The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 8
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t v\c,v nniIT HUTCHINSON NEWS 'nTFSDAV. NOVEMBER 25, 1924 Not long slni'c fl leltpr frletul sent In the. fiillmvtnK i >|ilntl<!: Sin- lo be wnn.'wlinl. rll>M til \ho iirpvnlent iirn|io,mtuilit i n "how to Imlil your liuebniirt", mnl ON llu-rn Is m> one topic of KUKII oternal Interest—1 reprint a portion of thla letter friend's contribution on the subject. Not that V agruo 1 *1 DRAMATIC CLUB PLAY WKv Slav P»»? ! OIVEN AT REFORMATORY i Wl,y **** ™ U I ' | The cast of the Dramatic club piny of the senior hlgji school, "Only US" pi-escnieil- the piny limt evening for the Iniiinles of tlm i-f.tie Iti'fiirnnilin-y. Thin nil eu- joyed Hie produetton which wnn ill- MI presented Friday and Saturday evenlngK at the high mliool auditor- liun. Thin -Is tho first tlmo that-W. V. O'Connell drnmntlc director, nt the high school has presented n three. ;ict. play onl there. You Can Reduce Call Telephone No. '1400 and ask for Society, litems for Ihls department must bo In by 10:00 a. m.) The ItornhaiiKli-WllHy Tea Itooni, is ;i ni rnl'tr in pn.'iiarulion for ihe unmml Thanki-clvlng dinner d.'i n i he : IV , 11 [i en Ihls ( I'll., h.ihl Mrs. 0. A. . i-'ahnatook Dec. .Il.i ,ii-l r. .iintier The •..•ll.iw ilmp mlilc I: in U pin t lllhlB r, ilhlll llltlcll . I.illrlll^ ; Til. liilm II Hie Iiwtuty of ,>• MIL Miiarl 4 will no given, wiil he . eiitercl -*vith hroii/.e ihvysi.nlhe- 0 Mil! he UHlMil tor i 7 , :lli 1,1 |e-:lii ,,V1,><•!,. ' ,rlHP- i.e follow : • !.. I-.'. Iliniiilii.-ii will >(> at tliiiner: ; I ' ''II [ 1 1 i II11' 11 1 i II — \1 llnl'l'v I'f.'tn! of Dl'll' 1 .mil Mr*. Clarence F :>s their iMirM.i-: .M,t« h ,-i„,,.; ttnr -M, Minnie* - HOT Gruifi Simi.y i"!r». There will he a number of "imtr-H' - parties. The following cii.-sts will ink, - , dinner together: ,.i l I Mis. J. H. Kl'.'tcher. Sniniiiii.ii i. Mrs. ('. M and .Mrs, Oliver Howe. , Uliik' ill ] The next in. el ,u , ,1 ill he lire COT - i s in ihe of Mr.-. John Oorcloii. , i, ,.f lir.ui n J .n: \ ,.;ISI ni which tlmo. Hit d irepe paper I riirii (man era', hue will he held. ; I u ls|..,| rvepe . . .. . i Mrs. s. \. .Inhnsou w-as leadet ] yesterday .ifiernoon at the regular' nierilair of Ihe Alpha Delphian so- ciely ai the Klks .'lull house. Tne w;i- i,n ilu. suhje. t "Aspects i,I' IV,. Itcimissance " The ilr-i topic "The Guilds o! n.w-ei,.-. " w.,s inv.-r.ii ],y Mrs Cii:'. Saw ill mi,: Mrs. Ceorne .fonee • list ii I liir l-'hireiii i:i<- lunik and •li.- M-dii-l. ••Venlc.-. ihn I'lihiue •uis the Hiil .j.-rt. of the address presented by Mrs. I,. K. Tilley. Mrs. t'. 1\. Tedrick ga\e an address on the subject of "Marco l-i'ht's Travels" which takes in n discussion of a lar|:c number ol ci 'iiii rie.s. \| r s. I. .1. Jones save tt short tnIk on the subject of "1"ranee to the End of tho Sixteenth Century." Mrs. J. \V. Jarrott had as her subject, "England of the Tudors." "Spain and the Renaissance' 1 wan taken by Mrs. O. B. Zenor. The society will meet In two weeks with Miss Keo Jordon In ciiart-'o of the lessou on "The New World." .-.nil Mrs. Mich., Mr. I will have • t-'^tiri •an i-:. KI. the week end with his pnrents, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Penrce. Mr. Dean PearcH will spend ThanksRlvlnn In Knnsas City, Mo. with friends. Mr. and Mr?. X, 11. Sawyer went lo Wichila loday where I bey will attend Hie Wichita club dance this cvenlni: and spen.i ThanksRlvInc and the mvk end with Mr. and Mi's. A. l'\ Jones. Mr. Floyd Vlckors who is in scltooi at Lawrence will spend Thankspi vimi with his parents Mr. mill Mrs. l-"red Victors of T1S Ave. I Vour 11 CMSt. Mrs. James Htarks of Claflln will come tomorrow to spend Thank •- KivliiK with her daughters, Miss Kill, Stark* and Mrs. A. 1.1. Wick- endoil. