Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 71
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 71

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 71
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Page 71 article text (OCR)

ti-lfl the Arizona Republic ALL EDITIONS x, Sat,, Jurrc SO, Cleric decries image of sexless Christ ' J • ,.; v ' - v H o • •. ! • . • .- •. ByMARJORtEHYER Washington Poll Swvtce I RICHMOND, ya. - A for- r Anglican bishop who hit best seller list 10 years igo with a book that sought to scrape the pietistic barnacles off modern man's concept of God, is currently performing the same kind of rad- 'fcal surgery on the image of .Christ. U In a three-part lecture ser- fcs by Dr. John A.T. Robinson, Jesus emerged as "a $enuine human being" who in ;|is lifetime exhibited —. and overcame — racial prejudice, probably had his share of ^exual hang-ups, and may not tyave known who his father was. j* Far from the image of the perfection found in much Sun-, day school literature, said •Robinson,- "Jesus was not the •aver age level-headed man Hhat parents would welcome jEor a fon-bi-iaw." ; : !• On the contrary, he was by jthe standards of his day "a jawbreaker., an outcast, a sin- Sner," Robinson pointed out. ;> If the audience at the |outhern Baptist-related Uni- •vei'sity of Richmond where iR oto i n s o n spoke was dis- pressed by .the speaker's observations, few gave any sign i6f,it. . . ... i! Most of liis hearers, who in- Deluded a heavy contingent of 'Richmond clergy of various 'denominations, seemed bent Jon preserving in their tape Recorders and notebooks the ^noughts: of the world-famed jjirisitar. ,',' Robinson, now dean of the •chaipel of Cambridge Univer- ^sity's Trinity College, was plummeted to world renown • JO years ago by a 141-page paperback, "Honest to God:" *i The Anglic an bishop of -SVoolwich at the time — he Ihas since resigned -to return jto the academic life — he 'wrote the 'work in an effort to icliop away oint-dated language land concepts of God and 'stimulate a more contempo- [rary approach to Him. i! His forthcoming book, on 'jwhich the lectures here were 'based, has a similar; objec- |; Attorney genera] to talk !! Arizona Attorney General Gary Nelson will speak on {'Christian Citizenship" a t 6:30 p.m. Sunday in Mountain jj'ark Baptist Church, 2020 W. . 'Dobbins. ;•;, 'J.:' 'i;^ f I tied "1 Face of God,"Robinsonholds that Christ offers "the clue to, though not the exclusive 'embodiment of, God , ,-, the Christ is God with a human face." While asserting that Christ is both "truly God and truly man," Robinson put greater stress in his lectures here on the humanity of Jesus. In the process, he lobbed a few theological grenades into the doctrinal underbrush that has long been a sanctuary, particularly for conservative Christians. Offering the doctrine of the virgin birth of Jesus as merely "one possibility" of Jesus' origin, he declared: "If the virgin birth story throws doubts on the humanity of Jesus, then it is very much better that you shouldn't believe it." An era that is "post-Marx, p o s t -F r e u d and post the cracking of the genetic code" requires different understandings from that of previous generations, he insisted. "To be a man is to be a member of a species with all