The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 8
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Pag« A-s THE N E W S . Frederick. Mainland Thursday, Septembei 7, 1%7 Rooky Ridge Co-Op Picks New Officers Chester Ausherman o! \\ d kersville and Ralph Fibhei ol Walkersyille weie eU tod to tne Southern States Woodsboio Cooperative Board at the annu it membership meeting held in Rockv Ridge recentK O\ei 500 stockholder membei s and their families attended Millard Crum Jr of Walkers ville was named c h a n m a n of the Board of Directois while George Toms of \\alkersyille was picked as* vice c h a n m a n Elected to the local *· uitlurn States Farm Home V h i s u t v Committee w e i e Mi-, Kogt i Buffm^ton of LeGoit and M i - , Han Gruber Ji of l e n o i c Mrs Lhailes 1 east, oi v\ ooos 0010 was chosen as c h a n m m of the b arm Home \d -. Committee w h i l e M i s l ) u i Dotterer oi \\aodsboio w a s nar ed secretary C.eoi^t. I n n s of \ \ a l k i i s \ i U was chosen as a delegate to u piesent the h e a l mem j e i - h at the - o u t h e i n States Coop i tut s 4-ttl \ niul Stockholdf Mee'int; in Louisville on ct and Nov i Mton Smith of \ \ a l k t i s \ i l l v\as n a i r i J jlte r nate One of the highlights of t i n meeting v,as the f i n a n i d poi t of ^oJthern States C opei l i v e given b\ Jan es S Roser ' Baltimore a legional represei tative of tie o g n / i t i n U cording to the repoit tac operative w i l l pa\ a 1 1 1 patronage fund to its farmer members this y e a r -- t h e la e, t refund it has paid in 10 vtvn Total volume foi the vear i nd ' June !0 was over $ H S O n ' H up about 5 per cent o v . i th previous year Will'am Devilbiss managc-i ol SS Woodsboro Cooperative ga t the report on local opei iti ins and services and showed color slides of local patrons fami' · activities There was *lso a cM ir sh' 1 presentation entitled All in T! Family ' nhich toH about »· cooperative's affiliation w i t 1 ' ether farm supply o t g a m z a t i * ) and the role each plavs in sa\ ing farmers monev on t h e i fa-m si pplv purchases Another feature w a s \ sp i Board Member recognition ct remonv honortrg current and i tiring board members O'her features of t u J sps in included a shott ta'k and sh ' presentation bv I n 1 Heflin the American I n - t i t u t e of C operation Pn/p- ,ils \\ i T » awarded World Today B JOHN . H \ D \ \ K Iv WASrilN^l N i \ Man U S District C o u t t judgjs n i only h a v e endorstd ilu Ho passed an'iriot jill bill also s g gested amendments to n i . i k tougher Ihe Senate J u d i c i a l s ( i n tee had copies of he h i l l s m i each jt tie t s J I S L I i i ( judges witn a i c q u c s i i n t u . corr Tents n i i n i n i ions toi impi i \ in).' it n m a \ ng it m o r j r ^ a d i l u i .ibk Replies so t a i ! (un about ! ( i juuges in all pai t u, i i tr are running ) pei betlei in l a \ oi o Iv Two indicated thev the bill and s nn i would bj inappio; u inent or too^ no posit on i n i men's of t 1 e legislation S^\ al sugg^b eJ it m i g i i ) if i t to jnfoice 1 ^.rhaps ih m t uniis i 1 plv was the le'-er f 1 1 11 judge (. j a i l - L V v / ,n ^ of the L S D i s t i u t ( mi i Massach -,Ltts He i i e Mv positi n w i t h 1 1 spi this j i l l i d L n t i C d l w i i i L Sen E d w a r d \1 K c n n c d v Massach s t t t s \i , in ot tht J u d i c i a l v (. o i j i n i n t t ^ htanngs on tlu b i l l Kt nni I said it had a m p l e p u b l i c u l tions v a l u e but \ t i \ la U su stance He h is m a i n t a i n e d ( i i s . i a c s a t t c n t u n t i o n i sui I and economic l i c t o i s he ' lievcs g nei alt i I M S The bill w o u l d m tk( n i ' c r a l ci n I j_ I tin v i t o ano'hei w i l l i n k m i n u i i ict It wo i l d j n o\ id( pi n i l of up to f i \ ( \ t i t s u n , i !·- mt n t oi ,i s u mi f in i i i Some of t h i IIK'^I s M m mended s t i t l i mi g t v i ^ mum prison t u r n J u d n t 1 dw i I) Steel Ji of I) l a w . n , I Judge Joe hat in ol t i n ^ n t h , · D i s t r i c t ( f P 1 n ida [ i d, )os years Chief Judg ( \ V i l l i u n i Timbers of ( o n n t d i ut ^ut ^ ed a m a x i m u m 2u \ » a i s \i I Judge Peirson M H i l l ( ! 'outhern D i s d u t o f ( a i f o i n i t e c ommendeo t h e i 11 ; for life impi is i n n u n t dt m the event .1 1 1 l m il d ' outside agitatoi tesiilted in ont beirg killed Judge Iviithcr Bohanon i We^'ern Pistn t f Ti \ s i gested amending t h « n l i i n quire 'hat hail for caught inching ,i not b, s an amo ml to m i k o SUM accused b- confined u n t i l time as the danger of not p^ssel in whatever ' - x a l u y not may rx- i m m i n e n t Some of the )iid^"" n r mended deleti n from I 1 House passed bill nf l ^ n 'in saying t h a t to incite to n it cacy of ideas or the meie c\- piession of bfliof Jud^e Carl \ Weinman of the S)Uthern District of Ohio said. \ o u are set'ing foith what might be a defense for a pei son M userl of inciting to not Sim I i ly Chief Judge lames C C onnell of the Nortnern Dist i i c 1 of Jhio wrote Wny should the law-making body m- \ e n t defenses to the law which it enacts and thus negate the end i' seeks to ace orrplish ' t onnell added Frankly tins