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Finkclslein, Mrs. 11. Solomon, and Mr. 1. Smith motored to Wichita today to spend the day with friends. . -?> •!" Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood of Kansas City, Mo. are here tor a few days with relatives. •s_^_^ * ^ f J, J> TOMORROW'S EVENTS 4 John Koselir .hi; Wi.-l.m i.i uf ill. 1 \-i.i!iii','i- married •niov a dihn.-r early: li il n't •h:,rf..i- I |;„. Ion A nuiuber cf yoiii.f: ladies entertained last erenlnL' with a mis- c,-llaneous s'nower for Mrs. Alfred Skelly, a recent bride at her home. :tl.-j Ninth Ave. east. The evenins ! was pponl lieinmiiiK towei3 for the Mils hi Keiili /elEler v.-|fl enlertain < tueslf. Mr. anil Mrs. Klilph mil Miss iaifih- SMitfor.l. ,l!li party will lie made up ii> will dine at [ v.iniiu, arc Mr. ii. In- mnl M: Mr. ;,II.| M:-. bride m.'iits w.-r, iim: M..s.lai!i.-« l',,v ISIIKllI NI.,.II-.I l-'olh,. iirpiiH .lohns l:v. Joi-nisw. .h-.s.-pllll.P J,i At ! 1 I ll> late served KMI Khv Au,lr»y tVnri.-k HUii.-l-ir Mllhr v We MIS r.uli'i Woods ,-r. l-:.sih^r UiyKin .vl.hl.- \Vo.„ls ."iale i.awr.-ni:c L,o.:i.s.- v.'ivilii!.-:- with her lino of urnhniuiit entirely •hut because there are a good many husbands ruund and about who may pel u- Rood laush out of another 'how to hold 'em', silgges Hon. This column has always maintained thu theory, that a husband who had to be 'hold', should be given full rope Just lo soo what he would do. Of course that IBU'I very up-Iltty, nor heart rending way of "holdinR 'em", but nt. least II saves a lot of worry and Kray bnirs-. and what woman -isn't Irvine to 'hold' the wrinkles and Rray hair off HS Ion* «s possible. Hero is what my letter friend has to Bay: "In these days of punk, hunk ' and hnktyu articles nol one on tho printed »IIKU Is S" ridiculous as | those written on "How to Hold I Husband." Mosl of them i sound like beauty parlor propa- j iianda and are not worthy to be j ennsidrfVod seriously. ICvery sen- slblc married woman knows llmre are only two wnys or holdinR a husband—one is, RIVO him a square deal at the altar.and forever afterwards—and the other is. the jail. There arc only two kinds of husbands— Rood ones, and bad ones. The square deal will hold tho (tool ones and tho jail Is nbout the only thins that will anchor the other kind. Beauty propaganda on how to hold your husband has sent many foolish wives to the torture of the permanent wave, to the reducing compounds, and even to the operating table to have their faces refashioned, only to find that a permanent wave did not. bring permanent peace in the home, and tho compound purchased did not re- I duce, and their remodeled faces | failed to attract their husbands, ! = [who ore still running nt large. I — The fault lies In their "running i — THE DAILY RECORD The imHwfT of most fnt people t.«t i Hint ii 1B too hnrtl, too troublrBOWR fttiil rlnnirfr.ons trt fore* thr wHjtht. I tlnu M. Mnrninln 1 'ivsn |)>t loy TnhltM^ l n\ t'lfniiiM :<li t<n>**> iJJfrk'iilllM. Tlicj (.r« ^ll^•H^»nt to title*. ^nUill tut ill^tlns oi- pNctvl^p. .'ithl hflvo Hie tuldfd IKI- \nntiii. r it of i-liiviiitiPHM, A l »ox t« *>ohi ut tin.