The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 16, 1918 · Page 10
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September 16, 1918

The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1918
Page 10
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'i • 1 J A(IK TKN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. MONDAY, BBPTEMBtitt 16, 1S1B. IHuntelhSimsona 3M@w© * ci_.._s.:irj[_n Aiivjotnisirej RATI-: • * OSi: CKNT A WuKIi I...CH INtitift- * * Tl'.>N AlihKHtiill'lia and it-rlc-* of In " * or nuci'Miia i "Uid n.c one word. • * t.'twii-r thin plan cltu^lftui htivvr tiMT* • .•i_ii tt). ni ««lvi\nr*f thu rxuct cost uf * * Uwn uij. Ni-vi (lnw^lfUMt mis Hre * ' ttikf'ii by (ihi.i.f fur yuur acrumni'da- • * ioti, ; IIMJ nil luiiK nto due «it<l [. A MI Mr * * tin- d.iy i'i;]«nvaiK Hie il.U.. of Inner- • * Hon. V'<ii run iv_..»t. us rnaleiial.y if 1 * j"u tin- r"ii«>ft'ir iTompiiy 0:1 pre- • * fMit.iUnn or st.itrn.rnt. .-• ^OR SALE—MISCtLLANdOUft Knit HAM-. - Moisten liMf i >rK. _.. |iure- !>-•(.! and rrtsifUTrd. F.n very htffh grade, liffnittfuiiy rmirlu.l . Many will frivnen (">on. Will BPII rhoirr, as' many as y<Mi want. Kin* u riho I'nntlnc -A and King I Sc>riH ronttitr brc( No no hotter. ! V. I, .Martin. 10-101 _E illooli Sound work mill Olivine, horse, I end li,, Jr,u. Itnv ninre In foul |4H; yearllnv. helfor 150.* sow and : I'll!" •!«'• l'li"l'" while LcKhcini oookei .In si 2,. each . Knur blocks west Weils Oro- >eery, South 11 u I' lnn«on, H-2t AH 1. «:i E *': Ii M 11 HP. I V! n KI It 8-1 T »:l X »J .' WANTED—MALE HELP. H 'AM'i.n r.if so; i. iMitchmwun Typewriter Co. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS liiir(riiln.i in Itc-bulll Machine*. llonibnUBl,-tt ilcy Uldg. Photic 3CS0. •• i SICI-OND-IIA ND • • • i We buy old . " ', repair \ VIM k .*<•<• ' " ' . opposite Ml!- tires ami tubes, nil jdses. .inlne, 1 .. For ifUarnntepo J". Ml.l-Slale M"tor Tire uilrl Pacific depot. 'J-lt .. t lei ni-lliei. "'••>' .HI '-i iM .t, • n l ; *" f nlnili.-!. e WANTill nulls SI (U >WU. Ui J : Wf 'It ' W IIIIIII I i *A i:i-i:.v*ri-:i:f= WANTED-- r..lll p'...lil l.e.v enll.UI U' t Job. II i ua%" . i-iul'U-U' Willi-r.-l-'"'" Knul'-r >'«' lli»lr Mll.lll Hi • v dill' > ill- IU STIC AM ROl Milt. Vt> linvc a luw |>rt'.-j.sui(; bolipr for p'i'flm Mrullnjj t.lmil, will bu fold HI a very i k>w iiyut-.'. Sny It ut News oltiuu. tl-'lli: SAI.1C Trlr|.lni|l"fl. t'Ml'pholU' wire. I I'-.-ti mill. Kintili- Imnu 'HM and fcjuldle bl.uikit. Call atUT Ii i>. in., ''-i ICact "tnl. i i ;i -1 ii I 'i'K SAI.IC 2 linrstd. ;l sprlri; witsoiis. tl j ^tandp cf b .M.^. one IJUKKV and uarduii '* ' . 2~<K> Sv. Aduina. \V. J. Wildfii 1 I -1T M'i'U .SA I.IC—I -'HTH y pigeons, irvornl var- 11-'tit, l''tl*^. ln.|itlr ! riioiK- :'li:i, alter t! t' Oai'ptintcr M. ICa»t 12-Gl Mnrl 'Ui .rk, U IIIK l. |l "i 'iH. L . HI.ACK lace liul with \elvct ertiwn and black Jet tiriiatiH -nt. While beaver <ail(<r . l 'b '-rie ^.'UO. ll-l't m .ACKSMITII-' „l»r. Ill t'i i; Kl.niw I. Ken. \V\NTKIJ C"'i" niu i* a i'.'it 1 ' Ollll e. llll 11 da}. ulril iinili at Kl>K gAI.IC-My entire fleck of lilsli- !•• 1' .St.•! 111. I Bi:n!c ewes. I'red Slt-M array; |ihune 201 :';-t( Ijur'uw. t,-tr .le.idy plant oi v.'rl.. ipllty I'l'K SAI.IC•-;•) lie.i.l Ilulsteln cows d ^'Wii low n i ^ irtKli and Millie eoniilifi Ire-^li. pome I'hone H-lf WAN TIC I •In pels W \NTIC1 i Apply I.' : t id • By b.'tw.en 10 and is. apply | M'Mel ^teani Uaundiy 2S-U Hell bnv. boartl and rovun. i ManaBil. llarv.-y llouse. 