The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EIGHT THE DAILY HEWS, FBEOEICK. MD- WEDHE3DAY, DECEMBER 30. 193f. Fours and Fives THE Gl'MPS p Ahoy! By SIDM:Y SMA HORIZONTAL 1 . r vthor af KSTKKOAVS A ·2***TM Psrr=iff^ 14 B!aekb!rd of I he CBCkOO family. 15 Grew oJd. IS Speedily. 19 Weight allowance. 30 Farewell! 21 Ceremony. 22 To eat fps.f~ ingiy. IS Opposite Qf odd 17 In a condition of extreme van i. 19 Rubber. » be. pad. 23 To to** u excess. 23 Lous. 24 Very high mountain. 26 Cabbage plant ;7 Destruction 2* Stout- 1-9 Stomach of ai animal. 31 Source of In dipo. ANt CMAMPKJM MAYER OF 'tV** V«RU I* HAVIM A. TERRlBUE TIMOc ON «»" TRJP HOME THE AE DRIVING HIM. C4 \Vs£oa track. 50 Horse. 36 To combine.* 37 Sixty praias. 1 To give. ~$B:U of fare. 2 To elicit. JS Kindled 3 Warning cry 32 Gussets. 4 0 I n ! i n e . " in golf, 33 To eat a*ay. ·11 To abate ia 4 Native metal. 34 To cause to 23 Husbands and violence. i Dofm*. remember, wires. 42 Opposite of 6 Scripture. 35 One. 25 One in esrds. aweatber. 7 Three-toed 37 Male bee. 26 Heavy string, it Fish found off sloth. 3£ Affray. 27 Sorrowful New England S Bugle plant. 40 Sour 3S Destiny, coast, S To contradict- 41 To wander 29 A pea. 45 Gente*!. 11 Challenged. about. 30 Popular Mezi- 46 To complain. 12 Large venom- 43 Snaky fish, can dUh. 4S Ki!n. ou» spider. 45 Kettle. 33 God of lore. 43 To slip. 13 Narrative 4731416. YMANIC AT POR A. BRIEF AWAtf FOREVtH-OAJtLUMr COULt H6V6R. AJJOTHE*. ,ViAW -ME YOU AWE THE UM YMR \ ! AWAY PROWS THESE CRA.XV FOOLS ^ WHERE IO- DOES l_CVE DOVEY DO.VEY LOVES UOVEY *? I* TKER.E NO ASiO POT H AM ,-NVrmiTIO* FOR THE ^ A/U7T JEFF Taking Him Off The Main Line By BID FISt uee ANT vwcu . t'M COMMA MAke ~ -- -- - _ ~~ riese. -BUTS UP Tb A GOAT \BC':rs A\D HER Bl'DDIES "Shcrlcck" Sconce! Bv MAR' REG'LAR FF.ll ERS By V OV-» EVER. . O»-4CE' DO UMCKl TO f\ HE f=O!LC,e.T tT ^/- ^JWS MORE. THDOrtT C? HE GOT owxvv_ ^. t! ! "^Nsl "t^ii ^ ^ AS YOUR. t-i^r^E IS V JIMMiE OU6AN THEV RE.r EVEK.~T TE MUTH\W I g ;TL3' ^y~- ^' ''! nevrr gossip. ! never tell any- t h i n g about anyone unless I can prove it to be absolutely true." "Dear ins. how mean;" TRUTH ABOUT DIOGENES Tis said he sought an honest man Among the f o l k s whom he m i g h t pass. But that he lugged, for constant scan A lantern and a looking glass. VEV.V GOT OF \t Sot, or-. t*oox . OF COORSt ^ ^KV ^·cAl. '. »T'fe NU^T; AKsCfTHER iOKE '. "^ftCfe PcL'-C'^fe VSoftp,^^ ^aoovW C\ TOR A --f\V4O VvXT \T »Ki TO VO01. W --t--i W! ,-t ;^ 5T\u_-- T t?vcO TO O^tKb vt.ANO COOVWS^ , MO e*£ *. OOC3K\T - THKV L.OCVJCT HMDKkV e^EM TOOC«£O ' ^Ou Cft*i 6iEE ,V LOOVflWC! AT vT , THW ^ HF|K.'T ®E£Vi OVEKitO S IK, OtOCE C* p. VOKJ TlXAE THE Itt'NGLE FAMILY /XMQ-MER MEW VEAR.! [ii 7 . 