The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Friday, July 27, 1934
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TOBAt'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH F0« NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA tf Y«» *•«» Mm U ft* 0» OT Ptafcfc By fttlS •'Clack. o'Clock For Doltr. 164 or Itft. VOL UCV NO. 237 Full Associated Praa Lewd Wire Service (AM) THE DINNER HORN) PAJUS, TBU* FftlDAY, JULY 27, It34 Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION TEN PAGES ITALY REPORTED CROSSING BORDER Oklahomans Are Held For BonhamCops Former Associate of Wilbur Underbill Is One of Pair Arrested SAVE REEN QUIZZED UV RANK RORRERIES Connected With Stolen Automobile Okla. (AF>— Halph Roc. former JLStaocMte of \Vilbnr Underbill, sonth- ^rcstern desperado slain by officer* «t Shawt|c«. Okl*-. late iit I»3X mud Jack Woyd, po- ,1k* character of Uii* s«ctlo«, ti^ere held In the cooniy J*fl lucre- Friday for Bonhrnm, Tcxus, authorities. Sb«rilf Fred Hunt said tbe the suspect* h«d m. stolen car In' their, possession beariiMc a license. When arnsetcd, &nnsA-lIJe. In the* aot»tH- part of Johnson coun- tr TTmesdav nljcht. Roe •«*»• dririn^c m~ cmr which officer* ff&Id bclouped to H**eT Cnder- lilll, the slain outlaw's widow. Uojrd ha* been picked np pfxprfonsly for questioning l» eotmection with various rob- Iwrlesv fajclndiug the robbery«C m hank at Coalcate *hortly before rndertiiH TI»S killed and the recent attempted of a bcLZtk at Cnss- ofOcerc . were, eatpcct- to Cake them to the neijth- state late Friday. BankheadAct May Be Put In Discard; Crop Is Short Drouth Whittles Cotton Prospect Down to the Point Where Planned Curtailment of Production May Be Unnecessary WASHINGTON, (#}.—Out of the dust and mUery of the nation's worst- drouth two developments arose Friday: 1. There" is a possibility that tbe Baiikhead act, involving: compulsory reduction of the cotton crop, may be scrapped- The drouth has been .extending its killing reisn into the south, notably Texas and Oklahoma. Thia had led officiaLr to wonder whether the crop wonld not be reduced -even, lower than the 10.460.253 bales permitted under tbe Bankhead act_ 2, An enormous expansion of tJie srbvernment'* cattle buying program is planned. Secretary Wallace declared "we expect to bay at least 4,000.")00 cattle ajtd- possibly 7.0G9.UQQ-** The sovern— ment-already ha* bou-fbt 1.500.00Q to save-them from death by thirst- and starvation. Wallace predicted the AAA's j or some similar plan, "will continue regardless of any change in administration— or there will be disaster again.*' "Grotesque** waa the way he described the saying that "the Lord is punishing farmers for reducing acreage," "If that is true." he said. "I wonder why th'e Almighty has not punished factory owners. who> general effort to aid the farmer. (See BAXKHEAD, Page jj), —^^^^^^^^—^^^^^—^^^^^—m^—i^— — -^-^i^^—^^^^ • • __•——__ • _ *•*•••••••••••••--— '"•'il^***' t3arouj:h .these years have stopped production the moment they could not longer make a profit.** Efforfs to ^persuade families 'in hardest hit. sections to -wll their land and move to-better soil were said to be having sorne success. The word went out that 'several thousand, acres in norta central -states, have been: optioned by the ^ovei-nmenrfo-r purchase when, ti- j ties are clear. Officials disclaimed CoL S Minneapolis City Goes Calmly About Business While Soldier* Are In Command 1,368 Dead As Heat Wave Comes toEnd Known Dead IQ Wake Of Hurricane Search For Missing Persons Is Continued Along Coast of Texas DAM ACE ESTIMATED HIGH IN MILLIONS Crops and Buildings Suffer Heavily From Water And Wind HOTJSTOX. Teac., <£*).