Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 4, 1998 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1998
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml — Friday, Sept. 4.1998 Page 4 MOMI.S SAT, SEP. 5 HORN! NO 5:00 urn 16 Tit* Greet White Hop* 5:20 am 18 A League of Their Own Based on the story of the oH-gjrl basebal league ot 1943. Gaena Davis. Tom Hanks. 1992<CC) 5:25 am 15 Sunset Boulevard 5:30 am 22 Zeus and Roiumne A dog and a dolphin form an unfekaty friendship. Steve Guttenberg, Kathleen Quintan 1997(CC) «:00 am 44 Sevan Angry Men A man and his sons try to abolish slavery. Raymond Massey, Dennis Weaver. 1955 6:45 am IS Dancers 7:00 am 17 Spac*Camp 40 Short Tim* A cop who thinks ha Is (tying tries to get himself kUled. Dabnay Coteman, MattFrewer. 1990 7:15am1SHamM 22 Lava Story Based on Erich SegaJ's novel about star-crossed students. At MacGraw, Ryan O'Neal. 1970 (CC) 7:35 am 18 Modem Problama A man is telekinetic after being doused with nuclear waste. Chevy Chase, Pattl O'Ar- banviile. 1981 6:30 am 16 The Forbidden Dane* 9:00 am 22 Mr. Sardonicua A madman forces a doctor to fix Ns badty disfigured lace. Guy Rolfe, Audrey Dalton. 1961 9:10 em 18 Uf eguard A 32-y ear-old lif e- guard is unable to gat a conventional job. Sam Elliott, Anna Archer. 1976 10:00 am 39 The Happiest Day* of Your LHe Displaced girts move into a boys school during the war. Alastair Sim, Margaret Rutherford. 1950 10:15 am 16 The Baby Dance 10:30 am 22 Dragonslayer A fumbling sorcerer's apprentice must destroy a dragon. PeterMacNicoi, Caittin Clarke. 198t (CC) 10:40 am 14 Picture Perfect Warring neighbors pose as a warmhearted family unit. Richard Kam, Mary Pago Keller. 1995(CC) 10:50 am 18 The Great Race Two drivers taka their rivalry on the road. Tony Curtis. Jack Lemmon. 1965 {CC) 11:00 am 17 Alone In the Woods 21 Foolln' Around An Oklahoma ranch hand (ails for a college classmate. Gary Busoy, Annette O'Toole. 1980 34 The Goodbye Girl A single mother and a would-be actor share an apartment. Marsha Mason, Richard Dreyfuss. 1977 11:20 arn 15 Relative Fear AFTERNOON 12:00 pm 9 Nun* on the Run Two petty criminals hido out in a convent school. Eric Idle. Robbie Caltrane. 1990 16Llttl«Hero«« 23 The Outside Chance of Maximilian Gllck A Jewish boy dreams of becoming a classical pianist. Noam Zylberman, Fairuza Balk. 1988 32 Always A firefighter's ghost returns loguide a rookie pilot. RichardDreyfuss, HoiSy Hunter. 1989(CC) 39 House of Cards A widow refuses lo believe that her child may be autistic. Kathleen Turner. Tommy Lea Janes. 1993 12:20 pm 14The Computer Wor* Tennis Shoes A college student acquires the powers of a computer. Kirk Cameron, Larry Miller. 1995 (CC) 12:30 pm 17 The Cable Guy 22 Summer School A high-school gym • instructor tries lo sweat out the summer. Mark Harmon. Klrslie Alley. 1S87 (CC) 12:40 pm 21 Look Who's Talking An unwed mother's baby offers a running commentary on life. John Travolta, Kirstie Alley. 1989 12:55 pm 15 Welcome Home 1:00 pm 40 Johnny Be Good A hotshot high-school quarterback is wined and dined. Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr, 1988 52 Deadly Relations A cruel father engineers a calculated insurance (win- die. Robert Urich, Shelley Ft bans. 1993 1:25 pm 18 A League of Their Own Based on the story of the ail-girl baseball league of 1943. Gaena Davis, Tom Hanks. 