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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, December 31, 1931
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Last Edition WXATHEB FORECAST FOB MARYLAND: Cloudy, folio-wed by rain toxtiffat mad Friday- Not much change In temperature. Fresh to strong northeast »nd east winds. VOL LV.--NO. 65. (AT) FREDERICK, MD, THURSDAY. DECEMBEB 31. 1931. * *. 2 T«4a \ *«·»-*£·· TWELVE PAGES PRICE--TWO D A I L Y ' WASHINGTON LETTER )pen Winter Gives State Chance To Carry On-Many Projects Under Way. Where Innocent Clerks Died PIER NEARLY FINISHED YU1E BRIDGE BY KODNET DCTCHEB XEA Service Writer. Washington, Dec. 31.--Thc McFad- ien incident is still a subject for a good story because it is so crowded with idiocy, comedy, hypocrisy, audacity and hooey. ilitkians--with their ... rt , _ Meuons, Jim Davises. Gninoys, Devastation In Wake Of Tor- I Pinchots and many other remarkable i · characters whoai you don't inow unless i | you've covered politics m Pennsylvania | j --nearly allays put on a better show r***" any other group. The key of the current offering was sounded appropriately enough by Con! gressman Louis T. McFadden. He Is a i TTTfm W ft TEH f nNTINIIF^ · slightly preposterous person. Although | O1VO. II AIM UUfl llnUIjO i he was many years chairman of the , House Ranfcmg and Currency Commit- j tee, he is one of ihose gents who makes ! wild statements which he is unable to up. McFadden compared Presi- . . . . «s.i_ s ac U P- c a e n compa Construction Work In Other ; ^« t Hoover ro "an oriental potentate Counties Also Making Progress. i drunk with power" and said he had sold S out the country through rhe morator- j iarc. Seaator Htnun Johnson said I much the same thing McPadden said, bat Hiram is not subject to discipline by the administration or the Pennsyl- In readiness for any emergency to vania state machine. That's why poor case of a sudden Xex Year snow storm. · McFadden's outburts of deluded patri- snow plows of the State Roads Com- | otism was so idiotic as almost to «p- mission are available for immediate use. ! proach the sublime. was learned today, although 52. is : But he at least won this distinction: it understood thai District Engineer Thos. M. T.inthinim is not anticipating a sudden emeigencv. Instead, state road workmen are directing an their aiten- Louis. Down upon him In an their tioa to bridge construction and road i vast might came the White House. Sen- building and are availing themselves ! ators Dave Keed and Jim Davis, the no lone congressman was ever lei In for such a powerful and ostentatious attempt at political extermination as Louis. Down upon nado As Floods Damage Other Mississippi Sections. FORCE PEOPLE OUT HOMES Heavy Losses In Sustained Many Sections -- Wind Sweeps Two Counties. TO ITALIAN CONSUL Bandit Nemesis Cleveland Authorities Uncover ! Plot When Missile Is Exploded I By Them. THIRD MAN MAY DIE AS RESULT EASTON OUTRAGE Miss.. Dec. 3! CAF-F»e The shattered Interior of a cage !n the Easton, Pa, postofflce is shown above after a bomb, exploding prematurely, killed two Merfcs and seriously injured others Discoverv of more bombs in the boxes sho*n on the ledge, at, '.he right of M,; nlrtiire. "revealed a plot against the lives of seven prominent Italians to Various Theories Being Followed By Postal And State Sleuths. TO DEFEND AGAINST JAPANESE ATTACK Eugene Chen, New Foreign ! Minister, Says His Govern. ment Will Hold Manchuria. ADVANCE GUARD OF NIPPON FORCES GOES ON UNCHECKED persons dead, three dying and 50 persons estimated as less seriously injured . were counted today in the trail of last night's tornado that tore through Simp- . son and Covington counties. Miss. ! whoa the packages * FEWER SALES OF CHRISTMAS : 3,000 IN