The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON N F. W S j COLOR IT NEW WITH j i "DIAMOND DYES" Ili-iiiUiiu! Inn)-" ri v oiiiL' :i]nl t int - i.tlh >M iv 1 t. h Dijunnlid V)y .hi.*: illf* in r*uld \viii«r in Mm ron. ii .-Hcn" 1 nhmlt .s, HI /KM! lu (1\ t; rirti, iicrnia- t nt'ut mU.tN. KiK'h ' 1 fj-cmit imHci-v cmifahiH ilii i«- tions so piuip!' 1 nny uoiniin vun rtvr or ritjt liiu;«:('l >.kirls-. WMMM. rir, « hit*, lnj;s hailovr Hiiy "I tiniiioii"! I kimi ;UHI ti CT till! Ml;it« 1* wool or lilVIif*. roil. uni v/lyh to color SANTA FE OWNS MUCH ACREAGE Has Strip of Land Along Right of Way Totaling Abcut 280 Acres. 11. • SiHi!.! f'V riitlrinii] roiH|i:iMy ••>y- ;i ir.lNV It'Uf-J ll'lr- <iWIH'"l ijuit-- .i bii of Mlonjr its i iu'ht \vuy citsi of lowii. The in-,v \ itnls •! re lo hi; tmlll on I Ills nrrciixi', if the plnn :ts now befntf pI'opOMeil jniry llinilljMl. Tht-rc Is :i toliil of j, lit Mo 'more th'tu ~"-« ;nrt\i In :l)i>; fnu.-t. It ".\leuil: j in ;i lotiir. ui'ri'ow strip on i)).' noftli '-i'li- oi rh.' ;>;i:ilit Ko 'ni"li from ll:ilsl' :K1 .-treni for ;» IJIMI'" o! iilioii' ih miles etist ioi'l w ill fi M- I lnii i-uiii'ijinv more than thi.-e mid a hall' miles for the > arifs. *•:;>( and ^'•\u. (rout th' 1 Itork 1land iTi^-iini:, In Clp.y Ten-, .-ship. Tl.i- land i-« lo« a't d as follows: S"; •: iou ! 1. Cla) i'ovnship, 7 t." f Santa Claus Not, On "T. B." Seals Topoka, Nov. 25—-Santa Claus isn't ou the Christmas seals of the Kansas State Tuberculosis association this year. "No, Santa C'inus hasn't coulraol- od tuberculosis," replied lrn G. Perkins of Galena, state seal sale chairman for the association, when ho was asked today why the old I". nshlp. 12 lew lislil| ii,.1 ANTACID CORRECTIVE LAXATIVE THE CHAS H PHILLIPS CHEMICAL CO HE.W vOOH. u I. JMI.."> llilVS. , i- nl-ieil 7 nr s mih'rt from •• .ii.l nf Oils trark '•aliMl i 1 * i 1 "- Santa !•'(• double ; : '.'Mil i't ll.tiTtun and it. in hc- 'i III, : nln:i:i:iy will extend ' il«»iMt> Irw-k froni tin' liilli'i' 5 1 !o thi.s yard ctiuuoctii.ti. in -vent thi* east etnl yard niat- tin'oilgli. i! LOOKING BACKWARD!) (Trom th« Fiitg of The Newi) C7 — TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1924 man's face was missing this year from Its traditional nlaco on the Christmas seals. "Santa hasn't oven a cold," said the genial lrn, adding that "yon might, reasonably Imvo RUsneclwl the old gentlemnn had trnppnd a germ In his whiskers. Uul don't worry—he's all right, lie's driven a Hlelgh through tlio Arctic long enough to know how lo tnko care of himself. HB'B B fresh air fiend." .Santa Claus was Riven leave of absence from the Christmas seali this year, after soveral seasons of service. A lady substitutes for Santa on the Christmas seals this year. With fish sorve vegetables with a distinct flavor such as cucumbers, peppers, beets, carrots or onions. Thanksgiving Masquerade Hall at, V'oentan Hall, GOli'^ N. Main, Wednesday night. 24-31 Spend n few ml»Nlo» through tho Shop-o-Scope. lookinf tr. Tnles-s you ns|, for " rhillips," yon may not jiet the original Milk of MityrtOHiu pre.