the pre-history of that species in our genes," he said. If Jesus is to be seen as a human being, "He must be a product of that species and.notjusta cuckoo inserted in the human nest." "But what does, it mean to say Jesus was human like us?'' asked a troubled student at the. Southern Baptist University. "To be like me is to be a sinner . . . immoral . . . with all these sexual fantasies." Robinson nodded .sympathetically but stuck to his thesis. If Jesus is to be understood as fully human, "We've got. to assume that he did not suffer from arrested development," he said, adding that 'to assume Jesus was sexless '"is today about the best way of saying he wasn't fully a man." To be sure, he went on, there can be no definitive answer to questions such as this one, since the gospels are not ^biographical but present selected aspects of Jesus' life and work! V^. "He was remembered as a supremely good?, man, but there is nothing in the gospels to suggest the kind of goodness that Christian pietists have ascribed to Hijnl" .-Careful study ofjfthe gos- CHURCH SCHOOL & NURSERY CARE 9:30 A.M. Worthip 10 A.M. "BEHOLD, THC TIME HAS .COME,, THE BANQUET IS READY" •'•'•:? Rtv. Allan N. McLarty FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH UNITID CHURCH of CHRIST 1407 Nerthi Second Street PHOINIX. ARIZONA Sun. 8:10 A.M. KOOL Radio. EVANGELICAL FELLOWSHIP ' CHURCH Rev. ALLAN M. ELIASON, Pasior INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVE FUNDAMENTAL SUNDAY ' 11 A.M. "JESUS, THE ANNOINTED ONE" Rev. PAUL MARTIN* Cuest Speaker > Sunday School »:45 Eveninq Service 7 P.M. 2Mh ST. ft CAMPBELL Madison NO. 2 Library 278-6607 9:30 end 11:00 o'clock "WHEN THE HOUR HAS COME... Communion e:00 P.M. "LAND OF LIBERTY OR LICENSE?" W. Ponald Price, Pattor GLENDALE CHURCH OF GOD 8807 N. 61st Ave. Ph. 939-6541 • 9:45 A.M, SUNDAY SCHOOL e 10i4! A.M. MINISTRY OF PRAISE e-7:00 P.M. EVENING WORSHIP e 7:30 P.M, WED. NIGHT FAMILY NIGHT 10:45 A.M. GfOKGf KUUtPOE, Spirit filled Laymen 7 P.M. A SIN9SPIRATION (Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs) Nursery Care Provided at All Service! Difference is fhe Worship" pels, Robinson • continued, gives "every reason to believe that Jesus was a man of like passions with ourselves, sharing the same unconscious drives and libido, with a temper, intolerance, anxiety and fear of death as strong as anyone else's.". He was neither the "cardboard Christ" of much Christian literature nor "a sort of batman — a God-man with two natures which He could switch on or off," the theologian said;. ; ^ if mankind Ui to know about God through Christ — a key element in Christian doctrine — then it is essential that Christ be on6 with whom man can Identify, the theologian insisted. Such a Christ, he said, "ii a completely normal human being who has never been anything else, a common man bom and bred, who is yet the UNITY CHURCH 1321 West Northern 944-3391 Devotional Services Adult Bible Classes Youth Education and Nursery Care 9:00 and II A.M. Strmen Topic: "SPIRITUAL INDEPENDENCE AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM" Sunday, TO A.M. KXTC-FM Complete Line of Metaphysical and Self-Help Beokt Bloine Conwell Mays, Minister UNIVERSITY OF UK CHURCH, INC. 5600 South Sixth Street Phone 268-2831 RICHARD IRELAND Founder, Patlor SUNDAY 10:30 cm R^EY LYNN MARTIN Adult bislicitlW Group ' Children'i Classes libo.te'i:30pm SPECIAL CLASSES July 1st and 8th Developing Psychic Awareness Astral Prelection 'and Special Classit tor Children ,..; -• 7:15 pm Healing Service • • , GERALDEAN HAWKINS 1:00 pm Devotional Service and "Gilts of the Spirit" REV. CARROL HEWBY •-"./ Vyed.,Ju!y4tK liOOpm Lecture—Geraidean Hawklnt , Healing Mad.