COUNTY ARE i SEALS IN COUNTY THIS YEAR WITHOUT NEW LICENSES /- i ^ r » rvs- 1 1 CT.eve.anl. o. wee. .si --An »t- Allyn Cole, above. Colorado prosecutor" who gained farce two years ago when he sent three of the Fleagle bandit gang to the gallows. Occupy Important Railway Junction Without Encountering Opposition. . . Nankins. China. Dec. 31 (AP)^-De- charges of assault to mar- S p[e Chang Hsueh-LiKng'i retreat from ' Heavy Damage Wrought. Jackson. Miss., Dec. 31 (AP)---South of the excellent opportunities they have had aH season lor road -sort in the Winter months usually more inclement than this year. ' The large new double span through truss bridge over the Monocacy river at Ceresville is progressing nicely, and the pier is almost finished. Workmen now are- excavating for the east abut-- ment and excavating for she purpose changing sMghSv the Sow of the stream in orde/towiden it so that water wffl flow under both spans. They are also making the-fin for the approaches oa either side" of she- bridge, located slightly soaizi of Ifae old iron bridge whieb. has been serving for the past 40 years. Gaithersburjr Job Near End. The construction of about haH ft of Tr;vflri ayrl through Gaithers-- whole Pennsylvania Republican con- j Mississippi today surveyed a path of gressional delegation and the political J death and destruction cut through two pie counter known as the Postoffice De- ---"-- -- - *~~ ·*"· «·*"* lowland oarsmen t. * * * Dave fresh from a conference with Hoover, in one of the boldest, baldest. counties by a tornado white lowland dwellers of the delta to the north battled against new floods which rolled over the levees around Glendora. Shortly after heavy rains over the a ,,--.....- ^ -...-. of autocracy ever i deKa swelled the Yazoo and tributaries »- observed in these parts, proclaimed j until flood waters forced evacuation of of j from the White House steps that Me- ; Glendora's business section last night m j Fadden was "politically dead," that his j the windstorm ripped across Simpson _.« . _ _·» .j» t i _ t .* "L.:«« * n «,3 /·Vvi?»Ttrtrr.n« frtimf.fPS patronage would be taken frora him. ! and Covingtoa . "that he would see to is that McFadden Mrs. Anse Everett was instanUy kffled was defeated in the April primaries, when her home near Keed also boasted about the last time ! -ounty was demolished. ta Earty wday Amount Below That Received Same Time Year Ago. Approximately $1.651 has been re- One-Fourth Of County Auto Owners Fail To Get Tags. New Year's day will find approxl- today when a package sent him by ex- j Lamar. Colo. over a case of gas tax' rcnd press torn New York was discovered i evasion against Mitchell's son. j ancs to contain a bomb. The package was taken by police officials to the outskirts of the city and exploded there harmlessly by firing a riHe shot Into it. The name of "William Trombetta. 5« East 45th street. New York" was given on the package as" the sender but police believe thc ceived'at the "county health office In . mate* 3.000 Frederick county automo- j TM ^ the Court House as the result of the bile owners without 193= tags, an esti- I ^ ^^ Maryland Tubercul^ Association, it Tras announced today. Many persons to whom seals were sent have neglected to respond to the appeal, and are urged haye . ».v» i»i,^r.» *_ni*.frt.J v. *^***.M.W w U..M 5 5JJIW? jilting JXauc.l-l.rtl»U|S J AC*^C»I» **vu* tempt to kill Count Cesare Buzzi-Crad- , de , Co , e j{K) . c _ ar fc Mitchell, widely , chinchow. China's new national gov- eaigo, Italian consul here, was foiled ; i^-own stockman, after a quarrel at j err^ncnt is determined to de- that city against the Japanese advance. Eugene Chen, the foreign i minuter, told the Associated Press today. "Our government will assume an *e- sponslbiUty for