Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 70
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 70

Phoenix, Arizona
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Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 70
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'Charismatic renewal? spreads in Valley ALL EDITIONS ii f. i. . * . . , -Priest believes Catholic Pentecostal movement brought him spiritual awakening .!*» . t . . ^*^^ By GENE LUPTAK Republic Religion Editor The Rev. Francis Babbish, who is- involved in the grow* ing Roman Catholic Pentecos^ 15 tal movement, *aid this week > that for 17 years as a priest ;iinhe was, only "two^hirds of a .„ Christian." ... ,tv The priest, senior chaplain r- at St. Joseph's Hospital, said . 0 ,,.he "served the Lord with my intellect and, my will but not • r "-'Mth rhy heart." This was changed on June "' :i 20, 1S70, Father Babbish said, ; j .,: when he knelt 6n the floor at a Catholic Pentecostal prayer meeting, allowed laymen in •?"••• the' room to lay hands on him •? K and through communal pray-. ^'••er he experienced the "bap-, «v, tism with the Holy Spirit." r , ! ' Imniediately, he said, he J.," began "epeaking in tongues," y ,an experience when the Holy Spirit takes over and allows a person to utter a language of $'.: which, the -speaker has no 5.- knowledge. • :; < >. T Father Babbish is one of .,_. thousands of Catholic laymen, >!*••• priests and even bishops in % the nation who have, experi- # enced the "baptism- with the ~ Holy Spirit,," dn' expression that Father Babbish describes as "the coming to the fullest . of the Christian life." I I t I Earlier this month, 22,000 Catholic Pentecostals gathered at the University of No- tre Dame in South fiend, Ind., for their annual conference. The number of participants doubled since the 1972 session. ' It is estimated that several hundred Catholics have joined the Pentecostal movement, also called charismatic renewal, in the Valley. Each week, Catholic Pentecostals gather in prayer groups in Valley C a.t nolle churches, centers and homes. They sing praises to God, pray and even hold healing services. Six months ago, the Most Rev. Edward A. McCarthy, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, appointed the Rev. Ernest E. Larkin of Kino Institute as an official adviser to the movement and liaison with the diocese. Bishop McCarthy and Father Larkin were both out of the state this week, but a diocesan spokesman said the bishop looks favorably on the movement. "Anything that sponsors prayer and devotion to spiritual matters and principles is to be encourage d," the spokesman said. Catholic Pentecostals interviewed this week said that the experience of "baptism with the Holy Spirit" has drawn them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Point of view ,-, ^ , •• 1 millions oi Jews ' ' It * . ^By RABBI ALBERT PLOTKIN , ; ' ' Temple Beth Israel The appearance of ihe general secretary of the Soviel Union,: Leonid Brezhnev, brings to all of us the plight of the Jew in Russia. The Jewish population behind the Iron Curtain is second Plotkin 2""in number only to the Jewish,community in America. Three *• ' million Jews are under. Soviet domination. The word Jew there is eouated once again with ".traitor," "enemy of the people," and "conspirator." Their sole crime is Jewishness. According to Soviet iaw, antiTSemitism is a crime against the state. Yet it persists today fostered by "government policies. Many Soviet cartoonists picture the Star of David, the American dollar and the Nazi swastika as one. Through out' the Soviet Union all types of pamphlets are distributed in which Zionism and Israel are identified with Nazism, while the Jews in the Soviet Union are portrayed as happy and content. ... IN VIEW OF THIS obvious-anti-Semitism, the Jewish communities throughout the world cannot, remain silent. During • the last world