Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 14, 1942 · Page 5
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 5

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1942
Page 5
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MORNtNG AVALANCHF Texas, Safrurdoy, March 14, 1942 Dial 4343Tor_Th e Avofanche-Journof X Sates, £nl*_ tat, &tqaiitsaaiii ft • -J; Classified Advertising Of The &at«*. Rulu and RcQi-.trearaU fit Classified Advertising Of Th» Lubbock Evening Journal Lubbock Morning Avalanche Sunday Avalanche-Journal All classified advertising vUl appeal U> both the Mora.vng and Afternoon papers. both papers counting one luertion. All classified advertising is printed in the Lubbock Av.lancbe Urn ana the Daily Journal of tne catne dtle, no classified or'cmnttr.z ID the afternoon * paper. raassified for S.&aays issue w)U appet? in the Avalanche-Journal COQ&US& ere ' Insertion is the paper U snnt to all subscribers of hath th* afternoon a&o •uorcing pcpers. EFFECTIVE .IA.NT3AK- IS, IOW AVALASCHE-JODR.VAL , Combined Rates 10 Word Miziinxui*; 1 dty, per ward _ «c 'J days, per word - ^ , 6c J days, per word . --.... be i days, per word - - - -- IOC 7 days, per word _ 12c fhese rates for consecutive Insertion onl7. MJ oat-of-trum ads received by mail mUi-t be cash a-ith order, Kg exception, "NO REFUND" on :id -toDced &iter tt hat appeared !n paper. DIAL iSU Our experienced ad taker via receive your ad tad help you to word it then oar collector Trill call the/ following d»y rHESE ACCOUNTS ABE "ACCOMMODATION ACCOUNTS" FOR OTJB PATRONS AND FOB ONE DAY ONLY, ffo advertisements accepted on an "until forbid" order. A cpeclfled number of Insertions ranst be given. We reserve the right to place an advertisement under the proper classification aad reject onetean or objectionablt copy. Obituaries ana c&ras ol rfr«^ri ax regular classified advertising rates. rh» publishers are not responsible for copj onissions. typographical errors cr any unintentional error that may occur fur:her thujj to correct it neat Issue after II 1- brooefct to their attention. All advertising order, are accented on thti basis oaly. rh» Avalanche-Journal r«n not Be respon- ilbla for more than one incorrect insertion of a classified ad. Advertisers KhouM check their ads oa first day of publication and faunedlalejy notify the Classified Department tt any mistakes occur. Classified Adve«ti.ln» accepted until 8:00 p. SL. oa «»c«: day? and Saturdays. For classified display advertising information— B1AL 431S TO DlSCONTCfTJE AH AD Notice to Discontinue an Ad must be given after S a. m. and before t p. m. to iosn» member of the Classified Advertisement Department. We cannot be responsible for notica si-reis before or after thest hour*, and to members of sorse other deparrmeat. Notice To The Public Tti* Avalanche-Journal Is a member •! Association of Newspaper Classified 4345 THE RESULT NUMBER" To Buy, Sell, Trade O r tS>» AdTertislng iJantgers, -whicb. taolndej le&c!