The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 30, 1951 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1951
Page 6
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[usktoQuit ite Dept. .WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 l/P- Lstant Secretary of State Dean k, a key figure in American Jomacy for several years and r architect Of recent U. S. Far [item policy, is expected to rein a few weeks. ,,, is understood that Rusk has fen negotiating with the Rocke- ter Foundation, and that various ler private research groups have fen interested in obtaining his fvices. , Jo successor has been selected, t it is known that among those der consideration for his Far ktern post is John M. Allison, per diplomat and close associate 'foreign policy adviser John ter Dulles in 'negotiating the panese peace treaty, ther changes in the top com- nd of the State Department and Ireign Service are in prospect. Ire are the mam ones foreseen responsible officials: ated For Turkey Assistant Secretary of S t a t e orge McGhee, 39, in charge of ·e Near East, African and Asian Fairs, will shortly be named Am- [sad'or to Turkey, rlenry A. Byroade, 38, director of Bureau of German Affairs, and regular Army colonel on loan to ate, is slated" to be named as Mc- iee's successor early next year. ·George Wadsworth, 58, career plomat and present Ambassador Turkey, will be given a dip- .matic post somewhere in Europe, ffidward W. Barrett, 41, Assistant Icretary of State for Public Af- s has reportedly told associates ' he would like to quit early m year. ·John Sloan Dickey, 44, president I Dartmouth College, is being con- Kered to succeed Barrett. [Edward G. Miller. Jr., 40, Assis- Int Secretary for Latin American Iffairs, has told Department au- lorities that he would like to be lleased in the next six or eight lonths. A member of a promi- tnt New York law firm, he pre- fniably would return to private tosk, 42, has been one of the l-mcipal figures in the upper of the State Department for le past four years. A former col- ge professor, he entered the State lepartment in 1946 from the Army Cerebral Poky Victim Able To Drop Braces After 11 Years lACKS INTO TROUBLE I HAGERSTOWN. Nov. 29, (ff\-- Ihomas E Gordon of Hagerstown foute 1, came into town on a visit |nd parked his car on a hill, head rig up- . , LjChe car wouldn't start when ordon ended his visit, so he de- lided he'd back it down the hill erhaps catch it in reverse. It came lo a stop the gas tank directly over | ne ot those oil burning torches that | ark construction projects. Whoosh! * Gordon's car was a total loss by e time v firemen got there. "You can take those braces off. You won't need them »ny more". It was Dr. Winthrop Phelps, the world's most eminent authority on corrective bracing, speaking to one or Frederick County's crippled children at a Health Department clinic in Winchester Hall Thursday morning. To the parents of the little boy, to his teachers at' the Frederick Cerebral Palsy School and to Miss Elma Lee Georg, physiotherapist, the order was as happily received as by the little principal. It meant a signal triumph in the long tedious battle to overcome the handicap imposed almost eleven years ago at birth at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Coming from Dr. Phelps, it was more re- i assuring. "Put those braces on a shelf", Dr. Phelps said, "I don't think you'll need them -again". Saved By Vitamin K Nearly 11 years ago the youngster suffered an intercranial hem- orrha'ge at birth. Probably the first use of vitamin K in Frederick County saved his life. Then began the long series of visits to doctors and clinics. H« used to go to Baltimore to see Dr. Phelps. In recent years. Frederick County has been fortunate enough to have Dr. Phelps come here twice a year. Since he got his first braces eight years ago, the youngster has seen a full-time physiotherapist established here. The Kiwanis Club provided a whirlpool bath and other equipment. Last year there was a speech school. And two years ago the Cerebral Palsy School was started. Easter Seals Aid All of these things have happened here over a span of eleven years. The Frederick County Chapter of the Maryland Society for Crippled Children and Adults has been organised. It is the Easter Seal agency here. It has been aided by numerous fraternal and civic organizations in helping crippled children and adults. Yesterday, Dr. Phelps had good news for many others among the more than two score youngsters he examined. Most of them are making steady progress. Some of them have discarded braces and others are just getting ready for them. Dr. Phelps is one of the "big four" in the cerebral palsy field. He is training others to help meet the expanding need. He conducts clinics in all sections of the country but never seems to lose one detail of each individual patient. Dr. Phelps took occasion yes- terday to note the improvement In the children attending the Cerebral Palsy School here. H« said the .educational help being given the children ha» been very noticeable. He complimented the teachers and other* who have helped maintain the school. Guilty Plea* By Hagerstown Bookies HAGERSTOWN, Nov. 29, Two of 12, persons arrested in a series of police raids on bookmaking establishments entered' guilty pleas to gambling charges in Cir cuit Court today. Judge Joseph D. Mish ordered bond for the two, Robert E. Eichelberger, 36, and Mrs. Meda Crouse; 34, continued until they are sentenced. Eichelberger was accused of taking bets at the Moose Lodge here and by phone at his home. Mrs. Grouse was charged with taking bets at her restaurant. An investigator estimated her gross take at $900 a day. Ten other trials on a total of 25 indictments are on schedule at the current term of Circuit Court. Social Situation You run into an acquaintance downtown and stop to