The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 16, 1918 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1918
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

SHOE SPECIALS FOR FAIR WEEK Tin. ; ill i.l Kill, llij^ll p'op .•el, Special; . . . Urowti Military SjK 'i Boots $7.50 $6.50 Teare & Etzler Shoe Store, 19 North Main THE BIG LOAN SOON Henry Clews Says the Country Is Ready for ll, Too. AT LliAST TOR S BILLIONS Anil It Will Probably be More Than This Sum, According to the I'lar.s. Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER GENERAL'S STATUE PLACED IN CAPITAL Si pi. 17 weM, " .sou cl,\ ill' Palmer, li ol Nickcrsun. miles Si'iil 21- A. '!. Temple. IV. norili "I SiiMtuin. i niilos east K. lirldc, 2V4 mill's Oct. II DilVf west nt Lynns. Geo. Ilnymond. 4 raiU <i,u!h of Pretty Pruirie. Oct. 1." ivest, 1 Oct. (lilies HI - I. V'lM. 'i S. Van Ordstrund, ', south of Haven. 2" Oct. 17 I. V. twine, 4 miles north. H-j ciist ui Nirkcison. Fifty load of while face steers anil f'll head white fiice heifers, weight. lOu ills., for sale at ti:y corral. Hales can !>.' arranged at. any lime tiy cullint: my office phone, Nlckorson -'.I at my expense. Jesse Langford Let Me figure on Monarch Weather Strips for your home, pave fuel, keep warm. No oLilifiatioti to show G. T. Bronle,ewe 120 1-ltlt West iPhone 5«j ALFALFA SEED lor J -'all riantiiiK $6.50 to $12.00 per Bushel All central Kansas grown. Noti- irrigated—write for samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson, Kans. (Special Correspondence.) New York, Sept. 14.—The market for securities has become more responsive to important Influences which so gradually have been developing in financial circles. We are at the threshold of one of the largest financial transactions In the history ot ' the world, A new war loan ot $5,000,. OOO.Ol'O, and perhaps more, is to he i dlstr.tinted In a campaign lasting "but ! a few weeks. It Is true that the total 'of the latest Uritlsh war loan now j slightly exejK -ds the equivalent or this I apcci'tlc, amount. Cut that nccumula- [ lion hits been the result of many j months of systematic effort, the British plan ot continuous offering bonds having proven successful. of LEMON JUICE , TAKES OFF TAN Girls! Make bleaching lotion if skin is sunburned, tanned or freckled Squeeze the Juice of two lonions Into a bottle containing three ounces of Orchard White, shnke well, and you have a quarter plat ot the best freckle, sunburn and tan lotion, and complexion beautitier, at very, very small cost. Your grocer has the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of Orchard White for a few cents. Massage this sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face, neck, nrms and hands each day and see how freckles, sunburn, windburn and tan disappear and how clear, soft and while the akin becomes. YJCB ! It Is harmless. , market price and without delay In the event of their loans not being paid as agreed. It Is n markot place where Interests who are pressed for funds may turn securities into cash without loss. - In this way the Exchange occupies a position as a permanent regulator. It performs one of the most Important functions In times of stress such its those through which ivo are passing at the present moment. A Good Move Secretary McAdoo has taken wise action in addition to the attractiveness of the Liberty bond Issues which hanyilready been sold. These bonds, of 'whose soundness there never will be question, are nevorthe- THE NUMBER INCREASED. Merc Cntlic Owned by Non-Residents in Kansas Is the Report. Topcka, Sept. 10.—The number of raitje in Kansas owned by nonresidents lias increased over iast veal's ligurcs according to the Investigation recently conducted by the stale lax commission ami indications are that In some ot tile counties the matter is not receiving the attention It should. During the assessment season ot U'17 ii was totiud tlicit many counties had lalli il to assess animals owned by lu.ii-tesid.iits as required by law for stock brought into the stale for grazing purposes. Much of this class of prupi My Mas eventually placed upon 111.' lax roll which finally aggregated OUT a ii:illion dollars in valuation. Tile i auniiisslou is convinced that llii:, valuation will be greatly Increased 11 this class ot property|is thoroughly covered hy assessors and is" seud- iur nut ailililioiial instructions for spi cial attention along this line. The i uiuini'.sioii urges that this duly is required b> law and that such property should not escape laxalion. Not only Is this omission from I lie tax rolls unfair to owners of other property in the county which is assessed but the coun- tler that fail to assess such counties thai do us tin- law requires. Much additional slock has been located In Kansas due to the excessive ilrougih in the Pan Handle of Texas and other southern sections and II Is the Intention of lite tax commission thai his property be placed upon the Kansas lax rolls according to the requirement of the Kansas statute, BUILD CANTEEN HOUSE. , Statue of General Kirby Smith,, This bronze statue of General Kirby Smith, famous Confederate leader, has been installed In Ktatunry Hull at the national capitol. It is a contribution from the state of Florida. Notice. Phone 2020 night or day for Knight Tires and tire repairs during Fair elc. Tire Hospital 9 Sherman east. 12-1 1-10-17-1S ¥ ek All patriotic Americans will agree less called upon to compete with so- ttiot tho necessity or making our own curities much more attractive has loan a full success must overshadow been u*wonderful patriotic response all other considerations. Its amount to the various offerings, there at the has not yet been announced officially, • same time will always be a.jllsposl- but it appears fair to assume that the, tion to purchase outsldo invest- Treasury will seek the largest volume, ments. All Government bond Issues of funds that can be secured Without* thus far marketed are specifically cx- Imposlng too great a strain. Tliis' otnpt front ;tbc normal income taxes, will moan severe curtailment In every But the first Issue alone—the 3M branch ot financial enterprise.