Manchurian affairs,'* . he said, "and after the Inauguration. j of the cabinet tomorrow our order to ; Chang Hsueh-Liang to hold Chincfeow ' will be repeated. Independence for Manchuria te not ! and never will be a political reality. Thirty million Chinese create and produce the wealth of Manchuria. They that territory a great and of China which never can b0 severed." dcvlcc annual Christmas seal sale of the mate today-Ja_the oOce of tte^tt | M ^ ^ ?w , ve ,, taw b:UTO up Mr ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ j ^ ^ f mploye received the package through thc procedure nee- ! t toe consulate on the tenth Boor of to secure new licenses. j ,jj e society for Savings Bank building j There are between 11,000 and 12.- | on p a blic "square, the heart of Cleve- _ . 1638. Says Speaker. 000 he bad had: to chase a congressman out- of public life. Whether Seed undertook to speak constituents, who elect- the body of Paul Brown, tao and automobile accounts to Frederick number including owners one automobile. to do so as soon as possible, in order j that a substantial sum may be realized, j __ ! Tie «tur« from the seal salem^o^.^ ^^^^^ rf thfi£e ,,,,. was'fouid to the ruins of the home of j Frederick "^tyjTM « dSed. Thfe ! paid a»l taxes to date. - j,i^ «,««** fn the Mt. Zion. community. ! amounted to S2.000. it was sta^eo. J.n» j »-- his parents in the Mt. Zion. community- A negro farmer was It was shown at was not clear. Congressmenrof course, been punished before. But never lias been practically completed by J, Byron, Baltimore contractor, and the maintenance force of the Commission !s at present working on the i to trample 'nim into the earth. Some backfill between the street and the curb. I of the more squeamish politicians al- One mile of 12 foot macadam road · ready believe that the hard-boiled Mr. between Old Gsrmantown and Boyds I seed has gone and made a martyr out and a mile on the Diamond Cross of Louis, enhancing the latsert chances The home of John Barton mi i blown onto a highway near Aiagee ana cave -oeen Dunis-ueu oeitKc. .oui, inr»d ---~ -- --=-- . - _i_. with such 'trumpeting by those about farmer, his wife and a son were miss- lead between Diamond Cross and Clop- pers has been built "by S. B. Waesche and Son, Thurmoni, and shoulder work: is being done there by the State. of re-election. Meanwhile, along came red-headed Mrs. GifEord Pinchot--of the hard-bit- ing. ! ali the j mainder back to the health officl. Oth- · ers have not replied at an to the ap- j peal, ha\ ir.g neglected to send either I their checks or the seals. The latter I were urged today by Dr. E. C. Kefauver j to give their attention to the matter, j as it is not too late to add to the fund, it was said. Sew York. Dec. 31 (AP)---Louis Le- i Dae to present living condil^cms. GAMBLER SLAIN BUT NO TRACE OF KILLER FOUND office shows figures similar to here. with about 3,000 motor Uie new registration. those land. Third Han Near Death. Easta-% PR.. Dec. 31.--(AP).--Investigators had different theories today on the plot behind the bomb which exploded in the Easton postoffice yesterday. MISS OTT TALKS TO LIONS "Maryland had its unemployment problem as early as 1638." Miss Mary HEADS PAST MASTERS vehicles J Juty O j O ther persons. Some investigators stuck to the theory it was an anti-Fascist movement against certain Individuals. One member of the bomb squad from the New York oFTwo clerkl, and to- C. Ott, of the History department of Montgomery County Masons Ee-EIect Hanson G. CashelL city police department, held to the idea that Russian Soviet sympathizers might Hood College, told members of the Lions club who gathered today at the Francis Scott Key hotel for their last meeting of the year. -I think It is appropriate," Miss Ott added, "that *e should use the last of the year as a tune for retrospect." Railroad Junction Seized. Tokyo. Dec. 31 (AP).