—Search: for missis^ persons continued Friday as relief worker*- costnted' '•even- JcnoTvn dead along a battered 100-mfle stretch of the- Teia-r g-ulf coast from a howling- hurricane Woricer* surveyed ruined •wind-blown and water-damaged building* and estimated the. damage would rust Into many minions;. However, the loss of life wa* not expected to b* as heavy ax first thought. Discovery of a dozen persons la wa,ter-bound spots reduced the rew ported - fatality list- Adolph I>. Secha. a, farmer, and ate "negro hired -hands believed. to have drowned in tfee Sargent, area, -were pre- Cool Breexd^''Sweep- Badly Needed Rains Into IMany Sections By Th^, Aisoeiateld ' Scorching- *neat ruuted. Fridar f nnder military" ruie—jL - iorra: ol-| dictatorship pressed to command i" C6ol~"breezes swept rains at the behest of Governor Floyd •; =nost sections Thursday atid Fri• B. Olson, who feared farther vio-) <3a "*- bai: • 5rh * 1 * they brousht a lence in the truck drivers- strike- < snarp' drop in beat fatalities, tney found alive. Ten person* viously reported missiitg-^lea] agorda reached the town. Actual deaths Included, five persons killed at Morales, n«ar^£dDav by. a freak:-twister, an offshootior tfee. tropical disturbance, and men. ca-rried to death: by -waters. The- dead: Mrs. Sue- May, G-eorse. 727. It-ewi^ 45, her~soa-ia-la.-w: Stxty-el-cht persons Tccre icjtrr-; ed. most of them wounded and one . fatally, by police shotg-uns a; | week a,sr«t> Friday when sn^koj> a - , j j te^npted to halt a loaded tracte- j ,, ! Armed jcuardsmen patroled the Conference OI | downtown district as federal med- j Itators. The Rev. Francis Haas and ! K, H. Donnisrnn. i»r?-ji:ir'-ri =i ti«'\v I peace plan they expected to coin- \ p!OT<* Friday ;ir.d thr «-!I»TJ!«>>--»-s" I advisory committee agBiii publi- } cally blamed communists for tbe ', strike- All efforts to settle th* ; afforded no material aid to the drouth ^vaged farm areas. Temperatures broke 43 degrees in som « -Actions, but is tbe Pacific Rotary Clnbs Opens at Hotel Here Sc nth west, where a new heat wave started, thermometers: rocketed to 110 desr^-es. Readings were nigh, too. along most, sections of the Atlantic coast- The heat wave took its greatest. ±3^ ani J2, And Bandy Cook. 32. j nejro. all victims of tne twister; | ,Hugli W. Hereford, of Freeport and" { Daniel B; Singleton of Texas-City, drowned -when engTilfed by a huge wave- Charlie E*, 67. »cas swepr toward the sea after lashing waves had overturned his small craft, in the Bernard 'river "near Freeport and" was believed - dead- Searchers .headed by "Red" Howard, a. Bay City fish market Candidates Wind Up Campaigns As Texas Prepares To Vote On Saturday Aspirants Are AH Active As Speaking Tours Are Closed By R. W BAJRJtr Associated l*re*s Stair Writer Democratic candidates for office jn Texas approached the end of t&e voters" Ions line Friday and Saturday the contest will be definitely settled at tlie ballot boxes lor sorne- Otiers who fail -to obtain a. majority vote •will hostle back over Tb.e tedious campaign trail for another month's canvassing before the run-off primary Aug. 25. Chief interest. :Tra* in thtt outcome of tte governor's race with sfcs aspirant*C- C, McDonald, cfcoice of Governor Miriam A. Fergrtison and her •ex-sjovemor husband. James E- rsuson, will close at Sulphur Springs, -where plans were being made for a big showing." -with J. Brim. chairman. of the State Democratic executive committee., participating: AttomeV General James V. Allred was booked for an address over a state-wide Jiooknp from Dallas. Lientesact Governor "S d g a,. r "Witt planned to have his 'last -say before a. homecoming crowd in "Waco. ' State Senator Clint Small's at Quanah. ifaury Hughes Dallas will take a. jaunt to Fort Worth, close neighbor of his home city, to give •nis final word In the long campaign. Tom -F. -Hunter -will end his stamping totir at "Wichita bis aome_ Falls, - tj*ro active carrdidates for toll in Missouri where 37S perished. Illinois and Ohio were next A rejrional conference of Rotary j advisory committee agBiii pnbli-} with 352 and 163. respectively. in this section waa opened really blamed communists for tbe In Missouri tne relief was less f mernini: at the Gibraltar I strike- All efforts to settle th*; marked than hi some sections, laotcl fey Dick Hawkins, of Mexia, ! controversy have failed. ( Kansas CJty's temperature drop- -tov*m«>r of th* Frtrty-Eijjhtb Diat- f For the most j»a.rt, citizf-ns were ^ De<3 from a previous maximum trict. T2ie morn iajr session was de- {unaffected by controJ of the na.- | J1P to a S4 bifrh Thursday and voted to a discussion of tbe duties' tional jruard, StrikinK drivers, i St. Loals bad a 20-dgree drop ia i took five lives. of club prestJdcnr* nnd secretaries j. however, were forbidden to con- 1 msudnaum tennperature from iz£ j ~x n e wind wjijppetf tb-roush the out of doors in larce num- I previous hi^h of 11O, j woods towards us with the^spced of ! Readings of 1OO degrees or) of an express train- I coald see I more were recorded yesterday in owner, continued to look for the bodies of Mrs. Howaj-d and her baby daughter near Sargent, Jesse Eoffrnan, a. farmer, whose family escaped witb only minor injuries -when' the twister tore the roof off their home at Morales, told of the shriekrins -wind that TnoHeldln Louisiana In Texas Break Two Women and Man Arrested In Connection With Escape HugeCrowd Hears County Candidates Ponrderly Roundup Draws Audience From Many * Communities ...i Nazis March * On Vienna As Ten County Races to Be Decided At t^mmr Polls Saturdav Contrary to the e-cpectatloa of many who listened to talks, hy the various candidates for county offices at Powderly Thursday night, speakers Indulged in few personalities, confining themselves" to their own qualifications and claims to the.- office. An imcsuaJIy large crowd -was present and during the greater part of .th» time were attentive. Many people from Paris, .Arthur City, CMcota. and. other parts of the north part of the county were present at the meeting which was held at the sehool- hoiise. A- M. Aikin. representative, and R- L. Hattimore, district attorney, presided at the meeting- Four candidates for the office of county attorney spoke af ter "VT, 3L Wiggs of Paris had made a brief talk in the interest of the candidacy of George H. Sheppard for reelection as state comptroller. Frank D. Wear, after outlining the duties of the county attorney** office, asked for an investigation of his record as :a mas and a practicing lawyer in. considering *?*•« candidacy- Ee said.that experience is not the only test of a lawyer's ability and said a ".county -attorney «houlg .Trpt be obligated to crinilii- altt^f^r .any 1 past-ia.varsr-.r-ir i..-:^: : -. : --..: Herbert- Jones, "poicting to Ms 1.1 years practice" laclcdingr seven years as 'city attorney.- also asked an investigatioTj' of his record as a man and a practicing lawyer. He said the county, attorney is responsible for protection of the innocent as well as prosecution of the guilty. Ke opposed giving: suspended sentences in cases of theft and to bituai law violators. .Grady Stursreon who was in the Casting ballots at 50 voting places, Lunar county voters Saturday will mak* their choice between the various, candidates for precinct, county and state offices. Xominees for county office will be named in only ten races however, unless some one candidate receives a majority over two or more opponents. Seven candidates £cr re-election- to county offices are unopposed and -will be nominated. In three other races, tberj* are only two candidates, one of wh'.m will be chosen, Twr. candidates will be caosen. for the run-off primary in A.u*zusz in each of five, county races, including one county conamisatorL'ers rstcfc. ^bcty-eisrlit- candidates for precinct and county offices ha.v* been striving for several weeks to jrain a. sufficient part of th-s a.p- proramately 3,500 votes zi» the county to insure aominatio.