Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 7, 1961 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1961
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To City Subtcribcrs: If you foil to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6:30 p. rn. and o special carrier will deliver your paper. Hope c/iAe Bowie Knif* Star For Weather Report See Column at Bottom of This Pago !ND YEAR: VOL. 62 — NO. 226 Star of Hope, 1899, Prtii 1»27 Coniolldofed Jan. It, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1961 Memtxr: the A«»eel«t*4 Prtu I Audit Hur*nn el Circulation* Av. N« r«H Clrc'l I WIM. «n<»lnt Mitch 11, 1»»1 — 1,511 PRICE 5c COPV McClellan Says Hoffa Threat t»the Nation FOHT WORTH, Tex. (AP> — Sen, John L. McClellan, D-Ark:, has said power sought by Teamster IK»SS Jimmy Hoffa theatens Hie nation's security, and has called on Congress to take af- firmalivc action toward controlling the union boss. , McClellan said in a speech to thefclatc Bar of Texas 7i)th convention Thursday thai Congress has fallen down in not adopting remedial legislation that would cure "shocking revelations in the field of -labor-management relations" uncovered two years ago by his Seriate permanent subcommittee on investigations. McClellan said he intends to introduce legislation to thwart Ilof- fa'.^attcmpt to mold a powerful coalliion of transportation unions. He disclosed that plan in a guest column written for Victor Ilicsel, a syndicated labor columnist. Hoffa has renewed a drive to form a coalition of land, sea and air transportation unions. McClellan wrote thai Ihe consequences of such a coalilion were "indeed frightful Io contemplate." "Mr. Hoffa and his satellite unj^is would largely control tho destiny of our free enterprise sys> tern," he wrote. He continued that his legislation would ' outlaw any pact among transportation unions such as Hoffa has proposed." McClellan said in an interview in Fort Worth lhal he was "not after Iloffa as an individual," adding thai he was slriving Io cor^rol Ihe tremendous power the Tclnnslers Union nrcsidenl seeks to obtain. "II is not it personal crusade against Hoffa but merely a campaign to challenge his power or the power of anyone who poses a threat to the nation's security," said tho senator. McClellan also said he .was working -on .legislation to work with problems of work stoppages an£ slowdowns at missile bases. Swim Team Will Perform Tonight at Park Opinion on Glover Is Favorable LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Thc stale Agmjullural Stahili/alion a n d Conservation Committee reported Thursday it had returned a favor- «iblc opinion to Washington in a Cii.sc involving Mark S. Glover of Itison. J. C. Porlis of Lepanlo, com- jiiiltee chairman, .said the decision was reached several weeks ago in a closed session. The case involved ownership nr»ngcmcnl and use of 9,000 acres of land in Cleveland and Lincoln counties which were placed in an Agriculture Department reserve project Glover's wife and her molher and sister inherited t'hc land in 1043 when Mrs. Glover's father died. The estate was dissolved in 10411 with each getting a portion. Following this action some of the land svas signed to JO years under IhivLonscrvalion reserve program and pine seedlings were planted. Payments went to each owner. Federal rules governing the program allow each project up io $5,000 for each person who cither owns or participates in such a project. ' An investigation was held to determine if such payments should he lowered and Ihe ASC rul 1 in favor of the Glovers. Weather Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending al 7 a. m. Friday, High ill. Low 71; Total 1'JIH precipitation through June, 24.'JO inches; during Ihe same period a year ago, 22.24 inches. * A r kan s as Regional Forecast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS All sections: Cloudy to partly cloudy and continued w a r in through Saturday with occasional s h o w o r s and tluindershowers. High today low to mid 90s central, southeast and southwest, upper iJOs to low 90s northeast and northwest; low tonight near 70 central, inii;! to high b'Us northeast and noBhwesl, low to mid 70s southeast and soul Invest. Jv3tei»< ^^rwA'.. .j , . — Hope Star Photo A WATER SHOW WILL BE HELD TONIGHT AT 7:30 AT Municipal pool at Fair park. The procrram includes all kinds of swimming competition. The synchronized girls swimming team which