The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 8
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EIGHT THZ DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. FRIDAY. MAY 27, 1931 HBI^BfifcsfcirtHBlHHHBBBI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^*^*^^ n.« mfln BY AMABEL McELLIOTT ! MOTHER NATURE'S'CURIO SHOP BCCIX HERE TOD AT SCSAX CAREY. 39 «·« b«-«atl- f*L to l» l»v* wHk BOB Ol- BAJU ··» o/ · ·Jllteulrr. at- tk«ncm «fce I" *mf*fr4. tt EREST HEATB. fc*r formter f--»loy*r. She kcItoTe* B»fc U *·£**** · BKXISB ACKHOT1J. ·*rt«y Klrl. BEX ·f S Tbwe 1« nothing more to MJ. right. B. wlUJac » talk tur«j is ' bad tbe «aci«at wjaar. pl*ao. Th. I rcess." a d »y or t * 3 " wbota . iace reminded bisn dielj of His father detained bias -Where Mr. Dusbar ract h S3 mother', froat parlor. »]»" do Vou tbi'k vou're so!=gr' for bl* BecreUry aod demanded tte uncompromising!? clean and tbe -Ba-k to mv deek of coarse ' telepcone directory. He t*d a sxxl, trilled whiu curtain, ehowed no I Mr. DtiBbar .tood up. eaopbas 1 .*- mwrorr «od there Cashed into b'.e ' s!*n of tee usaal^ Chicago Krisne. HC- tor t« toimer »«mir*r j ng jj«, words w!tn a sisaklcc for*- mind tbe naae Bob cad dropped ! iV. ·*··«· ·« H "Vu *,!£ Scger -You'r* to do nothing of the earJier in tbe coorersatton. The . ' I «»*. « «riy w*rf- sind." be announced Tstil th!. gSr!'» came «as Carey She UreO ; ·nawcn *« »·»·»·· ajjaij. 8 s^ti'ed you're persons non with her aunt Jessie. Bob had Mid., rather 111 at ease. Tne girl wbo grata tn this office Do you ooder- on tbe west elde. Hii spataUte j faced bini waa tall and tlender. Her stand*" ' t h u m b ran do»n the list of tele-fdreas r'. black woolen ttttff h»d a It was a blow bat the boy gare phone subscriber*. Sure enough. I nun-like frill of white '. the threat, other than the darkening there was the name. In fcl* smalL The man noticed that her skin had neat, copper-plate script ihiabar'ac ex'-'or'ilaary. t» jslncent fair "Very we!! sir if that's the way wrote tbe street number in bis , ness and that «a» wore no makeup. you fee'l about it." He turned again pocket address book. H might b* Her je» were enormous. tk* with »«k'«. At a M«ki ··' ( a* »i* so sign M 1Jtt «"* .4 orcM a«r RMfh o»er- «ar*« J f l t |S but ««» lather's bellowing roJce ar- hacdy to bare durmg the oe« few rested hisi. : ~Wbat do you think you're going days. As the g' adranced Dunbar began to *prak quickly and glibly. If Susan was not the sort of person troam th* rmfffrmrat. *n.» ·»«. B*a Ja*( «» ae U aaovl to a«a - . a trala Cor JC*w York. SOW CO OS WITH THE STOUT CHAPTER XLV T«KE e'.der Dunbar glared at his tail so=. "What's that you re ^^'^ hu=drVd« "of ster7dorea' wa. It Hot Spring*. She wa.'onejboy would !· quite different from saysngr he d«=ia=ded. I can t ^ trucknjen wr ^ af tbe , tre0U i of ,K OM f re tful. chronic InTallda. marriage te the heir of million., seem to get what you're driving at." i ook!nK for wo .