^ -Of the. total estimated voting strength of I-amar county, more rhnn. half, about 4.SSI votera liv* in, Paris, •will be cast ax. five voting places, beginning at. S o'clock Saturday morning and closing at 1 o'clock in the evening. Residents j of "SVaxd^ -Hdll vote at the Central Fire Station.: those in Ward 2 will meet at the- Masonic building on Gravid aventie; Third Waid. \ All PuJblic Buildings Are Guarded By Heavy Co**v dons of Soldiery HUNDREDS ARE SLAIN IN PITCHED RATTLES Provinces Are Overrun By Na-ris, According to Advices In Capital BELGRADE, Yugoslavia^ (jf-j _^ An -unconfirmed report that Italian troops have" already crossed tfc* Austrian border near caused s^ave concern In. menu circles Friday, night. effort was bein-c road* either to confirm or definitely, - tablish the falsity of th« report One official told the Associated Press correspondent that if xhe report should be confirmed: Yugoslavia, will have no choice mobilize- her army. vote in the basement of the courthouse; and citizens of Fourth. Ward wilT vote at the high, school. other than those who live nor-i CoL 4 run-off primary county attorney two years asro, stressed portance of office vrSio bers without written consent Adjutant General K. A. Walsh. Employers were unable to move commercial vehicle-?, save truck* without offi- STRIKE. Pacre and t*s« functions of the variou*- ^ther cftib official*- and commit- t««-5- At the noon hour the visitors attended the res-alar -weekly luncheon n-teetznjr of the Paris club at the Gibraltar, The utter-soon ses-1 be " irll »fs necessities, opened at 1:45 and was to close at 4:45. | secretaries and com- j chairmen were present « : Leo Thomas and Weber Sulphur Springs: Dclbert Sniper. Mt. Pleasant: W, S. Fl«m- iftc. Wilt HArcrrtvf. Jr.. an<3 Donnls Cre-**. PJtt^burc; W&lter Arm- Jrtrorist. Tcxarkan-i: Rirh McCul- Joeh. Byron Black. Jeff McMa-bon. JCaytozj Reed, Far-nan TColf. of [•I*?* Oe^hrmc. Jess M«rv{n CarRtm, Clarence Murphy and Pat Mayste of Parts. Cincinnati. Oklahoma City. ita, Kan,. Boise, Ida., [Fresno, Calif., and Spokane. CoL 4 135S Pace 10 CoL 4 BREAK DROUTH HERE Faces To FoilManhunters Ancient Art of Plastic Surgery Comes to Aid of Yegg And Adds to the Problems of Peace Officers Over Counlrv See SS Page 10. Col. 3. -A man and [ two worn^n were held here Fri-1 <iay in connection with the bloody] break last Sunday at the Hunts-j ville Texas, penitentiary in which j three prisoners escaped, one WHS \ killed and two other persons were j •wounded- j e im- a man in the Sio ari^erEtajnds crimisal e. He promised to open justice and Protest to Germany Is To Be Made Big Powers Will Send Joint j Note Protesting Part In Assassination . absolutely ao movements have taken place OB the Yugoslavian border. However. Foreign Minister TTef- ticli departed hastily to confer with, the king ar Xishkabanya where the latter is spending the summer. For the time being riewspapera are not permitted to publish editorial opinions on the Austriaiti situation. althougri they ~ar* printing news developments- " counrv courts if elect- be C Q Uid coadnct the 3JERUTN\ See HUGH, l>age 10, Col. CHICAGO, £P}.--Th« srovern- Cent's ace maabuntcrs wer« con- w!ib a new problem in down public enemies Fri- he ancient art of p!ast;c With a lleht sprinkle fallinie { day. here about 3 o'clock Friday after- ! s soon xnd reports of a li*ht rain at } The underworld „ e ,.