--The advance guard of General Jlro Tamon's Japanese force occupied Kowpangtze, important railroad Junction this morning, wifchoa^BV0uuuu l iBS"'-o$3pC4siypii iron the Chinese. Shortly before dawn the Chinese forces In the city made a final sally in the direction of Tahushaa and destroyed two sections of the railway to hamper the advance of the second Japanese force advancing on the town under General Kamura. They then withdrew in the direction of Chinchow. A report received here said the Jap- have had something to do with ths | she then reviewed the systematic be- ! anese again occupied Newchang. Hanson G. Cashell, register of wills · postoffice. seven deadly packages mailed at the Hoover-hating Pennsylvania Pin- 1 vme. an H. E. Gosneii. local contractor, has j chois-announciag her candidacy five pines in tne head and kffled finished 1* miles of road from Da- i against McFadden. She boldly capital!*- | » t° e cluoroom of the Pups Inc. mascus toward Howard chapel, that | ed McFadden aitaci ond Hoover by i socxal orgamzati Sh being 12 foot macadam -- ' --«-*- ------- «· ! ^o^ 6 found no trace of Jie has been accepted by the state. One span of the double 40 foot span reinforced concrete steel bridge over j ment of Hoover vindication. T"|C- IJec ol \AJrf---i-AJtuj jjc-- i lJue to uiesctii/ jivi^ts WV..*A*YW.~.. **«..~.v-- ^-- - , v , . * t t »_ St^de ginb/er. W shot j tne re ^n ^ an increased numbeV of for Montgomery _county and ,jnem- , while:the invest^ors were ollow- girmings of government in Maryland under lord Baltimore, showing how he as the founder of thc colony bad pre- m MAYOR ENTERTAINS the Seneca. Creek feas been finished under j -.cords, she is saking up the shiEalahs ' ^V s witil the contract of the Grove Lime Com-, j f or need and the rest of the admin- pany, the bridge being located feerreen · isuation crowd, now out to destroy Mc- Old Germanwsm aad Damesiown; and ; pajden. No single development has work on the fills aiso has been done, j a ro-jsed more snickers here since White the forms from one span of the j beginning of the depression, bridge are being moved for use on the ~ js. * * other, workmen have begun a smaller -jjjg pr ize piece of prime liooey, bridge between Dickerson and Mare ver, was f-omishec by Postmaster tinsfturg. That is an S foot spaa. 12 ' ^^ Brown when, in reply :o McFad- ! foot askew bridge. One mile of 12 | -je 3 s bluet inquiry whether it were j foot macadam road is icing built near ! ;j-j» _^e coulon't have any ffiore patron- i the site of tiie bridge, the latter con- ',^ jj e rebuked Louis (17 years in Con- ; Conroany. At the conclusion of the · cozigressirian was wrong in thinking returned _ t £_ ere -^35 any which Arnold Kothstein, Broadway gambler, was slain. About 50 persons were playing cards in the club when the shooting .occurred but when police broke into the place all of them had left. Conditions Good. Genera! healih condii:cms in Fred erici city and county were reported Bethesda. was elected vice-president mailed here. Getchel said thc iascon «'*""r. ~"- """' f n r r, and Dr. George E. Lews, of Rockvflle. outburst might have been only a small ; «^"f V^S^Ti ^ ed- ' ^ecrearT-treas-.rer. i part of a plot with possible ramifications j f^f^V^land'^ ted , Under direction of P'rulip P.osendorn. i in other parts of the country. i · -- - - . City Officials Guests--ElaboraSe Chrtst- . mas Display. found what each individual man in the : ^^ colony needed. He had published in ! Mayor and Mrs. Elmer F. Mimshower asLuu England ihe number of tools, the type ; Wednesday night entertained the Board rtjian ' of clothing, amount of bedding and the . of AWennen and heads of various city - - - ~ which were needed ; Departments at a delightful hmcheon ' at their home on West Patrick street. Charles V. Weaver, the explosive ex- ;-'WILLIAMSPORTBANKTO , C-iCii, CiL (illVl ^.WlilAV,* *· fci.1- * *.