-k, Tbcy can't find Her husband was reliered that! "I'm Bob Dunbar's fatber." be Deliberately Boh repeated. ~I told !t _ what makes you think you there was no necessity of eiplain- s began. Susan waa not surprised, you. sir. I expect to be married next can?" " ' mg the situation to her. To bis father's surprise aad irrt- .. liTe7n~you young Td'iotT !f flurn tation. Bob did not come round. The j he had expected to ae*. he gare no voa out?" servants reported th« be had re- sign. His method of attack was ~ simple He would play oa her better feeling. He would make her see that marriage »lih a penniless The- youth »a!d jcritoly. "1 sup- turned home around noon, had et a Job." i packed a bag aad departed without You're rery optimistic. learing any word. Mra. Duabar I can "You do' j Prom Bob the nignt before .he had j heard the whole story. "I don't . . . HTHE t»r did not answer for an - . JTER a day of waiting during ; waat TOU to tbink." the man pur- Tbe «: M .tood .at 1 ^ Then ,,. ^ ^. \ £ Q ^ | . ntd wlnalns 7 . -that £»·«»£ alanBinsIy on the forehead of the .. whose {au!t ls ,. f rm ugeUsl? lmpalre( i the older man j her » !n « «"t«ioBl.Ue mood. On man in the snivel chair "You're when 1 wanted to study agrlcul- ^appea out a course of action, j th « TM"TMT. \ feel «ry friendly trying to tell mo--you bare the ture. tbo only thins I cared about. Hard-shelled autocrat that be was. "*«* J° a *** now tnat l Ta seen ing a nobody. You know very «H ^""^^ " - j ^ n "^ o^r^l^'^ ^ ! «·». " I o n l r w a n r t o m a k . i t it's been understood you're to ^ waa b^,..,,,,. i was bor ed stiff.. the " K i rt and talk a little sense to ! c!ear teat there were good reasons marrv Derise." i But you had your way aad t h a t ' her I for mr b « haT! « " l did when ^ Bob sh-u-sed his shou'.ders "M 3» you cared about." Bob. He trown ed with distaste as his i 5 0 n toid . m » hls plana -Thaf, i-i^ !·' - he said t h r e w hls J ' oung eho ' jl(Sers back an1 ' tail, bumping along the shabby side ( lm " ra "^ T e ?,. -Thats he said. . ^^ fa;s pareQt d c f i a n t l y _ . Tbl , ,, w a u WM J u s l . here he «hook his His father rarred out. "1M,at s oce { , me you ., e no , goinR , o haTe as hft faad eilw:tcd _ a hoa!6 !B a tremely fickle. Perhaps you do not Just JtT You're talking rot this it:" he said. "I'm going to marry : ..,,,, ot brare run-down dwellings kcow lhat De ls Tlrtual 'y bound !n Susan no matter what happens." p, adly ce ed!ng'paint. ; another agreement.' He paused to The older man gare a sharp, re- "Wait for sae." he commanded laugh an-i spread his hands the driver Ducbar rans the bell h» «='.!. "but don't w i t h some trepidation. It was not ·»«».· understand. P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be sur- . ; passed. -"- Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth St. at Pa. B- B. Phone 90S. Tbe "F^^ies" ii-tuc:-. Sash above the j ash. It b lava that has been Kowa . ra'.er of a volcano are -.he reflec-! ^iu Jroth. cooled, and siatlered :n:o _ '-.:ons of the molten la-.-a on the clouds glassy particles by the explosive lorces i ,ni and smoke. Th« ^rm. "Vol-joi the enptJon. Snail amousu c-f ig=::e. 11 Tasty Food for Memorial Day Spend the holiday in the open. Pack a ia-ty luncheon of M Qual-iv Foods. AVe are ready 10 supply your needs, ai H Quality Barings. 1 same Ash." Bob tried patiently to explain "You talked me into that engagement. You and mother-everybody." co;E! w h l n ! c = to me w b e n , h i nt , a "I suppose you don't know your go uroag:" "I won't." Cob promised grimly ' In. Susan said. "I'm afraid 1 don't _ generally rsecl to describe ! hydrogen and sulphur wKnetiia H ; -.olcanoes. ba: :; is r.o: a describegflfi^ j bu: ttieae flames are only g -h fine dusty ma:-er:a! blown 'rom vol- S canons, b'j: :'. is no: a material tha: has s seen expend to Sre. and is noi a true NEXT: Ho»' was the Srsi flashl^ht made? own aiind. hey? 1 mast say. young; man. 1 t h i n k you're behaving devilish bad fashion. First you gl^e us to understand that you want to marry Deaise. Then you cotae around with a cock and bull story one you picked UP Got! knows where!" Bob gripped his hau!s against In The door slammed The father con errand but It was one i Ur - D«nbar smiled. "Of course he must go through with whether jo- don't my dear young lady or not he liked It i ha " sur f d he " ?