11-leiI Kt'l! SAI.IC inelliUll SlKe Ua* lieati-r nearly ehea |i . I 'hone 3-J1 .I. 1500 North Main are 4 lots, nice lawn, Rtirnge, modern in every respect, on? of the nicest house - In the city. Phone 235 K wi: wn.ij pi.rcA .m-:r» TO snow A.W PAUTIKS CONTKMPIJATINO MOVING To UI.'TCHINHOX mir cotiH-lrtf list of llutcliliison ! UMII *:.* for Male. Wo a!^n IUIVP a got-d list uf iiKNu rul'NTY KAltMS at rcusonat» J •_• j»rlci'fi. At thJa tiint* we urn offering one of the VF.KYHKST WHKAT ami STOCK UANCIIl'X IX l',|)WA «n .S COl'.VTY. wfll ini; n»\«M AtH \ u tf4 n >i buy and invoRlinent. UU'J :I('ITS , 70a in wliwit. Pru*e $06 P«T afi-r.wtth liberal torms. In the .shallow water district. 600 acres of K<wd AI #PAIJFA L.\ND, NO 3 Ka^st Mlu-ntuin, AUTOMOBILES. MECOND-HAND eows and three Inquire blJ .North Walnut. h filers 10-5t W.v I Sr.rb W \ NTICI > A pa. I u. le '• I 1 "• WAN'I 1:1 • ' _ WAN TE 13- CISII. .-I ••I:\II cle' l'.,ii;:ili,i ' 'oft •FEMALE HELP. K ' ICXAMINA'I'l' '•'nit SAl.K-r-'In.. furniture In'iulre :H .; ..nilket ] ^' eKl ''Imiic :tlHS. lll-tt ! I..M>!l':7*Htu7Tere^"»ult, size •iltlo num. j •'•'-. " r aili 1 - "H" !, _!!!| l -'"n SAJ.IC Household (Urmlure and fiuil. I'd !•'. is-1; i'lione . I l'l ItSAl.lC-', nft. lies !•' -•la'llts and nne good inilrli wcv-it. 13. it, I I'' HI SAI.IC Three sh" I 7''tl \2 West. its and one .*-ow. 1 .'-."it .point.'.! V.\ " po u l ^1 Ft -IX SAL15—Nrw Zealand il'S 1st ca-sl. rah bits. U-tf. Hutohlruion 11 the lo»ic«l maiket tor secund-hnnd automebllas. PrwipwUvt buyers should watch thta column tor com- pleto list of bar-galM. ^^^^ VOW SAL.K. . , „ One Ileo Truck Chasis, In first-caw condition; four practically new cajjlniju and tubes. Anyone wanting a truck CUIUUH can save money by looking this up. '1 hree- uuaiter ton size. i'\ W. (.iti.NNlNy. j_tf StcrluiK, Kan. Bony aat Actre Tracft IN enoug-h to raise your L 'hickeiis. own garden and The very de»li*abl6 buslfKjsS t<-**m ftt Ko. 4 N. MMft fof lease. Inquire ot C®®°TIh®lMS@ffil Mnaontc Templ«. Wo ore offorlhfr for a short thno a very pretty 7 room modem homo newly decornt *•<! and In nplehdld condition, situated on Avenue.. A. The homo la well bull, being boxed and papered, double foor and a eonvenle.nt cellar .^.Owners are leaving and wit pivo immediate poBsesijIon, Some Kplcndld furniture can be bought at a very modest price with tlm hrtme. prlcu Ct&CU. Ubornl ternia al 7%. 11 ,000 down EBKEIBM IKEAiLW (CO, No. 3 t -Ca .it Sherman. lO'St Wffirlks We do Oil** work In the best manner on all klndjt of material. Parcel Post pack- i\gva rrom out of town will receive prompt attention. Alf work Kuaninteed. Address Mltucv O. V. Iltkljertn. f»0l) North Main, llutelilnHoti, Kans. ANOTHER BIG HIT Great Lakes Band Plays its Way into People's Hearts. COLE OQHIT Looks and tuns tike, new; offer nit. balf uciual vaiu..-; phone «9U. l'i:NINHr|,At; ,-,«,k ran so. ea.M. J 'h'ine JKlfi. !'d>l Shfrtrtin n-t! new fa:i .. = t. :-tn:t!l "tins red licil'e: .•hti;l l-Oi: SAI.!-:--H;_s.- burtit-r 1 hMi Eo-st Phone *JiM-.l. WANTF.!' K FOR SALE OR 1RA DC. 1-YM? SA1-.K--13I7 l-'ord roadster with exit .i btxty and demountabJe rim-s; 11 li'S- ij.r iphoiiu isllW.'Cttll at uoun ui alter ii p.m. u " tr Phono 15 for terms. new 1'if. Mitchell cood ILS new lletro'.t 10r SEOl C 01 MlOp, Kl.ctrlc Car Co., 13 Su. Walnut . I'll""';! i3-ti sold very 3h4. / ItADIATOllS 1' services on repair work. C Iv. 1111 • IT Hi N. Walnut. l',l> nielli i inc 1'uin - [ 1 1-tit i 331 W WTICI' -I'^pe 1 I. need lady i-lfll'igrnP'l- .