The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 30, 1956 · Page 13
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 13

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1956
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

SUPERMAN Warn lorinq CAN MONEY Buy ANYTHING LET'S SEE HER ANSWER THAT-AFTER HER PATHER PRACTICALLY TRIED Y SUPERMAN AS A HUSBAND FOR HER/ For Those Who Don't 'Dig' Bethoven Device Made To Enable Listeners To Follow Themes Senate Qfciys Exchange December Display— EYE-OPENING CAR CHANGES PLANNED ST. LOUIS—(UV-For those who don't "dig" Beethoven and Mozart, St. Louis University has a device to help with the spadework. Its inventor, Ernest C. Krohn, calls it .a''theme-tracer." i It.'.:enables'': listeners to follow themes through a symphony or sonata^ ' Krqhn built' the device himself. It consists of a box,* about the size of a hi-fi speaker,.with parchment strips across its face. They are lighted from behind by electric bulbs. One strip reads "Introduction," another "First Theme," still another "Second.'Theme," and so en. Music-lovers watch the screen, while Krohn manipulates the lights in accompaniment to re- ISy REV U r . BKUA'E al of the industry's national auto- DETROIT ~- UP — The wide- mobile show In New York in Decem- •prcacl changes in cars planned for be i' an eye-opening- event. 1957 models should make the rcviv- The timing of completion of the Don't Miss These Among Hie Many SPECiALS THIS WEEK-END AT OODMARKET HIGHLANDS FRESH DRESSED f^ f^ FRYERS 33 BLUE PLATE SALAD DRESSING coliseum in New York where the show will be held and the major changes due in automobiles lor 1957 worked out just right. Without the new coliseum, the industry couldn't have revived the show. It had outgrown the old show places like Madison Square Garden and the Grand Central Palace when it was discontinued in 1940. The revival also will tie in with the "billion-dollar" model changeover o£ the automobile industry. Indications now are that most new model cars will make their public appearance in November They'll be brand new products when the automobile" show comes up. The public will have plenty to see in the displays o£ the 1957 cars. The changeover for 1957's should be the biggest overall model change in automobile history. All but a -few o{ the cars now being manufactured are due for major changes in 1957 after getting- face-liftings in 1956. The number of models receiving' complete changeovers should be even greater than in 1955, when the big change in cars touched off the greatest year of automobile production and sales on record. Indications leaking out are that ... MR. MOTORIST you needn't wait to get something new ! HiGGINBOTHAM MOTOR CO. Has it NOW! HARE the -•,vnrj»**fcp - i vT' CO 'SB PLYMOUTH with the '56 model "of yoTr j^kc^car! Biggest, longest of ail 3! Plymouth is 4.2 inches longer than Car A, 6.3 inches longer than Car B. Biggest on the inside. Biggest trunk', by far. 13.8 cu. ft. bigger than Car A 6 8 cu. ft. bigger than Car B. 2 Only car wiili nU-ncw V-8 engine! Plymouth's sensational all-new Hy-Fire V-8 is product of new 50 million dollar Qualimatic Engine Plant — newest in the industry. Up to 200 ho V- S available on aU Plymouths ... up to 131 hp "6." 4 S 6 Exclusive Power Steering Ease! Only car of the low-price 3 with FULL-TIME power steering. Others require a 3 or 4 Ib. tug on the wheel. Plymouth Power Steering saves you as much energy in 100 miles of driving as it would take to shovel a ton of coall Excluxivc New Pusli-Bufton Driving! Only Plymouth of the low-price 3 has it. It's magic. Siiiipie._Mechagkal. No ^switches to get out of order. Easy as pushing a doorbell, New Aerodynamic Sfyling! Plymouth is the only car in its class that's years ahead in styling. The one car of the low-price 3 that looks new because it is really new. Highest torque "across the board" for top-thrust getaway and split-second, safer passing. No other