have a cup of coffee together, and the other person reaches for The check Wrong: Make a point of insisting that you pay for your own check Right- Accept the other's gesture without protest -- but be sure to say "Thank you." _ The planet Mars has a diameter Inly about one-half that of the Rlth, but its land area is about Equal to that of our planet, since Its water bodies are thought to be limited to small lakes and marshes. BAILEY'S FUNERAL HOME Reverent Services With beautiful Organ music and every convenience and consideration to those we serve. MOST REASONABLE - 54 East Patrick St. Frederick, Md. 876 m J U V E N I L E B I C Y C L E S , Many models, all sizes for ,, youngsters '-om X-to-15 yrs., J made to the same standards £ as fine adult Colombia-Built ^bikes -- the safest, sturdiest - on the road. See them, at well - as full adult line today! ^ FROM S41.W '.', SMALL DEPOSIT WILL HOLT) BIKE UNTIL n XMAS BE SURE SHOP EARLY ·^ A FEW GOOD USED BIKES EXPERT REPAIRING ·ft ^ * DELPHEY'S SPORT STORi WHERE PARKINS 18 A PLEAKUKK Deer Heads Mounted GEO. SHAD TAXIDERMIST 30 YEARS 318 Boyd Ave. Martinsburjr, W. Va. CHECK THESE FEATURES COOKING WITH GAS IS · QUICK · CLEAN · DEPENDABLE · ECONOMICAL Beyond the Main Use "" FREDERICK GAS CO., Inc. Tel. 2575 Box 338 JOlt HOSPITAL AID TODAY Ladiesburg LAD1ESBURG -- Mr. and Mrs. Merrin Koons of Youngstown. O.. ipent a few days in the horn* of fir. and Mrs. Curtis S. Smith and attended the funeral of Mr. Koons' sister. Mrs. Hilda Godmau. of ^aurel. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Binkey, Mrs. John Snyder, of Union Jridge. called In the same home on. Monday and JLaniar, Royer and Arthur Koons of Fort Meade. called n the same home on Saturday. --Mr. and Mrs. James McBride, daughter Frances, spent two days with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Martn, and son Ray, Jr. ---Pvt. Martin Saylor, of Fort Belvoir. Va.. Mr. »nd Mrs. Monroe Simpson, of Union Bridge, and Miss Patsy Frock, spent Sunday in the icme of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saylor and family. --Mr. and Mrs. Otmer Linton were dinner guests on Thanksgiving Day in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Cook, at Washington. --Mrs. V. Bowers and daughter, Mrs. Harry Gensel and daughter, of Carlisle. Pa., spent Sunday with Mrs. Thelma Frock and family. --Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Staub and family of Graceham, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Martin and family on Sunday. --Visitors Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gaver were Mr. and Mr*. Quint»n Dixon and family, of Frederick. Joseph Cover culled In the same home on Monday. . -r-Mr.«. R*K Lowman of Keymar, spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. F. H. Birely and family. --Mr. and Mrs. Otmer Union, son Ronny, spent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H;ir- baugh and family, near \Valktrs- ville. --Miss Edna Reuner has returned from the Waynesboro. Pa., Hospital and is getting along as well as can be expected. --Visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Llnd on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs Joseph Lind. and daughter, Mrs. Sarah Wieshoar, son Charles. Mr. and Mrs Irven Grouse. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lind. two sons, Mr. Lou-s Smith of York. Pa., Miss Agnei Lingl »nct Mr. Robert Boonn --Visitors Monday In th» home of |F. H, Birely Hiifl family were Rev. and Mrs. Clifford Homer Richmond, Chevy Chnsc; Mr. and Mrs. Jlerviu Koons, of Youngstown, O.; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Binkley, Linwood; Mrs. J o h n Snyder. of Union Biidiie; Curtis S. Smith, Joseph (·aver, of Frederick, and Mrs Christine If. Eury, Liberty. --Mi. and Mrs Raymond Martin, son R w y , visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mis. Norman McBride and family near Walkersville. and w i t h Mr. and Mrs James McBride and family in Frederick. The principal crops of Bulgaria are wheat, rye. barley, oats, corn, potatoes, tobacco and fruit. NowT* Relieve Bronchitis Creotnulsion ntlievesprwnptly because k goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. Creomulskxi has stood the test of millions of users. CREOMUL'SION You can have your own 3 bedroom Home for * month t includes principal, interest, taxes insurance c/Ott'W Aartt MAN WANTED to work 3 days a week as chauffeur and helper hauling -milk from Lisbon to Baltimore. Starting time 7 a. m. APPLY WESTERN MARYLAND DAIRY PLANT At Mi. Airy, Md. Phone Brosius Home Corp. at 2340 4 West Church Street, Frederick A call or a postcard brings you a free illustrated 64 pane booklet. Larger homes at proportionate prices. The N(·«·«. KrciiciU-k, Mil., Friday, November 30, 1951 TUKXB NOT A CANDIDATE BALTIMORE. Nov. 29--/P)-Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro announced todwy he would not be a candidate (or the Democratic noamiittkm to the U. S. Senate next year. llw stateniuiit .squelched persistent repot i* the serond-terin Mayor und former Coniziessman from Ihe Fourth Distiict would 1 I K A H 1 N C A l l ) P H I L O S O P H Y A lirurliiE aid l* ju*t ai k.itNfurtory to th* liter as the » e i v l v i constantly a \ j l l a l i l o You!' hearing aid nerds good f l e s h l i a t t c r l r s , soinr- ttntrt a broken or d e f e c t i v e cord replaced or Net repaired. 1'alron- l/lnK a Kredeilck firm assures dally s e r v i l e and l r « e lo.iuer If needed. F K K D K K U ' K H E A R I N G A1I CKNTKK Phone 842 4 W. I'^lrlck St. try for the seat now held by Sen Herbert R. O'Conor D-Md., whose term expires next year, Yellowstone National Park Is the largest m the U. S. It sprawls across more t'han two million acre* of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. 33-35 SOUTH MARKET ST. 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