The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 30, 1956 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1956
Page 12
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2?utt Editorial - Commissioner Ramsey Wants $200,000 Baytown County Building County Commissioner V. V. Ramsey wants to build the Baytown area a S200.- 000 county building in which every county agency can be housed with the exception of the precinct jail. The Baytown Sun is 300 per cent behind this ambition of the countv commissioner. The Sun feels that this area is entitled to such an improvement It is long overdue. Way back in the early days of World War 11, East Harris county was promised a county building. Previous administrations in Commissioners Court promised The Sun that a county building would be built in Baytown if the people of this area would support the multi-million dollar bond issue that was required to finance the new courthouse in Houston. There are county offices all over town, and there is no reason they shouldn't all be placed under one roof. You now get your license tags in one place. You pay county taxes in another. You take driver tests in another. You go to another place for help from county welfare agencies. They have a beautiful new county building on the La Porte Freeway that serves the Harrisburg and Pasadena areas of the county. La, Porte for years has had a county building that has been almost worth its weight in gold in that community. Baytown has always been slighted in this particular, and now it is the ambition of Commissioner Ramsey to remedy the situation. The Sun commends Commissioner Ramsey and will support his effort in this connection to the limit. Here's What ft Looks Like OX MONDAY, as planned, we mot with members of the Greek government. O;;r first meeting- -.v&s with Cons tan tinos Tsaisos, Minister of the prime Minister's Office. He v,-a.3 a very intelligent person, who had.been'a teacher in Rhode Island in the United Snues, TsaUos mac;' 1 si impassioned plea for those present io understand the Greeks' position in the Cyprus situation. The Cyprus question is an old one., said Tsatsos, £ciri£ back .many years and for the pas; six months they had been led U> believe that the soluiifir, to the problem, through allowing- the people to vote and By Carmage Walls Britain irughi also have for an indefinite times bases in Greece its.Sf. The Prime Minister, Constantinos Karamanlis, said in answer to :» question, among other things, "that if 'he oMsti.n of Cyprus does not find a solution then Giveneo is in danger of Communism . . . that the people of Greece expect the United States, who has assumed v.-or!d leadership, to help in, this Cyprus Question and. if the United States does not use its moral and material force to discipline the free world to the rights of the people in Cyprus, then we are in danger of 'osing to Communism." select their own government, would "materialise, but Russia will make every effort to exploit the question of Cypn.-s saul 'the Prime Minister. THERE WAS A demonshation planned for 4 p.m. the day of the 12th. .At noon the government decided 10 call it off ana prohibit the demonstration because, 11 said, "we obtained information that the Com-' munist cier.ier.ts planned to use the demonstration as a vehicle to cause serious trouble.'' With the approaching possibility of bavins to use and State in Greece had most ahvays beer, synony- armored ears and armed escorts to get to the"airport, " xvith the arrest and decoration of Archbishop Makarios and those others associated with him, that these •hope.1 had been suddenly shattered. Archbishop !M"akarios had been carrying on the negotiations with the British representatives looking' toward a, solution of the problem.. It was pointed out tha-t, although we in the United States might find it hard to -understand, the Church BlOUS. Minister of Foreign Affaire, Spyros Theotokis. covered Greece's version of the negotiations regarding