—Sandra Plraino : ; Giftt-Geraldean Hawkjns, v -: •'••••'••"'.: Bud Harrlt ; ''"' •'/ ' XDiSClKCSOFGinSC) CREIGHTON 2111 E. Thomas Rd. H6-4MO A. James Cox, Minister Church School 11:00 A.M. Worship »:30 PHOENIX CENTRAL 18 E. RoanokeSt. 27MM! W . w. McReynoldt. Minister Church School 1:45 A.M. Worship 10 A.M. CAMPBELL AVENUE 2613 W. Campbell 245-5771 C. Everett Flggs, Mlnltter Church School »:30 A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. GLENDALE «242 N. Jtlh Ave. (37-215* Theodore Cord, Mlnltter Church School t:M A.M. Wonhip 10:4$ A.M. INGLESIDE 364$ N. 44 St. «».4743 E. LIE NEAL, Mlnliter Church School »i3S A.M. Worship 10:4$ A.M. SCOTTSDALE 7405 E. McDonald Dr. I48-J6J4 Donald C. Jones, Minister Worship fiOO A.M. MESA 105 N. Country Club Dr. M4-IM3 Kenneth Forthee, Minister Church School 9:30 A.M, Worthlp 10:4$ A.M. TEMPE 1700 El Camlno 947-5266 Ralph Welherell, Minister Church School t A.M. Worship 10:1$ A.M. THE ARIZONA CHRISTIAN CHURCH OFFICE 2*5.0531 Grace Community Church i:asi of Rural on SoutheniTenii)e Nifors, Guy A. Oov/Vson, Keith J, Hill, S/g Zhlke, John Davis, Don gksfrand, Mike Nofhum, Jr, FAMILY WORSHIP HOURS 8:15/9:30/10:50 a.m. Pastor Keith Hill presents a message on powerful! positive! practical) Christian living— "THE DYNAMICS OF FULFILLMENT 11 Inspiring Church School classes af all fhree hours, Whqt an opportunity to learn! Summer doesn't dampen our enthusiasm for Bible learning. PHONE 968.3441 INSPIRATION / WORSHIP / 7;QQp,m, It /i gn exciting evening with High School, ers turned, on to Christ! • Beach Camp/73/Report—The adventure of 100 SCC High Schoolers! the ttudy! the sharing! Pictures of the action! Super Mystery Ggest speaks T- he will challenge all ef the family! The High School Choir tings camp songs under the direction of John Davis. t • IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CHURCH — TRY OURS! FAMILY WORSHIP . . . we QN RADIO 1280 , . . 9:30 A.M. carrier of the divine disclosure — the one in whom the self-expression of God, shaping the whole process of nature and history from the beginning, finally breaks through in all its fullness." "Jetut u Lord ef the smeth" Siventh Day Baptist Church 4Mk CteA^ A IMrfl .. iirniTree? a> inoi Ante Oavit, petfcr, HLLOWSHIP N.rfhCtrrtral 'SUNDAY IOSOOA.M. How to Create World, Brotherhood "A man who • hat reformed himtelf wjll reform thousands." —P. Y. Paramahania Yogananda Founder THURSDAY 8 P.M. Keys to .Self-fulfilment First Foursquare Church of Phoenix 1206 N. Laurel 253*4859 Featuring Lorrlane Platter, Organist 9:45 A.M. ; SUNDAY SCHOOL W. Wm. Murrln, Pastor 10:50 A.M. "BLESED ASSURANCE" (lttJohn5i9-l5) C« ! 7P.M. "HUMANITY OP CHRIST" Port 2 Pastor Murrin chunchofthe Beatitudes A 7fh Avinu«i SUNDAY 10A.M. Ghufth Sehobl "THE CHRISTIAN'S DUTY TO HIS COUNTRY" Rev. KMffttlf M. .. ereathlne. i SUNDAY^ SERVICES "the 0 Churefi with in Outreic «:U A.M. Sunday scfmi 10:30 A.M. Morning worthlp-TV »'» ?