^ r . Btei**osn about 2:15 o'clock, there | old faces for new by means"oV"^ were fndfcations that tbe drouth j skilful use of the surf-eon's knife in P»ri* and vicinity may be j and tbe men most wanted in the broken. Cloud* pushed by north-; drive against crime may winds fr«ve of nvor* rain PRECINCT CONVENTIONS Conventions will be bfM in tlns precinct In Ijimar county at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon by Democratic vot«r» to «>I«-ct drlrcatef* to tb« county eont?ention t whlcb meet* th<s foUowinjif SAturday. .The convfntton?* VlB be T>re- -ddod over by The member* of the *x«<rut[v<> cornmiu^* for each precJnet, or some o»*> ap- by blm anrt will b« promptly at 2 o'clock. The convention* in f*«rlii wit! b« nrl<J at tbese plact«»r Ward I at city bMI council cTrtambrr. J. \Vnsih Bfard. Ward 2 at chamber of com- mere*. Georittr B. Kjitrn. Ward 3 In county court room. W, J. Morrow. S Ward 4 at hlth »chool. I*. Pr*ctnct SO at Junior colleg as they did six month* For some time the authorities have suspected there was in Chicago a clearing: hous* for criminals to undergo face itftms operations to thwart the law. bat only now has the ful! extent of possible ramification* of the prac- come to federal and Indiana, officers from catching up witb birr, last Sunday nUcht, The doctor who "lifted" DilJin.Ejer's face, straightened h^s nos« and otherwise altered his appearance was stilt tveinj: sought. was and I PARISIAN HXTtT Roy \ViUouphby of Paris *«d from a hospital ai Mus-. Oklahoma Thursday after for injuries received in an aittotr.ohHe accident near Taft Wednesday. Information reachtns Paris wa»> that Willouichby*3 car been In coIJijrion -with a c«r to the Taft nes;ro asy- ! turn n*»ar Taft. Xo further available. The three in custody, -who were = arrested at a rosrist camp after j I several Ions: distance calls were! j made to Texas, including: one to j I Htzntsville. -were J- R. CorbeiT- 21. j j Dorothy Da.vis. "3. and Es^elle t t Davis, 21, who gave their address- ! j..'es as Houston, Texas- | j Sheriff Milton Cov^rdsle. tele- j phoned Warden W. W, Waid at j HuntsvUIe and was advised to d the prisoners pending: com- j pletion of investigation of the j break. He intimated that be did j nor believe the three occupied ;' automobiles in which HayirmncJ ~ Hamilton. Biackie Thompson and WASHINGTON. {-?) —Reporting: Joe p a?B , e r. killers and baud: Italy Holds Army Ready slig23tiy Friday a^ght a« a feared Xazi attack against the capital failed to develop immediately, bat the vigilance of government tro °P«> scattered strategically about the city, was not diminished* Government forces appeared t* be gaining the ascendancy ia. battles reported raging in various portions of ti;e country, bur these r*-. 1 * ports were so fragmentary that 3^-, See XAZIS Page 10. Cot. 3 ¥ VonPapento Go to Austria ^ !But Border Pending Further Activitv P> . — An official said Friday tliat | strict investigations "established j tlie fact thaz in no case has asy I German been ^nilty of having di-| Jhom In ffitIer*S Side Se- rectly or indirectly anything to do ! f with the happeninss in Austria." It I ! further enipfcasised Germany's de-! | terminatioa to , Q ow tie outside j SERUX. {3*) — Chancellor Hit- l world an attituae of complete de-1 ler aaxnec Hie conservative vlc«- [ tacnment toward Austria. } chancellor. Franzr Von Pap-en^ to j { beconr.e saisister to Austria Fri- 1 IX5XDOX. ^ '— -- r..,,-.! 