- Kewtpspers throughout the country h« a* iU aim th» ellralnatloo ol aca* «l»lead!ive Classified Ad- Announcements I-—Lodges and Societies Lodge No. Ml *- P.. and A. M. Stated communications the Pint Friday night each month. JOHN H. PORT/WOOD, W. M. HUGH 3. UcCLELLAS Secretary. 2-^-F!oral and Nursery VIGORO "*" f r*t t» '' piun '/'one/ Pertillie your yard row rttn Vlgoro for the best remits. No -weed seeds, no foul odors—easy to epply. CO5IPABE OUE PRICES AXD QTJALITT . . TOTJ CAVT BEAT THEM Kica NandMiiu crt UP from JVC Pfltzer-Junipers from Leif Jrom Nice Fruit Trees, 5Qc each or Strawberry Plant*. Best Everbearing, 1W for _ 49c TIP .$5.00 DOZ $2.50 Many other Items on lala tot listed. TEXAS FLORAL CO. - Lubbock's Leading Florisi and Nurseryman 2107 21st St. Dial 8561 WHITESIDE NURSERY Be« us for select nursery stoci tncluding and fruit trees, ehrnbs, eTergreens iiud 30 TBileties of roses. FBZE LAJfDSCAPE AND DELIVEBI SERVICE Kortlj o£ Tech College on tattlefleld T ''Highway. BAKER BROS. NURSERY Complete stock Ask us for complete PLANTING GUIDE 2 mi. oa Slaton Highway Dial 4521 Large Stocfc of Smooth, straight CHINESE ElMS »nd other shade trees- RED BUD: Blooming six* SOc to Sl.50 smaller sizes 15o and •op. !. Erergreeas. no-serins Shmos. BalbJ, .±i.-.. St-a--bejTles. KERSHNER NURSERY • Yt ML E. of Ave. H OD Blaton High-say TMF30VED. bonegroTTO. eTerbearirg. Gea L. Vf. .WUllariscn. Ronte 6, Lubbock. Teias. Tyler Roses Complete Itns of nursery stock. Prices yea can afford to pay. Cotne by »nd raake your selections. . Hub Nursery "• •- - - K215-lStb St. 3- : —Lost and Found IX>3T: Pair of boy's glasses in 2300 Kock IJth street, D!^) 2-18W. 4—Personal Notices MADAME CORLENE HEADER Consult me today about your love, marriage er business problems. Palm readinzs zed phrenology analysis. Near business dis- trlci Readings 50c and up. 1115 Ave. L Dial llAt»A^t LE,\ADA tere for few days. 1912- IS-Ji. Dial 7557. Ashrologist and Psychologist advire en business, love, mirri-fc Special Readings SOc Boars: 1» ». n. to * p. m.. S70 Alt, J, Ap»r(mc^t B POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The Avalanche-Journal Publishing Company has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens as Candidates for office subject to the action of the Democratic Voters at their Primary Election on Saturday. JuJy 25, 1942 FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 119th District Hop Halsey FOR CHIEF JUSTICE, Court of Civil Appeals (7th Dist Amarilio) E. C Nelson oi Potter County FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY 72nd Judicial District Burton S Burks. Re-Election) FOR DISTRICT COURTS CLERK Royal Furgeson, (Re-Election) FOR SHERIFF Tom Abel, (Re-Election) FOR TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR H. B Bryan, (Re-Election} FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Ralph Brock (re-election 2nd term) FOR COUNTY SCHOOL SUPT, Roy Boyd Claude L. Hale, (Re-Election 2nd Term) FOR COUNTY CLERK Ed D Allen, (Re-Election) R, L. Hooten FOR COUNTY JUDGE G V. Pardue, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTY TREASURER Winnie Roberts Coleman (Reelection, 2nd term) FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 G K. Horton, (Re-Election 2nd Term) Barrett Penney PRECINCT 2 Ben Mansker, (Re-Election) C, Z. Fine PRECINCT 3 Edgar E. Gray, (Re-Election 2nd Term) T. L Holt Ottis Isom PRECINCT 4 . Newton Stokes, (Re-Election 2nd Term) V. J. Farris M. J. Barton FOR JUSTICE OF PE\CE PRECINCT 1, PLACE 1 Walter Davies PRECINCT 1, PLACE 2 D. W. Robertson J. T. Inmon, (re-electioni FOR CONSTABLE PRECINCT NO 1 T. E. (Chief) May CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Subject to the action of the City of Lubbocfc Voters in the Election on April 7, 1942. FOR MAYOR Carl E. Slaton, Re-Election FOR COMMISSIONER Place 1 W. B. (Bill) Price, Re-Election Place 3 Hub Jones, Re-Election Announcements 4—PersonaJ Notices Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors IUBBOCK IRON & METAL CO. .VEW— STEEL —USED Windows. Stairways. Angles. Channel* ' Bearo» " ATe - H Caprock Lumber Co. 13th St and Ave. Q Dial 5553 HARDWARE DEPARTMENT 50 /eet 3-ply c _ _ Q garden boss ^J.7O Heavy garden rakes ~ Light Sjadinz forts Sprinklers 3 qt. Pyrei double toilers Pyres sauce Pyrei . 98c $4.98 $1.20 $1.45 $2.95 $2.25 90c STEEL Ornamental iron ol »H ttniU. Porch r»n» -nd 1»_T» fences. Wlr« work ch-ln link fences. LURBOCK STEB. WORKS in Ave_ c DI*1 87SI ROUGH tnn-.ber cntap. Wholesale, retail. Jackson Brothers siwci'.il, Ocate. Kew Mexico via Wagon Ifonad. 5—Business Services Public Stenographer EXPERIENCED ine tax reurss made and r.otariied 612 Jtyrlth Bldf. Dial 5S82 . Tex. Res. 9560 INCOME TAX SERVICE Eas:n?js nrd TST Records For All Tyres of Bar.ncss Personal Tai Reports Made. Minrj-tltnrT Co. Inc- ED. H. BAKFR G. H. CR.UG Associates Rosni CC2 Lu'ooocfc National Bids Phone 2-1152 FOR INCOME TAX SERVICE —See— JOHN L. VACGHAX, PoWic accoanlant No Boo'-cs to Sell. Tax Service Instead 1106-A Texas A-ce. Tel. 6011 op-rciN-.u. svcrnisii MASSAGE For RhctiniJit-.jra. F^u?. Liver Kidney. Nervousness. Scientifically ad^inistereS. DR. o. rKEnr.RirK BCRRTS nial :-3,-jr cr 553* OFF THE RECORD By Ed Reed PERFUME / .U*J. --/,•.%! TnXiB ^ xts*. Employment I3-C—Salesmen Wanted "We can't get any more of this, madame, so please exhale or I'll have to charge you for it." Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors BOWMAN LUMBER COMPANY 619 13lh DIAL S718 S. P. A. GRADE MARKED (KILN DRIED COMBER) 1x6 No. 3 rough fencing, per hundred 1x8 yellow pine ehiplap. per hundred and 2iS. good No. J, per hundred 111? YP boxing, dry and bright, per hundred 1x12 sheeting boards. per hundred BULL PEN $4.50 $3.75 $3.50 $4,50 $3.75 Lumher: All kinds pick It out. per hundred POULTRY HETTIHG 13 Inch-2-20. 150 It. roll _ 18 lnch-2-20. 150 ft. roll _ 24 inch-2-20, 150 ft. roll _ 36 Inch -2-10. 150 ft. roll . 48 lnch-2-20 150 ft. roll _ 60 lnch-2-20, 150 ft. roll i_ $1.35 $1,95 $2.35 $2.95 $3.85 $4.65 STUCCO NETTING WIRE 13 lncia-1-20, 150 ft. roll 18 lach-1-20, 150 ft. roll 24 inch-1-20. 150 ft. roll 35 inch-1-20, 150 ft. roll ' 48 lnch-!-20. 150 ft. roll Oriental Stucco. per sack Cement, per sack y*-lnch fir -Billboard. Der square Poultry and Rahbit Fenc» 48 in-S-17. 