war, when Jews remained silent, six million of their people were exterminated. Now, three million face , spiritual extinction. We have been guilty more than once of £ failure to be concerned, of failure to cry out, and failure may v jjave become our habit.Once a person has commited a sin and then repeats it, it no longer appears to him as a sin. The old tragedies make it possible for us to forget the new ones. The Jews-of the Soviet Union only ask for justice, for the fright to be what they are, and to be true to their faith and heritage. Their cry is like that of Moses who stood before Pharoah 3,500 years ago and poured forth his voice: "Let £ my people go!" * Jews of the Soviet Union want to leave so they can live in * Israel where they are wanted and needed. They ask only £ for that basic right to live in a land where they are wel- | come. But they must pay a price to the Soviet state for their | education. If they are scientists, college graduates, or have •^received any kind of higher education, they must pay an exit £.s* tax that is a form of ransom. It is extortion that is discrimi- £*-natory and inhuman. fc THE TEST OF THE humanity of a human being is the i degree to'.which he is sensitive to the suffering of other £ people. This is the deep meaning of Jewish history; the * destiny of all Jews is at stake in the destiny of every Jew » and the destiny of all men is at stake in the destiny of every £ man. * Three million Jews will not be blackmailed into spiritual suicide. They-may pretend to be silent, but now they speak out in protest for their dignity and the right to be Jewish. The issue, of human rights and human dignity seem to be trivial in terms of the Skylab and many international problems. Soviet Jews are in distress and those who speak out are being placed in prison or in the army. Every American Jew must cry out to their brothers in Russia that they are not forgotten, for their affliction is our affliction. We are involved in their plight, and we know that to ignore their suffering is to betray our dignity and,integrity. We want peace with the Soviet Union but we shall not keep quiet on behalf of Soviet Jewry. We shall not keep our peace until Soviet Jews are granted their basic right. The time to act is now! » v ,«, v Minister of music to present concert Parrell Archer, a singer and minister of music and youth at Orangewood Church, of the Naz|rene, will present a concert at 6:30 p.m. Sunday in the church, at 2728 W. 0 r- angewood. Archer, who has written than 300 songs, has traveled the last 2V4 years resenting concerts through- tjt the natipn in churches ftd schools 'and before youth failles, civic clubs and conv- ROYAL PALMS BAPTIST CHURCH NOW MUTING AT 6801 N. 43rd Avtniit Hear: Royal P«lms Family Pulpit KTAR TV Sundays 1-8:30 A.M. Pastor Or. George H. Harris SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES Bible Study 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship ..II :QO A.M. Christian Training ...5:30 P.M. Evening Worship ..,.6:40 P.M. Mid-W«<ik Prayer Meeting THUR5. 7P.M. The Rev, Francis Babbish They said their lives have taken on new. meaning and they have received peace of mind and joy. "Jesus has become a personal Savior rather than a historical memory," Father Babbish said. The priest said that before he became, involved in the movem.ent, he "felt that something was lacking in my spiritual development." "There is a misconception of some people Who believe that priests are little gods and they don't have any needs," Father Babbish said. 