The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JULY 34, 1«M *TW PARIS NEWS. J>ACt Texas Port O'Connor and Hock- poft. "Terrific winds ~ destroyed eraft aed led the -county area and huddl*d in th* public buildings o£ Victoria. Th* residents evacuated sections alt the coast as weather bul~ were issued, escaping th* full force of the- storm, - - The wind and torrential rain ^and -high tides were the .f inishina .touches .ot destruction for cotton crops. Already "badiy hurt by an J6xtfind,ed drouth. .Early «stimat*s placed the crop damage at several million dollars. At Galveston great waves sprayed over the seawall and levelled Uirasy beach homes as a 46-mile- m-hour wind whipped into the city. Only minor damage r -wrought in the city. - iTne wind stripped roofs from. Corpiis Christi building*. High water caused slight damage along the beach front. Slight dsuoase was. reported on the. causewajr . connecting Aransas Pass -with Harbor Island. Oil workers waded in waist deep water a±~HIgh Island to save der- -ricks. Nearby houses were destroyed by the wind *ad water. Freeport residents -watched one of the tides rise ten and a half leet—one of the largest rises in the history of the town.! Outiyins sections near the town were flooded when the levee broke in five places. In nearby Velasco, -water <tiood several feet deep because of levee breaks. TTfaile FVeeport battled the lashing wind, a baby was born to 3irs. Herman Hare in the Freeport hospital. Physicians used lighted matches. All electric light lines Bad been blown down. - The wind drovo inland, xeaeh- .••tng-' as far as San Antonio, -where S2je weather bureau reported a 42- aiile-an-liotrr'blow. Trees were uprooted, Tcindo'ws broken, electric >ower lines smashed and droppe-i Into the streets, ^fany persons JuuJ MLTTOTT escapes from falling limbs &nd"live wires. A heavy rain accompanied the -wind. More "than 1,000 Beaumontcrs were left stranded in the oil town of High. Island after the seven Toot rise. They were driven out of beach resorts to the highest land to the section. Water encircled the •vcashirss: out highways *^^ it off frosrs the mainland, sad water -was plentiful. but the, tie-srcc-naers were cramped for sleeping quarters. Automobiles proved to be popular *>eds- • The first heavy loss of cattle -eras reported on the western end -of GaJvestpn Island, Some 500 or 500 head of cattle were drowned. FREE DRINKS This .!Woek At Bomar's Eat Shop 19 Soo& 19th Street give a drink FREE w««fc -with each order for or siort order. \^s^^ us CURB SERVICE William Lang«r, depo»«d governor of North Dakota, is thawn (left) a* he addressed a crowd at Bismarck, th» capital, and urged voter* to elect his wife to the governorship this fall. Mrs. Langer (right) also is shown speaking to th« crowd, part of which is shown beiow. (Associated Press Photos) Many horses ana mules met a. like j fate, ranch o-wners said- jQamage to the natiosal camp at Falacios -was estimated at 55,000 by Major Charles Ingrajn of the Texas national ^uard. The ma-iji exchange and rrames for of- tSeer's ten£3 collapsed before tiie HORSE GETS THE BREAK THIS TIME was confined ro boars and crater front stitietures at Porr j L&vaca. Port O'Connor and Rock- * port. Both approaches to the cause-way at, Bay -were under water and believed to hare been washed