*" SCamp TM°' M A lean, gray haired woman In a "«w fe!1 TOU about bouse n u s ij The rhccks and !y. The boy wouldn't died la bis "We don't want to buy anything." q u ' 'T he smiled shrewd she began firmly. Then, struck by i , The ttr. t. ,. . I. b,r alter-. I».rlo 8 . · r jaw dropped. I know you're xo-.m« mm eiporien-ed thess flur ' Carev.~ uiiabar said in "his courtli- *TM* ^ his way Hia mother and "-'·- or emotion over a pretty face, est manner. "Is she in?" i ' tce! *"' «n th« subject of his The marrying Deals*. In but there was no sense In taking "Oh. y C3 "Is she In?" I'll call her." the back of the chair until the the thing seriously: The girl was gray-haired woman gavo him an j f u t u r e tic-pends upon ft- His grand = held in I | t »» «.» O I «*.» -i*t»»* i; v* «-.i_»-Ji»»rf ^ w - « t..^-. *-»* j . . , . . i knuckies stood out. "ni have to undoubtedly a common little place : other penetrating look and then in- ; | a ^" f * r m °^ 6? Robert will receive S ' Party in Honor Of Daughter. | Weybrighi. Shirley Berkowich. Dons 1 ' A pa-".y was he-d at the home o! \ Ecker. Charlotte Bagent. Shirley Ecker. 1 : MEE. and Mrs. A. Mehrl« Ecker. Thur- ! Bonnie WastSer. LuciUe Dinner, EcUt-i s mom. Sunday afternoon, in honor of i Wastler, Helen Ruby. Gladys Ruby. H -hea-' daughter. Aurdie. who has t Evelyn Whitmore. Bemice Tressler, 1 just recent!-,- "arriv-ed home. alter! Janice Ruby, and Jane Ruby. 1 spondaic nearly three years in Ca^- ! Merhle Ecker, Jr.. Eugene Ruby, Delg Jomia. Thyty-three " children at,- ' mar Lawyer, Albert Barely Ecker. Ray 8 i tended. Those present were: Mr. and i Weddle. Jr.. Charles Arbaugh. ClJaries S ' Mrs. A M. Ecker. Mrs. Harvey Tr*ss- j Tressler, Edwin Danner. Ross Firor. S ier of Luilestown Pa.: Mr. aad Mrs : J r . Ernest Hitchens. Billy Bagent. Joe I ' Morris Wastler. Mrs. Charles Wnit-1 Kitchens. Jack Kelly, Ralph Arbaugh. 1 ' more. Mrs. Earl Bagent Misses Audrie! Cannel Kelly. = i Ecker. Bonnie Creager. Mary Jane Ar- j « * fcaugh. V,*ir.i(red Ecker. Mary Ruth ' Say ^ou saw it in The News. ask you to take that back." he said who had her eye on Bob's inherl- vited him to enter. ·with deadly quiei. "I've toid you all about her. There's n o t h i n g the matter with her f a m i l y She bap pens to be poor--that's all." tancc. What was it Boh had said she did? Worked in an office sonic- where Young fool: . And yet u n w i l l i n g l y tho father v.aitcd In the small living room ha when he is 25 on the condition = It . t f a t De TM ar " e3 wl .X°. OUr * ppr ° Tal !^ 0 " see - He smiled at ner. ~!arcci about with annoyance. not at all the sort of Interior ho had expected The old rosewood : " Yoy mea3 - then - «*') Su!2r .