ami nuiko this tho merriest Xmna over, tt Thanksgiving Bill. At Arbor. Holaday's Six. 25-lt SALT CREEK XIr. and Mrs. House spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Crowl. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Horrln and Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Rlckxecker and sons called at tho Paul Klsmrngar home Sunday ovenlnsr. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Zimmerman and daughter Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. R. Farthing and family and Miss Amy Armstrong motored to LyonB Sunday and were guests at the Rnlanil Armstrong home. A. 3. RlcksnrkPr's had as th '-ir KUPSts last week Mr. nnd Mr-. Frank Krnber and son Clpnn 'if Hutchinson and Mr. Otto Krabcr of Oklahoma. The Snlt Creek club met. wpii Mrs. A. H. Rlcksi/cker Thursiiiy afternoon. Mrs. I. W. Hen-en and Mrs. Perry Herren visited Salt Creek school Wednesday afternoon. everybody way day bran flakes Finer Texture and Larger Volume In your bakings Same Price over 33y* ar * 25 Ounce. t lllions of Pounds Bought by the Government. —A NICE TURKEY ! ALL And have us dress a nice, fat, juicy Turkey, Duck or Goose ion you—just the size you want—or if you prefer a live one you may get it. DRESSED ONES LIVE ONES 627 SOUTH MAIN Sunflower Produce Co. Phone 2522 Maupin & Maupin 627 South Main Perfect pancakes every Urn Good pancakes one morning; poor ones the next. Be done with such disappointments, wasted materials and work, Just add water or milk to Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour, mix and bake—your pancakes «J'gg jt| tOUTO, turn out right every time. Light, tender pancakes with that old-time Southern flavor. Try It I AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE FLOUR Honey!" Phone 171 Ocean Bay Cranberry Sauce—Sweetened and Strained—28 cts. Fresh Oyster.*, Tomatoes, Head Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, Turnips, Parsnips. Parsley, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Mffngos, Carrots, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Celery, Grape Fruits, Etc. GRAPES 13 cts. CRANBERRIES IS cts. CORRECT COUNT HONEST MEASURE TRUE WEIGHT Weaver & Son We Deliver 207 South Plum Rain or Shine Mak* thto tart of the •agar jren harm Spread a little of tt on card. board, under artificial light ot In good natural light. Lay beside It a itrlp of the whitest writing paper you have. Now look carefully at the sugar to see, In that com* pardon. If you can detect the •light yellowish shad* lorn* sugar has— a certain indication of Impurities in the sugar. Next, with the rip of a finger, spread the sugar thinly on the cardboard and examine II carefully for evenness of grain. The grains should be of uniform sitei if several grain* cling together in a ball, it is probable that the sugar was not thoroughly cleansed of the Juices or impurities. 1 This test—any test—will ptove the purity and dependability of Great Western Sugar. The process of refining Is so thorough, the Inspections and safeguards are so complete, that only sugar of the highest purity is put on the market. After any test your choice will b« Great Western Sugor. Test this Sugar for yourself Examine closely a handful of any granulated sugar. It* appearance is the one simple test of its purity. The naked eye can distinguish, under a good light, three characteristics of sugar that determine quite accurately iu quality. Color ... luster... uniformity of grain .. .those three characteristics are all-important to the housewife. The whiter the sugar, the purer it I*. Purity is the one sugar essential! Luster ... sparkling whiteness ... and uniformity of grain are natural characteristic* of quality •ugar. They denote the utmost care In refinmg. They distinguish good sugar from "just sugar." Sugar of sparkling whiteness and uniform grain It the kind of sugar a housewife takes pride in teeing in her sugar bowl . . . the best sugar she can buy. • * • You may be surprised at the difference you find in • comparison of the sugar you are using add Great Western Sugar. Here i • the simple test: Spread a little of each sugar on pieces of cardboard. Under artificial light, or in good natural light, compare thern first for color and luster. A difference in the shade of white will be noticeable—a difference in purity! Next, with the tip of a finger spread the sugar thinly on the cardboard for a comparison of the uniformity of grain. Note in some sugars the variety of tlies, from coarsest to finest. Observe in some sugars how several grains cling to each other to make one large, coarse grain—held together, no doubt, by a little of the juice which should have been washed off in refining. * • * The careful observer In this test will detect a vast difference between some sugars and Great Western Sugar. [n comparison, Great Western Sugar is sparkling white, the best indication a housewife can have of Its utmost purity. The grains are uniform in size, and do not have that coarseness to which so many womerr naturally object. The crystals have been thorouglv ly washed of all juices, so that in any such test the grains are found to be individual units—not masses bound together by impurities. There is a reason! The quality of Great Western Sugar is under exacting control bpur by hour during production. Constant tests arc made In well equipped laboratories; experts keep watch inccssantlyover every part of the production. At final inspection, any sugarJail- ino to meet the highest standard of color and uniformity known in the industry is rejected. • * * Your grocer sells Great Western Sugar. Ask for it by name. The Great Western Sugar Company Sugar Building Denver, Colorado festem Mar Recipe* for new, appetizing desserts tot winter menus are available in Volume U of the Sugar Bowl Series, "Seventy-five Delicious Desserts," by Mrs. Ida Bailey Allen. Send for your copy of this recipe book today.

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