The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 2
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FWDAY. JULY 17, 1934 MENUS OF THE DAY 2 cups fresh ham. chopped 1 ctip smoked ham. chopped JKOSTESS HEI/PS Prepared Foods Quick- 1 cup soft bread crumbs 1-2 teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon paprika 1 cap tomatoes 1 tablespoon chopped onions 1 tablespoon chopped green peppers ly Serves > Tbe 3ienn Assorted Canapes Cocktails Chilled Fruit Punch Beef and Cheese Rolls CHa.vor Improved Upon Chilling) 16 thin slices dried beet 1-2 ctip piiaiento cheese £ tablespoons mayonnaise 1-4 teaspoon chopped celery 1-4 teaspoon chopped onion 1-4 teaspoon chopped erreen pepper 1-4 teaspoon paprika Place beef on flat surface- Spread -writh rest of ingredients wfeich have been mixed with fork. Holl cp and hold in place -with j I 5? toothpicks- Chill for several ho>irs or longer. Kernove toothpicks and serve. Potato Chip Bits 36 crisp potato chips 1-3 cup sardines 1 tablespoon chopped celery 2 tablespoons butter, melted 2 tablespoons chili sauce Mix ingredients and pour into Creased loaf pas. Bake 50 minutes in moderate oven. Uximold and serve, cut in slices. Jellied Berry Tarts 6 baked tart shells 1 package lenaon flavored gela- ! tin mixture, 1 2-3 cups boiling water 2 tablespoons lemon juice JL — 2 OliT* I^* 1 * O^^i*! 1 S - tI*" P 3 f 2 cijps berries 1-2 teaspoon cinnamon Pour water over gelatin mixture and stir until dissolved- Add lemon, juice and Sirsperial sugar. Chill un- .hick. Add berries and chill. pour into tart cases, set in icebox until firm. Spread with whipped cream and serve. j Keep ice box supplied with fresh , t , ^ | frnits. They can be prepared quick- 1 tablespoon finely chopped ( ly and servcd in cocktails, salads Pickle i or as dessert. 1 tablespoon mayonnaise i'iums. pears, peaches, srrapes. oranges, cherries Arran?:e -ready TO serve heat 4 minutes in moderate oven, Crab Rolls IS thin slices -white bread 1-3 cup crabnieat 3 tablespoons chopped olives 2 tablespoons chopped pickles 1-3 cup finely chopped celery 4 tablespoons mayonnaise 1-4 teaspoon salt 6 tablespoons soft butter nmer serving, A mixture of wat- j ermelon and cantaloupe balls J very refreshing for appetizer or \ I dessert. j KEEP ICEBOX SUPPLIED A well supplied icebox durin: Preparatory to buna! in Indiana, the body of John Di!!in O er wa* handed over *o hi* re'- •"•-*; i-* f ~ This was the scene as the body wa* carried in an und«rtak«r»« basket from a Chicago moraut. (Ana c.sted Press Photo} - Oklahoma Has Plenty Of New Brooms For New Deal summer months saves much time { on * etrace for the housewife. Several kinds of I j salad dressings, various 'resh and j | canned fruits, ic-e cream sauces and ! Select very fresh bread, cut in I cheeses can easily be stored. slices and remove crusts. Spread •with rest of ingredients and roll Tip tishtly. TV rap in -^-axed paper, damp cloth and chill in icebox. Oltve Curls IS plmiento stuffed olives IS on& and one-half inches bacon Wrap bacon around olives, holding in place -with toothpicks. Ar- rajigre on shallo-w pan. TThen time to serve, broil 5 minnies. Meals FOR TWO Breakfast HAM LOAF FOR SOTDAT Breafcfast Fresh Pineapple. Chilled Omelet Broiled Baccn | Buttered Toast Coffee 1 B Inner j Sara !