The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 7
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Negro Youth Seen 'New Breed' THE M H S . Frederick. War-viand Thursday, September 7, 19C7 A-7 By AUSTIN SCOTT Associated Pres* Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- H Rap Brown, angry, volatile, and oniy 23, drew himself up to his full, imposing six-feet-plus and showered his Cambridge, Md , audience with bitter words "If this town don't come around, this town should be burnt down," he shouted Le^s than 24 hours later, four squa-e blocks of the small city had been reduced to scorched rub ble, and National Guardsmen patrolled the streets In Detroit a midd'e-aged Negro housewife looked from her front porch past 12 fire- blackened chimneys where homes for her neighbors had stood She wondeied aloud how the Negro teen-agers gathering on what was left of 12th Street--youngsters the same ape as r ier two daughters--could call the destruction ' beautiful ' A Negro policeman in Brooklyn N Y , glanced around a main intersection at the ply- woad fronted stores that testified to nighttime violence and recalled what had impressed him "I ?aw a lot of people who .verf a n g t y that night ' he said "Al' under 14 " " Why should these youngsters £orn into an era of concern over C'vil rights unmatched in the Oast century, be angrv "I wish I knew the police man said We try every way five know to reach them We even bought them 25 mats so thev c'nild practice karate But r e don't reach them They use us when thev need us ' Radio ' TV ·Highlights , B C Y N T H I X LO\\R\ I \P Television Radio \Vnter t NEW YORK ( A P ) -- ABC and t,~ introduced som e new mem- fceis ot tneir television lamihes Tuesday nigru and two of them loaned iathei liKe nsvv model-. ti ether season s shows G a u i s o n s Goril as on Ai3^_ was the hist p e m u i e OL tie Jicw iiei.vorK season and its fo rna. is evidently a blend of ele- intnts that h-ne worked "well--and often--before · The recipe consist^ of o"e !part Combat --men at w a r J i m f j i i i s b ille s spraying aro_nd lots o. dying Nazis and ·on- pai. Missun impossibl tr even Jericho --specialists iun toogn assignments - Gairison is the commanding f , i f c w i -- the w at den of a te^m of four convicts with spe ,al skills including ouigl r\ Swindling assault and picking ·po keis, parolee 1 fot e x t i a o i d i n a r y military duty But where Mission Impossi ble emphasizes the slick way , L b tec-rn pulls ofi ' j u g i j o i s ' Garrison s Gonllas /oomed in -IP conflict a n d v i e j sctnn; to t i a i n s hand to hand c mbai nd of c o u r s e b i d g u v s bv the score shot down bv ma ch ne gun b u r s t s Ron Harper plavs the t i t l e i ole and his team are four g HI ··loo ing v o u n g men all .' i s to television CBS s Good Moining \ \ o t l d * s an obvious at'empt to r e c a p ·"lure the spirit and mood of the ; Van D v k e Shjvv w h i c h · would be nice to h a v e It has a ^ n i m b e r of the same behind the-camera people including ' C rl Reiner and Sheldon Leon ard This tme w e h a v i t w o p e r s m able w i s e c r a c k i n g disc j w k e v s " w i t h a w a k e up r a d i o sh w I h p tmieie was built aiouncl a gifl ',sv eater that un u e l e l But " t h i s was a d e v i c e on w h i c h to * build a n u m b e r of p i e tv f u n n v " s c e n e s One had Jobv Baker the rrarne 1 n u m b i i of tin L e m t r y i n g to r e t u r n the m e s s '. ( w jol t ) the ha )ei a islu i and ; although the habei d a s h e r had · all ths lints it canu oT v n \ J well Ronnie c chell as Bakei s » co star had little to do in i first program ' The Dick Van D v k Sb u ,vas such a slow s ' a i t e i it was Imost canceled and t 1 v n a htt'e time Good M o i n i n g Worl 1 mav also CM ' p n t'i viewer s hearts \ first impres si"n is that Billy De Wo fc pi i irg a ch loric radio stall in O A P er Tiav walk off w i t h the c IPH dy honors ABC's \ Y P » ' dls-) h ' its first show but since it " il ctrd w i ' h G )')d M u n m · World " will be reviewed here next wrrk CB c 's Red Skelton came back fo r his 17th television s as n with his buil. in cast if chara ters and mirvelous pint m c tjVjiJe \s usual Red was f u n n * and the musical nnmbers wer imaginative and attractive "Hollywood I alace' IT n -d ABC's Tuesday night lineup with a handsome giv and fr° quentlv very funnv varietv ho-r The bes* moments were ho«st Bing Crosby and Milton Berle breaking u n gennmely breaking up a rare moment in television wh^r, breakups are w r i t t r n on the c'e caTls^at Jimnnv IVira" 1 *"' 1 : rlowninu It oupht to do well m its new time perix! SPAPLRl Scenes like this, together with countless others