The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 10
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 10

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 10
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MCE TEN — : — • a Tiff PAMS NEWS, • <.-.- , ., -.V, . . 'V- YANKEES CUT DETROlfllAD TO LONE GAME Best Browns As Red Sox Down Tigers Jinx Now Spread to ^C-W lork* Team By BfCGH S. Associated Press Sports "Writer Unless there is a, sudden change. Q th« luck of rhe Americas lea- eicfbs, the 1PS4 carapeign ^aay >>e icsof-'n as the "hospital ^S3LSOH * of big l^SSTXitf t>ixs-$bs^.^ Starting with rhs ore-season ^nishap in -svhich Sab bit Jklaranville broke kis leg there has been a i steady trail of injuries through ' "both laHjor circuits, iluch of arfs decline can be airrib- i to variolas Is^tiriesj thers are ' Texas League Leaders By TSB ASSOCIATED PRESS leading bitters: Bell. Galveston. .355; Morgan, San Antoni% ,35$: I>oub!es: Be!!, Galveston. Runs batted in: En vest on, S4. Knns scored: Be!!, (Others unchanged nesday.) rom -\Yed- SARAZEN FACES FAST FIELD IN P. G. A. MEET U. S. Davis Cup Netters Win Finals fijf^^e^p, 5^ Defeat Australian? For the 2Eg his usuai brand of ball for the Rifirfet to Challenge Ens- C^b?LSf irJoT sJS^L fS ! Ksh F ° r C "P | Tiie Yanks stepped cut xv-dn-s- and 'reduce Detroit's lead to a single jraine vhen the Red Sox bliidijeoaed out a 3 zo 7 decision PYer OH. Timers. Babe Kuili. still boiiiereu by the Its i^j-ry he suf- ter-ed is Cle". eland and at the best orsly a. part-iiiiic- v^:-''-r. bad to steu irst'_- action. Th-;n Ben Chit:— e ^.izs^iss. S- Gsn_ Saraze to save the Jast < Park course. sociat-d Press Photos^ Hagen and Leo Diegel Eliminated Gene Sarazen Almost Alone To Uphold Honor of "Old Guard** Unknown Win* $3,OOO On $2 Race Ticket the ' Sarazen -was left almost alone Thursday to meet the defiant challenger of farae-seekihfe youngsters to the battle, for the Professional Golfers* association championship now held by the stocky campaigner. Two of his great fellow veter- j ans—"Walter ISagen and Leo Die- f ;e!—fell by the wayside in the | first match play round day. bowed to one of Itenny Shuts of Phlla- , delphla. former British O p e n f champion, and £>iegel yielded to! Fay Colernan of Culver City. Calif., j •while even Sarazen had to put on ' he pressure to tarn back a. New >rk youngster. Herman Barren. "These kids are " tough, real ough,** said Gene after his S apd ; victory over the 2S-year-o3d, un- rnployed pro. By "these- kids" Sarazen meant ot only Shute and, Colemun but r Xaffoon. Paul Runyan. Dick =tz^ Johnny Revolta an-3 Craig | ^' ood of Deal, X. J. On-— An unknown follower of the race* at Kin Park was richer by mor» than ?3.000 Thursday because Vi«a and Jack D'Or ran" one-two in the seventh race. The man. who refused to give his name, bought the only :: double X" ticket sold on this particular combination and cashed it in for a. result of $3.300.50 on hi* ¥3 Investment. The prlc* broke all records here for a. double X ticket. Hugo Takes Second Off Paris Nine Local* Off to Early Lead But Tigers Soon Take Control Bucs Defeat . Steers, 2 to 1 Galvseton Gains On San Antonio In Onlv Game Played ' By the Associated Press In the only Texas league same. Wednesday the. Galveston Bucca-1™°* °. n . . sive nits, neers defeated Dallas, .3 to 1. The opens the orofessiona! titi««. ^ relic©, ox tl:-£ c^arley horse lias troubled him. HfixLe "V^' otte ..of the few c-iirfield. r€s-e is. troubled wirb a vea.k ari s e-- ^- four eroDine an eariy ]*;=.