1992(CC) 1:30pm16SideOut 34 Brewster's Millions A baseball player must spend a fortune to get a fortune. Richard Pryor, John Candy. 1985 2:00 pm 29 Paitima 'n Love Divorced swimwear makers team they ara still married. Eugene Levy, Linda Kash. • 1992 39 PoAc* A Parisian detective tefls for a drug czar's girlfriend. Gerard Depardieu, Sophie Marcaau 1965 2:15 pm 17 Forever Young 22 The Addama Family A lawyer passes an impostor ofl as long-lost Uncle Fester. Anjelica Huston, Raul Jute. 1991 (CC) 2:3O pm 15 MuttoHartd FaHe 32 Houee A writer's return to his home triggers supernatural events. WiKarr. /Cart George Wendt 1966 2:35 pm 21 The American President A U.S. president risks his pottticaJ future for love. Michael Douglas, ArmetteBen- iny. 1995 3:00 pm 35 The Crimaon Pirate A lovely revolutionary sways a pirate captain to her cause. Burt Lancaster, Nick Cravat. 1952(CC) 52 To Save the Children A desperate ex-cop takes a school fun of children hostage. Richard Thomas, Robert Urich. 1994, 3:15 pm 16 Grizzly Mountain 3:30 pm 34 The Castaway* on Gllll- gan's (stand The rescued castaways turn their island Into a posh resort. Be* Denver, Alan Hale Jr. 1979 3:40 pm 18 Pendulum A policeman is accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Georye Peppard, Jean Ssberg. 1969 4:00 pm 17 SpaceCamp 22 Free Wilry 3: The Rescue Wilty and his human friends encounter whale poachers. Jason Jamas Richter, August ScheJIenbery. 1997{CC) 39 House of Games Twist-laden tale of a psychiatrist and an ingenious con man. Lindsay Grouse, Joe Mantegna. 1987 4:20 pm 15 Under Fire 4:30 pm 32 House II: The Second Story A man fights to protect an ancestor's enchanted ski*. Arye Gross, Jonathan Stark. 1987 . 5:00 pm 16 Housesrrter 34 The Birds II: Land's End Vicious birds assault the residents of a coastal town. Brad Johnson, Chelsea Field 1994 35 The Naked Jungle A South American planter and his bride battle soidier ants. Eleanor Parker. Charlton Hsston. 1954 48 Blgrfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter A boy befriends the legendary creature o( the woods. MuH McCoy, Crystal Chappell. 1995 52 A Perfect Stranger A woman is drawn to another man while her husband is dying. Robert Urich, Stacy Halduk. 1994 5:25 pm 18 Modem Problems A man is telekinetic after being doused with nu- dear waste. Chevy Chase, Patti D'Ac- banvilie. 1981 5:30 pm 22 Space Jam Jordan helps Bugs Bunny and friends in a basketball game. Michael Jordan, Wayna Knight. 1996 (CC) EVENING 6:00 pm 17Top Gun 39 Alexander Nevsky The 13th- century Russian haro defeats Teutonic Invaders, Nikolai Cherkassov, N.P. Okltlopkov. 1938 6:30 pm 15 3 N!n|«s 6:45 pm 35 Hartow Based on the brief career of 1930s actress Jean Hartow. Carroll Baker, Martin Balsam. 1965 7:00 pm 16 The Birdcage 18 Shadow Conspiracy A Whits House aide uncovers a plot against the president. Charlie Sheen, Donald Sutherland. 1997 (CO 22 Nature of the Beast Two traveling ' strangers ptay a sinister game of deceit. Eric Roberts, Lanes Hennksen. 1995 (CC) 34 Malice Dark secrets surface after a woman's emergency surgery. Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman. 1993 48 Young Hercules The adventures of the teen-age hero and his comrades. Ian Bohen, Dean O'Gorman. 