Cyprus. He stated that Greece wanted to use peaceful means io settle the Cyprus question, but that Greece would react in.kind if. other methods were used. THEOTOKIS SAID that in the negotiations with Britain. Greece had offered for Britain to not only continue to maintain their bases on Cyprus, but that A Bit Of Washington this reporter for one was happy to be on his way to iirypt and leave further reporting from this troubled country to experts. Ambassador Cannon and his staff at a short briefing said thai they had high hopes of seeing- the Cyprus problem settled. They pointed out the fact that Grec-ce was the only nation to use force against the Communists in that part of the world and win. It would be a severe loss to the West, " ' " to our Embassy Staff, if we failed to keen the Greek nation as a Western ally. By Ed Koterba ^ VTASKrvGrON - Oftentimes, readers ask, "Has A r jde throa-h town will show that almost a 'ourth. tae mixing o? the races succeeded ir- Washington?" O f the flashy new Cadillacs and other big cars are A re.!cTi}n /-.*Tfl»-.* 1? " Tnrr vj-'nir -r TV,,-, "V-r^z-; rl.-^-*±'~ -. _• - „• -, _,. ., _ -_ ? A related query is. ''Just vrh2t is the President's stand on integration?' 1 To answer the second question first: Just last Wednesday at .his press conference, president Eisenhower reflected Z.P. almost impatient ster- ness when he said people sho-jld practice patience about the racial situation. He said he deplored "extremists" on both sides. He said, in effect, that Negro leaders should not try to push integration abruptly down the throats of the people, especially in the south. After ail. he said, separating- of the races was the legal thing there "until the Supreme Court's decision couple years ago. . \ .. ^^ WASHINGTON". FOP. most purposes, is considered a southern ciiy. However, it got a head start on the deep south in integration. One reason was Eleanor Roosevelt's bold promoting of the Negro cause. _When airs. FDR ruled a. segment of the White House, she often took a Negro guest to what was then an all-white restaurant. At first, diners were shocked, but gradually the barriers were broker:. Since Eisenhower's "time. Washington has opened its doors to Negroes in all restaurants, most hotels, and virtuallv ail schools. being driven by welj-dresed Negroes, their families Or zoot-suiied Negro voungsters. Empioymeni: There are many Negroes who hold supervisory jobs over whites in the Pentagon. And three-fourths of our 10.000 taxicabs are now operated by colored men and women. "In a few years, there wort be a single white driver," one cab- bie told me. THERE IS_ THE sordid side . . . For instance, the knife attacks by Negroes on streetcar operators. made in rev»?r-fe. the operators say, because'Negroes are barred from employment by the company. Crime by Negrr-?s still runs about S5 pe r cent of the city'? iota: crime. In some neighborhoods, housewives car,? r.e: step outside after dark because of roving bands of young Negroes armed with knives. School statistics show that integration has pro- Letters To The Editor -Reader Writes On Religious Side Of Integration Issue Dear Mr. Editor; as this writer is able to learn, the Relative (o the pro and con ar- original red doctrine as proclaimed {rument now going on over the is- iu ^-^ lhe mongrolizing of all pen- sue of sesregaticm, this writer is P les int » °" e - Wi; certainly ai'e reminded of an incident that hap- waking- progress in copying after pence! in the !Ue of the great and t! >f roil doctrine. Alas! Why follow wise President Abraham Lincoln. In their ignorance? Let's load them. During a course of discussion some- Mnybc this is why wo arc usin^ one remarked that he hoped that nin c dictators at present in the God was on their side. Honest Abe P' U CC of one as in Russia. There is replied, "I beg to differ with you. I! ° doubt that this supreme court I hope that we arc on the side of order has never been'surpassed by God." any oppressive imperial edict whoa Now, if we are what we claim to U * l 'Per.:edes the religious liberties be. a Christian nation and peoples of thc blessed homes of the nation, either color or race, we are cor- , ™ ov ' s '? 