The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 30, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 5
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fi «* x THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURC, ILL.. FRIDAY. JANUARY 30..3048 counties i,. ammo 18 Passengers Hurt FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ie contain. Irfatdjticj, 21 | When UniOH Pacific ' ' ·' ' - " ~ * 7 -422 towns. 05 plantations and p . 'Train is Derailed A Captive Merr Nru - CAMKKA ROOM N IK S. Mill St. M ,,.,, _ Very impr-rlanl i n ml NOHTH PLATTK. Neb., Jan. 30 -- r.I) -- The Union Pacific railroads City of San Francisco, castbouiul to Chicago, was derailed 28 miles west of he: re early today, injuring :.i least 18 persons. None of the injured was hurt seriously. Seven other persons \vho were shaken up were examined by physicians but did not ro- quire treatment. Railroad officials said a broken | w!:ccl in the middle u n i t of the LET'S GO! CR. WE'LL LATE 1 FOR. BASKETBAIL ' " ,». mn« Sown brin« ev- M«. jewelry. KOI C l l l S I r , luiiiKif ·' to i" poilltm ·-on .. , K MKTGAU'"S plan lk( -' MttinRs only by »P- "int - ,t is for you.- PCM- ,.,! uiim'iucncc 1280 ! tram caused the | derailment. I PassengC'rs on the train includ- j cd- Hoy Wv, Howard/ New^York, I ol the ScrippVHov/ard newspapers. . .Mrs. Howard; Howard's secretary, lien Foster; Babe Pinclli,' major I league umpire, and Charles J. i Graham, Pittsburgh, president o f ! t!,e Piltsburg and West Virginia Uailway. They were not hurt. LETS GO GIT } MOW ABOUT /ALL- ·A MALT*' /stUPPiN' V MAN ' MOUSE f AM WAMr ·TO GET sowe- ··7* V ALL GOT A RISHT. CUTe IDEA, WPARIM' THOSE SMAWL9 · IT GAVE M6 A WOflONJ. TOO' MOWAU USED TO CARR/ / A SHAWL WER SMEUIrJ' SALTS / WITH , / , AROUND HER. NECK, I POCKETS/ / I WWCN SHE WENT kL _J/~\i RIDIN' IN A HORSELESS CARRIAGE.' Electric Driven Tractor Electrically driven tractors have been tried out successfully in Russia, according to reports Jtrom the Moscow Institute of Mechanization. The tractor is mounted on a standard St.ilinKrud or Kharkov chassis i and is powered by a 54 horsepower ck'ctnc motor. Electricity to operate the !' otor i ; carried by cable lum poi t.i'A- Kei.erating sub-station v. !i. t h uri be moved to convenient locati';!!-- on the f.inn. m WATCH 'E/W MYfS The Daily Resistor, 20c a week. ' In cairier bov ' Hidden Assets The Daily Register. 20c a week. loinsey · %-· are r.ow moving over the new c '··· iiotninq House In the Seters Byilding on the N. E. comer of the Square. ' 7 7 MAVBE 1 I - - - WE WE CAM OU6HTA TA'rs'EN LAV OPF \ BLIMD- TrlE Oi'CX MALTS' THE ' - , \ FOLDED.' IS LIASLE T O E A ROUGH WAIT TILL f.VY OLD SMOT _STAR.T5 "THE' , ^^ vy t^-oo DROP- SHOT. ne SAYS/ WE" ONLY TMIN'O YOU'LL · /?i.TW i rr 7% ^drrz^-'. (Oil 1 * i i . " \ v »\ V U.nWW; WMl V ' r »/ *'COPR 1«B BV SCA SEBVICE IVC T M BCC U S PAT L'lL ABNER The /dee/ of All Red-Blooded American Boys!! By Al Capp March of Dimes Dance , Feb. 2 Money to Be Donated to The March of Dimes Deacon Wathen and His Band AT THE VENICE CLUB Rl. 45 Properly balanced feed is all-" ^ irnponantincggproductioc. »»\ OCCIDENT Layiog Mash is . *; a feed that supplies an abun- _^ dance of thc vitamins, min- ^ crals and proteins that good *^layers need. K e e p O C C I - pENTUyingMash in thc feeder at all times, and watch egg production soar! Holland's Feed Mill! Dorrisville "Phone 220^- GOOD FEEDING IS NO ACCIDENT ITS OCCIDENT VERT V/ELU-lr YOU INSIST, MADAME-I'LL KILL A CRIMINAL FOR YOUR CHILD -- STATION! MAY THlMK THIS is A FISH STORY-BUT; HE'S DEAD AS A YOU HAVE ^^ WRONG, THE.TOWM ^COMMISSIONER ?9 PERCEMT ^. _ 1OO FREE OF .^B PERCENT.''.'' CRIMINALS, ^^ FOSDlCK- THE OFFICE OF A BIG BAMKER- "r ,// y sm A FINE CHIPPENDALE ^ CHAIR-FOR ME-AND THE CARD SAYS- ,, XFROM YOUR ADMIRERS- HOW CHARMING rr SEND IT RIGHT IN .T-- inn Now Work Without Pain For First Time In 5 Years Mr. Phillip Held, Peoria, gets quick relief from acid indigestion and heart burn. ?? ^r The World's Greatest Detective , ^ MHltt. wCMtMHT , .