will perform is pictured above, left to right; front row; Lamar Cox, Cherry Case, Linda Cobb, Jan Ellis, Jean Page and Linda Wray; TOP "ROW; SANDRA GAINES, MARY GAIL McRAE. ANN Ward, Linda Gibson. Jennifer Cox. Jan Reinhardt was not present when picture was made. SERIOUSLY ILL — BOZO, THE WORLD-RENOWNED clown., is seriously ill with lung and bone cancer in a Houston, Tex., hospital. Bozo, who has made people laugh for 32 ef his 41 years, posed for this photo just before he entered the hospital a month ago. He was with Ringling Brothers Circus for 18 years. —NEA Telepholo Missile Hits Target 9,050 Miles Away Silent on CD Shokcup CONFESSES - NATHAN CURRY, 15, LEFT, HAS CONFESSED the brutal murder of Mrs. Florence Hussey, right, in her home at Cisco, Tex. Officers said the church secretary had been stabed } & times and then beaten with a brats flower pot. By HOWARD BENEDICT CAPF. CANAVERAL, Kla. (AIM —The business end of an Atlas missile hurtled out of Ihe western sky like a blazing meteor and crashed into the Indian Ocean early today at Ihe end of the longest military roekel flighl on record—a H.OiiO-milc journey from Cape Canaveral. The distance exceeded by only 10 miles Ihe course covered by Iwo Aliases also fired into (ho Indian Ocean last year. Bui, more important, it marked the first long-range success for an advanced Atlas being developed to carry blockbuster payloads almost halfway around the world. The Air Force had been deeply concerned about seven failures In 10 previous test launchings of this new Atlas "K" series. Bui pleased officials reported after today's success that the problems appear to be licked. The huge missile, f), r > feel lull and weighing more than 100 Ions on liftoff, blasted off just before midnight Thursday night and d.'ii-led into it star-filled sky. About. -Hi minutes later, an incr- Ha! guidance system .sensed tho rocket was on the propes course and ordered engine shutoff and separation of the nose cone. The Hi-ton cone followed a ballistic trajectory which carried it nearly 1,000 miles high and peak speed of 17.000 miles an hour. On its all-over-water course, the warhead y.ipped east of the lip of Bra/.il and south of the Union of South Africa. Fifty-three minutes after Hit launch, two tracking planes and a .ship followed I lie cone's fiery path as il. plunged back into the heat, barrier of (he earth's atmosphere and dived on target, about 1,000 miles southeast 'of Capo Town, South Africa. The improved Atlas, made by General Dynamics r Astronautics, is the most ' powerful United Stales military rocket being test flown. Its three massive engine generate '100,000 pounds of thnml, '10,000 more than the earlier D missile, which has been opera tional- nearly Iwo years. The 12 rocket, scheduled to become operational within a few months, is designed to carry larger hydroycn warhead or to (must the present D warhead to targets up to 12,000 miles away, WASHINGTON (AIM _ The White Mouse says a decision on reorganizing the nation's civil defense system has not been completed. "We aren'l prepared Io say any- Ihing about it," While House press secretary Pierre Salinger said Thursday. He spoke Io newsmen after President Kennedy met with Secretary of Defense Huberl S. McNamara and Frank H. Rllis, director of Ihe Office of Civil and efense Mobili/nlion. lUcNnmnrn and Kills are Ihe vo principals in the reported niggle over Ihe major role in vil defense. Budget Director Daid Bell nlso attended the While ouse meeting. Kennedy has told Congress Ihe enlagon should take over chief '.sponsibilily for civil dirfen.se. Kills has opposed the .shift, in- sling civil defense responsibility lould remain a civilian function iidcr his agency. THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pi- Albany, clear 71! 50 . Albuquerque, cloudy OH 62 .i: Atlanta, clear l!fi (ii! Bismarck, cloudy Hii !>5 Boston, cloudy 70 01 A Coutinuea on Page Two Eichmonn Admits He Feels Guilty By THOMAS A. REEDY .IKIU'SALKM <APi — Adolf Eichmann conceded under rigorous cross-examination today that he felt guilty "from Hie human point of view" lor the death of millions of Jews in World War II. Ally. Gen. Gideon nausner look up the eross-examinalion after Eichmann completed his direct testimony with a plea that Israel understand lhal Hitler's di'-lalor- ship forced him against bis will into the program of exterminating Europe's Jews. 