- The s—Is completely exempt from sur- Capital issues, Committee has served taxes. The Becond and third Issues notice that until the completion of. are exempt to the extent of tho iu- the campaign for the distribution of lerest payments on a single holding this huge Issue ot bonds it will notjof $5,000. The Secretary now pro- authorize the issue or new securities poses to provide a maximum exemp- except such as it Itself considers ur- lion on these Iscues of $45,000, based gently necessary. In addition the, on air amount one and one-half times committee has requested that on andj i.iat of .the bonds of the Fourth ib- after October 1st, securities that It' erty Loan originally subscribed and has heretofore authorized shall not be' still owned at the time of the tax resold^or offered for sale until the new; turn. In addition, Jlr. .McAdoo pro- war*loan has Omen, placed with inves- 1 poses an exemption of the interest on tors. The Stock Exchange Govern-' a holding of $30,000 ot the new issue nors have taken steps to supervise now about to be announced. Of loans of members, and thus prevent course, as .the limits of exemption the use of funds In undesirable spec-'are wudened on the other bonds the illative operations. complete exemption privilege of the Care for Strain. first becomes to that extent neutral- These arc the features suggesting ! Ized, a feature which was reflected by a continued strain In the money sit-'a slight decline In the quotations for nation. The main consideration at: the first lLberty Loan coincident the moment is to provide an ade-jwlth advances In the later loans, quate supply or funds in order that However, with the prospect of a pro- the Stock Exchange, as a safety i traded/ continuance of heavy tames .valve, may continue to exercise Its I and th*e gradual conversion of the "valuable functions and continue to! bonds into*those carrying'a higher keep in liquid form a large proportion: rate of dittjerest there will without of the wonltli of the country. There; question continue- " demand for the is no reason to doubt that Treasury j tax exempttSK per 1 cents, and banking officials generally ro- - - New; Revenue Bill ^Knize the need of such protection! In view of tile importance attaching and will be prepared to see that mou-'to the .taxation problem, public atten- ey -supplies sufficient for this impor-' tion has becomo largely concentrated taut purpose continue available, upon the Ilevenue bill, which originat- Tills does not mean, however, that' ed In, the house and will shortly come banking accommodations will be up for discussion-fn the Senate, supplied in amounts to permit in- Amendments of Importance are ser- judiclous speculation;' One of tho iously needed. To destroy wealth or main fihictions of the New York even excess profits hy excessive taxes Stock Exchange is to furnish a mar- is suicidal; while to allow profiteers ket where securities representing our to shirk their share of the burden Is natural activities may be bought and miuiifestly unfair as well as unwise sold, a market where leaders know and unjust. These facts undoubtedly they may sell collateral at the full are fully appreciated by Secretary Pratt Red Crocs Chapter Prepares to Help Transient Soldiers. Prat I, Sept. 10—Tho lied Cross canteen of Pratt placed thein sclces on record Sunday as being advocates ot preparedness. The Prall telephone company and Rock Islund road gave enough poles to the erection of a canteen. Sunday morning l-'oreman Thronhrough and crew or the Hock island ear shops, and niauy Others who hud volunteered were on the Job euviy and tho work of building a log house was on. I)y noon tiie house was all enclosed and by night Hie roof was on and the floor laid. If was u record of fast work. This Is probably I he first log house lo be btiill In Kansas for some I line. The building Is 22 by 38 and will be equipped with all ueeessary articles and furniture for Iho use of the canteen chits ot the local Ked Cross. It In located at the Hack Island depot and from now on the hoys In lthuki will not he held up for double prices for lunches wheu they stop at l'i'att but will bo furnished with every thing they need and waut free of cost to litem. I A Bully Good Breakfast JO i l TOASTIE An improvement over common corn flakes Your Grocer Sells Them I I •yi ; • ; . : y-> • »g , CE SP T CHT [VERY WRONG RIGHTED bom* UrRm SthiOh* fc i&v* cloth* We welcome Fair visitors and request them to make our store their headquarters,meet their friends at the Star. We'll care for your packages and extend ntty service in our power. We close Tuesday at-noon to attend the State Fair When Clothes of Quality Are Hard to Get "ifou naturally look for them in the store that has the best chance of getting them. The Star, is such a store because we have : - 1— Facilities for getting advance information. 2—Resources that permit us to take advantage of ^ every opportunity. 