-'ciihed hy pliysi- i.intiH lor Tdl years. I'roterL yum doctor and yourself hy avoidini; imitaiitMis of tho genuine "I'hil- tffis," 2&TPnr. hotths. itlrto Tdt-cent hot- •'es, I'ontiiin diri.'idions —any tiriif; Holt'. RAILROAD TIME T .iBLE SANTA FE Weutbound Train* .\rrlvi--i -Th-"' Smut -Citlif l.lmlt,-,l -'\'!". V:K|'!''V^ ->«r|;o h'M'i-'^a -TIIK Navnju ..,. I'IIM Mull -1.",':il I'.'IFK inn -l.wnl Vncs. Oi\ Him.) -Fii.-s, nn.T .. h:'. 1 ,!) :im -II (s S l>;i!'.« ' Sonih ' Eastbound Train* i. Anlv-.f -Ti.» .Nnv.ijn -Calif. I.lmlt'.-l -I'lin'iiS'i V.\. -S.intH "S" -TIlU S,-r,llt ... i::;., tun ::i5 tun :L'ii tnu :il;MI fill 1:47, am • [1111 pin bop.irta f'-.-ii) mn .;:.,:i i,rr V7,'i ii ir 9:00 :mi ii:u^i an r »rimi'ts tun -K. -i.oi-ui raw. -I'llh^mi;,,:' -I.'i.'a! I'Hfl.^ -II. \-. K. inn ..... S:r..*i uin 1 - ::i", if in pin 10:10 |,ni 3: ID run -rCO fit, "'.'i:, l'ii 11 :|i) :un 11 a" lnr II V;i nir JU-10 II IP t -mi tin- nl - urry ]i; ROCK ISLAND. Easlbouml. H, -c:,-.:.i™ statu Limited ....It: -California!! .If ~I/..':al i '.iHsi lifii-r a: Westbound IFTV YEARS AGO IN 1874. Tin' S;\n," Ki- liii'imlit r>',ii v,,\mnis ii:i,i Kansai wh'iili li.ul ln'cn ship- iK-il frmii llns<iu for the Meniion- itin. win, had lilt, ly arrived here. Tin' i-tist nt tin- I'i"ir!it was (.ml) ;*i' a wuiinii [rum Itnsr-'a to KatiHas. A iiuvilni', i>r the s:ai" liortlfui- luri* H(ii'i''ty \vii.s rallial lor Dec. la. at iCiniairiti. The Satila Ke.ii^r'*eil tn ai!(iw a on-'.ttUt'. fare fur fii-.- Illi'I'tillB. The I'nllis 111 the Hiililileln part nt U.II'PM to\;j) named Mr. Alexiind.-r as the t >'pi csental i\(- to back Ki iuwa alnl seek tii'l. FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1884. A. .M. Wi'st went lu Colorado to «i't ovi-r Hie defeat of lllaine. Carey ami Conn, was a new coal firm. Iiirateil south of 'the Cow Creek tuiilne. Mr. ami Mrs. Talbott, fntlier and moihet- of .loe Ta'.hoit., arrived from Coliien, N. Al., to make th:*j tlielr liome. THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 1894 Seventy-five members of the W. R. C. and C. A. SI. surprised Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hoaulanii. rele- br.'itliig Mrs. Hoaglntid's birthday. The p. K. O.s were eiitertaliie'l by Miss lien rude ant! Miss Lunette Brehm. li. W. iloult was lield up by n footpad at I lie corner of First and Walnut, .street:; at 7:30 in the. even- Ins. yjfff*-'"" AUNT SARAH pfJABOOY /N HrTfS EFFORT To DI^EAK' UP THE GATHtR/NGr M THE PlRC STATION,SHE DECIDED TO YELL- FIREf- FIVE CHECKER. BOARDS, ON£? DR.UM • STOVE, A NUMBER OF NAl L KE<SS ANt> TWO DEfftS^f VHATS VJE-fgE 'WRECKEt? M THE RUSH Fore TH6 DOOfft. ii-as-a .4 *T MCA !£SV!CC. INC^ PARTRIDGE Nn. w- \;z- <'i;- 4 It*->8- -nr,!c!en State Z.lmltdS -OallfPrnlaii (,:: -Lei"*) passfriffi r ........ i::: VrelKhi. I'."- I.'.-es-l 1'relRlu 1-:- MUSOURl PACIFI'.. Westbound. JVpsnx Pass, l'us^ I'll! ' 1,'X'll Croial'.r Eaetbound. I'^lfht .'llili Ijcpa .. 1:01 rta ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN l-avo I Arrive l.,-,:'al .. . c:-ll am ! I..-,cal laiinl cj Local in-.'H am ,iir>ited.. tl • l.» am ! -jr. r«ti Umucd.. .... Limited., .., I ."eaI ... Mini:..!).. I.eeal .., LOCH! All irai Ce.-oucli '.rains eaii U'lellioi ai-.'] »•-•! •''•'oi,', Hum, •:.-\. •on. la.cil .. LIllli!.,„t l..:,:al .. Llrnltei] Loral .. Limilo'l j Lo.'al .. ! Limited ...... ,l L(»,'.i3 .. ',:-•-' [im Lev.! .. 