150 ft. roll 60 lnch-4-17, 150 ft. roll 43 Inch-6-HVi. 10 rod roll hog wire, per roll $2.35 $3.40 $425 $6.25 $7.45 $1,90 69c $4.50 $4.95 $5.75 S6.85 BOWMAN LUMBER CO. JTonr Frleno3r Lumber Dealer 6—Beauty Parlors BON TON BEAUTY SHOP 2009-Hth Permznents with latest style feather hair shaping. *«j en only : •?*•,3V and Tjp DAH, 8031 SPKING PEBMANEST SPECIALS [S.50 permanent «*o Crt WATEL BEAUTT SHOP 1009-15th St.' Dial 6172 BALBERT'S BEAUT- SHOP Corner Stb and Ave. M Dial 3-3-52 12.00 Sanders olJ ___^____ Sl.nn 13.08 permanent ______________ ji.BO •5.00 permanent _ f?jw Plain shampoo «nd «et sso 8—Business For Sale IS50.00 MONEY till bay local cafe. Grosi Ir.rome $8.000.00. Dockray. .'2401. ROCERY store, filling station, and living quarters. Dlnl 2-2357. "OH SALE: Retail dairy, only on- In South Plains town, do'.n? sood business. Reason for selling, falling health. Box 38 A-J, Avalanche. STOCK of groceries *nd fixtures for *ale. xtcated _t Fanner community, Ri!is, Star u£«. A. R. Lee. CAFE FOR sale or lease, fully equipped with or without living quarters and hull. 1007 Are. G. FOR SALE STEAM I-^Tj^^)RT Good business, part cash, some trade. s«e owner— JETHRO KUSH I^erelland, Tens 1ROCERY ana raarict. Sell stocfc «nd t:x- ures, le.i«« bciiding. good business Ben Mousi.r. Spade. Texas. WELL equipped bcanty shop fo.- sale. Write Box 33. Avalanche-Journal. for j.te cheap. Good reason for qD:clt;y. 218 Ave. H. Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors GEO. W. GRAY LUMBER CO, CASH & CARRY No Charge Sales No Deliveries $3,00 $3.75 .90 $1.10 $135 $2,00 $1.50 $1.75 Doors 5-paneI. any size Red Fence (4-ft.) 50-foot roll 35-lb. Roll Roofing 45-lb. Roll Roofing 55-lb Roll Roofing 90-lb. Roll Roofing, slate surfaced 100-lb Sack Asphalt Asphalt Felt Per Roll V4-iQ. Gypsum Board %-in Gypsum Board . ._ V2-in Gypsum Board : V_-in Liner Board Above prices subject to stock now on hand and subject to change without notice $3*50 $2.50 4th & College Texas & 23rd 10 —Tailors, Hatters, Laundries Finest Quality Cleaning SUITS or PLAIN DRESSES PANTS . . . Cash and Cany STIHSQN'S 1708-10 Bdwy IO-B—Professional Service PR. J. W. PHILLIPS DENTIST -37 Lubboct Het'l. Bide LOBBOCK Dial 3-3301 Employment 13—Help Wanted, Male WANTED: Experienced blacksmith at once A. £,. Thornton. Box 862, Kalou. GOOD year-round farm Job for reliable experienced farmer, zood Tr=r<. c ' iT,-i; 1007-13th. J. 5,' "- WANTED: Single shoe repairman steadr J i*,ri P <?, ^orfc Bachelor quarters furnished. Onlyl reliable eiperienced man ?^H a PP'?-. J 9«-19th. We buy ana sell good used shoes and clothing. slri T< ? , WC 1 RK '," mcn ' s clothing store. Steady ]o_. Experienced only. W.-lte Boi 35. Avalanche-Journal. 13-A—Help Wanted, Female Rc!:ab!e 'housekeeper. Have child, age 3. Apply 2214-24th. after 7 p ra WANTED: 3 waitresses and ITO cooks Limit cats. Tahoka, Texas. ,. .-3 whi*c house'ctepir, un- at>ached, to stay in the home. Call r>r. Lattlmore. 