The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 12
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 12

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

r*GE TWELVE PAWS MEWS. Manhunters Get Reward nt of John r>Ulin£«r la. Chi* Promotion and Pay In-| creases For Melvin Pur- j vis and Samuel Oyw Hoover would not diaclu** til* exzent of the. compen**Xion Increases other than to «*y that the men had been advanced on th« graded scale for division of investigation executive* which runs from $4.600 to 55.400 a year. He added the question of "proper recognition** to others o*T the Dilliagrer death squad w-as under consideration. WASHINGTON. (&. —J. Edgar j Hoover, chief of the justice department's division of investigation, announced Wednesday that proaaotions and salarj- increase.* had been given to Melvin H. Purvis and Samuel Cowley. the srov- | eminent men who directed the TALlHCfA MAX IS Hf SERIOUS coxixrnox TA3LIHINA. Ok.—John !K. Beam, well-known old settler In the- Talihina vicinity, suffered a rupture while at work Monday at his home and was taken to a hospital in Poteau for an operation. He- i* in a serious condition, it is reported. MARY JONES LINDSAY Asks Your v ote For Her Re-Election to Office of of Effici^ncv, Service and Economv She Has Made WHile in Office Thank You (Political Advertisement) Hit By Stray Bullet A bullet Intended by officers for the outlaw. John OHHnger. when he was shot down and killed on a. Chicago street strayed and struck Theresa Paalus (above) in the hip. (Associated Press Photo) Mr. Workingman! Here's the Place to Buy Work Clothes YOUR MONEY BUYS MORE AT THIS THRIFTY CASH STORE One of All Leather WORK Scout Shoes £.49 Only Poser's solid leather -work slu>es. This Scour shoe has «. leatiser slip sole and can be Our Own Brand "BIG-BOY" O'ALLS FuD 2:20 Weight I Denim i .a solid blue or express strip-a . . big fu.ll En!! cut o'alls . . E:gh or suspender back- Bcys' Sizes 59c Try a Pair of Our "BeaH" Brand O'ALLS Lc SoEd Bloc or Stripe* 10 One of the very best overalls to GS— extra heavy — pie- shrunk. !r$ a knockout 2.1 1 . . 79c Men's Covert PANTS Plain-Toe Shoes J.79 Black leather ^. - ork shoes . las in same srry.'e at 1.9S Kotb are Pe-ter's all lea^n shoes. Boys' Sizes .... Men's Wash Pants 29 IE grey stripe also bZre regular I.SO valse. s Sixes ., 7»c Value* up to Closing- out cur summer -wash pants . . All -•eat -patterns. fully 1 Shirts Fop Notch Value! Let w Show You! C Extra .good buy In tolue chain bray ^-ork shins . . two pockets. t\ £u!! ctst. roomy. All ";\ -izes to IT. '!" 49 BeaH's Own Extra H«*vy Chambray Shirts BJOC or rrey—triple stiti ii forced at all points -rsj»-f Tr*- r*l C.\l« £ w Cap-Toe Shoe 2-29 •la J>Ia.elc l«£tlrer at 3.2S in taws J«fcTner at 2.?5. Heavy A i Georgia Knit Sock* •:.j«'6rg^a knit or new ground shocks, special >•>!!»