'While at the prayer meeting 'three ^years ago ;in San Jose, Calif.,.; he said hie.asked the 25 laymen, tliere to pray for him. ' ' After the experience,; the priest said, he had "for the Mrs. Klley Miller first time a real sense to love my feliow - man." a thirst to read the "sacred Scriptures" and a deeper concern for others. . ' "Even my singing voice took on a quality that wasn't there before," he said, adding that his Christian life took on a "heart dimension" to corrt- p 1 e m e n t him serving God with his intellect and will. Father B a b'b i s h warned, however, , that some people within and outside the move- Larry Pesta ment place "entirely too much emphasis on praying in tongues." "I tell people who have been baptized with the Holy Spirit that they don't have to pray in tongues but they can," Father Babbish said. "Even people in it (the Pentecostal movement) don't use spiritual maturity (in regard to speaking in tongues)," he said. "It's a new thing, a novelty, and peo- THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC Phoenix, Sat., June 30, 1973 B-9 pie tend to use (speaking in tongues) like children." Mts. kiley Miller, secretary to Jerry Burns, communication director for the Diocese of Phoenix/ said she received the baptism . with the Holy Spirit more than a year ago after taking classes on the movement at the Franciscan Renewal Center. it Was later while in private devotions, she said, ste began to speak in tongues. She said that she believes it is wiser to usev "the gift of speaking in tongues" while alone. She described speaking in tongues as a "real confirmation that the Holy Spirit is dwelling" within her. "The change in my life is that I have a great love to read the Bible and a total commitment to Jesus Christ," . she said. "I don't feel I'm sea re hi n g anymore, I've found the Lord." Mrs. Miller said she prefers to be called a "Spirit-filled Christian" rather than a Pentecostal. She said that since her experience, "It has put heart into . . . all my Catholic training." "This C a t h ol i c training makes sense and I have a very deep love for the Holy Eucharist," she said. La"rry Pesta, 22, a staff member at the Franciscan Renewal Center, said he became baptized with the Holy Spirit two years ago after it was explained to him by stu- Republic photo bv Kevin Scofield Buddhist festival Four of the children who danced in the Buddhist Obon festival at 4142 W. Clarendon last Sunday are Stephanie Tomooka, left, 13; Beverly Ann Matsumoto, 6; Amanda Pacheo, 8, and Eric Kawamoto, 3. The 2,000-year-old festival, attended in Phoenix by about 400 persons, featured devotions, offerings and feasts. Ci)ureJ)e£ ©f "YE SNAIL KNOW THE TRUTH" Channel 3 Color —Sunday APACHE JUNCTION S. Grand Ave. W, E. Hardestv Jr., Minister •Itale study *;45 A.M. Worship 10:4$ A.M. * 7 P.M. Wednesday 7:30 P.M. CAMELBACK 5225 E. Canralback Bible Study »:30 A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. Sun. EV«. worship wQO P.M. Wednesday 7:30 P.M. CHANDLER 445 N. Alma School Road Sanlord Tune, Minister Worship 10:2$ A.M. * 4:00 P.M. Bible School 1:30 A.M. Wednesday 7: Op P.M. 1003 E. Portland Edwin Whit*, Minister Bible School »:30 A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. t ( P.M. Wednesday 7:30 P.M. GOODYEAR 10 MA LINDA and LA JOLIA Robert Hand Jr., Ey«n«elisl Bible $tudV »:« A.M. WOfShip 19:45 A.M. « «:30 P.M. 7:30 P.M. NORTHWEST 7654 N. 19th Avenue W. D. Hunt Jr., Minister Worship 10*0 A.M. & <:00 P.M. Wednesday 7:30 P.M. Bible Study MS A.M. SOUTHWEST 39th Av«. & Encanto Ted Cline, Minister Bible Study 9:45 A.M. Worship 10:40 A.M. & (:00 P.M. Wednesday 7:30 P.M. BASELINE ROAD 749 E. Baseline Rd. Phoenix 85040 Ph. 2*8-4131 Services In English * Spanish Sunday: Bible Study 9:30 A.M. Thurs. Mid-week 7:30 P.M. Worship; 10:30 A.M. Evening 4:00 P.M. SUNLAND Uevd R. Br«nts, Minister Bible Classes »:3« A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. I 6:00 P.M. Wednesday 7:30 P.M. TEMPE 707 — Broadway Sonald Bryant. Minister Sunday School » A.M. WORSHIP 1« A.M. Wed" BOB HAMPTON Minister Bible Study >:QO A.M.-Worshlp 10:00 A.M. » f:00 P.M.-WedS. 7:30 P.M. " TRUTH" * va - 7:3 * * •**• * TAR « OKC I fill 111 00 Sunday 4 A.M.