The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 16, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1918
Page 8
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't*AGL MIGHT. V THE ItUTOHlNSOM MWUy. ,n , • MOKTJAY* SEPTEMBER 16. tgfar- WILL SEND MORE FOOD Food Administrator Tells Pair Visitors of Plans. AROUND A COMMON TABLE Allies (o lie Rationed Just the Same as Americans—Pall • into Line. The plan- which lhe Pnltoil Slates Vood Administration Intends to work OUl this year were briefly stilted lit tliR Kansas Slati' Kiilr by Walter 1'. Iiilii-H nf Wichita. Food Administrator for Kansas, lie has Ju'sl recently returned I'rcirn Washington D C., where be was ill cnnlorence with Herbert Hoover. '"I'lie Slocan for next year," explained Mr I IUK-H , "In Save More, Kat I .eh* ami A (.'lean I'late. There will he iili'iity lor nil If care Is used end the supplies diligently looked alter. We, the people behind Ihe vast armln." in Kurupe, must be kept healthy and It Is not intended to interfere with the physical welfare of. the nation." Hoover's plan for the romlng year was rehearsed and the 80-20 percent regulation wa« also discussed. Willie Mr. Hoover was In conference with the state food administrators he ox- plained that ilie Mill's and their de- JH'iAients were u, be rationed the same as the Americans around a common (able. What our co-workers cat Send More Food. . "We are to Bend more food abroad litis year than ever before," Mr. lanes tirmoimeed. "J..asl year we sent sonu- Ihlng like 10 million tons of food but this year we have promised lo send la million Ions and we Intend to fulfill thai promise. This If. million tons of lood include everything for our armies, those of our allies and the people of the belligerent nations. We have agreed to not import one pound _ of food stun for this nation on any ' steam vessels lor every pound of tonnage on these vessels is needed for [ oilier put poses and whatever food is 1 Imported will be done so with sailing vessel;. Go the Limit. iKWtry department intends lo go Hie enure limit this year and we don't, menu (his to sound as a threat but an • announcement, lhat every hoy must fall into line for ii is Ihe intention til | the government and all of the olficials ' In every department in Washington; that the war shall have been won by i noxi year. 'I hat seem.- to be the key- 1 note ol the atmosphere which per- i vadis all ol Wnslungti n just now ' If lb'' aim ol WashinKUin is not ml- filled then (he food Administration will not be to blame iro not doing their inmost. Ask III Heaps about the liepiihlie i Truck. Henollulrk Co. Hi-flt, j EMBARGO ON WHEAT. The Nationally Recognized W E were fortunate in securing such a truck for our patrons. We will endeavor to give the truck buying public the same superior service on Republic Trucks as we have given our Buick drivers. A model for every purpose and individual use. An honest truck at an honest price. RENO CO. Authorized Distributors J KANSAS STATE FAIR QNJH1UTCH1NS0N (Continued from Page One.) Went Into Effect Today on Rock Island—Cities Arc Congested. An embargo went into el'feei today on Ihe Keck Island railroad in ill.a division which taboos alu shipment of grain to Kens.e. t'iiy. Mi. I.e.ujs and Omah.'i, N« iiraska This was announced today tiy 1. o.-b.'Hi. division Irejtjhi agenl. lie receiviil order.-- to put this ruling inlo eltei-i immediately. This action v\a: found ueees.-.ary on account ol there li.-ing no lurllier grain capacity at ibese poin's. Prae- llcally all of the gram elevators and houses lor stora;;e are eranllned lull and it is feared a longest ion would result unless some means were ndopi- eel (u prevent such Irom bappenin« Grain elevators June been complaining that the shipments of grain have been so huge ibis year llril they wore dYtflrcly unable lo cope with the situation and haw asked lor relief. Plans are nov. being considered tor Ihe handling of all future shipments lo these points and ii Is probable thai a permit .-ysi.-m will be winked ou! similar tti that <me u.-.ed in shipping carload lot-; to port.- on the eastern, souibiin and fi-.onii .-e.iports. This is thougln uill liold in cheek an> eon gesiiu.i u Inch mii-'lit arise at n Inline date. lietail- aie beiie.' discussed at lie-id- <| d i.