The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 5
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD.. FRIDAY, MAY 27, 1932. FT7B DEATHS Hairy F. Zimmerman. : E-rry Franklin Zinmersnan fc-rmerly j c: rnar Frecerici. died it tbe Srhuyl- : j CLASS DAY HELD AT HOOD I HELD SATURDAY, JUNE 4 (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 . Delasco. N. J.: Char- COBLENTZ TRIAL TO RECESS TODAY CCONTiNUED FROM PAGE 1) Curcbtrind, May :«.-- Niae orSciais cne-half years. He He was the son of Mrs. Mary M. and tit? late Franklin N. Zimmerman, o f ; rlinore Frederick. H-e is sur.ivfd by o^-e dau.3h- i Faith Ely. Mt . n. Del: t and re-?r«s«itasives of financial insti- utsocs irits which the Centra! Trust -.ttsvilie. Pa.. tr^s , S5-.-S 43 rears- | J^TTTM £^"5^. A^eawra. P».: jCorrpany of Maryland and i* eleven ' 5- r 51:. Pl-eisast: Geneva ] branches hid dealings, took lie wttPleasant: Vesta Lotiise:n«is-st«nd to-day -.o ofr evid*nce Cob- LOCAL MENTIONS O. A, R. Notice. ers ror IS* G. A R. for Memorial Day will be received at the Legion Honw on East Ciiurc.1 street. Moniay ziorn^ig. FSease msjrk "For G. A. R." LOCAL MENTIONS Don't Miss Vtn C«r*y. "THE MASTER MAGICIAN." Friday. May C7. S p. m . A: Trinity M E Church. South. Adul'A Sic; Cluldrcr., v c. CHICKS FOR SALE. BABY CHICKS--BARRED AND Rock: S. C. Reds. Wfc:'e W j » n d o t t « »-. Bu2 Orsta«ton». *T 00 Jrrsfy BUci. tlJOO. H«ry »SiCr:rd. *6 00 A'.sj x'.ar'.f. c -.·ck^ CuJ'.om h»lc!:::\s We t u v -,K-u.t:v »·"· ftgs 'Pisotse «?3 Me! Chick H*'-c.-r. li«"E»« P»U!Ck s'.rcrt »-87-a»t i F O R I Tiie M I facie a Notice. E. Church. Leiristowr. v^lisTlS. are revj-Jf'.« on Sunday. Attention. ,,. O. V. A. M. TM«, ^^LTM'^^"- Frederick COUnO-. NO. : ,,,£,,, c! *»?!* week :or cv»tora iimicM " ) 1 «loe; T '..vice ».,-»·« Chick Hiti:;ie:y, W i ' i e r M '-. M-! CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. Members of -"S. at lodge n-ce's « v ll'er "F~or;e in par*Je iliers- s-i^-ii?:-. We are no* --ssiiir.s Dos Usesse* for , E«r. :he year Sei^.:--::? July 1st. 1932 sr.d ~; end::-.; July ' :?33. THOMAS A CHAPLINE. Treasurer. Jacob A. Stride. Jacob A. Stride died tn Kagerstovc. . g at 5.3C- c'cloci. si SO years. He a. memae- o* tit Ch'~eh of God and X. " Vanderjr;". ·n. and the f 'he Paiasce Comoany Look and Read. crt. Pa.: A=ae f^\v\Rr» .* SV.:TH. . ML'NSHOWES. . A^v^-.·.·rf --: '.Me and EepOEit Enhraim £*Ier i "atterwr. cum:er^. Helen R'-'-tler j George Shr.ver. president of Z,h^ ^,^-^^^^l^^^^^-^:^^\^^^^ concerned the ef- | ^; e ^r^^fld%e^i£ref Si ££££. ?«-*. «-: | fort, » secure .JM.OOO ce^.t his | ,e._e ..os-.-a. A....e _e -_a . * -I--,* c«-Nr- J "e H'-oads. Elkins Pari. ! ccdpany bad := the bar.*. He said :n i patient tor »me years, ased Sa ears S-ra^C^--^-^^ t ,.... ? 3 . : j January. I93i. he r^ce a trip » -- Plar Golf. C::T Mic-J'.ure Go:: Courit. ur.- -sr sasa;e=:en:. »'U'. open for :he Sa-.urday. ay 2S. 7 p :r.. r.-?