- ili'Mjir by nil diMicrffl^t!" th" worhl over, or at'ini tha pfics direct to (he Marmola Co., OpnrrHt Motors 1 *1 -1 pr.- Unroll, Mlrh. Now Hint you know thtn, you hnve no ox cose fnr lu-'hip frit. You can rodm^o steadlly find fR*!ty without. Rotnjf throitffli long KlotrcM of tlrfsonu* cxorolHi' JUKI «tar- v.itlon tMot with fcjit' of bad offeftc?. 11 und atnrt BctlJiiK wlondei now. 4< Bru/us" Tan Thistle Grain Deeds. <\ (.'. rnrcorAn to .1. R. Fltzslmmons trad 17-23-r, tl.-too. M. It. Lamon! to It. \V. Ainnrlne SE'j :n-t'i-7- H'-ii of sirs r.-;»-o of f!E'i ti-'J«-0 .>.- K'M or N\V, s-;i-« 1 1.tin. V S. II..Imes u> II. Shiiltien.l.'*. W'i.. of t>K<\ :til-'J,'i-ll Sl.iiii. I.illli.'i' Hrown 1.. Micla Hrowe. liarls ;s-i'«-» & XK>i :5-S«-9 «!.»'>. Marriage Llcanaea. H. I'nuls. "t, Ionian, and He 'JI. lnuinii. Stilts riled I •nh-oii l.uiiii n District Court. sn.l Trust t'o. .-I OMIIV olt inertiin and All Births. .. I.'. \V. Nickels. h. Snin It. Mmgan. 30.» Mi-, iui.1 -Mi.-, t'. C t't-oeU. h N'«\. -1. Mr 1,11 .1 Mis:. A west. hoy. N< Mr. .ITHI Mrs. Frank B»-vler, ^(e•ltola. i.oy. Nov. lit. Building Permits. .1. i: Ty.-,-., IL'H Avenue A f I- :l ii ii- iHUiitlell to KiiriiK.-, $1".'.'. Kemeinber the Shop-o-Scopu wheuever you think of Xmas shopping, tf. Call Yellow Cab for new rates. 2b-tt The Puipose Powder A NEW KIND Of FACE POWDER A T Inst the secret of blending soft, L smooth crcme—in a powder form -with cunuisito face powder lias been Itscovered. This powder does thres hings that no other powder docs: | This powderized crcme doca x not clog the pores, but instead protects them, j 2 Puts a soft cushion between * the tender skin and tho destructive wind and dust, •a Stays on until you remove J it and actually improves skin texture. Get Golden Peacock Cold Cream'd face Powder today at any drug or do nrtmcnt store. Or send 2c stamp tat fenerous sample. Paris Toilet Com- Mny. dlii Poplar St., Paria, Tann. Fellowa Thankifllvlnu Every day When you buy Shoea at Welch's. 26 N. Main "Shorty" Black A Tan Danish Grain "Toppy" Light Tan Smooth Leather I 1 i ... i Price $8.50 26 N. Main 3£e ODiwQda'iafll home a box tonight* Foltz Pharmacies Three Store*—At Your Set-rice. 2nd A Main 4th A Main 13th A Main .11 ,1s ' fliii ni'.ii- • I- .is i in .-.-:.- i.f Ihe .. i'. t:. ii-lie i.-it, is were i nii-iiiy LI.OII lime ll.-l urn'.lnil th.: iiinlii a; the • .-..Mrs. • 'i'he regular ineetiuit of. the Uo- j ..i-i-fo -sy . luh WHS held last • vi- j •.ins: ivith dinner a: the Rora- j ..aiiii'.i-Wlloy. Tea Room. Yellow and j .irehl.i .-!i-|.i- paper centered tho lahie. with a lar^e arrangement or | >el|..,w\>anthemums in the eon- ; ter. Fan. y lamp.? burned at either j The rennlar meeting of tho Sem• per Fidelia club will be held with Mrs. H. N. Payne, 110 Ave. A east. Mrs. Ray Waijgerman will entertain the members of the Suushine elnb at her home, ;il'2 Ave. It west. — hour refresh- j The entertainment committee of' mates". Every woman should look , == to the follow- the Countrv club will be hosts for! her best. There la an abiding up- = the annual Thanksgiving dance at I real in artistic beauty to all who . — the flub house. .have a soul to appreciate It, but | = Mrs. J. \V. f'lendenncn will pre-j there is no advantage iu "casting^ pearls before swine." ; —• So, dear lady, if you have a bat, ! S husband do not try to hold him 'r: • is not worth the effort. A ' happy home cannot be forced by ] artificial methods. It must be built upon those finer human qualities that express themselves In the good inienlinn and high moral resolve of both husband and wife." I.lie W • mi.ills W.T> "I- I' Mr. inn W. s! ilm. IU-.1.1 .