The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 9
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TMS DAILY NEWS. FREDEEXOK, MD, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 30. 1931, BY KAY CLEAVER STRAHAN BECIK HGMB TODAY CECILY *m* KAHY- FEAWICK U»e with their «-r»»«»arraia. ···!· wealthy. ·a«* ma fBpoverfekr* that AUK'S C«Uy» rarniox* upiwrt the The "*l»lrrm hare heea ekiMkMtf. The _ _ are ka*w re«pc«- Uwely aa -BOSALJE-aa*-GBAMD* tfce-r laalat ·· kerpluc ·! I tea«» at tkcir farmirr w«Utk, Aaar. SS. and Odly. =7. *o mariml wvrfc aad Mary-Pnarra. IS. i* »UII la achooL. Wkea tke i · l«rj epra Anne aaa hem «·»- C*C«i to PHILIP ECKOYO. fammg lawyer, for rickt jreurm- Tfcry caa net marry berauc 1 Aaar kjtowa krr slatrra aa* fnmtf»Tfmtm do kvr to auaace their aaamr. krlao BARRY MrKEEL. to dlaarr rltk krr. She la c I" lore witk fctm- Mary** aad ker frlead. EHJUX- T«tOE. are exriied a boat tke arrival of a ataek t^itffmy mtt»z IUO-TM u EAHL UK AOJIOUST. They meet kJm oa ike atreet aa* ke apeaka to tbeat- Mary-Prmarea la thrilled. acreea In Beet aia» tkat ailca after the perloraiaaee. She fella him ake la IS. Zaila ta note ike rkeapaeaa of kl» lore- auikJnc and after tkat *r*t ateet- iair proaxUea to aee Mm acalB. Next moraine Cecily talka to Aaae about Barry. SOW CO O!* 1VTTH THE STORY CHAPTER XVI tiT'M more interested." Ann said, A -In what Lfndbergh thinks about 700." "Be likes my looks." Cecilf was earnest again. "That Is -- he always says "lorely." That Is less than beautiful, I know. And. of course. I'm cot beautiful. But I think it Is better than "pretty/ \Vhat do you "I think." Ann answered, as she ·walked to the door, "that he !s In IOTB ·ff-ith you. Isn't that -what I'm supposed to think. Cissy'?" "Ann, I don't know. Truly, I can't telL He says something, and then. -- \Sell, I don't know. I'm choking to find out. He likes me lot. Tm sure of that. But he's sort of -- shy of love, or Queer about it, I | were gone last ereang Tor dinner-[but that didn't matter. After dln- ser, though. Erasintrnde came over, and for sorae reason that seemed to get both Grand and .Rosalie started on that Erae old stuff about oar cerer haring friends here--music and merriment and laughter la oar home, you know. They just kept at it, and went Irom bad to worse, and thea Rosalie had to remember your birthday, a week from tomorrow, and they are insisting upon giving you a birthday party. 1 couldn't stop it nor do a thing about It. Unless you can etop it. I'm afraid they'll make me carry it through. I thought you might say--" "A party? For me?" questioned Cecily. "Isn't it dreadful! I brought out "Most mea are." said Ann. TNo, I don't mean that way. different. He IB entirely Different from any other TM*n I're ·ver knows. He--" Ann interrupted. "I most run on Sown and start breakfast. But I ·want to tell you something while I have a chance without Mary- Prances around. If you haven't made dinner engagement with Barry for this evening, perhaps you'd better not. See him alter dinner, if you like, bnt come home for dinner. Grand--" "But I hare made one: And I'm going to ! 3«p it. Pear heavens, has Grand -found his leading strings again? Will he take It out on. yon, angel. If I go?" "Kb--I don't care If he does. This Is it: Grand did fuss because you every objection 1 ^ decently could without hurting 'their feelings, but--" "But." CecHy Interposed. "I'd lore it. Ann. I was thinking only last evening that it might seem odd to Barry that we haven't people to play with--a group, yon know.' "We haven't, though." Ann said. "Not any more. There'd be no one to invite." "Pooh! ffe can think of plenty of people if we count them up. There's Barry, and you and Phil, and Maria, and Herbert. I said Barry, didn't I? Let's see--" "Well, we can talk it over later." Ann said, and opened the door. "Yes," Cecily agreed. "It will be fun!" Ann closed the door and down the hall toward the Tut on a smock, dear. That ' kitchen was condoned. apron won't cover your sleeves." j · · * -And I could make the cakes on pOOR Cissy, when Ann returned __, , , ... ,. u? ..j to the kitcheo. was stua Friday evening. «tt«r dinner. We d , ^.