-M. IV Channel H-Celer 7i*»j TV CHANNtl 21-l« Cel«r 5UNDAY J:30'3.'30 KM. UtUHDAY 10-11 P.M. „ Mnn. thfu Frl. "fHEGAP"9.|OtJOp.M, llble Fellowship Church 3535 E. McDowell ..HAZAREHE BILTMORE CHURCHY (Nrntrly 5604 Nerfh 24th Sttat Phen« 955.5850 Crawford Vanderpool Mlnliter Daniel Vanderpool Min, of Edue.' ; > , 9:45 A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL 10:50 A.Mi ' ; Dr. JOHN COTNER "" Guest Speaker Lltten Each Sun. KHCS 1M» Radio 1010 ;; 6 P.M. y.B;S. Presentation Nursery Available. BIBLE CHURCH 3900 E. Stanford 1 ' Phone 955-6370 9:30 A.M. WoriWp Scrvlct "WHAT'S AIL THIS ABOUT THE LAW?" 10:45 A.M. Sunday School 7:00 P.M. Evening Worship "SATAN'S IEST TOOL, .,.;:.;.. RELIGION" Dr. Jojjn Booth, Pailor Oior«» Wood) Minister of Youth 9:30 and 11:00 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP—748-8800 "THE PURPOSE OF COMFORT" Sunday School »:3o-Classet—Nursery Thru Adults ll:W-Nursery;'-' 8620 E. McDonald:Drive, Scotttdale First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale 1230 N. SCOTTSDALE Dr. Cnarfei L. 947-4091 Sunday School ...t!JO e.m. Church Training ....6 p.m. Werihlp .......I0t50 a.m. Worthlp 7 p. m Nurterlet Open All Servlcet PH. McKAY. Potter IXTENDS A WARM WILCOMI :RN BAPTIST OF PHOENIX 3100 W. Comelback Rd. WORSHIP 10:50 A.M. * 7:00 P.M. IS. 9:30 A.M.—TRAINING «:00 P.M. Dr. 0, Vaughan Rock PASTOR SUNDAY 10:IS A.M.—RADIO KHEP ALLEY BIBLE CHURCH . , .itor W onifirsoiimeu, HaiiMr ni Yojti 'JOHN B. tAlL, MinlMr o! Muih Ail l.t-'t&A, SPECIAL SERVICES A.M. 9:30 SUNDAY SCHOOL 10:35 WORSHIP H • ^•;^ PEAKER: REV. ALLWYN McCLELLAND '/';; /. ••::y*- ) 'd' Testament Passover and Communion P.M. 6:30 ;,. ^SPECIAL PATRIOTIC PROGRAM .^f v''"!N.;"OOD WE TRUST" • * A musical by Otis Skillings Adult & Youth Choirs SPECIAL SPEAKER: CONGRESSMAN JOHN B. CONLAN Publisher . Science of;?: Mind Magailrit ". . . WITH A FIRM RELIANCE ON THE PROTECTION OF DIVINE PROVIDENCE, WE MUTUALLY PLEDGE TO EACH OTHER OUR LIVES, OUR FORTUNES AND OUR SACRED HONOR."—Declaration of Independence. "YOUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS" Palms Theatre—2612 N. Central Ave. RELIGIOUS SCIENCE CENTER —'JMS'NV Central Ave. Phone 277-7133 : Rev. Robert H. Henderson, B.A., M.A., RSc. P., Associate Minister FIRST 'CHURCH OF'R< RELiGIOUSlCIENC 10:30 AM. Service and Sunday School. Telephone 277-7133 Your favorite comics appear daily in Tl^e Arizona . Republic. ;: i ! v INTERNATIONAL HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM CONVENTION... Folk Came from Many Countries Last Year, From England, Australia, , Africa, Philippines, etc. 30 Different Sjafes Represented " Rev, FRANKLIN HALL & HELEN HALL HOST PASTORS ENJOY THE NEW MINISTRY! Tune In Daily KASA 1540 KG, 11 A.M. JULY I thru 15»h Twics Dally 2:30 & 7:30 P.M. ~™ AT THE NEW BODYFELT & HEARTFELT SALVATION TABERNACLE 9840 N. 15th Street (In Sunnyslope) UNITED METHODIST CENTRAL Mother ot Arizona Methodism 1875 N. Central 258,8048, ._ n£.?.*•.*x . Morning Wonhip 9:30 & 11:00 "THIS. NATION UNDER. GOD" Dr. McPheetert, Preaching Radio 11:00 «.m.—KXTC-fm Church School 9:30 & 11:00 Child Care—Ample Parking MINISTER*; Chllton McPheetert John judkint • Charlet Oilllltnd Cordon McMillan, Orfanlit-Dlrector FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 5510 N, Central • 263-5013 1:30 A.M.