-1'.-: -e.ll.-li. 111,! Mr-. I", i;t: 1 ilisl^s e -Ull:^. wlji.-h W i' Th re.; ii.inan. II rieil mil howla e thirty llowlng -.1 to the II. Ham;. Her- ,.itl iui- usler k-.i ; lorlc to hi I into .-.• Willie s w-il liked .v a song by lillle girls, h-n (iiiclier- •ide of tlie flower*, which were later presented to Mr. I". H. Cost, honor guest of the club. Koilowing dinner. Mr. C>.st made a short addr-ss 10 the young ladle.-. He mid Mr*. C,ost wore tile only guests of the club. Miss Edith Harnhart entertained last evi/nina; with e. picnic party at i her home, lieil Kitth Ave., east. The : lime was derotod to games and ,-un- I te.sts and a: a late hour, luni-heon . WHS y», r v*M picnic style. 1 Those present: side as hostess to the ladies of the ; Hwastikn club at her home, 1008 \ I Ave. A east. i The members of the J. E. C. [ I club will gather at the home of; | Mrs. II. T. Cllne. T2t> North Plum ' street. " j Mrs. C. O. V.'artiock will enter-' Main the ladies of th.. il. (.'. club 1 at her homo, "no Xintli Ave. west.. Mrs. George Hausam will enter- ( tain the members of her bridge I club at luncheon at the Hotel Stanley. Mrs. S. h. Riser will entertain I iColman Lamps and Lanterns Best Farm Lights ! Ihe members ot her bridge club at ! luiirhpoii at tho Rorabiuigh-Wiley ! T«-a Room and bridge at her home. ! ol- Ku.n Kith MVH'I. \ Mrs. R. K. H^iin will puiertaiu I the ladies uf the Morning Glory rlub at her hom».\ "2'> Second Avt*. t-ast. Mr. and Mrs. C. VI King will en- Turkey Dance. WtMlnusday niuht at Arbor. d.iy'3 orcho^tra, Wanted: 500 persons to try our noonday plain diniifr ?o><\ DrinV in eluded, l.ynnin's Cafe. 2">-2t Call Yellow Cab I'OI new ra;-.--. FOR HOME AND BARN A light that you can read by — A light that gives satisfaction—A light that lasts. A Nice Christmas Gift. Come In and Let Us Show You. FREE! FREE! With Every $1.00 Purchase We Will Give a 25c Cake WEDNESDAY SPECIALS For Thankigiving Dinner—Cranberry Cake, Pecan Cake, Fruit Cake, Whipped Cream Pumpkin Pie, Mince Pie, Green Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Whipped Cream Puff*. —FrAh Potato Chips Daily— THE HUTCHINSON BAKERY & CONFECTIONERY 24 North Main Phono 81 tertain with their home, street. dancing party i' 714 North l\>|i!:i i!r '. inn 11 Us ;, .-li:i Iieardorff in a short ,li ,-ulire.i lie- mi-' inpaninr, 1 liiril Smilil sp..|;.. n V-UIH ill llie r-a I bit "1 lite eve- w ii.-ii I ,i|i> >i il.. s.-U, and e i.s :inii 111 live aii.i •• nils- ano .I'-nuiuys .1.-1. :,i.M| He- weighty lt .--i .l\ eil bobbed eau.s-sd iiiefficl.-iii-y in the Tii.' aivimi.-uis 'vere so e; ll.i.i tii- tnHub* were i -• 1 1 . - -' and liie i-eoilit ii 'ii5 a • . i.i-iiiL frarire was a ,n a :.l Mamie Hil:f.'s was n;ii..ii .speller of the eve- Mlsse»- 1 >nr .Jth;.- Wild,. Ni.oilii l-tol'ls-.ll Myrtle Siiani .,1 Corla Stm-V^y Alma Wi-litl.l Mildred Uini.nlcd IJ^ri.l'.ti l!.-lrl!il'lrt Mi'Duer-l-- .lulnet, l'a'.il iJi^nn Baker Tillman Dino.wc.rth V:, Putnam T'oyle Hoffman l.e^ Crupper lt\i«(.-*l Lupardiu. KM'in Urown •is of tlie lltitebinson I'lul. ,-iijityed on... of .-r. - 1 ii\|.' in.-el incs of ! Mrt. 1.. T. t'hibl complimented her Mr><. Charles Chriapln of lliehinond. Mo., with two tables i of bridge this; afternoon at tlie j regular Tuesday . luncheon and i bridge at the Country club. I Yellow c.hryaauthemumn center! ed tlie lunel-.eon table, where places j were marked for the followini,: , ilaiilnui, Un.