The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 16, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1948
Page 10
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Tkc New*. Fnrfcrick. Mi.. FrMtoy. J«ly ?f. IMS ^Suspect Gets Away But Is Recaptured A 15-year-old colored youth. s«*r-relatiT* wf Joseph Stantoa. 25. Frederick. b*ki oa suspicion of multiple burjLary. was in jail ·a-iUi Jilm Thursday night. following a tri£' e*eap* from custody, yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile City Police -were building » strong case against the pair, as articles were ident.fied by officials *nd employes oi Searb. Hollander's and Parses?, as, corr.- iag from these robbed stores a;^i allegedly located by oScers in the houses -of the two Negroes Lieut. Frank Dorsey sdn-.itiec that discharge or nrearrr.s lit the city, led the- police to the tw o suspects, Wednesday nighJ. Officials of one of the recently robbed places of businet-?. :otrn::- fied smaH-cahbre rifles retr.eved by police, as stolen frora h:s f-rm. Also it was ascertained that a reclaimed army daSfie-bag bear, tig the seriat rsurnber of :he firm's e\- Ql «.mp}oye. wa« frs;:r«d :n one defendant's horr.e, Other Itcnu» Located Lately used as a laandr;. bas. the owner said soiled !:ne:i -Aas left at his place of business a:xi the sack taken, the :isght h.s err.- ployer's store was robbed. Also allegedly identified. \\cr^ youths" sportswear :ake:a from the Parsons store ar.d rad:o= stolen from Hollander's, found :n the colored suspects" homey Lieu: Dorsey admitted. Xo identification of rrtercharxi;**' was made by Jacobson's. they having been robbed of monev when their store 'AS* entered, police atd. The younger yuspect \\ho had been placed in detention at Monte- vue. following apprehension early yesterday morning, escaped front custody about 2:30 p. rn Thursday. Officer Charles BelS sa-d. City Police notified by Montevue authorities, put oul _ dragnet for the youth. Officer Bel: sp.ed h;:n OR We 1 --* Patrick siree: in the 300- block but the Heet colored boy dodged through back Jo'.s toward Carroll Parkway. Lieut. Six and Deputy Sheriff R. Paul Buhrman captured the boy as other policemen chased him , Mrifcal Ttst Proved This Great tt Rtfevt MONTHLY Cairo Bombed But IVo Damage 1$ Reported Cairo, July 15 jf, -- An Israeli plane bombed Cairo tonight. It was the first Jewish air attack of the Palestine war on the big Egyptian capital. The Egyptian lueferise Ministry issued a communique saying "At 7:55 this evening '1255 p R1..EST' an enemy plane raided Cairo and dropped M3nte bornbi " The com- munique dii not specify where in Cairo the bombs fell, whether there were siy casualties or the extent of the damage. King Farouk s capital of 1.500 - f00 had escaped air attack from the Je.«.--, although its suburbs sufSered a lev. n::nor bombings during World War II Cairo is about 350 miirs from Tel Av:v, the li-raeh capital which thr Egyptians isid the. 1 , bumbed todas T h e j-arr.e corn.Tii iique baid Egypt-fen raided Tel Aviv, addsr-g thj! "our h e a \ v bombers dropped h:jjh expiu-.:-. v. -^»d i: j. co.'ii.-aerabJ'." da-nagc ana K-.a:;y Jlrcj ' The *ra{. Go\! ii'sued a con:::iun.aue ::: Baghdad saying its planes raided Haifa harbor, scor- :fi!j a direct h:t or. one large ict- -c~t and left it burning A \\harf ·also \\u* ca-!iaced. the communi- que ^a:d Casro - .\a the third Arab capita! bo.-nbed by the Jews in she Arab-Jew:*. 1 ! u a r Isrst!; pSaaes. raided Damaieu*. S na and Ain- rnai Trar.v-Jorda.-. before the L'II- ised Natk.-i.s foiir-v.-eck iruce be- ga:i eariy ;n Jure The E^\pt:as;s have con^j'.tcnt'y bombed Te! Aviv. U.N. Orders War To Halt . Lake Success, July 15 {fC t --The i Security Council tonight ordered the Jews and Arabs to halt the war in Palestine. The decision was backed up with provisions for Uni- t«rd Nations force if necessary. · The final »ote was 7 to 1 with Syria aione in opposition. Ruiiia. the Soviet VTirraine and Argentina abstained. The decision, taken on an American resolution, gave the Jews and Arabs three days to cease fire. It \vent far beyond previous L". N'. actions which mereiy asked the two sides to stop fighting and ai- iowed them to reject the pieas w jthout consequences. Ru;-Ma supported the order to the Jews and Arabs to Jay dov. n their arms. The Soviet Union, however, refused to endorse parts of the American plan calling for f u r - ther mediation efforts by Cuu'.t Folke HernadoUe ;.nci the ibot-n- t:on on the fina! ballot apparently ·.'.a-- in protest against snciuiion of the^e sectsoiii Rcasia could have k:!Ud the -.^hole plan v. ith a veto Argentina abitained because of oppoMtion to she ue of force. Arab delegates have told !.'··· Council that they could see r.