-. ami j| iV ...vpeeleil Hint Ibev will he announced soon. MITCHELL THE TAILOR. Now Located at 4 South Main With Larson Hat Co. W. It. Mitchell, formerly wiih llos- tulliT and Hippie, men's furnishers, has openejt.u fallofing esiablisliment ill 'No i South Main street with (he Larson Jlat Company. .Mr. Mllehell Hays a whole lot or suits can he saved by proper repairing' and relinlng. This Is a good way lo help save Ihe wool supply However for Ihoso who need new clothing Michel! lias u saving lo offer on new tailored lo measure clothes, ('loaning und repair work is called for and delivered. Just phone 1U11 and Mluiiell will do the rest. HIT BY AUTOMOBILE. (I'reensburg will preside at the afternoon program, _Music a Feature. At Ihe "opening of the afternoon program Ihe (jreiit l^ikcs Naval band played a number which by ils "pep' and "zip" brought the big crowd to its feel. Long applause wus given lo the middies, many of them Kansas 1 oys. and tiny showed by their appreciation of the ivileome given them lhat they weri' glad lo be bad; in Ihe Sunflower slate. I-'ollowing Ihe ud- tiressi s the band played a number ot selections, and a program which was also very much enjoyed was played by Herb's Otricltil Hand. Prayer for the Boys, pne of Ihe mo?! impressive scenes which ever look place aL any stale lair, and in fuel Ihe first lime such an event was ever held at any fair was at noon today, when just after ihe blowing of ihe noon-lime blast every head was bowed for Just one minute while every guest at the Kuir offered up a silent prayer for our cause, p>r victory and for Hie safely and return of our boys. It seemed to be a fitting part of Ihe Fair, and of the purl which the Kansas boys "over seas'' are plujing in ihe .present big drive lo have the fair, whose object is lo help win ihe war, observe a brier period lo ask (.'oil for Ihe safely ol Hie Kansas boys. It was very silent all over the grounds, heads were Ixiwed and very i amesl and fervent were the prayers which were offered. The silent pray er period Will be a part of each day's program, il being the idea of Major W. I.. Ilrown, of Kingman, who has charge of the speakers for Iho pro- grains. SUNDAY AT THE FAIR. made a patriotic talk. The aiulienco sang "America" at Ihe opening. HERB'S BAND PROGRAMS. Numbers Which Will be Played on Tuesday by Official Band. Following are (he numbers which will be played tomorrow, afternoon and night by Herb's official band. •*.' Tuesday Afternoon Program, • 1-M .iTh. Muster I'lWiwn... ^ --< e , moo. Miiv Queen. . :;— •!., I.elmiu Hall t t A i -twinging. :-l (It) --.Meeutig. Love .s'ong! f,--CH iTime, Thanh.inser . | (ItellHi'jill" I Ii -Medley, l'.1\s ill (lid I 7—Selection. I 'al'lllen Filial. (In the Fniiil Tuesday Evening, 8 1—Irish Ov. I liiit7 Kni lot ..Meyer .. . I .C1I7. . . .(Illk'l . 11,-iidix Wagner *' 'ii rl lun Hizel . . KoseliKians P. M. l i-illHgans ;.. de Witt |e.-.-,ih,tiv.- An eld <-(>ilnliy parly -Ibc gal)!, i leg ul IhegiHsi the host' siiiKS )l si ,llg -<i !l est eeunliy dar .ee —Lhe .sOIr, siugi-i uf the party sings a suna. ltd- ! l<»w-i -d hy tin- sweelhear 1. wbcp sings a ' "I'oini'-al Ve"--a.-conii anii d liy ihe old la(li"s - 1 lo- li.'igpipcs strh-U ll (i—Are Yes all ri'iul>'-'-• Vts -Ihi n lire away—a regular, wilt lhe flooi- -a s .Mi 't jig by ' (he belles man -Mn.-ile ratrieiV,-. day in 1 )11. inuruing. •1 — I 'aprise, Awalieaieg of the l.ion ' Keutsky .1 \*alse. Sanilala) Corhln -I—Selection, Iteunit tin.. World Hi-yer fi llanet, I'.yenlLlll ller .lv'lli t;- Claud Fantasia Annie I ..oil i. .' "lenient Willi solos for tiiu'll.jiie, Uiirinels, (lieeeNi, and hllMses 7 - Scaiiisb Serenaiie, Nadia Hiehaiil.i l-'ln ile - ('zar iiml /.ininiernianii.. I .ortitng ','iiiidui'lut - S. Z. llii'U. THE MOTORCYCLE RACES. winner; Aada • Allerton; Seminole L'hlcf and Wildwaod lioy. In the J:il5 jidt'Cti,Jessie Chimes; Princiss A.; N.eiRl/iuvllla; Wm. O.; Tho ftcjirt'. and Clay Chimes .arc the entries. IAJUVUIU is the choice for winner. Three, running races are lo be out and and in the 7 furlong race lhe horses entered aro l.ady .lames; Btil- ala; I.Vllle Abe; Hen Urepulenf and S'wanson, with Little Abo picked as winner. . (• In iho 5 furlongs running event the horses are lo be IJnglish lady, who is given llrsl choice (is winner; Mineral Jim; June ling and Marcus. A 4 furlongs running race, will be die