*6af Creamed Potatoes j Buttered Lima Seans Bread Peach Jam Jellied 3-erry Tarn Coffee Supper Stuffed Tomato 5a.iads Sherbet Iced Tea Ham Heady Cooked Wheat Cereal Graham Muffins Coffee Luncheon Creamed Sjrirs on Toast Fresh Onions Radishes Sliced Peaches Tea " Dinner Broiled Steak Buttered Potatoes Asparafrtrs Salad Graham Muffins (6) 1-2 cup craham flour 2-3 cup flour 1-4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon soda. 4 tablespoons Imperial sugar JIFFT CAKE RECIPE Dinner for Three Savory Stuffed Feppers ! Hashed Brown Potatoes j Bread Raspberry Jam I Vegetable Salad 2 cups seeded -white or red 5 grapes, | ?i cup almonds. j ~2 cup diced canned plne*n>pic- j 1-& teaspoon salt. fcur \vater over gelatin mixture CHOCTA\V COUNTY COURTS Jiffy Cake (Already frosted) Iced Tea Savory Stuffed Peppers 3 peppers ± tabiespoo^is bacor fat 3 tablespoons chopped onions 3 tablespoons chopped celery 1-2 cup cooked m-eat. chopped I-2 cup crumbs I tablespoon butter or gravy 1-4 teaspoon salt 1-4 teascpoon paprika. j and stir until dissolved. Ad 1 fruit (j^'crs and cool until littl« ttuck I Add lest of ingredients. ?our to »thickness of 1 73 inches in shallo-w ITth Judi*-ia! District George T. Arnett, judge New Caures FHe<l Homer Fry vs. Willie Martin Fry. divorce: Jerry F. Frost vs. mayonnaise. Omelet Suggestion pan. Chill until stiff. Cut in J-illie May Frost, divorce: Kay- 1 squares and serve on lettuce with.' mond Snow vs. £stelle Snow, divorce; BiLlie Terry vs, A. X. Terry, divorce: KenrietB Honors, vs. Deas- sie Horton, divorce; Robert Lee Hoberts vs. Theima Mae Roberts, ] , j divorce; Lena May . fork for stirr=" S onselet i Givorce; 1 - ena >iay ^°'- o s vs.-AVU-j ril! make .s r.of fy product, i :iain S ' Horton - divorce: National j Wash peppers. Remove and dis- 1 card seeds and pulp. Heat fat in j frying- pan, ace anc bro^-n onions i use a and it Breakfast .Menm Cantaiouae •. ,, „ . . _, : •a - , ., ~T -, , i S. i-awcett, garnisnment; First; Reaay ^oo.^ed Corn Cereal K- a , ional Bank and Trust company 'iBank of ommerce vs, J. R. Pew. foreclosure; B. F. Thielen vs. L. i i 1 tablespoon fat, melzed •a*eTsj iiix ingredients. 3ea.t one min- CaKe i 3 te. Half fill grreasec muffin pans {and bake 15 minutes !n moderate SUREBEST Potato Chips 5c and IDc Sold B? Tonr Grocer and celery. dients, mix -n-ell. Stuff pepper cases. F:: into small pan. Add! 1-3 Inch » itsr. Bake 30 minutes,! —55 Oraeiet Coffee FREE This Week At Bomar's Eat Shop South 19th Street Forroeriy "Wfaite's Ear Sbop give a drink TH.HE this -week -srl^h eacr: order of 19c or rncrs. \1SIT US CURB SERVICE • Creamed Esss On Toast J 3 pieces hot. buitered toast i 2 tablespoons butter 1 - tablespoons flour | I cup milk I 1-4 teaspoon paprika i 1-3 teaspoon salt \ 2 hard cooked ec-srs. sliced I peppers ! j 2 tablespoon chopped parsley i i 1-4 teaspoon celery salt i j Melt butter, ace flour. "?rien { i blended add milk and seasor.insrs. \ \ Cook until creamy sauce forms. } * Stir constantly. Ac5 e~:rs. peppers, j parsiey and celerj- salt. Cook one j sninute. Serve poured ever tcast. J "arr.lsh with parsley, and serve. 