low-price cur oll'ers so much torque in all models! In every Plymouth you get the benefits of the same kind of great engineering that created the amazing new Plymouth FURY —the car that broke all stock car acceleration records ami the speed records jor its class at Duytona Beach. AND CHECK PLYMOUTH'S SAFETY FEATURES Exclusive S.nfcty-Rtmi Wheels'. Only Plymouth lias them. If n blowoul occurs tire stays sc- curcly on rim—while you come to a *afc, straight stop. New SiifcGnard Door T.afchcs! Only low-price 3 with original Plymouth SafcGuard door latches. Doors are held fast by interlocking plates of tough steel—more rugged than "other 2." Won't open from impact. E*chi*iTc Indtptmlfirt P«rilnf Braktl Only Plymouth has 2 distinct brake systems. An extra safeguard for emergencies and parking. Car A has only 1. C«r B has only 1. WcCunrrf Hydrtiilk Brakes! Only Plymouth has 2 brake cylinders in each front wheel. Give you more positive control for sure, safe stops. The "other 2" cars have only 1 brake cylinder in each frOM wheel. New Saftr Srftily Bttel Only low-price cur with front scat belts and front scat anchored to car frame. Scat won't lurch forward on impact. And belts needn't be readjusted when you change position of the scat. (Optional) GET THE ONLY REAILY NEW CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE 3! GET THE HOTTEST DEAL IN TOWN AT... HIGGINBOTHAM MOTOR CO. PLYMOUTH — CMHYSUR — IMfWIAL 3912 MARKET ?IAL tin the new models'will be the essence of the industry's theory of "dynamic obsolescence." "Dynamic obsolescence" is more than a model changeover. It not only calls for changing models, but also the science of changing and improving the new models to the point where a person feels uncomfortably out-of-date sitting in a car just a year or two old and rushes out to buy a new model. There will be smaller wheels on some of the 1957 models—14 inches instead of 15 inches — which will permit an even lower-slung, long, low look. There will be more wrap-around fflass, with some cars probably having panels opening in the roofs along with the doors to permit easier stepping down into the low cars. There are reports some will have fuel injection engines, at least as. optional equipment, and that there will be paneled identaOons gracefully sweeping along the side of the cars, replacing some of the effect formerly created by chrome. With this billion - dollcar changeover to promote. 300,000 square feet of space in the coliseum for spectacular displays, and with the promotion experts of all the auto companies joined in one chorus where individually they can all sing loud enough anyhow, the sendoff given the 1957 sales year should be a memorable event. Han Sails Pacifk In 'Capsule' Craft TKUK, Caroline Islands —UP— Florentine Das, enroute from Hawaii to the Philippines in a small one-man sail boat, left here Wednesday on the last leg of his journey which should be completed in about another month. The sailboat carried extra sails. five pounds of biscuits, 20 pounds o£ rice, two pounds of salt, 10 cases of C-ratlons, 30 gallons of water. 36 cans of "brown bread, two jars of jam, 15 cans of tomato juice, 50 vitamin capsules and two six-volt batteries. Contract Bridge By Jottphine Gulbertson PARTICULARLY when a player hM pwsed originally, it is vrtae to make hair-trigger penalty double'*, even at the lowest levels. Observe thia ca*e: West dealer. North-South vulnerable. *j?d . A* _^ ^ ^ Q 10 T 6 3 4QJ932 + A87 9 K 10 9 6 *J» 4.K854 N W E S K32 f Q7 3 > A K 5 4 • 2 4 Q 10 5 4 VAJ6542 The bidding: Went North' East South PM« Pass 14- 1* .Dble. Pass Pass Pass West's heart strength' was not tip to the usual stanfiard /or * penalty double at such *, low level but, nevertheless, his action in this case was sound. He had passed originally, hence he knew that EMt could not look to hiir for a great number of tricks, and 1f East did not like the double, lie would take it out Actually, ol