93E 1 -to\A/ Tir^ig C'l_lES!.'i| NJD no % jv UTTX.E _,'";! i.T-TENj-ncrM PEOPUE c ^3 - /xx TO i- ESPECIAL.^ ;· -·;·· - ' Dzliczte Subject By TUTm \ S \ NELAFIKT 5e.v ABOUT vou^ ^ce. ,, : i;;...^ MA ^ |i, CIU' SillMCE. \/VE"RE TAL ·iSCUT iT i OOr^'T .-^i OM P-OT SO AWFTJLtY LCMg-AGO/ CHANGING [ ^ PEW .~-,v~-~Or-"3 OOESW'T KEEP CROWS-PtETTJ ^"^M A PER50MS EY=S- ESPECIAU-Y ^V."NiC CAN'T TME 6'G C«l ^ PEW VEARS r-1 INi ^. GIRLS- CHANCES 1 TO 9E "^. L r-"A^c ' ' - v -- ^^-- ' » r-^KE , v !XY AG _ ^ . iANCES r;n«;'li\ O -M'T ^-'·?· illk ^ T ^ i S--' · t i ' . KMOW r MAC i/ ' -I'-Jst , | ; * !_O^G -X^GO ' ivsTT, OAVS JU! t HE-"J SME ^VA£ r S~ TH£ !.---A3E_y t WOUL-CWT.ij ,,,'-" i. , -:^ii^^ r - r o --.'·'^·^ r-'o-'"- -A----^ "N~ /"CW PSGGY DEAR; / OOisi'T FISH AROUND _^ , f CHANCE TO T£Ut_ ME kXf-J ~ ' V \ TH5NK SHE L.OOKS ^Ou: JlC_ ife'^'i /^ T HAM T oo. EVH=V TIMJ * r,HS: f I EVS.NJ ME^TIOtsJ AG£ ! PUT IMTO A TANTRUM. c-fl^ AMfi ..OH PLEASED VOUR EVES 1K. VOJ HINK 1 TALK ABOUT AMOTHg I SUBJECT. THE % .·-* **S/~U I t-'KT/^YA/ ^ 'OH '--X f ! ^Hh'.:M|Ij IDEA 1 * AMD. / rA/E'-L 5«S'=. ] \ '· ,,i;, : i'i:;:i5 :; 'JP^ OCSvj'T RO!_!_ I ^JOT ^VACT!.-' / ·.'^.:; : ^li t Ji f MAKE I-^E THSTM X -- - 7 OUD- it :.?:\V'"H : :K!!\ THAT t THINK .. ^OTHE.. ) s 00 VOU ^7 OLD VOUR i ·^S ^H.^,.^ S^X -,.J T .; ^ Ol'T Ol'R IVAY B^ s^^ -- £ ?7T^ ·ri" NEWFANCLES Chick Comes Out Second! By COW1 Hubby: I see a judge has ruled ' that a woman should spend no i more on clothes than her rent. : Wifcy: Welt then, we shall have : to pay a b-ggcr rent. OF AT Tv-V T _J RCOMDS.,1 Ot'CLAPlt) I "n-\\«5 txJO F\Cr4T. / \ / ^ MO DtX\-=.iOM. L ·^J^^^^ ^'·^-'^""f^v..^^ "Is he an intjiiicent vster" ~intei!i;i^;_ I s~ou'd say h- is. Why he actuai'y knows all about t ^ e cha-ter arnirtdmcnts that he is tc vote on." ^i**^. ot~^* ~~ i5^^ ··How are your New Year's resolutions" "In fine shape." ·'More broken?" "G^css not. How cou!d they be. I haven't used them yet. j 'S NVNiE r YCU KVJCU; ^ VeAH.SoT S^Hi UP S-5D TC , ; MV ? f- ;UVQS JuST Mi'-vE ,SO I VstP. / y».»iOT='.\»*iEQ 'iAE C!uE XDU urwt M£ =££. DO I CC»-'vt Ct*3 -S~\\i5 AMD £ Tv-S. CKE I G-\v= -*is cow -^^ TOO Ife

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