The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 30, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ' Related to I'ocaliontag The Mfcond Mrs. Wood row Wilson at well as Prcs. William Henry Harrison and Prcs. Benjamin Harrison were descendants of Pocahon- tos. .____.. E V A N S V I L L E ' S NEWEST AMUSEMENT NATION WIDE Talent Parade EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON 2:00 P. M. --Beginning-FEBRUARY 1, 1948 C O L I S E U M Broadcast Over WIKY 820 on your dial Sec and hear stars of all types LOCAL AND TRI-STATE TALENT 'You Pick the Winners' By Applause That popular Nationally known Mccc--Magician and Comedian Professor Crouse IN PERSON from Hollywood Art Engle and His Band 12 BIG ACTS--PRIZES GALORE Fun and Entertainment for All Applications for Auditions Daily 612 Court Building MOVIE AFFILIATIONS Admission -- 42c Tax 8c Total 1 50c RESERVE SEATS 'ac Sponsored by NATION WIDE Employment Service Co-Sponsor Tri-State Magic Company ADVANCE TICKET SALE HART DRUG STORES THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., 'FRIDAY. .1AXUAUY 30, 10-18 Ely (ulberlson. Van Dpren Differ on World Federation XXVI , When I came to again 1 was in bed and Marie had had the sense to put a very attractive nightgown on me. Marie was there in the room with me as well as a man 1 had never been before who seemed to be trying to locate my spine by punching through my abdomen. The overhead lights were itill on and I blinked help- lesbly against them. "Ah, waking up?" The stranger asked HIJ. voice was brisk and cheerful. "Your'rc going to be all ii«ht now. I've just finished examining you and you're not hurt. The bullets missed you and that fur rug at the foot of the steps broke the impact of your fall. You have a nice goose egg over one e\e but the swelling will probably «,, down by morning. Have your maid fix an ice pack and keep it or. there. However, you've had considerable shock--1 want you to stay in b?d until tomorrow after- nov. at icast." Sc he was a doctor: that ex- o'tc-inca the sickening aura of optimism He pulled the sheet back over me, put a stethoscope and some other instruments into a BREAKFAST at the Delux Sandwich Shop HOT BISCUITS HAM. BACON. SAUSAGE FRESH'COUNTRY EGGS HOT CAKES GOOD COFFEE On West Elm y z Block W. of Saline Hotel black bag and nodded at Marie. "You can tell that detective he can come in now," he said. Bob Leiphan came in and sal down on a chair not too close to the bed. He looked at me and his eyes were as cold as they had been that first day in the patio. "What's been going on here?" he asKcd. I told him. faltering a little under his aloof manner. "And when you came to. the gun was in your hand?" His qucs tion was pointed. "Yes--but I wasn't trying tt shoot 'myself, as Marie thought Somebody put the gun into m\ hand after I fell." CARBONDALE. 111.. Jan. 30.-- (U.R--Ely Cul'oertson and Mark Van Dorcn differed sharply in a debate here last night over the kind of world federation that it is possible ' to create in order to maintain | world peace. I Culbcrbon, noted bridge expert' and advocate of the "quota force" | plan for peace among nations, de- ] clared a workable plan could be , put in effect without Russia's par-1 ticipation. Van Doren. Columbia i University professor and distin-1 guished poet and critic, declared ' he could sec no system of world ! government without Russia. , "Without Russia," he said, "there · "You think somebody was hid j would be not one _ world but two." ing in your bedroom here waiting Icr you and then tooK a snot ax you "when you opened the door?' "How else could it have been'. And if I'd turned the light on in the hall before I opened the bedroom door, his aim would have teen better." "It might have happened that way," he said. C C S That made me furious. "Do you think I was trying to kill myself.' He looked straight at me. He ' J. A. "Pal" Pailerson Still has some more house furniture, almost new. for sale. He will be at his home from 9 a. m. until S p. m. until all is sold. Call at 314 Mciirafh St. Your Favorite Brand To Better Telephone Service said coldly, possibility." "'1 here's one other Culbertson and Van Doren were | sponsored by Southern Illinois University in a debate on "federal wcrld government." Culbertson contended that his plan should be put in effect "with Russia if possible, but if not. then without Russia " He said his plan would revamp the United Nations Brother of Missouri Grid Coach Killed. In Quincy Auto Crash QUINCY, 111, Jan. 30--MW-Two men, one a brother of Don Ksuirot, head football coach at i the University of Missouri, were killed hero today jn the collision {of a milk truck and a tavicalt The dead were Jay [,. me uewi wi-ru jiiy i,. Knuiot 3. r . and C. M. Utterback. 