course. East had an excellent Tiand, including hearts, and so h« war extremely fond of the double Even if game was in the hand for his own side, which seemed- doubtful in view of West's original pass, the chances were that it would be far more profitable to set the vulnerable opponents; and If a part-score was the East- West offensive maximum, then' any defeat of one heart would be' quite acceptable. West opened the diamond jack,' and declarer, for reasons known- only to himself, ducked in dummy. West led his second diamond' Mid South ruffed East's king: with-the deuce of trumps. A club' was now led toward the queen- jack; West ducked and East won- with th* ace. East returned a low spade. West won, cashed the club king-, and then led a third! club. East ruffed in with the' queen, and South had the unpleasant choice- of conceding the 1 .trick, or making the worthless? Discard of a spade, or of over* rufffng with the ace. He elected 1 to overruff and lead a spade. East won and laid down the diamond fccg. Declarer ruffed with' the eight of hearts and West discarded hi* last spate. On the' following fpade I«*d By South,. West rufffd vrith the iix of hearts and returned his last club- East niffcd this with the heart' seven, and declarer made his fourth and Ust trick when he overruled with the jack. Pow» 800! cordings. This way, listeners learn to spot themes, their repetition, exposition and development. Krohn has visions of developing his device into a veritable orches- •tra of .blinking lights, one for each instrument. . "Then. I could >e'ally show my. students something,' 1 he said. "When the oboe first comes into a score, for instance, the oboe slide would light up. You could follow any given < instrument all the way through a symphony." He maintains that if you don't know what .the themes are, you don't know what the symphony is all about. And when the development comes, ! 'he says you can't know what the composer is doing with the> themes because you didn't spot them in the exposition. "When the machine lights up, the students' faces light up," Khoru said. "They begin to see what a symphony is all about." Marge, Gower Champion Expecting First Child HOLLYWOOD — UP — Dancing stars Marge and Cower champion announced Wednesday they are expecting, their first child in October. •Mrs. Champion's doctor said the child would arrive on about the date of the couple's ninth wedding arjniversary, Oct. 5. WASHINGTON — ate Wednesday passed and sant ,t* the House legislation which *wi!4 authorize mote cultural and athletic exchanges between the United; • States and foreigx\ countries. Carefully Cared For—See It Today WILLIS COBB NASH CO. B.F. Goodrich PICK-YOUR-PRICE leveling stocks ze NOW-SAVE NOW B.F. Goodrich Guaranteed NEW TREADS Th» New-car Tube* l*ss with gr«at*r skid resistant*, pot- *nf*d faru/s* • blow' out protacfiOH. B. F. Goodrich SAFETYLINER TUBELESS Extra-High Clearance Trade-In Allowance 25% OFF li.t price '(£&) as special shipment trade-in allowance on NYLON Safety liners SAFETY-S TUBELESS Sam* famous trtad dctign as formerly cam* on n*w cart... NOW WITH BRUISE-BLOWOUT PROTECTION. &70-15 PLUS YOUR RMWADABLB tins 50 WHHE STOCKS USt a.70-15 Plui tax a«i4 ycv* rttmdabli tube-type SAFETY-S 6.00-16 14 95 16 75 6.70-15 6.70-15 Plut lex end your r«trtadab!« 7.10-15 $20.4!:* 7.60-15 $22.60* •Plut tox end your r«tr«adabU tlrt B. F. Goodrich brand new EXTRA-SERVICE 12" THE TUBE-TYPE ECONOMY TIRE 6.00-16 Plui lax and yavr r«triadob! tin 25% OFF LIST PRlCt (without trade-in) AS SUPIR TRADMN ALLOWANCE 6.70-15 Plus tax and your r«l.-«odabl* List Price $57.55 SALE PRICE B. F. Goodrich NYLON-PLUS LIFE-SAVER TUBELESS WHITEWALLS B. F. Goodrich EXPRESS TRUCK TIRES • Fully Guaranteed • Low priced quality truck tire 16 6.70-15 Plus tax ani your retrcadabln lire 6.00-16 Plui Jox anrf your relraadobl* AS LOW OO PUTS DOWN B F.God 514 W. TEXAS DIAL 8254

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