The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 10
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SOT BY m Speaking Of "Yellow" Perils Margaret Brent McGi!!. Thur- , mont. Dies Soan After Being Brought To Hospital. ! RETURNING FROM HUNT WITH BROTHER AGED 18 Accident Near Home To Be Fol- ; 'owed By Funeral Thursday i Morning. : A^_».n? act.ient. resulting tn | Ice of Margaret Brent McGill. } E.=e :-«r; :, age daughter o! Mr. and Mrs W.'.'-sa: MacPr.frs--n McGill. *TV..^"inc_it ore --rr.i Tx.f^lu\ afternoon a:-- - 1 o'.-o-i ^ hen ".".e chile! »as j ac-.=~r.:ai:v ih^t bi brother, Er- , r.Mt M-G.1-. 2nd IS Tears old. Th« s;c.cer:t ocr_rrei atwut 450 yards from the McG.ll horce and U-.e child died at the Frecenci C:tv Hospital shortly after 2 ocloci · regaining con- I: -a as st-i'.ei at the rtoase that Ernest, r^s younger brother. Howard, abeut 13. anc Margaret had been hunting a short d-stance beyond the limits of t-".« town ana ·iere returr.lng home. Erne;: carr.«d a*rrel shotgun and h.5 Srot/.er sr.d «ter ·a*re apparently a iew fwt In frost. From some unexpla-sed cause the **apoa suddenly exploded, almost the entire charge tak- lag effect in the r.ght arm. between the elbow and shoulder of :he girl and into her chest. Several pellets lodged in the left arm of Howard, the oilier brother. The child fell unconscious to the ground- Shocked by :he accident and ~ra':r.r.x ·xhai had occurred the brothers picked up their sister and carried her home Almost overcome Mrs. Mc- G-l suaananed Dr. Morris A. Birely. relating to him the serious condition of her daughter. Dr. Birely hastened to the house and an examination re~ i«»3ed that the arm of the victim was almost severed and that the discharge had also entered her chest. After being rendered first aid the child was taken in an automobile to the hospital by H. A. C. Sylvester, a neighbor, accompanied by Mrs. McGiil, arriving there about a" o'clock. Death. followed shortly after. News o: the unfortunate accident quietly spread over the community anc it caused a feeling of profound sorrow. Mr. McGili was away at the time and ·epos being informed hurried home. Deeply affected by the accident, Ernest stated that, while on his way hcnsc irom hunting: the gun suddenly exploded and ise saw his sister fall. Dr. Birely reported the accident to William J. Stoner, of the peace, who, upon learning the details, postponed an investigation until today when he Trill view the body and ascertain facts concerning the accident In new of tee circumstances no inquest is expecwc. The body of tb» chi:d HAS taSen to liic funeral parlors ot W:l!ude and Creager. Besides her parents, the child Is sur- viTecL by four brothers, William MacP . Jr.. Ercest. 2nd, John WakeSeld and L. H. R. McG-11. arid one s.s,ter. Caroline ·McGili. Tne funeral will take place ·Th-orsday o-.on;l3i at 3 30 o'clock from ·Karnatt"chaps'.. Ca:o;t-3 Purr.ace. with ser-,.ces b;. Rev. vV. K. Darr.uth. the rector. In-.erment Mt. cemetery WZDHBDAY. DSCEMWOl 30, Ittt. I HOLD TRIAL DECIDED OF LEE ON EASTERNIPOSTAL RECEIPTS IS RULING SEEN HERE IN YEAR Helainjfon. Roland. Dec. 29.-Everybody wax surprised by the voting today in the referendum on prohibition for, despite. * bluseard and snow beginning in the morning the turnout was better than the most sanguine had expected. i^gores from 32 of the 52 Heisingfors districts indicated about 37 per cent. to the polls. This was iar better than in mentary electors. Finland tafce§ tvj days to do its voting, and in : tary contests a 35 per oeot out is never exceeded in the first da| cf balloting. * Some Heisingfors precincts vhere ' working classes live reported of the raters trudged through the snow j cemage vas as high as 4*i. Court Of Appeals Without Power To Order Change Of Venue. Decline In Receipts Attributed To General Depression Throughout Country. DOUBTS IF FAIR HEARING j DECIDED FALLING OFF ffl CAN BE SECURED THERE PARCELS FOR CHRISTMAS Prosecution Likely To Call New Bicentennial Stamps To Case For Hearing Next Week. Co On Sale Here Jan- uary 2. Cambridge. Mo.. Dec. 29.