^ ^^ ^' have to have two, I suppose-- a 1BS wt Acn bad lefl tha kltc j. ea . devil cake and that cheap, eas? The smeA of burned toast was bitter spoage. That would leave Saturday m tbe- r. »ai. and blue « *' :tb!a s "I could wear j mused dreamily. pink." Cecily "sad you could afternoon free to get the house * ready. We'll air the library and have * It mostly in there. They wouldn't need to go upstairs-- nor j wear yoar yellow, aad-- Oh angelt all over the house. We'd steer them · I am sorry, i forgot all about the from one oasis to another. And we! 'oast, wouldn't call It a party, of course. We'd just say that some friends were coming la for the evening. What's the matter, angel?" *1 can not get this lid off.' "Here. I'll pull the rubber out j WO u!d like her bresaJost on a tray with the Icepick. That's the best; this morning, if ii isn't too cinch way to open the old things. 1| trouble. She's feeling a little weak. thought we'd ask Marta acd Her- j She'd prefer orange }--ice Co cooked bert. I'd like to have Gretchen. fruit. If it Is convenSecc. Sbe wants aad I should -- I'm In debt to her -- it strained. Grand and she'd have some rrnn to bring.! tot water right away. But she would smoke. She says · right out that she wont go places where she can't, and I suppose Grand would lose control." · · · word, yes! We wouldn't dare risk it." "I know." Cecily sighed. "There went back --that's the way to get them off. Ann; pull the rubber out first. I'll dish them. No. I cant have Gretchen. I suppose. But It I don't ask her I can't ask Jean nor Dorothy. I thought you could ask Nella ; and her husband." "They wouldn't come. Look at the toast in the oven, will you. Cissy? They haven't stepped outside the house in the evening since the baby was born. Nella won't trust him with strangers. I don't blame" her a bit. He's a darling. I wish Penn Johns and her husband hadn't moved to Seattle to live-bat they have. Could you ask the Mattason twins?" "I could." Cecily's langh was not wholly successful, "and I could send a cable over to the Prince of Wales." "I don't thiak the Mattason twins are so much." "Neither do I; bnt they think so. Anyway, Grand wouldn't let them in If they did come. Don't you remember the time he and Rosalie went with the Carmicbaels to the Multnomah for dinner, and he came home and all but got out the grindstone and the knife to have them ready in case we should ever act like that? No. The twins are out." "Well?" said Ann, but she did not say. "I told you so." as she picked up the loaded tray to carry it through the butler's pantry Into the dining room. Grand and Rosalie always hoped and trusted that they had not, as yet, sunk to the level of have to order brick ice cream--" la society where breakfasting in the NOW! AT 1 l3-S.«»-7.1S-».(» KIDDIES l*c AT AUL TIMES » MAJL COCMRA 1931, by bleday,. Doran and Co. She met the Great Lover in the Wilds of Broadway and didn't want to go Home! "STRICTLY DISHONORABLE" 7 hf delightful . - - dehciou* that held ralton breathless u.'tlh tauhler and tfatt. a Cteat Cast if PAUL LUKAS SIDNEY FOX LEWIS STONE READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTrRE Here, let me do it. I'm so i'iease. I'll scrape it?" Mary-Frances, pick cheeked aad sweet as a cherub on a casdy box lid. came into the kitchen s.nii said. "Whew! What's burning? Rosalie a cup of ! take It ?-i.\o dis- Au], oh. Phil He's stairway. "The cat's taken poison, and the baby's gone Insane!" she muttered. It was her profonudest oath, significant of her furthest desperation. · · · WTT needn't," were Cecily's first ·*- words when she came, wearing her best brown dress with its wide white collar and cuffs, into the kitchen 20 minutes later, "ba such SL lot of work--the party. I mean, need it, A TIP, nor so verv expensive?" Ann, trying to unscrew the lid from a jar of stewed plums, glanced from Cecily. "No, dear," she answered. "Of course not," and despised herself. Sbe had planned to restore Cecily's sanity. In part, at least, at any cost. But wiping that expression of wistful, shining blise from Cissy's face would be. it seemed to Ann. as cruel as rubbing a damp sponge across a picture drawn by a cbr'd on a slate and presented for admiration. "We could have Ice cream and cake and coffee, that would be enough. We wouldn't positively up. He fears a slight d:s; turbance. He has hiccup: yes, Ann. I almost forges. wants you on the telephone, wailing." "Phiir* Ana Questioned Incredulously, and sped to the dialog room, and to the telephone, and Quavered. "Hello." "Ann. dear! Did I startle you?" Ann released the long breath she had been holding. "Phil, are you all right? I--I thought something must have happened--it's so early." "Sorry! Surely I'm all right. 