6331 or S-IE'IS. : Efric!cnt t 13-D—-Help Wanted Provisional 10—Tailors, Hatters, Laundries ANNOUNCING A new service to you. If you live clor e to £i£ A Te "' d rr° P , Tour clcanlr -B » l «03 llege Avc_ Morris plcV-np station for your convenience. AH leaning done at tne main. plant. Same courteous service as sfcown you at— Wh if worth Cl&aners 1315 Texas Ave. Dial 4562 All work guaranteed DIAJ, 4343. Let We Ad rater oelo yoo to ino cujen for ib« idln useim articles in four roart rooms, attie »n<5 «toreroom AIRCRAFT FACTORIES Need Thousands of Assembly Mechanics and Inspectors Immediately Throi;i>h government approvci! scl-.onls y o -i can cet }i>ur A. and E. licci-.M;. \Ve can qualify you in 7 a-ceSs as an assembly mechanic. iThc fhorlfsc and most deiinite rou:e so ?. troort r.ircraft job) nrEN IS To 65—WOMEN' 18 TO «. \Vc will help you tinar.ce r-our lra:n:nsr. Aviiilon has JOBS for thousands, but CAREERS for trained peop.e only. PREPARE FOR LEADERSHIP NOW SWALLOW AIRPLANE CO., Inc. Wichita, Kansas Government apptovvd aircraft and Engine M«han:c ;,-.hno:s. C. A. A. Certificate'102 Open Supr.tovs Luboccic O.'i;ce, 613 Mjrick Biri?. SALESMAN to go outside th« stute. Car not needed Big opportunity for right man. Box 3^, Avalanche-Journal. 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional OVER 7, Men and women not only trained but actu*)!}' workJnr in aircraft factories, trained and placed in ihos e positions by FRYE OFFERS 1. A safe and tounfi financial background (you know the school will be there when you finish and Is thoioughly responsible). -. A definitely approved and affiliated school. 3. Frye gives each student 3!4 hours training including 58 seperate basic projects which cover* S2f. of the total construction of an aircraft. i. Largest free and exclusive service and placement bureau of any Texas school. 5. optional finance arrangements I. We furnish room nnd board {optional), transportation, 2 tailor made uniforms, all tools and text books. 1. No positive set rules, we try to meet jour needs. 3. TEEMS AS LOW AS $M.OO down and no payments until 33 days after you finish school. 6. Frye invites your thorough investigation through Natl. Better Business Bureaus, Local Chamber of Commerces, Thousands of former Frye students tsumenous Banks. Blue Book Aviation Schools, Natl. published magazines as Alrlanes and any authentic recognized sources. 7. Finest factory trained Instructors In the business. 8. Day and night courses. 9. Special attention and training to -si-omen 10. Many other important advantages exclusive with Frye Schools EWARE!!!! Of all Aircraft Training schools until you . B r' e x « y invej "s at «i their placement record, financial responsibility, stability type of instructors, whether they are an-' proved and accepted by the industrv POST1VELY do not pay in any _To_«y until you are completely satisfied as to the above. "Ait any Frye Student" JACK N. McCRARY ,-„, Consulting Officer FR1E AIRCRAFT CO. OF DALLAS An Approved School i.ubbDck Office 1020 Broadway Dial 8301 SKILLED workers in 'greatest demand today. are WELDERS for alrcrait and ship yards and other national defense plants. My system