The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THB DAILY NBWS. FREDERICK. WD FRIDAY. MAY 27, 1932. MVEJI YANKEES AGAIN SE To See Ourselves As Others See Us! Jodgers Defeat Brooklyn And Pirates Beat Reds. A ' S OVERCOME BOSTON V, Ma% C6 -- Tie Xe»" Yors Yi.--ees :?!: roller again crushec :~e V I -- .-"-t -- Ser.szor;. :oday 5-0 beh-rd tr- o -' -- · pn:n:r^ cJ Cnari-e T.T ga^"" 1.15 cn»- so fsr as e.ir_s crashed n?n Lc_ the s-xta innin; ^.tn three on GezriSi coin" rj^ ^is on!'. :=e :h:rd hi" o~ Alvm Cro»cer. ino had aar.Ied E K=5 to a s-a=Ss--l- Tse sear* R K £ N'e* York 5 7 3 Washiszioii . . . . 0 5 l Jfclffir;? anc D:cie;- er ar.d Ber?. Maples Oi. Ms . J6 -- Hoaers ^ ilax ' Kiy Foxx plajed a ix« part today «5 the Athleucs defeated ! the Ked Sex, 7- 1. := the opecer of their | to-jr-sanie srr;es The gaae *as ca^ei ! bj ra^i !2 i-^.c s.v.i .nning ' The £jore R H £ ! JhUacelpsii . 7 10 1 I Bas-.on ._ I 4 2 Bat:er;es Sarnsha-s a=d Cochrane. Heiing. D'-jrar- L^cr.bje Moore and Deuo.:. ila 26 --Tae Tigers pj: tne skids uacer tse V/mie Six m tne TK game o? a scieculed double neader 10- ^aV, 1 l~»f t^XtM "A C-T6 «O3TC£Q tO OS COI^-SS.^. ·Ki'-'a. a 1-1 «e :n :he nightcap wnen rain interfered in -.r.e fifth frasie The score H H E Chicago - . 2 T :! Detrcu _... 11 12 2 Battens. Caraurav. Gregory. Fieber anc Grube. Bridges and Rue! SeooEd game. H H Chicsgo _ _ . 1 ~ 0 Detroit . 1 CT; TODAY { 'V IS THE- ^ WORLD WAR , ANNIVERSARY 01 : J . tv: UQ ; .''liiiiiiiiiHiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiui iv c :: I TRY EASTWAV'S F/jRST. .. I ji.v. she \ ^! ur« hac t"* JJF.UE BECINS 1915 ihe ih_rd REFINANCING ARRANGED == B \nd O. Complete^ S13.0W 000 Trans- -fore* IT. a p"':ec r .y *,med assault on a acuon. ~~ NVa Y ^-» Ma\ .'-5 -- :·! O''.' 1 Ha. -Oic C·.:·»' Great Sacrifice Sale of «c ii*.e A^r. F r; i h ._·. '. K*r n a 1 ,.-·· ^ o**:. prepared ior the a'.'.sct t% , 'o- reSna;:cins a tr«B#:::»_s swer.tartia-.ei'. " -"i A-S ··ec 3;: arri"; $:j ccc o,o o: Gsrmsn b-jlittins r-a_k*c: \ic cr ^ira 3ft m the !~or.' -r. MANY ATTEND TRIAL Ucmrn FiocL To Hecrtnjc Of *{«! En{- iih \i^M*t»f i London Mi~ ;6 --Se»«r»! ·oda^ ..» ra-road. * ** == 3 Ft.xo Ft. Flags . $1.19 : = 5Ft.x8Ft Flags $4.95 "·- = 4 Ft x6 Ft. Flag with Staff . $2.29 ·;;, = 3 Ft.x5 Ft. Flag with Staff 98c -.' |E Car Sets Five Flags 39c ; " == tt O I B W I N D O W NOW = 98c = $2'.49 = $1-19 = 75c = 29c = Sav -,cu The Ne»s vihers a"*rr.p'.r.K " posn into Cr.urch [ Ho-*e Wes'a* jis'e' ' · hear Re\ H F i D-iMSser. "2 \ear c d rector ·* S: K«.-\ cefer.c ATTENTION THE EW DOMESTIC Buckeye Elec Krfrit«r»tiT l »pla» \n it i Hundreds of persons a:trsc:«d by the ^ ! tAs::morjT of :he las: fe«- days were · » lt aow on ,, , p! ». ,n ihc wnniwri i :-Kkei o.-. b\ -he police Inside : h e " J i o « u» N M « i k t t »«r»«t tor »h»n ·» .--gsian sought · · exr'isn a p.