'Do you ceJile.ss Iu being an accomplice in Ilia murder of millions of Jews'.'" llaiisncr demanded in one of his first questions. "That I cannot admit." Eichmann replied. "So tar as personal i guilt is concerned, so far as my | participation i:-, concerned. J must i point out dial 1 do not consider jmyself guilty from the legal point i of view. I \v,is only roeois iu.^ and carrying out orders. II (he Jews \vlni were deported by me found (heir death, then Hie legal aspect has to be examined." "Will Ihe accused pleasu refrain Irom spceehe.-. and ans\\er my question yes or no." llausner declared. "M> question is not n lo- nal (inc.-lion. You. in your own heart, do vin find yourself 'j.ni'.lv as an aceumpbce Io the murder of million-, "i .lews'.' Yes or no." "Yes. from Ihe human point of view because 1 was .uviiily in far- Continued on Pugc Two Body Is Exhumed at Clarksville CLAHKSVILLE, Ark. (AfM — Morticians exhumed the body ot a 20-year-old Clarksville woman ;il midnight Thursday, then drove it to Litlle Hock for an autopsy by the state medical examiner. Sheriff llowell Arnold anil Deputy Prosecutor Marvin Holman looked un at Stillwell Cemetery as the body of Mrs. Dorothy Deen Vaughl, '2'J, who died April U of a bullet Wound in the head, was lifted from the muddy grave. Circuit Judge Audrey Strait i earlier in the day had ordered Ihe body exhumed and the autopsy held. The examination \va.s scheduled for early today at Hie University of Arkansas Medical Cenl er. Coroner D. H. Vaught, tho dead woman's brother-in-law, ruled siu- cide al the lime of death. But Mrx Naught's lather, iloyl Williams- ol Clarksville, demanded last week that the body be exhumed and an autopsy performed. He said there was no autopsy when Mrs. Vatight died, and added that .she died ',suspiciously." Her husband was G. W. (Dub 1 Vaught. lormcrly of Clarksviile. Dolman asked circuit vourt for Ihe order to exhume the body and perform an autopsy. He said he I bought the ease deserved further in\ estimation. Officers said the autopsy would determine the angle at which the bullet entered the woman's head. Continued on Page Four Kuwait Says Iraq Building Up Forces By COLIN FROST KUWAIT <AP/—Kuwait's army commander in chief charged today Iraq's Premier Abdul Karini Kasscm is continuing his military buildup and said "We are ready to. fight if Kusscm wants to." Brig. Sheik Mubarak al Jabar al Sabah, 2>.i, British-lrained nephew of Kuwait's ruler, declared in an interview: "We will defend our country with all the power we possess." Mubarak spoke Io this correspondent at Hie advance headquarters of the three-nation Kuwait defense force—a closely guarded desert fort. British .soldiers stripped to I ho waist and Kuwaiti troops in flowing headgear stood on watch with rifles and machine guns under the blazing desert sun. Inside the fort perimeter, a couple of cow- roamed quietly in search of scraps of fodder while helicopters and a reconnaissance p I a n u brought in intelligence reports from advance positions on the tense frontier with Iraq. , Mubarak, immaculate in khaki d 1 ill uniform and scarlet beret, said his intelligence reports said I the southward movement of Iraqi ; armor was conlinuing late Thursday night. | This conflicted with information . from lower ranking British mili- ] lary sources who said Ihey believed the .situation has become} : .st;j|ir. i Mubarak said Sand; Arabian paraln.iop.s armed uilli modern American equipment mm are in advance positions, lie refused to (li.-r!d.se die numbers on security Warrants Issued for 32 Arkansans LITTLE HOCK. (API — More misdemeanor w a r r a n I s were served Thursday on l!2 Arkansans arresled April 5 in a five-stale federal crackdown on unlawful sale of migratory waterfowl. U.S. Marshal Beat Kidd said all K2 had been arrested earlier on charges of unlawfully selling wild ducks and geese, lie said Thursday's warrants were a cleanup of the earlier scries of arrests. Although! illegal sale of migratory waterfowl is now a felony, the warrants were fur offenses before last. September !!, when the crime was a misdemeanor. Anthony M. Stefano, a criminal investigator for the Fish and Wildlife Service, bought l,i)UO wild ducks for about $2,1110 in a two- year investigation in Arkansas. World Bright for Man and His Family GALLUP, N.M, (AP)-Thurs day morning the sun shone on belter world for Charlie J. Smitl and his svife and six children. Monday he was promoted froir a pick and shovel man on Santa Fe railway section gang machine operator. The boost ii pay would help him and his wifi after .struggling along for scvei years of married life on Hi meager earnings of a rail sectio hand. Smith could probably get to sci his family more often, and mayh they wouldn't have to be living apart. The dreams and plans of In Smith's fuliiro were blolled oul ii a tragedy-stricken hour of horro Continued on Page Four All Around Town By The Star Staff prcb Three Hope men are attending \ two national directors and Hi the <mih' annual convention of Ki-lslate vice president will be vvanis International at the .Maple cut. Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario, ——— . . . they are Dean Murphy, .Mike Kelly and Sam Strong ... a total of J7.000 are on hand for the convention — the largest, in Kiwanis history. Jack Moran. son ol .Mr. ami Mrs. Curtis Moran of Hope, made the dean's: list for the Spring semester al Southern Methodist . . . he was a senior and received his degree. The Arkansas Athletic AssocU lion's ifith annual high schoi swim and diving championshi contest will be hel clat War MI morial pool at Little Kock Wei nesday. July 2ii . . . prcliminarit at !i:;jo a.m. and finals start 2:IJO p.m. for all events and girls. Treatment of Riders Is Investigated By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS An investigation of Mississippi's •calmenl of so-called "Kmulom iiders" appeared at an end lo- iay bul two Minnesota officials leclined to make a statement on licit- findings. The governors of both stales avc apparently asked lhal no tnlemonl be made until after a eporl has been filed with Min- icsola Gov. Elmer Anderson. Minnesota Assl. Ally. (!OM. lohn Casey Jr. and Mrs, Wright 3rooks, chairman of the Minnt:- iota Human liights Commission, '(.'presented Andersen in (he investigation. They conferred with (!ov. Itos' 1 . Jnrnctl, went on a guided lour )f jails and schools and inspected Mississippi's penal facilities. Five freedom Hitlers, four of them rom Minneota, were interviewed jy Mrs. Brooks. Attempts by the city of New- nirgh, N.Y., to limit the amount »nd duration of some welfare payments were defended by city of- 'iclnls as morally sound and li- lancially necessary. However, some critics said Ihe regulations ire illegal, Inhumane and founded on anti-Negro prejudice. In other developments: Jackson, Miss., police arrested x Negroes, apparently all teenagers, when Ihey attempted to ntegratc the while wailing room )f the Greyhound bus depot. They were charged with breach of the. peace. The Rev. Marlin Luther King Jr., Atlanta Negro integration leader, told a Jackson rally Thursday night to use nonviolent methods to break down race barriers. He urged Ihe approximately .1,500 persons present to 'be ready to suffer, sacrifice and even die... Jet the Negroes fill the jail houses of Mississippi." Three downtown Oklahoma.Cily eating places, site of frequent racial demons! nil ions for several months, have ended their segregation policies. Tho Atlanta Board of Education turned down appeals of HH Ncgrw students seeking school desegregation transfers and an appeal by a while girl seeking to transfer from a school slated for integration this fall. Atlanta is under federal court order Io end segregation in Ihe eleventh and twleflli grades of public schools in Sci> lembcr. Twenty-nine Negro juveniles, arrested during an ahlisegreg!?- lion demonstration in Louisville, Ky., last month, have been placed on probation. Aslieville. N.C.. has integrated its first school, assigning five Negro children to the previously all- white Newton Klemenlary School. Protests Try to Limit Welfare Aid ALBANY. N.Y. (AP>—Alli-mpls of Ihe city of Newburgh Io limit Ihe amount and duration of some welfare payments were defended by city officials today as moral'.v sound and financially necessary. Bui critics said Ihe regulations were illegal, inhumane and founded nn anti-Negro prejudice. These were the opposing arguments readied for a hearing he- lore members of Ihe Slate. Social Welfare Board on Ihe Nowlmrgh issue, which has become a focal point for board debate on the en- lire scope ol public welfare. City Mairiger Joseph Mitchell said the cilv was determined Io proceed "with social reform by whatever means wilhin our disposal." The Stale Social Welfare DC- partmenl, which i,s governed by the board, has said .several of tho proposed rule? in Newburgh wero illegal, The department says