The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE SEVEN LIBERTY JUNIOR HIGH NEWS (Edited by the Students of the Liberty Junior High School) LIBERTY GIRLS TO HAVE A PARTY Girl Reserves to Entertain at Reception in the Gym. TITTLE TATTLE "We'uns in goin' to give you'uns ft party At th* 'Jim' nnxt Tuestliiv »t 7:!10, From rag Img anil n i Mo swipe vtfur party duds. •Cause gvir only 'lrc. J n is Mill In the eudfl. If you can come. >nnr It. S. V. 1*. Just drop in tin: hex tit-fore. Hnoiu 23. Ci. It." So rend thu Invitation that wits received by every girl In Liberty. In order to start the Olrl Re- irserve with fireworks this year, pinna hnve been made, with Mies Connh May Kill.-:. Miss lnna S«- lna, and Miss Ellis May Dolor as advisors, for n i>nriv. Committees have been selected to oomplete arrangements. , Those on tho entertainment committee nre: Joan Ellsworth, Pal- ricla Johnson, Mildred Holland. Mary Margaret Slnrr, and Mario llenney. Tho Post Orriri- committee: Mil-' da nines, Kdllh lluinllton, Myrtle AVeller. and Ruty Ashley. Postmistress and Invitation committee: Harriet Shollenberger, Helen Ward, Helen Henry and Loretla Moldeman. roster committee: Mae Cones, Irene Skinner, and Louise Scheln. Finance committee:*Mary Noyes, Claire Connrd, Ruby Alford. Dorothy Albright and Ruby Mann. Refreshment committee: LnFaun Astlo, Gladys Pa nicy. Muxtnn Wat- Kins, Marjorle Coffin, and Francos Kilhourn. T'o girls ran a pdstofflce at tho central door Monday and there the Invitations wero distributed during the noon hour. Some Things Pupil* at Liberty Must Know Can you conjugate a verb through six tenses? Can you decline any noun? Do you know every rule concerning menns or Instrument, or argument with verb and subject, or indirect object'; Do you know nil the vocabularies'.' i If not, you'd better know by *Vednesdny, or it's a little red "F" on your card In Latin. The above questions nre the minimum require motifs in Miss Froeburg's Latin classes. If yon can't do those tilings perfectly, without a single error, woe unto you, for swift is 111'- Judgment of Miss Kreeburg. Therefore, drains are cracking , and heads are in danger of being s;ra1chod to pieces. Latin books j. re being: worn out by students who lament, "Oh why, oh why, didn't 1 study before?" Karl Yust gave n piano program Friday morning In tho assembly. His program consoled of several numbers Including an Indian War Lance, Lleurauce, A Waltz, (.'hop- In, Spring Song, lirle/r. Many outside visitors attended the assembly. ^ —x— Miss Sllcott's 7B drawing classes are panning to mnko toys for Christmas, and the eighth grade classes to make kodak books. What do Liberty students do in their leisure time? According to the vote taken In various classes, reading is the favorite pastime, football took second, and swimming third. Tho others for tho boys were hunting, fishing and tennis. Among the girls cooking, candymakln:-'. embroidering, sewing, etc.. were about equal. A demonstration on worthy use of leisure time was given Thursday In Alias Wagner's second hour class of social science. Carl Wheeler brought a steam crane and John lturkydt an electric train, -'-x— "We want a touchdown." Is! heard from Mis? Luella Ktuesl's English classes. They are playing football with grammar. If they make two good statements without grammatical error they have kicked a goal, lint if they make a grammatical mistake It Is a foul and If they say uh-uh, It Is a line error. Each class Is divided