The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 30, 1951 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, November 30, 1951
Page 5
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The News, Frederick. Md., Friday. November SO. 1951 The Nation Today By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, Nov. SO MrV- One question keeps poking its head through the scandals in the Internal Revenue Bureau: How to prevent a repetition when this mess is finally cleaned up? There's no single answer. The bureau's machinery for collecting taxes and checking to see that the arithmetic is right and no fraud is concealed is extremely complex. This presumably will be improved. And the bureau will have to find some way of double-checking on its employes, checking on one another, to keep crookedness to a minimum. But the best machinery can t change people Some are crooks, inside the bureau and outside among the people who pay taxes and want to cheat and defraud Now and In the future any crookedness by a bureau employe will be impossible, no matter what kind of machinery is used, without connivance by a crooked taxpayer. The only foolproof remedy is complete honesty by the public. And even with all the improvements being talked about, a lot of taxpayers will be able to Ret by with some loot since there still won't be enough bureau employes to check every return thoroughly The commissioner of Internal Revenue is boss of the bureau's 55,000 employes. But you, as a taxpaying citizen, will rarely have dealing with him, directly. When you file a return, you send it to the Collector of Internal Revenue for your district There sre 64 district collector.', and all are political appointees This makes the collectors different from the bureau's other em- ployes who are under the government s civil service system and therefore, theoretically at least, are making government work a career They're not supposed to have any outside interests. But it's been all npht for the non-civil service politically-appointed collectors to have outside interests Since the scandals broke *ix of the collectors have quit or been fired and two have been indicied Because of their prominence and political tie-ups they've received a lot of attention and the general public may have overlooked the fact that many more other employes of the bureau have been cut off from their -job* There's been a strong cry- Take the inspector. 1 : out of politics, make it a law that only civil service people, coming up through th« rank 1 -, can get collectors' jobs And when Congress returns In January President Trumar \viHI formally recommend that And Congress undoubtedly will cairv out the idea. But that will b only B minor adiiMment Honest taxpavers arp the final, most effective assurance of honest tax collection. ROC//O Program NBC CBS MBS ABC WBAJU WFMD WOR WMAL 1099 ke 930 ke 710 ke C3bke Evening 6:Q»--?J»w» for 16 Mia.---nbc-cbs NetworJt Silent Hr.--alc-mbs east Kiddie* Hr. nU-- abc-mbs-weil 6:18--Discussion S«ri«i--cbs 8;46--Newscast By Three--nbo News Broadcast--cbs 7:00--N«w« Commentary--nbc Beulah's Skit--eb» News Commentary--abo New* Commentary--mbs 7:15--Jack Smith Show--cb« Dally Commentary--abc Tomorrow's Football--mb* 7:30--New* Broadcast--n bo Bob Crosby Club--cbg Lone Ranger Drama--abe News Comment--mfoi 7:45--One Mac's Family--nbc News Broadcast--cbs Evening Newsrecl--mo» 8:00--Roy Rogers--nbc Feature Program--cba Kichard Diamond--abc Majrasine Theater--mb* 8:15--Muslcland DSA--bs 8:30--Martin Lewiu--nbc This Is F.B.I. Drama--abe Dance Show--mbs 9:00--Duftey's Tavern--nbo BIK Time Variety--cb* Ozzl* Harriet--abc Armed Forces Bevlew--mb* 9:30--Short Story--nbo Popular Mu«ic--cbs District Attornny--aba Bandstand