nonconformity by one welfare district jeopnrdi/es the whole state's claim to federal aid. This would appear to eliminnto any chance the board might, givo Hie Hudson Valley community permission Io implement, all of ils rules as planned July IB. The board is expected to specify which rules il approves and which if rejects. Efforts by tho city to implement any rejected ones probably would lead Io court action. The proposed regulations that have broughl about Ihe most ar- gimienl would: I. Make (lie molher of one or more illegitimate children ineligible for furl her aid if she had any more such children. '2. Limit all welfare recipients except (he aged, blind and din- abled (o Hired months of aid iu any one year. II. Limit I ho amount of munuy, for a family In an amount no higher than • wages of the lowost- paid city employe with an equal number of dependents. The Welfare Department hns said that legitimate need, not, ar- bilrnry standards, should govern payments. Newbnrgh officials have said Ihe city's taxpayers can no longer continue absorbing mounting relief costs. Officials .say !> per cent of the population is on relief. The city spends $!K)0,(IO() a year for welfare, but. nearly $500,000 of this comes from federal or stale aid. The. city estimates ita own contributions to welfare cosla this year at $150,000. The city budget.' is more than $l! million. A large portion of the welfare recipients are Negroes, and llic Nalionnl Assn. for Advancement of Colored People has charged lhal racial discrimination figures in the welfare crackdown. Probe of Pentagon Leak Ends Kennedy to Weekend at Cape Cod John L. Wilson Ihe t'enlur.v Uible day, July M. will leach ss on Sun- I 'nofficial ' 'onlribul ion ha\e \arici around J(H). believed nearer the Saudi army lias first-< men! plus bi.i could quickly it necessary. reports of the Saudi to Kuwait's (ielcilsc Irom about 2.111)1) to The lu\\er figure is Hut the i cquin- A total of 2!i babies were born in Hcnipsicad (.'.aunty during the past month ... 1!) boys and 10 girls . . . Iliere uerc 14 while boys and nine white girls . . five Negro boys and one N'egro girl. air transports boost strength I Hope Jaycees and Ja\ Teellcs U 'H hold an in.-lallalioii banquet •Monday. July lu at ~ p.m. at Diamond Cafe . . . Out of town guesls include Jn.vcec Slate President, Warner Marks of Little Kock, the in-.lallinj' officer, and Mis. Jo Kekslein. Texai kana, uho will install Ja.\eeelle otticers . . . WA HINCTON <AI'M—President both boys j-Kennedy is Hying today to his 'Capo Cod home to spend I lie weekend and will confer there Saturday on the Berlin and Herman problems with three key advisers. ' .Presidential press secretary Pierre Salinger siressed Dial Ihe conference should "not be char aclerized in any way as an emergonry-lvpc meeting or a he WASHINGTON (API—The FBI apparently has completed ils ill- vest igal ion ol alleged leaks of military .secrets at Ihe Pentagon. But neither Ihe Pentagon nor Hie FBI would say whether the probe revealed the source of ar- I ides lhal had disturbed President Kennedy. Tho White House confirmed ear« ly last week that thv President had asked the FBl'lo investigate .whether unautbori/.ed information hail been disclosed. Pierre Salinger, While House press secretary, said that a recent Newsweek maga/ine article on possible plans in connection with Hie Berlin crisis was only one of several articles that re- .suited in the investigation. Newsweek said thai in collecting material for its article ils staff members "talked to many ! informed sources al Ihe Pentagon and elsewhere. At no time was Nesvssseek given any classified document, access Io any classified doeumnnl. or information do- rived Irom any document that already had been classified." 111! Of the eight school districts ... Hcmpsteail Cmmly only (iuernsey i'''' i ' si - s ' l - v l H ' Doling." lialher and Palmos have no 'bonded in'-'- s;li(l - i( Ls " m> " f " st '™ vs ()l ilebtedness . . . Blevins owes iJnys th;i( h;ivc> I)CC '" yoin " $!):Ui;u . . . Hope owes ?770,5% . .j 1 " 0 *' dail >'Saratoga owes $13 !>44 Spring! lllose aUt ' mli "Hill owes *-; r,7.-, K-' Washiii"- ' U "' y of Stij|e 1)t ' ;m Pu '* k ' Sc ' urn oues ,s4;u.0u trict 'owes ,>22,71 County Di hc Sct>lv tary of Pet'cnse liobert Continued on Page Two There would be a lot mora wuik done ii we ss'ereu't living iif such a clock-eyed world.

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