Into two sides, each wearing n bow' of their color. Ituelah lireedoii and Perle Howell, students of the business college, aro doing tho typewriting for the Junior N'ews before it goes to tho News oftlco. The reporters and editors of the Junior N'ews may work In the office any day during the first or fifth periods, providing they have study periods then, for two hours each week. Tho students making the highest scores In the spelling contest, were, Robert Mitchuer, 50 points, of 1 I)IV >; Juanlta Smith, -19 points: Jean lilnsseoek, -IS points; Ralph Austennljler, -IS points; Doris Irene Ward. tfj points. —x— Miss Flagg reports that not over ten people have had to learn the poem "Columbus" for chewing gum in school. The Carryover club In Miss Lewis' classes Is a club not having officers or regular meetings, but to help the students carry over things they have started in penmanship and otlter classes. Reports wore given In the 7R Social Science classes Thursday in Miss Wagner's room. They were how the .Scandinavians spend their long winter evenings, the way Norwegians train for the Olympic games. The mad rush of tho girls out of the gym is terrific. When the last buzzer "buzzes" the girls all make a wild rush for the door. As one poor bedraggled girl reached the shelter of the wide hall, she remarked. "Just like shoveling coal out of a window!" PICK PICTURES FOR THE SCHOOL The Pictures Selected by the Students for Various Societies. Esther Graham proved thu most, graceful In tho 1th hour gym class Tuesday during correlation examination. Susan Dauford ran a close second and Vera Crow and Lor etttt Holdeman tied for third. Coach McCarrol took the gym classes out to the athletic field Wednesday and let them play football. Pictures were selected from the art exhibit by the various societies of Liberty m It. was discovered that some ot : i; societies would be "financially embarrassed" should they attempt to buy a picture apiece. Suggestions have been made that all tho groups put their money, together nnd buy pictures for tho assembly, but It Is not known what, the majority of groups favor. The choices were its I 'ullnws: Roosevelt—"The 10 n e h a n t e d I'ool." by Amlck. Phtlnmathian.s—"The Avenue of Trees." by Hohboniu. Llbertoiiians — "T I) e It o y a 1 Gorge." by Parrish. Victorian—"The Sunset o n Land's End," by Halsdael. D * R—"October." hv fiav. i Live, Wire "The Path Through /the Woods," by Traver. Kxcelslor—"Monarch of the Glen," by Landsoer. associate-editor by this means last week. This serves ns a sort of training- school so that when tho ninth graders go on to high school others will be able to take their places. LIBERTY PUPILS HELD INTERESTING DEBATE. "Who won? Who won"? were some of the whispers directed to the president ot the second hour class lu room 16, on Tuesday. "What's this all about"? "Well," the 7A's had a debate. The question was: "Resolved, that Schwartz was a greater vlllalu than Hans." The negative team won, being as follows: Florence Housh nnd Bernice Mills. Shop-o-Scopo will show you a lot ot things you never knew about Xmas shopping. tf. Watch for tho Shop-o-scope don't waste hours shopping. and tf. Program for Wednesday, Nov, 26, (Courtesy of Itiicllo- DIRO-PO (lly Associated Pr^M K1*1>M Uoiuimont (3(i(J) * r-tiru-ort KFOZ Hcnien Sjirinna (.Sfi» 7 hed- Ifmo ? tories; 8:15 nm mini in solos. «lii*»ts, folk SOIIRJI; 9 ad'h'(Vrt. WKKI Hos<ton (303) i; Miff Tlrotlier Hub; G:rtrt talk: fiMl) enru-ert; 7:L"> H <1- dit 'Hs: X imi.itculn; TO tinner. WMAQ Chlcnpn News. (*47.o> t> l*hl- omrn ThPtucr onrnn: fi:30 Ktnry Iniiy; •< Ice turn; S:.lo Aeolian nml>? (•htVru.s; 0 "nhiynlc-lit"; '.