1 - VDur Blbio Out and u "' :l tainly more interested in comely- to Genesis, chapter JI. Look up tho ing- with God's laws than we 'are d ct t :ntuion.s tor Shorn, japhet and with those made by ignorant sin- HiU!1 ' lhe tnrce sons of Noah, in ful, carnal minded "man. What w« . ° ""-'t'onary of King James vc-r- do to comply with these Bible and s , lem - Cod se Pa ra «d these races in God given rules as we understand ' 10m to understand one anothers them is and should be a scared thrco directions, even to forbidding prieileg-e in everv bomr> tongue, just as He did kindred " say to US just who 7,„!,(, I"' rh-irt'p'- n -l ChrkWlkii-'-.' the iastructors. associates and play- *££ l^ferl^ ™ hai n "o .'tidies 01 our children Shah be rilV ona-" In!-"-! EASTER OPTIMISTS Backstairs At White House — News Photographers Think Ike Looks Tired THAT IS the general racial picture in the Capital C-'-y- Meanwhile. By ."MERRIMAN SMITH Thc President was walking along WASHINGTON — UP — Back- the odgc of tho clubhouse "at the airs at the White House: Greenbricv Hotel after finishing When President Eisenhower fin- his roun/i of golf. A woman in the crowd gushed: darling--1 could just "I want to shake his hand—I'd 'o hug him," she said. therein the officials at the.head won the first round but God -o of this government condemn every mm, out of his bruiio the SPMI''-.* phase of Russian red ideology with round. Evidently man is pcr.5iia.siv, their ruthless form of dictatorial for the last and" final, but is he •,. government unde r one dictator, we either race aware of what lie does have simply gone them nine .times O. H. ?.furph _ better. Even to Inovating, so far Baytown, Texas. Errors In News Stones On Church Of Christ Are Listed '- shed day a j IS holes of golf Mon- White Sulphur Springs, "Isn't he hue him." In Meanwhile, the National Association for the Ad- W.Va., some phologi-aphors v,-ho vanccment of Colored People—which spent several liad not seen him in raanv months thousand ao!lar 3 _promoting the Authcrine Lucy case ^^M hc Iookod «_„.,_ The woman's husband consoled icr: "Never mind, darling. You •an't get around thc FBI." Editor, Thc Sun For thc information of the publisher; thc editor, and others who may be concerned, for the purpose Christ, as recorded i:: Arts i.. r Apasties, Chapter two, New Testa- Refer to the church ;u a <k- The "FBI" in __« ,. . - - - — _ ^, „ ^...f^ «-*->*,. -T»U v<-*(_ *-j^-it; ^_4u^.» \ja-2t; ac,. Washington has become a mecca for at AJabama University—has collected Sl.179,605 in ^ir f~*r*l t^r-n^ w.A_n»vIn w.*H.._J*-*^.4T . *i_^p___-i!^ , -. A •«-,.-!-»«-*. Nejrroes. Colored people pour into thc city from the South by the thousands each week. If anyone believe. 1 ; Negroes GO not have equal cp- r-'rluriiues in Washington, he should come down here for a lok-see. MY NEW YORK a year's time to spend on speedy integration. Whether the NAACP will succeed in the deep south as it has in Washington, and whether President Eisenhower's suggestion to "slow* down" will be heeded by the NAACP, or.jy time will tell. he looked His doctor, Maj. Gen. Howard idiv. McC. Snyder. who sees him even- day, thought the President looked and felt grand. , case tap- of aiding in making your" news- nomination, for v.v bcHrve :ind paper more pleasing to more teach that it is not a ilriiomi.'iu- YORK one New Yorker thinks larao. the New Yorker is a rather sul- By Me! Heimer won't even talk to lamp posts or the radio any more. After aii, j.» wants to speak a- you, not with you. : P. hurry. He has no time to stop k with h;.s neighbors, nor they for him, «,-o into i'r.r- habi: of conversing with inanimate '.o which hc c:.:;r, address a bc^ligcrer.t cu,?s- -j !he-n move on wivhoul waiting for an "nns- tmck to the ra;;io. he to Ii-:e he- ;iiks the corner lamp Aciiai if necessary' pos- .v;r, tho election nnn so on. The New Yerk- T^auon lz a'! cr.c--'i'Jcd arid terribly brief, •t. thi.'rcfor?. that thp PC.