away. Crops in that section were destroyed. I GAINESVILLE VOTES DOWN LIGHT PLAISTT Texas— Propo* al to establish a nrcniclpaj iigiit plajit In Gainesville -was defeated by tax paying- voters in special election Tnesday by a vote of 754 to £-? against the proposed bond Issue of $443.000 for esta.hi!shTriCRt of the plant. • ~ ^ Four of fJ^e v f ards in the city pave varying majorities againsi the proposal -which had the In- dorsement of three of fiv» members of the City Council, Lawyers Express Themselves on Judicial Race We soiicii the voters of Lainar county to vote for Jud«:e Richard B. Levy for. Associate Justice of the Co'jrt of Chnl Appeals for the Sixth Supreme Judicial District, iccated at ^exarkana, which is composed of T'.venty-hvo counties of Northeast Texas. We do i.of speak from hearsay -when -we declare •that Judjre Levj' is worthy of tne support of the citizenship of our county. He. has proved himself to be a learned, fsir and impartial Judge, and an indefatigable worker Those qualifications the people of this county sad of the *.vho!e District are entitled to demand of one who Tvould aspire to this important office, A fearless and incorruptible Judiciary is the main bulwark of a frc-2 people and everyone, whether he is a litigant or expects to be a litigant in the Courts of the "country; or otherwise, should be interested in maintaining- the,high qualifications of the Judges of our Courts. We'uo'not apologize for asking you to support Jud^e I.evv. for we believe that the voters of this couTsiv v.--ill understand thai-from experience and ac- qdaintance, unth him in his Court, we have had an opportunity to form an opinion of him. Doth as a Judsre and as 3 c;nren : and u-e further believe that no thinking; person wit! assume that we have any interest in his campaign, except that of retaining in the office xvhich he ROW holcis a judge who measures up to the standards essentnl *o one who aspires to this position. The lawers who sl£n this endorsement of Jud^e L?vy have in fhe psst more often than otheru-ise appeared on opposite Mdes of cases in his Court, rtnd, doubtle*?. thev \vi!I continue to do so in the future. When a lawyer prepares his case for .in argument in thf- ApreH-stf; Court- or in any other Court for that rqatfer. he wants to feel that he is presenting his clirnt'^ rnu^e to 3 Jud.8re who has an open mind and .1 keen dffirc *o do i^sticc. nnd that he not onlv has that desire. Hit he bss thr 1*nrnm£r and ability to carry ?t to sn tnteTl'^ent conclusion. Jwc*-<e Lew 15 a native son of (he State of Vtr- s:inh, b;:t h^s lived and msd* his home in Texas since ??.r?r manhood. He is a veteran of the Spamsh-Arner- iesn and V/Arld W^rs. and a Christian rentleman. ex- emprifvinc fhf finest tradition and qualifications of his Scoich-Hsh r t nd Welsh ancestry. W?. fVr^five ask our fri«rncf< and ac^urtTntnnres, reopTe of 1 amar Cotmfv in tenernT to five s i to Judce Lew's candulacv. and an hope this brief will aid him n th** position which he has in the pa^t so OTTO S. PERFECT PEN H. DENTON W. F MOORE W. A, HUTCHISON *-'ARDY MOORE H B. BIRMINGHAM S. B. M. LONG O. B. FISHER R. W. WORTHAM JOHN T, HUTCHISON E L. MYERS With the mercury dancing near 100 degree* In Chicago, Arnold Sa*r, m. traffic policeman, decided it was time to do something about it for