•. eightJj victory- :u the *=n "Vs'tite Soi add's-d to "''aibinsion't '•woes '. •'when George ".•-:•"-a.haT.V blanket^ the Senators 4 "to If wits. a. seven-hit pitching- performance. A rainy cay alone the Eastern seaboard -sriped ouz inost. of ihe Xatioi^al league program bu.t gave ^ih& 33o£tGTi Sr£.v&s s, ooizsoliC ats ^h^ir ho" : d \VJE3»-ESI>AX:~S~ K£5LLTS WEST UIXU ByDub Paris Faces Mi Vernon •victory moved Galveston ?ame of the Missions. I Slim Jim Bivin, -who started the | season with Tulsa. an-J was trans- { ferred to Galveston.. out-pitched Fred Stiely' of the Steers. s Stiely allowed five hits and did noL i aijo-w an earned run. but extra. j base hits and errors conains at | crucial spots cost him. i Bivin, in splendid form, limited | Dallas to six hits and did not al- I lc»w a. run ,-J'ter the first inainff. i A slow field and a hig-h wind i it difficult for fielders. year IX1£: LJEAGUE 15. Jackson 13. S. E! Dorado C. 7. Greenville 5. TEX^IS LEAGUE ITorth ar San Antonio. - srne. postponed. ston ". Dallas I. n:=:ht ?1 Johnson Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday to eliminate Herman! f r t!r^T a lh ^ ; ! elec ": circle : of j Barren of New YorX S and'2. in! ^ Gclf Club'whe^ he ^ol^ onf ^S 1 36 ^°: e nrsc T ™J» d m atch for I Professional Golfers Associa-! the! nine holes TO eliminate the 1 Xevr Yorker as fee opene-c hisade-1 _;v-4_- »>iiTSii it-s iiUi^O. Oal. 2iS ^i_ T-V * EOt on the 147 vard s*v-nth *?" Professional Golfers Ass, Ke xvas P layi n ~ j a a ~ f ^ { ^ ^«- S*«zea rallied in -,-:---, is.-iT ,r .- r~ -r-^ i last nine hoies TO eliminate the :"sns= of Uis title. COGiFEK the route lor ih-e feehlnd xhe plate ihe shot -?.-as a thorou^rhbr-ed h'3le-in-one T being nestled in the oottorr. of the c^p a.nd not rest- in— ag-a-nst the pin according-"'to ^ r - ^"r:;teslde. one o? sne witnesses. And incidentally the shot *ii 'iaftler? will take °n 3tount X , rnoa Thursday aJternoon aatt «ill present a ^-astly chaueed line np from that of Wednesday when Hu^o handed the local ciub a real shellacking, it -was , makeshift outfit that treat to Hus^?, aboat five of the regulars be- ijajr absent from tbe line up. Manager Lopsdoti stated on TChttrsday that he had sisaied a number of players to take part in the Icarus Thursday afternoon, wiifcb fe. to be caHed at 4;3O, Mount Vernoii lias a strong: ag^resation. one rhat has btjen compettos: vritl* ti*e best clubs oueratto^ ftv East Texas and the oil field belt- Major Leaders Tank- S5. 1 45; speed NATION IJclAGUE We Buy O'-d Gold a. HIGHEST PIlTt Jv- OCenst No- 1^-6*« BONHAM STREET Jewelry-Music Store DIXIE T.EAGOE tVTEK Nfc.7 TOL"Tt>"L"Ti" TAI-1HIXA. Okia — Ji-h- Hi:!- i Sarazen Lhis year has failed -by-! | toaie "distance to enjoy the golf-* lag: success tliat has marlced bisi ' efforts in the past a^id be isTTDtrch f ! urlfo he holds and to lose :t wot£j< | mean more to him than the loss oi; ^. tirie. A professional golfer minus \ ANTLERS. OkJa. A dou dtles doesn't pull so heavilv at!'-., ^ - . the turnsoles, you know. ' I i ' eade ' * acheacKd for Sunday Play Two Games SKEET CLUB WELL i tweei* the ilountarneers Ha^o Tigers OR the local rs and the iiamoad. ^S — Manush. Senators. •.•Joy; Gehr^ag-er. Timers. .351, | Runs— Gehringer. Tigers, 90: | W-?rber. Red Sox, S5. | ec?. IOS: Cronsr., Senators. .: Hits—3Ia.uiish. 1 UchrirsErer. Tisr^rs. i | Doubles—Greenberg-. Timers. 37; ; Manustt, Senators, and Gehrinser, Tisrers. S4. Triples— Chapman, Tankees. II; JIanush. Senators. 