The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 26
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 26

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

RACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN Jan. 7, 1962 Sec. 3, Page 7 Eastern 'Cowpokes' Head forWestern Dude Ranches "They went that-a-way," says the American Institute of, Men's and Boys' Wear, pointing to the happy horde of winter vacationers heading for the dude ranches of the West. Each year more and more city folks who are accustomed to handling a 300- horsepower V-8 than a four- legged cayuse, rig themselves out in cowpoke fashion — plain or fancy or both — and head for the wide open spaces. Real wranglers outfit themselves sandwich style. They start with sombrero in a five- or ten-gallon shape and a pair of well fitted high-heel boots — then sandwich the rest of the gear in between. According to experienced dude ranch hands — there are two basic types of Western wear. There are the rugged denim "riders," cut slim and trim and low in the waist, that are worn with fancy cut chambray shirts, replete with curley yokes and tricky pockets, under short cut boldly stitched dungaree style jackets. For "formal" affairs such aS; square dances, hoe downs and the rootin' tootin' ranch h'6use parties there are sticked-up Western rigs cut along the same general lines as! the work outfits but made of'dressier fabrics. The pants, for instance, will be made of a^slick cord or, perhaps, in bo^d "gambler" stripes. The fancy shirts may be bedecked wi!th fancy embroidery work or; cut of a colorful plaid or stripe. The jacket may be close fitting rancher or oilman style — or even a spectacular fringed buckskin-type frintier model. lEither ouJ;fit calls for a fahcy silver buckled tooled belt and a neckerchief, cotton fpr "work" — bright silk for drjsss. 'Busy' Kifchen Often a Hazard URBANA — "Haste make.' waste," especially with kitchen activities. O. L. Hogsett, University of Illinois extension safety specialist, warns that hurried mothers risk costly accidents. Falls are one of the major kitchen hazards. You can protect yourself and others by immediately cleaning up ^ilippery substances like water, grease or foods. You can prevent cuts by following safe practices in the care, use and storage of knives. Storing sharp knives separately will protect both the user and the knives. Remember, too, that sharp knives are actually safer than dull ones when properiy used. Burns are still another :ause of serious injuries in the kitchen. Keep pot holders :onveniently near the range —and use them. Tongs are 30th handy and safe for banning hot foods. If at all possible, keep chil- iren out of the busy kitchen. Zxplain the dangers and provide other places for them to play. MORE RELIGJOUS RliLlCS JERUSALEM — m— Religious articles thought to be relics of an Israelite settlement in the time of King David—about 1,000 years before Christ—have been discovered in excavations at Ein Gev, across the Sea of Galilee from Tiberias, the Israeli iRadio reports. Western-style comfort is the mark of this outfit. Taking a breather from horseback riding, this vacationer is seen relaxing in a modem-day version of cowboy jeans. Lending an authentic Western note, is his plain shirt with a touch of elegance added by pearl snap fasteners. Resolve to Look Good in '62 By Edward Lawrence (General Features Writer) trouble with the poor creatures is they don't know where to start so they quickly get discouraged and quit. a man's first responsibility is to address himself to the bur- Hew Year's approaches, and!dens of the mortal body, comes the resolutions! ! "Ha!" observes our explo- Can and should a man sive lady friend, whose job.Want my advice?" make resolutions concerningis telling men how to wear! The question was rhetorical, his appearance during the a_Wales topcoat and general-'she warmed to the subject, twelve months ahead? !y butting in where angels'harpooning our lapels with a •NVell, we think so, and ought to fear to tread. "Ha!:stiff index finger: every year about this timelmen might keep their better- "first resolution men 'dress resolutions, if they knew gj^o^l^ j„al,e is to look their which ones to make. The We stoutly maintain that, after setting his soul in order, best at all times. It sounds too obvious to mention, I know. But if you men resolved just generally to dress better, you'd all improve 50 to 75 per cent overnight. "Second resolution: take care of the clothes you have, while you wear them and between wearings. Get better acquainted with your friendly neighborhood cleaner as an example since I know them best. "A man can buy a plastic raincoat for a few dollars. While it lasts, it will probably keep the rain off. But what does it do for the wearer? Strictly nothing. Look at group of business men dressed for the rain. Many of them wear cheap, floppy raincoats —anything to throw over a suit. Yet most are serious about business. They know it's important to dress well for their own confidence, and to make a good impression on customers and other executives. "Why, then, neglect their appearance when the weather's bad? Today we make raincoats that look as good as five topcoats. Men should—." We held up a restraining ^^^ihand, said we had all the tim presser. Hang one suit or one''" .