--State's Receipts at the local postoOice for ! Attorney James A. McAllister, of Dor- the fiscal year 1931 will show a "de- I Chester county, when nottfied of the cided drop" for the irst time m a decision of the Court of Appeals In the · cumber of years. Postmaster Irving S. Yael Lee case, said thai the trial would : Biser Mated Tuesday evening. A slight i be held as soon after the high court's f decrease was noted last year, he stated, mandate reaches hffre as is possible. ' but -ji no way comparable to ihe slump 1 He said it was likely the case would ; this year, ascribed to the be called for trial next week. Anr-apo-lts, Dec. 29--The Court of Appeals today declared :ts belief that a fair trial for Yue! Lee. akas Orphan Jones, cannot be obtained on the lower Eastern Shore, but said it was unable to order the trial removed to some Where Heavy Floods Maroon 300 presslon throughout the country which has affected all classes of business, the j mails included. Despite the genera! decrease in bust- j ness, the Christmas maJ! was nearly j as heavy as in the previous year. It was j estimated that approximately 200.000 j pieces of mail passed through the post- | office on the four days immediately : Christmas. Biser stated. of six to one. it dismissed Lee's appeal from the order of the Worcester Coun- , _ . _ . , . ^ ,. .. ty Court setting Cambridge. Dorchester \**T preceding Christmas when about as auTpiace of trial, but to a i 58000 ° r S 9 000 P* ces were *»*·«. county sixteen-page opinion written by Chief Judge Carroll T. Bond, said: i In the opinion of this court the con- citlons evidenced by the occurrences re! cited on the Eastern Shore since Lee i was arraigned at Snow Hill would j ^f l i leave no latitude for discretion. but , volume of ' Buy Just One New Thing for Your Home with Your Gift Money! We only suggest that you add one new thing to your home. Spend as little as yon like, so long as that thing is beautiful. We can suggest End Tables, Bookcases, Secretaries, Mirrors, a comfortable Chair, Lamps, Pictures . . . the list is endless, the choice wide, and prices very modest. Choose that one new thing for your home here now. -TO THETK OF FCKX1TURE IS TO THESE OF CARTY" C.C.CART\f ESTABLISHED 1868 Late mall matter clogged the post- office after Christmas had ended. Postmaster Biser said the employes finished the Christinas mail about 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, but during and Christmas Day a'great mail piled into the postof- would demonstrate that The'se^urW^ ] {ice - » was estimated that about 50,a iiir. unprejudiced Jury from the 1 °°° f«f« ° f "** »«w *« **county selected as the place of trial tributed on Saturday. . . . is unlikely, and that to attain the ! . ^ .J~f l" ,' ,,. . . object of the Constitution and statutes | T .he most decided drop in Cnnsimas -the cause must be removed for trial outness was revealed m the number to some other portions of the State, on i o! P^^f handled. This Ime of mail one shore of the bav or the other ; ««tter decreased largely. The stamp where it appears much more likely ! *»»»»«» was nearly up vo that the local prejudice may be avoid- I addition, a large amount o* . j cards were handled, the business being That there is in the section of the j «*"* upf *f the average. Postmaster Biser stated that he was surprised that the Christmas business was so large, considering the circumstances. No unusually large amount of mail is anticipated preceding New Years thor.ties that he must be taken awayj D a - ' _, ~ ~ , , . from both Worcester and Dorchester I _ . S *TM, On ***' Ja °' 2 ' counties for safe keeping while await- j *°*TM**f Biser stated that the new