«• i «3*ji ^» Handkerchief* bla« or red . Get '«IB at big full A musical «ocerci*e -written on blackboard. A bisk-heeled, slipper TB-ith. blood. A dead act in. the bottom of a. highball glass, A partly full bottle of whi«key. And the dead body of a beautiful youag school teacher! There you have the elements of "Murder on tfee Blackboard." RKO-Radio's thrill my»tery featuring: Edna May Oliver and James Gleason, who add a saving touch of comedy to relieve th« spooky- atmosphere of the story. The—musical exercise, the dead ant, and the whiskey' bottle are the clues which. MISW Oliver, as the spinster school teacher. Hil- desarde Withers: and Gleason as Police Inspector Oscar Piper, have to base their investigation of the crime- The high-heeled slipper is the weapon with which the pretty teacher -was slain. All of the crime leads are said to be griven the- audience, offering it a chance to match wits -with the investigators in solving the mystery. . •'. ' - Dollar Bargains in TOILET ARTICLES At The Grand Men'* Canv»« Work Gk>v««, Knit Wrnt lOc Men'z Cotton Soda, Whrte or BI*ck lOc Men*s Heavy S<xspefK$ert with Spring 49c Korse-Kwie Garaitlef Style Work Gkrrcc 49c Men's Wwh P«nt», Drew Pmtterm, Pair 1-OS Men's Broadcloth Short*, Fancy Patterns I Thrills topped by more thrills 1 for ihe next 12 weeks are prom; ised by ciie Grand Theatre, with ' the announcement that tiie first chapter of Universal's latest serial thriller, "The Vanishing Shadow," -will open Friday and Saturday. "The Tanisiiins Shadow" des:!=: wiih. a yoiing- ne wspaperman who fights against great odds to keep control of bis powerful afternoon Paper, A gans of money-mad, po-wer-crazed politicians strive to Sain possession of the paper "which is about to expose their crooked political deals- The leading role is played by OnsJow Stevens, supported by Ada ! Ince in the principal feminine part. She plays nhe role of the daughter of "Ward Barnezt, leader of the political erang, impersonated by -"Walter ililler, responsible for the downfall of Stevens" faxher. The story, by EUa O'Neili. brinsrs to the screen for the first time 12 chapters of thrilling modem elec^ trical inventions, sncb as "destroi> - - ir.g' rays." " rays," an electrical robot yeishinar a ton, and many- other advanced electrical wori<5ers_ There are many thrills. Including a crash into the ocean in a disabled airplane, -with Miss Ince leaping from the ship •with the aid of a parachute, ^u one episode Stevens is caagrbt In the hold of a. burning vessel, anfi In another he drives over a »*eep embankment in an automobile. The cast includes William Desmond. James £>urk;n, Richard Cramer. Sidney Sraccy asd Cobb, At The Plaza To Berton Churchill, now In Universal's "Half a Sinner."'-which is -piayln^ at the Plaza Theatre Friday, with Joe! McCrea and Sallie Blane in the leading tic roles, has come the di5= of having the play on which "Ks'f ; a Sinner" is b&seeL re-wrttten -.'"• '-. elevate trie minor character -which : h-e plsye-d to stai-rins- position, and < then changlng 1 the name of tre i play to lend prominence to his | role. ' . j San; tie! "SVaJlach prod need a : play called "^Veeds,"' -written lay ; John 3. Hyrner and I^eHoy Clem- j ens. In -which Churchill's part was ; a secondary role. The rryout was i ai Atlantic City and while it ere- ? ate^2 T>O sensavion. ine card-sharp • eclipsed in audience interest every j ct-ber plcyer. i Mr. "vCaJIa.cts bad the piece re- ; •written by the authors to giv« ; s.dde<i promlnertce to the charac- ; xer arid tie company was taken to j Providence, K, I- Again the au- | dience could not ^et enough of j the saintly appearing old scoun- ! drel and again the authors be^an i a. re-ssriie, thro^scins out sequences j and characters until Churchill be- : | cc-me the -whole show. j While on tour with "Aiias the | l>eacon/' Mr. Churchill played IT ;weeks in H-oIij^srood, and decided ; uO S.G'O'p' : v 3t **OT' r C^Tl C^r^^iT^ fcir**^*;; ; tiifet Ume he has api*eared in 30 j productions, some of his more r-;- : in Hell/' "L-et's Be Ritzy." "Men i in ^^KThite.