<:(:> talk. WON flilrnno Trlhmio (.170) * or- pan; erm-mble, si vinp quintal; S iToneert, strini; qulnlut; S:30 oliMsiail. U'lJJ C'htcnuu <Ui>) 7-5 roli'-crt, KO- prono, tenor; 10-2 rtalnbo Hkylarka, tenor, soprano, tin; MelodiartK. art 1st p. WIjSfcchk'nRO (345) fi:30 or^an; 7-S mimic; s-fl farm program, talk; 9:3010: (0 hook talk, orchestra. WTAV Clnrtnnntl ? orchestra; !» international, Wendell Hall; 10 ilanee. WTAM Cleveland (300) 7 entertainment. W'W.f Detroit News (517) * S>WM rffflH-stni, tmrltnne. U'llii PcM .Molina l.">2''0 7:30-9 ,>r- CHITTER-CHATTER OF EDUCATIONAL WEEK iiintroetlr-'ii" old- i Pit) f::o I'cture: .-iru. ;t cMii,'-?rt. ln^;niue*n- ilr;i. chc»lra, dari.-ms fashioned fliMicr. WOO llnviii;. r 3 nnislcAle. WHAP-Fl u,,li, sia C47• j> 7:"0 cen.'- 1 1 . :!::'," r IHVX , . O'^i r, KNX Hollviv ! i:i;i7i s la!; 10 Vfiildt'\ it. . \- nr. li KIIJ Les Aiu. !••» Times i W.» kWilbs: la k .;orr. .-U «»u.>l: 11;,10 vocnl, b:in j.>i"t. 1:: or' iK^tui. WIIAS Lme.<\i:i,. Tin** i !*•» coar'jrt. WCCO Mlnnwii»tb>.i!t. IM 'd Mtti 7 Mtirvtcps; 1' inu.-i'.ti". wort Newark •(•••.• ; ..r .-b .-'.r .»i ":;i'i proKrsni. •« v .n -.ti, :'...t' \V1-:.\F N>w Vnili M "'J1 "I'' 1 t>:i!l'l. 7:Je talk; S unVfii i, k 1 e--U W.I/. Now y»-<i •; ,;.].. ura, 7 Wall St. Journal r.'vi,"v; :':::<i f.i'il<-s- tni. WHN' N>\v Vei^ CI-!"! t".-.;^ irtlU: 7::m litlk; 8:3') er'-n--.strit; ? <.Mli.--.tru. W'N.l Newark i^:i'l> !';T) or, h.-stni. WHAU Hllliel-llihla t .!:' : 'l M" Dreiini Linthly; 7.Mlk; 7:10 i .,lk: 7::"' travel talk, male ipmrtrt; ?-.or> urchi-s- tln. ilnnclnt: lesson. WOO Philadelphia (5"0) 5. 3" ensem-; S rr,n,-e|-L or t'.-.'itl ^-rrli^.ytrrt. K1>KA I'iM-l-ir:: clren . :; i.", •••i'j' : n. ert. Ul'Ai; I'if*!- frlli i if; >LI."i W Pnrtland l.-iur«: • WK MJ I 'in to rt. n l-'ra'.i,- 1 1 id;,: s talk- Will: K.i HI,..--' !!,,;i! WIi.tK K in. .an.l. ::!»' nil.. anil rote) repni-i Air, aililrc.'.-et. S-:»:lr, pr ,-Krain. Nlglith:iwk^. ODDS AND ENDS FROM A REPORTERS NOlE BOOK A contest was held between the boys and girls in Miss Ella Jane WagnerN social science classes Wednesday. They would go to the map nnd find the cities as Miss Wagner named them. Tho won. Good Citizenship Slogans Proposed Candy eating and gum chewing are not the oniy things punishable. Miss Ethlyu Flngg thinks "The Finding of the Lyne" Is a very good piece of poetry for memory work so, any one wasting time enjoys the privilege of learning It. Mr. .Inrrot (Just after a song in assembly): "All that would like lo hear Miss Jlonjour sing a solo raise their hands." Almost nil tho hands raised instantly. Mr. .Inrrot: "Well, she Just, sang one with the last song." Slogans for good citizenship were given in answer to roll call in the SH English class Monday at Lib- boys. orty. ! Some ot them: "A good citizen will help to keep tho city clean, beautiful, and sanitary."—Pauline Hartcnburgfjr. "Prove your statement and stick by It."—Darrell Pile. "A good citizen never says. 'I i can't,' but always says, I'll try'."