1 only wanted to come over in the car and take you to the o£ce this morning." u phil," Ann said, and succeeded at last in steadying her voice, "tell me now. What is it? What is the trouble?" "Xot a thing on earth." he assured her. "except that I haven't seen you since day before yesterday, and that it is a glorious morning, and I want to see you. Can't a man take a notion to see his girl in the inorning without causing a panic?" "Well--hut--" she said. It was too amazing. It was like old times, away long ago at the beginning of things. "Well, bnt," he mocked, "Have you a date with another maa to ride to your ofSce this morning?" "Phil, dear." she protested, and laughed and almost sang. "I'll love It, of course. How good of you to think of it. How good--" "Oh-ob!" When she went Into the kitchen again there was something of Cecily's dreamy radiance ia her own heart-shaped face. "I could wear my yellow." she en i -.o- :h^-.i real clewr th^js :j cio , ros ;o5t '^oj: Sail so ih.r.k ac need Ireih a r Co:r.e ' Sco-it; *l?v£ ' You no*. ler.d a hand" And so :r»y ·.-:.: !-· i '--:·-::· s £"-'.' I s.:r-st t.. pj:.e-J a uindo 1 *' Ea;.i TlnymUe I'si sli-'V.l»o Cico. 1 ca:i'. be'.cie · o^: a 5-;h " Jas* breathe the Jresn . eir u 1 . your ItinsV said Coppy. -1; is J But then. !! »Asr.': lonsr un'i: tix. J-^sl then they hoard-f »hlstlms | ^w smaller Maybt- -*e a-e jo-ir-d. froai tie iv-no that ' out." siid HUIKM ' All that »e can rushed aro-nd uss;de Use l:t; cabin I do t* s:i and wail ar.t. 1 . we're throasS) It blew :. -»eo S-'jr.j's hat "We rr.j5'. · -..s 5 :-· i-r.; r'x:i ; r.:aps AC .1 :L.,i h.v.v h.: a t-Jaen puff." i'Ud he " I ' · A h a : :; _s a-1 ab ·:: a real stiH one :33:, NEA S-r-.-.ce. Ir.c I Th-.y :nod to ^lose *he -a-r-dow , j C.---i Cr.ed one, · O! course i' lias :\ (.The ro.-kcl lands in a g-ar.ts hand Conie. e\erybody pull real hard i ir. the : «x: sur i T?-D*V AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE 1 I K E TUEFT PKOrilttTV DAMAGE LtAB(Ltl HELFENSTEIN URNER SUBMARINE LOSSES On Dec. 30. 1917. the Bntah ad- , ra-itat.ors ol sentence. especially Jjdge John H Harwood ha.1 indicated dasire to satx- Moorv Irom the clec- :ric chair, although he was forced to Impose tnai sentence alter the jury's llr^t-degree \erdict. f In Narth Carolina burglarious entry , 111:0 a place'where anyone Is sleeping carries the death penalty, nuhoui al- j ;«-i»:lvc. upar. coir, ! I rr.iralty ar.r.cunced that in the * eek | % . . ; clsssr.K on this day sub%iarir.« tod t 'su".fc 21 British snips and nine French i . ' I Sil-DS. , j Eighteen of the British ships were . aver l.SOO tor^. and :hree v.ere less : TO-DAY TO-NIGHT I MARYLAND j! said. pink. "And you could wear your (To Be Continued) iwo°S Re " h aa " "" *" ° V "i| TI " »°°"" "W-o-- ri"i°piw!i Pacua. Italy. Tih-ch was raided b y ; j enemy airp'^r.cs on Dec. 28. -*as again i j ra;ced on lh.5 day. Three pcrsor.s .were killed. Three were injured. Two j churcnes and many other buUdmgs ( 5 ; i ere damaged. i * | In Russia a prov^ional agreement ,} i was reached aTBrest-Litoxsk with the \ i central powers on liberation of war ' prisoners, and resumption of com-' J mercial and treaty relations. j j Tne German naval delegation at ' j Petrograd reached ca agreement with ' % the BY TVM. E. Secretary American Bridge Leagne rhc most unusual and interesting nd of the recent natajnal touma- ait Tras the following, as :t produces it rare aad unusual squeeze play own as the Tieroa coup. 4K-Q-9-8-3 4A-J-7 AA-9-4 4 None ¥8-7-6- 5-3 · 5-3-2 *J-10'7-6-5 NORTH In m ui o 5 H Dealer SOUTH * 6-5-42 VK-10- 9-4 · 8-6 AK-8-2 AA-J-10-7 * ¥Q-2 · K-Q-10-9-4 AQ-3 400 trifik. Tne tnck was won