1 Asparasra.s Salad [ 6 stalks cooked asparagus ! 1-2 cup sliced cucumbers { 1-3 teaspoon [ 4 tablespoons French, dressing: ' M-ii and chill in.crecierits- Serve ; Vegetable Salad 2-3 cu;» d:ced cooked beets, 2 hard cooked eg^s. diced, 2 raclespoons sour pickles, 2 ta.tfl€sr>oons chopped onions, 1~4 toaspocn • 1-4 teaspoon pa.prika_ 75 cup salad cressinir. Chili insrr&dients. Combine and serve on crisp cabbage leaves. Frwit >Te^Iey 1 cup diced apncots -~- cup sl:c-ed oransres. 2--S cup Irr.periai su^ar. Chili ingrredier-ts. Serve in glass cups. -Jiffy Cafec {Already 2-3 cup Imperial = ~: cup milk- I Buttered Toast j Lnncheon >Ienu Peanut Butter Sandtviches ice<i Tea i Sliced Peaches Susar Cookiee • Dinner Menu. I Buttered \%"ajce< i Bro-svn Potatoes i Dutch Spinach I Bread Blackberry Jam. j Stuffed Peach. Salad I Spong-e Cake Coffee I Kecipe* For Three | I>ut-ch Spina<±i f of Oklahoma City, trustee, vs. Jo- i seph McKinney, ct aL quieting title; >Toodsv[Ile Guaranty Savings bank, a corporation, vs. Dave Baker. S. R. Baker, et aLL OKLAHOMA CITY. <& — Rep- resetttative EL W. MarJaud. Democratic nominee for K° v e*~nor. •will have plenty of **new brooms'* for the new deal" he promised Oklahoma. Shuffling many incumbents into the discard, the voters have dealt an almost completely revised legislature into office* returned caly four or the state's nine Democratic congressmen and generally chose Alarlacd supporters. although Marland decline! to earmark his men. When and if Marland takes office as Oklahoma's chief executive next January, he will work with a legislature in which there will be a few holdover members from the regime- of Gov. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray. However, sorae of the bitterest Murray foes were beaten, among them Senator George Jennings of Sapulpa, while some Murray ad- iierenis were returned. Fifteen representatives and 'our senators were defeated while eight house members and one senator won renomin&tion in Tuesdays run-off primary. The I>eni6cratic nominees, whose election is considered assured, include: Congress—Rep. Will Rogers, at large; Rep. Wesley • Disney, first district: Jack Xichols. second district; Rep. Wilburs Cartwright. third district; P. 1^. Glassaway, fourth district; Josh Lee, fifth district: Rep. Jed Johnson, sixth district; Sam Massingaie, seventh district; Phil Ferguson. eighth district. However, in the eighth. Republicans often win. The nominee la T. J. Sargent. Lieutenant Governor—James £L Berry- Attorney General—Mac Q. Williamson, Secretary of State—Frank C. Carter. State Treasurer—Hugh Harrell. j State Superintendent — John Vaughan. Supreme Court Clerk — Andy Payne. Labor Commissioner — W_ A. ' Pat Murphy. Charities Commissioner — Mrs, Mable Bassett. I Board of Agriculture President —Harry CordelL State Examiner —- John Rogers, Chief of Mine Inspector—Robert H. Brown, Supreme Court Justice. Third datriet— - Sujurtme Court Justic*. S*v«ntl& District —Thoma* L. Gibsonu Supreme Court Justice. FourtM District — N. ft. Com. JDfnner Scrvlnc Two Browned Fish Buttered Lima Bean* Stuffed Tonaatoe*. baked Bread Currant Jelly Radishes Chilled Watermelon Cof f e» Saturday Specials 'and A Lot More Not Listed Here! Cliquot Club GINGER ALE, 2 15-02. bottles .. White JUICE, Quart Swan GRAPE 35* Flavoring, VANILLA, 8- 02 ~ -I ftd Bottle ....... JLV V SALAD DRESSING Quart Jar ........ 