— Dorothy Campbell. La Faun Astlo had the best code for gootl citizenship. The president, Dick Hereford, took charge during the recitation. Compete For Place On Editorial Staff An Informal debate wan held in Miss Sadie Dale's English classes Monday on the subject, "Resolved: That the feudal system Afforded better possibilities for good citizenship than a republic." The negatives won in a majority of the classes, —x— A book guessing contest wns held on Thursday In Miss Sadie Dale's classes (n connection with worthy use of leisure time. The pupils handed in cards with the main points ot some book on them, and the rest ot the class tried to guess what book It was, —x— The characteristics of the Dutch who showed especially good citizenship were discussed In Miss Ella Jane Wagner's social science classes. —x— The manual training classes meeting under Mr. L. C. Wickoff discussed the ways the things learned In the shops and mochan- leal drawing room could help In worthy home membership, vocations, and ethical character. ' The Monroe Doctrine was studied ill Miss Oliver's 811 clnsses Tuesday In connection with Worthy Home i Membership. The United States ! was regurded as a family with the j little republics In South America near relatives. Tho United Slates was tho head or father of I Katherlno Sparks, daughter of I Mrs. F.ula ft. Sparks, 41ft Third avis I mio ea^st, is the the proud ponsos- | sor of the autographs of both Mr. j ami .Mr-'. Warren <!. llerdlnT. Tie bearing tho marks and s<: on his hands of an »'ni'Muiitet' a big hawk. He winini!>-d it i tried to take II aliw. The !,i,r 1 put up a lively >--, T;IP. all these and was protecting ihem. s | former •d I hey w. June. president and Mis. Il:inliiu her ;mtogr:tph t:oi»k wh"tl _M 'e h"ro a \ ;iKn last ^Miss Stuessl's EnglisI, classes have made "better speech" posters. "Some are very well planned anil! , ... , ,, , „ have very good Ideas," she says. 'V ' vv 111,1 nt a :' r J ° x ' 1 Stafford county, brnucht to Hutch' 1 inson a pumpkin or squash that. Is SERVE MEALS IN THE CLASS Cooking Classes Demonstrated Cooking and Serving Well-Balanced Meals. and Zella Mae Thomson brought j "Write their stuff" is what the samples of the cake they liked to intake best. Pryuutha Johnson and Virginia ^lllnn presented Miss Stuess a whole cake. !- Otlllla Green and Ruth McTadon liked to make candy besl. John seventh and elghtl^grado News reporters aro going to do "nothing else but." At the meeting of the stnff, it wns decided that each Liberty News reporter of the sev- ' enth and eighth grades should sub Some mothers visited lu the domestic science classes. After watching tho girls cook their soups they had the privilege of eating some made by their daughters. —x—Posters -were made in the SB mathematics classes, on "Good Citizens Day," showing how good citizens spend and save their money. —x—On Wednesday. Fundamental Process Day the 8B history clnsses had the real thing. For reading it. was their history lesson, writing, a spelling review over new words, learned from history and for arithmetic the cost per acre of Florida when United States purchased it from Spain in 1819. Ruth Jessup, Opal Stoner. and Dick Hereford were voted lo lie best actors in the English classes meeting In room lfi. Plays were given to illustrate worthy home membership, vocational training, and ethical character. Wilbur llolllnger was elected secretary of his 7A English class Tuesday. Ilr P., ni Htire.-.-. tv! from hi.- :tii .-.-i ,.;i I 'i'-hl mala, t'eulriti Atti-i tea. Puigli, says oie- ;ii, : . i the session uf hi- Quez.iltenHPiin. (;ii;i:. :* soneral in :iic i ,•!..;• in "lie has M 'rveil :, ; ...v, anil revolution.