th* take of ni» trusty -teed, H* I* shown giving th* hers* a cooling shower and the aninial doesn't seem to mind it at ail. (Associated Press Photo) FUNERAL FOR j\IRS. | Half-Brother of Paris HERNDOIV-S BROTHER [ Man Dies Thursday Funeral services for Joe F. Cay- 3? of tr?xia|rtoa. Kentucky. brother of Mrs. P. F, Herndon o£ Pari^ were set for Thursday after- ''loon at 4 o'clock with, btiria.1 in the L,«csnston cemetery. Hia death rebuked from injuries received in a.rv atstoirjobHo accident last Thursday -K-hen th* car la vchieh h«? was teas sia*-«wjj>ed by a hk- ^ driver sear Z/*ocirvc:ion. i Th» impact caused thfr v^ar XD i leave the highway and strike a { Inrar* stor.e column. The other f thee occupants o? the car received i only n-.inor cuts a.a<i «>r«ises. I Mrs, Herr;<Joa J«ft late Sunday \ for I^oxinsrton. Mr. Cftj"wood is survivt-d by his mother. Mrs. S. A. i""ay\vo«>d o* SI5 Jvsnd nvemse •\\iih whom he made his home: f1v*». ?sss?^rs. Sophia and Ida Cay- vi - <v,>d. Mrs. Joe "B. Brlckers. Mrs. Karry S, Curtiss o? Louisville anci Mrs. H*»rndOR Juid a, brother. Archie M. Caywood t>r TV'ovd has been received here of the death Thursday morning at 10 o'clock of Tom Gfriii at his home In Ecpora. Mississippi. Mr. Gwin is a half brother of Clement Few of Paris, -who has been !n "Supora. siucc last Saturday. Funeral services were planned | for Friday rnorsinj: at 10 o'clock. Specify RmBef o/ Chitt* and Fever Birthday Party Given For Child At Faustht James? Click, Jr., of Faujrht his ^i.chth bJrihday an- Saturday vcith a party a; his honi<\ the afternoon beins: spent in playinf: pamcs. A pink birthday c*kc with eight pinfe candies was cut and served w:fh punch. Mrs, J. A. Click WAS assisted by Mmrs. Will Reoc*. J. H. Casey and KJrkland in «nt*rtAining. Thos« present w«r« Klla Mae and JowphJne Click of Modlll. Mildred Hodirers, Joyc* KirkJand, and J«»n«tt* Cas«y. O. C. , O<5!» Kirkland, Gw<«Click; C«cU CuMty»»n4 th* honor** J "Don't let Malaria t*a.r you spa.rt j with its racking: chJKs and burninir j fev«r. Trxist to no hoir.«« or f m«r* makeshift r#medi«i, T».ke | the medicine prepared especially for Malaria. — Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic- Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic jrl'*'- «s rea! relief from Malaria because it's a scientific combination of tasteless ociniue and tonic irorr. The quinine kills the Malarial infection to th* bJo<xL Th« Iron builds up the system and helps fortify ayj»iJi»t further attack. At the firs* sisrn of any attack of Malaria. take Grove's Tasteless ChJU Tonic. Better still take It rt^ularly dur- insr th« Malaria season to war<j off the disease. Grove's Tasteless ChUl Tonic is absolutely harmless aad Tasteless Chill Tonic comes In two *i*e-s. SOc and $1. Th* $1 »l«c contains 2 J-J tJmes «• much as tfew $0c *iz« a,nd Kiv«« you 2& per cent SAOT* for your mou«jr. * bottle to^tmy at any »tor*.— ''" ' " ' '" Babolene THE ER OIL ttat UP! 5 Gal». FREE CRANKCASE SERVICE Compare These TIRE BARGAINS 18 MONTHS GUARANTEE C-ply Bnuwvick Scp*r-S*rvic* tir» !• fuarutMd far 1* month* •H r»»4 hazard* «ccpt nuftainc flat If m. Br $«rvic* fail, to ruder It* fuD MTVIC* w» wflj replac* it and cW-«* you (or th« num'Wr of montfe** *erv*c« Sirp«r-3«rvic* 4-ply tirem «r* !