---' Office's now ":]bcx, on the side-walk o-.- Me the: branch th'.> ir.aiHiON, which ..= rige.-.-d wi'h a mif.-rc- I JUST LEARNED that right after the war. a dance- 0 <- ,,,.., n£ r _ -, y --.-•school chain had to put o n 350 extra teachers to take Ol atfl1 * Ot Ca "^_and Mexico. car* of cx-GIs wing the GI Bill of Rights to take les- Tne President's mpdicpl ^ sons—until trie government stepped in and said here, W ould „.. h " " "'- ulc «-' ajuscts ncrc . . . First and only Search for Eridoy Murphy joke to be to!.-j here, from phil Washerman: "-Say, tnat hook re-ally was ghost-written, wasn't it?" , . . Why New York is Great Department: Driving past niit it. lOSth street and Riverside drive the ether evening I saw a lovely young blonde in housecoat and pajamas came out of an apartment house, walk half a b;o;k to a mailbox 'non-talking kind), mail a letter and return—with perfect aplomb. When Mayor set last March 15 as Q (for Quit!) Day. owner Jack Strauss of the Poika Dot cafe took him literally. Equipped all the help with Mr. Eisenhower bounded into the clubhouse, looked at his wristwatch and exclaimed to Snyder: "Howard, we;ro through by 02:15- Tho Answer, Quick! that's grand." ^ Whju present c .. ships? round of golf in time for a brief 2. Who was William Ru!';i.= ? rest before lunch and a long- after- 3. What is a davichord? noon of conferences in connection 4. Who was James Free-man with his meetings with the heads Oark'. 1 ? 5. What, arc thc Change? Grab Bag Of Easy Knowledge A Central Press Feature in newspapers and magazines, when article.',- are written about the church or it's members. The in !S<U and was appointed briga- information contained herein can ••as tnc origin of the dier general of volunteers. In the be verified by contacting them to bo after proper investiga- lion. Your paper in jr.atiy of i',s tion, I humbly submit the follow- writings of t!:«- pa.vt M-crns to haver ing concerning what I and a mil- bren cognizant of and also'.• lion or so other members of the f"! of some of the . - i»o\v .inc"t!or.- chtirch Of Christ do not like to see. <-d facts, I write this only bocausr ih',:ri- have hci-n era'cplions to ti-.i?; thc February L'7;h ar!ic! ( . oom-crr.- inc tho KtubbiiiK of Mr. J. T. Mar- Jin of Swcetwatcr, Texas, bt-hi;' t'ar campaign he won the ciders, or thr thc preacher, of any the citv of Bav- B( . lo , v ls a Ust of common cr Your Future You should r-njoy F. year of average good fortune during the Vc'cir <tfi*" i <'tci *i 11 L *"' 0*1 * * t >*j('{ 1 1 1 1 'ttc in ^Washington was too full to per- Today's child should be ambitious .ind, hard-working. ] flippy Birthday nicknomi; of "Fighting Joe." Hc congregation in v.-,-i;; wounded at the Battle of town, or tUewhe.-e, as' the Antietam. His force.-: were de- might require. feated at ChanccllorsviiU.-. and he V.M.S superseded by Gen. George Me-ide. However, in November, JS03, he tooiv lookout mountain, near Chattrvnong.i. lYnn.. and l<:ayod a major part in the attack ridci;. lit: nccon!- par.icd Gen. William T. Sherman doingi nnd hv virLlIi in the invasion of Georgia, and Um ,,.-„ (io „„.. beli in Try And Stop M« By Bennett Cerf was brevetted major general the regular Army in ISfiS, a n tor. and Dick Fov.'ier of baseball of paralysis. He died in New York fame arc due for birthday cakes on On." 01, 1ST!'. What was his today. existing for the most part duo to ;\ lack of understanding of what we believe. I shall attempt to emirnrnile them under the hoad- of things wo do not believe in the fact in doing them, we consider it ;is not 'only It Happened Today HOFFMAN reports that .Good Friday. 3867—Alaska pur- lt>s nam"? <Names at bottom of column). kers . . . Friends have told me the year's fun- a new member of one of the del"- fhascci from Paissin by the United nil-,';-: si^ht is me. the man who cannot plug in a fuse, Stations to the.