7:Mi pin i Limited : j :4:, tmi Lonut .. 11:40 nm I Local .. are J '>!!,»)• Tt.t.'rjs ":^'i inn li :t:, pin 4:7'" pin :lf> pal TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 10-1. Anna and Maltha Sjeele entertained at a progressive pink tea. .Miss Keo .Jordan afsisiing. Miss Mamie Carey was ente.rtain- iim a iioiiso parly. The om of town miests were Miss i-'raiii'i-s ('arsons, Wichita: Miss tirace Simpson, .Mcpherson; Miss Chauncey Albright, MiKS IJUCV Crawford tinti Mlas Cleo Xoisnn of Stafford. At a ceremonial meeting of the It. and A. M. lodge 65 candidates were t'lien cotincil deL-rees'. TEN YEARS AGO IN 1914. Klinei- A. Heed. captured the eornliiisk. rs championship ot Iowa and .South Dakota. 'I'll-- Presbyterian Uroflierlnmd launciied a timveniont to liny the Stewart hospital. Miss Mabei Aloweri- cave a danc- liig parly lor her guest, .Mis.s Lucille l-:U:iore of ToiieUa. HIiop-oScopo will make I lie buying of Xina.s presents for others as much fun as opening your own on XiiiuD Khoiiptng. Lf. NEVER BEFORE Not in fifty years hns there been so persistent and widespread uic of Scott's Eniutsion yet thousands have only bi-cun to rcaiiie svhat it might be to them in strength, health and robustness. SwU St bowm-. llloouitald. Ji. J. 14-4 Mr. Theodore Deupser returnod lii-nie (turn Chilllcothe, Missouri, where ho has been studying telegraphy. Mrs. Lottie Porter and son returned to lianston after a wopk'ii visit with Fattier and Mother Warnock. Mr. Rice ctuup from Topeka to look after the Weiss farm and oilier interests. Mr. and Mrs. Will Burke of Muskogee, Oklahoma, spent several days with Father and Mother Kurke. Mrs. Ida Terril of Hutchinson sjient a few days here recently. Mr. Homer Myers of Sylvia is repairing the old Stahley buildini;. Several from here attended the revival meetings at tfie Brethren church near Darlow." The Ladies' Guild met with Mrs. Phi) Teeter Thursday. Mr. Will Hirst purchased the old jitney from Newt Hamilton. The Ladles' Guild had charge --.f the community services Sundiy morning. Mrs. McCoy and Mr*. Anderson sang "What Will the Harvest I.I..-'.'" Air. and M)rs. Fred Hirst were in Hutchinson Sunday to visit Mrs. Hurt Hirst and son. Mr. KlUa Smith ot Hutchinson spent. Hie first of the week with J. B. Cook. .Mr. Kay McCoy Is working fur n drug firm In Kansas City. Mr. Jack Anderson and Oeo. Tharp have a record for one evening's crow shooting, After the smoke cleared away they had a total of 6'.. Our city streets are being sanded and low places filled. Mr. Willie Harsha is in Winfleld for a few days with his wife and daughter. Mrs. Hschlenian returned Sunday morning from a two weeks visit in Missouri. Rev. Eschelman will return the first of this veok. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Hamilton and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Duckley are spending a few weeks In Oklahoma, Rev. Hector of McPlierson preached at the Community church initlt Sunday morning and evening. TO STAGE RABBIT HUNT ON THANKSGIVING DAY. Newton. Nov. 25—A rabbit hunt will be staged Thanksgiving Day In Highland township by the American Legion. The bounty money from the county for the rabbits killed will be used by the Legion as a Christmas fund to, further some Newton Christmas plan. .Sedgwick, 40 and Shawnee, 70. Cherokee. Allen. Cowley, Leavenworth, Miami, Montgomery, and' Norton counties , all had more deaths from "T. B." than Reno. A delicious and easily prepared dessert is mads of canned pineapple cut in small pieces, put In sherbet glasses and covered with custard and meringue. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Ollvt Robert*. Barton. OLD T73"/ SELHEAD. "I should think he wou.d oe a i.iamea of himself," Hub bard. old fellow id Tnwscl- RENO COUNTY'S DEATH LIST FROM "T. B." IS SMALL. There wore fourteen deaths from tuberculoBis in Reno county during tl.e past year. Considering population iteiio ranked as one of the low ones. Wyandotte county had I -I!) deaths from Hie white plague. "A shaggy head, ltis whiskers make most a rem; able bed, For chickens ami turkeys and kittens and such- All their scratchings and gohbllngs don't bother him much. "He lies lu the field, all bruwu In the grass, Not minding the nibbles of creatures that pass. Ot calves or of colts, the greedy young friskers. That never go by without munching his whiskers. "Towselliead wears a night cap, thick and plain. Farmer Brown says it's really to keep off the rain. But I think he's ashamed ot it— Towselliead is; ir he !ook« like a Granny, it's no fault ot his. "One* day he told Scare Crow and Scare Crow told me, (They talk to each other—they're cousins, you see) One reason he hates so his night cap on top— The children can't slide, Farmer Brown made them stop." That was the next riddle the Riddle Lady asked the Mother Goose people at Mrs. John's orchard pariy. ("Who is Towselliead'.'" she asked when she had finished. "Please, ma'am, is It a cornstalk?" asked Little Hoy Blue. "No, it Isn't," said the Riddle Lady, "although cornstalks are lowsei-hoads, I must say. They never comb their hair." "I'm not spre that it isn't another scare-crow" remarked the Old-Mun- AU-Clothed-In-Leather to Solomon Grundy. "Why I knew a scarecrow once who was just eaten up by the farm creatures. Ho stood near a fence and every time Ned Nag or Charlie Colt came near the fence, they chewed up Ills arm or ills head. Every day ho had to be fixed up all over again, and finally Farmer Brown had to shake pepper all over him to teach those horses a lesson." "No, Towselliead isn't a scarecrow," said the Kiddle Lad)'. "I should think lie would be ashamed ot himeelf." said Old Mother Hubbard. "Letting chickens roost in his hair! It's th" most I untidy thing I ever heard of." . "They even make nests in his hair." laughed the Kiddle Lady, "and lay eggs in them." "The Idea!" exclaimed the Old 8hoe Woman. "The idea!" cried every-body. "Nests! Kegs!" "And kittens!" added Mrs. Sprait. "Personally I dislike cats. 1 was always glad that one cat jumped over the moon!" "I know the answer." said Mrs. John. "I've been thinking and thinking. - it's a hay-stack." "Wly of co..r;-o," said everybody. "How easy!" "It's always easy when you know- how," Jaughod the Kiddle Lady. (To Be Continued.) (Copyright, 1024, NEA Service,. Inc.) RorabaucjbrWleys SPECIAL TURKEY DINNER TEA ROOM-WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26 