The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 9, 1970 · Page 12
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May 9, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 12

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1970
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

Famil D«s Moinis ftsgisttr S<rf., M«y *, 1976 Senator Soaper , Saysi the best things/in lift are free, and in a Mday~lhM is too bad. Think whafvmdet- Jul tax .deductions they would make otherwise. ct> 1578, t***iw*. j ( u4 Triton* Sr*<ii<** •*• l PEANUTS SHE TURNED TOM BEDROOM WlNtm;, PEPPERMIKT PATTV! <A)U ftfi THE ONE WHO'S BEEN5CAR!ti6-THHM WITH THOSE VAMPIRE STORIES! YOU OU6KT TO -BE ASHAMED/! JU5TA LITTLE. HAR,WL£55 FUN. ..HUEYPON'T REALLY BELIEVE THOSE STORIED DO YOU, SNOT? The Wizard of Id 5-9 157P, The R»tfrt»f and Tribune Syndicate ^—••^'•••••••^"•••-'^ "You're getting breakfast in bed tomorrow, Mommy! Which do you like best-_Sugar Oats or Corny Crinkles?" rt l/l/iu on Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. Dy HFNni ARNOIO .mil m>B Lf El Parker NEW YORK, N.Y, - Arte Johnson of "Laugh-In" gave Luchow's hcadwaiter Julius Benke instructions in doing needlepoint, for his wife; Arte's an expert. . . Burl Ives liked New Mexico, where he filmed "The McMastersi" so he'll sell his home in Ireland and buy one near Santa Fe. "^ UNDERGROUND actress Ultra Violet's new therapy' drum lessons — in the nude . .. Carle- Y4SOP u PLUIT f ^ \-S f.|IWh«mCVrii.tAw» ^BrMRithtiflmrvfil s \ \ ' J f \ \ / BAHCLE ) YODMEB f \ \ / / V ^. " / MHItiSHNIfflNiWnkM A • LNOTHE WHAT ONE WOMAN 5 PAST OFTEN is». PONT PICK UP MUST WE GET IN TOUCH WITH JUVENILE AUTHOR- LITTLE BOYS ITIES, SAM? IT'S OBVIOUS LIKE YOU WOULP THAT NO ONE WANTS THIS LITTLE BOY.. ANP T WANT TO APOPT HIM! A STRAY PO6 OR CAT.' YOU EXCUSE-MErMIQS \ WHAT'S SPENCER..BUT MAY }WRONG, I SEE YOU FOR A MINUTE-? 'WELL, I POM'T KNOW YWELL, I'LL EXACTLY HOW TO / GO TALK SAY IT.' T CAN'T <TO HIM.' HE GET HIM TO PUT ON HIS PA3AMAS! CAN'T SLEEP IN HIS CLOTHES'. ' IT ISM T THAT HE \ WANTS TO SLEEP IN ; HIS CLOTHES! HE..HE INSISTS ON SLEEPING. ..AS HE CALLS IT.. IN •—, HIS SKIN/ Xow arrange the circled letter*, to form the surprise answer, u suggested by the above cartoon. (An»wr>« Mondo)) Jnmhlc»: AFOOT GRIMY DARING HECKLE An»*en What you have in g f t in irallpaptr a room-THE HANO OF IT Rex Morgan. M.D., W? NO, 1 PONT THWK 1^ TOO QLP POK OME TO 6O INTO NUK5IKJ6/5U6IE/ BWT WOULP x VOL) C0MSIPEK LfAVIWcS THE THEATER NOW THAT >OLJ'I?E A Tell It Like It Fannie Flagg ton* Carpenter will be in a new film, "The Bar," with Jack Gilford and Fannie Flagg. SOPHIA LOREN's film "Sunflower" will recover its entire negative cost in just three European countries . . . Eve Arden is in N.Y. to rehearse the national, company of "Butterflies Are Free." COMIC Mickey Freeman writes from Hollywood that the studios are really cutting budgets: "Where a script calls for a banquet scene, they're now serving TV dinners. — T/iafs Earl, brother. (Copyright, 1970) • J»* OiUnte KmttMl f»k*i*MM-RtM IfMmM EXCUSE ME — THAT'S PRO5ABLV D£. MOR6AN CALLIM^ IN NOW/ N±. i S MI55 6ALE, 16 PI?. M0R6AN y I5NT HE THERE r HE'S HAP TWO NEW ( AT THE THI5 MC>RNIN<& / HOSPITAL : AMP WE HAVEN'T ANV -^^ I HIM / jfCT HE WA6 THERE/ Bloiidie ( SWAC2T LITTLE V FELLOW IT WATCM HIM *}\\ !