will prepare you In a few weeks. Dial 8165 at night or see me at 504-Broadway. MAST WELDING SCHOOL. Financial D6—City tmd Farm Loans For Your Own Defense Build m K«m« W« Will rtcinc. Read & Bondnranf CompleJ* "umr«nc« ud Loan Svrvte* 1210 Are. J DUAL 7456 16-B—Money To Loan NEED MONEY FOR INCOME TAX AUTO TAGS? Let us solve your money worries with a fast—convenient personal loan. PEOPLES FINANCE CO. 4th Floor Myrick Bidg. Dia! 4971 Money To Loan Diamonds, watches, guns, radios, typewriters or anything of value, LICENSED' AND BONDED PAWNBROKERS GEM LOAN & JEWELRY 1203 Broadsray Dial 87S! Aero-Craffs Insfilule 1400-1402 Ave. J WILL OPEN MONDAY MARCH 16fh For regular Day and Night Classes Train In Lubbock Now Men 18 to 55 Women 18 to 40 MODERN EQUIPMENT . . . AMPLE FLOOR SPACE Individual Instruction, individual att«n- '!v°> « 0lS ' UI J lfora » "no" textbooks furn- .shed. Surprisingly low cost, part tuition a^raf^ffc^ry" 317 '"" "***"«* "> The Aero-Crafts Institute As efficient in .ils field as any training course now offered io the public. pur Instruction staff include, factory- mc'cnanlc-s 6°vcrnment-lfcen«d aircraft The time required is from + to 6 w-eks dependmj upon :he abiiity of the individual but in no case Till he b« allowed to capablt BURNS, CHIEF REGISTRAR Dial 2-9173 Open Week Days and Sunday Until 9 P. M. WE ENCOURAGE THE FULLEST INVESTIGATION Aero -Crafts institute 1400-02 Are. J Lubbock, Texas MnoeUted with Hoojton Aeronautical Trade Schnot, Hoaston, Tei. xnd Haile FIi SerTlcc, Anstin, Tex.) Financial *6—City and Farm Loans F.H.A. loans to Improve your farm and T rate Insurance company loans. 20 and 25 years to pay. Briley & Jay Rcom sat. Cocley Bid?. P. O. Bo* 331. Dial 5411 tOANS , 03 to mate yoar fana and loan at a low rate of Intel est it sce u We - can ' S o.n also refinance your present loan at a ,owcr ra!e or interest. GREEN BROS. Lubbock Hotel Bid*. D | a) 72 j 3 CITY, FARM OR RANCH LOANS A '.. ri 1 aric:al corr «Ponaent for the Con~e.;cut mtuuai life Insurance coracsnr 1 *o prepared to mate TOO • loir, aii . nee low fnterest rate. tF rt JS * GOOD LOAN .1 CAN MAKE IT CLAUDE B. HURIBUT omens Nan Bant Bldg - Dial 8923 TO GIVE empiorment ana to 511 nent » Want Aa io the A- Joiunm !» wroallj pritctiv. SB aotti c »se» QUICK CASH FOR ALL PURPOSES FAIR FINANCE CO. 204 Leader BJdg -,- I'HH Bdwy, OVER J. .C. PENNEVS ' SMALL SECURED LOANS $10.00 to $75.00 WESTER - "Banker to the Multitude" Room 2 Upstairs, 1009^ Texas LOANS FOR AUTO TAGS $5 to S50 Immediately On Your Signature If Employed $10 to S100 On Auto or Furniture Quick Service — Fair Rates Sensible Payments See Us First PLAINS FIKAHCE AND INVESTMENT CO. 1105 Ave. L Dial 6342 Miscellaneous 17—Instruction Classes TEACHER OF POPULAR PIANO Fillers Breaks, Chords. Learn to play popular music In three months. $5.09 per month. 2208-22nd. ' vacancies business, government offices, frew condensed secretarial course prepares quickly. Drattghca's College. 