USA--mbs 9-55--Hve Minutes Snorts--abo 10:00--NiEht Beat--nbc Capitol Cloakroom--eba Eoxinc Bouts-- abc (also TV) Comment: Mystery--rnbs 10:30--Govrnm«nt Talks--ribe The Wai Works--cb* Tunes for Dancinc--tnb» 10:45--Pro and Con--nbo 11:00--News Variety--ali nets Tetevition Summery 8:00--N«w Series--nbe Mama, s Drama--cb* Mystery Film--abo Twenty Questions--DnMont 8:30--We tho People--nbc Alan Against Crime--cb» Stu Erwlu Film--abc Art Baker Show--DuMont 9:00--Bisc Story--nbo Plnvhouso of Stars--cb» Crime With Father--abo Down You Go--DuMont »:30--Henrv Aldrlch--nbo 10:00--Boxirif; Bout-q--nbo Talpnted Parents--cba Cavalcade of Star*--DuMont 10.30--Hollywood Film--cb* women of the church. Erection o! devotions !n the church. Father tables and decorating. Clarence Hahn, Boscoa Shlndeldecker, Harry Hahn, John Eyler, Weldon Shank, Andrew Eyjter, Harry Troxell, Harry T. McNalr, James Sanders and Paul Dern. Trooper and Mrs. John Koontz. and daughter, Lexington Park, have returned home after spending several days with Mrs. Koontz's mother, Mrs. Ida M. Goulden. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Sneeringer, Hanover. Pa., spent Sunday with Mrs. Goulden. Mrs. Sneeringer is the former Dora Goulden, --Mr and Mrs. John Gaeng, Mrs. Helen Tyson Rawlings, Mrs. Julia Tyson Smith and t son Albert visited Sunday with ' Mrs. Euphemia Rotering. | --The Christmas Club checks of , the Farmers State Bank were mail- i ed to 415 members on Monday. I The checks totalled over $30,000, j \vhich is about $4,000 in excess of j last year's club. ' --The double feasts of the Mani' festation of the Miraculous Medal (and of St. Catherine Laboure were (celebrated during the week at St. 'Joseph's Catholic church. The j feast of the Miraculous Medal, celebrated on Tuesday, was the occasion of a High Mass which was sung by Rev. John D. Sullivan, the pastor, at 7:30. The special sermon on Monday evening during the devotions of the Novena was preached by Very Rev. Francis J. Dodd, C. M., who is the director of the Daughters of Char- iy of the Eastern Province of the United States. On Tuesday afternoon the children of St. Euphemia's School and the pupils of the St. Joseph's High School attended Miraculous Medal Sullivan gave a brief explanation of the history of this devotion. The annual Novena in preparation for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception will begin on Friday evening at 7:30. In honor of the feast of St, Catherine Laboure the school children presented several tableaux on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sykesville SYKESVILLE--The Sykesville State Bank mailed checks to the member* of the 1851 Christmas Club, with approximately 300 members receiving about $19,000. --Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Burns, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Doris Marie Burns, to Pfc. William J. Martin, U. S. Marine Corps, now stationed at Camp Lejeune, N. C. --Mrs. Ratchel Barnes spent the holidays with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berry and family, Salisbury. --Mrs. Emma Spurrier and father, Edward Beall, had as their guests, Mr, and Mrs Roly Beall, Pennsboro, W. Va.; Mr. and Mrs. George Murray and daughter, Phyllis, Baltimore, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, and Mrs. · Norman Stewart, all of. Towson, and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Beall, Pimlico. --The November meeting of the Sykesville Homemakers* Club was held at the home of Mrs. Alvm Sorflaten, with Mrs. W. Leslie Hawkins presiding. Mrs. Lester Welch was in charge of the program in which Mrs. Clark Lopez was the pianist. Mrs. Oscar Haw- Emmiisburg EMM1TS BURG-- The drive for clothing for the needy of Korea