^'^ ^fu ^ space; thanked the outspoken lady; and made our own first resolution: Never ask a woman about (men's clothing—unless you're iafter the real truth. coat on a hanger. "A clean shirt every day may be a luxury some can't afford, but most can. Polished shoes every day is a must [everyone can afford. "Spot on the tie? Unlessi USE ASHTRAY you know an expert, tie, Puttinf^ out a cigaret in the cleaning's pretty hard. Throw'coffee cup is a pretty messy out dirty ties. A woman is'ihabit. more impressed by a clean — 50-center than a grimy five- dollar tie. I AM/c Ooen "Third resolution: to the V/| JCII extent you can afford it, buy quality. It pays. I have a strong commercial interest in raincoats, but let me use themj Mon. Noon to P.M Wonderful TWEEDIES at Lau'i Quality pays, in an all-weather coat such as this hound's tooth check coat in loden green and black. Besides being rain-treated, it's warm and lightweight because of a new kind of foam lining laminated to the outer shell. At Our Beauty Salon oldbhins m Value Duart ^'Ezelok" Phone Here is what you get! Duart "Ezelok" Permanent wave, Regular .SIO; Creiue or Oil Sliain|)oo and Styled Hair ^eL Regular .S2. Tlii.s is a SI2 value for just S6..50. Save .S.'5..'50. Today! Appointments ncit always necessary. Goldblatt's, 3701 Durand Ave, TRUESDELL' "ONCE - A - YEAR WW Entire Stock on Sale! All furs ore regular Truesdell stock — not so-called "sale" merchandise. • All Prices Reduced! These are genuine price reductions not fictitious mark-downs from non-existent prices. • Prices Include Tax! No Extras! All sale prices include tax ... all price tags show regular price . . . and also Truesdell's now, low, low sale price! • All Furs Guaranteed Stock Includes OVER 200 Al! Sizes a All Lengths Some Only ONE-OF-A-KIND HERE IS BUT A PARTIAL LISTING of the OUTSTANDING SAVINGS YOU'LL MAKE at TRUESDELL'S-COME EARLY COATS Dyed Mouton Lamb Dyed Mouton Lamb Dyed Mouton Lomb Dyed Muskrat Coat Dyed Muskrat Coot Dyed Sheared Dyed Sheared Raccoon (Caromel) Naturol Sheered Roccoon . . Dyed Pony Dyed Block Persian Lamb Dyed Black Persian Lamb w/Naturol Ranch Mink Collor Dyed Brown Persian Lamb w/Noturol Lutetia Mink Collar Natural Grey Persian Lamb Natural Pastel Front Paw Natural Ronch Mink Sides Natural Ranch Mink Paw Natural Beaver Dyed Beaver (Beige* SIZE REG. SALE 16 36 120.00 7700 14 35 132,00 9900 16 43 220 00 176°° 1 2 42 297.00 242°° 16 '46 297.00 165°° 1/3 '2 374 00 29700 1 4 •36 627.00 396°° 16 Vj 495 00 385°° 14 36 165 00 88°° 16 3'. 7 20 00 485°° 1 C 4 3 869 00 693°° 1 (; 43 924 00 715°° 1' '•[. 594 00 440°° I 44 594 00 484°° 1 ? 4 4 7 1 6 00 495°° 1 4 36 660 00 418°° 14 •"2 880 GO 704°° 1 41 1320 00 1067°° JACKETS Dyed Mouton Lamb Dyed Muskrat Jacket Dyed Brown Porsion Paw w/Lutetio Mink Collar . . Dyed Muskrat Plonks w/Postel Mink Collar . . . Uatural Sheared Raccoon Dyed Brown Persian Lamb Dyed Brown Persian Lomb Naturol Grey Persian Lamb Dved Muskrat Flanks Dork Brown CAPES Blue Fox Cooplot Dyed Snuirrr) Pocket Stole Blue Fox Cone Dyed Snuirrel Pocket Stole Dyed Sftuirrel Pocket Stole . Naturol Chinchilla Wrap . . . SIZE REG. SALE 14,23 121 00 9900 16 21 2 ".9 00 165°° 14 ^-^l 25 3 00 198°° 18 2 5 1 -0 00 264°° 14 23 440 00 352°° 14 24 57 2 no 484°° 16 2^ 627 no 440°° 1 '. 2 1 4'- 4 "0 330°° !2 ! 2 1 ' ^n 154°° ., 9 ' .. 1 5 2 on 88°° '' -.^ 143°° . /16 231 no 165°° . /• 1 7 2no .-lO 154°° . ./ 1 9 231 no 176°° . .'12 66n no 440°° 22 Natural Mink Pocket Stoles—All colors and lengths from $275.00 up Many Others Not Listed Here - All Labeled to Show Fur Origin This Sale Includes MINK - Here Are Some Examples Natural Full Letout Mink Coat- Autumn Haze—Reg. .S2,860 . Natural Sapphire Letout Mink Coat—Reg, $2,860 ... *2,310 *2,200 'Natural Split Skin Autumn Haxe $OTC Mink Pocket Stole—Reg. $330 Z/ J Natural Letout Ranch Mink Pocket <>|On Stole. Reg. $528.00 Sale *fZ7 *EMBA Trademark FURRIERS EXCLUSIVELY SINCE 1895 2 CONVENIENT PAY PLANS . . Layaway or Time Payments Without Any Carrying Charge RUESDEIL RETAIL STORE 613 Wis. Ave. Bob Crimmings, Mgr. OPEN MON. 9:30-9 FACTORY Berlin, Wis.

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