** "Friends o* Mr. S^ce- | zsey'* and eventually tn the film | version of " flizs the I>eacon." it- i named "Ha5f' a Sinner." ; PATTONVILLE HOLDS METHODIST RE\TV r AL PATTOXVII.I J ,H:.—The tor, the Rev. C. B. Thompson, is pr'jjT'esfting' "'elJ aj3<f there one reconsecratiorr at t5 The BaptJ-st congre^ration met ir, , a ^hort r>r«nfererjcc S«-n«5ay to con- I si<5^r railing a pastor ars<! a corn- ' j?if; matter, The recent r*vfva! ft* ' rTj^mb<Krs. ffv< by baptism anO ; three by letter. A sho^-er *W3^ jrivsTi a* the h*>im* ; c? Mrs. Geors;<i L«^ate honoring j Mrs. W. "W. McCsnn. a r«r.«?r,? I formerly Miss LacJIc Mr- ! Satarday, 1 box Chateau du pare. 1 box dustinjc powder ____ ....... 41 1 Chamberlain hand Ivtion, 1 V«=>nida Wave Set. I box ICleenex . . . ..... .............. ..... ......... »1 1 Double size Williams* shaving cream, "l Aqua Velva. 1 Peps* t«ent Antiseptic ...... '.. .......... . ...... $1 3 TreJur cold cream, 2 Dusting Powder, 3 bars Jergen's Soac, 3 3-oz. L,i*=+erine ..... ......' ..... .,.,,.... 91 2 Loices JDermay Dusting Fo\vd*ir. 1 bai W'oodbory soap *1 2 rube* li>ana tooth paste, 1 box Kleenex, 1 Dermay ParSa Mfciw Afton Crocket la at dmbemon. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin O*rp*nt»r Jtccompanicd by Ovarll* Carpenter of Shatfr Tro«v<* left Ja«t for a rJslr in Xasbvil!*, T*»nn, Vote for J. C. (John) Pride for Constable, Precinct No. 1.. Give ft day laborer a break* (Political Adv.) 14 ~oz JListerine. 1 Hinds Cr^am. 1 bar Palmolive or Woo !bury Soap ...... ............. ........ ..... oar Cuticura ?oap. 1 Kleenex 1 Pepsodent Antiseptic, 1 3.^um .... ....... ...... . . ................ Heck decaoranL 1 J<*rsen's lotion, 1 box Kleenex, i y talc . . ............................ , size Lavoris. 1 Armand brilliantine, 3 bars Jer- sreu's. s> -ap - . - . ... ............................. • Dram Chateau du Pare perfume, 1 Arcoand Syna- l.horsy powder compact, 3 bars Palmolive Soap ____ *T-oz. Popsodenr antiseptic. I Tek or Prophylactic tooth brush, 5 Mentholttum ....... .................... Woodbtiry's cleansing creaK:. 1 Vanishiag Cream. 1 Chateau du Pare Hand .Lotion. 1 Woodbury's Facial Soa,p ....... ........ ...... .................. Aqua i elva, l talc «£or men). 1 pkg. Gem or Gillette razor blades, 2 bars Palmolive Soap .............. Pond's cl^ansins cream, 1 vanishing cream, 1 skin freshener, 3 bar? Palmollve soap ................ bars Palmolive soap ............... ,. ___ . ____ ..... Boxes Kleenex ....................... » . . . k ___ ..... TOIUET GOODS — MAIX FTX>OR * SI Si si Si Si si SI ACCESSORIES Anklets in attractive solid colors, fea— tjrins: all pcpuiar summer tones. 6 pairs .... $1 Cluldren's Anklets in solid colors and fancy I ait-srns to finish out the summer. Special 4 pairs _ ,.„,,_.. SI Vovelfy Fabric Glove? with plain or fancy cuffs Shown in eggshell or -white. Dollar Day Bar- grams i pairs .$1 t2 incli Sport Handkerchiefs in large floral de- sigrns- cross bars, and novelty patterns. Assorted colors. 15 for _.. St 31 Inch Print Handkerchiefs in »and blocked and hand stamped designs They have hand rolled hems. £5c values. 