The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. .'.TitsnAV. NOVEMBER 25, 192j A Pre-Thanksgiving Shopping Thanksgiving Values! For Real Satisfaction Come To the Yellow Front Grocery Stores and Select Your Own Foods—See What You ^re Getting and Save a Little on Each Item! Nice Crisp Head Lettuce, lb .20c Well Bleached Celery, bunch 15c Eatmor Cranberries, lb ..15c Sealdsweet Grapefruit, 4 for 25c Sunkist Navel Oranges, med. size, 32c doz. Sunkist Navel Oranges, large size, 57c doz. Dromedary Dates, Pkg 20c Fancy New Pack lb None Such Mince pktr Can Dates, 15c Meat, 15c 25c Sunmaid Seedless Raisins, 15 ox. pkgs 2 for 25c Currants, pkg ., .. .15c NUTS Manchurin Walnuts, lb. 24c Filberts, lb 20c Brazils, lb 18c Black Walnuts, 4 lbs .. 25c Diamond Soft Shell Walnuts, lb 37c Almonds, lb 24c Pop Corn, 4 lbs 25c Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Costs You Less Than lc Per Cup—A trial will convince Dillon's "Best" Coffee, lb. - • Dillon's Red Label, lb. . .50c] Dillon 's Peaberry, lb .. .42c Hostess' Delight, lb .. . .47c I Dillon's Special, lb 31c Every Pound Guaranteed. CANNED FRUITS No. 2\ can Summer Girl Peaches, heavy »yp,, 35c No. 2 1 can Mon-Tro Apricots, heavy syp. ...35c No. 2 can RetJ Pitted Cherries, heavy syp. .. .15c No. 2 can Broken Sliced Pineapple, can ....23c No iroulilp at all tliln year Mid. «s \ Clarence Kverelt'remarked, aH tbe j Lady ot I ho Market Basket weml- oil her way Into his store: "The housewife can got «»i a complete Thanksclving dinner more reasonable this year than any time nlnco the war and he was thinking of a Thanksgiving dinner with all Us trimmings. So let's put, on our thinking cap. What shall we serve? The Setting of the Tabls. First ot all there Is the tahle which must be laid with tho finest of Ilia family linens, best silver anil ehlua to make a bravo array. This Is the time when the chrysanthemum reigns supreme for a table decoration, hut don't have a tall bouquet, as It shuts off the conversation from across the table. Maybe yon would llks a fruit centerpiece. Well there's the rich red ot the Northwest Jonathans, the bright yellow of the pears, the luscious Red Emperor grapes, the orange of tbe pomegranates and the oranges to carry out tho autumn tints for a color scheme. The first course should ba a cocktail. Some like a fruit cock- tall to start on a heavy meal. Therefore take a small can ot peaches, (15c) some Red Emperor grapes. 31 to 15c a pound, oranges, ranging from 32 to SOc a dozen, a small can of pineapple at 20c a can. an apple, the fancy eating apples best for this purpose, are 10 and 12Hc a pound. Cut up In small pieces and let set In the - Icebox until Just ready to serve, must be served very cold. Then there Is tho oyster or the shrimp cocktail, the oysters .come at DO and Mr a pint, and the Thanksgiving Dinner A Holiday Feast For All Apd now It is time for tho prep-, shrimps at GOc a pint, fresh or at arallon of tho Thanksgiving din- 2Bo a can. A good cocktail sauce nnr What a Inv (n nronnrn a '» mixing catsup with a little nor What a Joy to prepare a h ll01 . 8firBtllBH am1 makeB a meal when the air Is snappy nl(|uunt 8tn rt for the dinner. enough to bring the folks from out i \va will limit the soup as soup doors Into the houso with appetite; is too filling for who wants to be to suit Ihe occasion. I filled up with soup at Thnriksgiv- Hut the planning »r the mealljing. Meats That Are Offered. So wo coma to the meat course. Wonderful turkeys are offered this year at 35c a pound dressed and <it many stores the meat department Is drawing the turkeys for the same prices. Live weight Is 25c a pound. These can bo chock full ot dressing made In a variety of ways, the old fashion way of bread stuffing with tho Bage and other herbs, or the oysters made a delightful addition. Then a little change would be to make a savory dressing taking a quart ot chesnuts, H cup of butter, a toaspoon ot salt, one eighth teaspoon popper, a 1 tablespoon onion juice, 1 tablespoon minced parsley, 1 tablespoon sweet marjorhm, half cup ot oream and two cups of cracker or bread crubs. The chesnuts must he shelled and trianohed and cooked In salted water until tender enough to mash. Put through a coarse strainer and add to the other Ingredients and stuff. But If the' household prefers goose, nice plump ones are otter­ ed on the market at 23 and 25o a pound, dressed. Remember that apples should be served with goose and It is a pretty dish If the apples, cooked down In a rich sirup with a handful of red hot candles, are used as a garnishment to the platter on which the goose Is served. Nice ducks are offered 