10. Home runs- —Foxx. Athletics, 32^ Johnsoa .Athletics, and Gefcr!^. Stolen basj -2; Fox. Tf Pitchers3: Marberf>-. Timers, 11-3. Xationa! HUGO. — Hugo swamped Paris 14 to 5 to make it,two straisht, on Wednesday afternoon at the Sh ail- By waters park. The same started off like a, bat- Ue'Tvhen-Paris scored first in^th« frame, and held Huso, to take a two run lead- Terry opened with a double and scored on Bailey's double. Bailey crossed the platter a moment later when Spears singled. This was the onlv sustained drive Paris showed however, *nd Hugo put one run over in the second when Brown walked and Westbrook raided the left field boards with a long; double. In the third Hugo scored four walk and single, a double triple, by the top of the batting order, after which Hugo was never headed. V Hugo only outhit Paris ^t to 5 and if the Paris club had" supported Spears with heads-up bas-ball, tht- game would have been much closer as Spears pitched creditably. The Paris defense bog- sed down to let Hugo score Three times on double steals and contributed serera! errors while Huso turned in three double p beJp its pitchers out tight The comedy features of th* occurred whea Young; Sugo'rett*f pitcher, caught John Giliiajoi off first after be hadT walked in" the fifth, inning, Paris .... "00110100—5^3^ Hn 5 o 014 -Sie. Ofe-Hi-4. li'-.2..' Spears and Bos well: Caldwell, Toun s . IVesibrook Rice. Umpires-- Ccrley and affect- 15- *S STARS DELIVERY SANDWICHES BEEH of tin- C*t? PHONE 646 LOV-MAR If you want efficiency and courteous service a? your new combined j office of Assessor and Collector of Taxes, so to the polls Saturday- and vote for Dorothy La timer. Fl-VST - 1.1;: these feoles • Frs.,nc;s, Jr.. "on th* ; af^er sccrlnr birdies and ?;3.s an 5 fotirtli TO up to the tournament series ~' ~ ! ""bich begins on the foll-^winar Tbe -Paris Skeet and Gun Club f Tuesday. Ths g-ames, whicft wifl -viil hold a practice shoot Friday [ be played in Antlers. are*tr» p^rr-st afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the, j-zuacag-ers of both teams to q-uaiify i range* ^.t the Gordon Country club, j r-laye-s for -.articipation in "the: :t has been announced. All marks- j District title playoff. '" ; r.ien are iavited and urged to be | ilcuntaineem are Coins' at 3 fas; • on hand to get in a few rounds i race a,nd local fans ar** ho-^- ^ of practice for the Southwestern. {they will evon the scores 'with th-Ir I 10 be held here in September. K-ir-cient rirals-for the July bade which «*w the Tigers off ths hi a double Visitors spectators are in,•- 1 -ited to be on hand and •watcfc * he shoots at a!t times. The Tex-j "~~ ——— . srsana clob has advised it will! Earl Cotobi Lost to akely iiave a squad here for "Fri- \ day's shoot. \ ~ } ST. Txy •nrhitncy. Marty Braves— Hit tirseJy home | run« in doubJ?- x-Jctory over Reds. I Roy Johnson. Red £03—His | rvinth in^In:; doubJe defeated. Ti- : Fam ISrrd. Taaks^s—Cracked • '-'.it harner with two o» base tn • « :o 4 victory o^er Browsa. ' Ora! HIMebrand. Indiana—Scat- j t-r^d Ath.letJc« 11 hits for .ninth I victory of season. | Ceorg:^ Earnshaw. TVhite SOTC— ! Ts«>;d Senators in check -with se-res • bits. Heal Those Sore Gums Even after Pyorrhes. h; ed your stomach, kidneys |eneral health. Leto's .,___ Kemecy, used as directed can save' you. Dentists recommend it, Dnjsr- jrists return yoor money if it fails.. Palace Drug: Stare.