1998 (CC) 52 Stranger at My Door An abused woman learns her benefactor has a similar past. Robert Urich. Uartie Post. 1991 7:05 pm 21 The First Power A devi- worshiptng serial killer returns from the grave. Lou Diamond Phillips, Tracy Griffith. 1990 8:00 pm 6(6) 11 (6) 12 The Paper A tabloid editor pilfers a story tip from a rival paper. Michael Keaton, Robert Ouva». 1994(CC) 10 (10) An Unfinished Affair A spumed mistress plots revenge against her former lover. Jennie Garth, Tim Matheson. 1996 '14'(CC) 19 Camera: The Guardian of the Universe 17 The Edge 39 Tom A VI v Renowned poet T.S. Eliot • marries a troubled socialite. Wittem Dafoe, Miranda Richardson. 1994 42 Dead Beat A local ladykilter may be at the center of a dark secret. Bruca Ramsay, Natasha Gmgson Wagner. 1995 8:50 pm 18 The Lost Boys A boy's brother (alls in with a pack of teen-age vampires. Jason Patric, Cony Haim. 1987(CC) 9:00 pm 22 The Pandora Project A government agent must retrieve a stolen weapon. Daniel Baldwin, Erika E/eniak. 1998 (CC) 35 The Land That Time Forgot A WWt subfcnds an island filled with prehistoric beasts -. Doug McCkire. John McEnery. 1975 48 Panic in the Skies! Lightning kills (he pilots of a passenger plane. Kate Jackson, Ed Marinaro. 1996 'PG' (CC) 9: 10 pm 21 The Seventh S Ign An expectant mother Is horrified by a religious prophecy. Demi Moore, Michael Biehn 1988 9:30 pm 34 Carrie A teen with unusual powers seeks revenge on her ciass- matss. Sissy Space*, John Travolta. 1976 9:40 pm 15 Bullet to Beijing iO:00 pm 13 Picture Bride A Japanese teen travels to Hawaii to marry a stranger. Youki Kudoh, Akira Takayama 1994 10:10 pm 39 That Summer of White Roses World War II Nazis pursue a woman !o an idyllic hamlet. Tom Conn', Susan George. 1989 10:30 pm 9 Derta Force Commando • Commandos try to retrieve nuctear missiles from terrorists. Richard Hater), Fred Williamson. 1990 18 Tax! Driver A psychotic New York cabbie unleashes Ns rage on pimps. Robert De Him. CyoM Shepherd. 1976 20 (36) Forever Darting A young couple's marriage is saved by a guardun angel. Lucille Bal, DesiAmaz. 1955 22 Hollywood Dreams Two women w<R do anything to star in a low-budget movie. KoHy Cook, Damy Smith. 1993 11:00 pm 35 The Naked Jungle A Soufi American planter and his bride battle soldier ants. Eleanor Parker, Charter) Hasten. 1954 40 Johnny Be Good A hotshot high- school quarterback is wined and dined. Anthony Michael Hal, Robert Downey Jr. 1988 11:30 pm 15 Wilder Napalm 21 Nightmare en the 13th Floor A travel writer uncovers a Victorian hotel's grisly secret Uichele Greene, James Broim. 1990 11:50 pm 22 Aliens A task force goes to eradicate a hideous space species. Stg- oumey Weaver, Michael Biehn. 1986 (CC) 12:00 am (8) Railroaded A boy's Involvement in murder is purely circumstantial. John Ireland, Sheila Ryan. 1947 14 The Misadventures of Merlin Jones A student's experiments grve him the ability to read minds. Tommy Kirk. Annette Funkelto, 1964{CCJ 16 Mr. Jones 17 Indiscreet 32 National Lampoon's Last Resort Two young men are enlisted to help save an island paradise. Corey Haim, Corey Feldman. 1994 34 Embrace of the Vampire A vampire arouses a virginal college student's passion. Alyssa Milano, Martin Kemp. 1995 39 Tom A Vrv Renowned poet T.S. EEct marries a troubled socialite. Wittem Dafoe, Miranda Richardson. 