The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 11
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 11

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

TMUIUBAT, JULY Jt, 1*34 PAGE See The Classified Page Every Day For Automobile Bargains CLASSIFIED AD Information All «la»*mM »• ti th* attic* of ff ••• *0t U.t*I I Tin** CO IMtl It Z* . tto* **«• tor (nor* i*corr*ct tn»*rtlo». »** th* r«bt , to *dn *s tor tis» o*** ana r**.d*r blind »<J«crtl»*r» d*»trin» your ad» to ou» Ad Ta.X«r» »-» wotit»« ' l»liM* 1*4 OB 1**- Announcetnenl* C14AT1C l»R1 July ^8. 1«34 For aepresentative from rlcU M- Announcement* Curds ot 1 "WTISH to thank each one who sent flowers and for each kindness shown xne during: ray illness. Especially Dr*. Robinson and Hooks also the nurses of St. Joseph's Infirmary- May God bless you. Dee Ix>cke and family. L<ot»t and Found • Liveutoclt F«ed Plant* mutt X.OST —.4x9 tarpaulin, between; Graham and "Wise Streets. Reward. ' Service Ic« Company. i Ferconai CAN take 2 or 3 passengers to Austin. Texas, on or about August 5. Share expenses. If interested, address Box 5-A. care UXCOLX head pennies wanted; will pay up to $2 each if over 10 years old: certain Indian head pennies -worth $-49 each; send lOc for catalog. "U. S. COI?C CO.. Milwaukee, TTis. Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sore Nirfff Stock Field Seed — Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Bulk Bird Seed. Bird Remedie* and Sup* pliea. &nd Puppy Food Cha*er. Guaranteed to Keep the Chiggen Off HARRY BOOK S? Grand Merchandise for Sale foe Sol* Nacloik*Jl r , SPECIAL SALE $4.75 PcrMontk U* TODAT - r RrmlEttot* for Rent \ Makes Darin* Escape Notice *l TO GENTLEMEN bedroom clcwe in. Phon* 1221. for Rene TWO ROOMS—Furnished or un- j furnished. 375 E. Houkton. TWO or thre» room furnigiied apartraent. 200 T^arnar Aire. TWO-ROOM farnisied southeast apartment. Bills paid. 7S Gra- THREE room fumisbed apartment. Bills paid. 101 Clarksville street. Phone 2238. THREE ROOM fumlsfeed apartment, bills paid. 101 Clarksville. BCousebold «o | Texas Power & Light Co. Professional CarOs CHARLES PRICE Phoa* 896 5 West Hctwtoa *t Gen«ral Spet-ial Notice* 10 OAK POSTER BED and dresser. < Call 643-J. - Miscellaneon* for Sate Wanted to Bwy jFOTJR ROOM furnished apart- ^inent. priva.t* batii and garage. [Ring 19S1-JL. .: it • ' _ J TWO ROOM t urnisaed apartment. | Refined home. 118 Eait Price. I Phone 1745-W. GRAPES for sale. Phone 2182-J. SECOND-HAND lumber wanted-' • {Call 125. Wanted to Bay 88 ! . - Second Terra.* t Re-election second term,j> County M - JL> FRANK. I>- HEBBEKT GKADY ST JONES Btn* TOUR AT MINNOWS CROOK 15c and 25c Per Dozen We have all kinds of bait and give prize rrf 100 minnows each month for largest fish caught with our shiners. EL \Y. EARL! , ,„,—. ' _>, _ _ . __, , ~ - j WANT to. buy good second hand • "WILL. PAT CASH, tor a good used !• . „ (ear. Nothing older than '23 mod- j ^ nos - » ^on have one to sell i el considered, and prefer light car. f call .*P e and . let m* make you a. Swap This Tor Tbat Swap good year old heifer for hay. V. H. Dulsson, Phone 1315-W. Auto Repairing and Painting 14 Coonty C_ A- MARTIN 3. yL 3KAS\V ELLVAN I>. Shertm SHH.TON second t»rm-) NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy pay plan on itito painting-, fender, body and wreck work, AsJt about it. We make cash anto loans Monc Bee Line Station Superintendent Lamar Co. School* j| Srand at 19tb St. Tel. SOS WAL.TEK. TUB.MAN _ itAKY JONES - LINDSAY , | ~ ' t Re-election. Second Terzn-> J, G- ?KUNSON. CTLAJ£l-I£ R- DUGGKK JiAB.2 MAN ESS PIERCE Mast be a bargain. .Ray Morse, .Morse Bee Line Station, comer 19ih and Grand price on it. J- E. Tmrable at Bonham Street efelry Store. Phone 384. . House* ror Rent »8 5 Rm. Fum. Hm. and Dnp.