•r' i m* will. ll"in iniU or railroad ev- piiilne iinliind. l-arabec I'lour Mm Co: |i. l'dlt SAI.IC Oil Tlt.UUi LA.Mi ItAlti'.AlN. acres gocd wheal land of sale at $lu r acie und. r the malU ' Autu ttadlator Co. I'lione U3U. 15 south Wafhineiun. fsft@a!S5i 3B@nIl®ir 3F@n° Sal® Suitable for heatiii"; plant Will be reasonable* Inquire at News office. NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. QAVti EXCELLENT CONCERTS Had to Cancel Yesterday's Program Because of Late Train Service. LADIES' Fall Suits Small Payment Down, Balance $1.00 A WEEK Ladies'Dresses Ladies'Waists Ladies' Coats Ladies' Suits , Misses' Coats Men's Suits Ladies' Skirt, Ladies'. Shoes Boys' Quits Boys' Shoes Men's Shoes Men's Pants BOYS' NEW FALL SUITS 50c A WEEK Buy your Boys' School Suits and Shoes on credit, a small payment down, balance 50c a week. Youths' Long Pants Suits, $1.00 a Week Ladies' Shoes $3.50, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50, $7.50. mem down, balance 50c a week. Boys' Shoes 50c A Week COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut St. Small pay- Men's Shoes 50c A Week Lenox Soap, per bar . . . . 2 Large Cans Brown Beauty Beans 5c 25c We are giving free tickets to the Movies — ask for them. Gallon can Apricots (No. 10) 65c Gallou can Kato Syrup (No. 10) 85c 'A gallon can Maple Syrup 95c Houcy, per comb 30c Peaches in syrup, can 15c Apricots in syrup, can 15c Good CofTee, per pound 15c Pea Berry Coffee, per pound.. ,22c a-ti YOflt chance to buy at a biHKiilp. If or would i lakiie .-non, n«i or Pord, 16 model. >c.u- d take in slock ol merchandise 111 i "iy good as new. I'hone 14-te. U ma loe.ilioh. leiaud .1 !.o! lb and li • moo west ci fcpe.u \ me, r 01 tl Co.. lva as. j [.-(,[. s\LdC—New Auto Tire tubes. Call or wrte owner Li. H. Jonusoh! e.i t olf. -Maylicid Kadialor -'• lire WANT ICI vv Hi .••.peril heli. Pie i.'nii ly for so .• piefi ;,d\- work; (Ilrls i red. Klchiird.-- i:i-;tt -pi r\ilie .Kau^.i. 1 " tr ' i boiilii W alnut. WAN'I'IC! i - ' lirl !"'• ft' to 1 'iili in 'O 'llllnt-i • Ms I' K'lll .No. Main Wine:. }-"Olt SAIIC. HICNT or T'tade—7-rooui ,,ivii ,-..e« fo,- , house, No. li Twclllh west: newly ! •SI'-CONII II A.N I) Cars to. —— 1 painied, papered and revan.iHiod, mod-] i't"-« or pajiiuius -i '•• i-ork.i. r]1 t-jcejit furnace. See or phone Carl I-•> W eat s, t' r -! .Nelson, 0i7 South Main. »• if nop? n!" j Phone 971W. il.'-rij. Pe.Me.rrlU. 16-til Vy-ti ~Ti—r—~ . XOTlCK-—*i\clia»«vd coats at Queon wile or trade, l City J^otr•l Saturflny by mistake. Ha CJa-rase.' turn mine ami-, got yours jatsajjc. 11. \V. 1G-U 1 ti - U I WANTKl* lor VMM A. Pus IKl 1 (lirl for »:enei'.-il lions.- WANT I b'uu'i pay K -i- rlfjid parly. —- 1 |.',)]> SAl.K-'(.(r will cuiiMHler ti.idu r-n fff" Kill in «*'«^| B».*KI lluti'lntii-oh piuperty, a good wh.-ll Phuiir ll^.l. aiid alfalfa l.tini aiuMit foui 1 ujid on..- 'oil: * ; nille.s from limm. See or urit> \\\ f "T~ | Ktech'.r, iluveti, Kans, ^- \NTKI»—4 ;iri win 1- , small in Ph.un fo ivomaii pltullv L'O "> J. work, I • L'XIIA . I j.-, ,| t sALi: or i-Ixt.-han^e—fi room btn-i _—__| wl n , nn.sidtr- auto,|o|j : , 0 i" sin.ill pi h<»»s.r i ct [y aS firm payni'-iit. l^asy terins, bulaiice. Phnm. 107-1. ;„ POP J-i'v-t'.'JO. Vld'-Stivcn p :LS «enger l-'ord car, Phone 0P .I -W: H- 11 * N'OTICl->—To real <l'taie agents: My I property at C\T> A west is off the market ! Chart en AlcConoughoy. H-2t POU .SAUv or trade .fivo passenger car a ^ contractor and lju|Mcr( \ Plans and speclllcation furnished, i Phono 3'J -rC. Il-tf. a- ll'iil! SAI.K—I'ord with delivery body. . . or i 111; loth E. u ' u ! UVKHY-—i'l.oiii! 2100. P- | — " lil-tl i l.iundr>. I WANTlCli -lllriH M .ll Model SI'-.I W A NTICI" 1 hmuew Ol I; Foil SALE—Ford*. McVey Uvcry. tl 8 tf I . I ^ We have , „ « , MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES, WANTi:!'