--Con-.e ali. THE .CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF F R E D E R I C K , MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SUUPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKEB, Ck r ::rr:an of HO!.V.K!= Li. BAKEB. President. JOHN H. BAKER, POTTS GBIFFIN. TONIGHT You may liok bee* iato the d»rks«» »utf i-x:lare trie "saa :s not sinning." Bat oa the ether side of tie world--;·- Is «U lijht. . Ti;e su:: si.: 1 . srrr^es ta -.he buslsesi mci the irwter the ~I-~H»- c ; people ??: eve ·-..·; tie brighter :t will s»i. t^titr ;r a :ar b»t;er Say -.:·.;- .: * »» sou-e virs ago when e profit. -a ·--· c.».- a=i state. POTTS A: GRIFFIN REALTORS PHONE 600 JOHN N. CLARY. pres- JOHN X Ct-AKY. AI. O: S=v:»=c» O MliSCSS FREE. 5»';c:'-or. i;c=e 73S. 9 X. Co'jrt SS. NOAH E. CRA6IES SON. ii atic-i four calles Attention Policyholders! On ar.d after June 1st my office ·»".".! be legated at 106 West Patrick street. over Blue and Grey Beauty Parlor. GSO. L. nOTKENHOEPEH. Announciut. -*r. rr.-r.\ers by e as :·-( ·» CITY KADIAFOR WORKS. "Phone :OS9. 16- W?s: ?i:r;: : sa v -*- Ke*-.«rr. r:^ *"- t In the ' nit'- ti'.e IT:: ii; Sl 193:. tr-.e C-Jurt · tne- Rer*-j:t Gf trze t t . . . ·::. !-c Ac-.' "5 Rrpc M J V '--' s - ·* ' : - :!1 c; --" boro- Thcntis P. Ri:e. f'inera! dire-tor. Theresa Graceham Graceham. May -~---Those who spe: Whitsuntide Sunday with Mrs. Mol: Fisher were: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Colli- | G»*-«^f» Mrs. E oti Mrs. and of Loys. and Mrs. Margaret Routzahn. of Westminster. A dinner was ser.'ed,,' A Wood For Sale. Chestnut 5* 00 per cord ; Qak $4 50 per cord PHONE 9S2--C. W. WEDDLE. j Fine Watch Kepairing- ' Prices». Work guaranteed 1 yr SAMUEL. L. TYL£R. 1Z1 Nor.h Market Street. Flowers and Hardy Plants. Peonies. Iris other flowers diy. C3--V o: !.-.i5 -.-rcier be r-.-S'-shert :-. »jn-.' ! r-.rurjvur^r ,,-.!j::iSei :n Fre-i-r-oi Co'^r.-.y. »i "MSI «".rr. ^»-.v prior i J »*'« J»T- ' D.:«l 1Kb d.» « «.T iLi o H , L . OH . C'erk el tl*.« C:rcu'.t Court Ic: Fic-crici . Cou::*y Grortr R O^::n.5. -': . ^--".-.or ( True Corv-Tc,:. ^ Q H A U C H Cierlt t! n-.iy :»·- JOSEPH McDsviT. \'tcc-l'rtfident. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN, Cashitr. SAMIEL G. DVVALL. i ! NOTICE TO CREDITORS NO. «.»»« EQUITY. Frsr-cii Scot: R-niirs. Trus'.w of_ !!»rr;. Bmehdor r:-a» »··«=·?« li-i=«- " ~' ! the collateral, he stated, was taken by j fresh Country Butter. Ib i the Snance company on a rep-.irch.ase j pound pig-. Flake So-ia Crackers... !9c ! Md V A:b»usr-- -"d Gertr-Jie M. A:= By o: »r. Order o! ii-.e Ci: i :or Frede.-icl: Cocn-.y. :n Eq-^.i-. Maintain your y o u t h f u l complexion by v""A:baush .ad Ger-.rade M irin'ting three 5"iii; :s of milk every di} J. TR AVERS THOMAS, Assistant Cuthier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HALJ.EB, CHARLES H. CONLEY, M. D.. JOH.N- S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JB., HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKER, JR., JOHN H. BAKER, ELIAS B. RAMSBCKGH. ARCHIBALD E. FISHER. o! :».-.i on S:»: "evrt ir:^. » m roosa . fiarry oars. O»aer _' f!i::i=;ore. All oec- "n^ »pr:=5 0? w»wr . j:'» F-'r tur:Ser yar::cu;a.