in the dummy with the ace of spades, West discarding a heart. Three rounds of spades were 3ed, the tlnrd round being ~on in North the declarer's hand "inth the queen. West ccscarded the f:ve of hearts and the seven and five of clubs, hoping TO ma- lead the declarer on the club situation. The king of spades iras then led by the declarer, East discarding the nine of hearts and West the s:x of hearts. Dummy discarded tne deuce o- hearts. The declarer noisr lea the ace of clubs --you will notice that this play deUb- erately sets up the king of clubs for East- Declarer now starts on the diamond su.t, leading the ace, jack and seven i from tis own hand, the seven spot Ifae^ig tron in dummy with the king. ! East follows with the six and eight of I cLamonos ancl discards the four of i hearts. Wess follows with three d!a- J moads. The queen of diamonds is led ! from dummy. West dicarding the seven | of hearts, declarer the four of clubs and East begins to feel tne pinch---he drops the eight; of clubs. Declarer then leads tie 'ten of diamonds from dummy. West discards the ' eight of beans and the declarer dls- ' cards the nine of clubs. East is now squeezed--if he discards the fcrg of clubs, dummy's queen -fr£. ba good. · His ociy chance is to crop the ten of The Bidding. ! hearts, but as soon as he does that. The hanri was played, in the ccettraci ! the declarer leads the traeen of hearts Jr championship. Sottth. the deal- j from the dummy and overtakes ia his started the contracting- -Klin one i o -sn hand «iih the ace, catching East's arcane. West passed and North bid j xirig. The jack o: nearts ·sirs the last space The Nortii and. South pair, trick Tor the declarer- tisng tne one over one and, rn This particular squeeze play is [is, a bid of one spade forced part- j fcnown as the V.enna coup--one of the :sr to re-bid. Sast passed and South : hardest squeeze plays to recognize in tsx spades. North then jumped J bridge. You -mil notice that while the four no trump to sboi- stoppers in , declarer's contract is only six. he does I suits. South bid fire spa5es. Most · not give up. but used this -s-cnderful 3rth players now responded with KX j piav to make rnmself an essra tnck. Eo^ever, as one table the ' · jrth player «rent to stx no trump, i The ortly book possessed by Eskimos The Play. |of Labrador, printed in tae.r own Ian- Look the band ore? carefuHy. It' guage. has been the Bible. rtairuy seenis as -f Sast must make s fcag of hearts or his king of clubs, t tt tiers ;s play --hich win prevent' BATTLE MENINGITIS Progress Reported In Disease. Warfare On j attention were of the infiuenzal type I and that the disease is "almost in-^bly fatal" The paper concluded an afternoon session on Menmgococcus More than 300 of the nauon's leading m'crobe Baltimore, Dec. 29. -- Three Boston research workers appearing here today j hunters were present and ti» discus- _ sion hinged upon the determination » 11--Bishop's Big Vaudeville Show GUIDER CLEANERS DYERS Special Prices December 26th to January 2nd All Plain Dresses, Coats and Overcoats, Cleaned and Pressed . . . . 90c All Men's Suits, 2 or 3 Piece, Cleaned and Pressed . 75c All Men's Suits, Pressed 35c Ladies' Fur Trimmed Coats . . . . §1.00 to ?156 DYEING All Plain Dresses, Coats, Overcoats and Suits . . . $2.50 AH. OTHER PRICES IN PROPORTION This Is one of the largest and oldest plants in the state. We guarantee our work to be far superior to anything yon have erer had in this line. ALL SMALL REPAIRS FREE. We call for and deliver. C. J. SIMMONS, Agent Phone 709-R- 114 West Fifth St. Frederick, Md. Let Us Make Tour Clothes Look New! ,, The favorites of Maryland |, ;t government for raising [ $ return to the Maryland Thea- J , on the white Sea. · t tre ^h an en tire change of J ' the blockade on . _ _ , j t x c wii.i± au C in,u.c *-uu.i. 6 c ui 4 program M T new special- g , of the Russian Federated Republic. j * ties introduced. If you want i . ? to laugh, don't miss this treat. ' TO HANG FOR THEFT i» **nn-- pyit-inn n* ie con.ention o. . . . . . . __ , of American Bacteriologists charted of what t^ 6 menmgococcus organism course that may lead to victory overi d °es when it invades the human