| l !> WRITE ' T MIS NAME Nv< i|||; : :|( THATS KIOTVIIMG BUTA BUMCM -s Of= SCRIBBLES , MONKEV LAKJSUAGE , TMA.T SPELLS > / "IRVING'' v J . Abbie An' Slats I CAN THE - 5TRETCH," Adult Crossword Puzzle ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE ACROSS 1 The "woodpile." 5 Exotic fruit. 10 Familiar measure, - for short. 14 There is: Fr. 15 Church wine vessel. 16 "Green Pastures" role. 17 Highest fruits on the stalk: 2 words. 19 Error of a kind. 20 Blade. 21 Muse. 23 Acumen. 24 Pacific greeting. 27 Jogs lightly. 29 Prefix of many names. 32 Sulks. 33 Ingredient of. bronze. 34 genus. 36 Military airbase: Abbr. , 37 Kind of ink. 40 Tailored garments:. 2 words. 44 Fruit: Prefix. 45 Onto. 46 Bow: Prffix. 47 Oriental temple. 48 Misrepresent. 50 Sharer Abbr. 51 Brazilian port. 53 Brilliancy. 54 Common verb. 55 Close. 57 In doubled quantity. 62 Coin of Cambodia. 64 Hit on the head. 67 Count (on). 68 Nouveau —. 69 City on the Aar. 70 If not. * 71 Topknot on » Greek tragic mask. 72 This: Sp. DOWN 1 Curos. 2 Crooked. 3 Bodoni, for one. 4 Caribbean island/ 5 All: Prefix. 6 See 15 Across. 7 Bangs on a chronometer: 3 words. DEPARTMENT DAY I SAW A INVITIf^G \VELL,-I NEVER COULD AFFORD A 1 COLLEGE EDUCATION UNTIL MOW/ HOW ABOUT T«. l.«. U. S PM. Off.—A . • 1970 br UnM*ri f.ftw* Sffttfcal*. foe. 5AAAE STORY-EXCEPT I WAS PUSHING AT/AXI AROUND TOWN. IT WAS THE ONLV JOB 1 COUUP GET AFTER 1 WAS /WJSTEReD OUTOFTHEARMV. 8 Greek war cries. 9 "Where T 2 words. 10 Cousin of dynamite. 11 Prodigies; 2 words. 12 Savory. 13 Units of light. 18 Old'Syria. 22 Kind of nerv*. 25 Position in tht stock market. 2fe Fish. 2% — fadda, Irish dance. 29. Abbreviation in grammar. 30 Con. 31 Wagon parts. 35 Biblical matriarch. 38 Yearn: Slang. 39 Part of Saudi Arabia. 41 Trifles. 42 Girl of rhyme. 43 Where to land in Samoa. 48 — mind: 2 words. 49 Diminutive ending. 51 Vermont city. 52 "Temptsl" character. 56 Saragossa's river. 58 Jabbervyocky word. 59 Ending for Brooklyn and ' Manhattan. W Certificate Abbr, 61 Italian city. 63 Cleanser ingredient. 65 "— goej there?" 66 Egyptian god. Steve Canyon iHps'.' WHEN W'l A6PEEP TCJ'FLY up TO THE POTEEISO WOULP YOU BE IF ypu HAP SpEN THAT PUAC£ MABKEP 'UNEXPLORED'ON AN UP-T TF MAP OF THIS ABEA THAT'S 0<Ay,BITSY/ LAKE ON LON6-60NE MOUNTAIN AND TAKE THE CENSUS The Better Hall Citizen Smith RS.H.S. "Maybe I couW get the government to declare you 8 disaster "Well / we've reached the halfway point. paid $Z5,QOO on our $25,000 howtl-

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