Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1961 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 13
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Thursday, July 6, r t A A Another Try to Set Up Loos Talks By RENE-GEORGES INAGAKI VIENTIANE, Laos (AP)-Gcn. Nosavan, military leader Saenger of the pro-Western Laotian government, said today steps are under way to set up another meeting of the nation's three political princes to irap out a coalition regime for (he divided kingdom. Phoumi, who returned from the United States Tuesday, expressed confidence a national union regime will be formed by the pro- Western, neutralist and Communist factions. "There should be no difficulty," he told reporters. It was all newsmen could do to keep straight faces. Phoumi and Premier Prijice Bonn Otim flew to (he royal capital of Luang Prabang to report to King Savang Vathana on the recent talks in Zurich with Prince Souvanna Phouma, (he neutralist leader, and Prince Souphanou- vong, chief of the pro-Communist Pathet Lao rebels. Phoumi said he was very satisfied with his Washington trip because it gave him a chance to i explain "all we did at Zurich, SUSPENSETTE A Short Short Storv ROBOT RACE By RU5S WINTERBOTHAM Gambler Ace Quick made a study of mathematics, which jmado him well nigh unbeatable in I games of chance. He knew how to ;figure probabilities from zero lo infinity. many amateur and pro- 1961 ky NEA, Geneva and Vientiane." Souphanouvong in Peiping today j repeated his demand that Souvan- i na Phouma head the coalition, and he generally is expected to get the post. Some quarters still believe Phoumj hopes to convince the king to head the proposed coalition, but Souphanouvong has said the king would not be acceptable because his position is sacred and above politics. ROUND STEAK Lb. BRANDED SMALL SIDE Stew Meat 4 U*. 1.00 Dry Salt Lb 29c SWIFT'S PREMIUM WHOLE CUT UP FRYERS 55 65 ARKANSAS MAID THICK or THIN SLICED BACON 2 - 99- c ea PURPLE HULL Peas 2 ub, 25c Potatoes 25 i bs . 89c HOME GROWN LEMONS oo Do*, l^j MELLORINE CORN CHASE AND SANBORN INSTANT COFFEE HUNT'S 20*. Jar 29c PEACHES 4 No. 2i (Halves) i PACIFIC ^ Mackerel 2 c ans 33c CHEF BOY-AR-DEE SPAGHETTI — Meat Balls 2c 3Q0 n 0s 43c Alcohol Pt. 10c BAMA PEANUT Butter 3 E 99c WRIGLEY Gum Pkgs. lOc PUREX * 19c I Gal. 37C DIXIE CREAM Meal 25 ^ 1.00 PURE Lard Lbs. 59c BRYCE'S CHERRY — APPLE PIES Each 79C BISCUITS 3 c °-° 25c DANNIE HAMILTON + FOOD CENTER + 206 Eos* Second St, - FREE DELIVERY - Phone 7-3611 * i v» WGWW The speeds of the robot horse and the robot man could be regulated. fessionnl ninthomaticians lie had heard of a classical race between a man and a horse—or possibly it was the I'amous hare-tortoise handicap that Aesop (old about. In tliis derby Hie horse could run twice as fast as the man and the man therefore was given a handicap of half the distance between the spot where the horse would start and the finish line. When (he horse readied (he ma's starting position, the man had already covered half of his remaining distance. When the horse reached three fourths of his journey, the man was seven- eighths home, and the ratios progressed with (he man always one- half the remaining distance ahead of the horse. Greek mathematicians contended that the man would win, because theoretically (he horse would never catch up. But the Greeks probably had never staged suc'h a race. Modern mathematicians, using calculus which was unknown to the Greeks, pointed out that it is the man would remain ahead up to the finish line, but the end of the race would be a dead heat. The sum of all the distances the man traveled ' ahead" of the horse would never equal one-half the distance the horse ran. However, at the finish, the horse would catch up. Ace figured the probabilities and decided to stage the race under ideal conditions. It would bo impossible to find a horse and a man who would run at exact speeds, therefore he must use mechanical substitutes—a robot horse and a robot man, whoso speeds could be carefully regulated. He had the robots built, he employed expert surveyors to lay out the course, measuring the distance to be traveled exactly, and 'dividing it in half. Instead of a standard finish line. Ace used a beam of light. Electronic 1 cells, known as "electric eyes" were placed in the robot horse and man and these would register the exact moment each finished I lie nice. In (he event of a dead heat, both would register simultaneous impulses. Ace Quick then pointed out that three results were possible: Either the robot horse or robot man could win, or (here might be a tie. lie expected the majority of mathematicians (o bet on the dead heat, but much to his surprise, they bet that the man would win. They were upholding the classical mathematics of the Greeks. A few be( on the horse, and a few bet on a dead heat, after figuring out the possible results by calculus. The race was staged. The mathematicians collected because the man won. "Why?" asked Ace Quick. "Although everything was mechanically perfect," said a mathematician, "you overlooked one point." "And what was that?" "The light beam had thickness" said the mathematician. "If the finish line were mathematically perfect, it would have had no thickness. But that's impossible for even the smallest beam. An infinilestimal hair-breadth of the beam projected on both sides of the imaginary, zero-width finish line. The man would remain ahead right up to the finish, but jhe touched the line a very small fraction of time ahead of the horse." "A litlte knowledge is a dangerous thing," said Ace Quick. (THE END) Osteopaths Meet CHICAGO .(A! 5 '— Arkansas delegate to the American Osleopalhic Association House of Delegates which meets here July 0-12 will be Dr. 11. V. Glenn of Stuttgart. Alternate delegates is Dr. John K. Rye of Fort Smith. The liuusu of Delegates if the American Osteopathic Association's policy making BUTTER BEANS TENDER, JUICY Lb. Fresh 15 Fresh Home Grown Purple Hull PEAS Lb 15c Homo Grown Yellow Squash 2 u, 15c YELLOW RIPE BANANAS Lb. 10 FRESH DRESSED GRADE A FRYERS Lb. 23 SMOKED JOWL MEAT 4 u, 1.00 COUNTRY STYLE MIX SAUSAGE ,. b , 1.00 BRISKET STEW MEAT 4 Lb , 1.00 FRESH CUT OUT NECK BONES 5 a, 75c GENUINE CALF LIVER Lb . 49c STEAKS Choice Baby Beef RIB Ib. 55c SIRLOIN lb.69c BEEF ROAST or RUMp DEL MONTE SUGAR PEAS 51. KIM TOILET TISSUE 4 £'. 29c MACKEREL , Lb .o, n 19c MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE 1 Lb. Can 59c PURE AS SNOW (Largo Bowl Free) FLOUR 25 Lb,1.69 CHEERIOS PURE LARD 2 7 Oz, Boxes 8 £ 1.09 MELLORINE Gal. 39 HUMKO SHORTENING 3 £ 79c NABISCO CRACKERS , u, BO* 25c KIMBELL'S GOOD QUALITY SALAD DRESSING Qt 39c 5 Snsl.OO DEL MONTE YELLOW CREAM CORN SUGAR VINEGAR DEL MONTE TUNA 4 <*» LOO Gal. 39c All Flavors, Betty Crocker CAKE MIX BISCUITS OLEO WE DELIVER PHONE 7-4404 111 S. MAIN ST. HOPE, ARK.

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