—At . nee, several youiib- ladies. , K0U s,\ LIS Oil THAUK—S-rouui semi- ~J-~ ——— • ~ i l' ICast. lo-.,t nu.iern collaKe, double uaiauo blue I MI ITOI '.C YCLKS $50.00 and up. .—. .Brass lawn, shade tree 6'J ft. front, will several splendid bargains In used inu- r 1(1. Ap|ily in pel- eonsider smaller property and differetn e. ! toreyeles, all are in eood running urtlci. Uiundo. -*-ul |.hune 1C1J. B-I .'. it Is well worth you time to call and ln- —, I . ! i ,,'ct these uiachlnea . We have new and id ijiil ,.r gum-ral KOH SALE OK TltAIHC- Team of horses j „',,;,! pans ,tires an <lacc*aor>e» "t a ••»«"«• '°- ,r ' and liaolt. liiquir,, 621 IC.ast Ii. 16- z\ I uinds for motorcycles . Uarh.y-Ua\ldson ,, ,, , , ,, ,, , , WANT KM— Waller or w.iitress for uifot | ,-vice Co., M West 2nd Street \V,SNT1-|> Al M.!h.«llft Hospital, won- „.„,„ at |Jv ,.,. an for eleiiiiliit:. I'-lf , FINANCIAL. MOFO TO LOAM on city homes. Long terms oti monthly payment plan. Kurni loans. THE KIN Km AGENCY. I'lione 2t5&. Suite Exchanau liank Bldtr. »-tt. V A NTICI' - il Swill S i'» \V \ NT ICI" 1 .a tindry. V. AN i'lCI" p.l I ClL-l WANT I CD lintel. \V A NT ICI' r..i-i i Is, Ihodlft I l'.i.- hour work ' ill. Apply in person llell-el.eeper. Iiniull. IC.vpet leni-ed A liou.--.-kei-|ir {food pay. lii-l-l .Mm;'" I''-til lli-tl ua Klllt SAI.IC oil TUAPE—I'uieli five sender In f Irs t - class condition; will .-ider dilinioials es part or ull; call pluilie ].',ajW or II Soulh Walnlil., l-'-tt • FAK.MEIt Investol"s, put your money In . Z .i real oil Ua-TS, instead of oil stocks. , , , ..., lh ,,- Make the money yourself. Uox at, Jfoute ItAULE DAVIDSON Ulcyelcb-^-A^l) 1 °;, 1 1, Lafouiilainc, lians. 13-1 to the famous motorcycle ol the same J— name . C .el a Harley Davidson Wityulo be- uo Yot; j^EED J00? >ur price tfues up an most all. hlcycicb | rr | 7Bte loll , w on furniture, piano, etj. l-'OIt SAI.IC lilt TRADE--Tin ee lots on; i rtei'iuid avenue east of 1'lum street for; ; euulty in house Or for good aulo. Ask i \ Mi Niiehti-n. Hione 13 t-tf ! "ilav'e raised from It) per cent tu 15 per, EaJy 'payments. 1 Sherman west. " i cent, llarley Uavldeon eye'" cu. ; ; ; wallless, Hello ,7, ,,. •i -11 1 ' !,' WANTICI" . TAIII.I: \ i-toell sAl.E 'II'. TrtADIC—on lot in north! d, ^i passonyer car; l"h"iie 1CS0. Hill | WANTED— MI8CELLANEOUI. ">'J~.7~n~r,~7r^Z* WANTICI) -You m l:n..w that £»u~hati Klrl at ltosloii M'/ r .- belter bale that old rhimricv and folin- datlon repaired belore could weather. I'hone llfititl. i:i-0l ent FOFTKENT—FURNISHED ROOMS. POP UKNT-l'lret class room In. modern home close In: home |.iivle E ps and leasonahle rent to i-iBhl party; l»dy pi-3- leiieil. I'hone t»i»0. I FA1U1 LOANS? CITY LOANS? —ask McNaghlen! I'lrst National Bids. lli-lf fall at ;u I'S I lc-tr ! A. „ A. lirilS '\'\NTi;l" fills lit fulldypiiu! ~" POSITION WANTED—MALE. 1--1I l.'-ll WANTED—A use*l llarley Davidson mo- lorcycle with side car; lylli or 1; model. Write or call, E. M. Smith, uurrtoti, Kus. lt)-5t lle.-ires p, I Vl.US 1 d I Ii ,|..f,.r....