—Holy Communion 9:30 & 11 A.M.— Morning Worship "The Power ef The Spirit" The Rev. Robert J. Burns, Jr. guest preacher f :30 A 11-Church School S P.M.—Youth' Ministries -MINISTERS- Richard Cain, Melvin J. Pritts K. Wirifreid Rilter • Paul B. Butler Harvey K. Smith, Director of Music ALDERSGATE WORSHIP 10:30 AM. "A DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE" Young C. Lee, Pastor A Leonard Miller, Associate Floyd Slolterback, Music (Child Care • Ample Parkins) Paul A. Paige, Organist CROSSROADS WORSHIP 10 A.M. Cor. of Central & Northern Dr. Frank M. Butterworth Pailor "SHOW AND TELL" Dr. Butttrworth, Preaching ALBRIGHT 2242 E. Campbell Ave. 9:00 a.m.—Sunday Ch. School 10:15 a.m.*—Morning Worship Evening—-Youth Phones 27M«1 or 95S-9373 BETHEL 544 I. <W»9W W, Church School; 9:15 A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. Donald] Sprinqer, Pastor 265-1144 EPWORTH 5935 W. Camelbaek Reed Church School: 9:30 I 11 A.M. Wonhip; 9:30 & 11 A.M. Youth Fellowship: 6:30 P.M. Interim Pattor, Rev. Frank Wllllami ASIURY: 1601 W. Mieji $ch. Church School H30 Worihlp n am Youth Fellowship fiM pm Paul Wllklnton, Petter-37».j3*» Paradise Valley 4455 E. LINCOLN DR. Church School; 9:30 Wonhip 9:30 & 11:00 A.M. Jr, High Youth Groups 6:30 P.M. Wed. Sr. High Youth'Group 6:30 P.M. Sun. Donald G. Sapp, Patter 959-83W GLENDALE FIRST 7102 N. 58th Prive Church School: 9:30 A.M. Worship: 9:30 & 10:50 A.M. Byrpn D. Hoinet, Patter fJf.MOt GRACE 1 2M Wen Southern SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULC Thyrsday, 7.-3J P.M. Peter R. Folbo, Peitor 268.1791 SCOTTSDAH FIRST UNITED MITHODIST-4140 Miller R«t3fj (Between Indian §cho«l and Camelback Roidf) Worjhip 9(30 a.m. Albert M. Smith, Jr., Paitor Phone 946-530*1 CREIGHTON; 4900 f. Thomas Th» ini»ter TRINITY; 1104 W. <il«ndol« 973.1276 Worship 9:30 A.M. lible Workthop 10:10 A.M. Donald Cooke, Pastor George Hoyle. Associate: CAPITOL—ST. PAUfS UNITfP METHODIST PARISH W. Van Buren & JJth: Worship ?:30 A.M. Church School 10:45 A.M. UM Wtil Van Buren; Church School f:3« A.M. Worship 11:05 A.M. Ovnaid H. Smilh. Pattor-OHIce 293-3442 QARFIELP: E. Rw»»v«lt » I3tk. Church school I0t« A.M. W9rthip»A.M. Frank Cartwriihf, W-JHI For mor* UNITED METHODIST CHURCHES In th» Valley o) the $uo tat the "Yellow Case*" Phone 279-2220 1801 EAST OSBORN ROAD • Tfce 1 Lutherans AMERICAN EY, .. 1 it* W. Otonrati .. .ftant «IU1> Rev> Edmuij* Krve*j«f < Surtlrtrtr icnftduift WORSHIP »tM A.M. Sunday School 10i1S A.M. Wed, Eve, 7nn P.M. BETHEL 7310 N. l?th AVE. Ml-Ml* L. oiav Tolo, Patter Sunday School A Adult Cltltlt Ml A.M. • < Worship Ittt 4 M A.M. Nuner? • ' AUGUSTANA J«M N. 14th St. MI-MM Jack Nleml, patter Sunday Church School » A.M. Adult perum t A.M. .. WenhlP service it A.M. BETHLEHEM ,MO, Mil I. Portland St. *44-I4e7 Robert W. Scheller, Paitor Sunday School »:1J A.M. WerthlB IfliJO A.M. CHRIST (MO.) 3«l C. Indian School Rd. *S5-4in William C. Pebler, Petter Sunday School Mi A.M. Worthlp HIS end 11 A.M. :,,;, COHCORDIA 4*01 W. Indian School Rd. 27144]* ' Rev. Edward J. Volkman—Patter • Robert Vots, Intern Sunday Services! Divine Worthip «:30 and 11 e.m. Sunday School MS a.m. Church ,h°l Master CMC, 33rd Ave. and Cactut (0 Ave.) John