1994 42 rf the Shoe Fits A modem retelling of the Cinderella story. Rob Lowe, Jennifer Grey. 1991 12:30 am 10 (10) The Sad Sack'After 17 months in the Army, a private still makes blunders. Jerry Lewis, David Wayne. 1957 18 Eyewitness A janitor pretends to know intimate details of a murder. William Hurt, Sigoumey Weaver. 1981 12:35 am 35 Parts When It Sizdes A screenwriter and his secretary lackie his new script. William Holden, Audrey Hepburn. 1964 1:20 am 1S The Glass Cage 1:30 am 21 the Seventh Sign An expec- Spmetliingto Think Abviit BERNARD HIBBELN -DIRECTOR- A WORD TO THE WISE ABOUT WfLLS When creating your will, it is important to assess your individual financial situation. Determine the present size of your estate. Itemize your assets. You may be surprised how much you actually own. Survey and list youf debts and your responsibilities. What outstanding loans remain? How many children must bo cared (or and for how many years? What other obligations- (ailing parents,- business agreements) must be considered? Then ponder, for a time, your special concerns and desires regarding the eventual distribution of your estate. Who have you promised to remember in your will? ' Once you have some idea where you are and what you want, seek out respected, trustworthy professionals to assist you in the estate planning process. A lawyer with known expertise in this area will gladly work together with the professionals you choose in insurance, accounting, and trust management. McKEVITT-PATRICK FUNERAL HOME, Inc. Ironwood (906)832-1141 ENGSTROM FUNERAL HOME Hurley (715)561-2910 twit mother is horrified by a religious prophecy. Demi Moore. Michael Biehn 1988 2:00 em 2 Sworn Enemies A la wman and a kitfer set each other up (or a showdown. Michael Part, Peter Greene. 1996 14 The CompwtsrWora Termis Shoe* A coiege student acquires the powers 01 a computer. Kirk Cameron, Larry Miller. 1995 (CC) 16 started Mm 32 Assault ot the Party Nerds 2: The Heavy Petting Detective A private eye is hired to investigate a woman's mar- riage. Surf Ward. Rhonda Shear. 1995 2:10 am 22 Pest Perfect Truant officers from the future sta* a Seatfe youth. Eric Roberts, Nick Uancuso. 1996 (CC> 39 The! Summer of Whhe Roses World War H Nazis pursue a woman to an IdyHc hamM. Tom Coftf. Susan George. 1989 2:15 am 1 • Shadow Conspiracy A Whili House aide uncovers a plot ajains; the president Cfw/«e Sheen, Donald Sutii- ertand. 1997 (CC) 2:20 am 34 House of Dark Shadows Vampire Barnabas Cofiins returns to CoXinwood (Manor. Jonathan Frid, Joan Bennett. 1970 2:30 am 33 Heaven Can Wart A rakish Casanova requests admission to Hades. Don Ameche, Gene Tiemey. 1943 3:00 am 15 Scoring 44 Seven Angry Men A man and rus sons try to abolish slavery. Raymond Massey, Dennis Weaver. 1955 3:15 em 17 The Edge 3:35 am 16 Shakes the Clown 3:50 am 22 Reckless Two teons from opposHe sides of the tracks faH in love. Aldan Quinn, Daryt Hannah. 1984 4:20 am 18 Pendulum A policeman is accused of murdering his wife and her ktver. George Peppard, Jean Seberg. 1969 4:30 am 15 Welcome Home 21 SupergJrt Superman's cousin battles an evif Tarran sorceress. Helen Sister, Fay* Dunaway. 1984 35 Magic Town A poll causes problems for a peacofui community. James Stewart. 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