- »??ly to SOAH E CRAMER 4 SOS. ::* CO"RT STREET. FREDEBICii. MD. ·PHONE 505. MISCELLANEOUS. PIANO TUNNING AND RADIO REPAIKDiO a 5ptc;»:--y Aloer: C. i^=cr. ' i:9-\v S \Vei: 13'-- »:rset S AUTOMOBILES FOE SALE. NOTICES. Sunday aad Mrs. Null, near JeSerson. --Those and Mrs. Mrs. OTa!e and Mr. lit-tle son Robert Valentine and son Carroll, of ^ ternpt)r t; jaanita Maxine Keysville, caSied ar, the same place. --Those 'who visited Mrs. MoUie Fisher during last week were. Mr. and Mrs. Letter Fisher and daughter Gein- aa, of Jimtown and Mr. and Mrs. John Fishier and two children, Betty aad Jimmie, of Frederick. --Annabel Null spent the week-end i Greer. : --ae: of his arm with the Central Trust i ·'""Air:" Marion A. Graber, pottstown. ; Company for the purchase Pa"- "rh^'ma Ginn Helvesiine. Berry; shares of the trost company vilie Va." Ethel Mae Hobson. Phiiadel- : 530 per share. This stock ohia Pa.: Isabel Martin Sollinger. \ sold by Hambleton and Company Vvvri ? a .; Elizabeth Hexroth Irwrn. Ha-; BIw Hilge Securities Company. ^j^^j.' \Tg_rjp Payette Kepner, New- i cats of the sale was December 28 VW ; Kathryc Komelia Kroh. West- · ;he price was S32 s. share. As a. part , ~..." Sara Beatrice Pattoa, Wash- ; of the agreement Hambleton and Gorn- ORDSR SISI ON AUDIT NO W4« EQUITY. [^ ··-.! Circ-:t Court :or Frederick CoontT. Sittlnz la Equity. MST Term. 1332. Geerse R. Denr.i-s. Jr.. o: the UnloJ Tr-jjt Coasp»ay or Mirrlind. c.. ^^ Cijr- c: Clarence P. Stancbaugh aad Sadit V. surr.bauKh. Or Petition. In the matter c: :he Auditor"* Hiport .".'»* t."-." '-9-.'n ;»' oJ May. 1933. Ordere.l. on the 3rd iij at June., ·'·o Court Tii! proceed o m« ··p";i the Report o: tbe Auditor, flled M : «'o"-esiid in the ato-re ciuse. to flamlly r*u!y sr.c! cor.2rra the sinie. unless cause to too can-.r^ry ihereo! ae sboxn belore «»W ^7; provided * copy o: this order be in in Frederick with her aunt, l£rs. Clara | ceries. Live Chickens and other useful articles- Music. | Furniture Finishing-. Upholstering i and repairing. Prices reasonable- ing h.s barn, o^inied. Cake and Pie Festival. j Benefit of Araby church. StauSer's | Harrisonburj. Va.t~ Lois Shultz. S^lss- ; c-sy before the trust coinpany closed. ' p^i^j Station. Frederick Junction. GEORGE W. HtTNICHEN. 'Phone 23-M. 108 East Fourth St. WTLLIASI M Stoner * Siors. Attorneys. --Mr. Alonza Buhrman. who has been l a ,"J~ p a - Darothv Gtsa-ce Tisoiras. ; Mr. Shriver said his firtn sent a. n»es- ; JJ, T 35 Af-ernoon and nieht. Harm- j very sick, is improving slovcly. --Tho£e who visited Mr. and Mrs. A. j H. Buhrman on Sunday recently were: | Mr. and Its. Martin Groshon. of j Thurrnont; Mr. Ca'via Fox sad son, of j Hanover. Pa.; Mrs. Delaughter, o f : Wolfsviile: Slmer Buhrman. and fam- i ily. Luther Buhrman, Mrs. William } North and sister and niece, of New Pa.: Seasor Geraldiene : senger to the bank with two checks ; on - ' Middletown. --ithdrailnj 5100,000. Under terms of '': the deposit, the checks --ere not paid. timony of ! On cross-exazunation the test: WT^DDTNfr.S i iL ' shriver re ati e to lhe " V £jLJLJLL*\J-~J Utr-'csen out as h« had na Baby Chicks. ST.OO one hundred. Barred Rocks. In Bloom--200 Varieties Iris. Manv Other Perennials. B. A. H 3RUST. Route 3. Beyond Rocky Springs. EXECUTRIX NOTICE. This Is to g-.vt notice thai the subscriber his obtained from the Orphan-.' Court _ o : :n some KC*-»»-.