P. Kunft, Pattor *45-3f*f Sunday School e A.M. Church Wonhip 7:45 I 10:30 A.M., Christ The Redeemer (MO.) Future Site: 43rd Ave. and Dunlep Now meeting: 1710 N. 31tt Ave. Worship l:!5 A.M. Sunday School »:1J A.M. '" " Roger f. Hedstrom, Pattor «34-MJI FAITH 101 £. Camelback Rd. US-11M Charles H. Ruby, Patter , . Summer Schedule Worship 7:30 A.M. ., •• Christian Education 10 A.M. GLENDALE ST JOHN* 720S N. Sltt Avt. *17-17M Ralph A. Carlten, Patter. '" Worship 9t30 A.M. Mon. 7:30 P.M. Contemporary Worship fiLflRIA DPI s ' inford Dr - * nd UbUnlA UEI paioChrlttl <J»fh St. 1 ) Jamet 0. Lundeen, Paitor, ess-7330 Worship 10:00 A.M. Sunday School 11:15 A.M. Nursery Provided GRACE 11?< N. 3rd St. 258-3717 C. L. Strufcel.Pastor H. C. Lindsey, Emeritus SUMMER SCHEDULE WORSHIP t A.M. Holy communion 1st Sunday of Each Month Nursery Provided HOPE A.L.C. 6600 South Central 276-0283 Rev. Roger Vegdahl ' Worship 8:30 A.10:30 A.M. Sunday School. M! A.M. KING OF KINGS ( MO, 33rd Ave. and Rote Lane 773-0509 S. P. Cluver, Paitor Sunday School »:00 A.M. '' : '" Worship 10:30 A.M. MESSIAH 2*42 W. Camelback Rd. 274-4712 Carl T. Hansen, Pattor Sunday School I:4S A.M. Worship 10:00 A.M. Mesa St, Peter <ALO 1144 E. Dana Ave. 133-4251 Rev. Merlin I. Seal Rev. H. I. Peterten. ; Rev. C. A. Knorr •: Worship 8:30 & 11 A.M. Sunday School »:45 A.M. . MOUNT OF OLIVES 3546 Eatt Thomas Road .i> Theordore C. Johnt, Pastor *54-li!0 Worship Services at 8:30 A 11:00 A.M.,- S.S. And Adult Forum At»:45 -i MT, CALVARY <* 0 , 5105 North 7th Ava. 2634402 Rev. Eugene Beyer, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 8:15 and 10:45 A.M. OUR SAVIOUR'S 1212 E. Ciendale Ave. ' 944-44*3 Marvin F, Cain, Th.M., Ph.D., Pattor Sunday School: 8:45 A.M. Sunday Worship 10:00 A.M. ST. MARK 3030 E. Thunderblrd Rd. Rev. Richard C.. Aiding Serving the Paradite Valley Area Sun^ Worship 8:30 and 11:00 A.M. Sunday School Ml A.M. PEACE Mltteurl synod 6041 S. 7th Avenue 276-M7I K. J. Kllllan, Paitor S.S. 9 A.M., Worthlp 10:30 A.M. PRINCE OF PEACE W41 North Mlh St. 943-9537 Phillip A. Gangtel, Pattor Howard Wennes, patter Sunday Schoool * Worthlp 9:30 A.M. ST, PAUL (MO) (307 W. Indian School Rd. I46-22H Rev. Ista, Paitor -, Sunday Worthlp 9iOO A.M. Sunday School t Bible Study 10:45 Wednesday Wor. 7:30 P.M. , ,' TRINITY 9424 N. 7th Ave. f43-4*31 Marvin D. Moon Jr., Patter Worship 8:30 Sunday ' Mid-Week Worship Tues. 7:30 P.M. Sunday School MS A.M. SHEPHERD A VALLEY 15th Ave. and Maryland 241-3902 Pastor Dick E, rUmlln Worship 9:00 and 11 A.M. Sunday School 9:09 A.M. Scottsdale Ascension 7100 North Mockingbird,Lane Conrad Braaten. Pastor Nursery provided 94I40SI Worship 10 A.M. Sunday School 9 A.M. SCOTTSOALE ftlgft E. continental at 7Mh $1. Erich Hoefer, Pastor 947-7491 Worthlp |:», 9;4i and 11 A.M. Sunday lehopl 9:45 and n A.M. Scettsdale Bethany 43*0 N. Hud street tfrjjy Jack loellner, Paitor w Worthlp: 1:3* ft 11:0* e.m. Sunday School: f 14* a.m. . N. of Thomat NS4IM Pastor Edward A. Westcott, Jr. Worship 1:00 t 10:30 A.M. Sunday School and Bible Clatt 0:ii A.M. WE5TOWN 3itt Ave" i'cholUi ^Rutseil A. Bolm, Paitgr Wprthlp 1:00 and 11:30 a.m. Phone fgr Sunday Schgol Schadvl* Nurtery available 10:« C«mp*r'j }p«c/*l Sarylcii Monday 7:30 P.M. I

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