and Europe as well as the Near East has almost drawn to a close A large number of cartons have been shipped 10 the warehouses in New York where thev will be stored u n t i l the ships are available to carry overseas -- Mt«s Bobbie Stonesifcr 1he Thanksgiving holiday; in York. MrK - Pn , \isiting with her brothpr-in- law and sister, Mr, and Mrs John Krenrer. -- Mr and Mrs j. W Houser and Frank W XVeant were Sunday evening dinner guests of Mr and Mrs C G. Fratley. Mr and Mrs. ,Tamef= Smith Frail- Road, are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter Monday at the Warner Hospital, Gettysburg, Pa. --The executive committee for the Lutheran bazaar, \vh'ch is to be held on Dec. fi met d u r i n g the week and appointed committee chairman. Committee chairmen were named as follows: Jlmey work, Mrs. D. L. Beegle and Mrs. Frank Snuff; cake, Mas. E. R. Shriver and Mrs. Clara Harner; candy, Mrs. Clarence Hahn and Helen Neighbours; pies, Mrs. Chas Sharrer and Mrs. Charles Linn. Other members of these committees a t e : Cake, Mrs John Krom, Mrs Andrew Evster, Mrs. James Bowers, Mrs. Geo. Gartree. Mrs. Gladvs Lingc, Mrs. Luther Kugler, Mrs .T. W. Houser and Mrs. John Tioxell Candy. Mrs Robert Dnugh- ertv. Mrs Weldon B. Shank, Mrs Fred B .Bower, Mrs. C. Richard Harner. Mrs Wilbur Kelly, Miss Hahn, Mrs. Maude Harbaugh, Mrs. Harrv Troxcll, Mrs. Carl Baumgardner. Mrs. Clarence Baumgard- ncr and Mrs. Allen Bollinger. Fancy work, Mrs James Hav, Mrs. R. M Zarcharias, Mrs Wm. Howe, Mrs. John White, Mis'; Ann Gillelan. Mrs John White. Miss Anna Gillelnn. Mrs John Hollmpor, Mrs. Luther Kugler. Miss Marv Joe Zimmerman. Mrs Lewis Kuglcr and Mrs Irvm Blown Tickets Frank Weant. Charles Sharrer, Clarence Hahn, Carroll Frock, Sr Hostesses, Mrs George Eyster, Mrs Robert Gillplan, Mrs Charles Gillelan, Mr*. Sarah Lingg. Mr* John Herri n g Mrs Merle Keilholl/, Mis Normnn Flax, Mis. Lloyd Fiteir Rov Sanders, Mrs. Chester H Massei Waitresses, Shirley Troxcll, Carolvn McNalr. Jean Trovell, Thelma Green, Doris Flax, Robbie Slonesifer, Mary Ridenour, Mary Kemp, Doris Wastler, Betty Smith, Dian Snuff, Kathleen Want?, Came Hahn. Mrs. Mary RohrbauRh, Holpn Bushman, Marjorie Crist, Nina Shank, Virginia Wantz, Doris Bollinger. Dorothy Wantz, Ruth Umbel, Beatrice Umbel, Lois Kell- holtz, Mrs Roscoe Shindledecker, Mri Chester Chapman, and Janet Stones!fer. Sandwiches, Mrs. John Zacharias, Mrs. Edna Tressler. Mrs. EsU Miller. Kitchen, volunteer ROYAL Gift «/ « Lifetime WftJl Magic 1 Margin ·fes.IULIU.MLO*, WORLD'S NO. T PORTABLE Here is an enduring.,. ideal gift, the most beautiful Portable youVe ever :seen-- and the smoothest and fastest Available in jGray or Tan. 30 Big "Of « fice Typewriter" feature* now with new Speed King Keyboard, Contour Case, iff m MOW flftMSf More Rg Machine features fcan any otoer portabfe typewriter ASK ABOtJT OUR NEW NATIONWIDE GUARANTEE POLICY ON NEW PORTABLES WELIAMS TYPEWRITER SUPPLY CO. 126 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK, MD. Section Pajres and pages of articles about such things as the growth of the industry .. . sports on TV ... the newsreels ... plus many, faany morel Informative . .. interesting ... be sure to see the Special TV Section on-DECEMBER 2 THE SUNDAY SUN Delivered In Frederick FREDERICK NEWS AGENCY 63 S. Market St, Phone 311 kins and Mrs. Lopez gave a demonstration. Guest speaker was Mrs. Helen Burdette, who gave a talk on living in Germany and closed her address with a prayer for peace. Guests present were Mr«. Charles Dixon, Mrs. Richard Bennett, and Mrs. R. E. Jenkins. --T/S g t, Charles Thompson, who has been stationed at Brentwood, England, for the past three years, together with Mrs. Thompson and their two-year old daughter Linda