-Ch«nn»l 12 United Presbyterian FIRST West Monroe between Fourth and Fifth Avenues 234-4354 10:00 A.M. "GOD, WATERGATE AND YOU" Mr. Vogel Preaching 10:00 Church Classes through Primary 2 Charles R, Ehrhardt, D.D., William Vogel Roy K. Shtpler, Robert L. Harner, III, Minister* MEMORIAL 955-4270 4141 E. Thomas Rd. Thomas Mall A Tower Plaia Neighborhood Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Nursery through Kindergarten WORSHIP 9:30 A.M. "STOP. LOOK AND LISTEN" Harry Griffiths • John Fredrick ORANGEWOOD 7321 N. lOthSt—944-1 508 Worship 9:30 A.M. "WHAT DOES THE SABBATH DO FOR YOU?' Eugene Lefebvre, Pastor 3421 N. Hayden Ph. f4M2»7 SCOTTSDALE WORSHIP AND CHURCH SCHOOL 9:30 A.M. "CHILD OF LAW* CHILD OF GRACE" (Luke 15:11-32) If HI I CV *W E> Mcpgnald Or. VALLCl m-7710-scottsdai* Dr. Kilgor*, Donald A. Wright, Ministers SUMMER SCHEDULE Of WORSHIP 9:30 A.M. ONLY "It's HEN GOOD TQ KNOW YOU" Dr. Kilgore preaching 7712 K. JJth AV«, Herbert N. Christ, Pastor forshlp «;4i A.M. Nursery * Kindergarten Provided CAMELBACK 4434 N. Mth St. . Worship and Church School 10 A.M. Thoma» i. Fisher/ Pailor Lincoln Dr. and Pal? Crist! CHRIST United Pr«sbyterian »440 W. Indian seh. Rd. WORSHIP 10:00 A.M. • Pastors; Michael Moxnats, Willis Hacker M4-J3H COVEMAJIT 1214 E. Virginia A,ve. STANLEY V. ANDERSON, Pastor HURCH SCHOOL t:li A.M.-WOR5HIP 10:30 A.M. MORNINCSIDE 200} f. Roosevtit. Bruce compton, Pastor 10 A.M. Sunday School for all Ages 10:30 A.M. Worship, Nursury t Junior-Church NORTHMINSTER Worship ».-» A.M.; Church School U:W A.M. Weslown Area 13001 N. 35lh AVI. Robert F. ClarK, Pastor UNIVMMTY'"(TEMPI) .»**•«** Worship t Church School 9:30 A.M. llfffCTMIIICTKR * 73 ? N - " ft691 nllll91RK Donald E. Ltavltt, P«tw WORSHIP AND CHURCH SCHPOL 10 A.M. W dents at Arizona State Uni- foftable worshiping with Pro- versity. testants. He said that although some Catholic Pentecostals leave the church, most of them stay and "become more involved in the Catholic Church." "In college, I got fed up with Catholicism because it didn't have Jesus as a person," Pesta said. "I was trying to find Jesus." Since the experience, he said, barriers between Protestants and Catholics have been torn down and he feels cbm- Both he and Father Babbish feel the Catholic Pentecostal movement in the Valley is mostly sparked by laymen with few priests taking part in it to give leadership and guidance. Consequently, Pesta said, many Catholics go to Protestant Pentecostal services. "It would be good for the Catholic Church to have Pentecostal-type masses," Pesta said. Pentecostal beginning traced back to 1890s The modern Pentecostal movement started in the 1890s under the leadership of such men as Methodist minister Charles Parham. Parham acknowledged his own ministry was feeble compared to the ministry of the Apostles in the First Century of the Christian Church. He gathered with him 40 students in a Topeka, Kan., building to study and pray that they, top, might learn the missing ingredient they believed their church no longer possessed. After months, nothing happened. The group determined to duplicate as much as possible the events described in Acts and the Letters of Paul, praying for the fift of tongues and using the "laying on of hands" with prayer. One of the students began to speak in "a flow of syllables which none of them could understand," according t o Robert Sherrill, writing in "They Speak With Other Tongues." From this beginning sprang the Pentecostal movement which developed into churches such as the Churches of God, Assemblies of God, Church of the Foursquare Gospel and Pentecostal Holiness Church. Denominational churches through the years generally looked askance at the movement and named followers "holy rollers." However, in recent years, there has been a new wave of Pentecostal activity that has touched most of the traditional chinches. Roman Catholics, trace this movement to two Catholic laymen at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, in 1966. They