50. hot)! of Quiucy. They wore ridm- ,,, the truck when it collided at , m intersection with a cab driu-n In Clarence Connors, Quiiu-y, \\|, ( , was injured. Kuuroi's survivors include h, s wife and two children. '''UIICIM! arrangements rve inconipk' 1 ;- ,1 When we say 1HWATILB. we mean . . D-U-R- M YSQUERADIXG THEIR HAPPINESS. Harold Russell, handless Army veteran who won an ·'Oscar" for his peiformancc in "I he " would revamp tnc unuea ivauons ess to m eliminate the veto; (2) re- i Best Years of Our Lives." and his \\ife smile happily, behind then or-anizl the Security Council and i surgical masks, as he meets their new 7-pound. 8-ouncc daughter. permit it to move against Individ- i Adele Rita, in Cambridge. Mass. _________ ____ ___ Be a good telephone neighbor.- try to nakc your calls- brief if ou arc on a party line. Vaitafcw ainutcs between calls- give others a chance. Soaconc nay be trying to call you. Give the other party tfee to «as«r-- and try to .»*«* your o-rn telephone proaptly- Identify -ou«elf .ten answering" gi« *«« »»«*· "TM or dcpaTfnenl. Use your directory - **ve your tin. ond ours by ..fcinc for your party by nu-bcr. Report all service difficulties to our business office at once. ILLINOIS COMMERCIAVTELEPHONE COMPANY He wasn't the friendly man who had given me his handKerchief tc cry in at his office that morning. This man was all policeman, remote, suspicious, as cautious as it he were walking on eggs. "One other possibility . . ." My voice faltered. Bob Leiphan said flatly: '-I was busy while you were in that faint. I've talked over the telephone with Jeff Haverson and Liz Leyden. jboth have alibis and witnesses to back them up. for every minute ol this evening. Do you see . . .'' He went on questioning me for' , an hour and I answered him ; through still, numbed lips that I held back a torrent of misery. 1 Through the French windows, as ,we talked, I could see other men with flashlights going over the terrace inch by inch, and finally l a couple of them came inside and ] took fingerprints from the door kncbs and furniture and things on i my dressing table. | "Not that I think they'll find (anything," Bob Leiphan explained briefly. "If--there was someone here he wore gloves. There were I only your fingerprints on the gun.' I i" couldn't Dlame him really lor | what he was thinking. It was all i toe pat. One bullet shattering the mirror in the hall and the other bullet--I had been right in think-j ing there were two' shots--found imbedded in the plaster just below where the mirror had hung. The J£un. Leiphan said, was a Belgian- made automatic--a Walther /.6o. And, being one of those foreign guns smuggled illegally,into this country by returning Gi's.-its ownership "couldn't be traced. It might have belonged to me or to anyone. A souvenir gift from some re-|j turned soldier friend. I could, have fired those two, shots at random and then have, I fallen down the steps and feigned the unconsciousness in which Marie first found me. Indsed, it was s the very sort of thing a woman., with an overactive imagination! might have cooked up, in order to j clear herself of any suspicion o f ] the original murders. 'Irving toi make it look as if she herself were i in danger. It made me sick to; think how complete it all was.' And how corny. No wonder Bob was furious, thinking I had played, i this cheap trick to fool him. | ' Marie came back into the roomi before Leiphan finished with me.f She brought an ice pack and her, notice. "I'm quitting, Miss Dorm. I That broken mirror means bad, lack. I'm not going to stay in a house where such things happen. Leiphan turned on her. "Don I be foolish. If it's bad luck for '· anyone. I think it's bad for Miss I Donn. You're safe enough." ' I Which goes to show how little I Hob knew of the truth tnen ! "Besides." he snapped. "There !