Jane, have arrived here and are spending a two-week visit at the home of Sergeant Thompson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson. OLDEST INDUSTRY New England fishing Is Ameri- ca's' oldest industry. It represents an asset of $100,000.000 annually and provides 700,000,000 pounds of edible fish each year for the nation's food stocks. EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED DR. WALTER SNOW OPTOMETRIST 41 North Market St. Phone 835 Women's Clubs Charlesville Club Twelve members and one visitor attended the meeting of the Charlesville Homemakers Club held November 26, at the home of Mrsr. Emmert Shafer with Mrs Lemuel Shafer as co-hostess. The music chairman led the club in singing. Following the reciting oj the Collect and salute of the flag the demonstration entitled, "Teasers from the Freezers," was given by Mrs. Calvin Wachter, Foods and Nutrition leader. The club members won $17 at the Food Show for perfect attendance. A "thank you" note was received from the Lewistown P. T. A. The Christmas party will be held December 27 at 8 p. m. at the Bloomfield Parish Hall. The committee in charge: chairman, Mrs Raymond Ford; helpers Mrs Pau! Zier and Mrs. Harold ,Staley. A Electrical Wiring Residential, .Commercial and Industrial FIXTURES OF ALL TYPES ANB REPAIR WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Ave. Phone 1601 BE A RACTICAL j**a5fefiW N U R S E EVERYWHERE WOMEN 18 to 45 ONE YEAR OF INSTRUCTION · a 1, in large general hospital · · · earn while you learn · · · live in modern residence · · · fine lifetime career · · · command good salary NEXT CLASS STARTS FEB. 17 MAKE IMMEDIATE INQUIRE ...WRITE... 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All Ford Trucks have the Economy-Run-proved POWER PILOT gas saverl F.C.A. L«n than J^ a mllcl Grain Farmer Harold Liette (addre«* on request) »ay»: "My Ford F-l Pickup went 8,919 miles in the Economy Run. My running coat wan $74.62. Thut'a only l.W * mile!" This book shows how little it costs to run a Ford Truck in your kind of work! litv tf tquipmtnl, atctnontt and trim as it dtptnfant upon material tupfh eondttieiu See The Book at your Fotd Dealers! THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO. 117 West Patrick St. Phone 1092 MK television stav - FORD FESTIVAL - storrins JMMS Mtlton, with ·wtriwdfug p»»t Frederick, Md. NIC-TV letter concerning reflnishing of furniture was read and the director's report given by Mrs. karry Staley. The two prizes were won by Mrs. Emmert Shafer and Mrs. Paul Zier. The club adjourned to meet December 17 at the home of Mrs. Charles Putman with Miss Ethel Zimmerman as co-hostess. Each member Is to bring a small gift to exchange. Refreshments were served. Say you saw it in The News. The tuberculosis death among Negroes, in Maryland Is ov| five t»mes as high as among white population. F D COVERS FROM 1941.1951 AT THE KEY STAMP CO. 116-A E. Patrick St. . Hrs. 3:30-5:30 Wk. Day* 9-» 8atJ Men's All-Wool Covert and Rayon and Wool Gabardine TOPCOATS Save Kemp's Discount Stamps and Save 2% S Winter Weave RAYON SOTS Blues'! Greys! Tans! Sizes 36 to 44 MEN'S STORE Save Kemp's Discount Stamps and Save 2% "May your days be merry and bright, and may^all your Christmases be white." "Irving'Berlin's Whlta Christmas" We can't assure you a white Christmas, but we can a merry and bright one with one of our 1952 Christmas Clubs. Clubs now opened using the book system with clubs for $.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00 or $10.00 weekly. Frederick County National Bank OF FREDERICK NO. 1 NORTH MARKET STREET Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation j?fo«fer«* Upright State 19 CU. FT. 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