6 for SI BOY'S APPAREL Roys Soon Shirts, rr,ad<= of white or fancy colored broaficlozh in sizes 6 to 14. Hxpertly tailored t^aiii^us ct the fiznasr quality, 2 for ..__,,., SI *" Pajamas. 2 pir-ce sty:e. made of broadcloth in attract-'-** fancy patterns. Sizes are S to 18. Dav Bsrg;aJns ..... ............... SI 2 Fte*>; Ru™by Suit*, made of seersucker ax:d neat ftiitin^s The coais are in the popular pinchback style I "orderly 51.SS. sizes 4-5, and S ...... Si Seersucker Overalls are cool, easily ^rashable. and Ideai for saii.mer \v-?ar. Colors are tan. grey, ami greer. SL£*s 2, 3. 4. 5, and 6. 2 for ..... ... *1 Soys' Sun«uits. resraiar 4Sc q-jality. sleeveless. -iiade of seersticker and broadcloth In sires from 1 to 5. Dollar Day Sargrains. 3 for ........ SI »l- Knickers, made of white linen ar.<2 raised fabric? in all stsnirn^-r colors. Sizes S to 1-1. Ex- Ira v-ilnes ............. . , ................. . SI MAIN" FTXK>K Gift Shop Bargains Ia«ts groblcts. ic« f.eas an<l comports in tractive!" etclied desigr;5 graeefuMy shaped. ecial values. 4 for ... ............ :.__.. $1 Tea. and Water Glasses, clear brow^. extra quality. trimmed -with red or black bands. Dollar Day bargains 10 for .................. ..... SI Cak<e S*ts of fine ivory color semi-porcelaiit con- sistinpr of a large flat plaut "and sp»zu!a server to match, Set ..... . .......... ....... 91 Hoc Otets Wane shown in srreen. yello-sv an^ ros«, Choore from bears p<?t». r-'^ 1 sets, casseroles, rang:* ee^s. 4 •'-c rame-kinss or S small ramekins . SI SI s. made of good thick rav: n. Z-arge stz-ts. attractive .-shapes GIFT SHOP — S^CON'D FIX>OR Ready-to-Wear & Under^irear Knit SborTJB in •pvhJt*' or blue rritryine<S red. id^al for sport's* wear, picnics and of aU kiri'l^. 2 for ... ........... ** Pajanra* of fin<; qualify Rayon in i>as- trirt-.mec in contrasting: colom, I an*S 3 pi«ot style ...... ........ , *l in print»( and ^h^r*. sizes ar« •4 to 7 years. Carefsitlv rnarfe. fa-*?t color, stirac- tfveiy »rj- !*•<!. 2 for .... ............ ...... *f »'' Uniforms mauSc of fine broad-.I^tis :trsd r Hr»*n Jn yowr yrhoSc*' of whH«. blue or rrfren. Severe,! styles to choose from ..... SI }n ba.nrt^au and longer 5>nc *ty I*".*. ftlad^ of faces. swamJ and si.rlp*<! broadcloth, Specii! rafo«, 2 for ....... , ....... ..... ft Jaw-ktt*. Tnadc of whi?« waffle cloth ar »»'fl*n<J!'l for a hosft, of «ummer ft rMDAt, JULT IT, 1*M We're winding up our JULY SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE Friday and Saturday with DOUBLE DOLLAR DAYS super savings—close-out prices prevail in every department — Shop Perkins three bis; floors on these TWO BARGAIN DAYS Tier*, a wonderful collection cf fine ties reduced from ?1 each .... priced Tor closeout Dollar Days 2 for . ..... SI r Socks, these fine socks are shown in all sizes .... there- are piittersts and color combinations to suit every mars. 'Lay *n a supply at 4 pairs for ..... ..... ^ „,_... S* - MAIX F1XX)R Fine Fabrics, Low Prices 6 jards Prmwd Voile. Batiste. Flajcon or Normandy Volte *1 6 yards printtxl broadcloth, printed suiting or printed 6 1-4 yards printed barLste. in all new patterns ___ - - - . . . "2 1-3 yar«I> plain seersucker. printed broadcloth or primed pique , . .......... ".'..-._. ....... .,..-.. ...