—SS6J. room furnished house, close in. Phone 704 OPEN SEWING KOOM EUX Okla.—^The FEHA sewing- room was reopened triis- "week, the- -sromen being allowed two days each. Treelc to work tnere. Boldly cowing several soldier*, an unidentified civilian "stormed" the Governor's island post of the U. S. army at New York and executed the daring delivery of Met'-in Blln ton (above) of Camden, Oh!o, «n army prisoner. Blanton made his escape with the civilian J« a rowboat. (Associated Press Photo* t<» * Resolution ;ax9e<! by Sii* City CouaeiJ o* t&« City or Paria OB ti* «t£t tfay or July 1334 I heceay «jve eotice th*S *Q e!*ctioa by the qualified Tot«r» of ti*» C£ty ol Paria who own czjcabl* p7Op*r:y la saJd Ocy aiwi wlio ±ia,T* fiuly rea<i»re<i «aid Sor t»x»tSon. ••Hll b* fa*:<« S>«- ih« hoar* ot S:OQ o'clock. A. M.. and «zOO o'clock. 3P. i!— on. tie Tth <la.y of Accc»— 1334. for tb* parpos* o? d«*L ro!loirlri$ proposition: or n«c til* city of Paris b* a.tilh.ortze<l to Isatie Eosds of si* CJty la lie snro of 3ev«»ty Tiioti_ •and (*7a.3&O.OS> tfoliaj*. Juact levy a. out BUfficittce £o pay tbe Interest on said borsda. ***£ cr«a.~* «. s^nkieg- fund! sufiicienr to r*de*nv the=5 at Tnaiuri;y; tit* «a!d bonds to bear interest from ax ^ race aot ezeeedi^K 4 p«r cant ti* General Slate, in so rar as SaJd beads ciatorujc *eria.l£r at tlia re- | »p*ctive rlrrieB stnd in tile respective ; ^Z3oii3t2^ a^ taay &^ ^ix^d by tli? Oi"y • Conncil; so bosd to b* Issued for a i p«1od exe«e<ii3t tliirty yeatra Jro=2 Us ; d»A«. aa<2 all bonds to fc® Issued tor '. th* psrposa ot bcildinj Se^er I>ia- j p<Mai Plants, -cortatmotioa of rsan-holes | th* presens Sewer Syaiers a3<2 to be I known as Sewer Construction fiords. •' Series -1331~ i The j>ollinsr places *.s:d j>r*9!£!i;g- of_ ' fSe*r» of said election shaJi be re»?ec- I WAR3> 1: CeatraJ F!ra Starlet. E>. P j Gt>Cbo;<J. president o±fif*r: i WART* 2: M»oaic Bids,. Granfi A-re_ f W. H- VTright, preslfil-ns officer; j 'WAB£> 3: Court Hoaa*. A. W. Keville. j City of Paris, who hi_ , , aal<J property ?or uuc*csaau who^ £a <jKaJifi*<l to vote for ra*«b*a» who has resided !n 5^, Uar!t» of; tk* Ci;y for sii <e) Tnoa^Jis. antf ta ElMr w. ard ia wtiich h« offerm to Tot* f*r tinny- (20) <i2ys, nezr pr«e«diE« tk» s2ectioa is enilrlsd 10 vote. •= GtT^a under my wittt tJM» Se«l o? th» City of Paris aifiiek -tW« tk* Sta day or Juij-, A. U.. 1S34 » »' _* ,* Mayor. City' o» Puia Att*«tr Mrs. Odoas JPark. > City secretary. ci:y oJ Parl«. DRAW FOR GAMES - TAZ^mrXA, Okia.—Camp So!- sttra Valley baseball team: K«* dra-K-n as its first test az til* the Heavener B'ues. Th» gitme i» •^hed^zled for Friday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. WARD 4: Paris Hlgrb Sebool. I.. W. ( J»ek*or! T>"®si<Iin3: cfiicsr. Thft fori^ of ba!'ol to b-» ss™<2 IT; ! sali election for those votias !n favor j of the Isaoaac* of beads siia.ll be is i 'Tor tie Issiia^ce of Seicer Css- i •tnic-lon Soads. S-eries ":334." { Th* form o* ballot to be -nsed in ! said election for tiioss voting against isaaanc*- of bonds shall i«e »•* folloiirs: *"ARaiBSt the isacance or Sewer Con } tmet:oc Bonds. Series ••192-i."' The- e:-ct!o3 to be i-aT<l ITJ accordance For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 193 We are still paying XR3L and hours and doing a. quality type of dry cleaning Southern Cleaning & Dye Works Norman Coker, Thimble Theatre, starruig PQPEYE Business Before Pleasure By E. C. SEGAR P. ,JU For Comity Clerk: K. V. CBOB) HA30CACK. (Re-election. Second tenn> For District Clerki BOS LATTIMOREL XR- tlte-c^ection. second tens.) Automobile* Wanted—Miscellaneous CASH For irood used: conpe -with mm- { i ble seat. Will consider roadster. I Consider all makes, if llgrht car. ;TFant, no jno«lel farther back than 1S30. Apply r>orsey Hotel. !. AntomobDes for Sal*- For Asseassor and Collector of! DOROTHY UATIMER. CLTDE HTJHPHRET Fot- RUPERT L. BAL1-ARD <For Re-election. Second Term.