closing r!ic'( r "dTMlie afternoon with l.ady .Mr; Monty; Jim Throp; Sorrell Al and llarlon entorBil, with Lady Mc. I In; <'hoic(? as w'lnnpi'.. j fully, "f ;do rccrill Ihe Incident you mention. I "am sorr^ (liat It should j have happened. bsttiv.'il.'have. ; tq pro- I tect ourselves ngiilii'sl.. imposition. Nevertheless, I confess lhat ' the thing lias- disturbed my conscience ever since. Hut why do you speak o." it now?" "llecau'sc"—and here the venerable person .rose—"because"—bis lone was sofL and low--"because, my dear sir, I'm afraid 1 ibnll. have lo I rouble you again." TOMORROW Si \Y. C. L. Atkinson Seriously Injured Near Lebo, Kansas. (i. I. Aiklnsoii of I his city who has Loen down at his farm near U)bo, Kansas, was seriously Injured, Friday wlien an automobile siruck him ;is lie, Wus crossing l be road way near his farm badly traducing Ihe IRK uhove the knee. His Uuugliter, Mrs. Hurry Jludke has been called to caro for her faiher. You'll like Major when ho la)k» i <:ip you ubout lAiley l.lghl tutd I'ower. ^JReno-Huick Co. 10 6t. Ij .'jPJnckcu (at makes delicious crisp "*-"lpUD». It Was a Chilly Day—General Huffman Made an Excellent Talk. People who attended the Fair yesterday, took things good-naltirerily. Things didn't hitch all around, hu! ihey worked out so thai Ihe people were treated to a fine (all: by Adjutant fj'enoral ('. S. Huffman, Hie head of Ihe Kunsas military eatablislimenl Through bad connections the Naval band had failed lo arrive. Major General Wood had lo give up his trip here, ihe cold wind from the northeast made it impossible to hold lhe meeting In lhe grand stand, the big speaker's lent, lo bo used laler during Ihe week was blown down ill tlio storm Saliirduy night and |l was necessary to move tbu lueetips to tlio Autumobilo building. General Iluffmun told Bourn Interesting fads about the pari Kansas is taking in Ihe war, lhat r.ho had ubout oS.uOO men In lho army in lis different branches, and about 12,000 men in -the navy, a total of about 70,000 men In all. Ho said about 375,000 men bad been regUtorod for tho uses of the government in the Btalo and that Kansas was doing her part In ovary possible way. His Jalk was appreciated by the people - there. Major W. U Urown of Klngmau was introduced as chairman of the meet- lug by President H. Sj. Thompson of Lbs Ka-U' «#i>0(4aLUui iuid Mr. lirowtt Pop Pop Races Were Attended by a Fair Sized Crowd Saturday. The motorcycle races, Ihe opening event In Ihe rac line of the Kansas St..If Fair were hold on Hal unlay afternoon will) a fair si?.ed crowd out lor the event. The openipg race was a J mile stock eveot. with William Pearce, Harley-Davidson, time -I minutes, la sec'md: , winner. In, Ihe ;:• mile professional Frank llinos won, Harley-Davidson, lime 3:.'10. .One mile-.Time trial, won by Klmcr Syinn.s, Indian, 1.1(1. . . Five mile- Professional, Klruer Hymns, Indian, f! minutes, Five mile—Free for all,. J^luicr. Symns, Indian, ti;03. ' Ten mile Professional, Frank lllues, llarley-Davlilson, 1^;II0. . . TUESDAY AFTERNOON'S RACES. Interesting Program Will Bo Stafjed Tomorrow at 2:30. Tomorrow, Hutchinson Day at the Pair will be Ihe date when some of lhe bust racing of Ihe week will bo staged. Interest Is high among racing men and followers of tho sport predict' some 'spirited races tomorrow. Purses of $500 aro offered for the winners. The races, will start at 2:30 o'clock, In lhe 3:11 pace for a pursn of $500 the horses ontered are (leorge Foote. the famous blind horeo who attracted lhe Interest ot every visitor at the Fair last year; Jnslo Night; Naooy; .Maud C; Bill Hirst; Col. Hosers; and Queen Okla. Maud C. is picked as. the winner and she has lost only one race this year and who has a record for the 2:11 paco ol 3:08M- 81it> Is owned by W. O. James of EiPorndo, who is also the driver. In the 11 trot, tho horses entored are WUUe Cfeiineg, who la picked at) Special Program in C.....