| illon wllh 1 nelal iilflce It desire •lliihl,- linn; experience; WANTED— Haled nlfalfa and oralrie liav 111 car lots. Let me know what yjii have 1 1 sell. L. Al. McCreory, Lyons, Kansas Pile. A«l- TWo IIUOHS In modern home; board it desired . unc-nalf block from car lint I'lione U '.2 -W. 10-it J'UH HICNT-Veiy desirable rooms with buaid; sinsle or en suite; U East Sixth; pr .one -V. S " U VICKY Desirable furnished, room (or gen- lleman al H Easi Clh. Phone »M. .' I-'OK IIEN'T • Nicely furnished roojn with and dinner if desired. 202 A l.e,«l lll-ll dr..-. I' 11. II"'. IMS. "-11 ' POSITION WANTfcD—FEMALE. W A NT Nture your plnslcrints and ; Slncii" woik a spiclalti IllCS'f Irvcn. S56II. Kl-lil : heul. l'l.iee lO WlTk f, -.1 Pi I' srlii"! B |rl. V.ol Cl!. :ilp 1 1 p. 111. room and fai in :iui up WAN'I' ED Ti P iii'hwork. l'l.'.lie .1. I,. I WANTED— Clean, blight straw; will paylKOll ll .u'. per ton delivered to the llui .iiiuson 1 1 ib- llox Hoard and 1'nper Co. ._-tf ; rootua, slrlclly :'2_ East 5th. IIENT- 11 Wesl. ruocVern, Modern BlecplnK furnace H-?t •EKIICNf :• • I •i. f.ol l'l ' Sleiioi'.iiipher iilei position; euii b-'v"' ; WANTICI" To IU'Y-.M»do " house in tioith part 01 lulil W. il loom 1 Call 10-21 'MoPlCKN rooms. I hone -"1.,-. _ ] u Sherman east. H-tl l .i 1ST- 1st i-: lea i C'l'eC. Ll'ST Iintl.i l-lioll" \\ en. oal V.i Phase pluilie It-lli IWAN'flCli—To contract your cement woik, sidewalks u specialty. Call 117. Mr. \\ ANTIC!" croutidLi. •U.tulli,g 10 and rrom Kali I'hone 10. illlll i Son. 12-21 , s Liberal l.c IT lti.ll III. II in Moduli llaki WANTED fatllc horse weiglung front ti iU to 1"U0 pounds. l-'ult"ii -\larkel. WASlMNtl WANTED Family iio.ien. 22.1 I'Cast ;:i>i. I-tllt ItlCNT- M .1I11. Llood sleeping room. 500 N. '11-lC SIODEUN Blccpliuj ruoma. llg l'Jth West. 16-2t MOUEI'.N — ltooms. Elms, 128 First East. 4 -tt M ~ol"EItN— Furnished rooms; 20. A l'^Uit. ti-ir •STRAYED OR STOLEN hTUA ICI 1 ' I WANTED B K.-«' ' I l-'ui iilturo c'o "tid hand furniture LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. ROOMS. /CMl^tUVV--- "-l'l tiouseliecplliB rooms, ltauhl unfurnished; onu sleepllltf room, lur- 26-t< I nlnlied; lurnnue heat; pliono 32,'iW. Hit links . Noilly Eli .•aril us Shropshire .Miller, llui, iiiii^oti. H - 111 FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS. TO TRAD*. ^ j TO TKADE— l'*"r Hutchinson rcsidi-nie piopt-ilv ,a Ii inti'icsl In acre oil and p,ns ease in shulow field joining proouilion I inlhs wesi of IC1U City. A.d- iltvis V.-SI in ci'ic of .News. )ti -21 TO fude P'lve room house In I'artrul.o Itio iicns western land t'or Hutcnl.isoU - property. —Ask tlcNaghteli. l J iii-tie IS. liO-U. To KENT f onlv, Ii AII.II.- M. n. ;;IKI iter, * tine l.m.l m l -'ord -s th.ill two miles from town. F. Malaby, ICIisivi't 1 h, Kim- ltI -21 I'ol: ItlCNT lli'l acre wheat t .11111 2 mile south of fusllelou. ^ MeN'nghlon In. e-tllii 111. t'o. lll-lSt cottage nicely furnished. 11-tl TWO ItOO.M 221 W. Ut. Kill: KENT -Modern housc-Kceping rooms a."li 2nd west. 17-U. IMlt 111CNT- ban Kioc" r dtui;dln_t suitable for subur* '. W> l'Jusi. 11. 1V -U l-'nit TltADE'-Colurudo piuatii^and (or, 4 ,,,. vni c lock of groceries or good auto, SIM O. i *• _____ \\\ Ald'id; phone 1U21 s '" i WAN WANTED—TO RENT. ; WANTED TO KENT - Model n f, or li ' loom house; two in laiuly; lefeiriiees ' .1. Vtt. Ca.l 3I1..I. 'HI IU H.iMri wllh boald nooiyi AND POARD Furnished uud West. unfurnished 10-21 TO LOAN—Private money lowest values. W. H. Brown. 300 1st Null. Bids. 12-16 TO LOAN—l'rlvate money . l-owest rates. W. B. Brown. FOR SALE— CITY PROPERTY. ®TO<a &IL.