^^n. J. K. F..117. ! Wlehltn Wlillilin Keilv ! II. K. MeLvorl K V. Mei iralh Mrs. W. If. Tedrick entertained informally at one, o'clock luncheon today at her homo, 600 North Walnut street. Red carnations graced ihe luncheon table where places w>-re marlo-d fur the following: Y. W. C. A. NOTES. Tho regular meeting of the I Athletic club ot the Y. W. C. A. met last evening at the Y. M. C. A. Mrs. L. K. Tilley, president of as- foclation here, ttave a short ad- • dress on the new- club house, the , Women's Civic Center club. Miss Certrudj Hutler, chairman ot th.) program committee had' charge M the short program that] j was presented. Miss Maude Elston i save a reading und Miss Margaret [ Wolforsberger favored the yeans ; ladies with a pia»To *olo. Mi's I Tressie Vaughn Rave a vocal solo. | There were thirty young ladie.- present. '•• •»' ~s> £—.1, —j ...—,5— Q, — i,—* !U-tliiiruii) home Ka.-t nil ili.ii.I iii|iia Cliai-ii 1 !..-wii, t;ia/.ief. of C'lii- eii. si ni ihe chili, i;ave aiTo'int 01' In r cxperi- 1 iv nice ac/'iit for a company this year, iv 'i'-.driik presented " :• 1 !• 1: for liii- pruttniin. "T'le ut"i- l'any" from '\li\-.. Wif.g.s ih" riMiai',.- l'alclt." .Mrs. Siaiiley Marrelt leviewed • 1 !::>•, "I',-ter Pan.' 1 'which will i-i Kansas City, Jin., soine time 11. She .-tated thai th.e Kansas, a- .-ilal" will give one performance .' 'i::.. \--.y Hae piiidiit I ion t'reQ • tiie t hi.di-cu of Kansas City. Mia. :. B. Mcfarroll save a brief and iti'l-esli'it- ekelch ol tlie life of .-111 -.-r- Karrie. ..ii! iias answered wilh cur- ..•iit evi-ut. . Tint next meeting will e hehl lie. . ii at the homo of Mra. ',. Mayo Lewis, I'll Twelfth Ave., This will lie a social meet- Mrs. A. J. Dai i.s presided as hunt- .ss lo tin- members of her bridge •lab jen.erday afternoon at one o clock at lli.'i Itorabauifb-Wlluy T.-.-t Kuom and liridge at her home. -'ON A10., :\ east. Tho trophies for tho afternoon's -tame wore won by Mrs. L. T. Child and Mrs. William"Kelly, i.luesls of ilio club included Mrs. Charles t'lirisitfii of Itlcbmowl. Mo., Mrs. .1. II. Wade of Ellis, Mrs. (leorgo Hereford'of Odessa, Mo„ Mrs. H. £ Seoies and Mrs. K. V. McCIraiii. The cluli will moot in two weeks Willi Mrs. i'atii Gano at her home, 11_' Went 1st. stroot. The regular lnectlng of the Past, ilairoiis club was held luut evening it the homo ol Mrs. Ida Uoff, -121 \vo., A east. Following Iho short ii.isinei.s mooting, tho ladies spent :i social tliun,. Itolreshineuts were sei-vi-.l ni 11 laic hour. Tho KUOSIB of 1 he club were,Mrs. J. A. Illiick, It. K. Hrltlwell II. 1.. lit '•. M. 'ir is;,:.- lireok? \v. s. ltiir.'.i: .Miss I.11I11 i'litt-'r-soli 1:1. r CHURCH NEWS. Miss Kathleen Kersting, youthful \\'iciiiia soprano who will appear here in concert. Thursday evening in Convention hall, enjoi s meeting her audiences. After the program, Thursday evening she will bold an informal reception back-stage and will be glad to greet her friends at this time. Mr. and Mm. Tt. E. Labonty entertained at dinner last evening at tlie Hlsonte Hotel, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Kirk. Dr. and Mrs. .1. E. Foltz and .Mr. and .Mrs. W. A. Frame. -st._ « PERSONALS OF bOCIETY. * The. members of the^Home Builders class of the First Christian church held a basket supper last evening at the church honoring their teacher Mr. J. 11. Connaughton who leaves soon to make bis home in Washington, D. C. Thanksgiving suggestions