ing trial, and that he must be brought "Centennial stamps for 1932, com^ · memorating the birth of George Washington, win go on sale at the local postoffice January 2. At the same t ; me. the stamps will also go on sale in other postoffices throughout the nation. Only at Yorktown and Wash'ing- ton. D. C. will the stamps be sold a day earlier, or January 1. The local postoffice win handle al- U to n MTMCK "AST MD. ·' State so far selected such prejudice 1 as forbids attempting a trial there, · seems to this court to be manifested ! by the attacks on the jail at Snow 1 HiH. the conclusion of the local au- I to trial with a guard of troops. The members of the Court of Appeals were split over the decision to throw out the appeal and over the opinion expressed after the decision to { dismiss the appeal was reached. ! Before he read the opinion, State's ', ' A'torney James A. McAllister, of Dor- '. · Chester county, this afternoon said it I '' was probable the case would be called i ' This remarkable a:r \:-a or or.s: £ tiie principal highways into GIrndora. Miss., was taken by a plane chartered by NEA Sen ice and T:ie Po.-t .irui shows w h y 3CO pcrspns in the Lttle town arc marooned. The overflow of the Tal- iaha'rhic river has blocked the bridge and other avenues of escape. A railroad has sent hundreds of cars as near-as possibic to the town to house refugees '.vhu come oat by ooat. PFNFRSI QUAimiB ULllLML O'ik.LUf fee: c^rer Ba-t \;r.:: sr.c Married Above Citj. iccrsto-XTi. Di-c 29.---Sonrir.g 2 000 ebo'.e tnis c.ty in 3 large cab.n ". Ker.ricth I_ Morehouse. Detroit | mobile nc=. rr;r. ar.d Anna Lee j hcv. of Ha-'orstown, ·acre married ' _x A. C. Pottorff. -a:!r.essed the ron; ar.c Rf.. C Mur.cay. of tnc ^t ch'irc^ ai V,"a;,!cro. Pa . d tr.c couple Both Mcrehouse h.s ^r.tie nre avj-.ti=n er.thusiarts President Would Consolidate Many Government Departments Under One Head. Couple Sought RECOMMENDATIONS TO BE ; MADE TO THIS CONGRESS Tl'.c I!'.ino..« Democrat said th" ttet . ".cr.s \\oiild be riotificQ tiiev could not I 1 ·. e a r.. I! call on a referendum on ·i* eighteenth annT.dmTit and n -· .1' '. or. the return ot ".'.ght .. .nes and , 'or. tco. S m'i.*n:ieo\vslv ·x.'.h this anivo'inre- ' ·::! Sen Ashi:r_.t. Democrat. Arizona. · ;:.--·{! u scr\e o:T n Senate judiciary .D-committcc r..»mcd 'o conduct hear- · ;^ on tne ciry laws Ashurst. a prf- .o '.TL^t. 5,uii r.e iiati "no t-mc to · ' - " o " T. aid ire those who are !t- -tvt.tic to "v oaken or rri.ix" them. S ^:i B'.cX Alabama ar.nt'.'rr Dcm- ^f prohibition u..s ap- bv Son Norr^: Repifjlicar, chairman in Ashurst s p^aci 1 E' ic sa:ti he "presumed" he wou^d · c b 1 :: i^vtej :hat -t was more .m- '·-.:M '·- :r.e pvoplc 'or Congress to t is !·-* hear people's pcr- ^no or. the BETTER IN 1932 IS to trial as soon as the high court's i mandate reached Cambridge, possibly j next week. Exceptions Noted. Only Judge Digges demurred to the decision, but three other judges noted exceptions to parts of the opinion. most all denominations of the new stamp, which will be on sale through- cut next year. Postmaster Biser said he expects a general call for the stamps and that they will grow popular through the year. In anticipation of a rush for the new stamps, he said he had on hand 400,000 of the two-cent -ariety. 1 "Talk of the Town" $50,000 FOR CONTEMPT ATTACK WHITE SLAVERS .= Mayor Walker's Missing Friend Fined Shooting Leads Government To Action In New York. York. Dec. 29.--A $50.000 In Philadelphia. New Philadelphia. Dec. 2.