23 and Joe a pound and these Instead of the bread dressing can be made most palatable by stuffing with mashed potatoes to which onions has been added. It these fowls do not appeal and tat hens and plump fres at 35c a pound are also pushed aside, a fine crown rib roast can be had at IB to No. 2\ can Broken Sliced Pineapple, can .30c Russet Potatoes, pk....28c Sack Lots, Bu 95c Sugar, 12 lbs $1.00 Corn Meal, 10 lb. bag.. .35c Can Oysters, 5 oz. can. .18c Can.,Oysters, 10 oz. can. .34c Fresh Shredded Cocoanut, Vi lb. pkg 18c 1 lb. pkg 34c 20c a pound and a loin pork roast, 20 to 23c .1 pound. An Array of Vegetables. Then there will he the vegetables to serve with this course, antt here the Individual family taste is consulted. In the fresh vegetables, green and wnxod beans at 20e a pound, celery, cabbage at 20 ana 30c (this can be used as a basis tor n salad or la delicious served as a creamed vegetable), brussol sprouts at 35c to 40c a pound. Mangoes at 25 and SOc H pound. Tho hunch vegetables, turnips, carrots and beets aro Go each. With radishes at 10c a bunch and onions at 5c a bunch. Cauliflower is 25 to 30o a pound, bnt do be careful In serving this vegetable and cook It only until It Is tender tor overcooking ruins It more than any other, Hot house cucumbers are 25 and 35c each. Parsnips sell at 8 and 10c a pound and carrots bulk, at 8c. Hubbard squashes to 1 lie baked aro 20 to 40c each. Tomatoes from California are 35 and 40c a pound. Celery ranges from 5 to 20c a bunch' with a special shipment of pascal celery at 15c. Spinach Is nice to serve at 17H@ 20c a pound. Parsley must not ba forgotten at 5c a hunch. Then the letuce tor the salad course with the head lettuce selling at IS to 30c a pound and the leaf at 25 and 30c a pound. Creamed onions make a nice vegetablo and can be had at 5 and 7a a pound. And don't forget the cranberry Jelly, a Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be complete without It, cranberries sell at 17H and IRe a quart. Don't forget that the serving of the snappy pickles mean much to the dinner. If you didn't put up any last summer, here's some suggea* tlons which can be carried at at most all grocery stores: Stuffed mangoes, clever pickles sliced, cut with a hole In the center In which to Insert a half of a stuffed olive, India relish at 20 to 35c a jar, the ripe olifes at many prices, 25c to (1.00 a> Jar, green Spanish olives, some at quart jars at 49c; and the olives stuffed wltii pimento which come at SOc and up. One can'get spiced fruits of all types, pears, peaches, apricots which not only taste delicious but make a great addition to tbe table. For the salad course be sure to take a light salad, one made of cucumbers, tomatoes and a taste of onions, with a French dressing or maybe n good.cream cabbage slaw with green ilmentocs or n simple Waldorf salad o tapplos and celery make fine ,compllmeut\ to tho dinner, And Then the Pie. And lastly comes the desert course. Th> piece de resistance naturally thought ot la pumpkin Pie. Fresh pumpkins can be had at 3 and 6c a pound but more quickly prepared Is tho canned pumpkin, coming In No. .2 and 2tt cans at 10 to SOc a. can. v Hero's n de luxe pumpkin pie filling which we pass on: 2 egg yolks; 1 cup cooked pumpkin: V4 cup sugar: 1 cup milk; 1 tablespoon orange juice; Vi toa­ spoon ginger; H teaspoon mace; teaspoon cinnamon; 1 tablespoon butler; ',-» cup chopped raisins. Ueat the egg yoms and add the pumpkin, sugar, spices and milk and lastly the chopped raisins. I'our Into a pie pan lined with pastry and bake at 460 degrees F. for ton minutes to set tho rim. Tloduco to 325 degrees F, for the remainder of tho time. When tho pumpkin custard ii done remove from oven, cool mid l.op_ with meringue made of the egg whitos. Brown for fifteen minutes in a slow ovon 300 dogreos F. Thanksgiving Bill. Al Arbor. Holaday's Six. 25-lt Totems in Paris. Paris,—Two totem poles, said to have been Imported from Alaska, have been set up tn front of the entrance of a boulovard cafe. The proprietor says the strange ornaments havo attracted much, trodo to the place. The poles hear the strange, ugly face of Indian gods. ®mm makt oMiiipafiiM a KwMt— rtUevt Hmiii wHh faMogg's Bran Dillon's "Red Label'' $0.00 Flour, 48 lb. Sack - ™ •4 GUV PRICES "RIGHT QUALIT J. S. Dillon & Sons' Stores Co. Eight Clean Yellow Front Stores. SATISFACTION PARAMOUNT WITH US \//A Children punish themselves terribly by Ignoring nature's demand*. They bring constipation upon themselves. They invite tho many other diseases which can be traced to constipation. Immediate stops should be taken to rid them and keep