--V » \\ ,, a u BUAXCO I I ^-^-^\ LL BETTER WHEEL SERVICE AT COWER COST ^f- BY DYAMETPJC WHEEL BALANCER Precision balajtam?. usin«? l/nly 2 weights lo each wheel. . PerCcctCpalancc guarantc^i,al airspeeds or no cost io you. ,*· MAKE YOUR TIRES LAST TWICE AS LONG BY HAYING YOL'R WHEELS BALANCED! 0 Doubles Life of Tires « 'Eliminates Wheel Shimmy · Stops Excessive Yibralion · Prevents Costly Repairs f*f\e"T -J'er Wheel V V^ I : J»lus Weights $1.00 You save on. the weights. Other methods of wheel balancing usually call for many more weights. Nash Sales and Service 1:52 W. Poplar ?t. Sales Tel. 119R AS YOU Hf-iM-k FIME. CHIPPEMDALE. CWAIR, BEING DELIVERED TO BAMK PRESIDENT SMULTZ/7 iTHE BANK ROBBED . . -J TS ^^MT^X^^if^l- I UNDER "YOUR, VERY N . - NOS" rr THE v;OR'-C/S y GCA/£-- GREATEST DETECTIVE j STRANGE.'-) "I have suffered from acid indigestion and heart burn for five years.' writes Mr. Held. "It has been impossible for me to cat as 1 wanted to as the food would sour and form gas on my stomach. I have tried many well known medicines but none of them helped me at all but after taking the first bottle of Rentox I was greatly improved. I am now able to work without distress. As soon as I saw the list of ingredients in Rentox I knew that it was what I have been looking for, 1 would recommend Rentox to anyone." Let Rentox bring you quick relief as it gj has Mr. HeM. If you suffer, with gas. ;»| acid indigestion, poor appetite, this ~~f splendid medicine containing 26 in- r)f gredients may be'just what you need. '** By eliminating toxic poisons from the ·£"? system, lack of vitality and energy are TX quickly helped. Helps kidneys ana blad- X TJ der too, thus making it unnecessary to ,".get up nights with the attendant loss of '_, sleep. Why not go to your druggist to- ", day and get a bottle of Rentox. Be sure you get what you ask for, don't be sold a substitute. Atomic Energy Commission Launches Program lo Train Qualified Persons Bv JOSEPH L. MYLER Unitecf Press Staff Correspondent WASIIIXGTON, Jan. 30--(L'JD-- The Atomic Energy Commission DOuDLS-DUTY NOSE DROPS Don't delay! At the first warning Sffll orsnceze. put a fewdrp^s of Vic'is Va-tro-nol m each i.os- tril Fonf used in time. Va-tro-nol helps prevent many colds from develop- ins Relieves head f cold distress fast. \ Trv it! Follow "- ^ rec'tions in package. ^' todav launched an "urgent" mul- ti-mfllion dollar training program to help gear this country for meeting thc menaces and fulfilling the promises of the atomic future. It announced a fellowship program, to be administered by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, for "training quaJified persons for careers in thc medical and biological aspects of atomic energy." Thc commission has set aside about Sl.000,000 for thc first year, plans to appropriate a similar sum for each of the following four or five years, and expects thereafter to put thc training on a permanent basis with sizeable annual expenditures. The essential purpose of the program is to: 1. Create reserves of medical Men's $6.95, $7.25, $7.50, $8.50 WOOL SHIRTS INCLUDING SOLIDS, STRIPES AND PLAIDS IN RED, GREEN, TAN AND BLUE By New Era EW. . V. PARK STORE FOR MEN of an atomic attack. Advance Use of A-Encrgy 2. Overcome the "serious shortage" of persons scientifically trained to cope with thc peacetime industrial hazards of atomic energy such as radiation sickness and uranium or plutonium poisoning. 3 Advance use of atomic energy--in thc form of radioisotopcs --for treatment and plant and animal disease. 4. Spur scientific investigation with radioactive tracers of such mysteries as how plants use the sun's energy to make food and why fcrtifi/crs stimulate plant growth. · 5. Attack the problems of heredity changes as manifested at Hiroshima by thc mutations wrought in germ cells by gamma radiation from exploding atoms. Training Centers In thc first year of thc program thc Atomic Energy Commission hopes lo enroll about 50 nn-dical doctors. 