* .... If-C rarti^ Fsyprian tisisnte,. printed 3>hnity or printed BroadoU>Jh . . .. .. ' ** J~ yard*, plain pifjae in narrow or wide voile, printed or printed Waffle Ootlf *4 jards Novelty PiqKe Voile or I>otted Organdy, yards 35> Inch Printed Orsrandy. In dots, plaids 1*4 yartK printed r=flfc crepe, printed canton or brocaded taffetu ,., 2 1-4 yartis frint^^l ot novcltjr organdy . _ _ -~, fontli mats, !•"**« or tiiaJse color with floral designs, 2 for ... . . ...,.•-...... : . ..... FABffclC SE -*1 *t *1 *t *t -MAO* FX.OOR Dollar Bargains front our BASEMENT Fanchon Tt>slet Soap. ;s.rge ^ize bars, lathers freely, deli- ca*«;ly sc-entird. m^de 1>7 the nxak«rs of. FalKK ^S hnrs I »r ... .., Wfndiow Sfea«!cs. 35 Ir.rhes wid* and 5 f«*t soJ;'? gT^en or pongr-ae. Tnountsd on iJera, 2 for ,, ,. Ruffle Cnrsain-', rr.jid-- of seif dot m*trq;uisett* in j«olid r-eara. ecru. ^re«rn or orchid, fuli width, S 1-i yards ions .... - . . , , Men's Sock.-, shewn «a nttractive fancy patteriss. al! ^izes. jywln* Snit*, for Tuen. womets end children. They're ail wool and com* in a grood fessortjnent o* colors and *tyl<*s. All reduce 1 from much higher prices. c'osj* jut price . . Athletic SWrte aiitl Short* tor men. made by Hanes or good Quality<rr;i.!s Jn a, bJji; ai=sortine3t of styles. Men's Atiiletlc ITnfon* in slsea 36 to 44. They're triad* of a ,co~d c~os?'5>ar •ii«.t*riaJ, \v<"-JJ t»Hr>r*s3, deaS'R'sed' to- fit. 3 jet, Its ^ ji Remnant*., Half-Price, ses this S:^ tabl* of fine remnant*, all srood s^»«oK'»bie j?ood«. accumulated from fast ejpUsr,.s- dur- ine our July Special ^urcfca^e sal*. Silks, Cot'ons, jJhoer Goods . . theVre all fecro in Rood uscabJe AlamJnurn. rho<s«* frAm 6 cup percolatcr*.'•& qt- tw tl«* or 2 <jT- double boil*r», *ach GU>*s Bake * 1 ets. thesw «*t« consist of a 2 quart service .'Ov*r«M casserole ar.4 6 custard cups^ all for - Choos* frcin 3 ^uart Teakettles. IS cjt. -white rr.e! rour4 <!i»hpJSLii*. 10 quart water palljt. eacb. «. f,"st co!or. shewn in smal! checks a.nd plains, ring alf colon-, extra quality. 7 yante ___ . ...... rorkl«4> "owels. wiz*; S t x 2S Jnche« juwt right for 5um- ir*r use, they have attractive colored border*, 13 for r*irki*h Towels, larg^c tise, IS x 36 inches, choosy from s*evftrs.I 3l£fcront ctlor^d borders, S> for .... ...... .. . ; j|t T«w<rl.s, 22 x 4-? ir.cht-s. an extra adze towel of .'ft'Kht in a bjjs assortment of colored borders. S for .. , , Bl«saoh«<J rv>mc*cfi»-, 3« Snrh O«.ki»n<t T a pure whS'«, full widtf" <I<»rn*»tJc a! an *-xtra low E)ol!ar Day t*ricc. IS Ynrrt* for Brown I>oino»tl<*. Bra 20? GG,»s for its wxtra quality, run 35 i^ch«-s w!<J*. wpeclal DoiSar Day price. 14 ynrt's ...., a f«s-w o , prJc«<J for quick 91 clo»« out T>o21ar Da Stic«r >rc»!i^», o<3<6* *_nd <nrts in a . aJ! re<lt»c«<l from much hashes- price* for it I>oJ!ar Dff cl*a.n-a ....... ft rolor trim«. othon* have lace trim* ,,.. SECOND FIXX>R »O Inch »:b<r?r <^oorti«, ^hoo»«« from \-o{I«s, orjrandys or 3S tuch fist-sons* tn attr&ctlv* d«»t£;ns and color comhl- natl^jrs for wamnicr. 12 y»rd,« .... ....... . ..... fa«t color. 35 Jnch*» wide, shown in «. g;tK>4 a»- t of popular «a*nm<r?r ct>ion* and patt*!?rn*. 3S and 40 inch pr!i*te<i| Nornjati'ly voitai i-i all wan?«»<l »umm*r co!or combination*. « yards ........ <1 BASEMKNT Perkins Brcfc HV C O AA P A >SJ V" ^X

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