--More than a penalty, half of the maximum provid- £Core of men and women Wre accused ea by laws ·was imposed today on j today ot conspiracy to violate the Fed- = Russeil T. Sherwood, described as Ma- \ eral cnmin^ c^g ^ tj, e government = jor Walker's personal accountant, for i a{ter weeks of undercover investiga- , =5 contempt of court in failing to answer , t = on . begzn a campaign , galnst a white , = a subpoena to testify before the Hot- j s ; ave -^ alleged to nave operated to i = stacter legislative committee. j fi :. e states . * , = witnoat rendering an opinion Su- ] Nea Burkinshaw. Washinston. D C i = oreme Court Justice Thcmas W.. spec;a} deputy a:torne y general, as- = Cr.urch-,U .ined the missing Sherwood, i sis - ic ^ concluet the {lrst of the hear . = ' hom he **A in contempt of the com- ; 5ngs resulting from the investigation. ' = mittee. which has sought for months to , fi-ed th- names of *hp -Chicago. Dec 29.--Better business in make him come back and testify about i sons in "an affidavit in --nerai for :932 was predicted today a safe deposit box he held in common ' Court -ecords - h the Mayor. : Chester BenftiM. Manufacturers Generally Optimistic About Outlook. WESTERN SENTIMENT GOOD "Let's resolve to make HENDRICKSON'S our headquarters for Children's Wear. You know, they carry a most complete assortment of wash suits and dresses for boys and girls." "Anything you say, Dear." per- ,=5 MAY AID RECOVERY Democrats In House To Get K-lllwAV Only One Vote On Prohibition Question. Labor AI« Called Cpon Make Sacrifice. To Wa.-h.ns: in. Dec ^9 -- A c r-.-ra". h.ske.ip or tr.e rxiors: gr^-cnir.icr.t -- .1 p.r.g brar.c"~rj: -- ·ans =.-·· «-vej ·; an absent C- Tr.c ex?c,',.-.c r.? r?riso-dat.ons ~o_ -- , "ry arm of :he c - -- i-a at this ^.·· NV~ York. D{W 29--Railway labor ·. rcal.-ine "hat :t n»:v! p fnre s period ' sacrifice, may make a rr.cot iir.por- .= re pro-, .ding lnera ·- -' ccT-Tib'stion to rcc---.err. said J. J. :he fu:ure. r. .-r."t -r. an ar.r.ual today. Mr Surnet. ·aho is pret.der.i of Jhc v "" C -e«.i"«--ake ar.d Oh.o. sa-d certain re^ r r3*.or_; ir. frc.eht r--,cr.urs rccor.tly he Ir.tcr-S'atc Corr.mrrcc as ccr.tnout.r.g s -:y 11 leaders In Their iiews. published today in the January issue of Commerce, oS5cial ·jub'.icatiori of the Chicago Association .-' CoTirr.erce. were based on the be- "..ef that better rr.anageir.ent will re- s-:lt from the experiences of the past. ' Organizations and ina»nduals who .-..v.e grown soft dunng ihe easy years .ire now trained down :o lean, hard business ";htir.£ tr.m." said C. W. Nash, pres.cent of the Nash Motor C^moar.y. · M stakes :ha* were :naoe sizable lessons for Samuel Scabury. counsel to the leg- ' dark _ _ .slatiTe committee who demanded the ·, ^hooting near maximum per.alty. has charged that' ^ which one also known as , = arrested after z roadhouse last month. ». ., - ^^ ".fc.^^ one ^3TM was billed and three Mayor Wa-ker has kept Sherwood , others woonded . Wa5 g^n a hearfBg "^'--, _ .,, _ . before a TJ. S. commissioner today on Several months ago Seabury's as- .charges of transporting gir^ from one ^an^ were sent to Mexico C.ty to- S M t c to another . He was beld ^ S5 . srr.-e Sherwood with a subpoena but :^e accountant declared tie documerit ".legal and ignored it. Jflard To Take. IJke Medicine. Experience has decjiircly proved : we cannot s^ape or mold or ^rx: v · 1:0 .--···c ry ; ' '.rd r-'.a-r K"t he ^aj more !rpeful 01 rr the ~ ace s.iuat.or.. · The apparent ·\-.'.^.:.-r. by Ra-.lrond emplcye* ·hancs the rsatu-al FIGHT FOR LARGE STAKE Japanese Hare Much At Issue In Man- charian Warfare. New Tort. Dec. 29. -- The Japanese jpp.y and with art-ficial ex- forces of Manchurlar. armv hat is pushing aside as the stockh-ldc-s ,-r.o^ld ar.d evcribodv else oas ; ' the dose ^ swallowed ihe sooner the rcc-overy besms. las; ;wo years ^-. cur future or; a XEA Sar^as City Barrau. H r- _= a r£-cer.t u.cture of Mr and ' - M'.rt.r. D;p?~ Bought thrsughou' ' r.\~ ~-. .r. eonr.ftion with ihe k:d- V*^*it. - -."-. - Ka. -.'-- C tv rarm=r.' mar.ufac- t .r-r ~r.D ^as held T,.:ij h*r chauffeur .- a shark f ~ r 'z- hours and then re- l^'^.r~ rrhcu: rr.Sc'.ng dtmar.ds fir , .-- . - ·"·, D pew His "Sifc .-x t_ .