theni free from this disease. It takes 'ALL bran to be 100 per cent effeetive. That 's what Eellogg'» la— ALL bran. That Is why doctors everywhere recommend Kellogg 'e. That is why Kellogg 'a Bran carries a money -back guarsatee to bring permanent relief, if eaten regularly, in the most chronic cases of constipation. That is why Kellogg's Bran, cooked ind krirraWed, has brought glorious, lowing health to thousands—because t is ALL bran. No matter how long one has suf­ fered with constipation, Kellogg'* Bran will bring permanent relief IF EATEN EVERT MAY—at least two Ublcspuonfuls-rta chronic esses, with every msaU KelloggjisBran Is deUolotui. It has a crisp, mn-iiko flavor that simply delights tbe taste. It Is a "underfill surprise II one has been used to ordinary, unpalatable brans. There are many ways to serve Kellogg'« Bran. Bnt it with milk or cream. Sprinkle it over ether cereals. Cook it with hot eercnls. Look for tho recfyes on every package and try it in muffins, bread, griddle cakes, etc 'Kellogg 'g Bran, cooked and krom- blcd, is made In Battlo Creek and is sold by grocers everywhere. It is served by the leading hotels and clubs, Call Yellow Cab for new rates. 26-li Xbokit with Cheese Great Now— You Eatmor Cranberries^ Now is the time to preserve cranberry sauce for use every day in the year. RM !*« Ubr mtBti It— AMERICAN CRANBERRT EXCHANGE 911 W..I BfMSwar, N.w Yatfc. N. Y. Many Aids For Your Day of Thanks at O' CONNELL'S r T^O help you commemorate that famous occasion which has given us Thanksgiving Day, we have arranged a multitude of special values for this day only. £Eere are a few suggestions to aid you in your Turkey Day purchasing. CLEAN FINE PRUNES in'Sealed"Packages Celery .15e Cranberries 18c Head and Leaf Lettuce - 25c Beets, bunch 5c Mangoes, lb 25c Cucumbers, each ., 25c Marshmallows, lb. ......2Sc Citron, pkg 25c Apples, 3 lbs. 2Sc Oranges, dot. ......27c and 65c Bananas, lb 12c Grapes, 2 lbs. 25c Dates, 2 lbs 25c Sugar Rolled Dates, lb. «....18c Grape Fruit, each 10c Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. We will Take Your Orders for Ducks, Geese and Turkey* Beef Roasts, lb 10 and 12»/jc Fresh Ham Roast, lb 23c Round Steak, lb 15c Fresh Shoulder Roast, lb. ...18c Meat Loafs, lb. „. 15c Compound, lb. 18c Hamburger, lb 10c Pure Lard, lb. 20c Fresh Oysters. Our store will, be closed all day THursday, so that we may all have a clay of Thanksgiving. O'CONNELL'S CASH GROCERY AND MARKET Cash and Carry Grocers Hutchinson Brsnds Our Specialty. Phone 894 14 East Shermanf Women who know this always get Snmttt 'Priam in Cartons, They do this foe three reasons. W Smmmt Cam* "Pnma are clean- sterilized ia water si a temperature of 212 degrees F. [^"IThey ate packed while hot by ma-J Airway—not touched by human M il's the sure way to get gamine Sam** 7V»ne*—the fine* praties from famocs orchards, selected and packed by tbe grower* themselves. The third reason is tremendously important. fozSjotswctt TVaroa are the sweet, tbtn-sldrmed, California variety— not the art, sour kind yon may have tried. Of course, you know about the remarkable values of prunes-^-how economical they are. They provide more delirious nee food value and rjc^khfulness than many other foods that cost considerably mote. Buy a carton of SMtutmt IYBMS today. Prepare as suggested below. Then serve them for breakfast as s delicious aid to health, recommend* ed by 60,000 doctors. A QUICK METHOD TO COOK BMAKTAST PBVNES Vaiii SuNSwraT PRUNES, cmtr -xitb btt iMttr md aSew t* oak mi btur. ^Brhtt S) tbt brnVrng faint ntbtsMtuTBOtnin •which thry-wmnaked, anrmdatik untilfnammttniit ,fnmtbirty to firtf-ftn mrtMta. t-AJJ agar tnminvki it/on rtmovin% frun Jhn. uASm mt Udltfyvm * *m of *f ansae, munmd itfm JMtnrr tr acting. If 4 Uiuk syrup m damd, trmmfiwmi Hmrtag dabwhtn tndtr, snd itil iht linnl until tin of \btdamU (miSkwcj. littkirmpfml, Imm jtaaerBkk iinmtmtn iajime tU/Umrfirjmm taOu. PBUNBS roa CONSTIPATION Francs are nature's own laxative. Doctors everywhere are pointing oat that the natural fruit juices, the fruit salts andoarricu laxly tfae bulk of prunes have a bmrftrtsl ami oatural effect on the bowels. ' "Frumsfor 'Brukfiut"' is a wonderful health rale. Other fruits and fruit jokes which lack the bulk and rmuralroochagcofpfancswill not serve the same purpose. Bacon, eggs and similar highly concentrated breakfast dishes need pmnes to make bulk in the digestrve tract and aid riiminstiotut SUNSWEET CALIFORNIA PRUNES C ALIFORNIA P RUNE AND A PRICOT G ROWERS A SSOCIATION 11,252 Grower Members, San Jose, California

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