^*w*. .·«-*--. i ·" .*»--- --. -- -- · ; good with few cases cf coctas:ous dis- i of Bethesda. assisted by Pusger Shaw. s lease. Tnere is one case of typho:d · Arthur B. Gleason, and Rowan F. Erb. . . lKBli . luuo M -^ .... v--.... ! fever in this city, three cases of scar- , of RockvsJle. the pas: masters degree of the packages was in a critical con- · ^^ ^ pern , i ,. ei w sct sail lrtm let fever in the cty and county, as re- ,?.as cor.ferred on Clarence E. Beeraft. · dition. today. He was badly mangiea , th£ o , d ww , d w , lho , Jt one One ^^ ported this week; and two cases of ! Gasthersbarg: MJbourr.e E. Ward, ; an d is not expected to Jve. ; ermaa w}lo was ser ,t A carpenter, the speaker averred, was · Those present in addition to Mayor i one of the most important holders of and Mrs. Munshower were Aldermen pert late yesterday while opemng one , ' ioas ^ . he r , ew CO;OT!T ^j no char;es p. Hiteshew. Charles T. Butcher. nf »1-»A ·vt^rvlracr^be Tra« in « pntiltAI COH"» · . . . , r-% * ---- ^ -. _ w» ;__._^ f* c*~.~i*~*f*j*fttvft diphtheria, or.e in the city and one in \ Rockv-lJe: Raymond L. Graves. Kcn- ! the county. School inspection by the ; r-r.gton: Claude V. nyson. Bethesda. j health officer and curses has been held and Maynard W. King. Pr-oleat-Ce. m : ;=! TMr^ -»-^ -TM- - ^ «. * »-» «- -: »AK NEW MOVE TO SATE D srs^L '££? 2TM.; j^- «""* ·'-"= "··=· :M *·*-: ss. 1 °" : TM" a '- t °° sa " '·"*; DOKER FROM BEING BANGED G. Hunter Bowers. Herbert S. Scnroeder ar.d August T. Brust, City Engineer E. s. Maxwell, Assistant Engineer P. W. Rothenhoefer, City Attorney E. Austin James. Superintendent of Streets John. T. Best. Superintendent of Waterworks Prank B. Kcefer. City Register A. A, Nicodemus. Water Rene Collector AI- several *-s »p=^ ·«^«TM«ii^ to the sit, of the Dar^own bricge ; ^^^ Brown said in a class- ,=-« ^^^^ g?*^ ! HEAVY MAJORITY IN FINLAND to *n*j3i that job. About two nules north of Westminster in the direcUoa of Melrose, Thomas. Bennett and Hunter, Westminster, are constructing appiosimaiely 3.71. rml-es of 16 foot concrete on the Bactyrnan's To File - Motion Strike Out Sentence. To sjal p^y »._.,.,,,, .-_, .c-TM -.ras =o -«- : bank. The remaining 70 per cent, win ; ^Sd^arSt^uforS: ^ subject to withdrawal on Une ' the advice "of congress- j months to three.years notice. Under the agrSemeat stocEholders VaHey road and have about finished, i : -.riiose capacity and desire to i ,,_»-! Smaller jobs of sunor nature are be- ' te of ^^^ jj^ apartment has con- ! must subscribe to S2o,000 equal capital ing done throughoui secrkins under ^the 3^^^" And oecaase McFadden's ' sxx as a surplus fund, direction of District Engineer Lisiiii- ..--g-jg convinced ine that yonr ad- cum. the open Winter having greatly ,_ :ce district I 1931 ' darisg be closing the heads of j Home Burned- Fire of undetermined origin complete- Give Treat at Monteme. The W. C. T. TJ. o* Frederick, mace its aniraal holiday visit to Montevue ·' Wednesday afternoon ana gave the *o»- ; lowing* program: Soisg, "Joy to the World"; Scripture readir^, prayer. Mrs. ; G. O. Passos: so-g. '"Silent Xight"; reading, Mrs. Laura Winebrermer; TI- olin solo, Miss Maral-ee Moore; vocal soio Donal-d Leat-certaan: readme. Mrs. AriiTM Besasberg: accorci^n »x. Master Eaymer Derr: vi^ln solo. Miss Margaret Aieaugh; address. Rev. WjH^i^ C. Royal: song. "O L:^le Trra of 3eih- lehesa"; Mrs. Arthur Rezsberg gave two recitatx=s. saperinteader;-; of Fl-ow=r Mission Work, t assisted by axszbers of the a=:on. serr- . ed tlie treat, which coasstefi of 24 sheet cakes. 