18—Furniture ror Sale CUT RATE PRICES ON NEW FURNITURE Bed Springs Throw Rugs 18" x 27" Rockers 5 PC. Dinette 3 Pe. Bed Room Suite 2 PC. Living Room Suite Coffee Tables Assorted 9x12 Thermtex" Rugs Furniture Dept Upstairs W. D. WIIKINS & CO. 2209 Ave. H 'Cheapest Prices on South Plains' __._ 69c -$5.75 $14.50 $37.50 $37.50 $3.99 $10.95 WE WANT To B-,i7 Ycur Used Furniture EAST SIDE FURNITURE 1105-Avc. Dial .-3362 HIGHEST cash olcfltrs CD used foralture. Harold Oriffiih 1313-13U) Olil 3-3421 Highest Cssh Prices PAID FOR I:SEO PIA1HS FURNITURE CO. Phone 4511 Miscellaneous 18—Furniture For Sale John Spikes Eddie Sellers Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE Complete stock lurnlture. Stores, carpets. W» trade for aud bur Tout jsed furniture. 1211-13th. Dial 2-2121. . Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE NO. 2 Billy Spikes. M-r. WE WANT TO BUY OR TRADE TOUB USED FURNITURE Also & complete nock new furniture. 1214 Ave. H. Dial 6463. TOP PRICES paid tor used furaltut Bain Furniture I617-I9th Dial J-iegl Livestock 19—Livestock For Sale BRED SOWS and gilts for sale. Dial 126 12, SPRINGER Jersey cows and heifers. Good quality. T. Teal. Dial 2-9317. GILTS for sale. Phone 5151. PALOMINO horse and saddle, registered - 5 ycars old - c - KEETON PACKING CO Free removal of dead horses, cattle and hogs. Dial 6671 collect See Us For Keeton'a Western Brand Tankag-e We pay highest prices for hogs. Highest Prices Paid For Cattle — Horse Hides, Sheep Pelts, Wool, Tallow. NORTEX HIDE AND PRODUCE CO. Dia) 4*42 Szit !9tn an 0 jjmcs Pe rrs=ir» 3o HEAL. Jersey ipringer heifers. Best ot quality. 4Vi miles west of Shallowater, Farmer;.! Come and get your Dick. WOODY FARMS 19-A—Poultry & Supplies 150 WHITE Leghorn hens for sale. Dial 3317. WANTED: 25 'good laying leghorns 2609- 24th. Dial 6139. ENGLISH LEGHORN FARM Boo* your order for baby chicks oacted oy 3 years ol Improved breeding from trap- nest strajn. All foundation stock has come from 2 to 7 yr. old hens headed by R o P. males. Flocts blood-tested for B. W D Baby chicks hatched In new all-electric 5?rtS? °* s and 8 ua ranteed to live. Austra- Whltes on Tuesday and Leghorn-; on Friday at reasonable prices. SIRS. VANCE'S ILVTCIIERT Shallo^ater, Texas POULTRY tt-AXTED No. 1 Fryers. l*i to 2V t Ibs • ->^ No. 1 Heavy Hens, over i'/, [bs. ffo No. i Light Hens and all Leghorns —Uc No. I Tom Turkeys ' . titc No. I Ken Turkeys js c Dial 2-9311 or 6*41 i Nt HALL 18U5 Ave. B MURPHREY'S SUPERIOR CHICKS With rears of breeding experience oehlna them. Prom carefully culled and blood- tested nocks. Straight run and sexed Frid Hatcb)ns dars eacb Tuesday and MURPHREY'S HATCHERY 1964 Ave. H Dial 5022 V IM IGOR itaiity Let Swift's premium quality baby chicks lead you to victory with greater poultry profits in 1942. Swift's Chicks Ara Healthy Chicks Swiii Hahhery, 506 Ave. H Luhbock, Texas 2427 FOR -ODB TOP MARKET PRICES ON POULTRY, EGGS & CREAM INDEPENDENT PRODUCE &• COLD STORAGE H Dial 430? HENS - FRYERS - TURKEYS WANTED RAIPH ROBERTONS' Livestock 19-A—Poujtry & Supplies CHICKS CHICKS Reduced Prices on Leghorn Cockerels We have a nice supply of.started siraight-run heavy breeds and started English White