-o:o-! i %LBt RT C P \LMkR, \sent. ' graph sh »* :-g '·.ire v\ n; -. I EAST WAY STORES 1 j == 1 H I H I R U U A R E ULP \BTME.M STORE ==J » =EE Hird»4J* -- HO.W t unu»hii« -- Fainu -- GU»*** -- Garden S««d -- =1 J F 1 UecUic*! ^upp'i" -- Auto AccMMrt* -- Sporting Goads -- Bathroom sss » = O, " j 36 E ist Patrick St Phone 187 · THE CROWDS SHOP AT THE ·9 Sport Tips c Hume. ex-Southern Me:ho- ' class B L 03: grid star and sornexhai of a. bos; . ...,, -xit-" as a oaseball player for Mart^sburg' _ j several years ago, xas caugh: in ihe s ' breakup of tae Sou:.i«ast*m League ULSI wrer-i. snc is no*" en route to WH^ ^ ,,. Laicsoor'. to io_". tns: cl-'o in she XYP Battenas. Fraaer and Berrj Wyat: j jea -.r - acd Kay wort n Ixs AngcZes Hav^g a 5'JtrpIus of h-rl- pls»ed bas^et^a-- first ^itii Hyait.s\-lle ers the Angles MacKeni.c oaci r^gh sc.-.oo". and la--- »!·.-- tr.e H;.a"5- .o the Cubs, who have shipped hjr. to · .1'e G-iatl tos.m Ke Tas a;»i Fort Wdjce. He a HOT: p.tcn-nj in a -·; \eari ·ahich ^ ntose tn kee^- Tijomas Wtlaitr WnjJr Kya-t5\ il »ophornore ar.c: atfcle'te sta- at --e Ur - ·.ers.ty of Maryland. d.ed of a 5rac- t_rec sktil! m a Washj:sur. hasp.til , \Vedrissday night after crashing into CITY SPEtDBALL LEAGUE {Fraternal Dhisionl Yrsterda 's Results. "DeMolav g DeMoUy Alusr.i. Game Today. a parked mo\i2g van on the Bladens- 101 NORTH MARKET STREET COB. CHURCH AND MARKET STS. WHERE PRICES ARE LOWER JUST UNPACKED WOMEN'S AND MISSES' batted oijt of turn, 311^: after he sjigled Cuccmsllo home Wilson got one hit in fiie ines Tae score K K E Brooklyn . 3 9 0 Ne* York .. . . 2 II 0 Batteries. C,ari and Ixsoe:. Huooe.: and Hogan. O'ConneU Dom^nqae Paunent. cue of ir.e best icrieMers in the Blue Ridge League mMea he plashed witc Chambers'oarg in :930 hanitea 92 consecutive caance: for Aloany in the Eastern League before comaumig an error last *ee£ Vita Tam'Jlis. another fornisr Chaaibersbarg burgh ^on the thtrd of the series. 3-2. i on -^ y 10 ^-TM"«.-» ·"----"--. The score R K S iBorn played -x'^h Cumoer^na last sea- Pitaburgh . 3 6 0, son SS,,TM 5 ^ ^^.^^S-P^^^JS^ fore brea^-ng his leg she-rig into second ; jtt 1930 is leading the Tnree 2ye Pntlace phia, M;y 26 --T-te Ph_2del- phi2 Nat.ona!s dete^tEd tne Boston Brsser, 17-13 tiEv iri a prolongsd _ .·,.^-g.. e2~~ " -e ··= J 'D"~ oomts beiovt n_jn. Joe Ponzer. an- kurYers 1 " " " " *""" " "" other es-Easdcict player, j h^a» a: Trie score. 345 clip for Quincy in the same Bc5t -^ 13 "a 3 1 league Crawford, along with Joe Xor- Fhf'aaeloh-a. 17 19 : | ns. a former teammat: here is pla r ^5 Ba-.teri^ BetK Frankhouse Cur.- ' or Te ~ e ^'^ ntn^'tair. Caai-srel! and Hargrs-.e Col- ~ . tns X-^-ls J EUiot-. 3er° 3 e a-a V Sherwood Mackenzie. ,oea. scutnpau D--.B i'-Curav ~ s.tcher, who is the property of tne 3 T 1 Chicago Cubs, has been sent on; on o?