- TJ. X. was ambling States. 3!)J5—Russians took Dan- rc'srji.ig thy new Chiiton Pubiicatioas' Automobile Re- homeward 1 Jatc- one .spring- evening- zig from Germans in World War pair 'M.-j.nua!. which weighs five pounds and tells v -"hen ho noticed that a handsome '•**• :J! - 48 ~ Ninth International Con- yo-j hov; to change the frammis from the siamportis if somewhat bruzen-lookin^', da'm- fl ' rc : ncfl of American States opcn- v.-n'...-i ihc oil ii drabny . . . George Scheefe, a jug- sc! -was 'dogginj; his footsteps- Pd ln Bogola - Colombia, glc-r around towr., has even more aplomb than the. Fearful that some scandal rnifjht Wnfch Vonr I antu-c- r., :;: tnc nousecoat: he juggles matcfaetes while mar hii: official status, the vounf EUREK-\ -'u-RF-ka') - inter- s...OKing a K-mch cigar. man quickened his pace, Tho dam"- jection: "I have found it"~thc Said Genius i s the gold in the mine: ta'ent is the miner who works and brings it out.—Lady BK-ssington. JInw'd You iMnl-e Out? I. It is thought it grew out of writers recognize and respi.'ct our belief in certain principles by refraining from writing them into the various reports and articles. But now for the list: Things we do not believe in nor ever do: 1. Call tho preacher "reverend" (Tlii.s we believe to be a violation of Scriptural principles.^ 2. Call the preacher "the .indent libation practiced tor 1 ' (The elders, or bishops, arc when ships were launched. 2. Kins: of England, son ,-j;id the:; Jus; toll i situation Success Secrets successor so! likewise. He made the door of exclamation attributed to Archi- <i»<-;ror. the pastors.) 3. Refer Io thc membership as of William the Cor.- "the laymen/' or "clergy." 'Then- no class distinction within the hi.s legation by a whisker, slam- modes upon his discovery of a 3 - A " obsolete stringed instru- church 'or body) of Christ.) m<;d it .shut, «nd went to his bed method of determining the purity -ment. the precursor of the piuno, -I. Assert that the church of room with a sigh of relief. of .sold and now expresKing tri- _ ''• An American theologian, born Christ was started by Thomas or one of them. You have my permission to ur,. (ilis loiter ! n any which co:ifor;ii-; to the inti-ndiuJ aim a.s Ktifrtfcst!:-,! in thc aho-.-c. Your.s v.-rv frulv. J'. L. Mc\Vj!Jj;);ri3 Here's Letter To Man Who Poisoned Dog To Whom U May Concern: Von, thi> most, i.'nspeakabie of all low. rotU'n humans havu potsor.f.l my dog. But thi'j timi- you put cheated out of your victim. Thf v(.'t «ays :>hr has a <rood chanci-; to runcivc'r cv,-n thoiiRlx M!U- ni;iv lose her unborn imps. Why woulj you wa:il. to poison a harmless Chihuahua'.' Hh<: isn't biR i-noui'.h to raise a raclcut with her IjaHd/iK 1 . Do you know whrro she srot this paisonod bit. of bone und nioai. '.' i do, bocautic I .saw her rniir,!,' it. It was in the Chuivh €f Christ yard on W. CUn-claiui. 1>> you have r>ov y " O"i.y C':<-:'!0 h:;pj.,.-.j!.« Ike ; Aoi:L- J'orrZ'.'-j- ;:'i;i-. .lodays Bible Verse FOR WHAT SHALL it profit a man. he shall gain the whole world, and lose nis own soul? M.-irk 8:35. IT By Elmer Wheeler insistently. The delegate finally ''IF YOU CAN make something that's better than ; ; r.yor,c oJso can c;fer, then you have success within On thc steps stood thc brazen your grasp,'' accordir.g to Mr. and Mrs. -Michar:! Win- oarrwr] — with a poiiccman. :-.:c-Wj;S'-j:5. And they speak from experience, hav- "Sorry to bother you." said the .jng built up a good busincs from initial assets of 51 ' C °?' " but '' vh ? n you . Ict this lad y 5n cash; a taste for marmalade; and an old English ° U " - Vou . go: ncr skirt cau S«t in ?.;>. \Vinne-Wiison grew up in Somerset, England. H.? k'/pt his iikirg for thc mn.n'na!noe ha had «n,'•;.•.•<".! :r: Engiand. ?.$ wo!; as fond memories of an Enj:;;>:h cottage with hiiljj in thc background. That mental picture v.