-hairs, carved and upholstered i3.f ! "wlr. -that It would ruin Bob's at each other. The younger moved ; "Didn't t h i n k he bad It tn him." he the manner of the 'SO's. had a de- j " fe lr ne ^ ere to to^rry me? toward the door. j muttered "He'll come round all ' cent self-respect about them. So j (To Be Continued) The two men continued to stare admired tbe boy for his defiance I BPIDGE at the EXPCRTS PLAY IT BURNSTIXE'S PLAY SHOWS ADVANTAGE OF PROVIDING FOR BAD BREAKS BY WM. E. McKENNEY Secretary American Bridge League Today I present to you Daxid Bum- sune. who wl:h his parser. Howard Schenken. -js ho'.der of tin: cmc-e^. Natior-al Masters Contract Pr.-.r so.d trophy. This ever.t is open o:-..y to players who haie 'sfcn a nauona". chani- piooship. sr.d to ^ri.T '.h- cup *-s a real achiievesnent. a-I "he op^'^ ars sxpenj. Mr. 3f^r,E-.;re ts a rrernoer el the fanious 'Pour Hcrs?n-.en" tam. whc*e msicbers en-.p'.oy the on? cr.^ s\v- t«K of scr.trac" c-'.-Jcir.?: rtt^s their owi; vsriaaoE. lr. orcer that o'her bridge pliyers ai.ght tzsderstsisd it. Mr B-im- stine recency published 3 bo-rs rn th" systen: p'-ay-ed ty h» :eam Mr. Burn^une. ir. acd.t-Dn :o the National Movers Contract Pair c.-vn;- pionsh'.p. hrJds -arith has teammates the natter a; chalkr.?? contract ·e.=m-of- four cfeajnp!tNnshrr sr.d the's av.c- t:on taam of four charr.pion,i.-.:p H' :· also a member of the toan-. that ;oin'_- ry noitis the r.atior.a! ~.xed con.rac: teain-o'-fc-ur cha--p.crjh.? Ke hi-perhaps one of -,he rour.trr'5 mow enviable records in h^ f-rjt year as e to3-.Iiament player ilr. -is the f:"oiMnc interesun* hand. v,^.;rh sho?s a r-".av ·srhich ir.UEt be un-.rd exact:- rich- second time the opponents were in :i:c i lead .t Li to his advantage. ' He. therefore immediately returned n small heirt from dummy, plsyta;'. ·hf jack r.r.S kn-rkir.c out East's ace · Ex-l rcv.rncd the ten of dLimomis.' t ^ f ^ ^.^ t . · «ai won in dummy with ihe o f the teeth, the bones of the jaw and j A small trump *as led and won by! Mr. Btirnstme -a-ith the kmc He llien ' :· firr.ed another tiurnp ;o dumrr.yo r.ce Th" next p'.ay «as to ruff aum- ! r.:? s lint diamond. Mr. then ' led a! heart, winning in dummy v. .:h ihe i^r.E ; T?o nior" raunds p* hearts w e r e ' taken - :p on which the declarer d^card- ecl fAJ clubs, i! East -A ere new to irutr.p the '.ti-'t hear:, h? w-ould be fore- . ed to '.v?.c: either .-ii» ncc of clubs or t to load a diinwr.d. which can be raffed ' in one har.d and a shiff taken in the other If he had refused to trump. Mr Burr-fW.e i. c".i'.d ha\e returned a trurr.p from di:r:-p.-.v. throw ing Enst in the leaJ -nc East v- r^li ;-.o\v be sr. the frame ffightonovertfie , old wallpaper You is"-ll notice that if the declarer had led tramp before hear;* the elt^n:- nati~ci and throxc-m play would h=i\p been killed, as Ea^t ^ould r.i\c hao a h»art for an e\i". card TOMORROW- Oswald Jacohv. the fourth member of tbe Four Horsrmm and one of the same's Rreatest stn- drntt. pr«~irn!s his favorite hand. its that are associated with develop- j the past. Science in this way men: of ma':occIU5ion, which means; much for human happiness, .mprorer cicsing of the teeth and-JAWS [ Br-"a:::!!