The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 10, 1975 · Page 44
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 44

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1975
Page 44
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Page 44 article text (OCR)

Page 44-THE HERALD. Provo, Utah, Thursday. April 10, 1975 Lose Pounds Naturallv "LOOK BETTER *«n BETTER Help Tafce The Middle Ouf Of The Middle .' stfitNumisi xiFinsfS • wonnui.s Minftd i nil r; • NO nuns TO JOIN sums'" mnwHrtPs* NOCOMRACIS AND INf-XPRNSIVE WEIGHT CONTROL Tell Me Why NANCY By Ernie Bushmiller Who Invented Comic Books? ByA.LEOKUM Win the New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "TELL ME WHY!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions the author will decde the winner. Today's winner is: SAUNDRA CLARKE, 11, Jamaica, N.Y. The comic strip is usually found in daily newspapers. It is made up of three or four picture panels telling a story with one or more characters. Comic books are extensions of comic strips into magazines. Each magazine is about one set of characters and the pictures tell a complete story. While the first newspaper comic strip appeared in 1892, it was not until 1911 that an entire publication was devoted to comics — a comic book. That year the Chicago American offered reprints of Bud Fisher's "Mutt and Jeff in pamphlet form. The pattern for present-day comics was set much later. In 1935. "New Fun" appeared. It was a 64-page collection of original material in four colors, and was sold at newsstands. In 1938 "Action Comics" appeared, and the "Superman Quarterly Magazine" came out in 1939. Comic books are not all humorous stories. The types of comic books issued include: adventure, animal, biography, detective, fantasy - mystery, history, humor, military, religion, romance, satire, science- fiction, teen-age, and western. Some types, such as adventure and humor, sell better, so there are more of them. However, the popularity of comic books has led all kinds of groups to use comic books to tell a story they want to get to people. Many companies use comic books to tell the story behind a product or ttra history of their company. Comic books are published to explain complicated subjects, to dramatize public needs, or to give the history of a particular event. So "comic books" can be as varied as the subject matter and the purpose behind them. ANSWERS 1. Ouch! 2. My pop is bigger than your pop. 3. Time to get a new fence. THE PUZZLE BOX LI'L ABNER By Al Capp -N. / BUT THAR'5 OMLV )/ MARY?? ALL AMERICA O' \0\Ore /[ HER MOW THAT £VERyrHING J COULD &e i^Z £L<=>& \s so ROTTEN rr- ; AMBASSADOR To FRANKEMSTANf' SOME BABEV- WHATLUCKf' HOLLYWOOD AM' &5G HER. TO BUGS BUNNY By Heimdahl & Stoffel URK/ I THOU6HT THIS WAS A COSTUME PARTY/ / ENJOY YOURSELF/ BUT I WENT T' A LOT 0' TROUBLE T GET THIS ZULU WITCH DOCTOR. OUTFIT.' , COULD YOU PRESCRIBE SOMETHING FOR A RECURRING GASTRIC , DISTURBANCE'' SHORT RIBS By Frank Hill TO ERROR" 15 MUMAN. ' GO TAKE A SHOWER:, WILSON iS:S t) \U> ' f i; r >.