25c TV« ha.v« Just killed som* mighty fine TVhite Face cattle from Mac Smiley and Carl McTOTaorter herds, Thi* meat ia on *al« now- Gallon 95c Lipton's TEA, 1-4-Lb. Pkg. . . PORK & BEANS 4 Cans 3aby LIMA BEANS, 3 Lbs, WALDORF TISSUE, 3 rolls .. Palmolive SOAP 5 Bars 25* Cream CHEESE, Lb. . . OLEOMARGARINE, Pound -. ROUND STEAK Pound ...... LOIN STEAK, Pound 25* Here Is One Yon Shonld Bay— 1 Qnart Bottle Hypro. I \Vhi5k Oo^et BrttsH. 1 Can Saul- flush 49c GROCERIES 69* 55 19* Laundry SOAP 25* VEGETOLE, 8- Lb. Carton .... Pure Cane SUGAR. .10 Lbs. . . Crvstal Wedding OATS, Lg. Pkg. White 12 Bar s ....,- CHOCTAW COU>TT COURT Tom Hunter, jud^re V.'alter G. Moort. disturbing the peace, griilty. judsrment and, Tine; Spiced ' j. B, Cary, disturbance of pea.ce- \ I fine and costs. 3 slices bacon. 1-4 teaspoon salt. 1-4 teaspoon pakrika. 1-4 teaspoon celery salt, 2 tablespoons vinegar, 2 hard cooked eggs, sliced, ] Thoroughly •wash spinach; Real Estate county to J, K. | lians, lo; 3, block Z5, ciry of ! tax deed; Sheriff Chocta^*- county] I to "Windsor Tmst company, 1 j acres sec. 15 T53, RISE; Farm and '{ j Home Ix>sn Co.. to G_ C- i I hell et ux. north half of lot 4. i block 35. Springs A'idn., Hugo. SUGAR, cloth bag 10 Lbs.. 55c Folger's Coffee, 2- Ib. Can .. 63c WESSON OIL . 19c Ot, ..37c SNOWDRIFT 6-Lb. Pail 69c Crystal White Giant Soap 6 Bars 25c Palmoiive Soap 3 Bars 15c 3Pkgs 27c 25c Beans Caznp- 2cans15c S01F f Ln Toilet 3 Bars 21c : On* JMovi* Star FVoto Fr*e ~-?z cups flour. Crearri butter anc Imperra.! S^r. AC'I rest of ingredients and 'jbeat'Z mi nuts- Pour intr. <!*•»=- ; Spread -with topping', i I teaspoc-n cinnamon. 31iic<*it5«s IsssctI i four waiers. Add -rrater and boil \ Morris Kilman to Sdith Lans- 1 i sentiy in covered pan 15 mrnuiee. I ford. Durant; Turalee Johnson to J ! Chop a little v.-iih knife, pour in- • Ald-a Randolph. V.'rig-ht City.; j to colander and drain. Cut bacon i James Alvin McNeal to Dovie Ab- 1 into small pieces, cook in frying! emathy. Hugo; Jaiues Ray Miller [pan until crisp, pour lat and ba- ; l ° -" lrs - AnT1 Speaks. Antlers. j con over spinach and add rest of : s ^ u 're Weaver. Vailiant, to Beth- \ i Blackberry Jam, Spiced. [ S cups berries. Malone. Vireil; Calvin Dick-{ i «y to Alice Shehar.. Grant; 3- W | ilatlock. Kug-o, to Adell Sheets, 1 Scper; Clyde: V, iiullins to Fan- to shaliQ-w; paper. I Coisparsy For ^SJenu Can Be £er*.-ed For Menu For J£l*cht Chilled Dicec Fruit and f '^ ' ^ ir & ^ - r* ,~ \f ~ *- »^s Biscuit Cases -uffed Olives Celery Carl^ Hot Re Us Currant Jam 5 cups Imperial sugar. 1 H-rnon. ~s cup oras^e juice. 2 teaspoons cinnamon. I teaspoon cloves. 1 teaspoon nutmeg. 1-4 teaspoon salt. Carefully v.