©W • East 12th SI., tl rooms, sleeping porch, furnace, basement under entire house, nice lawn, back yard fenced. I'rice J3200. owner l-iivltijj clly; Call B. U. Woodard, I'hune mi. TWO 13AHOAJNS. 7 room housu olosu In, modem except furnace, fl'iUO.W. 5 room modern except (urnace, good lo. cation on tith East, (or quick sale J225H.00. Make our wants known to the SlUNEY. REALTY' CO. 127H N. Main I'lione 133 I 'MCED P'or quick sulo cash or terms, 15ia E 6th, 5 roum house and two lots, windmill, garage, cement walks, good chicken pen and ouve. Inquire o( I'. M. Shaffer. 500 West C. H-tl NEW modem 1 room liomo, well built, tire place, oak flirlslt, sleeping porch, .wo baths . W. J, Tow:nsend,20S !)th W. I'hone 3 -'J-\V. '• H-7t 31S west Hth, St, new five room houso, O'.o cash, balance' monthly, --ASK McNnghleii. J-hone 16. 20-tI. Foil SALE— 2hoiise», one six room, one 12 room. Call _04. U west or Phono 2972. • H-U KOH SALE—0 Room moUorn house, nearly hew, East Seventh. Telephone 1601. 5-« Miirtial music—tbt: kind that thrills, and for which John Philip Sousa, the American march king, ia lanious—was introduced to visitors to the Kansas Statft lair tor the first, lime during the exposition at 1 o'clock this utter/toon, when Ihc Great. Lakefi N.ivul Training station baud played its opening number bet'ore the grund- liiand. An hour later it played its way into the hearts of all those who heard it Willi a Be Luxe Syncopated concert, featuring uiiusieal and broad way hits. This concert was al>so in front of the irrandstand. Tlie band arrived in Hutchison shortly after 6 o'clock' Sunday evening, after being unavoidably delayed in Atchison aud by failure of the train moving Ibe blue-jackets out of that place to make connections with an t -arller train into Hutchison. Owing to thi-> fact Sunday's program was cancelled, but today Chief Yeo•man lOlnier Barnes, in charge of the famous music makers, promised that the band would do its best to mako up for the loss in time. Best of All. At their first concert this afternoon tho band was givein a wonderful ovation of applause by listeners and epectators. ' he spirit of the musio which hns been tuu_ht the sailors by the famous Sousa seemed to bo Instilled into those who listened, and before the concert ended the blue­ jackets hud proved themselves one of the stellar features ot the state's greatest exposition. Although primarily a producer of martluf airs, the bluejackets know how to play "jazz" music and when iho tars point their instruments at elevated angles, it isn't hard to see tho stir of enthusiasm that runs through the crowd. E. W. Peterson, is the vocalist with the band and his work is a feature. C. C. Conrad, cornet soloist and assistant director, Is a favorite, especially wilh his "triple- tongue" work in the bund's stirring production of "Oyer There". More Concerts, Kansas Fair visitors will have their next chance to hear the baud this evening at 7:30 o'clock when the blue- cjackols will give a Sousa martial concert, featuring compositions by John Philip Sousa, at tho grand stand- Tomorrow, one of the feature concerts of the day will be the one In front of the grand stand. Several of the fttvorite selections and compositions of John Philip. Sousa will be played', and the concert will bo honorary to Kansas mothers who have sons In the navy... Tho program for the band for tomorrow waa announced today as follows: - 10 o'clock—Novel syncopated concert with variations and vocal solos. 