-" :• - Jliln;"HS. a whopper. It is a Chinese siptasti welgliing 73 pounds. He ha» it on exhibition at tho I lelp-Your.telf grocery. --x Potor C. Anderson, formerly In Company E, l.'ITth Inf., who started from Hutchinson when thut company went off to war, as one of the original members, is now sheriff of Sheridan county, at Hoxie. He was here visiting this week. Those Legion vets like to sing. A song period Is one of the regular events at. Legion post meetings In Hutchinson, "Bill" Hlack and Ralph Hinmrn are the leaders. | "Doc" Husband Is pianist. The i hole gang sings. Prime favorites 'are "Hlnky Dinky Paries vouz" nnd "The Old Gray y-ire." Jeff Cratfortl, „ lie manufactures radio sets, never gets time to ao to a football game, but he takes them all in—via radio. He Is usu- 1 — : .-illy ihe first, man In town lo know j Try n Welch rabbit for the results of lite games. He picks | dish of jmir lum-lo-oii. It up the dope by wireless. | more than nuT'-lj a h_-ht —X— la pleasure i inie but i> .-' Deputy Sheriff Fay Brown ls!ni"a: substitute. .I'.II ; Nill.'s. presideul t»' ne i ;.i ber i'f f 'oninierce, w i u) ims ;,, , i, ,. tending a national conferene. that organization at. Mem on Tenn., sav^^-*: ca TIL undeist;i; how tho foK.i7a.iw n there recegiv a northerner so readily. "When would be talking someone .von I say, 'I seo >ou are from the tee:: NOW hOW cOUld they teli'." ?: A. i. SpollHler. seovi.n* ,. state fair, says Ihtu-" wet-,. ,- ( he familiar names anwini; !b ,V'i tors and aniniabi nt :hv Ae;evi''; Royal live stock show tit ICan- Cily, "We have a lei tf tit.• fine iinimals at the sliiie fair h. every year." he roninrUe'i. "- MI: of the bi,'^ winners ;u Ken-a-. ' : we;-" animals t ha r a re in ie i • M!IO-.VII her,. ret.',tilarl> ." Harhyat brought his electric en-! mlt a story to be Judged. The one | glue, and theu showed the cla.fs writing the best story will be the , how it worked when attached .with I other associate-editor on the staff, electricity. ; Marie llenney was chosen as one EDITORIAL One week tilt—grade cards! Ditl you know thai there is a book In Mr. Jurrntt's office wherein all grades are kept, not Just for one year but for all times? If you fall, there is a red "F" after your name, which is never erased. It wou't be a pleasant experience for you to come back some years from now and be faced with that mark. Just one week till—. It's up to you whether that one week will he wasted, or made to count. Let's go! DEMAND Docs Exactly What the Name Says The world's greatest scientific remedy for curing a Cold. Mnde and recommended bj tha manufacturer* of TANLAC. Far aala ar all toad dnifffUta Health Day was observed by Miss Alma Dale Newell's cooking classes, as well as In the other classes at Liberty. They planned and cooked a weli-balanced. healthful breakfast. The class was divided into four families, two families serving and the other two acting as guests. One ot the best menus planned was that of a family In the second hour class. The meal consisted of: 'Baked apples with cream Toast naked Eggs . Cocoa The girls who prepared this meal were La ' Faun . Astle. Dorothy Campbell, Luella Rogers, Opal Sellar, and Helen Henry. La Faun Astle served aud Helen Henry acted as mother. Dramatize Scenes From the Classics The following was the cast of the dramatization of the story. "The King of tho Golden River" in room 16 ill Liberty, Thursday: Hunter Kehnimshaw Hans l';M-il Stlnhrifik Schwartz Hensehel Lewis Oluck Florence Housh Stiuthwe-st Wlliil rcsuuyrc The. Heci .tllil seem* Is the first appearance of the Kins of the Golden Klver. » Hurry .Simmons Schwartz Klchiiri] Johnson Hans Lents; Scheie .. % Kini; of the Gokl.