•* ma»ti» imd*r th* _ th« 6-pIy. Tk« abav* time rozract** i* reluctd aae-lMS;* ••b-E til* *=r* ia tt«*d on commercial ear*. Check These Prices Size" 4-Ply 4.40-4-50-21 $ 7.30 4.50-2Q 7.00 4.75-1* 7.75 5^5-17 9.00 5^5-13 9.25 S.5O-17 1O.15 6-JPIy ».20 8.9O ».5Q 11-25 11.6O 12.10 RIDE ON A BREEZE 8-inch Electric Fan price S1.3S, our special price— 98e Hyman'» Cool Seat Pad .... 79c KOOL FffiRE SLIP COVERS " ~Aiiure Cl«a«i, Comfortable Riding coders are combinarion of cool sira-ac- &n<i hish Quality seat cover material stitcli- ed togretlier. C<mp« Coacii or Sedan 5J98 $^90 INSTALLF Auto Per Paii- While They Last ATTENTION! 1933 Chevrolet and Plymouth Owner* OUR BAD LUCK IS YOUR GOOD LUCK W« iave an overstock of these p&rdctjlar covers. For a limited iliae onlv ire are offerlns 1 them at reduced pi-ices. They cover the -w-ii:<2o-«- lir# *s Ul-usirazed. Coach or Sedan Coupe $3.55 INSTALLED BARGAINS FOR THE FISHERMAN Minnow Bucket TSc Minnoxr 10-foot ..... 79c IS-foot ...... Sl-19 20-foot ...... Sl-57 HtradredSs str.Ilar lo- of other items at price*. EXTRA SPECIAL 79c c $1.25 new stacdard wooden bucket typ« lc« crsara Jre«xer that 2ias ample ice r*««rv* space above the creasa casu Take advantay* cf thes« Icrw prices sow! 2-Quart all metal freezer priced at.. 2-quaxt with wooden bccket. ocr reduced pric* ... 4-<mart with woo<2«a specially priced at with wooden bucket, a real bargain.. Brunswick Standard 14. Months Guarantee Every Brunswick S=»ad«re S-pl-y tir* i» fuar*st*«<l for 1* rco=tii» and e**ry Bn-aswicfc Standard -t-ply is laaracteed for 12 aaoatii« against *U -oad-£t!azar<i» except pcuctures and ronciag £Ut. If any Bmaswick Standard tire fail* to ns= its foil time w « *fll replace Jt a=d cliarje you for ta* ftuicber of mo=tit»' aerxictt rea- dered. Al»ove tiai* «aara=tee redaced oae- aaif for commercial cars. 6 MONTHS GTCA3£A?TEEE Size 4.40-21 4,40-4.50-21 4.50-21 4.75-19 4-PIy S5J1O 5^50 5.70 6.1O 7.20 6.95 ".45 9.05 4.404.50 4.5O 4.75 clc Sentry' 1 20 21 19 5^5-21 4.7O" 4.»O lONG llFE BATTERIES Last Longer adjusted on S srosths service. Exclians-e price Life Smrdy, IS plate, adjusted ch 1^ montlis service, Hxchan^e price . . Lxxns Life Hi-Capacity, 13 plate, adjusted on IS price ng- Life Hi-Ca-pacirr. 15 plate, adjiisted on IS months service. Sschaiiga pric« ... Fits Brick. Studebaker and other large cars S6.65 If ssy I-ciis Life B*t- T i ?"*y -fsils 'wizHin 90 dat^s frcsa cat* of jnsrchas* TT* -will replace It £r*« o; charge, if. &a~ Lous Xjii& Ss£tery ^tils after" ii has &een in -servle* more tK*a SO days. -w» •wlH repJace it -with a TOT- *-*:* 3rcosb«r cf ^ice rec«v«d. TWO-TONE TRUMPET HORN X 2iom tfeat delivers a load bet pleasing so-,r2d. Easiiy instaJIed en ar.y car. Tou nxtist see asd bear this horn to appreciate its value. BUMPER GUARD These bumper guards are of clironiiuro plated spring steel. Will prevent Iriter-i of bumpers and save fenders $1.35 "DU PONT Cleaner or Duco-Wax 50c Si 39e Easy to Use It Sprinkles This Way, NOT This Way, The Rain Square Sprinkler a sent!* spray of water yo* w^ant it. It will save vour watsr bill. Rotates on stainless steel ball bearings. Win !ast a 11?* time. See- it demonstrated Keystone r« SpeclaJIy priced at ,, $1.95 69c GARDEN HOSE 25-foot L*n*th 50-foot L«nyth ....... $2.65 WTTB Babcock Brothers Auto Supply Co

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