*^-. t-- -- ,j County, -t least «ve- d^ prior W said HELP DESTROY DEPRESSION " j)jted I9th diy ot ·TTORM ! tot Sj- quirrellEE with it But by idjusilns , T^VtW. i ourselves to it H you cannot drive i. *ix j C ; C -i oz ;ho ci.-c-Jlt Cour: Jor Frederic* i cvlisder car drive a lour, but «t!y drive » , County. "0 "SxS-3 i :our II you aiay purchase a ill for the sain' ! Gcorc( . H- Dcr:r.'.s, Jr., SoUcitor. ' price. i True Copy-Test: Compare this six room nioderrt or^c* ; A-xe'.V.zz en Part Arc. oSered {or only j $3.500 Kith an? other property or a n-.uc.-. ; ELI G- HAOGH. d nay 20-27 tftirdr. iert in propert: opportunity for tse · i Frederics: Cour.iy. in Maryland, letters Testa- ^ ^ tj^jrcd. A re ! scalar;- on the estate o: ; !,_·_ s'-a LEWIS F STU.SKEL. j "' " ^ JQB AWArT INO VOO. ' g roora modern brick d»-e;!ics far tourls l-.te of Frederick iliryland. dec FOR RENT. ! stricsen oti; as he had no personal ; i knowledge thai a messenger had beea i -Koms. · sent to the Frederick Institution. i George K. Koms. Cumberland, an- | Mr. Evans, representative of Stein i checks -sras : white vfyandottes. R. I. Reds. H^acy Tuesday. May 51. H. M. SHAFF. ·phone IS:5-F-22. Jefferson. Md. !! Modern Apartment For Bent Apply Weil Bros. 410 North Market St. Jersey; Rev. Mr. Bender. EfSe Buhr- ! -OU rice5 the marriage of his daughter, : Brothers and Bc-yce. gave information I nance At Furnace Ford Sat. Xite. man and Carry Hesser an-d Clyde Young ; ^=35" Esther L. Korns, co Jarces Wrn. J O : transactions for the Blue Ridge In- j The coolest place in the county, -with all called at the same place. ; Wolfe, of Frederick, at the home of the j -estmeni Company an-d the Blue Ridge j real music. Dixie Serenader's. Dancing --Miss Katherine Smith, of Free- ! or -:(je's father Wednesday morning. The ; Securities Corporation, a tvhich Mr. : p--rrxptly at 8.30. Everyone invited. erick City Hospital is spending her va- | ceren^or.v -vros performed by Rev. FraaS- i Cobleniz was in-terest-ed. It ^as brought j . cation at her parental home. ! v- jaggers. pastor of Singsiey Methodist j yjt that on Septetrtber 2, Mr. Coblentz ' Don't Forget The Dance --Mrs. Cornelia, Her and son Amos, j 5^,=sconal church. Cumberland- After j o~ed the brokerage Snn approximately | _4x FISHER'S F3.I. Ni'i'K, MAY 27. visited the farmer's daughwr and son- j : , e ce remonv. the couple left, by auto ! $299.000 in three accounts for which | They-11 Welcome You There. Rent-A-Car. Drive-It-YourwiU. Kew LO-K Rates. Gas and Oil Included. FRANCIS SCOTT KEY GARAGE. Given under BIT hand this W.h day o: | April. 