2 o'clock—Sousa concert at the grandstand. This concert will bo In honor of Kansas mothers with sons In tho navy. 7:30 o'clock—American concert, featuring syncopated jazz music as tuugUt by Louis Benjamin, director. We Sell for Less at Our Help Yourself Store, Corner Sherman and Main Dillon Mercantile Co., 4 Stores No. 1—318 North Main No. 2—15-17 B West No. 3—817 South Main. No. 4-Corner Sherman fi Main Produce -17 B West PEACE NOTE ON SATURDAY It Was. Given to (he Entente Representatives at Heme. BERLIN PAPERS SKEPTICAL All of Them Feariul That the Entente Nations. Won't Pay Any Attention. Amsterdam, Sept. 16.—Austria's peace note was handed to the Entente representatives at Berne, Switzerland, at one o'clock Saturday afternoon according to the Vossische Zeltung of Berlin. The note was simultaneously presented at Berlin, Sofia and Constantinople and was brought to the knowledge of neutral powers. FO RSALE—liuod cheap lot on 17th ICast In Crescent Park. I'hone SSdl-W. FOR RENT—RESIDENCES. FOR RENT— .My elegant tin loom home coinpleloy furnished; den, broukfast room, suit room. etc. hot water heat; Kiiraiiti . Fine lucatlon, $75 Mis Clin.-. Uallo, .07 I 'hone I.2 .-.I. month. Sherman East. 10-31 VOn SALE— Eight-room oioUaru house, J2,50t); 120 Fifth West. S-tf FOR SALE—REAL. eSTATE._ TO TKADE—Y'uluablo lots near Mlan.t II unfm nP .lu .1 liglithousi-keep- lug rooin."; must be modern and desirable . Phone mi 10-31 j-Uulda, fir Junk cars tany 1.1ml.. Call 1 i^" - « r "°"".. ^1. _.._.•_ 0.1 217 ii 3rd St. It-it l WANTED— 7 or K room completely ni'»l- «« "—"""-TZT; " crp house by .Nov. ». Phone 322*. 13-31 PjOULTWY, •I/OK SALE--- Ten fattened fttes uud brplj. «* (if Call Mli-W. • WANTED TO RENT —A a or . room house- AJWrtnw <Y -,85 cary of Kows. 16-21 A snap for »our 10 or 12 acres of the very best land with an Ini-* gating pant It-stallotl on tho land. Within one block of laud that la Belling for .2000 au acta . Tiiege 06 lots |;olng fur the Lint KICNT--1 room house at _*» West I paltry stmt of JS5 per lot or a total ot nth. tkvo'i. Call at U9 West tub or 2H .-_.tO. All must go together. Owner is w..-. mil. Amblers. 11 -tflKick owl going away and hits out.the . - - I price ono-tuUf. or more. W. P. McDcrmod I'IIR RENT -Oct. 1. to aduitu, 7 room 15 1-2 South llain street. 10-W he'ise. v.:' East p. 9-tf — —^ —^ ~« ._ - - ,, l'l>It SAl.l'/---My S aero home place. * FOR RENT Three loom house at lool mtictt west of llutoiaiupu pu t'outtn j'lasi 4. W-J. fstrtwl. Pr. MaJ'h WoAMlb/, ^-U You wouldn't talto twice what you give for a JUalloy Light and Power T»lant. Ask Tom Majors, Reno-B-iiclc Co. 16-Ot. Fresh Fruit. Phone 1500 for peaches, pears, grapes, apples, oranges, bananas and lemons. I. SMITH'S Grocery and Market, 16-it W. 'U Hlnshaw, Plevna, Kons,, used an International Combined Harvester Thresher this year—result: Savlug of one-half in threshing expense. Sue It today at tho Harvester Coiupuiiy't. exhibit at the Fair. 11-Ot Old you sets Ibe J.opublic Truck at The noto in which Auslrla-Hungary Invites belligerents to a conference for discussion of the possibilities of peace was despatched by Baron Burlan, the Austro-Huugaiia'n foreign minister on Iho order of Kmperor Charles, '.lib Cologne Volks Zeltung declares. Suggests Entente Allies. The peace initiative should have been left to the Entento Allies, according to the Tages Zeltung. of Berlin, which comments on the Austrian peace note, "The fate of all previous announcements as to roadlnesB l'6r peace and a conciliatory