^cLlon With the Government Exhibit. Tomorrow will be'a day for special programs lor school children when free entertainments will ho given especially for Hie school children in connection '.villi the government exhibition. Al nine o'clock ihe program will be for-children from tho first to lhe fifth grades, Inclusive, and the naval hand will play, followed by the singing ot patriotic airs by the children, accompanied by (lie band. Major W. I.. Brown will speak on the "Pari of Children in tho War." At »:a0 a special, demonstration of the government exhibition will be given. At 10:H0 a moving pieiuru show will be staged for children. At 10:4,1 the program will be especially for children .from, the fltlh grade und on up and the naval band will play a few selections, to be followed by the singing of patriotic songs by lhe children, with tile band playing Hie accompaniment. Major ilrown will also speak und al II o'clock lhe government exhibition will bo shown for the children-, followed by ti moving picture .show All children are admitted free and lenchers and members of school boards will also he,admitted.• Every. Kansas child is invited to attend Hie entertainment given by • the government for the .coming generation. . SMART EFFECT FN BLACK AND WHITE' Ask Hi Heaps about tho Republic Truck. Reno-Bulek Co. 16-01. Genuine Nerve, An elderly person, In neat but somewhat threadbare clothing, entered a fashionable restaurant and ordered an expensive but discriminatingly chosen dinner, with a bottle x>f wine and a good cigar, lo follow. When ho had finished he Intimated to a waiter that he wished to apeak to, the manager. Promptly the manager came. * "I trust everything has been satisfactory!" he inquired. ' "Kverything," staled the older man, "has been qui to satisfactory. It was, howover, of another matter 1 wished to speak to you. Do you perhaps recall thai about a year ago a man well pasl Iho prime of lite came in here and ordered such a meal as the one 1 have just enjoyed, and when ho finished he told you that ho had no money with which to pay the bill und you called two o( your White salln, so long a stundby In woman's wardrobes, continues to bo used to a great extent by lhe designers, There was a time when white satin was used for wedding gowns only. A girl bought lengths of while satin and laid Hum away in her hope chest und if iho wedding were too far away she wrapped It carefully tissue paper, and if there were, no wedding at all she handed it on to some other maiden for her trousseau. Hut nowadays'women have discovered in white satin a very serviceable and practical fabric. Its uses are many and If a girl today buys white satin ahead of time for her wedding frock she promptly cuts It up Into collar and cuffs and skirts and facings, and then she is married in chiffon, georgelto, or a traveling sylt. In many ot iho best of the new black salln frocks, and most of tho new frocks for fall are black satin, white satin facings are shown to very gogd advantage, The one pictured js y G^I^IANS|;BACK T$ V HINDE$BURG LINE I - Today's battle line in France is jirictkalry'tfct oW line from wirlth JHindenburf Halted hi* "victory idrlve" on March 21. On account of jraia little ground baa been gained during the fast few days, but the allies have pushed ahead at Vend- hlul (1) and at St. (iobain (2). They .have repulsed all. enemy ef. fprt4 at UflaurO). K is apparent that the Germans are ready tq sacrifice many men in their attempt to save St. Quentin (4). a very good illustration. Here tho black and white Is used to give a stunning efect. The distinctive skirt has assistants and had that old gep-tlo' man thrown bodily into tho street?''. "Yes," stated the manner regret; a band of white reaching. far above the knees und four narrow panels edged with unusually deep, fringe fall over this. The panels are facod with white satin. The blouse is plain with brpad straps over the shoulders e*- tendlng to the west, These are also facod In white. - The sleeves are the new three-quarter length with a deep cuff of tho white satiu.und tho tiny vestoe and the belt .««'«»&» 9( Ute w\>u* • REDUCING SHIPYARD ACCIDENTS Washington.-— Ho successful bav« been the prevention methods Introduced in shipyards that within a fey mouths, It is expected, the percentage ot accidents In such places will be much lower tban in most private employments. Tho Department of Ui- bor has received figures showing wlujt has been done. . Already accidents have been reduced to » point far below the figures tor d»ys preceding the war.- and the cain- paign is still progressing, in pae month at Hag Island, for exam^e, thwe jypfo only 147 ucoldeuts.among t9A01 employee*.

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