less vident, pointed up m recent wcks whal some observers say is a new mood, among young Negroes in the big city slums As violence spread last month to cities of all sizes across the nation in a pattern no one could predict, the big question was whether the angry young Negroes who dominated televi sion screens and headlines real i touched responsive chords in laige numbers of their friends and neighbors The question can be answered definitively only as time passes, Tor the mood on the streets of Harlem and Hough, in the alleys .f Detroit and Los Angeles, is "onstant'v changing But there . re signs that unless 2normous i hanges in slum conditions rome quickly the answer will 1 e yes The biter language of Rap Crown would have been dis "issed ive years ago even in Harlem as t'ne mflamatory ·treet corner preaching of an xtremist But his name drew applause 'ast month at a Black Power most part bv moderates and militants who were both well ed- :i?nference attended for the ncated and well-off financially "I bo"e you don't expect me to rap Rap " a pert Harlem firl of 18 told a reporter "He's unda crazv--but it s a feel-good crazy ' The mood extends into Negro ·Alleges where adm nistrators eport black nat'onabst blocs Jormant since the davs of Mar cus Garvev in the Ii20's, are growing In mid-lle-class Negri homes parents whose chi'dren Consider hem conservative sometimes echo the sent ments of the mih- 'ants 'America Hist must find neans to imolement all Ihe glo- rious slogans it has voiced but not achieved IP. the centuries since its founding " one schoolteacher wrote to her adult son ,ast week ' Minorities of all hues and stations are tired waiting Maybe your grandchildren will be able to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the F'ag without the feeling of revulsion I get as I say 'with libeity and justice tor all' " 'Without question there is a new breed of Negro American vouth," said Negro sociologist Or Kenneth Clark Those who are "assertive insistent, demanding, volatile," are a minority, he said, but a ·mnonty winch "cannot be ignored and which may well determine the lutuie of American race relations " The effects of those who are assertive, insistent, demanding, volatile" are already seen--and worried about--from California, where a group of voung Negroes carrying guns inarched into the state legis'a- tive chambers, to the Howard Un versity rebellion in Washing f o n over administration guide- i nes on racial matters It took youth patrols n Bos- ion Dayton and Tampa earlier tiis vear to smother the fires of racial unrest fanned by other vouths Mayar Frank A Sedita 3f Buf fab acknowledged that no adults could speak for the angry youth of his citv when he agreed ,n June to a two-hour grievance session with 200 Negro teenagers in a YMCA auditorium Young Negro women with then hair cropped in the 'natur- il unstiaightened -,tvle asso- n i ·' with Africa '·an be seen all over Harlem any day The style is s'owly spreading to other Negro slums, along with African-derived styles of dress Af- raican culture centers and Afro-American bookstores, long ixtures m Harlem, are spring* ng up in places like Buffalo They i eport a thriving business in the works of Marcus Garvey, the late Malcolm X, nationalist poet and playwright LeRoi Jones, Franz Fanon, an nti-calomal Algerian doctor, ind the speeches of Stokefy Carmichael The tendency to question fundamental American values is ^een as important by Donald R Hopkins, 30, a Negro, assistant dean of students at the Uruversi- tv of California at Berkeley "They do not accept the ghb issumption of the older civil rights leaders that the fate of Megro and white Americans is inextricably intwined and that' he future of the Negro is the 'u- 'uie of America," he has written ago, Negro youths of this gener- i tion are not preoccupied with racial integration as such chey are piimanly concernel w,th the health and safety o black communities they don t dig Whitney Young they don t dig Rov Wilkins and unt'l ne came out strong'y against the war in Vietnam they didn't lig Martin Luther King "Their heroes, o rintellectual progenitors, to be more exact ire (W E B ) DuBois, Garvey, Malcolm X and Carnuchael " Other authorities say that Hopkins' words aoplv not so · outh today as to the potential much to the masses of Negro Negro 'eade.s of tomoiio.v AP Wirephoto RACING THE FLAMES - Two fire f.ghters on the line at the r « them - to *"«*** soot where the flames broke through the line to trap a bulldozer as they roared down Lake Piru recreational area brush fire Wednesday run, with a narrow ravine outzahn's DEPARTMENT STORE If There's A Wrinkle. 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