-n Hiver Wilbur MoPll'l -er C.lllcU A seem: from "Robert the Hrtice" is to be dramatized In Miss Ellis Mae I.'eiers' 711 Kngllsh class on Thursday. Tho characters are: Itlehitnl Wells Hubert the Brueu il'-inei- .leaning Foster Brother Leliunt Spiers. ICenneth YOUHK »"<* Austin Woodruff Villains Franklin iNC.lutbiy ur.d Carylc Harmon Son*, of Ihe Dame Olil Wurnatl. ...FritiiceH .lane Harrison Enjoy Radio at Thanksgiving Time Hear the big football game in your home—play by play. Enjoy Ihe thrills of the tans in tho stadium. With the opening of the winter season we announce n complete slock of tho newest things In radios. Quality merchandise thut means a sizeable saving to every visitor. Tubes Batteries Phones Horns Rheostats Detectors Condensers -^-ELECTRIC CO. FOUR NORTH MAIN at to {Music ¥ I ERE'9 something to be rfunfcful for. in Now vou c;tn buy n real loudspeaker for $10. The Manhattan Junior Is net Juit n headset in n horn—it's a beautiful •..uhicatlmtrumentwirhitn adjustable Con. curt Modutatur. Enjoy radio music with your Thanluulvlni dinner (his year. Hade hytht makers of lite famous lied Seat Dry Butter Ui Play Off Finals j In Volley Ball) The finals of ihe girls' volley hall tournne'ent was plnved oti' Monday night, but no results have i;een announced. Tin* Roosevelts and lixcelslors. winners? over the, Victorians and Live Wires respectively, played In ihe game. A serious handicap to the Excelsiors was the fact that Isabelle Moore was unable to play on account of a hurl arm. The games have been faster and more exciting this year than ever before, In tho opinion of the audi ences. What the Pupils j Like To Do Best' "What do you like to do best?" wasvu question asked in Miss Louelln Sluessl'a English clusseH, Tuesday. "Oh, 1 liko to make candy besr, m-in-tu," was the common reply. Pupils wero to bring demonstrations nnd explain about the things I hoy liked to do best. Virginia lllinn, Prynathu Johnson Fakntsloek Spring Clip Hiwdint Posts Ml no extra tost to-you. -VV<- COlilJfclBlA i nrntjsm IGNITOR ©RV CEI* Sola 1 .p.rjf- whtrt, at wttr- trical, radio and hardware stores, general stores and garages. FOR RADIO- COLUMBIA IGN1TOR! The proven dry cell, for all radio dry cell tubes BRINO those distant stations back I Signals, weak—distant stations inaudible—rheostats turned full on, you need new "A" Batteries. Buy the famous Columbia Ignttor, sold everywhere, used everywhere. Packed with power. Vigorous during weeks of joyful listening. There is a Columbia dealer convenient to every radio user. Manufactured and guaranteed by NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY. INC. Columbia EVEREADy Dry Batteries -they last longer. "r' r A~7TrV\ {P •.v. 1 —/^"—— .7-^-r---r Special Coats THE FABRICS Cur tie Laiiic Kaslmiaiu Fmvnskin Yoioriii J )runga Lustrosii Three Very Groups of Attractively Priced at pU, $69.5 HTona Women wlio know will find in tlie-M' I •-man creations ilic style iree <. • have and appreciate t |tialiiy roups 01' CYiuU. iu<i the wished for. Kiel) Line t fabrics, lavish in featured hv Amir make the; trimiiiiiit;*, the fine workman- a's leading >t_vlc creator.-., coin- 11H nt very rxet'l'liunal intefc-i. Colors THE FURS \\ oil Xaiural .-i ;u ; n 1. 1 I >\ ed Si|uirr<-1 Mud' >krai Mink Penny, Rosewood, Cinabar, Saddle, Cossack, Gray, Black.

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