-.!; through the mou'.h. vuck- i _ ^ :r.2 the thumb .me! s-T.'Jar bod habiu | n-.av be arsocinted w:th bad formation! i the nuiseles which control them. The won:y biby lee:h of infancy begin f r.:^ippear aroiui-i the age of sis. a: v.hjrh time aL'o the 'car b.g s:\ year rnoi.irs anpeir Ur.l-^ss there -s a full nun-.'ocr of healthy teeth in tl'-c mouth at each age. they will no: be properly arranged r.or w-^1 they close prcperiy Each tooth depends on the on? next to ;t ("r snppor: If anv g:\:ip6 o! teeth 3r-- pushed on- of position the ·A hole sot becomes irregular. Tl-.e orthodontist Is a specials In ree'-lar.ty of the iJ~cth Throuch cracua! cliar.KA; e\err-*ed s: certain T^:n:"= the teeth are trciichi int proper ;x-isi'.or. This is cione by the tise of wire and of co'.d. and must be dr-r.; slowly 2nd carefully so as not tt destroy the teeth in the process It is a, r-r. - _-trv wmch concerns the ordinary care of the feth I: _·= n- V--i:ier n-xcssary for any z:rl to appear In public after she has srown to mature af e with teeih cross- | mg over one another or with the pro- j trucin:: ns::g teeth that ca-.e ,··' n-.sny women a appe-iranre .r. that won t rub off P H O N E COUNTRY DRIED APPLES 3ibs.25c SHREDDED WHEAT IQ . FINE LO(TSE COFFEE ib. 15c WATER LILT FLOUR 12 ib. sk. 25c FRESH CORNMEAL5ibs.l2 FRENCH'S MUSTARD Jar MILD CREA3IY CHEESE ib. 17c FRESH AVHITE-SWEET Luf s Stuff Dependable. A fa:-.hfu: ^·-··.r. :he ir.:lkin» v.!v) c,-rr,e^ carh rr?rr.:r;c nrsc S"-^ iJvmt his daily b 49 V9-8-' 6 5 7-6 AK-J-8-6-4 VJ-3 *7-3 4.K-5-4-3 7 ^ NORTH f- OJ 6 f ^ ""* Dealer SOUTH 4Q-10- 2 VA-5-2 4J-1O- 9-4 4.A-9-8 j AA-7-5-3 VK-Q-10-', *A-K-2 : *J-2 - :lv bottle's ·li'sfiys s::;lr.; ·--· -Tr.rhas-.zc --.e Jr.deec he is a fa.t^.ful youl sr.- brir.cs th- mils :u:ce ciily. a=i so no ma"-T -oha' h» swi. LABORATORY YIELDS NEW FACTS ON KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN Its "Bulk" and Vitamin B - Help Relieve Constipation: Also Has Blood- building Iron SOLD BT Eastvcav Stores. Inc. P. L Harwell Co.. Inc. Allen G. Qiiynn Co. \ Sccgcr Company -- X A Lt HEALTH Bj DR MOK.HIS FTSHBSIN. -. J;=rr*' Ot *rrrr-r»3 M'i.-» Xew laboratory exper:rr.ents demT.stra'.e that KfVt^cc's Ali!'-K.\x ha? s.iif-.-iO-t "b-i-K" ' · e-r- ^ r ^ . - o ''-.«· s-.tesV.-.cs. a? '':""· a V;tar-.-..- K to bf'p '-or.c t'-.c ir.te? tract. In 2dc-.: ; ."Ti. K COUNTRY j COUNTRY BUTTER LARD 2 «»· 15 c CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP cans 25 HALF FI.VT JAK OF GEM MAYONNAISE AND A JAR OF ~t ft FRENCH DRESSING--THE TWO JARS FOR i l l / JOHNSON'S j GLO-COAT or 1 60c BOTTLE OF Liquid Wax i Cello Wax Liquid Veneer i T^ - i A*1 pint j /O c P mt f r / c potato is a member of the morninc glory family. The bid one spaie Th»v ·_=; ? . C r.= v ^r .--^ passsd aid Sou-'n c.i -.-.-·« f.sciss the coatrsct to Ic-ir t,-trec7 leavir.5 an Of CrooVfd T«lh. vrar* a r.?r. ?p?y As laaarr ..n-d by rr Fr..r.-; A T'arjS l.:?ral.y v arr tiujzp :f he so cai.rer. r,-.: Mr B..rr.- The Pbr. ·silh the ^r.g ovt 'he tr^n-.p b;-. Mr Bi.rr.- likely 'Cr,'. could see re.? a rs.-.o.litv of his opponent ge:;.r.£ in t^.c or course, if the spsdc.; 7"ere '.o dr~p. he bsc'-: "f a.l hfa'.'l". ji r . -.r.d cro-atl: Vr.l'ss t^" c:et ·afccn co-:air.^ a s-jff. nt of calc.urr. A. C ar.d D uarf.c-.larlv. .: ^ to ^s· l cood tcpth '. S5 th" V3b" ire!:: l~..v. e ly ccntrc-lled ar.d c.^ht of txxf l.vcr. X-^xr yo-i can r-ver al ·way." ar.d bsr.-.f"-. the headaches. lo? cf appetite ar.d or.ergy that so frcquer.tly Tesuh. N". i-ee-i t-« -sr-irry 3'--s wit« r--."s s---. .ir-,:r?. which «-f:er. ".cad t«- har^a- Ir.stca2. just fs,~. ;-5f k i taV. fu!s ca:!r of KeV.osrc's ALL-: -- aces'tiate IT type? ^f oor- is r.ct n-tievcii :"-:s way. ~. % e your dcvtor. T'.-c "rn'.k" :~. ALL~BR\N i^ ~uch ".ko that of lettuce. Ir.sti; **-e Kviy. :t f^rr.-.s a soft r.