-as later to decorate thc la- ONE LAZY SUNDAY morning, bds on thc JKarmala/ie that his wife made, at first Mr. Sv/ecm.-y saw a man stand be- _ motto of thr state of California, in Hanover. N H., professor of Alexander Campbell, or any other any l ' Jea hr ' v/ man >' ftm;i " ( 'li' lllri 'n natural theology at Harvard and man. None of ii s believes this, and J - v " 1(irc '- v Quit:; a few play there Unitarian minister. jt. i s therefore offansivt when wn ^'Kularly. Don't you know that .„ _„,,..;_ i,- u u r- ''*• ^ *- rl ^ e of S° util American rend such misreprescntalions in Km ''i" kid"ji will put anything in ..s pr. r,n f , O .,.r no shoulders. I-olks of Tame—G-jf-ss The Name Indians inhabiting the const of newspapers nnd magnzinos. their mouths'.' How would you feel northern Chile. They seldom reach 5. Assc-rt that the church of if <"- child died of .strychniiio poio- I'fif height of five feet Christ had its beginning on any oning? Then the doorbell be~an hnsr!!" Urnph ovcr a discovcr >'. Tt is the insistently. Thc- delcglto finally n, n . risked opening the gate, with hi* ° r ' g1 "' tho dnor." Victor Borgf/s description of a famous voluptuous Jt.-ilian screen .star: "Sho 1 :-! anout four ,->nd a half feet tall—lying down or, her back." .1—Senator Hubert Humphrey, date other than the first."pcntecost 2—Gen. Joseph Hooker. after the resurrection of Jesus Published each vv..- t «uiv i.::^ t- The Eaytown Hun. Jric., ;,: P,-.«.rcc"anJ Ashbel Jn Baytvwn, Tex ELS Frtd Hartrnais . ..... JCditor a.n<j Publisher Jiarry Bosweii ....... A (j vert! sine .Mar,ajrr>V Preston l-'cnd.-'rgrass ---- .'.T;:::aK::-;g Ert,'-;.-, r Beulaii Mae Jackson ...... Otfic<j Manager Subscription By Carri<!r—?j.20 Montii; $34.40 Yea? A3; ma:.' subscriptions are paj'?.b!e in .-,<iva.nce By Muii— Montlj S3.20, 3 ifoiiths $X50- 6 Months S7.00; year SK.OO Armed Services V5c Mo;-,'j< Kntored (•* KAoond class matter i! the Baytovvn, Tcx««, J'onlottic? Vinder the Act of <jan};r«is of March .% 3S70. Nation a.! AtJvcrtiainjj R TT WAS A race bcl ween demand for their products » a " tryin ^ to park ll a11 over a " ain - 'I'-'K^o in law. Ho was a state ' " Ul -'.' '«' ;2 •'" a-sked Mr. director of war production train.".:„] equipment to tern out larger and larger ciu'in- liiu's. IVithin nine months iho new busin^..- v-a.<s sup' C-!VB MEA PUSH, BAP.B&LL.. X' OKAY. fAAGGI 3/T I under.stand Dial many do.s.s have eaten your poisoned food for these pust f.-.\y v,-ocks. if you <:OUUl of soon my dog- in agony as I did, your rotten .sou! would of .shrunken up within you. T hope you are .salis- fie.i no\v amr that you won't eonio haek In finidi tlie job you alnio«t completed this lime. .Signed, O. .T. OF HAMQU5 PEQPU S ' A " ec ' n '-' y and ihf - to f:.rn-a rood from thf-i- . man '-^plained, ing and re-employment and .state porting th-? WinnrAVilsons, and th^y v.T-rcou ; p-cd " T<;ar - lhjrl « the Iiuifl woman how <:hic-f of niinnesota v/ar services - " ' ' to F* r k~"°r trying to, at any rate, program in Ifi42. He was also as- W " ' !o il hw <" J ^^ she church ^'^ instructor to the United because v/c know the owners of -tales Army Air Forces during of 7. He 1'Hft a J: «-as.- ; 'r/Ti."-r.i.'Jy agreed by rl'/thlnjj de:-.'^:iers s!- 1'-:.'i;:ig a <-f/nvv>;- a ;ion in Ohie, ihsr ;h<- trer,,; in men's .-••\;'r- i! 'n ;<'.Hr; pinkling i :l lhe shouider.s. T.-, other i'.-ords. if ,VKI \van: to iok like a footbaJl player you Ruby, ''they won't be i>c:te A - i>c or,c, rca d the lines.'' "J'rr: fiSriiiit ihf-y won't ;;o for it; Ihoy'.'I rr-ari b'-tv/fi-.n the iirxs." "Ir th'-y'rc ar.yiJiing i;kc most produc'-rs I've,," obrrc-rvcd lie f;\'f:n t'» Vrrieric-;in Army f;,w-rnl ;f !.-'d fror.", "sVe.:i. I'oiri:. :n He served in !)•<> Mexif/m '^:t!niii^ ; , (.«f»!,ain's eommis- He t. red fi'onfi the Army >c> .e ;i. farmer, h'- effer'-d h,.-? .-s to ine Wa.- <K i p3rtn r i-;iii "i ONLY nt&RH TMA! t HAVt 6UT ONI LIFl TO LOSt fOft MT COUNTS T'

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