5:30 to 7:30 P. M. your families and friends. Tables reserved if desired. WE CLOSE ALL DAY Thursday, November 27—Thanksgiving Day The store and the Tea Room will be closed all day, please plan accordingly. so Women 9 s Bloomers For Cold Weather $^.79 $^.50 knee, length the famous W omen' bloomers In "Klckernick" brand; made ot uutural indelible, guaranteed fast colored sateen; Women's and Misses' » In 2, 3 and 4; colors, navy, black, powder blue, gray and purple. Our special number, at '. $1.79 \V omen's and Misses' "Kickemlck" Bloomers In Hie knee-length; three-fourths length atld sport length; made of warp Hateen: shown in plain colors, as well as pretty bright colors with contrasting colored "garter-, knee" Very servicenhle, well fitting bloomers 52,50 Women's Silk Jersey llloomers—an nil silk quality; well made; reinforced: elastic waist; garter knees; shown in 2? and 29-Inch lengths; pretty colors — Autumn, rust, brown, American Beauty, powder blue, Lanvin green, navy, and black. Regular $5,05 values. Special nt at There are many other good numbers shown in our bloomer stock in cotton, silk Jersey and fibre silk materials at.. $1.00 to $3.79 $5.95 LINEN LUNCHEON SETS FOR YOUR THANKSGIVING TABLE $3.98 fi-Plece luncheon sets of all linen art. crash; cream color; colored hemstitched edges In blue, rose and gold. Finished ready to use. R5-inch luncheon cloth and 4 i-lxU-incli napkins. Price per set 5-Ptece. luncheon set In cr?am. all linen art. crash; double hemstitched borders with fancy colored stripe Insert i nborder. Colors, blue, rose and gold. Set. of 1 SB-inch luncheon cloth and 4 14xl4-iucli napkins. PC nft Per set yU .UU a-Piece all linen cream crash luncheon set; very finely woven material; hemstitched borders: sfix.'fS-inch luncheon cloth and 1 14xl4-lnch napkins finished with a fancy colored damask border. B»C QC Price per set ^wiuv Beautiful New Japanese Kimonos $3.25 and $5.00 We have just received a new shipment of beautiful Japanese Kimonos. They're new—just received from the Orient! These kimonos come in pretty high shades and are hand embroidered in contrasting colors. .Very attractively priced at *:!.'-'', . ¥F..oo. Before Thanksgiving Clearance 100 Hats •Satins Melallics Brocades Failles Wednesday Morning. Mats .hor immediate Wear. Assorted Colors— Chic Styles. OUTSTANDING VALUES ! Men who have tender, sensitive cbins, eo s it y irritated by | shaving.will find Cu- r tJcur^L Preparations Meal. The nev/ freely-lathering Cuticurti SoapShavinjj Stick permits ahnving twice daily v.'ithotit irritation of the akin Citticura Talcum, an antiueptic powder, JS boothiim \ and cooling to the moot tender skin.! lUflM frMbT ~ii4j AtWra«. "C«tJ*«rtt*U(r < Dapllir, U*M«o tl,Nut," UoIiUttry. whmm. 8o*p ttg.OiMffltiBt 36 •fl'l Wc'f wlrutn 1U- i • 9V Cutintia Sky* in* Stitk aCc. | 1 Do You Need Help? W.'th our services at your disposal, you can secure extra time for many tilings you need to Phone 2255 HUTCHINSON FAilLY WASH LAUNDRY | To UE THE Tr ?oL>Bi6 Mv UTTLE MAM * 1 SWoLief?epj MY DIME ' -weu, DOM'rCRY AMY MOPE-HERE'S ^uoTwee DiMe — MOW DON'T -BuT CAUTCHER. ) MAKE IT A WALF A DOLLAR - To MAKE IT SURE »

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