Leghorn pullets. Murphrey's HaJchery 1964 Ave. H Dial 5022 Lubbock, Texas COX HATCHERY Remember, Cox Chicks Don't Cost, They Pay i 1111 Avenue p LUBBOCK, TEXAS Ben us for 13 breeds of the finest chickens, better Ptr 4 ° Pa? m ° re tOT ' omBtll!n Z Delivery days -TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS,' but have plenty already started chicks on hand. Complete line of Poultry Remedies, alsj exclusive RED CHAIN FEED DEALER. LUBBOCK HATCHEBY Will sell this year the oest laying chick* at most reasonable prices. Now open. Wt still want raore eggs. East of fair grounds. IL W. SIMS POULTRY WANTED Sea us for prices before you' sell your poultry. IOTH ST. PODl/TKY 1609 19th DIB, 2 . 2 051 OVERLAY FROM START TO FINISH 100 LAYING certified Rhode Island hens ind roosters for sale. Mrs. R. H. Lowrey 2 miles south on Slide Road QUALITY HATCHERY 347 Avenue H OnciD Sara needs more egR» tot aerenst. You can supply them with pullets from our hlsh-DowereO vitamin Jed free ranzs flocks. * 19-B—Rabbits and Pets RED. BLACK and blond registered cocker spaniel pups. 2501-22nd. Miscellaneous 20— Musical Instruments CLOSING OUT PIANO STOCK. SEE OUR CASK PRICES. Probably your last opportunity for . the duration of the war. : PARKINSON'S MUSIC STORE 1104 Main St. Piano Tuning & Repairing 3313 27th C. B. LIVELY Lubboct, Texas Dial 14-3 21—Miscellaneous For Sale 1941 FARMALL 20. row binder. S-:oot John w'n.r? °£ E ~f ar - S250 -°°- Fred A - Groves, Wolfforth, Texas or Tlge Groves Stinnett exas. WIZZARD concrete block machine with face plates, end gates and pallets J w McCauley, Lamesa. Texas. CERTIFIED Maryland west seed Sw«t ° S ' e - 4 mlles llt,T frf «,on Llttlefleld Highway. J. M. Phillips. 200 USED tires and tubes. Must sell beef ,?- p 'rf dead llne MBrch isth wm 4t o f ° M marke t al tnat t!me - comer Service Station. Hobbs, New Mexico. , COTTON SEED 1st and 2nd year from Summerour Bl-Bred seed, culled and state tested. ,1.50 bu. buli. You furnish sacti. Supply limited. Get them now. J. B. McCAULEY DIAL.4434 FOR SALE Hi-bred Planted _^ ^ H r , e «SL?" d ;,,?" I ,. eanttl - «r"an "tr_at7d*li_"j w.*! 1 !' 1 . *^ e ..- ba 8»: *" R<"ra by F. E.. KIHCAIDE SEED & GRAIN J7D7 Avenue H Independent Dealer Olil 6013 AGAIN HICK'S CHICKS LEAD THE WAY TO GREATER POULTRY PROFITS FOR YOU OUR PRICES ARE IN LINE nn-t delay yo.r chlct tsaylug nny ior.«r 0 ' UrCha5! " CKS ' DEPEN-DABLE , that are hatched ths lor.; run show yo-j " vs .. B for MORE EGGS BIGGER BIGGER BIRDS offer y a» ,** ^t opportunity for b: Sg . r rtare of th«e >S29 HICKS' HATCHERIES Dial SOU EVERYTHING Built-in Oven, Qii stoves 517.60 to «5 M Cane Bottom Chairs — $l.i» Antique organ . SI5 . 0 o. wl ii P i» 7 EVERTTHTNG The Bargain House 206 South Avcnne H Dial 6931 SAVE USED PIPE ' FiTrnrcs — VALVES Diaj 5355 WHITE SEWJ\G PREMIER VACttIM CXEAXERS Free -uaionstritlon. Sold on eisy p»y- meEii. Serrics «n mates Sherrod Hardware Co. SO feet of Burden ' OIL STOVES $3Sf $50-OC BOSTER FRENCH FRENCH'S SECOND HAND STORE 1901 Ave - Phone S132

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