1931. MARY J d apr. So-Slav 6-13-23-" Dancing Public! Grand Opening Bali Decoration Day NOTICE TO No. 13.421 Equity. . in-law. Mrs. and Mr. Frank Her. of Jim- i "^ xiaeara' Fails and Canada. Upon . collateral --as posted. toxrn. Sunday. i --^c,-- return thev -!riK reside ac 709 N. · Court "S'ill be in session on Saturday. '· -Mrs. Chas. Bentz has returned to j M^rs;et street for several -E-eeks. Later ; b u ; no session ^-ill be held en Monday. · ; Snappy String Music. Perfect Order. thesda. Me. her home after spending several Treeks ~ith her uncle an-i aan*. Mr. and Mrs. | Newcomer, near York. j --Mrs. John Cramer is spending some ; time in Baltimore, with her brother and sister-in-law. j --Mrs. Mollie Fisher is spending some . time with her son and daughter-in-law. : spent last week a Mr. and Mrs. Lester Fisher. make their nome in Be- i Memorial Day. tir 1 ^* R*--O'dlr!g and Broadcasting S FARMS FOR SAJLE of any size, price and location. For information, opportunities, satisfactory ; service and conscientious advice, don't laii ; :j cor.suii Rice P LCTHSR RICE, REAL ESTATE 'PKOKE t«l. -3 EAST THIHD 5-H-d ' Garage and large garden. i FOP- RENT.-.UARTMENT AND Of^CSS; i .^- Blu- aad Grey, Beauty Shop. 106 «··?·-· r _. .-.. 'i,na S--!K-d3t ' w. Patrick; 3L. -Phone. 309- SECOND F1.00P.. 3-ROOM ~;r ...... icj W. Third St. S-26-13t APARTMENT 5-IS-dtJ Bancs. _ body corporate. On Pef.i-.ori. TO THE CREDITORS OP THE McCAIJ* · · OHCHAHD COMPANY- STAR FURNITURE CO. 6-ROOM HOUSE. IS A ? p !? 13 west riamey FUNERALS Attention Legionnaires. Members will meet at Home 1.15 m. Monday for Memorial Day Parade · D i ci Diiiinger's Famous College Band.: pl ty""a"re hereby'warned to the:.- claim* , p - j The Hollywood Amusement Co. presents | c : e(! .r;,-.j 0 ; -j-^, McCain orchard corn- I FOR BARGAINS IN F East Second St. ED APARTMENT. 'Phone ' i J · You are requested to bring flowers. I CHAIRMAN. ! Kamsy. May 27. -- Mrs. Thario'w Kull j -The funeral of Miss Jennie Mtisseiter i * . the home o* Mr. and . t from the iaie . Mrs. Raymond Wantz and son. near j ijaznsTille. Thursday afternoon at 2 --Mr. Raymond Boiler has gone into j Taneytown. helping csre for Mrs. 'Wantz | o'clock, conducted fay Rev. Mr. Latton.; the chicken business. He has now over; -s-ho had been ill. JThe pallbearers were:^C. A. "D. Vf2-\ 500 leehom chicks. ! --Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Winebrenner I Hams. James Eyavt. ±iarry Sv,-onil«y. ] --Mrs. Margaret Routzahn. of West- ' 3 nd Mr. anri Mrs. Robert Winebrenner j waiter England. Roy Main and Clark; minster, who spent last week -with Mrs. · and farn:ly. Gettysburg, called on Mr. j stull. Iritenneni in N-ew Market cem- ! ~ jnday af- i etery. W. E. *Fal Frederick Hifh School 1933 'Class Rings For S5.25. For Sale By McCLSERYS JEW3LRY STORE. Hot-Sweet Music: Song and Rythm. "A Musical Treat" At 11 o'clock Mollie Fisher, returned to her home i and Mrs. William Snider Sunda Fridav. I temoon. i *»r. -Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Sckenrode. J- j g! Spectacular: Alluring! ' Indiscriiable Beauty." The New Hollywood Is One Of Most up-to-date Ballroorrs m Maryland. i 2.500 Stroare feet Crystal Like Floor. i -'(MX) Can Dance--l.COQ Cars Can Park. Speak's Beauty Shoppe. j ..