50 doctors of philo-ophy i in thc biological sciences, and about 1100 college or university graduates. Thc post-doctoral fellowships will extend for two years. The 'graduate fellows, who will be trained in "health physics." will be given training of a year or longer. IViuch of thc training work will be done in thc commission's own facilities, including the Krook- ^laxcn. Argonnc. and Clinton Na- lional laboratories and thc various regional laboratories. The universities of Rochester and Chicago, already under contract to the commission, also will be Training centers. U. S. to Reject Soviet Protests on Reopening Air Base WASHINGTON, Jan. 30--U1K-- The United States probably will reject two Russian protests that this country is violating the Italian peace treaty by reopening an air base in Libya and by_ keeping American warships in Italian ports and the Mediterranean. Diplomatic authorities conclud- !ed today that the sudden Soviet i campaign was part of the overall ! general Soviet propaganda pres- ,sure being applied to thc Mediterranean area. American officials said there was a possibility--but no direct evidence yet--that thc Soviet pro- · tests may" be advance moves in J preparation for some new Soviet .gambit in the Balkans. The first Soviet protest charged that reopening of the American- built wartime base at Mellah?. New Tripoli, was in violation of the Italian treaty clause which provides that thc Big Four will decide final disposition of the Italian colonies. The treaty, however, also gives thc British power jto administer thc colonies in the i meantime. IN YOUR TOASTER? Skaggs can fix that or anything else ailing any "style" toaster in quick time! All makes of automatic styles a specialty. FREE ESTIMATES Phone - 37 night, charged that the recent dispatch of more Marines to the Mediterranean and tlie visit of U. S. naval vessels in Italian ports; was a violation of Article 73 of i the treaty which provided for with- j drawal of all armed forces from j Italy. The Daily Register, 20c a week. by carrier boy. ELECTRIC Phone 37 . , : UARRISBURG, ILLINOIS ! The second protest, delivered and made public by the Soviet last GOOD/YEAR - TIRES -" DOM'! _ TAKE A CHANCE! MAKES A BIOWOUT HARMLESS WITH LIFEGUARD SAFETY TUBES The UfeGuord has two a5r chamber*. If thc ifc blow*, only »he oolcr chamber give* woy. Air in thc inner chamber support* the car for a tofe, gradual itop. 213 N. Main St. Wholesale and Retail Home Killed Meats Fresh Fruits Vegetables WE ARE OPEN MORNINGS AT 7 O'CLOCK Fancy (risp Head Lellme, 5 doz. size, solid head, ea.lQc (alii Navel Oranges, extra Ig. 126 size, sweet, dor. 53c Grapefruit. Tex. Seedless, 8 ib. bag 27c; . each 3c Nancy Hall Sweet Potatoes 3 Ibs. 25c Sugar Cured Baton Sq. 35c i Ring Liver Sausage, Ib. 39c Mixed Holland Herring . keg $2.85 TENDER YOUNG BEEF STEAK, Club (ut ... Ib. 69c Our Own BACON, Sugar Cured, Side or Half, Ib. 59c DRIED PEACHES . ib ton J«cw« M ;«:·· No More Drippinj; A drojrrcof faucci, Ir.c v.ashci ol which can be changed v./«houl turning oil thc water, has been developed In England. When changing the r.-sshcr. a special l'i:2 replaces tl.c faucet noxzic: then the top of t'^c faucet can be removed wilhoul leakage. Double washers in thc frjrct prevent dripping. GET THE SURE PROTECTION OF LIFEGUARDS TODAY. WE'll ARRANGE CONVENIENT TERMS. MAC'S GOOD/YEAR STORE 17 S. Main, Harrisbnrg, Pho. H. V. .MrDaniel MATCHES! MATCHES! Matches have advanced from $1 to SI. JO P«r««- have 15 cases lo ell at the old price-- 6 UOX CARTON PeasCarro»s f No.2(an10c|Chiffon Soap Flakes. EarlvJune Peas. No. ZJOcj Clothes Bleach. qS. 10c Coffee, Family Budget, 3 Ib. bag $13 3; . pound 45c syrup, can 25c Peaches, heavy NEWSPAPER!

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