- CALL 401— v^'e will bu? or 'tra6« for your old furniture. Come ia to »ei TT§ Cor the best values tn home fur. H* Baker Funu Co* House Thar Sells Fcr -For Tire ainJ Battery ; Service Across Street from JPostoffloe t*t a* do your U. S- I*. Batteries, I>« Ttrcc BiU 7 * Tire and Battery Service (Sill) Prop. W. F. PLEASANT HILL TO IXJCIS, «V-Earl Com Tartke« ontfstSder. -will ' t0 ib9 >ew Tork clab for rest of the season as rr:xA odist XCT _ S j. HITi*.- — The Meth- I revival. lae^tinsr besrlna her* it :e resast o* t. I^ouis Friday evening, conducted by th* { Rev - .S- S-- S^ r ' o* BrocksFton, 1 i FOR Hard t Proas'?: v;"':xh e-"«;n a, ^a;r - of <:'&5'e* that -»-'o f ji-i bea; 'asit both o f ;>.««* go'fers. so -svc had better ot concede ths? *h= race- 5* br- •s-een them for r.h% trophy tb;.-, ar. Too much car happen bc- -weer, r-o-ar ani2 AUJ^USI S". whcr- The Fans Golf Club with th lias been *.* Combs, who suffered a. sfcuIJ 1 actiir* and a brok-n coHarboc-s I Several young people of -this j wh«r, he crashed into the left field { '-•visjEtiruty have b*en attending a I stand -while leaping to catch a fly ? Koltzsess meeting: -at Cotton^ood j ^alL w-as ir. a serious condition a? I the past ^ceeJc- I a hospital here. " " j The Methodist E-aaday schoci at- I ;en<lajcc« was snrall on account of j : feo cmch Miners in this neicrbbor-f- hood. ~ j! ; Straw. C, T. Jordan and Henry | Brooks of Texarkana -5^'Jth iln3««, i Ben Smith acd vTatt -Wiltiain« sxtg I daug-hter of Paris ri^rSted Jajft Fcl- | day at titc hom«« of Ray AJ%'ord { Fo; Second Term Commissioner Precinct 1 I.KAGCE '.fe 1 ! States, :* su'feri prolos^ed drouth.. As :n the Ja!n*'a;"e as much Azabrosc Peas a^id .fausijy of Rostoa. spent-tb.*w«ek end at the nome of Pink JOillard and iiSss Burnett I>iIZard returned with. them for a visit. He has made her one Comrnis- us a num sioner, arid graded more illes f -".;:la.<;'rlphia mi or Because of the baked-out con«S:- t-oit of th^s 'f.a.*rways. tbo^^h. th*; <J-riv*» ar^ roiling rnach further ;han usual. This, coupled •with the ivjRier ru'«s of t**j'r:g u^ in ;Jje fzirway. tnaj h'ilp t'ne Ecores a. hit bat won't help the stras 1 ir;:o thi Sin- :h«j ringer rather r-rnr for less money. hv Pt-r c sa rfca recor* IS Hi an open book a, ^-ini' as - Brown Tlg;«:-r <»*<;v the Paris not ec i. H unexcell- e gave us value received for <fat«« nave r-it wiii fo* ncy «,« «j*cid«d«»on. boy of club. Exact I a«j*ct*d :^M «« *oon a.« { WOLFE CITY LOCALS I AND PERSONAL NEWS I CITY. — Mrs. C. A. j of Houston is spending the j ( -"feek -with her parents, Mr. *c<3 j I 3>frr, A. Si- SheJton and (Sau^hter i r.Ti«« Mae epent th* e&r!y part of i -.hft treck In Bowie. i ilrs. Hatti« Hundl<%y. on h*sr va- < '.-aupn vteit-etf m Dallas this w-*ek. | Mr. and Mm. Albert E. Milton ! ?-n^ w>n of Anderson. Ir.d., r«!Jttjm. j ed Tu*»da.y after a vi«it with" Mr. | «.n<j Mrs. L* I*. Milton, j Brcc« Cherry of TrtangSe/N. C,. arrived- Monday for a visit with ,r;ty !* tbe pitchSns chores! for team Jn the Creamery must lui hall, Monday Hit by Ball at Picnic It Unconscious COMMERCE.—A Oreen- t nd RRO'.v.\"*5 LOTION Itchtns m sapped 1m- TJtar* b«t«r: ' than fair in our opinion. -Ads. ' «;luu'atft«riuFtic *:5><r of' Jt*ai«irea i at ih« Commerce Trf- County picnic W«dn**4ay afternoon when «hft wa* bit by * ,b*.U r«bouoi4in« from «. "cat raefc," J?b*_ w*j» taken to .th* »WMrM* of x fr»e»d her«, wh«!fe About two ~^^BB Send Your Suits and Dresses to The City Steam Laundry We'll press Master Clean them for onlv and 50c Td. 21-22 Closing Out Patterns price Perfein;

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