looks to me as if the l^w is ui- consciously being watered dowi before it evei comes m'o exis'- onte But Judge Myron L G o i d o i of the Eastern District of Wisconsin wrote he was pleased to see that the advocacy of ideas or the me c . ·" lief" was excluded as an 01 fense He said "that goes a long way toward making the bill enforceable " Forest Fire Fighting Tool Tested Advanced Infantry Training FT JACKSON, SC -- Army I'nvate John W Pollatos, son rf Mrs Ruby A Pollatos, RFD i Mount Airy recently completed nine weeks of advanced infantry training at Fort Jacks^n S C He received specialized m- -' ruction in small unit tactic* and in firing such weapons as t ic M 14 rifle, the M-60 machine gun and the 3 5-inch rocket launcher There ar 76 kinds of animals in Yosemite National Park MISSOULA, Mont (AP)--Nature has accommodated man this year in the Pacific Northwest by giving him more than 110,000 acres of blazing timber on which to test a new fire fighting tool The new tool is a manmade crystal one ten-thousandth of an ·nch square It has been tagged L y U S Forest Service scientists as having the potential of saving several million dollars annually ri the nation's fire suppression costs Called indium anhmonide, the tmv solid-state crystal is the key ingredient in infrared light detection equipment which has been developed into a fire spotting device that can mnpoint a campfire eight miles away Since its inception in ]%2 until this Urf season project ' Fire ^can ' was tested and redesigned until its capabilities reached a point termed b°yo r id ell expectations" by research- i rs at the Northern Forest Fire Laboratory in Missoula, Mont Stanley Hirsch project leader in charge of "Fire Scan" re c earch said an airplane equipped with an m r rared detector can scan 3 000 square mile per hour compared with 600 niles per hour coverage by visual air patrol About seven such planei c c u l d effectively patrol all the nation's forests," he said "They would cost a tote' cf $2 8 ·nillion and I believe they would save that much during tneir first year of operation" He said the Forest Service has an annual fire suppression bill A about $50 million Two planes are being operat- td in the northwest this year One, a Convair "flymg Lborato- t y " equipped with several thou' and pounds of equipment, is designed to fly in the wake of tnuntierstorms and take m- frareH pictures of fires only minutes old The o her, smaller 1 'ane is used to record infrared images of larger fires The images are then relayed to ground crews who use them as "maps" to aid in combatting the fires "Regular aerial photos se'- dom do us much good," said one ire boss, and neither do visual reports Neither man nor cam- n a can see through the thick palls of smoke tha hang over tnese fires Often we have no idea of a fire's perimeter and lust have to fight the flames as we come to them But this new Fire Scan can see right through smoke and clouds It takes a perfect map of the fire and even registers its intensity at various points " Do You Know? The original flag which m- =pired the writing of the "Star Spang'ed Banner" is throught to have been about forty-eight feet in length Curators trimmed the frayed ends at various times thus making it impossible 10 know the onginl length It was formerly displayed in the Arts and Industries Building but I its size prevented the exhibitior of the entire flag Today it is displayed in its entirety in the New Museum ol History and Technology, a part of the Smithsonian Institution The deepest pier in the world is said to be one of the piers of the longest European bridge at Lisbon, Poitugal which spans the Tagus River There is an annual award known as the Benjamin Franklin award given to an appointed postal executive for o ut-, -.landing leadership The award is a mahogany plaque that contains a copy of one of the first 1847 postage stamps which is a five cent issue with Franklin's oortrait as we 1 ! as a miniature bust of our first Postmaster General ( it i i hi it rices Rise for 2d M«nth; ARI )--Consum.r p In M.T *"· th« .«cond »= n month b«»u«i of to- of «nd kdttry rrexSocU buted mo* U th. «»"« Continued Rfct S«« Th« wMumtr pr« tad** th«. Unthi of 154 l»«t month to elunb t« 115 « omemd to OCEANS OF NOTIONS! 60" VINYL TAPE MEASURE PLASTIC BOBBIN BOX 3 DIAPER PINS 3 STEEL BOBBINS 2 STEEL THIMBLES 40 WHITE BUTTONS SEAM RIPPER FOUR HOOK 'n EYE'S COTTON THREAD THREAD HOLDERS SEWING KIT INVISIBLE NYLON THREAD 60 PACK BOBBY PINS NYLON LINT BRUSH RAIN BONNET 90 BRASS SILK PINS GRIPPER FASTENERS ZIPPERS ASSORTED SNAPS VINYL SHOWER CAP ZIPPER PULL 20 SAFETY PINS SELF-THREAD NEEDLES NEEDLE COMPACT : ; · - : . : «.a*»i I-lT«ry«UJ . V: :, . 2 00 ^^^W ' ;^WHHP^·.....': : . : %!^^^^^^^ How such superb this low priet 'T , i 6.48 spree * LOPE** GREY NAVY Come and scoop up the most excitiiip "in" faHhiun! Stripes- fio-round in hold supersonic colors! VII the **f{o" sluipoH t» make the scene. I n h o n l e d O r i o n * acrylic. Sizes 6-16. a. "Baby Doll" w i t h scoop neck puff sleey es Roy il orange or b i o v v n / f u e h s i a 1. "Go-Go" s t u p e d s k i m m e r . 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