90 pur;cs of car:dy. ISO oranges. 2 bushels and 1 oecfc of apple:. 44 dozen sagar cakes: 200 Christmas cares: 20 7Eagazu;as. which r=a5« 166 packages for the treat. Mrs. Schsi.-ct and i^r assistants are grateful to --hose who helped to rcaie tie treat a s-jccess. tne several postoffice bureaus have ° r directed neither to iniite cor follow ;s-oggesyo=3 fro«n you." ^ . vi2e. on the road leading to the cem 'etery, Sunday rnoraing about 3^0 «., , .«-i- r«»v nc vc»D o'clock, during the absence of mem- ON LAST DAY OF YEAH bg-s O f the family. The Volunteer Fire Co, of Brunswick, responded to an London. Dec. 31 (AP).--A Reuter's disrotch from Helsingfors. Finland, today said the count of votes cast in the capita! city on the national prohibition referenduoi sho-sred 65.000 in favor of abolishing the dry law to 13,000 for continuing prohibition. Only 600, it said, voted for legalized wines and beer. A later dispatch fiom Helsiiiglors Approximately 125 members and j 1 their wives attended the banquet served by Pentalpha Chapter. Order of the ' . Eastern Star, at whicn addresses were made by Lisle Morrison, of ChiUum; Wilson S. Ward, of Rockv-Jle: Leslie G. I B Van Fossen. of Kensingtor.: La-sreace , BO . H. Price, cf Poolcs-.ille: Grant Lee. of .^ e Betccsda: Raymond I. Ford, of Gaith- I ^-^^js -s-ben they filed in criminal A ersburg, a=d Harry C. Mueller, assistant grand lecturer, of Baltimore. court a motion to strike out the death j .. _ TfJ C M C Cf\D 1T5 Mr «ateace imposed on ;he 22 year old ! U. b. 1U b U t f - U K l i b Cafheli iras toartrtr.oter. It ^as dec:ded TO -j;h for the holdup murder of John to hold the next annual meeting Betrsesda. '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 516,000,000 EXPENDITURE _^r^ ,,,, *-^, -rvorf '^ri^o- tn tiio «m- -Jeflt.e» snowed .8.9s3 .o. repea. IB. , n oo 10 r-n»iTir»«Dl ATCl ^ - DEPOSITS IN CENTRAL TRUST at W. Anderson. ; i Through the motion, the attorneys. . I7~7,_^ -r- , * · Hilary W. Cans ar,c Emory H. · Ba.taiore. Dec. 31 ' AP) .-The fed! - NM-es. hope to ha-,e the case reviewed · eral go-, eminent has Sled su.t in the ET PUSHES HHHER S58 for maintenance of the present law j IN asd 905 'x modification, wets a majority of 59,190 -- by ;he Supreme Bench of Baltimore in 1C rnWTPMPI nTPH case Judgc Jcise ? n N - ^'· II12a declines IS LON I tMrLA 11J . 0 g..^ t; , e p;e3 . " Sat Judge Ulman over practically ' organized the fishing Induf.ry of the ; colony--"and." the speaker added, "that vrasn't haphazard either." The use of lobacco as money was in- terest-nsiy related, and all abgles of the address pointed to the co-opera- . berr A. Schroeder. Chief of Police W2- t:ve moveaie^. which prepared young ' lam F. Steiner. Marvland !n advance for the ngors of Mayor and Mrs. Munshower have one development. of th-e most elaborate Christmas tree displays in Frederick:. It. takes up almost an entire room anri has been viewed by hundreds of persons since day. The layout was designed in its entirety by the Mayor i track and a few srnaU houses. Two I railroad systems, one for freight and . another carrying passenger cars, surround the display, in the back of whicb are mountain arid hl?ll cliffs with small houses clinging to the mountainside. Nearby is an airport with modem landing field and IiarEgars. made "or the Mayor, while a lake. flEed witli *a.ter Sowing d;y*n the mountainside The meeting was the mty-rdath consecutively with '.il! attendance. Preparations were mace to attend a function of the North Baltimore club in ' Circuit Courr of Frederick couniv for _ Vew York. D=c 31 (AP) ---The stock alarm but by the time they reached ·*- ^arse- P 4hed Vigher on the last day tie scene, the flaaxs had gained too *.,v~-". *· f -= i _ _ _ J....._ T*l^« 3-» (IT-i-ii-ii j-Kn*- the old year although trading dur- ia« tie earlier hours was quiet. Many cash transactions appeared representing the latest tax seiline. Can Hwcey renewed at 3'~ per cent. for the first time xnce December 31. 