6 ^ ta ^^^ was regarded as aa _ lorn JNation GOP Predicts Country WOI Turn Its Back On Pro- |rressive Policies that a "revolt against tbe New Deal" is bre-win^ ia tbe middle snd Xortbwestem -Kates, Chairman Henry P. Fletcher of: the Repnbli- cas national coiaaiittee predicted today that the Roosevelt Adminis- «:caped in a hail of gunfire. The man and the women, sisters, were also held on a charge of violating the Mann act. S2. paroled con- E. M. vJct from the Louisiana peniten- riary. and Beryl lone Kerns. ±5. tration would increase relief «x- n i5- o arrested Thursday in a boteL penditures before the fall elections *>u to assure return of & r:ot impHcated iu the new dear* r * r - 5 °" oreak. They were held on ; -*v local "moral" charge. -n t ian , asZ( , 2tfe -^^ve to assure tlse world joint three- \ Germany's attitude . toward Acs- be sent Germany | t '^ a - » everything' that can b* de- allesed j ^^f' coanectioE with tise assassination j iile P^opass^Jda ministry an- of Chancellor Dollfuss is expected [ = OIIri " ed thac Von Papen, now in | Switzerland, had accepted the ap- | poi:n intent. He has Ions been a seg^eycion that a power protest for that yovemmen Reports of the proposal brous^ , storjR cenwr o , the a reply trom a sovemment offi- i ;sent ^caus* of bis sharp criti- i ^.,=.7 rH=r ",-«„ ^~., st l ook to R orne { ^^.^^ "-**' S «* r P CTit. in Berlin bv Great Britain. France. Will Rogers «~-y«ar-o}<J hor-tc- <JOB fancier. I«r*p*d from th* j nineteenth floor of a loop sky- j scraper, wh<rr« he had b*eo questioned about th« use of hi-* horn* a* an infirmary for f acini opera- ^ tfons for the late John DilUnsrer ABOARD S. S, MAO1.O,—I used and on* of hi« mobsters. Homer *° di <* n "t P a >" *»uch attention to Van Meter. i re-ports of the htat all ov«r th« -If." aaid Samuel P. Cowley of ^ E * 5t an4 Mlddl * W * 8t * Just nav r«stl|ration« "Probasco had Hrod. w« »hootd hav« hud the nana** of fac*» dim-ruined tn hi-« Th« to the belief that Gconr« "Bab* Face™ *\>J«on and Johtj Hnmitton. hunted DlUInjrcr tramtKten*, may followed th« l««-<| of th«^r op«ratlon >ut our ship every day says ita terrible and naturally you jpot to beJiov* them, Thty sot no lots to -«cll Mr. Roosevelt i* oat her* some- on Japan's ocean Awful lon» way to come to fi»h. tbtnk h« com* away out htre »o h« coxiWn't hear can. roar Rcpubli- to get .axray from p back In his chair at Republican headquarters to discus^ prospects for the Xoviewibcr election. Fletcher saI«J he was inrrc^!= Iiifrty optimi-jtic over tne outlook for the Republicans to j:xin in congress and state offices, Asked whetht-r tbe Republican orjjanixatJon would obtain funds necessary for an extensive cam- paJpn. Fletcher smiled ant* said: **"CVe are not downheartesJ about money. We'll not have as mtscb as ' th* Democrats. Froiri notr on and ; ions near. ther« will b« a jrrea.t ', ontpotirini-; of f-overnment fvr.ds. | which in efTcc?. win conM;:utr v \ j-Tfat campaigrs fund." ! The funds wouM ITO. Tar pn^Sict- ; ed. for drouth relief, reclamation and plantlnjc tree*. H* asawprted ; th* farm administration was hold- : Inr up crop redaction checks so j they may reach areas at the Law Moves To Stop Dionne Quintuplets' 'Exploitation' C"P) — A government spokesman said Friday that no further Italian troops will be sent tc- -the Austrian border at present. He characterizes cbe Austrian situation as satisfactory. Comrnentsn^ on the intense { diplomatic activity in progress for] . the last two days, this spokesman j cia * saiS i; was not designed to create j for m atter» of that sort. If any- = . any concerted action and -.hat no j thi32 S te'done it will be done from I in ***V 1 ^ '"^ custom the ap- steps wosM B*. taken I there." : r>oin.mer,t was formally framed a. _ | a request :o President Von Hin^^ | denburg, who ha* yet to reply "witi necessary consent. .tion of German troops on the 1 has an Europe sitting 02 the an- '> X^"^,. ***"~" SU< ~ **** ^aj>.en ;s:rian border was not regarded j xious seat, hopeful that Prince re with alarm, and on tbe con- j Von I cessor will _ Nazi civil war.' "" "I Should Von Papen -go to VSeana- c. ^ ^ __, • Hi *ie r would achieve Starhembersr-s elevation to tbe j 30usJi , ^^ to . faave | chancellery is known to b* ae- j out Great Britain. France { taly. which have undertaken tna * I mation of Chancellor A wen-informed foreign; dipJo- i mat revealed Friday that tbe c or Italy. He said the reported It is frankly admitted hen ! Mussolini is no wthe key man , concen- | in a,n intematioiiai situation which' >wever. See ITAI.T. ? 