body the deadly influenza! meningitis that j Bacteriologists explained that if thev attacks Infante and young children- The report was the work of Drs. JA- Roy D. Rtthergm, Joyce Wnght and Hugh K. Ward, of Harvard University Medical School and Infants and Children's Hospital, Boston. In it they pointed out that 2o per cent, of the acute meningitis cases corrcng to their n discoTer -srhat the ?erm coes ar.d no^ it GG^S is the ^fs% ^^11 be open to ccmbating its ravages. Five million acres of lumber were Burglarious Entry In North Carolina Draws Heavy Penalty. Winstsn-Salem, X C . Dec. "9 --The case ' Jol~n Moore, colort-d. s^ntencca to d.e 5or T.rst-dejree burglary beraj.-e he tr.terja ihs room of a sleep^ig sr.r! and stole her shoes, is to be la.a oe- 'ore Tyre C Ta;,lor exerutive cy^nss. ' burned by forest fires in the Dnlted to Governor Gardnor States 1930. tae Forest Service j reports. The colored siaa's attorneys sa:d f.ev i :d ths gD-.ernor to grant^a con:- Shows 7:15 and 9:00 Admission: Children Under 12 Years-- lOc Adults-- 13c THURSDAY d. FKIDVY -- NOKMA SHEARER in "STEAXGEKS MAY KISS" Vick Colds-Contro Invest YOUR CHRISTMAS MONEY In Our AT OUR EXCEPTIONALLY LOW PRICES THE RUG STORE MCLUNIX BENTZ 4 East Patrick Street At the table -siere tie ccr.tract -as spades The reascc ;fce spad? ·vrss i ered was because the btddlng clearly j dicated that North and Sot-th had | te space su.t sol.d ana thsre Tas i lag to lose by opcr.rtg a spade. ny otier opening ni-gh; cost East a , NEW YOR WANT TO DANCE? You'll enjoy it more and find it easy if you study first witri STAFFORD PEMBERTON For-ner Winter Garden SUr, Partner to Mae Murray Social Dancing Class Mondays 8 P. M. Fox trot, waltz, coUegiate, tango and newest steps. Ballroom, Francis Scott Key Hotel Means Reduction of the Number, Severity and High Costs of the Family's Colds Doubly -welcome to mothers is news that tie makers of Vicks VapoRub have perfected a Plan for better "Control-of-Colds"--to lessen the number and severity of colds and reduce their costs in money, lost time and health. The plan is introduced along with Vicks Nose Throat Drops, based on a new- idea for preventing colds -- companion product to VapoRub, the modern, external method of treating colds. Unchanged TRIAL OFFER BY LOCAL DRUGGISTS You have Vicks VapoRub--now get Vicks Nose Drops and use together as directed in the Vick Plan for better "Control-of-CoIds"--to reduce their number and severity. Unless you are delighted with results, your druggist is authorized to refund your money. HERE, BRIEFLY, IS THE VICK PLAN: 1 BE F O R E a Cold Starts · When cb-ndren come in snjng arid snccr"r,g. apply a few V;c"cs D"Dps up each nostr.I. Use the Drops ycarsc'f at that first scratchy, sns^zy irr-.tat-on of the nose or upper throa*--Nature's wam:ng that you arc "catching cold." If you or the c~r.ldren cs'ch ccld, use the "Drops after e~tpos^rc to any con- d'tion you know is apt to be followed by a cold ' --dry. over-heated rocros--ir.door crowds-sudden charges, wet or co'd--dust and srr.okc-- etc., etc --and th:re :s the sLehtest stu Used in time, many colds can be avoided. 2 A F T E R a Cold Sfaits · At c'sht, massage th= throat ar-.d chest well V'cks Vap' R - ib. Spread en th'ck ar.d cover warm fiarncl. Leave bed clcth'rg locsc ar^nd the neck so that the ir.ed:catcd vapors ' 5 ag can be ir^.a'ed all r.i«: ; .t long. I"ur ng trc day--any time, any place--use V-cics Drcps as r.ecdcd for ca^c ar.d comfort. This g v s ycu full 2 J hour treatment--and w:thc'_t tr; r.c.- s of cor.-'.r.-.t :r."crr.s" ~*"o; r.e," so often i p: t'.r.g to c ;·"' r., cspcc.aiiy the delicate c.gcsf.ons of children. Today basically unchanged the General Electric Eefrige r a t o r stands as a model of efficient, economical refrigeration. Symbol of satisfaction in m o r e than a nsQlion homes. With a three year tm- cor.d:t;onal guarantee. 1 The MODERN LiCHTING CO. I =: 216 NORTH MARKET STREET =5 H FREDF2ICK, PHONE 961 MARYLAND. | | tiiiiliiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiKiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiHiliiiiiiiiiiii-iniiiiiiiiiiiiiliilli

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