-?.$5. which ce"-tiv c'.ears t"e ir.tcst:r.e« "f the icc'_n that ccx? -.r. ·»-" -ot be prc-perly dt". ejw are » co^idcrabie nuse; oi tpoc:ri! rroocyos Ti-.r.^c 1 .-vl. f.: or. s o f t e r , n-.oiv pa'.nab'.e I", i - r.ot hab' Eojally tasty ss a cereal, i r itsoii -.-. co.^k;rc. or. the reri-ar.d-croe". rsek- r.crc.'At z'.l srr.-crF. ?Iauo I;- Kei- logg in Battle Creek. i SATISFACTORY ! HEATING ! is iio£ so m*ach a question of ' shoveling coal until your back aches, as it is burning the proper kind and having a clean furnace. You have your aatonjobile and your watch inspected and cleaned . . . WHY NOT YOUR FURNACE'? Consult us--you will be surprised at the small cost of having your furnace ckar.ed the modern way. MARKELL FORD PHONS 202 LVSCO SWEET PICKLES BEST SOUP BEANS i GORDON TVAFFLE I 3 its. 12^ I FLOUR larye box 10c THREE BARS OF CAMAY SOAP . . 23c --and get a 17-inch Cannon Dish Cloth FREE ! MONOCACY VALLEY CORN COUNTRY DRIED CORN · LUSCO GR.4PE BUTTER cans 25 2 Ibs. 25c 2 lb. jar 29c We're Headquarters for Grove's Celebrated Lime Four Pkgs. Miller's Corn Flakes 25c Country Cured Shoulders or Bacon "j ST *» California Fresh Frnnes Ib. JLt)C in Syrup big can -| ^ _ JLDC HERRING ROE No. 3 Cans CALIFORNIA LTTTZ SHRAMM PRUNES SOUR -- "» KROUT 2 cans 25 c *^ lbs * ^*^ C I 3 cans 25° Phone 56 STAUB'S Free Delivery BEVL.\-DAi: COFFEE Our Stores titll Be Closed All Day Memorial Day May 30, 1932. Hom-de-Lite Mayonnaise p )«rn Kite 15 7-Oz. jar Made in Our O«rn Kitchens 6 We use Fresh Bsgs 52 -areeks != the year, in =saSl=5 American Flags size 12x18 in. Glenwood Jellies 3SCO Sandwich Spread Rich, Creamy Cheese oc NBC Cakes and Crackers Cripso Fig Bars Lang's Sweet Mixed Pickles Lang's Dill or Sour Pickles Banquet 0. P. Tea l-8c pkg. Kockkwood's Decorettes l-2oc 2-lb can Rockwood's Cocoa each 5c tumbler lOc jar lOc Ib 15c 2 pkes 9c 2 Ibs 19c" qt jar 19c 2 qt jars 25o -i-lb pks 22c \ for 25-= Our Bread Makes Delicious Sandwiches Supreme Bread large wrapped loaf 7 Keeps its Freshness. Victor Bread Pa= Bartlett Pears, Peaches, Grapefruit. Grapefruit Juice, Crushed Pineapple, Pineapple Tidbits 4 cans 25* Stringless Beans, Peas, Shoepeg or Yellow Bantam Corn, Tomatoes. 3SGO Tomato Juice ) can 33c-- 23c=10c Saved. CO Coffee » Once TOU try ASCO youll always drink it- Victor Coffee ib. 1 9 : Acme Coffee ib. tin 27c 9 Heavier-bod-cc. delicious. PRODUCE WEEK SPECIALS! Nearby Asparagus 2 bchs. 29c Tender Stringless Beans 2 Ifas. 13c Crisp Iceberg Lettuce 2 hds. I5c Sound P-oe Tomatoes - 2 Ibs. 29c Extra Fancy Bananas *oz. Calif. Bed Cherries lb - 25c Fresh Roasted Peanuts 2 Ibs. 15c Thin-SMn Lemons oz Calif. Valencia Oranges 216"s dos. 29c Stayman Winesap Apples 3 Ibs. 14c New Potatoes 3 Ibs. 14c Spinach " lb - 5c New Cabbage lb. oc Lean Hickory Smoked Shoulders »· Fork JLoin Roast I21c; Chuck Roast ..Ib. 121c ALL NO- 1 Smoked Skinned Hams lb 13V2 c With everv Meat Purchase of 32.00 or more you get a $3.00 Jewel Electric Iron Guaranteed For 5 Years. For Only Small Lean Westphaliar lb. 17c Tasty Meaty Frankfurters lb. 12'cc Dry Cured Bacon lb. 12: 2 c Sliced Ham Bologna lb. 25c Swiss or Pimento Cheese 2 '^-Ib. pkgs. 29c 1 Sliced Boiled ! j Ham ! ^4-lb. 15c Claw Crab Meat lb. 15c Fancy Silver Bass 3 Ibs. 19c ! White Crab ! Meat lb. 21c These Prices Effective In Onr Stores And Meat Markets in Frederick and Vicinity.

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