--^ HonJe : ? o lit-e Dancing." .y Holmss. manager. Special this | p,,,,,.._,, Ev-rv w«inesda- . Saturday, concr, funeral dtrec- month Marcel or Finger Wave and j oaens 8 3. rfi. Admission 50c. d-j:y authenticated. c::h ;he C'.erk o: tije , | Circ-jit Court for Frederics: Co-jntj. on cr · _ . . before the eleventh day of June. 1332. or ' Dance of Tne CryS-« j other-s-ise they m a y be rsc'.uded I.-orr. :ne ; distr-.oution of tfce assets in the hands o! | the lindersisned tr-astee under a deed o: j trnst from the said Trie McCain OrciJarti Company, prorlded this notice be c;ven cy ! advertisement ptib'.ished once a -atelc '·"''. three successive -reeks :n a r.-^vsparter pub- , '.-.she!; in Frede.-::k County, before the fourth : day o: June. 1332. ] PARSONS NE'aTMAN. j ed refrlserators. i'.l 109 it'.: base ruis 50 slight;- -^s li 00 to $12.00. S2.:5 up Living room, dinir;? room, bed room ar.d Kitchen J u r n i t u r * and household effect. 1 ! o: every fciiid and description, sew and s:;snt:y uied. s; unheard cl prices Corr.e in and Se convinced tha; vou can ~ave more thsn ha".'. '.Ve w.ii t r a d e yo-r o'.d furn.t-re in. Your credit is sooi Sere. STAR FtrSJfl'i'uiiE CO- 323-325 North MarSet Street. Frederict. ^.larylarid. -OH RSST.-- MODERN 3-ROOM - me=V r« S c=ab:«. Apply 314 W. APART- ' Shampoo, SI.00. Permanent Wave, S4.00. j ! "Phone 557-J. 217 N. Market St. j EXECuTOR'S NOnCZ. ! This is to sire notice that :h? s-jbs=r;ber.~ F ^v u»^-r.-S-ROOM BRICK HOCSE. : " "Ei^-. Fourth St. Partly modem. ; 230 WK-- Fifth St^ __ 5-"*- dt 1 "OR SSXT.-SIX-ROOM HOCSE WTTH ' ,-,-^.e ;: -., u . yard and ;arde- on Water St. Possession June 1st- App"7 ^- M- CuHer. FOR R-VT -- STX-ROOM SF-ICK HOUSS. ' " VJ8 N ~ r t h Mark-t street, all rsodirn co=- '--ic^".3-- . 5i.x-rc-cr=s. an modem, ^ ,.-^.;-.. Apply J. P- Q-xn=, " ' " r *»* ** --Wayne Moffet and Robert. | . . man. of Uprser Sandusky. Ohio, is j Viricer.t Eceenrode. Mrs. Hannah Scfc- j The funeral of Mrs. Annie L. W jie- , spending soine time with Mr. and Mrs- = enroce ar.d scr Maurice David, spen TJ. S. Smith and famOv. j Sunday at Loys at the home of Mr ; icer.ce on College Place Thursday af:«r- j " s ~Miller. "of near Harris- ! and Mrs. Roscoe Kiser. ] noon at tsro o'clock, with ssrrtces con- · jab ou-g spent the Veek-end with his par- i --Mrs. Fannie Humbert. Miss Belva j ducted by Rev. Dr. Henri L. C. Kief- . i-;u 2o *ork just as you like it Prices ; brener toc-i place from her late res- j Panama Hats Cleaned Like New. j the home of Mr ; icer.ce on College Place Thursday af:«r- Reblc-ck«d and finished like factory j Guaranteed to be satisfactory. We : Best Fonntain Service to The City ! i PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRUG STORSS , . a _. n . arT on .. e fi . 3 .. . ' WANTED. HELP WANTED. PRACTICAL p.T..en:. S NURSE.