-- c P0isibi!ity of the Arabs accepsns the order :;-rae! \vas expected to corapiy The reso'ution aiso oraercd an unconditional ceae-fire in Jeru- 'a!em EO take effect v. ithin 114 hours. Berliner* Reassured % By American Decision Berlin. CuJy 15 {ff--Th« U. S. Military Government told the German peop tonight **th« civilized world has demonstrated its com- i plete solidarity" against Rus- 'sia's "brutal starvation blockade" of Berlin. A military government radio broadcast called the Soviet blockade " intolerable" and compared it to the actions of Adolf Hitler's Nazi GovernBient. The official broadcast told the Germans they had a right to demand the lifting of the blockade. It said "ali free Germans" are iupporting them and that the criii^ here has given "the exponents of German unity a rallying cry behind Berlin." More aid through the British- American air lift was promised Beiliners with the prospect that new techniques and the expansion of landing fields might permit B-29* to join the air supply fleet The British gave notice that Ru.--:an military action is the on'y v. ay the Soviets can clamp dov. is «n Be:;in's a:r corridors. Britain'.s position was stated by uroup Cap'.. H. M. Wright of th- HAF at a news conference. Aiked about threats in the Rus- r ia:s oiiicial press to restrict tra'.-e! aior.g the three corridors, Wright sa:d · 1 can't think of anything they could do about changing the agreed corridor rules except by military action.' When a^ked what would be done If the Ruislans announced were cutting the numbers oi corridors across their zone to one. Wright replied: "We would just continue fly- inn the same way. in three corridors." certa'-n this tar had the same effect on tht lungs. Ochsner taid that lung cancer j occurs primarily in males, but that it is increasing among women. ! Cigarettes May Cause Lung Cancer, He Says Denver. July 15 J¥--Dr. Alton Ochsner of .New Orleans said today he has found :n the past 20 , years "that the incidezice of cancer in the lung has soared upward in ' a line parallel with that of the | cigarette-sales chart." Ochsner. a professor of iurgery at Tulane University, said "there is no conclusive proof that smoking causes cancer of the lung. But I'll tell you this. 1 don't smoke. I'm afraid to " He ipoke in an inter 1 . lew prior to addressing the Reeky Mountain cancer conference. A brisk, gray-mouitached man. Ochsner said a research group in Argentina had found that tobacco contains a ' tar" which witi cause cancer This tar. he =aid, when applied to the skins of animals -A2i a strong enough irritant to turn *.ne trick. He made it plain, however, that he was not j GIVEN CERTIFICATES j College Park. July 15 if--Nine- j ty-three of the 218 registered dele! gates received " certificates of j merit" today for attending all six. sessions of the suiimer confercr ce of the Maryland Congress of Parent and Teacher Associations. The certificates '.vere handed out ! at the final session by Dr. Harold ! Benjamin, Dean of the University 'of Maryland School of Education, auad 34 of them went to delegates from Allegany county. The final day's program was devoted to fji-e-mirfute reports and final group conferences- on the ' education, health, home and family 1 life and world citizenship The three-cay conference opened Tuesday. WOt LD VI OKIE FJUSONEB9 Hagerstown, July 15 (£)--Bums. thieves and other shady characters that lurk in Hagerstown's "lonely ] byways" should do something for | the city in return for being sen- i tence-d to jail j So says Street Commissioner . Herm«ui L. Mills. He suggests cut' ting -A eeds for the steadier customers of Hagerstown's lockup. ' "People like thai enjoy being in jail," Mills said. PoLce Chief Max Riehard was doubtful if the city had authority to inaugurate the weed-cutting project since people convicted in Hagerstown are technically made I charges of Wafhinjrton coun i when sentenced to jail. The street · board is aslcing a official ruling from the City Atto , ney. j At one time, the eggplant w ! believed to be poisonous. 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I'St RKQC1KKI Experimersts s::ov.- that ii:d;^- c.-i:!iina:e u?e of DDT may not only ki! o.T the insects, both good and bad. but the birds and fish that 'ecd on the poisoned msect FIRST CHOICE OF MILLIONS through "A'ced-patcho* car sot.i. iisto t h f i r ar; .liter 3 o'clock shorslv Ar» you troubled by distress of female functional monihlr disturbance*? Doe* tils make yoM from pain, reel so nervous. lilSh-jtruKg--*t such times? Then x try t,Tdla E. Flokham's Vegetable Compound to relieve juch sjmp- toics! In a recest medical test this prcred re=ji»rk»b:r helpful to women troubled this *ar_ Any drugstore TRUSSES BRACES - CRUTCHES SUNDRIES PRESCRIPTION SERVICE MOHAN PHARMACY (SBCctsio* TO PtAunt's omte STOM) MWfPifSCWPTION $|*YKE W0ME 208M8 S*MARKET ST. Concrete and Cinder Blocks Crushed Stone Tree State" Masonry Mortar Transit-Mix Concrete M. J. 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