The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 2, 1959 · Page 25
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 25

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1959
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

ftACm immAT feVLUtTDf AntnH I. Ifitt S««. I, ftf If ; •••• ^ . , ' Brifains Hovercraft Starfed Out as 2 Tin Cans, Vacuum Cleaner corns. Isle of Wight — (NEA) — Britain's first flying saucer consisted of two tin cans, one of them originaily containing cat food, and cost about 10 cents to make. From this crude worthing model has grown the Hovercraft, a saucer-shaped, four-ton vehicle which skims over land and water with the ease of a magic carpet and attains a speed equal to that of the Queen Mary. Here at Cowes, where the Hovercraft has just undergone successful tests, the experts are predicting that the strange vehicle will revolutionize transport. Hovercraft of 10,000 tons which win cross the seas at ISO miles an hour are spoken of as definite, possibilities. Revolutionary Principle Combining characteristics of aircraft and ships, the Hovercraft employs a revolutionary lift principle known as the air cushion. The Hovercraft rides on an air cushion which the vehicle itself generates along Its bottom surface. "I don't want to sound melodramatic," says its inventor, 49-year-oId Christopher Cockerell, "but If the Hovercraft were developed by the Rus sians it would give them the equivalent of warm water ports in winter." With Hovercraft loading on land and skimming across ice to water, the Soviets would be Hovercar, shown in artist's conception, is one possibia development of the lift and propulsion principle. Experimental Hovercraft rose from the ground on a cu.shion of air in a demonstration. freed from their ice-lockcd harbors. Cockerel! also pointed out the Hovercraft's possibilities for development as a one-bomb carrier. Its potential already has brought military observers to watch the vehicle being tested. Tin Can Model In his East Cowes home, the pipe-smoking inventor demonstrated tiie original tin can model from which the Hovercraft dream was realized. It consisted of a cat food tin fitted inside a coffee can. The two were connected to a reversed vacuum cleaner by a length of lead pipe. A pair of ordinary bathroom scales completed the experiment. Air from the vacuum cleaner was pumped down and around the smaller tin and out through the clearance at the open rim, thus trapping a bubble of high- pressure air on the bottom of the gadget. When Cockcrcll held the gadget over the weighing scales they registered a pressure of three pounds, whereas the air jet from the vacuum cleaner alone gave only one pound of pressure. The closer the inventor brought the miniature Hovercraft to the scales the greater the pressure. Simple Idea From this and more sophisticated tests Cockerell verified the Hovercraft principle: that a heavy craft can be supported, near the ground, on an air cushion that is produced by a thrust much less than the total weight of the craft. One can Algerian Rebels Using U. S. Arms, Munitions, French Army Reports ALGIERS — (JP) — American arma and munitions of comparatively new make have been used by Algerian rebels in recent attacks on French posts near Tunisia. French Army of- flceri report. These officers emphasize that they are not accusing the U.S. of aiding the Nationalist rebellion against French rule in Algeria. A highly placed French staff officer said tha war material "was either brought in by gun runners, rerouted from original destinations or given to the rebels by some Middle East states which received supplies from the United States." Exhibited Equipment At the frontier post of Ain army ex- Berlin Reforests 'Green Heart' Park BERLIN — Berlin's "green heart"—Its big park, the Tiergarten—Is marking the 10th anniversary of its rebirth. Ten yeara ago the late Ernst Reuter, then Berlin's mayor, planted a linden tree in the middle of the war-devastated park and started what is perhaps Germany's greatest postwar reforestation project. Fast-growing poplars were planted and today more than a million trees and bushes offer shade to Berlin's strollers. Six hundred benches, 33 bridges, and 25 miles of footpaths and drives were rebuilt or repaired. Zana the French hibited some of the captured rebel equipment. In the piles of material wore bazooka and recoil-less rifle (57mm.) ammunition bearing U.S. government stamps dated 1955. French officers said they had also found incendiary shells of "the latest American make". French officers complained that even their army does not have such modern equipment In Algeria. The French army fighting the rebels is largely equipped with U.S. World War II weapons and material. In November 1957 France Cycle Policeman Hears Voice of Boss All Day SAN DIEGO, Calif. — i/P) — A motorist stopped by motorcycle policeman Ross Beronda remarked about the woman's voice giving instructions on his police radio. "That must be as bad as having your wife around," he said. "You could be right," observed Beronda. Tha voice was that of his wife—Mrs. Marie Beronda, one of the women operators at headquarters. charged the U.S. and Britain with supplying the Algerian rebellion when the two governments decided to deliver arms to the Tunisian army. Marine Corp Jackets The French claim that arms given to the Tunisians event-' ually find their way into the hands of Algerian NalionalistK who use Tunisia as their principal base. But the rel)els in Tunisia say they are far better armed than the Tunisians and thus do not need arms from that nation. In rebel camps along the Algerian fighting front in Tunisia this correspondent saw large quantities of American supplies. The rebels said they had purchased these from old and from surplus stocks. These supplies Included warm jackets with "U.S. Marine Corps" stamped on them, cartridge belts and blankets. quadruple the weight of the craft by merely doubling the thrust, which means that the Hovercraft's efficiency increases with its size. Shatteringly simple, and yet inventor Cockerell was to peddle the idea for nearly four years before he received an encouraging nibble. "Impractical, unworkable," were the replies he received from government ministries and aircraft manufacturers alike. Finally, at his own ex pense, he constructed a 2'/a foot model of the Hovercraft, took it to the basement of the Admiralty for a trial. Sucking on his pipe, the mus (ached inventor recalled the scene. "The model buzzed around just above the floor, kicking up a terrific row and filling the place with diesel fumes. Finally, it ended by chasing an Admiralty official to the other side of the room where he took refuge by climbing onto a table." On "Secret" List The immediate result was that the Ministry of Supply took the project out of Cockerell's hands and put it on the "secret" list, where it gath ercd dust for nearly a year. It was not until April 1958, that the National Research Development Corporation, an agency formed to back unorthodox inventions, decided to finance a prototype of the Hovercraft. The contract was let to Saunders-Roe Ltd., aircraft builders, and the present vehicle constructed in less than eight months. It is powered by a 4.50 h.p. engine, which drives a four-bladed axial fan to supply the air cushion and propulsive thrust. In operation, the Hovercraft, skims over the waves at a height of about one foot and a speed of 30 miles an hour. In a recent test, it flew in from the sea, glided over a rough bank of shingle and scrub 20 feet high, reversed and maneuvered back over the sea without breaking the surface of the water. 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