-- WANTS CONGENIAL s' 'Pasr-e 334-J. FRAN'CIS K. -A-ERTHETMSP.. !ate of Frederics County. ir-ryUr.d. doc'a-- *i. Ali persons havin; c".a:ms 3;.-.;r.5t the deceased are -warned :o esh.-.t the «-;ir.c. ' _^ TT::M ihe vouchers tr.-r?c,f. :-sa'.:y iu'..lsr.f.- W ANTED --PLAIX SE-5TSG. 110 SAST -JTH 0=. RENT --: HOUSES AND 2 GARAGaa -'-: TI-;-. s:rec-_ Ap?'-7 *0" E" s "" = ·*· AS* -OP. RENT -- 3-ROOM v:b-:ri;. Bath, esrs APAF.TMEJTT H ·:. Apply 3 w « 5-21-dSt 'OP- P.^ST --SECOND FLOOR APAHTMSJtT. .."_, = u va'.:-:. i:i West Second St. '" - ,, --Mr Z--H Mrs Edgar Boiler and j --Miss Annie Pahnnar.. near «as- , Z church Thu-day afternoon at 2 cat;ght-r C-eraidine. of Loys. and Mr. over, is sper.dir.g same time with ; c'clock. Rev. W. I. Sr^xden oSSciatinr. and Mrs. Chas. Gluts and daughter Virgin:3. of Keys'^le. visited Mr. and i Mrs. Harry Boiler on Sunday. j Passengers Help Push. XTher: tr.c;or trDuble. supposed J? in the ?a?-:line line, cfvei-opec or. ihe 4 c'clock 3:"te--oon 3::j Ridge bus from Baltimore, near Lisbon Thursday ternocr.. passengers Isrt their h ; -lp j-. pushing the ntachse over a slight grade. The bus gathered momentum arid ihe rnotcr trouble vrss s-33n at- an er.d. Piloted b;- Charles Srr.ith.' it reached t.e Fr^cerick terrr.:r.a: only four mir.u:«s late. CE ^^ ar j sister. Mrs. Elmer Shildt ar«3 husband, 'assisted by Rev. Oliver Season. Fre5- --Decoration ser-.'ices win be held : ericklonian I3dr:e. Xo. 12. A. F. and in Eamey on Saturday evening. All | A. Masons, conducted services both at children or these wishing to go in the j f-* church and it t'ne grave. Pallbear- uarace will ir.eei at the school house ' (e rs were: Samu«l Straus. Arthur Ford. at 6.30. The Pleasant Valley band -sr-J! ' William H Digs. Lee W-itcn. Thomas furnish the ntusic and the aacresses sa-at; will be made in trve Lutheran church . Fairv a --_ , by a prominent speaker. The Ladies" Son, Aid of St. Paul's church will hold a fes- : rival on :he church lawn immediately i - after the speaking. Music will be fur- , ' r.ishec by the band. i --Preachir.s ser-.-ixs will be held at : S^. Paul's ne-t Su-dar at 2 o'clock: S. S. at 1 o'clocS. r cemetery. M. R r,t':hisoi: 3r.d : ri-eral :re;tors. LOCAL MENTIONS For Sale. Go:-d Values In Cse3 Cars. 3--Dodge Sedans. 3--Dodge Coupes. 1--Docje Hsadster. 2--Esses Coaches. 1--Cbe--al«t Coupe. 1 --Ku ds-^n Ss*iar;. 1--^Paciara 7 ?ass£r.per Sedan. 1--Plymouth Sscan. "·i Ton Ford Truci. Sasy jeroiE. STALiV MOTO?. CO.. Frederick. Mi. "OS SSST-- MODSSN APARTirSNi. 3 _-,,._,. ,-j v-.-- »-.tractive rental to --'..1^,"" t*nsr.i tmn;e-:at*: possession. 126 S itir/t't str-nt. 5-lS-d:2t ro?. ;.SNT --TH:SO FI.OOX APAHTMEXT, j:"i :: .t3r-:ct St. 5 ro«=ts and Sati. Ap- PUBLIC SALES. PT3I.IC S.- 1 -- t --OF-- TA7_~ASLS HSAL SSTATS ZXr.iet. FOP. SAI.E.--Zl^vrX ACRES Or ATJA^FA. "OH R^r- -- -,:ODE?-V 5-ROOM. SECOSiJ '---- ar, A7P «: Xsrth Mariet Si. -- - - '- 5-I6-itf 37 T.rt , Si-.ii-rr. «-.»: . vs. J-C-.f* S^r.». f. i . :r. ! Xc :2.432 -- the -iTCit 1' » = ; ! -r.ciTc.".