- toe Soaaelly home ,r.cur; "^~,F'7;;r',"7; *r" " , · * ? = ··~"--r ?n ?--- .-.^trator of p::b'..c T. ;r.-i? t ^ scr.r _ C^rrbina'ior! of a", rr- -- '.~.?.~,' rrir.r," Co~ra»rce. Ac5r-".^.~»r r. ""^po" ~rrr *ri i-- "ne most l",clv W*i.te }i ~ ^^c ^r^v^ c % *~.'cTcr;rc iri he has ur»rei a rer.eral ^r^-ol.datic*!! ] year? At '. ^ '..rr.;" 'v - c ." 1 . .c ." " " i :.".d i save rr...:.c--' To Allow One \oit · Wai-h.r.Etcri Dec 23 -- T-'c Dern- ·. in of pio'.in.t.T. ur.-t.' a pla;-. ar.- · ncunced tocay by majority kaxier »-.:i » STICKLER SOLUTION ^-x s~ ( ( t ( r 2^v V fr^^ ^~^\ v_^ v_ r s ^ ) \ Trie djsc^^ Hw% now a cmsmxxss T» rrjv pass :hr«x.ioi *S 2~ fca-5, »-A^ erf c-iiv.58 itvli « -.-»sng anv b»l rxrc t*an cnrr. * »a _ _ _ _ _ ".3'sara progress of 'he country's as- .u.firal, and f.r, con- ci'.on " Arr.or.? the other op,n.ens were: G L C_r;_5. rrr-Mcer.t of the Curtis Co=ipan»«. Cl-r.tor:. la : 1932 should 'oo a better year for everybody than 193J.' M.Ian T. Avers, analyst of the Xa- · c: Finance Compan,,,. . j. L f vidor.t the g?r*ral morale _^ not r:^r"y at ,v low ar. eot as ;t was Sfnlitwrnt In West Is Good. Harold C. pr».=.der.t X the r.;.no.f. Tool WcrSi? I 5o not look for say material improvement, ir. b-osi- r:ess d-nr;^ the ear'.y triontris *; 1932. * " cut think operat-oris w.ll be more sat- Farm Sate Wen Attended. ^factory "har. trie v-^--fr.t ear" A crowd estimated at 2.000 persons F. A So.ber:.r.jr. prc^.dcr.: cf the the sale of D. P. SUfer, near Seib*Tl.r,s Ruc-ier Cc. - I recently ^orn- JefTetsor.. Tiiesday. B.dcir.g was p:*te«i a ro-r or t'.-.e co-jr.try ar.d have sp.r.ted ar.d evervthing brought excep- i »\,md mors s-gns of b^ii^es.^ improve- tjonallr good pnces. Tiie sale totaled than at ar.T o;r»er t^se ;n ^h« $- 300 Horses brought up to SlOfi and :»st t w j year^ .n th? West rows $48 The machinery, most of it .s srood and ,n 'ho Eas' ,s iniprovirig " o"ci rommArtifd pood prices. John L. · · D-itroi' « as the auctxineer and John a'.: Chinese res-stance in a military operation that may end with the oc- hravy staies. Jaoan has at least Sl.250.000.000 irs- T?sted in a" China, ar.d probably two- -h.rds of it is in Manciurtan products. But Japans trade -sr.irt Chirsa prop- ·". is far greater than i-_s trace with^r-a. arxi as toe possibility of a st-r.rrai ar.ti-Japan?se boycsti is great- ·-·: in China proper than in Manchuria, *.'pre the Japanese railways and Ja- ?»rese troops dominate the suaalion. :hf ecor«ornic war wa^ng ir- the south- cm provinces of Chir.a may prove far ri-.c-rs important than the clash at arms ir. the North. Tie years ajo ore-fc-.irth of Japar.'s worl-d trade was with and T.e total in value approximately S500.- 1 CX0.000. Japanese trace with Manchuria ir.ade up *".:ghtly less tiian one-fourth of this amount. 000 bail to await transfer to Baltimore. Burfcinshaw said that information ; EE gathered by government agents work-n? in this state. Xew Jersey. Delaware. Maryland snd V:ra*r.ia. showed the alleged white slave ring operated out of Philadelphia, He added he would be able to prove that Benzuli directed the transportation of girls from this city to Chester. Wilmington. Easton, Baltimore and Peacbertor. X. J. Subscribe lor Tttt J.'ew*. s. tiie clerk. We'll Help You Pay Those Bills D OVT be constantly duniwd and distressed by a lot of creditor*. Let us take the load off your shoulders. Make us your only ' debtor and pay as off on easy terms. A FRIEXLY SERVICE THAT WII.L LOAN YOU SS0.M TO S3M.M THE LIBERTY FINANCE CO. 244 X. Market St. ALSO RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY | Boys'- Girls'- Ladies' COATS As Our Pre-Inventory Sale Starts Today Every Fall and Winter Coat II =]' ml TEEMS CASH j= Now you can buy a Hendrickson Coat at a = ; IE price lower than ever before. 9, = S ^ MERCHANDISE OF ESTABLISHED ISTT

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