spirit on the part of the Central Powers does not encourage great hopes that this offer will meet with greater success." The newspaper says. "It must naturally encounter great skcptlsfn on our part." "Thoroughly Skeptical." "After our experience hitherto with peace proposals," says tlie Lokal Art* zelger. "We cannot help feeling thoroughly skeptical." Austria's jnove may prove a "risky step," says tho Neueste Nuchrlchten of Berlin. The Boorsen Zeltung places no very great hope on the offer and the Berlin Post fears the offer will be again interpreted by Kn- tonte countries as weakness-and u- slgn of Impending collapse, as well us a begging for peace, on the part of tho Central Powers. Vorwaerts Not Optimistic. "A discussion of the timeliness ot the Austrian step is useless," says the Vorwaerts. "Once it was made without the German government taking a similar step, there is nothing for Germany to do but to glva It adhesion. That is the oijly wfty qt presenting harmful effects and permitting the good effects to _e fully developed. Austria's tentatlves will be welcomed by the widest circles of the Gorman people and many hopes will be placed! tu It, but it lp necessary tp utter a warning over hftsty optimism." "Throught tho fault of both sides the ways to peace have been piled mountain high," according to the Kreuse, Zeltung, which (ears that tttt> Ait8t .r|»g Mia ¥iil fee IUU_e. m Wij, UNITED DOCTORS Specialists ^ DISEASES OF'THE STOMACH, LIVER. KIDNEYS, BLOOD, NERVES AND SKIN Indigestion, Constipation, Dyspepsia, Gall Bladder Troubles, Rhoumatlsm, Neuritis, Weak Back, Catarrh, Kidney and Bladder Complaints, Nervousness, Falling Strength, Bloating, Pain In Side, Goitre, Epilepsy, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Blood Poison, Rectal Disorders, Diseases of Women and Diseases of Men. References: Satisfied patients in Hutchinson and all parts of tlie country. Hundreds 6( testimonials on file. Preston, Kan. The treatmenl I received from the United Doctors has been very satisfactory. I have steadily improved from the start and my stomach la now In good condition, O. RICK. Consultation and examination freo, Quick results at small cost. Medicines furnished. X-ray, Violet Ray, High Pre. quency, O-ono, Serum and Bacteria treatments, all latest discoveries. 6.4 West First St., Hutchinson. Kansas. even lend to a result opposite to that intended. Blames Austro.Hungarians. "All the ill success which similar steps by tllo Central Powers have encountered from the Entente Allies has not taught tho Austro-llunguiian cabinet anything," says tho Taogllscho Heundschau. "It is absolutely inconceivable what motive Induced the Austro-Hungarian government now officially to repeal tho step taken In the letter to Prince Slxtus." The Deutsche .Zeltung suys: ''Tho ill success which has hitherto attended our peace offers does not encourage us to hope for much from Count Burlan's proposals for Ihe promotion of the peace idea. That of course, should not proyent tho German government from examining the Austro-llungarlun note benevolently and thoroughly," Attention G. A, R. All comrades are requesled to attend tho funeral of Comrade R, H. Tucker at (he Nazeren church, Fourth east, Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. J. E. HOLMES, Commander. G, -M. WH1TZEL,-Agt- Children Ory FOR FUTCHlin CASTOR I A The Health of your youngsters Is in your bunds Give thent MODERN BREAD J - "Jilt i.»«tJl«. WtyV'-jr"

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