^. :.;3r:-'..-r;c:. or. ; SATURDAY. JL'NS " Zv-Rcr-.r^v. .ir.d -x.-icr: -ras s;-".i :o r--.;"r.a"'r, at ir;e Tsx S -7 ~":orr..-i.- A Cha^I:-*. C".r.ty -- 6-POOT.t HOUSE. 523 NORTH , *?-'.- 43: K iliriet street. FOS sEXT. -- »-soo:.: .VODSHN APART-- .-· 3-9 \v ?it-cs St P r^ri.!---. A ? -j J. It. C-::tr. FOR SAi.r --rotr».-t TEC2 I.ZATKZ?. ?AH_- Openinj Dance. Hill Top House. HARPERS FSHHY. :k-n Day. May 30. La«n Mowers Sharpened. FRAXK JAM3S. ·?h:-.e 151-P. ::7 W 5t5 St. Market Prices Grain. Hand Badly Cut. T'-e pan of feerlinj EldridK. Myers- . For Safe. Moving Van Returning to S. Carolina ' All iinds of sec-or.-d har.i Pipe froca 1 ·-"! in the Mversviile Parer.t-Teach- first -s*ei ir. J'ane. Till ta.:e load of } » 8 t-ches: I-Beams. and Angle Iron for Bu:',d:n5 purposes. t^BDSRICK JUNX COMPANY. Frank Gzstley. Prop There 383 Office ..nd Wareho'^ss--Chapel Alley Between Third and Fourth Sts furniture zi reasonable price. ?h"-r.e 891-M. or Write S:8-A. X. Market S',.. Frederick, Md. ,, i er Ass:-::a::on play. fiv«ri last Friday Wlteit. bu - °? r.ight.-i-as ur.e^r?e^;-?dly cut shori,-x-hen Com. bbl £1 ^ i STdrld^e's hand --as cut Sv a piece of Live Stork and JProdnce. | hrcker ; g;as;; He j^g j^jc his hand , Fu-r.^hei ^_Fresert:k Csrsn:- t h rO u3h a broker, ^ par« to learn '' I Hereby Give Notice S- 2i - c ..!?..'....". 4c to 5c · if -.t "was Then some person , that I am not responsible for debts cor.- 3c ; 0 4c i outside dr?- trie har.c into the glass. ! traded by anyone, othsr than rr.vse'-' Resiaence--215 E Third St. Bulls .. Calves to 3 : - c _ ! Young Eldridge fainted ar.d a substi-j ' tate had to be secured to read his lines j to 3c the play. H-; is recyrertr.g I Moss 2c it- 3c! Tht Wilson clam in Alabama con- -3c Jfi «L3££-' Jaws 1.140.000 SJJKC yards sL c^creje. H. LIXTKICUM. Hyatistoro, Md. Flowers For Decoration Day. Cut P'-neys For Sale. Apply - 200 EAST. SBVSKTH. ST. - Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Pencil Tablets (neTsprtel paper) Kow 6 Cents a ib. Bond and Boo* Paper Tablets, Now 3 Cents a ib. FOR RSJTT.-- iARGS SIS OP.DER O? COVR '~. c ."."?: -:·'-- a:; i^e Eih.i-s n:«i " -er; r»sS f.T.i. c-.-j.ier*-! 3-.- ;:-· c ::-.e ?r;v.s.s=s s; th; .-- :!-. re -,:o .»^ to r:a-.? t ~ r r . ^^ ' " ' ' FOR R£KT.-- MOOSSN 5SD FIOOR APAST- --r.:s. :"r-i=:-.?d or u=:=r=: ri.rd St. *-*-dtt F7»i-r.-£ Cc -T-.-.v. FOR RZVT.-- DAYI.TGHT HOiTS. r Apr'-j ^:oT2 o. f r c -- Fr?.r. C S'*".*~. f.i'.'i CD^n'v. »r.-3 decreei tr-. ::.' C'.-r'-: r,r :.".»^.t FOR SAL" --OVE rPRTSHT PIANO CHEAP ; s: ,- s: c - c: csrsnut.r.g ec-.-- FOR AR Fi'eiS Mfc7 5:h. 1532 Tr^e copr -- 7^st. purchaser on f h » d a v ·:' sa. Cost of -evar.c.r.g a: tie er"-.:«- -: -hi p-.irchaser. C'.'rk o: t h e c r Co..-.ty. .Me!. KJtiersto-s-r. Ea-'.-r. IAM M. STORM. Ztuitee, RENT.-- ATrRACTTVS APASTilSNT. E:r» Hc-.ti. Jr, 100 East Second street. 5-1-dtf SSVT.-- SIX ROOM HOUSS ON VOHTH ' M i - ' i r - Si Ars'--- t9 C. i". SCi-'-iS-.'^ht, I Ui S. iiarie; s'.rse^

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