} For Commissioner^ Frecioct it GEORGE T.SHRT CommJssioocr Precinct 3ti . ROT J. FRANK JOXES. Cotninlssioner Precinct Three ROY Auburn Sedan For Sale An S cylindc*. fo'ir vx-hee: Aubnrn Sedan, practlcal- For Cannot Consider Trade Tom Hinkle At Hiakle X,urabcr Co. (For Re-election. Second Term.) jBRAND nexr Ford B* Luxe coach. JCAJUC j. a: -JOHNSON. For Commissioner Prectoct 4: T. W, (BXLX.) RUSSSUL fR*-«I*ctton Second Term). T. K. BOOTH. For Public WelRhcr, P!*C* 3U WIIJL THOMAS <R*-«i«ctton Second T*rsi.) For Cotton TTe^hcr, Parts, Place 2: .with Bosch radio, \vUI be sold a; a. bar^ais. Se« Harry Val- i:*r, Paris Grocer Co. Mattress and . T. <SOB> NA.SH. C, J- <JACK) MOTE Xo- 1» Place No. I : A. W. SKBFF1ET-D. For PnMlc TTcteli«r. Precinct (Roxrton.) J. M. (Marvin") COOPER. For J»stic* of the Peace. Precinct I, Place 2, Lammr Cotmtr- J. A. (ArtJjur) JOHNSON. For rc-eloetioTs. secor.d term. CHARGES PARBOTT For Constable. Prcrfnct 1: SAM GARLAND. <Rc-E*«ctson. Second T«rm>. X C. CJOHX> PRIDE. Soclctloi and txxJjco OJtDER OF EAfrTSTRN STAR FA.RIS SO. E. 8. «»»*»« «T«ry «t S:«0 tin. S«c. IX3t>«E NO 3T A. F. *«<i X. M. b **n- p. m. . t. J. M_ H- G- CHAPTER XO. 4* R. A COB V«K?*S Son Sra Thcr»«!»'v waett rnontb. T:S9 p, m. vs»rittr>» >Ti» w«tc«nB«4. J. 4 Cnr»nltt»- it. IE. H. I*. H. O Br*t>*TnmB, L»rATKTTE COlWClt, NO. Si R »«« S M. Svate.-J %«MitT!t>!r < Trlff p. m. V1 corne«l. J J C T I. 3«, M. O. Br*t!*m«». «««. cojfMAXDERT xo > Stfttvd ccnct»v« !»r »»/! v»utT!|t» <«JM!h month 7;3» W. an Vt»1t!n« Sir Kr»lnJ»«* corflUUy y» t> 4t>ht»B«»» C. C. H KHAU» OnoTTO M O. V p. B R 7-.ia p. m vii«d J. arch, M U. J*ar*»«n, Kr*. **«. or THE *n« the third tH. W North Main St. Employment Help Waotedl. Male ANOTHER biasness force* rr.« so s«ll my pig stanC. Priced for cash or wU! trade for ligrct delivery track. Crawford's Fig Stand. SS Lajniir. Financial Insurance and Bond* GALBREATH, OEVVEESE AND PROCK General 2*7 Money To AUTOMOBHJE LOANS ><**, Krf1)» n < x ^|. <^,fc A«l«8»aM%-U GENERAL INSURANCE F*T«iri« ru» OUrer Jt Livt&tock FOR <>ov.*. Rout* YOU'RE NOT TQ fLL DO IT r^erTT MOU) GET IT CWcR OMTH - 1 HE EHOOVS nr- ST MISERY OP UFE'- Investigatin l HOVV : t AMD.HIS POOR WIHE; HIS FEE 'TRUDGED UP THESE STAIRS AFTER A SENMY. WHAT A SfS R£!_IE?- rr ST HAVE; SEEN TO S--JK EVEK 2^-1 TIKE HE 5 { -^& KOT ASHES GAVcl GE A. ! CK r DETECTIVE SENT HIM TO THE HOME OF A MISSED DIANA DANE An Ounce of Prevention HOMER HOOPEE The Big One That Got Away; AS MR.KUMK \S AS our OF SOMV3A M\STA E -vo* THEYS A see CM TH^E OPTICAL j ^SEt -.—W A BUCK ! SCORCHY SMITH / TJF MY HONCH QUICKS? -mAN YOU LOOK OP *OMrrw**6- Tf*C COUSTTKOOSE .vow rot; CAX HAVE MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tbn Fa«y Payment Plan I Ooc Day Service P«ri» M*ttres« Jb Awning Co. SO \V. Sbennao Pbone S70 MisccUaacous Scrricc EI.BCTRIC FAN ar.d raotor re- Salves* STEADY WORK — GOOD PAT Reliablft rnon wanted to call on farmers In T,jtma.r county. No experience or capital nee£s<S. Write today. McNess Co.. I>ept. S. Freeport. Illinois. a«Tfsncr. S«s« Mr. Mcitoa, Gibraltar hotel. OpportmxIiSe* J

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