\\;il be a policeman on gisard here 'from now on. There will be no irr.ore prov.lers." j "Do you think that's necessary? I asked bitterly. After all. if he | didn't believe my story why put anyone there to guard me? «Ycs--I think it is." I couldn't be sure what he meant ·bv that. 1 " In the end Marie agreed to stay 'until I was out of bed. All of which certainly didn t 'leave me any happy thoughts to console myself \vith-whcn Leiphan finally left and my room was dark and the only sound was the occasional footsteps of the off-.ccr vrrio lisa been left on guard on tr.c terrace. But there ivas at least one person who believed my story about beinc attacked and who thought U cleared me of any suspicion oi fceins a murderess. -Jcf f Haverson He came hurrying over the next morning. (Tc Be Continued) uals as well as nations which incite j aggression; (3) develop a world! army. ' Both speakers said they regard-; ed the United Nations as ineffec-1 tive in securing peace. Both cited its lack of force to deal with any aggressor. Culbertson. who will appear Monday before the Senate Foreign Relations committee in Washington, predicted that his plan may be Led 'iVay xo Rubber Micacl Faraday, famed for nls disccn cries which laic; the foundations for present methods of electric power generation, also pointed the way to synthetic rubber. The search for a substitute began as early as 1826 when the English physicist. aL\ known as the "Columbus of the electrical age." predicted that his plan may b e , hc!ped to cstablish that the chi8 , j incorporated in the platform o f ; constjluent of natural rubber is a , the Republican party. He said hydrocavbon . S cventv-four vcars \ that "one of the leading presiden-l . , .. - . ...,,,.,,.· ... · i For Your Dancing Pleasure \VE PROUDLY PRESENT RED ALLEN And His Eagle Ramblers Eacn Saturday Night NITE CLUB Duratile is a metal tile for your Iwilhroom and kilch- en walls. The individual Ihiralilcs 'ire cemented it, the wall brick fashion; any one ol the Duratik-s can be replaced at any time . . - not t h a i hey; wnl \ve;u out. but just in case somebody should drill Ihrmujh one while you are away. The Duratile durable finish is applied to Hmiilcri'/iul metal which means that they will not chip, crack or rust. Beautifv your bath and kitchen with DuralUc wails "iii any color or pattern you desire! PERMANENT FINISH EASILY C L E A N E D and, as we said before . . . DURABLE See or Call KEITH Corner of Mill and East Locust Stieets llanisburg, Illinois Telephone No. 100 or No. 456R for free estimates. Funeral Services Sunday 2 p. m. for ; Mrs. Charles Hartley Funeral services for Mrs Charles Harlicy. 50. who died Wednesday at her home in Dorrisvillc. will bo hold Sunday at 2 p. m. at the Dornsvillc Baptist church. Ucv. Flo\d .lent, assisted by the pastor of ih- church. Rev. D. H. Smith, will oificintc at the service and bunal will be at Gossage cemetery voulh of Harrisburc. The body now lies in Mate at the Walkor Jackson funeral home in West Frankfort and will remain Jhoic until 10 a. m.. Saturday when it will bo brought to the family residence in this city. 1231 Dclmar street. The Daily Register, 20c n werk y carrier boy. ON THE STAGE tee off The Thesf re's Mos* Popular Attractions o o o · · o EDWARDS AND CONSTANCE 30 Minutes of Mystifying .Magic -30 Minutes of Mental Phenomena SIR EDWARDS AND CONSTANCE TEX JUSTUS AND HIS TEXAS COWBOYS You Have Heard Them On The Air-Now See Them in Person. TEX JUSTUS ! 1 i · Program Yoa'iS ie Aboal For Months !o Come - DON'T MiSS ST - ff§ mi m m -- JUST ENTERTAINMENT BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY To Our "Once A Year" Appreciation Event is A "^Lf ti f}\ ^( ·?"/r-«i - i S2ob,ninsat7:CO P.M. DEALER'S PLACE O? BUSINESS Harri.-hurir. Illinois INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Tour /nfcrnof:ona/ Harvester Dealer HAURISKUKG. ILLINOIS INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SPAPLRl tfl EWSPAPER

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