< B>J jS Pj! Ci WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli GOOD MORNING, MR. MURPHY/ YOU WOULDN'T HIAVE A HANPFUL OF SUNFLOWER SEEDS ON YOU, WOULD YOU? YOU EVER FFEP THIS BIRD? MARY WORTH By Sounders & Ernst I ENJOY HIS OCMPANY ANP HE SEEMS TO BE ENJOYING MINE' WE ARE TOO OLP, OF COURSE, FOR STARRY-EYEP ROMANCE, BUT IF SETH EVER ASKEPME. I'P SAY YES-- LIKE THAT/ INTENTION \S ONE-SIPEP/ I POM'T WANT TO BE PRESUMPTUOUS, ROSE BUT PO YOU ANP MR. MAPISON INTENP TO ANP SOME PAY HE WILL SUGGEST IT/'--WHEN HE GETS FEP UP WITH THE WAY HIS PAUGHTER ANP SON-IN-LAW TREAT HIM LIKE A BURPEN >N THEIR BACKS. 1 STEVE ROPER & MIKE NOMAD By Sounders & Overgard A SLUG MUST'VE \ IT ISN'T A 8ULL6T CREASED YOUR HEAD, WOUND, NOMAD / CHRISTIE.'--YOU'RE BLEEDIN' LIKE A STUCK H06 ' WHEW 1 FELL J } HIT MY HEAD ON }( ON WHAT? THIS SNOW- / GUM/ (^ NOZZLE TO CREATE MAN-MADE 5NOVV/-THEY'RE ALL OVER THE AREA/--YESTERDAY'S BLIZZARD COVERED THEM/ , DR. SMOCK By George Lemont I. .'/ OMTIu TH i s AAO/VS 6^ t THOUGHT " " WAS A WHAT tsRN i- "wH L I.'SH I'M IKICS"/ FUN TIME The Chuckle Box 1. What did the hen say when it laid a square egg? 2. What did the big firecracker say to the little firecracker? 3. What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence? Henry C. Traute, the go- getter who fathered matchbook advertising, also thought up what may be the world's most ignored safety suggestion: "Close Cover Before Striking." ! HE'S UPSTREAM ', LAUNCHING- HIS ~v BOAT; TOO -".- .jghAJtibduibfiuiug / t l.l ..— '' tl---^-'-"- « i tr ~ ~ ~ •* ~^Z Of course this isn't correct mathematically. But when do 11 and 2 more equal 1? See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Win the New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "RIDDLES, JOKES; TELL ME WHY!" Include Zip Code. Today's winner is: PHYLLIS FORD, 12, Indianapolis, Ind. ROLLO---MUST YOU ALWAYS <* ^ SHOW OFF « THE BORN LOSER By Art Sonsom THE JACKSON TWINS By Dick Brooks JILL'S MENTIONED, BUT NOTHING ABOUT C**CLENE, THE PIVEE SPELLEPD-I-V-A ' JILL'S LUCKY Al MEAT CLEAVEBS } ABENT < ALLCWEP \ IN SCHOOL. .) I JUST WE'RE IN CXAY BUT THFY REMINP MDU THAT WHECE >OU'RE ONE TEAM NOW, THE GIQLS'LL BE COMPETING AGAINST THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY f GACPENTOWN REDEYE By Gordon Bess WHAT CRIME PIP THAT 6LJY COMMIT Z M W£Nf OM A RAMPA6E / gURNJEP ALL OUR TOBACCO AMD DUMPEP OUT ALL TM£ FIREWATER. TMAT'£ HARP TO ...WE'S SUM A a6AN-CUT- FRANK AND ERNEST By Bob Thaves XT FINALLY HAPPENED... MY TAKE-HOME PAY &4UAL5 MY HoME TH KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola AND THEN, ON OUR FIRST WEPPIHG ANNIVERSARY, OUR CARRIAGE OVERTURNEP NEAR A CUFF.. IT WAS ONLY BECAUSE MY QUICK- WfTTEP HUS8ANP PUSHED ME OUT THE POOR ON THE ROAP SIPE THAT I WAS SAVED/* ".. BUT HE COULP NOT ESCAPE ANP HE WENT OVER THE CLIFF WITH THE COACHMAN ANP HORSES, MR. PRAKE/...I LIVEP-ANP DIED-THAT PAY.'" I, TOO, MAJ7RIEP * HAPPILY/ WE HAP A SON, WHICH APPEP TO OUR ECSTASY' PRISGLLA'S POP By Al Vermeei BOTTS WAP HIS CHECK-UP TODAY' THE DOCTOR TOLD HIM TO GIVE UP BEER AND CIGARS ALLEY OOP By Dave Graue IS THAT THE ( YES/ I'M GOING TO UNIFORM YOURS MAKE UP TWO OF MEDICAL PEOPLES THEM FOR OUR WEAR ? [ 'STRETCHER- A BEAKERS" WELL,Y'BETTEE J MAKE ONE TOR 'THNNILL.THERE, TOO,., 1 ...SINCE HE LI BE CARRYING THE FDWER PACK, I WANT HIM AS CLOSE TO THE WEAPON AS POSSIBLE/ REMEMBER ,TENN ILL, WHEN I GIVE YOU THE WORD, YOU ACTIVATE THAT BABY PRONTO, /WILL Y'HEAR? /DO, OOP. 1

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