sought for a spiritual renewal in their own lives and, after praying for several months, they encounctered the Holy Spirit in the same way Parham and his group had. The Rev. Francis Babbish, senior chaplain at St. Jose p h 's Hospital, explained that when a person is "baptized with the Holy Spirit" he immediately receives the nine "gifts" of the Holy Spirit as mentioned in I Corinthians 12. These are wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, working of miracles, prophecy, discer- ment of spirits, speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues. Languages Stymie would-be ASU grad Larry Pesta, 22, lacks only one three-credit course to earn his bachelor's degree at Arizona State University. But he said for the past two years he has been so involved in the Pentacostal movement and its practice of "speaking in tongues" that he has not taken that one last course. The three credits he needs are in foreign language. For Information Phone Arizona Baptist Convention—244-21*1 The Church with the Open Bible The Church with the Open Bible Palmcroft Baptist Church 1.529 W. McDowell Ph. 252-4828 Pastor G. Ross Laidlaw PREACHING SERVICES Dr. LeRoy Thomas — Guest Speaker 8:30.&. I 1:00 a.m. — .. "A PSALM OF WORSHIP" 9:45 a.m. Sunday School for all ages 6:00 p.m. — "THE IMPORTANCE OF NOW" Wednesday—Family Night Accent on Youth—Music A The Word of God The Church with the Open Bible Tin Church with the Open Bible BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH 2120 N. 7th St. Ph. 2S2-72I* Children's Churches and Nurseries Sunday School 9:45 A.M. 11:00 A.M. "RUSHES TO BUSHES" * P.M. "GOD'S ORDER FOR THE HOME" The Lord's Supper Wed. 7:U P.M. Family Night Rev. Albert Van Kiev, Minister of Visitation Wendell M. Graham Pastor TEMPI—FIRST BAPTIST "Temporary Address— McCllntock Hi School" S.S.-»:4S a.m., Wed.-7:15 p.m. Worship 11 A.M. A < P.M. Hubert L Verrlll, Pastor 1st BAPTIST, DEER VALLEY 17802 N. 21st Ave. 942-27*3 Rev. Maynard Kulp S.S. »:45 A.M., Church 11:00 A.M. A 7 P.M., Wed. Ev. 7:00 P.M. WEST HIGH BAPTIST CHURCH 3301 N. l(th Ave. 2*5-4127 Nursery at All Services Pastor, WESLEY A. DARBY Christian Ed. Dir. JOHN BECHTLE 11 A.M. A 7 P.M. Rev. Sallm Tannous of Lebanon; 7 P.M. VBS Program SUN CITY-YOUNGTOWN 11230 Alabama Ave. S.S. f:30, Worship 10:30 A.M. 7 P.M. Justin D. Knorr, Pastor AMBASSADOR HEIGHTS 2721 West Maryland Church 11 A.M. & * P.M. Jerry C. Fogitance, Pastor Dayton Kltterman, Youth Pastor OSIORN ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH 4312 W. Osborn Rd.—278-J443 Pastor William Fouche-»»2-»14» FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH (02 East Baseline "Temporarily at Mfn. View SDA Ch." Rev. Ronald J. Turk—(?4I-17I4) PARADISE VALLEY 11025 N. 34th St. Burdette Hammer Free Bus Service—S.S. f;4S Worship 11 a.m., 6 p.m., Wed, 7 p.m. CALVARY CATHEDRAL 1744 West Hatcher Rd., S. Slope. Rev. W.D. Peterson, Pastor 543-1030 liMtLliti JHD 'Betid UNMl W*i ? M*. Th« 014 rirtiltmJ Prtytr MMMnf* 'If Us BI»IE You Want Try NOTE: NEW TIME CHANGES SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:15 A.M. MORNING SERVICE 10:30 A.M. EVENING SERVICE 7:00 P.M. GLENDALE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 7317 N. *1sl Avenue Phone »3M441 Dr. C. I- TUCKER pastor REV. K. H. WILCOXSON Chr. Ed. ' STEVE BLANKA Youth Director Bible $chool »:4S A.M. Worship 1:30 * 11 A.M. Youth Hour «:0t P.M. Evening Service 7:01 P.M. Wednesday Bible Study i. Prayer 7:30 P.M. Crusaders (ages 4 through 12) 7:» P.M. Thursday i:4S P.M. Christian Service Brlgadi i Pioneer Girls' Pro»r»m SERVICES WORTH DRIVING FORI CEPRIC SEARS, PASTOR Franklin Wiley, Assoc. Ota Gava**, P-C-E. 1st BAPTIST of SUNKYSLQPE 10202 CAVE CREEK ROAD SERVICES BIBLE SCHOOL f:4i A.M. MORNING WORSHIP .... 11:MA.M. YOUTH HOUR e:H P.M. EVENING HOUR 7;N P.M. WEP- FAMILY MIGHT 7:*| P.M. Nursery During AH Services

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