3 — The best manufacturers of the country anxious to do business with us. Into our Suits and Overcoats has gone all the power of such an organization. Therefore stlch values as we present to you would be impossible without this force. Suits $20 to $60; overcoats, $1J? to $75 For 31 years headquarters for Manhattan Shirts and Stetson Hats. McAdoo, who has not been fully In accord with the House bill, nnd will gladly see amendments in line with recognized principles of sound national finance and taxation. Suitable amendments can only be secured by unmistakable public, demands; and with elections approaching there are stronger reasons than usual for Intelligent expert opinion to assort.'itself. There is; no controverting the stat"- meut that all who remain at home should share the burden of wur In proportion lo their ability. Profiteering by capital has been reduced to a minimum by Government regulation; but farmers and certain classes of labor still are profiteering at public expense, and they, too, should be obliged to do their bit financially the same •js oilier .classes. At present they are highly favored classes. One of too fairest methods of taxation would be the adoption of consumption tanea,, though for reasons that do not bear discussion these are more or less cn- popular. War Is All Right. As to the war, the.allies -are continuing their brilliant ^work. It appears reasonable to suppose Unit steady progress may be expected la ,th'e comparatively few weeks whuu now remain before the rigors of winter will force a more or less complete shutting down of military operations. From the market standpoint a continuance of tho current favorable cor.ijl- Hons seems to be widely expected and to that extent they appear to have been as widely discounted'. ' in' other words, couUnued success Is 'apt to be considered a mailer of cqut'sa which will operate in favor oi- a BUB< tained market but without' causing important advances. On the ntlrir hand, should there come serious reverses they would he a foatnci unexpected and not unlikely to make themselves felt In the form of a soiling movement which could well result In sonio degree of depression. The Harvests, •' The year's harvests are noi fulfilling the highly optimistic predictions which seemed justified in the| spring. In August serious damage was done to the two great crops, corn and cotton. The corn ylijhl, according to the Department of Agriculture-; la Its report based on Sc-plcniikr I conditions, promises to roach about 2,072,000,000 bushels, or 317,000,000 bushels less, than the Department's estimate basod on"August 1 conditions. In 1917 the yield was officially figured, at above three billion (3,159,000.00^) bushels and there were expectations^ In grain sections early In the Beason that last year's figures were to be well exceeded by the . current yield. However', with corn -selling at about $1.75 per bushel It is evident that our farmers are to receive a 'very satisfactory financial return for their product, and the spending power in the. agricultural sections of the country will again ba satisfactory. Spring wheat fortunate* ly displayed distinct Improvement in August. The Deportment's figures %• dloated an lncreaso or aJ ^OOO.OOQ bushols from tho crop ^etaripautontU ago and indicating a. total harvest, combining spring nnd wlntdp wheat, of virtually 900,000,000 bushels (880,000,000 bushels), which, will'ho about a quarter billion bushels more than the harvest of last year and, 19,000,000 bushels In excess of the tlve year-aver' age of mH»- <..,•.-. •'•..•>;, j' - Moke:,, Old Poofs Hew Don't tear off your old shingle roof— Don't buy a new shingle roof—Don't have it repaired. It is unnecessary to continue to pay , upkeep cost on a shingle roof, when Art Craft Roof wjJl make it permanently new and give your house real, artistic beauty. Art ffaft fioof Red—Grpen—Silver Cray This material is entirely idifferenj: and superior—is fire resisting—is put on right over the old wood roof or direct^to roof boards of new buildings. It cannot leak—It is the ona roof material that is absolutely guaranteed. Costs less than any other suitable roof. Expense of renewing your old roof or covering your new building cut in half.' Three beautiful patterns ill attractive : colors: red, green and silver gray. ^ for sample and a complete cost estimate for your home. Sen Statu full' Kxlilblt. L. J. WHITE LUMBER CQ. 100 Rhermai) West. Miono 65. The Consolidated Flour Mills Co. ' 510.20 Rorabaugh-Wiley IJIdg. * .. '' Hutchinson, Kansas , Operating mills at :Winfield, Caldwell, Newton arid Ifutchiuson, . , .. -Kaiisas. Daily capacity 35P0 t bbls. We'jn'vite-ihfi iaqiiiiries o{,^lonrancl'fFe^d'Peolers (Carlots ouly) v.. > '• Use UNITED Flour E6TA.BU5HE6NEW BUREAU. Women In Service, Corporate with • >•• Department pM.ab.or, , , '^SyaslilngtQJi^-New. Vork 1 state has followed-the lead ot the Department of JLttbor, which, recently established a Women tnUndualry^S.orvic.e, directed by women. In.Now Tork a slmuar dl» vision has boopVormod us ji part of tho State Industrial <otnml«Bloii7 with Miss Nellie Sn'arU as It's chief, t; TJio NetlPRul Women's Trade Union League was largely instrumental in forming the service'established hy'tho federal government, und Uje Women/ft '<«*,,f*£S ^ftj^W Consumers' lieague were active along tho same lines In New york. • FiUQltyr* Hospital;, t 406 North-Main. Telepbono MD. U-K CASTORIA For Jjtfaatiun.4 Childres In U M ForOvtr 30 Yt*r« Air/ays beats w the

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