- j tton to rtn Wayne m tae Central .League- MacKenzie was signed by Ro- 'gers Homsby after bnef cia! last season and wnen the Cubs started East lasi Marca they 3eft the southpaw widi STARS pbq it t, ART K.QENZ S A-f ;MPA ^5" Ths g-oilsr Tho nas, not yet ga^:ed J jnas'ery the s'Eing rni-si guard ^ againit a go^- rciiiv -p^s? ·-» of a ·winch -j, faulty b:cy action f too D3~ is one of tne corn- g ascr; fa'ulis of the r.anc_»o pjiy- 9 er Ke -s ^i.ely to ntaks too ear'y ari B effort, to put punch into ir.e stroke H EEvtral "hmgs rjtav happen, ^uch as · ^xndiii; tee force of ute blow Before · the clubhead reacre; tne oai: lurch- H lag cut cf ixx-t-sn 5- s---c?_r.g -r c H hands ard arms 2.-.?^c of ".Te c.^o'^ai The cb;ect. is to take ~r.c cI'_Ci2eaa Jy. grass: -y ~crffas-ng -he 5t«ed as tiis cljbheac reaches ihe call Once ha-.-u-.£ accJL-K: ta^ ar- ^ie to tltc ihot Games Sunday. ^--T-«i --^, i ^.3" *^ ^ "* G3SC"£ " ^JPQTT? Eiscn i«arr.or.d S^-.^:' aJtcrroor. at 2.CC o clock If arranser-snts can b? completed a =ecc-r.a t.l" **UZ oe play^c ·with -he Mom-v-Tii ."V Ys A C Tne Vsrgn,2-s rre^- -» Y \: F 3 at CIO o'clock · Sch*js*."-r ' c '·^··" b°«i iavitca to meet i^f O TO" .n the EXTRA SPECIALS ; SWIFT EMPIRE * | HAMS ? SWIFT PREMIUM HAMS VEAL CHOPS ' 12c IB j 5 Ib. PURE LARD \ SMOKED * BACON j l l d b ; SUPERIOR [ MEAT MARKET · 29 East Patrick St. · MEMORIAL Whites Betsy Ross Oxford s Stylish White or White Attention! Graduates White Linen Sandals Oxfords COLORFUL Sandals Stores Shoe Market -£g a Greatest Memorial Values in Town, Including GRADUATION DRESSES PROM DANCE DRESSES L= ir- i s s y a^ anyone eoul-i IT\ . of sheers . pnnt- rl or p p.i=;tt \ lO'lJ" v th i. X c t s ' O i - . a" agg-T aud iashmp spor's sryles .any of «-T?haLi crepes ami jr*( i l x i ^ s * C"np ?I p f*\cs *ap** . mor-" t h a n 50 ueh?ht- Chalky Prints and Crepe?! Pastel Prints and Crepes! Sheers and Triple Sheers! Stripes, Dots! Florals! Checks! White! Beige! Navy Blue! Black! Other New Silk Dresses $7.95 and $9.75 FINAL CLEARAWAY OF SPRING and SUMMER COATS $3 95 .95 WOMEN'S AND MISSES' BATHING SUITS Navys, Blacks, Tans, Whites, Mixtures, Polos. All Sizes. \M the netc cut-cat backs for son bathinjf . . . «iit«; tmit w that they fit to perfection Jersey knit, basketweare knit, waffle knit: \I1 the bnsht c«lor« . and Tthite. navy and Mark Sizes 14 to 46 Q CHILDREN'S Lovely For Coming Holidays And All Summer With Hats To Match Sizes 2 To 14 ana SALE OF Boys' Wash SUITS Long- Trouser Suits' Sport Model Suits: Fiapper Suits! Double-Breasted! V-Neck Styies! Button On"style=' BOYS' PURE LINEN Knickers 50c · UP S to ! . BOYS SATURDAY MORNING J Special! Ladies' Pure Silk Flowered WOMEN'S SILK TAFFETA Princess SLIPS 2 for- Popular L»ce Trumned \Vhite and Colors. NEW WHITE Toyo Panama and Straw HATS Small and Large Shapes Atl Head Sizes LADIES' Rayon Silk PAJAMAS and GOWNS Pajamw ID 1 ft 2 piece Styles JUST EBCEIVED NEW SUMMER SHADES FULL FASHIONED Pure Silk HOSE Chiffon And Service 2 for- NEW EAYON MESH UNDERWEAR Panties, Step-ins, Chemise Teddies. WOMEN'S MISSES' Pure Silk Pongee Imported Linen Dotted Swiss DRESSES All Sizes Guaranteed Colors Sport Blouses 50c S a a H S H B « H B » B B a a a B » B B » " » « » M " " « « » » « « !·····»*

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