10. CoL >« able to uss suc- crtish a : opinioa cir- had the Von Papen of * be -cabinet. The Austria became vacant with the sum> mary withdrawal froiR View** of the assass- TOROXTO. ^ —The protection "35xplo:ters frcra American Von Paj,>eii, who has dared tc of four sruardian? was given to i cities." said Roebuck, "who come : maiSSH3 S ° r i»al»*5 troops on rbe J See- VOX PAPEX Page 20 CoL J th<* titsy Djonne quintuplets Fri- to Canada :o pi:Il off a racket frontier was fully ap- { — day to prevent their "exploitation" ] of this ksnd need noi expect the { P*"<> v e<3 in adx-ano* by both Gr«a.t I at the world's fair, which was * attorney greneral's office or th« | Britain and France. 1 called "certain death," | courts wui s:aad idly by. The' Bnmh au:borita:iv ft <saai-ters! Arthur W. Roebuck, attorney | Si% «? of children are o; greater ; a d:ni;xed that Great Britain and seneral of the province of Ontario. | concern in Canada, than protits of s fc>ance we:r? - fuUy informed" I obtained an order from district I an exploitation uc.dertaksns:, ' r>. court Judpre H. pointtnsr the He charged May 31 with Chicago »p- In other words, tb t concerning I .— v—... ,,„.„», .«•» ^.-.vk.itf »j-. <* ! arid thai | vaudeville troupe who are playing • . " contract signed \ with the livo of defenseless chil- \ pris -- he Italian maneuvers, j followinfi Friday they came *•---as no sxjr- promoters • dren,* b> OviJa Dionne. father of tbe 60-day-oJd quintuplets, contained "many catches." I>r, Allan R, *>afo«. who ha* the agricultural J Attended the f!v« sis:er» since of the cam- • lh *^ r birth, was named one guard| Ian. Th« others ar« VT. H. Alder,*->. , „ „ . ._ f»<*n of th* Red Cross emergency ^^^S^L *?™?£ **. -^J ! comtnittee: Kenneth Morrison. b«gtnntn K tc tbat tb* new nchemc that hi* own cook up. Toara, WIU. mu-rt b« p«kT 'fo> v «TA« th* thrifty I»*O|>J« merchant, and Oliver ItrandfAther of the children who hav« out- ar« -foln-f to pay. th*y ar« th* ont» who | lived any pr*x*iou»ly known qtaln- **There is no law.** said the at- [ tomey general, "which would per-1 mi: GS to adequately deal with the ' Americas jcentlemea, attempting ! the- exploitation in Question, so -•-* must be satwfied with merely circumventing their scheme." Dionne, the contract specified, wan to be paid $180 a week until the Infants wer« ready for exhibition, and $200 w«ekly witb a percent*5« of receipts from tbt> display at th* Chicago world** frdt. ELECTION PARTY Following its usual custom on election night, the Pari* News w#*. flash returns on races of interest to Lamar county voters. Returns will be flashed on a screen acros* from the N«w» office on Lamar avenue, beginning about 8 o'clock Saturday evening Everybody la invited. W'ith a forecast of proba-bie local shcwers and cooler w«»lher, morningr"**- fre»h are promised j relief from the heat for electlo« | day. Ten*j>*ratures Thursday raa^- t ed frorr' *i. to 101 desrr«e». I OKLAHOMA: FanTr c**wiy, I ->re<«eae«I by lootl thondershOKerr ' extreme east portions sl%hc!j cooler tm crtiftal ponton^; Satunla-f erally fair. f TKXAS: t*»rt*y dotwly tn l^tcnlwl Friday nijrbt I local sJhoirfTs »**r the on***, AM • I nrday; cooler hi extreffK • -*-*»--""te-> [fmtft port km FrMajr *t****t. <"M*Mt> ; to ntoderate ~rar*»M«r Ivoaar.

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