1S30. Sterling exchange cables opened at Mrs Wni. F." Schmidt £3.38, oS 2 cents. much headway. The Sre broke oat while Mr. Webber and family were Past Grands Meet. The Pas; Grands Axociai.or. of the Ir.depencerri Orier of O(2a Fellows ol visiting relatives and^frier.ds in Hagers- jC^.1^ a r.V Mor.tgomerv :ey having left late Saturday evemnsr. The ICES was insured. In a3- diwcm to the loss of the home and contents of furniture, clothing. etc^everaJ hundred dollars worth of provisions etc. laid away to supply the family curing . che winter were aiso lost. Fire Destroys Boyds Store. Fire of undetermined origin caused the destruction Tuesday night of the general mercantile establishment of Charlies T. Day, at Boyds, Monlgcmery coun-~. The loss, mclmJiag Use build- Married 23 Tears. On December 25. Mr. and Mrs. A!va F. it::e. celebrated their 23Va wedding anniversary a; ~^xi~ home in Lewistown, froin 2 to 6 p. m. There were about forty persons present. Games .rig and stock of^goods. was estimated Te _ e p-^.;.^ 3,^ celiclous refresarcents at S6.000, partially covered by insurance. NO PAPER FRIDAY There will be no .srue of The News Friday. New Year's Day. The businesss and editorial offices will be closed until five o'clock in the were served Mr. and Mrs. Rice received inany beautiful gifts of silver. A few days after their anniversary Mr. asc Mrs. helc -\s r~-?e-'-inz on W--xir.esday evening as :r.e guests o: Frederick City Lodge- No. jOO. ·sc-.tli presidsr.t, William O. Wtrteabaier. presidin;. Sepreseiita- -s-ere in attendance from Ekridge Loc;e. No. 39. Brunswick: Good Samar- Lodge. Xa. 46. Tr.urmont: King Da-id Lodge. Xo. 50. this c:ty: Fidelity j lodge. No." 54. Ne-s- Market: Frederick ; City Locge, Xo. 100. and Acamstowa Lodee. No. 154. Tr.e feat-^re was an acsreas by Rabbi W. Wllln-er. -rha spoke ' -n ?. very dwellizg · upon thoughts of the pass-ng of the old year, and offering a number of practical suggestions apphca^e to the principles of Uie order for tlie new rear. Wos'-ngton. Dec. 31 'A?) --Construc- plans of Chesapeake and Po- toaiac Telephone Companies in the a_=tnct of Calumb.a. Maryland. V-rgin-a zr.d Wc=t Virr^.ia for 1332 ca.l for tft-e exocndlt-re of £'. 6 OC-0 V ;--SH 600 000 m=re than ir. 1931. In the prDrram. LloyS H. W.lson pres.i-er.t "'. ?s:a T.ri u.ire e'-cpec^d "o ;oct S4£OOOGO next jcar: Ma-ylacd S4450»'X): Vir- nn.a. ~54 250 C3 ana Wts; Virr^iia $2.4: OC-0. "»Vils-n .^t mates there ^ill oe ^ iy* :«ry :r. 1932 as omparec to 22 J'.'O in '931. Jent "* the co~par..cs, fac.l.tcs -T. the D^- The motion held "arbitrarily" sen^nced the youth to death b\-a:ise of a. UKTAal condition while his"V.-spanioii to the crime. Dale Lambert, 19. was sentenced only to life imprisonment. : DuSer -Ji-as sentenced to death at the c:^e of his first trial after he had ple^c-ec r-iltv to the murder and to .-A-. .r.5 h mself fired the shot which -:. l»d AniTfon. m^i csmpany coll-ect- r. G3v«rr:r R;::h.e was appealed to ,n an effort to secure etecutire c;cmency but referred case back to Judge Uiman. Tr« jurist after bearing all te*l- siony of pyrchiatnsts over again, reaffirmed the death sentence. M In Hsce and son I/e-oy. left on a i-our to ' Florida. I Winter. where will spend the Mefcalfe WtH. i The will of the late John W. Met- i calfe. L-'aer.y. has been probated and i ".eaves a".', the estate of the deceased to ! j r.'is -or.. Calvin Reese Metealfe, who I ! i= appointed executor -s-.thout bend. ! Many Cactus Blooms. ! The -- il! was made in September. 