-ash a_n«3 stem berries- XVash lemon, cut into very thin slices a.nd discard seeds. A'Jd : iemon and berries to rest of in- i irrsdie.nt.'i. I>et stand 15 minutes,; j nie Jones, Tyler; Joel A. Walker | j to .DoHie Ma.e T&ylor. Antlers. I I Oallas Mulanajc to Corda >?ae | j Jones, Xesrley: Vince Smith to SI- j ' ten Frances Grant; Bin | ; Cokcr to Coriane • Huso. Chevrolet trucfc. Southland Cot- f ton Oil Co.. Huso Milling Co.; j Chevrolet coupe. Gene Self. Ha^o. ! Dodge, sedan. four-<Joor. Mrs. Ger- | trude " Traynor, Hu^o: Cb*-vrolet 1 master coach, Hobbs VC"e»t.«m Co». j St- Louis. Mo.: Plymouth two-door j Emrna Johirson. Hu^O; \ \ Chevrolet stdars. E- I* Ayles. = Orange Sherbet Coffee Sait*<J Nuts riiscken and Maslirooras | 5 va.bles>oonE butter. • i 5*rspo<:<ns fiour. | 2 cups miik. | 6 cup cream, s nn5 wit.i wooden spoon jam becomes thick. This TriU '<uire about 46 misutes. Staffed Pcacfa Sal»d 3 halves peacnes. j Hnso; ChevroJe , coach , Mrs . Ho , ] ~t C'-P cottage cnee«e. | ^^ Collins. HUKO; Chevrolet se- j I tablespoon chopped celery. \ &&„ JoeJ S. Grists. Grant; Ply- 1 1 tab espoon chopped gre*n pep- | ~iouth coupe, Chocta-w county. I I 1-3 t-»aspoon salt. j ? i "? — 2 CTSjO *5?*^Sti dr^*S25*T^2L " I Chfll ingredient*. Mix table- ; itSKxvn <5ressirsir with cheese, celery j>«pper and salt. Stuff peaches. ! Serve on lettuce and surround , «1tb remafning dressing:. Serve I 1 SUREBEST ...... SKced Bread . . . It'* Dated Always Fresh .. !-•« teaspoon paprika. • 2-4 teaspoon celery saJt. tos. : peppers Cc-D'jk^d), ; 2 cups '-ivi'C cc-oXe < 5 ci'.lck*T!. ' I cu'* tTo**"He4 njuj?iuroojC53!, i riiz'?^ aid milk ar.d cream, cook! und' ereair.y gauc< forms. StJr i conEtantly. Acd re?: of inured- | tents, cook 2 minutes. Serve in I patty or biscuit cases. { Z etips p&jstry n S teasfi«.ns ba ^ teasjK>or3 East +, tsbiesjxxtns Bu 1 i-4 coj>* isilk. i»iz Hour, b&fci' sals. Cur in butter u ntr »of: dough fori»« y pat «ntji - Js inch thick. Cut ou « Myw is. 'Ptajc* i»Jscait in of rncffln ^>&r,, p3ac«? 2 Jti I/ars, faa.vl« i/owoer r-n<< ur^ *,r> - with f«*rk- Continue until muffin uae<i.. Sake 12 Gr»r*c Oelattn package lemon gelatin -mixiure. '1% cup* b«UD5sr water, t-*'"eap .orange ; l«ice. 1 tabie«po<«i lemoa BANANAS Golden ORANGES " 2 LEMONS CABBAGE Size Large Size Green . 5c Doz... 27c Doz... 19e Lb. 4c POTATOES, No. 1 Red, Home Grown. 10 Lbs.. 19c Nectar Tea ^ A&P Grape Juice PinfXScQt.Bot.27c Rajah Vinegar Pints 8c Qt. Bol Libby's Tomato Juice 2 Cans Life Buoy Soap 3 Cakes io,c Rajah Salad Dressing Pints I7c Puffed WHEAT . Pkg. . lie Quaker CRACKLES ... 12c Buffcio MATCHES 4c White King SOAP, em. . . 6c Raisin BRAN . . Pkg. . . 13c Q. M. CHILI SAUCE, bot. 19c Ions PEACHES, Ig. can . 16c Ion a PEAS, No. 2 Can .. 15c Shredded WHEAT, pkg. 12c Blue Ribbon MALT 60c A&P MATCHES, 2 boxe» 9c Pacific PAPER, 3 roll* . 13c 8 o'CIock Coffee Mild md MeUow Pound 19c Uneeda Vanilla Briehtons .. Lb.... Package 18c Uneeda Baker's Appeteasers Pkg. 12c IVORY SOAP FLAKES I LARGE PACKAGE «nd lOc PACKAGE One Deal To C«§tom«r Sliced BACON Dccker '« T »" Ko ™ 2 Lbs. 39c STEAKS, Round, Loin or T-Bone.... Pound 15c VEAL CHOPS, 2 Ibs. 25c Seven STEAK, Ib lOc STEW MEAT, Ib 6c Ground MEAT, 3 Ibs. 25c CHEESE. Texas Lonjrhorn Pound 15c SHORTENING (Bulk), Flake White 3 Lbs. . 25c PICNIC HAMS, 4 to 6 Lb. Average Pound... 15c

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