were used in the decoration of the church parlors. A large cake bear. Ing his name centered the supper table. A rocial evening was enjoyed following. There were 100 guests present. J. C. O'DONNELL, HOWE. Phone 3250 4th and Main Iron the thinnest parts of a gar- j ment first as they dry out most rapidly. Call Yellow Cab for new rates. Miss Julia Mary Johnson a student at Kansaa University, Lawrence will spend Thanksgiving with her parents. Archdeacon and Mrs. James Madison Johnson of 501 Ave. A east. They will also entertain, llishop 11. 11. Mtze and his son. Ilobert of Sallnu lor Thanksgiving. Mr. Hohert Mlzo is also a Kansas Iniversiiy student. Mr. and Mra. I'aul H. Halna of Kansas City, Mo. formerly of Hutchinson will spend Thanksgiving here witli Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Hlne of lul W..-.;t 17th slieet. Mr. Mains is educational director at ihe Country Club Christ Inn church of Kansas City. Mo. Mr». Charles Chrispiu of Richmond, Mo. who has been a guest of Mr, and Mrs. I,. '!'. Child for some time will return lo her homo this evening. Mr. Halo Pearce who Is attending Kansas University, linwrence this year will come tomorrow to spend Dress Slipper with Flat Heel $5.95 Faces Made Young Many faces that have • "big frown on" could be wonderfully relieved by using properly fitted glasses. Relieve your eyes, and the "frown" will go. H. S. ZINN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The H OUM of Quality, Henr/ Zinn Jno. P. Blrchflelo Special for Thanksgiving You're going to want flowers on the table Thanksgiving Day—A hig beautiful bouquet ot cheerful blossoms. That you might be spared the trouble of "shopping," we announce a very special value for Thanksgiving orders only— —a very beautiful table boquet of fall flowers fashioned In accordance with "Smith Standards"—especially for this day of Thanks For Only $2.50 You can order by phone and wo shall maks delivery to your home Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, Phone 3300 18 N. Main Telephone 679 McDERMED'S-For Your Good Eats barrel of nice, large Juicy sour pickles. The kind you remember so well and sweet. Just opened Dili Pickles! Ml Hml Cranberries? All canned, ready for use—also good fresh ones. Mine* Meat? Yes—the old fashioned brandy kind—like grandmother used to make, Hams Sugar cured, for 18c per pound. The greatest .09 values In Kansas in Kraut, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, etc., Breakfast food and cereals. Post Toasties, 2 packages 25 Cream Cheese, pound 30 Fresh and Salt Meats, priced right. Flour? Only *1.80 for 48 lb. sack. Nuff laid. ALBERT C. McDERMED Telephone 679 SZ3 No. Main $5.95 14 N. MAIN Hosiery Preserve the handsome appearance of your coats, suits and dresses by having them carefully dry cleaned at the Model. Furs, fur trimmings and finer fabrics can be entrusted to us with perfect confidence. Telephone or use the Parcel Post. Model TaiiJidry DRY CLEANERS 97-39 V*«t Second WUtcr Bo«hm ANNOUNCING YELLOW CAB'S NEW RATE We liave discontinued using meters and operating on the following flat rate, basis: - One Passenger " 12 Blocks 25c 24 Blocks 50c Over 24 Blocks'. 75c Two Passengers 17 Blocks 50c 24 Blocks 75c Over 24 Blocks $1.00 Three Passengers 24 Blocks . : 75c Over 24 Blocks.. $1.00 Four or .more Passengers, in city, 25c each. All drives count from Second and Main. Phone 86 are Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. Ill

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