1930, . Mrs. Ira C. Delauter. of near Myers- j aid Titnessed by Maggie L, Metealfe -ille, has an inch cactus Witi more -' i and Ciinioa Metealfe, i than 300 fio* ers on it. ?a*i Grand Master H. Drscr Etshi- son a!s-3 ma-ie :.m*ly r-"mar"KS. The tie h"".5 in auci-or^m of the Odd Fcllo-ss H-"ne, at i '.rro to be an! noun:eJ. At tr.e - n- l-isxa of the i mee-iig the members -re invited to [ the social rcsm. -· r.'r- 1 r^fresJiments ^"cr A . c er-v"ed under c re^tior. of S Jo--m Zimmerman and Leslie D. ,? had b»T. f t t for Weii-.toC.ay af- To Complete Testimony. Tift n^.ny in the divorce s~jri of Sa~-:^i L. Tyler aga.nst his wife, Mrs. Hazrl I- Tyler, was expected to be completed in C-rcun Court this e*.c- n.r.e. follo^.ng the testJnony this morning cf a number of witnesses for Harry F. Schmidt. postal funds on dcpo=»t in the Centra! Trust Company of Maryland when it collapsed soir.e t^ne ago Filing of the su.t -ras announced here by Simcn E. Soiselofl. United States D_;',rict Attorney, -s^ho said Pos-xna-'ter Genersi 3~Tn had instructed him to see* for the federal postal claims in settlement of the defunct account. Accord.n? to SobeloTM. Postssasters at Waiierr.iHe. S:'lv.esv.lle. Ganhers. 7.IonrDT.a. Thunr.or.:. Sm.:hsi!jirs and SmmitsSurj had pasta", f-onds on deposit in the Centra! Trait ihen it ·*-as closed and witn :i branches placed in the hanos of the State Banking , Th* D^trlct A',torr.ev said he had ' . ~ . .- T - --·" .,,.? T---.«- conferrec wi.n Jucge rtamxocc crner o! the Fred^r.cK C.r-^.t Court in. an effort to th-e a:t.on. and floating moving boats, adds to the rea'^m of the scene. The encire display is elaborately illuminated. SEE INDIAN WAR IN NOTE FROM VICEROY TO GANDHI Alhanjrh Farms Sold- The 114-acre farm of Gcorct W and Ella M. Alba-ah, 51: -?.-/.; Woodsooro dvtr-.c-. -^as purc":i-^' d at a sheriffs ss'.e Wednesday afternoon by Gs-3r?e W, HufTman. for S6 500. j the defendant. The- i^rm ,; ^-r.rroT-xl a dv/.r.? -anted as cc-refpondcrit, was on tiie ; Bombay Ir.d.a. re h'-ufe. br^rr. other buildi: C5 A 9- -/n'?. : » stand f-ir some time, as Tcere i roy Lori W.ll.njd^n icr tract T. .'h b.-lc.r.c, -s. '-. had se.rra! ctn«r w-tr.esses, who g-vre tech- i hatma today that bel.' to ;h" A!oa-is.hs, ".-"? pur- · rical t^.dence as to the Antomobiles Collide. i automobiles, one driven by L!oycJ B. Wiaebren«r. of Hagerstowa. and tfce other by Travers W. Fout, «5as cis*. cc-".l:ded earlv this morning at the intersection of" North Market and Eighth streets. Fout. wh^ Tas sauthbound on Markec street, was turning east to Eighth street when tie rear of his machine --as struck by Winebrener's car, whicri was following behind. Font's car -. ss turned over on one side. Winebrener sustained a cut lip and Mrs. W.neijnener was cut on the nose. Font ·jras Charges of reckless driv- er, heard in Peoples Court this reaming 1 , · *^f~£» T"Vl***"^***tf ~-«^*-T *jTyn 'gIT* \7\ ?OilCS i Court. --Vice:d Mathe Indian visibility of ' Xationa'.J'ts rrne- their CITI! d^obed- 1 Fractures Iamb In FaH. i Frank Cover of Brunswtci And i | former Frederics barber, made a JESS- st«? and fell last Wednesday eveniajj iorx A street, Brunswick, in front « ! the residsn« of Mrs. H. B. Funk, sus- iairnrig a fractured leg in two places chasid br W. 3 Cutsnall f ·- i' 300. portions of Mrs. Tyier's residence in .eice the government ^ pre- Th» f-her.fl.s sa of ·^.-r,r--" ^s of -^rder lo refute the testimony of al- jared to meet it. . Ja~es W Sn "r ~'n Li---'-- '. ' r.c\ :»ced ^v-T-'ressrs for Tyler's «dc. ' This means war." said or.e of Gand- . Ke nas removed to the Fre^rie^ Ciq hi'« closes* advisers. iKc^p.ta! where he » reported to *4 I temoon. wac cancelled. The CASP is being heard bffore Assa- iciate Judge Arthur D. WuLard. , I getting along nicely.

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